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Zeta Taskforce
Jun 27, 2002

Link to spreadsheet for up to date results. Thank you furushotakeru.

Last year we sponsored little school, The Matènwa Community Center, in a tiny village in Haiti with huge ambitions. They want nothing else less than to revolutionize how all children in Haiti learn. Link to last year's thread. Read it if you are unfamiliar with the breakfast program, the organic garden, and how the community decides for itself how to promote sustainable development.

Here's the Center as explained by its co-founders Chris Low and Abner Sauveur.

To quote what we said last year:

Traditional education in Haiti is broken. The language of instruction is French, a language understood only by the elite 5% of the population, not Creole, the language used by nearly 100% of Haitians in their daily life. (French and Creole are not mutually intelligible.) Rules are strict, corporal punishment is routine, and education is entirely rooted in memorization and recitation, not understanding.

The core of the Matènwa experiment is that instruction be done in Creole, that teachers do not hit the students, and students learn how to think, not just repeat the correct answer. The results speak for themselves! Parents who pulled their children from the school when it first opened wanted back in when they saw how their neighbor’s kids thrived. Today, almost two hundred forty students attend school in Matènwa.

As Chris explains here to the BBC, it's literally apartheid through language. French's place as the language of instruction in Haiti is a primary reason why, according to Oxfam, Haiti is the third worst place in the world to get an education, after Somalia and Eritrea. There is a belief that Creole is somehow an inferior, incomplete, "not fully developed" language. Linguists disagree: it's recognized as a fully expressive language with a very rich tradition.

Pictures of the new Creole language library and students learning about winter.

The first picture of the school is old. There are now thriving almond trees growing in front.


Zeta Taskforce
Jun 27, 2002

What were the results last year?

Once everything was counted we were just shy of $100,000 when last year's thread was goldmined. But a number of us became sustaining donors, raising an additional $1700/mo. Including those, since last year, we raised $115,000!!!

What did they do with this sum?

  • We gave enough money last year to feed breakfast to 200 kids, 5 days a week for 40 weeks. We made 40,000 breakfasts possible!
  • We made it possible for the school to hire 12 more teachers
  • We helped spread the Matènwa model to 11 other schools.

One year ago the plan to expand the model to the 11 other schools was already in place, but it was uncertain how they were going to pay for it. We came in at just the right time. Our support meant they didn't have to worry about day to day survival, but could instead concentrate on education and outreach. Their work was noticed.

In April of this year All Children Reading, a collaboration of USAID, Worldvision, and AusAID gave a $300,000 grant to Matènwa's Mother Tongue Books to help them produce Creole Language materials and distribute them in these 11 schools.

This was not all, in October the government of Qatar selected Matènwa as one of 7 schools in Haiti to receive their World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) award. (skip to page 20 and 21)

Finally, a reading study is now underway with preliminary results showing that students at Matènwa are destroying students at both traditional Haitian schools and World Bank funded schools in both reading speed and comprehension. Look for more results early next year.

What is left to be done not that the Matènwa community center is now being noticed by world governments? The answer is a lot.

When an organization receives a grant, the money can only be used for specific objectives. The All Children Reading grant can only be used for educational materials. It can not be used for breakfast. Or to repair Hurricane Sandy damage.

That was a house

Zeta Taskforce
Jun 27, 2002

We already exploded their budget once and because of that the Matènwa Community Center had its most successful year ever. If anyone ever needed proof that we can change the world by delaying the purchase of a video game or making your morning coffee instead of buying the fancy one, this is it.

If you want to be especially thoughtful, please consider becoming a sustaining donor.
The kids want to eat breakfast every day!

Note for international peoples: in the address section below, if your country isn't in the country drop-down, try leaving none selected. Your donation should go through fine.

Please ask your employer if they do matching gifts. Pass along the following information:

Beyond Borders
P.O. Box 2132
Norristown, PA 19404
tel: (866) 424-8403
fax: (610) 277-5045
EIN: 23-2713126

Click Here to donate

When Donating, Remember to Select Matènwa Community Center in the drop down menu

If you did it right, you will get this screen.

Then post to tell us about it. Also let us know about any other charities that you supported. Please post any suggestions, questions about the school or Haiti, and we will do our best to get you answers.

Another way to give!

