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Nov 7, 2008

So what is this about?

Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Academy is a PSP murder mystery game published by Spike Chunsoft on July 27, 2012. It was written by Kazutake Kodaka with character design by Rui Komatsuzaki.

I see a 2 in the title. Should I know anything about 1?

Yes! Super Dangan Ronpa 2 is clearly written for players who have already finished the first game. In fact, if you are not familiar with the original Dangan Ronpa, stop reading right now and find out about it. One way to do it is by reading my LP for it (this link will change to an archived version once it is available).

So, is anything different from the first LP?

Several things.

First, despite constant reassurances, as a non-native speaker I was never quite satisfied with my prose writing skills in English. This time I have help: Fedule is working with me editing and rewriting the translation, and the result should be immediately noticeable. Some things to note: I was never an advocate of translations that are too literal, but this development pushes this one even farther away along the scale. I still wouldn't call this a "localisation". You won't find rice balls transformed into hamburgers here, and if the characters are talking about something that isn't obvious to the average westerner I'd rather provide cultural notes than do content changes. That said, we do change some references that are just too obscure or too deeply ingrained in the text. Finding the right balance is tricky, but I think the game deserves this kind of handling.

Oh, and honorifics are still in.

Formatting Notes:

Plain text next to a character icon is still spoken dialogue, bold text is our protagonist’s narration and inner monologue.

My own additions are still next to a small Monobear icon for gameplay related stuff and the occasional personal comments.

...and next to a Japanese flag for cultural references.

These are my comments. That is to say, Fedule’s comments. I write these unspoiled, so reactions are genuine. I won’t be doing it much, though - the game speaks well enough for itself.

This icon appears next to music links, as well as indicators for silence, fade-outs, and any other important things going on in the soundtrack.

The adventure parts of the game are mostly unvoiced, but some sections are voiced and recorded for your listening pleasure. They have a speaker icon in front of the first voiced line.

Video links are still between film icons . Full videos of trial sequences will be provided to showcase the game's excellent vocal talent and dynamic camera movement, but the content will all be replicated in screenshots. Videos in the adventure part, however, should be considered required viewing.

Finally, we have a new icon for an unidentified speaker, thanks to the talented HelloWinter.


This LP enforces a strict NO SPOILER policy. Since there is some confusion about what that means, allow me to elaborate:
  1. Obviously, don't write something like "I played the game and the protagonist dies at the end of the fourth chapter."
  2. Don't reference anything that's going to happen, even indirectly. "I can't wait to see the reactions to the next update" or "This chapter's mystery is going to be really hard for you, guys" are bad.
  3. Stuff that was in the game's promotional material pre-release shouldn't be mentioned until it appears on screen in the LP. That includes character names and titles.
  4. If you've been spoiled inadvertently, refrain from posting about it. Often, saying that you've been spoiled about something reveals that there is something to spoil about that something, which gives away too much.
  5. If you suspect someone is diguising spoilers as speculation, do not post about it on the thread. The best thing to do is to just ignore it, but if you are really concerned you may send me a private message.

Speculation is always welcome. Don't put it under a spoiler tag. Spoilers disguised as speculation are likely to pass without immediate repercussions, but remember that I am not stupid and if I see something that is too detailed and exact for me to have any doubts, you're going to get Monobear's watchful eye following your every move.

Fan art policy

If you want to draw fan art or produce other types of fan creations, go right away and post the results on the thread! Original fan art is always one of the best parts of an LP.
If you want to repost found artwork (including video) from other places on the web, please send me a private note first for approval. I am reachable by PM on somethingawful, or at If you're going by email, though, the reply may be late since I do not check that account every single day.

One last thing

This game's story is twisty and surprising, and there are a lot of spoilers out there. As always, I recommend coming into the story clean - I don't think watching spoiler art or reading a cliff's notes version of the plot has the same effect. If you choose to follow that advice, I suggest you don't go looking anywhere else the web for information about the game. Spoilers are literally everywhere.

Dangan Ronpa/Zero is a novel published by Seikaisha’s FICTIONS imprint on September 16, 2011. It was written by Kodaka with illustrations by Komatsuzaki. DR/Zero is a prequel to the first game, but also provides important setup for SDR2. Its cast is mostly new, but also contains some returning faces. It’s a fully canon part of the Dangan Ronpa storyline, and you are getting a serialized translation of it in this thread, between game updates.

Table of Contents

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Super High-school Level Update #1
Super High-school Level Update #2
Super High-school Level Update #3
Super High-school Level Update #4
Super High-school Level Update #5
Super High-school Level Update #6
Super High-school Level Update #7
Super High-school Level Update #8
Super High-school Level Update #9
Super High-school Level Update #10 (Addendum)
Super High-school Level Update #11
Super High-school Level Update #12

Chapter 1
(Ab)normal days
Super High-school Level Update #13
Super High-school Level Update #14
Super High-school Level Update #15
Super High-school Level Update #16
Super High-school Level Update #17
Super High-school Level Update #18
Super High-school Level Update #19
Super High-school Level Update #20
Super High-school Level Update #21
Super High-school Level Update #22
Super High-school Level Update #23
Super High-school Level Update #24

Abnormal days
Super High-school Level Update #25
Super High-school Level Update #26
Super High-school Level Update #27
Super High-school Level Update #28
Super High-school Level Update #29

School trial
Super High-school Level Update #30
Super High-school Level Update #31
Super High-school Level Update #32
Super High-school Level Update #33
Super High-school Level Update #34
Super High-school Level Update #35
Super High-school Level Update #36
Super High-school Level Update #37
Super High-school Level Update #38

Chapter 2
(Ab)normal days
Super High-school Level Update #39
Super High-school Level Update #40 (including special extra video)
Super High-school Level Update #41
Super High-school Level Update #42
Super High-school Level Update #43
Super High-school Level Update #44
Super High-school Level Update #45
Super High-school Level Update #46
Super High-school Level Update #47
Super High-school Level Update #48
Super High-school Level Update #49
Super High-school Level Update #50
Super High-school Level Update #51

