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Jun 3, 2004

Sylink posted:

Can some shitlord add the info for the Microsoft certs that keep getting recommend around here?

I know its something like 640 -> 642 and something else.

I'm looking at your Fruit Stripe.

There are a lot of immediate and pending changes to the offered exams, with a lot of exams being phased out due to the new directionality a lot of Microsoft's stuff is taking (e.g. the SBS 2011 exam, 70-169, is still offered but heavily downplayed in favor of Office 365-focused exams like 74-324).

For the Server 2008 line, you need to do for-sure 70-640 and 70-642, plus one of the desktop MCP certs (XP, Vista or 7). Then, for basic Admin certification you take 70-646. For Enterprise Admin, you instead take exams 60-643 and 70-647, plus one of the desktop MCP certs: Vista (70-620), or 7 (70-680). I think XP was additionally offered at one point but I don't think it still is. Basic Admin is generally single-server type stuff (as in stuff you could theoretically do with one server, not that this would actually be a good idea) while Enterprise additionally deals with multi-server things like load balancing, clusters etc. The 2008 Server exams are being phased out end of July.

For Server 2012, you need 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412. Select MCP title holders (e.g. 2008 MCITPs) can take exam 70-417 to upgrade.

Also worth noting is that being certified can give your business increased standing with Microsoft, and the right exams and other qualifiers can make your company either a Silver or Gold partner, which gives you access to Partner licenses for Microsoft (e.g. a 15-device license for Windows 8 Enterprise), a point of contact with Microsoft relevant to your company's needs and other goodies.

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Jun 3, 2004

skipdogg posted:

I've read the books don't cover enough material to pass the test. There are some threads over at that go over the tests pretty well and people post feedback and results there.

Thanks for this. This exam has been kicking my rear end (failed it twice with 620ish) so hopefully this will let me laser focus.

The books are very inadequate, most of the exam questions are "you are working on a server core installation and have to do everything in Powershell because of course you do." And, of course, having to learn The Microsoft WayTM of doing things because in the exam universe, third-party vendors don't exist.

Jun 3, 2004

Japanese Dating Sim posted:

For content: Five-year-old Passes Microsoft Exam
I wish the article would say what test the kid took. They say he's an MCP so it can't be one of those MTA tests... Probably the one I'm studying for (70-680).

I heard from elsewhere it was something like the Windows 7 Desktop cert.

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