If you have a hard to shop for aunt, grandmother, or sister, get her a hand made scarf. Order early for delivery before Christmas. Last year they sold out because of us. All work is done within the community, creating self sufficiency and a livelyhood. Plus they are really beautiful.

Zeta Taskforce
Jun 27, 2002

How do I sponsor an individual child?
There is no way to trace an individual dollar to an individual child and charities that do this have much higher administrative costs.

Can I send food/books/clothes instead of money?

Unfortunately not. The school is not served by any postal system and the quality of the roads makes shipping difficult and expensive. Also all attempts are made to obtain as much as possible locally, which creates jobs and diversifies the local economy.

Can I visit the school?

The school welcomes visitors. Chris organizes a group trip every February during school vacation, and depending on interest may organize one in April. Unless you have specialized skills and can speak Haitian Creole, it is best to travel in a group when local transportation, host families, and translators are pre-arranged. Expect to pay about $2000 for airfare, local transportation and meals provided by a host family.

Send me a private message if you are interested.

What will my donation accomplish and what are their long term goals?

$5 will buy enough food for a child to eat breakfast for an entire week.
$30 will buy food and books for a child for a month
$200 is a teachers monthly salary
$360 will support one child for the entire year

Their goal remains to change the way all schools in Haiti educate kids. They are 11 schools closer this year. Think what the cost of a dinner and a movie will do to one of those smiling kids in that picture.

Where can I find more information?

Matènwa Community Center website More pictures, monthly updates.
Beyond Borders fiscal agent
Mother Tongue Books
Reflections of a traveler to the school
Charity Navigator Highest possible 4 star rating 7 years in a row.

From last year in response to the kid in back who was all "gansta"


The "gansta" in the back right is a boy who was brought up to our little village when he was a baby. His mom was a teenager from the port town of Ansagalets who didn't think she could raise him. I was visiting the US at the time. She came and said, " I have come to give Chris this baby." The family she encountered said, "Chris isn't here and I don't think she is going to take your baby. She doesn't run an orphanage." She responded, "Well then I guess I'll just have to leave him in the street somewhere." The family which includes several adult sisters then said, We will take him then. They breast fed him. Today, one of the sisters, Zaza, is an adult with 5 children. Her kids go to the Matènwa school, one has graduated already. Zaza put herself in the school a few years ago because she never got a chance at an elementary education. She is now in 5th grade. She is in the first two photos.

Zaza is one of several female adults in Matènwa who decided that they wanted to go through the school instead of going to adult literacy classes. Bravo for them. It is one more example of how our pursuit to provide a place where people can have a sense of dignity empowerment has rung true.

Zeta Taskforce
Jun 27, 2002

Last year I signed up for $90/mo. I lost my debit card and one month didn't go through so I felt bad and bumped it to $100/mo.

If you do become a sustaining donor, for smaller amounts, i.e. $15 or less, Visa and Mastercard will get less of a cut if you multiply by 3 and choose quarterly.

If you have been a sustaining donor for an entire year, please tell us.

May 7, 2006
Being the one mother warned you about, since 1983.

Just made my donation for the year. Feels good, man.

Apr 9, 2007

Fun Shoe

Just sent mine in. Will someone be keeping a running tally like last year?

Zeta Taskforce
Jun 27, 2002

MeatloafCat posted:

Just sent mine in. Will someone be keeping a running tally like last year?

Yes, but people will need to tell us how much they gave.

Aug 14, 2003

The devil you say!

Lets get this poo poo started!

So glad this little guy is still on the confirmation screen.

Oct 21, 2008

roger that

Aw hell, I've spent so much in the past week on unneeded gifts for my dumb relatives and tech crap for my dumb self that I can't really justify not being part of this.

Here, Matènwa. A tribute, in money and Comic Sans, to all your good work. Give a kid a couple months of food and books and an additional three weeks of breakfast on me.

May 4, 2010

Soiled Meat

Jan 14, 2004

I'm the greatest thing since World War III.

Grimey Drawer

I was a monthly donor up until last month. I had to stop due to finances but I imagine I'll be able to start up again soon.

FYI stopping the monthly donation was as easy as an email. I asked for confirmation and within half an hour I got an email back confirming the cancellation. Very prompt and painless, which gives me a good feeling that their administrative side is doing a good job.

Gawain The Blind
Apr 16, 2006

"..and then came the black crow, herald of doom, who foretold the coming of death."

Grimey Drawer

I'm glad we're doing this again.