Abnormal days
Super High-school Level Update #52
Super High-school Level Update #53
Super High-school Level Update #54
Super High-school Level Update #55
Super High-school Level Update #56

School trial
Super High-school Level Update #57
Super High-school Level Update #58
Super High-school Level Update #59
Super High-school Level Update #60
Super High-school Level Update #61
Super High-school Level Update #62
Super High-school Level Update #63
Super High-school Level Update #64
Super High-school Level Update #65

Chapter 3
(Ab)normal days
Super High-school Level Update #66
Super High-school Level Update #67
Super High-school Level Update #68
Super High-school Level Update #69 (Addendum)
Super High-school Level Update #70
Super High-school Level Update #71
Super High-school Level Update #72
Super High-school Level Update #73
Super High-school Level Update #74
Super High-school Level Update #75
Super High-school Level Update #76
Super High-school Level Update #77
Super High-school Level Update #78
Super High-school Level Update #79
Super High-school Level Update #80
Super High-school Level Update #81
Super High-school Level Update #82

Abnormal days
Super High-school Level Update #83
Super High-school Level Update #84
Super High-school Level Update #85
Super High-school Level Update #86

* * *

Dangan Ronpa/Zero

Book one: 1 / 2 / 3A / 3B / 4 / 5 / 6A / 6B / 6C / 7+8 / 9 / 10+11 / 12A / 12B / 13+14 / 15 / 16 / Character Profiles
Book two: 1+2

* * *


Fedule's Riveting Editorial Anecdotes / Episode the First
Translation/Japanese Chat with orenronen / 1
Fedule's Riveting Editorial Anecdotes / Episode the Second
Translation/Japanese Chat with orenronen / 2
Fedule's Riveting Editorial Anecdotes / Episode the Third
Fedule's Riveting Editorial Anecdotes / Episode the Fourth
Fedule's Riveting Editorial Anecdotes / Episode the Fifth

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Nov 7, 2008

Official Art

Hajime Hinata: Super High-school Level ???

Nagito Komaeda: Super High-school Level Good Luck

Kazuichi Souda: Super High-school Level Mechanic

Gundam Tanaka: Super High-school Level Animal Breeder

Mikan Tsumiki: Super High-school Level Nurse

Ibuki Mioda: Super High-school Level Light Music Club Member

Nekomaru Nidai: Super High-school Level Coach

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: Super High-school Level Gangster

Mahiru Koizumi: Super High-school Level Photographer

Chiaki Nanami: Super High-school Level Gamer

Peko Pekoyama: Super High-school Level Swordswoman

Teruteru Hanamura: Super High-school Level Cook

Sonia Nevermind: Super High-school Level Princess

Akane Owari: Super High-school Level Gymnast

Hiyoko Saionji: Super High-school Level Classical Dancer

Byakuya Togami: Super High-school Level Heir

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Nov 7, 2008

Dandandangan Ronpa!

Welcome to Super Dangan Ronpa 2! The options on the main menu are helpfully in English, so I don't even have to translate them! START GAME!

Message posted:

If you possess save data from the previous game, you can receive a humble present by loading it. Do you want to load saved data?

Hey, I just recently finished the first game! Also, presents are always fun.

(The present is 100 Monobear coins, by the way)

...And here's the second main menu. That's a lot of question marks. The first option says "From the beginning", and the last "Options". There are no interesting options to show, so let's choose the former.

Much like the first game, we can select difficulty levels for both logic and action. Unlike the first game, choosing a higher difficulty actually makes the game challenging, even if you're not trying to get a good score. Nevertheless, I'm doing this the hardcore way again.

Music fades out, sound of waves splashing.

Can you hear me...?

Hey, are you alright?
...You sure look exhausted.
I am too, you know. We all are.
I mean... With all the crazy stuff that happened...
...Hey, are you listening?



...I don't... understand...

Why am I here...?

What happened?

OK... Don’t panic. First thing’s first. I have to remember...

Keep calm, work my brain, and unravel my tangled memories.

Stop worrying and think! Think, think, think, think, think, think.

There are shards of memory everywhere... but I think I can piece together what happened.


...Come on...

That's right. I'm...

I... am...

Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Academy (Youtube via Polsy)

Beautiful Days [Piano Arrange]

That day wasn’t just another regular day for me.

No, it was much more significant than that.

As I approached the day I had anticipated for so long, my heart began to swell with a pride I still can’t put into words.

I was about to join a community I had revered ever since I was a child.
My dreams were about to become reality, and my reality felt like a dream.

"Hope's Peak Private Academy"...

This is no ordinary school. Nothing about this place is “ordinary”. Not least its importance to me.

You know how a young baseball or soccer fan thinks about their favorite team?
It goes beyond mere support... it borders on worship. Like a religion.

Well, ever since I was young, I’ve held that same kind of reverence for Hope's Peak Academy.

Hope's Peak Academy is located on a prime piece of real estate, and has special approval and rights from the government.
The school gathers together high school students from around the country who are top in their respective fields, and prepares them to lead the world into the future - to bear the hopes of all humanity.

When people talk about Hope's Peak Academy, one particular phrase always comes up:

"Graduating from this school leads to certain success in life"...

I can say with confidence that this is not a joke or an exaggeration.
Many of the top players in every kind of field and profession are graduates of Hope's Peak.

Because of this reputation, people have come to refer to it as “The Academy of Hope”.

There are two requirements for becoming a Hope's Peak student...

"One must be a high-school student"
"One must be top in their respective field"

Hope's Peak Academy doesn't hold entrance exams, or even accept applications.
You don’t go to them - they come to you. Enrollment is by invitation only.

Then, in accordance with their particular skills...
...Every Hope's Peak student ends up being called a "Super High-school Level" something or other.

And, at long last, I, too, am able to attend this wonderful school. My heart’s wish had been granted.

To tell you the truth, the circumstances in my case are slightly unusual.
...But that's a story for another time.

Honestly, I don't think it's such a big deal. You'll find out for yourselves soon enough.

More importantly, let me introduce myself.

Honestly, I’m not so special to warrant a formal introduction, and whenever I'm asked to give one I get terribly embarrassed...
But since it's customary, I thought I'd let you hear it.
My name is Hajime Hinata.

Our protagonist, Hajime Hinata (日向創 ) is voiced by Minami Takayama. Takayama is best known for playing the young version of Conan Edogawa in Detective Conan/Case Closed (this makes both of the Conan Edogawa voices have roles in the DR universe). She was also Kiki in Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service, and has played many, many other roles in her 20+ year career.

I have one and only one reason for coming to Hope's Peak Academy. I revere this school.
It represents everything I have ever aspired to become.
Yes, I pretty much worship it.
My lifelong dream has always been to attend Hope’s Peak Academy, so I, too, could stand proud...

That has always been my one and only ambition...

That has always been my one and only ambition...

Always always always always always alwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwa

Music stops.



...What's going on?

...It's a door.

There's a door here.

...But, more importantly, I’d better hurry.
I mean, I should go into this classroom.


Why? When did I decide...

No! There’s no time for this! If I don’t hurry...


Beautiful Ruin

...Who are you?
Um... are you quite alright? Your face appears most pale...
I... I’m...
Hey, maybe... Did you also just enroll here?
...Ah! Are you all...?
Yep! That’s what it looks like. We're the new students here.

So these are... my classmates?

Then... I’m inside Hope’s Peak Academy? But that’s...

They’re probably gathering all the new students in this classroom.

We're being... gathered?

...Oy. How about you at least come into the room?
Eh? Oh, excuse me!

...Why am I suddenly speaking politely?
They may all be "Super High-school Level", but they're also my classmates...

That's right... First impressions are essential! I must act dignified!

And so, as I tried my best to hide my nervous state behind a blank expression...

...I closed the door behind me, and took an empty seat in the classroom's back row.


My dignity aside, though... what the hell just happened?

Before I knew what was happening, there was a classroom door in front of me...
It was as if I’d been drawn there by something...

But... how did I come to be outside this classroom?

I can't remember...

Something... is strange.

Um, can I ask a question...?

...What is it?
Why did you all gather here in this classroom?
I don't remember being told to gather here... Are we having the opening ceremony or something in here?

I was just thinking about discussing that matter with everyone.
...You were?

You don't mind, do you? It seems we are all here, so we might as well talk about it.

Eh?! This is everyone?! How d’you figure that, huh?!

There are sixteen desks in this classroom. Now that he's here, there are sixteen of us.

It doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

So, what should we talk about?
Does anyone know why we've all been gathered in this classroom?

There's one thing I want to ask first.
Does anyone here recall actually coming to this classroom?

We all looked at each other's faces.

Each one wore a startled expression. Not one person raised their hand.

Before I knew what was happening, I found myself here... It seems everyone here is the same.

This is not natural. Your stupid faces tell me that you agree.

That’s... that’s strange, you're right. If no one here can say how they came to this classroom...

...wait, what do you mean, "stupid faces"?!

As soon as I entered the school I was inexplicably struck dizzy, and then inexplicably found myself outside this classroom.

That was my experience. Was everyone's the same?
I...It was just like that for me too...

Eh?! It wasn’t just me?
Everyone getting dizzy at the same time... that’s kinda suspicious!

I...It's very unlikely to be a coincidence, isn't it...?

Which means it isn't one.


In other words, this strange phenomenon had some kind of a purpose behind it.

What he’s saying makes sense, but...

What purpose is being served by this? And for who?
I don’t like this...

Ku...! We’re skipping ahead here. The dizziness isn’t the only issue.

What else is there?

I mean we should tackle the details before we look at the big picture.
Before we try to figure out why we've been gathered here, we need to figure out why we can't leave.

Huh? Whadd’ya mean we can't leave?!

Eh?! N...No way!

He ran up to the door in panic, and pulled on the doorknob with all his strength.

* rattle rattle rattle *

I...It won' open! Why won' it open?!

...Eh?! What's going on?!

Right after we came here, I felt an urge and figured I’d go use the crapper...

But that door wouldn't budge an inch!

The hell’s goin’ on?!

If I couldn't open it with all my strength, you guys don't stand a chance.

Ehhhh? Why won't it open? Everything's gone weird!
S...She's right! Everything's weird!
I mean, when I came in here the door opened easily... It didn't feel like it locked behind me when I closed it...!

I don’t know the details...

But for now, it seems we need to accept that we're locked in.

...Locked in?

Re: Despair Syndrome

W...What's happening...?

I felt my body becoming heavy.

Severe anxiety began pushing down on both my shoulders.

I don’t like this. At all. Somethin’ shady’s goin’ on...

Or maybe... Maybe this is some kind of an "entrance exam"?
An entrance exam? At Hope's Peak Academy?

But... I had thought Hope's Peak Academy beyond such...

Maybe that's just what they say publicly, and there’s actually a special secret exam once the students enroll...

Music halts

Ah! That's not it! This isn't an entwance exam!

...What was that, just now?

Hey, Fatso... Don't go making baby voices...

I don't feel like arguing about my body weight right now, but that voice wasn't coming from me.

...Huh? So, who was it?

Um, it was meee!


...Isn't it coming from behind that podium?

Behind... the podium...?

Bingo! It seems everyone’s here, so wet's begin!

Click for video! (Youtube via Polsy)

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Nov 7, 2008

Junko Enoshima despaired.

Everything turned out just the way she expected...
Everything turned out just the way she hoped... and so she despaired.

...Huh? Is it really that easy?

Magma-like heat boiled up deep inside her stomach, gradually swelled inside her body, and exploded when it reached her chest. The explosion escaped her heart and reached every muscle in her body, bringing her to a complete standstill. The sound of splashing water came from the muddy pool she stood in as droplets of water danced through the air.

On closer examination, one could notice the water was red.

As soon as her body stopped moving, the red droplets of water came raining down, making grotesque patterns on her clothes and skin.

Her clothes, painted deep red with blood.
Her skin, painted deep red with blood.
Her face, painted deep red with blood.

Nevertheless, none of this caught her attention. Instead, she started tapping her foot impatiently. It was a magnificent tap. She put every bit of strength, body, and soul she had into it. Her entire existence. And then, after tapping for a while, Junko Enoshima let out an annoyed yell, as fierce as the roar of a feverish rampaging beast.