May 16, 2004


I thought this was amazing the last time, and reading about all the good it did makes this a no-brainer.

Epi Lepi
Oct 29, 2009

You can hear the voice
Telling you to Love
It's the voice of MK Ultra
And you're doing what it wants

Glad to do this.

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its all nice on rice
Nov 12, 2006


Donated last year and skipping lunch to donate $10 this time. I can eat when I get home. One of these kids can eat for two weeks

May 9, 2006

the ultimate longterm partner

Grimey Drawer

Zeta Taskforce posted:

When Donating, Remember to Select Matènwa Community Center in the drop down menu
If you did it right, you will get this screen.

Hey thanks Zeta for putting this together again. And from last year's thread(should it go in OP again?):

Zeta Taskforce posted:

Note for international peoples: in the address section below, if your country isn't in the country drop-down, try leaving none selected. It has been reported in the thread that this works.

This still works to leave country not selected. Just donated 60USD!

Jerry Manderbilt
May 31, 2012

gerrymandered the steak

Whatever I can on a college student's bank account budget.

Nov 14, 2007

All aboard the sleepy train!

I'm still doing $10/month. Might make another bigger one-time donation if I can.

Michael Arlowe
Feb 19, 2011

and your a little faggot that has no friends , you retarded mushroom

Sent in $120, though I had a brain fart and completely missed the "SA Goons" section of the instructions.

Dec 29, 2005

Not much, but it's something

Oct 20, 2010
freedom-hating statist shill


Chipped in $150, because anyone who's promoting Creole literacy is pretty cool in my book.

Nov 7, 2009

I'm here

I just donated $120. I had no idea the education system in Haiti was in such a state, that's really lame how they have that set up. Also these kids are adorable, this topic was exactly as advertised.

Sep 4, 2006

Fee Fi Fo Fat,
I smell the blood of a Plutocrat!

I've been gainfully employed for 18 months (a personal best!) so let's spread a little of that money where it's needed.

Ghost of Babyhead
Jun 28, 2008


Sent in $120, though I had a brain fart and completely missed the "SA Goons" section of the instructions.

You aren't the only one who forgot. Well, the important thing is that they get the money.

typo demno
Jul 3, 2007

YES. I was thrilled to donate to this last year and will be doing so again when my paycheck clears.

slap me silly
Nov 1, 2009

Grimey Drawer

Dec 31, 2007

Yes! I was so thrilled to be getting emails from them with updates this year, and told everyone I know about the awesome school and how to support them. As soon as my check clears tomorrow I'm going to donate again. Those kids! :3

Dec 24, 2003

My wife (goon - Sasarella) and I have been donating all year, and my plan was to continue donating next year regardless of what the fundraiser was. So that's $10/mo from us. But I'll probably try to do another single-shot $25 donation before the end of the year. I'll post again when I do.

Jul 12, 2006

Be careful of forgetfulness. Your lucky color

Grimey Drawer

May 30, 2011

I wish I could do more, but it's better than nothing. Here's hoping we can break last year's numbers.

Jan 5, 2006

Once upon a time Blubberkopf made me even more confused....

Is it that time of year already?

60 Hertz Jig
May 21, 2006

Forgot to take a screencap, whoops, but at least I remembered to write down SA Goons.

I'm awful with money, but I can be sure to have at least $30/month on my card, so that's what I put down!

May 11, 2005

Donated $60. Just pretend I was able to successfully copy my confirmation page here

Jan 6, 2011

farming techniques vary

These cute kids will happily get more from me at the end of the month

Smiling Jack
Dec 2, 2001

I sucked a dick for bus fare and then I walked home.

Sup bitches. I already upped my recurring donation from $10 to $15 last week, so no screen shot. So gonna be donating $180 this year instead of $120.

I think I just marked it "goons" though.

Repeating donations are easier to afford yet add up to way, way more over the course of a year. Consider adding even just a $5 repeating donation. It adds up fast and makes budgeting for the school a lot easier.

Sep 10, 2003

Minion Of Relin

$15 to the cause

Nuclear Pogostick
Apr 9, 2007

Bouncing towards victory

I donated money last year and will again this year after I get my new bank account in order I love this loving charity.

Nov 18, 2011

Someone call the Chancellery Guard. Commander Maxil's out of uniform. AGAIN.


Aug 13, 2003

The Emperor of the Rides

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