Her scream echoed through her surroundings, the noise pouring down as if it was a rock shattering into pieces. But she wasn’t done. She continued to scream. "MORE! MORE! I NEED EVEN BETTER DESPAIR-INDUCING DESPAIR!". She continued tapping her foot intently.

Despair-inducing despair. That was what she was after. She wanted not only for the world to despair, but also for despair worthy of her own self.


She stopped mid-thought. Something clicked inside her head, and she stopped moving. Her face froze in a surprised expression, and she stood petrified as if every muscle in her crimson-painted body stopped working.

Then, she let out a weak whisper.

"...Oh, I see."

A series of gears and switches began moving deep inside her skull, sparking pitch black thoughts. A certain object floated up inside her mind. A face. It was a face she knew, of course. The face of a fellow student at Hope's Peak Academy.


Her body shivered as she started laughing. The shiver gradually spread to her entire body, and then, she started tapping her foot again.

"Upu... Upupupupupupupupupupupu."

This time her tapping resembled a dance. She tapped her foot like a girl who couldn't help feeling joyous. A girl who couldn’t help having fun.

"Oh, it’s so wonderful! So wonderful!"

And, as the face of the person destined to bring her so much wonderful despair kept floating inside her mind --

Her heart overflowing with a strange feeling that almost felt like love --

Junko Enoshima danced to the rhythm of despair.

"Oh, it’s going to be so magnificent, this despair!"

Laughing ecstatically, Super High-school Level Despair Junko Enoshima continued dancing. She danced as if she was losing her mind.

That was the beginning. The beginning of a story that ends in despair.

Nov 7, 2008

The title screen in SDR2 is more than randomized - it's animated. The background scrolls behind the pixelated characters, and whoever is walking along with Hinata changes every couple of seconds.

Since I don't want to give anything away by waiting for someone specific to appear, I decided to record the first character who appears when I took the footage.

Nov 7, 2008

Yapaari posted:

As I said in my previous post, I played the original up to the point were orenronen translated. I have some questions for him (and Fedule, if need be).

"It goes beyond mere support... it borders on worship. Like a religion".


"What he’s saying makes sense, but...

What purpose is being served by this? And for who?
I don’t like this..."

These lines don’t exist in the original script. Some lines from Hinata's monologue at the beginning, like "Keep calm", "Stop worrying and think! ", "...Yes...", "...Come on..." are also absent from the JP script. I know the translation is supposed to be very liberal, but still, I'm wondering why you chose to include them.

These are all Fedule's additions, attempting to make the translation flow better in English. We are going to add small bits of text that weren't there in the original and take away others if we think they help make the game's point. We're also going to come up with our own style to how the characters speak, that may not be an exact match for the original speech patterns but will (hopefully) adhere to their spirit. This may not work for you if you're reading the Japanese along, but I hope you'd give it a chance. Obviously, Fedule pushes for a looser translation while I tend to stick to the original (and I do revert his changes from time to time), but I think this kind of translation, while having its own minuses, works better in overall.

Fedule will have to comment about why he chose those specific things to add.

Yapaari posted:

Another one:
Original JP script: 「だが、いくらなんでも不自然だ。頭の悪そうなお前らもそう思うだろう?」
orenronen: "This is not natural. Your ugly faces tell me that you agree".
「頭の悪そう」 kinda means "whose head is bad"="who is stupid". Wouldn't "stupid faces" be more accurate?

That one's entirely on me, and you're very right. The error slipped out during my initial run on the text and I never caught it later. Thanks!

Nov 7, 2008

I should really be sleeping, but here's my idea - if Fedule gets his commentary series, I should too! Since this is, in fact, a looser translation, I thought I'll write up some details about the original prose for those who are interested, with comments about the difficult points of translating pop-culture Japanese, references we changed or removed, and why we made some of the choices we did. I'll work on the first entry when I wake up tomorrow, and add it and Fedule's commentaries to the OP TOC.

One of the problems of working in LP form is that we translate serially and publish immediatlly. Like most such things, this translation will mature and improve in time, as we get a better handle on our take on the characters. So please let me know what you like or dislike about the text. I can't promise we'll follow everyone's suggestions, but I promise to listen.

Nov 7, 2008

Translation/Japanese Chat with orenronen / 1

So, let's talk translation.

Japanese pop-culture is in a kind of strange position where there's a contigent of hardcore fans who consider extreme literality in translations an ideal. A lot of them know enough about the language so that, even if they can't read it fluently, they can trace back enough details of a literal translation to make it seem like a good idea.

The problem with literal translations is, of course, that things break down once a crowd who doesn't know much about Japanese language and culture tries to read it. Which is to say, most people just want to enjoy the story and not worry about such foreign concepts to an English speaker as what first-person pronoun a certain character uses or what unusual sentence-final particle they like. In fact, I find that most English readers prefer conversation to simply sound natural, and that on its own strays from how Japanese genre fiction tends to be written. In Japan, characters in games such as this one deliberately speak in a way no one in real life really does. Writers employ a truckload of established syntactic and stylistic shorthand to assign easily perceivable character traits to the speaker. This happens in English too, of course, but not nearly to the same extent.

My first priority this time around is to make the English flow, even at the cost of literality. That's why we're being much looser with character speech patterns than I was the first time around. It's why we will sometimes make things explicit when the Japanese is its usual vague and contracted. It's why there will be far less ellipsis (even though I always get the urge to put them back in). It's also why I prefer to keep the Japan icon for actual cultural notes instead of linguistic issues. But, since some people like to know these things, I'll try to write them up separately like I'm doing here.

Our protagonist, Hajime Hinata (I'm keeping the same western order I did for the first game, which makes Hajime his given name) is not a reiteraion of Naegi's personality, and Japanese readers get to see that almost immediately with his first-person pronoun of choice. In English, you get the pronoun "I". In Japanese, where pronouns aren't really pronouns, you get (at the very least) a distinction between male characters who use "boku" (timid, soft spoken) and those who use "ore" (manly, rough, brash). It gets more complicated than that, with variations and other pronouns which are not used as often, but that's the basic two-way distinction. Real life is much more nuanced, of course, and I haven't met a single Japanese man who didn't use both depending on the social situation and their conversation partner, but fictional characters tend to stick to one or the other.

Naegi used "boku". Hinata uses "ore". That fact alone puts them in very different boxes in the mind of the Japanese reader, without knowing anything else about the character. It's also something that can't be easily replicated in English. Thankfully, Kodaka is a good writer who makes the content of the characters' speech and their actions nuance their personality instead of relying entirely on easy stylistic choices.

So, what can I actually say about Hinata's personality that makes him different from Naegi? Quite a lot -- he speaks his mind, often without thinking. He's very direct. He takes sides. In short, he's everything that a "proper" Japanese shouldn't be, but without diving into the extreme personalities most of the other character possess. Linguistically, he uses the aforementioned "ore", speaks much more like a teenager than Naegi ever did (that is, when he's actually speaking and not narrating), and (perhaps most strikingly), doesn't use honorifics. The last of these is actually kept in this translation, but like everything to do with honorifics, it just flies over the head of most readers.

What else? When narrating, he's actually every bit as eloquent as Naegi was. His syntax may be a little looser and more colloquial, but his vocabulary, metaphors and similes are effective and not dumbed down in the least. I hope this comes across in my translation.

We will get into the details of the other characters' speech as we're introduced to them. The next update heavily features what I'm pretty sure is going to be one of our most controversial translation choices (you get a glimpse of it in the first update). Some people will hate us for it, but I think it works pretty well. But we'll talk about that next time.

Nov 7, 2008

Baita posted:

Anyone who's already spoiled that can find a larger size of this?

Here's a larger, promotional version of that picture. Not quite wallpaper size, but better than what you can get off the PSP screen.

Nov 7, 2008

slam5000 posted:

OH! That explains it! drat you're fast. I'll try to look into what they mean when I get home from school. Until then, if any goons want to try and beat me to it, be my guest!

I'm conflicted about that. I know what the Japanese text behind the codes reference, and it will not make any sense at this point in the game, but it's still semi-spoilerific.

Nov 7, 2008

Re: Despair-Syndrome

What is that thing...?
Um... I think it's a stuffed doll...
...Thaaat's wight. I'm a stuffed doll. I'm made of felt.
My name is "Magical Girl Miwacle ★ Usami"... but you can just call me Usami!
I'm your teacher, everyone.
Pweased to meet you!

If you thought getting one elderly voice actress to play a bizarre stuffed toy was tough, here they are doing it again. Usami is voiced by Takako Sasuga, who plays Sazae-san’s son, Tara-chan, in the very very long running animated family sitcom “Sazae-san”. She has been doing it every week from 1969 to this very day, one of the few Sazae-san actors who have never been replaced.

Re: Weekly Shonen Despair Magazine

H...Huh? Am I hallucinating? I...Is everyone else seein’ this?

I can see it too...

Hey, why is that chihuahua talking?!

Eh?! Is that thing a chihuahua?!

Do you know what a bunny wabbit is, everyone?
It's a vewwy wuvly animal with fwuffy fwuffy fur.

That's what I am! I'm a singing, dancing, talking bunny wabbit mascot!

W...Wait a second! Let me put my thoughts in order, please!

Go wight ahead!

Um, you're with me, guys, right?
I've never heard of such a thing as a singing, dancing, talking stuffed doll...

I...It must be moved by remote control... It's nothing but a noisy child's toy...

That kind of movement? From a remote control? This isn't toy-level technology...

The problem isn't how this thing is moving. It's what it seems to be saying.

You know, don't you. You know what kind of situation we're in...!

Of course I know! I'm the supervising teacher for this field twip, after all!

Field trip...?

What do you mean, "field trip"?

It means a school event where students go on a twip and perform gwoup activities under the supervision of a teacher!
W...We weren't asking for a definition...

Let's get going! Your fun field twip starts nooow!


Click for video! (Youtube via Polsy)

Miss Monomi's Practice Lesson

I highly recommend clicking that music link there.


I couldn't trust my own eyes.

Not just my eyes. I couldn't trust my mind...

I couldn't trust the world itself.

The classroom broke apart as if it was the set of a play, and then, before our eyes...

...Was a blue sky and white clouds...
...A blue sea and white waves...

...What the hell is this?!

However you approached it, it was abnormal.
Clearly outrageous.
Completely absurd.

And so, thoroughly... wrong.

Wha... wha...


It's a trick, right?

W...Where are we?!

W...Why?! How?!

Hey, everyone! Pwease calm down!

Pwease! Pwease! There's no need for panic! Take a good look around!
It's a beauuutiful sea, isn't it...? Can’t you already feel your soul cleansing?
Every bad thing is being waaashed awaaay...

Wait. We want a detailed explanation! Where in heavens are we?

Where...? It's obvious, isn't it...?

Somewhere! Beyond the sea!

Can’t you see?!

Originally, Usami performs the first line of Ryuuha Hayashi and Takeshi Inoue’s classic government-approved kindergarden song “Umi” (“Sea”) to explain to our cast where they are. It goes, “The sea is wide! The sea is large!”

W...We know we’re by the sea, but... why are we here?!

You know... if you keep shouting like that your thwoat is going to get sore.

But... it's most strange that there should be an ocean here... We were at the school but a moment ago...

Pweease west assured, that was just our field twip's beginning!

What's up with this sudden field trip, huh?! This is all going way too fast!
S...She's right...! We all came here because we just got into Hope's Peak Academy.

Oooh. Hope's Peak Academy... I see...
You're still wowwied abowt Hope's Peak Academy! In that case...

Pwease forget all abowt it! That's what this field twip is aaall abowt!

What do you mean, "forget all about it", you bastard?!

Oy. Who are you? What are you scheming?

Howawa? I am not scheming anything! I'm doing all of this for you!
More than anything, I pway that a biiig "hope" grows inside your hearts!

That's why this island is fwee of danger! So don't be afwaid, okay?

Island...? Did you say "island"?

Yep! This is a beauuutiful southern island.
There is nothing to be afwaid of here. There aren't even any other people. It's an island made juuust for you.
A...A desert island?

Don't tell me... you're going to make us kill each other on this uninhabited island...?!

Howawa! K...Kiwweachother?!

G...God forbid!
Violence, hurting other people, and other such wild activities are forbidden on this island!
"Kiwwing"... even just saying the word out loud...

Kyaa! Scawy!

In that case, what's the point of this "field trip"? What are you going to make us do?

It's time for my speech!

Everyone. Pwease stwengthen your bonds of fwiendship as you enjoy your pweasant stay on this island!
This is the rule of this "Heart-thumping Field Twip"!

Heart-thumping... Field Trip...?

Pwease waise your hope as you enjoy quiet, peeeaceful days where noothing happens, no one gets hurt and no one suffers...
This is what this wuvly, wuvly "Heart-thumping Field Twip" is all about...

That's the assignment I'm giving you on this island!
What... the hell...?!
Um, and so...

Beautiful Days [Piano Arrange]

Let our "Heart-thumping Field Twip" begin!!

It goes without saying, but I couldn't keep up.

There was no way I could keep up.

And then, as if a thick curtain dropped down on me...

...I went blank.

DANGAN ISLAND (Youtube via Polsy)

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Nov 7, 2008

Vexrm posted:

Is there an easy place for one to buy the sound track to this or the first game? I'm pretty sure I need to give folks money for these amazing songs.

The soundtrack for the game is available on Shipping can be a little expensive (I was lucky to have a friend who visited Japan bring me a copy), but it's very much worth it - we're talking about a 3 CD soundtrack with more than 100 tracks. A lot of the DR1 music is also included.

Nov 7, 2008

Anatharon posted:

I'm going to Japan for two weeks with a friend over the holidays, is it likely something I could physically get in a store?

Definitely. If you're visiting Akihabara, pretty much any location that sells CDs will have copies, plus they're setting up a temporary specialty Dangan Ronpa store between December 22 and January 20 (with a 2 day new year break).

Nov 7, 2008

Translation/Japanese Chat with orenronen / 2

Usami's original speech pattern is much like many Japanese mascot characters. It's the so called "verbal tic", where sentence endings are modified in some non-standard way. In Usami's case, she changes the Japanese copula "desu" into "dechu", and the polite verb suffix "-masu" (and its conjugations) into "-machu". Since Usami is a very polite bunny, that happens in virtually every sentence that comes out of her mouth. It's a type of baby-speak you'd expect to hear from a bunny mascot that looks as she does. The first thing that comes to my head when I hear it is Hamtaro, which used the exact same tic constantly.

Verbal tics are difficult to translate effectively. If you luck out and get a word that's simply appended to the end of sentences (say, cat girls going "-nya" after everything they say), you can attempt to leave it as is, though that will probably feel wrong to any audience who's not familiar with the phenomenon. If it's something that happens inside syntax, as in our case, you have no choice but to think of a different solution.

I tried thinking of professional translations that handled verbal tics successfully. The first one that comes to mind is Kuma/Teddie in Persona 4. Now, Persona 4 is as close as you get to a direct, literal translation in commercial games. And yet, when they translated the "-kuma" Kuma adds to his sentences, they went ahead and made Teddie make constant bear jokes. It works brilliantly, and even though it's not even close in literal meaning to the original text (not to mention it adds a bunch of jokes that weren't there in the original), it captures the spirit of the character perfectly, and became so well known that I stole the gimmick when Monobear went into a -kuma phase in Dangan Ronpa.

The second example is from a much more thoroughly localized game. Detective Itonokogiri ends his sentences with a casual, easygoing -ssu, and Gumshoe replicates the feeling by throwing "pal"s everywhere. Since there is an actual -ssu character in SDR2, I will expand on this when we get to them.

When we tried to decide how to translate Usami, a speech impediment turned out to be the best solution. Fedule expanded on that in his post, but I'll add that I had my reservations but got to really like it. It helps that it's very easy to imagine Mrs. Sasuga's voice acting out exactly what we did here.

Usami also uses a nonstandard first person pronoun, "achishi". It has the "ch" and sounds like something a mascot would say, but it's also an actual archaic first person pronoun - a variation on the Edo-period casual pronoun "asshi".

Nov 7, 2008

Hope's Peak Private Academy. An exclusive, government-sanctioned school accepting only students with exceptional abilities. Its stated goal is to raise the future "hope" of the nation, and for that reason, it became known as "The Academy of Hope". It’s a source of envy, as it’s common knowledge that one can gain great success in life just by being a Hope’s Peak graduate. Certainly, many Hope’s Peak graduates are now employed in high positions in every field of the professional world, so that statement is not an exaggeration.

There are two requirements to becoming a Hope’s Peak student:
One must be currently enrolled in a high school.
One must super-excel at their field of expertise.

Hope’s Peak doesn’t hold any standard entrance exams, as the academy insists that the things tested by these kind of exams are meaningless for its purposes. Instead, students are scouted for by the academy's staff, who serve as both educators and researchers of extraordinary human ability. Some say Hope's Peak Academy's faculty members are much like parents, who made it their life’s mission to find talent and nurture it in their children.

Right now, every member of that extraordinary faculty, as well as the academy itself, is facing an unprecedented, unparalleled crisis.

Hope’s Peak Academy’s faculty building is located in the academy’s eastern quarter, and is the only building on campus students are forbidden to enter. The corridors of that building, usually busy with staff members going back and forth, were now empty and engulfed in an unnatural silence. The laboratories, the private rooms, and the luxurious personal offices had all been abandoned. Every man and woman who usually occupies these locations were currently gathered in a single place.

Meeting room 13.

Hope’s Peak Academy’s largest meeting room is located on the top floor of the faculty building, and has a maximum capacity of over 300. Nevertheless, with every single faculty member attending, it was fully packed. Not a single empty seat remained next to the long tables lined across the room.

But, for such a huge crowd, the room was relatively quiet. Only a single person's voice could be heard. The voice of Hope's Peak Academy's headmaster, Jin Kirigiri.

He faced the assembled faculty members from his position at the foremost table, and read from a printout he held in his hand. He spoke in an unaffected tone of voice, a blank expression on his face. The words printed on the paper came out of his mouth as if he was nothing more than an automaton reading them out. As far as Kirigiri was concerned, that was his most important duty. It didn't matter how out of the ordinary the subject on hand was. No, he didn’t have any time to waste faced with the current state of confusion and unanswered questions. If they had time, there are much more important things they should have been doing --

A voice suddenly rose from the crowd. "Are you saying we're going to cover it up?"

Kirigiri raised his head, and saw three hundred people staring at him intently, waiting for a response.

It wasn’t a piercing stare. It was much more uncomfortable than that. Three hundred people stared at him as if they were one entity, and Kirigiri felt every hair on his body tingling. He turned his head toward the four people sitting to his right, trying to escape the stare. They were stationed at the same frontmost table he was, their faces unusually wrinkled. Their eyes were closed, making those wrinkly faces even wrinklier. From Kirigiri's position, it almost looked like the four faces in front of him was one huge, giant wrinkle.

The four members of Hope's Peak Academy's Steering Committee looked as if they were about to give up.

An unintentional bitter smile appeared on Kirigiri’s face. So that's how it’s going to be. Oh, well. It's not as if I expected anything else. With those feelings festering inside his heart, Kirigiri turned back towards the crowd’s stare. He put the paper aside. He was going to use his own words from now on.

"Let me make it perfectly clear", he emphasized. "We reached this decision after putting a lot of thought into the matter at the Hope's Peak Academy steering meeting that took place earlier today."

He felt the temperature in the room turning tepid. It was probably because every faculty member's body have grown stiff in attention. Kirigiri sipped from the cup in his hand, and continued.

"We understand, of course, how extremely irregular this decision is."

The wrinkly faces that were as much a part of the "we" he talked about as he was did not move an inch. It was as if they knew from the very beginning he was going to take the situation into his own hands.

"Make no mistake. We are not covering this incident up to escape responsibility. If I could end it all here and now by simply taking responsibility, I would do so in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, this particular incident cannot be dealt with that easily. It doesn’t even matter if each and every one of us ‘takes responsibility’. We’re dealing with a problem that exists in an entirely different dimension."

Kirigiri stopped for a moment, and finished his glass of water in a single gulp, trying to remain calm.

"...Don't get me wrong. I don’t think we are completely blameless here. If we were, that 'Parade' out there would not be taking place right now."

Kirigiri pointed a finger at the curtained window. Several people turned to look at it, a severe expression on their faces.

"That 'Parade' has been growing larger and larger lately. The people in it think we’re all despicable. Their opinion is not completely unfounded."

Kirigiri paused and moved his gaze across the room, looking at each of the faculty member’s faces as if what he was about to say was personally directed at them, individually.

“Nevertheless, I refuse to believe Hope’s Peak Academy’s thesis, that talent itself is humanity’s first and foremost hope, is wrong. You must realize that if information about this incident leaves the walls of this school, we are likely to lose it all. As far as I’m concerned, that would be a gigantic loss for the human race. Every one of our successful graduates I’ve spoken to feels the same way.”

At the mention of Hope’s Peak graduates, the crowd stirred a little.

“That’s the reason I and the members of Hope’s Peak Academy’s Steering Committee reached our decision... We concluded that this incident shouldn’t be made public after all.”

He took a peek at the old men, but they remained still. Their blank expressions made it look as if what was going on did not concern them.

“...As I said before, I know more than anyone how irregular this decision is. Nevertheless, we have a duty, both as educators and as scientists. The duty to protect talent. Should human talent become the target of public hostility, it would be a great tragedy. Furthermore, there is one more thing I want you all to remember.”

The three hundred faculty members waited in attention for Kirigiri’s next words.

“The crimes committed may be terrible, but it doesn’t change the fact that that student carries a very special brand of hope we raised all on our own.”

The color of the faculty’s eyes changed in an instant. They did not stir anymore. Everyone sat in complete silence. No one objected. No one could object. His words were narrow-minded, but they reflected the opinions of everyone in the room. They were all acting both as educators and as scientists, researching human talent. And, just like any other scientist becoming obsessed with their area of research, the staff of Hope’s Peak Academy were obsessed with talent. Anyone who did not share that obsession did not belong in Hope’s Peak.

That’s why they listened to Kirigiri’s words, and made their decision.

They had to protect their thesis. They had to protect the future they believed in. They had to protect the hope they believed in.

And so, they would do their best to cover up The Worst Incident in Hope’s Peak Academy’s History.

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Nov 7, 2008

Sound of waves splashing.

Can you hear me...?

Hey, are you alright?
...You sure look exhausted.
I am too, you know. We all are.
I mean... with all the crazy stuff that happened...
...Hey, are you listening?


Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt]

You... are OK, right?
...Just... Leave me alone.
Oh, I couldn’t possibly leave someone who looks as sick as you alone.

Golden sand... Blue sea...
Strong, bright sunlight blazing down...

And a gentle sea breeze caressing my skin...

I have no idea what's going on.
I was supposed to be at Hope's Peak Academy. So why...

Why am I here?

That... thing said we're on a southern island, didn't it?

...Yeah, that's right.

What the hell happened? I... have no idea.

That's the one and only thing I know for sure.

Tutorial posted:

Welcome to Dangan ☆ Island. Allow me to explain our easy control scheme.

You may move the crosshairs shown on your screen by using the analog pad.
Should the crosshairs react to the environment, by all means - push the circle button. It allows you to examine that spot.

Furthermore, the arrow buttons, the L button and the R button make it possible to change your viewpoint.

But that's not all! Should you press the triangle button, a mysterious power will reveal to you the places you can interact with.
Having such a strange power at your disposal from the very beginning is super-useful.

Well, then. We recommend that you explore this sandy beach in order to advance the story.

That does sound super-useful. Looks like they’ve learned a lesson!

And here is our first look at the new, improved interface! As you can see in the upper right corner, this is the prologue. It's also daytime and we're at Level 1, whatever that means. The name of the current background music track is scrolling next to the guitar.

Palm trees are a staple of southern islands.

These ones are nice, I guess. But... they’re just scenery. Not really important right now.

A monitor is attached to the tree... but why?

There's nothing playing on it... What’s the point of it?

Let's move our viewpoint to the left...

A crystal clear blue sea... Essential to any island paradise.

Not that I'm impressed or anything.

It's not like I ever really wanted to visit such a place myself.

Hm? This is a camera, isn't it?
...A security camera?
Are they spying on us?!

I wouldn't call it spying...
I think you could say they're watching over us to keep us from danger...

But hey, you can't help but feel worried about things you have no control over, can you?

What's up with this guy...? How can he keep so calm in this situation?

...Is he really that easygoing?

So, how about it? Are you feeling any better?
Um... I know you're all messed up right now because of what happened, but...
We should really introduce ourselves, don't you think?
Yeah... I guess we should.

...Pleased to meet you. My name is Nagito Komaeda.

Super High-school Level Good Luck: Nagito Komaeda

Nagito Komaeda ( 狛枝凪斗 ) is voiced by Megumi Ogata, best known for her role as Shinji Ikari in the Evangelion franchise. Oh, you may also remember her as Makoto Naegi in Dangan Ronpa.


Oh, and since we're introducing ourselves...
I guess I should explain the talent that got me into Hope's Peak Academy.

...Though, in my case, it's kind of a lousy talent.
Why would you call a talent "lousy"...?

My talent is having good luck.
...Excuse me?

I'm not joking. It’s official. That’s my talent.
They called me "Super High-school Level Good Luck".
You’re serious? Super High-school Level... Good Luck?

According to my invitation, every high-school student in the country was entered into a lottery...
...And the winner invited to enroll as a bearer of "Super High-school Level Good Luck".
What I’m saying is... I’m here because of my exceptional good fortune. Literally.

Chosen by lottery... What the hell were they thinking?

I mean, is "Good Luck" even really a “talent”?
Surely, just having a lottery ensures... Nevermind. It's a mystery. Leave it at that.

You look like you’re not really sure what to make of this.
No... it's not that at all...

No, it's fine. I'm not sure what to think about it myself.

I'm just a regular high-school student with no talent. I never thought I could get into Hope's Peak.
At first, I got scared and tried to refuse the invitation. But they insisted.
Apparently, the luck factor is still a mystery for Hope's Peak’s staff.
And so, for the sake of research, the school picks one "Super High-school Level Good Luck" by lottery each year.

Hope's Peak sure is amazing for researching such a trivial thing as "luck" so diligently...
I'm glad that it makes it possible for someone like me to enter the school, but...

On the other hand... I feel a little out of place.

Ah, I'm sorry... I can't help having some negative feelings. It's a bad habit of mine.

Um, that's it for my introduction.

Huh. Nagito Komaeda...

He comes across as a little wishy-washy, but, at the very least, he doesn't seem like a bad person.

It's your turn now.
Oh. My name is Hajime Hinata.

...I have a question, Hinata-kun. What kind of Super High-school Level ability do you have?
Um, I...
I... I...

Music fades out

It isn’t a particularly tough question... Why is this so difficult?
Again, my mind reached out for the memory I needed. Again, it came back with nothing.

What’s going on? It’s like I’m trying to read a book whose pages are being wiped clean as I look...

I really had been starting to feel better. But now...


My body shivered from the force of the discomfort.

Hinata-kun... is something wrong?
What? N...No...!
I think I'm still a little bit confused... I... can't seem to remember very well...

You can’t remember...?

Music resumes

I suppose... with everything that’s happened, some memory loss isn’t that strange.

I'm sure it’s just shock, or something... I’m sure you’ll recover soon!
So... try not to worry too much, okay?
Yeah... I guess...

Well... it looks like we’re done with our introductions.
I'm not really sure what's going on, but I hope we can be friends.

Hope Shard Acquired

Achievement chime

Hey, did you hear something just now?!
T... There was a strange noise... I think it came from...!

Confused, I thrust my hand into my pocket.

I think that mechanical sound came from in there...

W... What is this thing?
It looks like a smartphone or something...
Why is it in my pocket?

Usami just gave them to us. Don't you remember...?

Oh, right, right... I think you were in the middle of passing out when that happened...
N... Now that you say that, I think I remember something like that happening...
...So, what is it?

Miss Monomi's Practice Lesson

It's an Ewectwonic Student Handbook!
H...Hey, how... Where the hell did you come from?!

Aww, did I startle you? I'm so sowwy.

Tee-hee... I'm not ashamed of apologies. They're vewy important!

...By the way, isn't that thing so cool? Isn’t it?
It's a cwucial part of this field twip, so pweeease don't lose it!
...This device is... important?

My task for everyone is to use this Ewectwonic Student Handbook and gather "Hope Shards"!

...Hope Shards?

You see, when you deepen your bonds with your classmates on this island, you acquire "Hope Shards".
The more you get along with everyone, the more "Hope Shards" you gather.
I want you to gather as many "Hope Shards" as you can, and make your Hope flower bwoom...
That’s the goal of this field twip!

Wuv! Wuv!!

Hey, wait!

Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt]

...She's gone.

That stuffed doll doesn't just walk and talk. It seems she can teleport as well.

I don't get it at all. Who is operating that thing?!

What are these... “Hope Shards”, she said? What are they for?
...And why does she even want them so badly? It's like we're playing a game...

If this is just a game, it’d be a relief...
If nothing else, it’d mean we’re not actually in any danger.
I... I guess you're right...
But... more importantly, you still don’t know anything about the others, do you?

I think you should go and introduce yourself to everyone.
Yeah... I probably should.
But, where did they all go?

I think they're still exploring the island.
Are you serious? They went exploring?

We’ve been told to live here... so we figured we should probably get a feel for the place.
What kind of island is this? Is there a way off? Do we have food and supplies?

Anyway, why not look around yourself, and make your introductions while you’re at it?
I’ve already spoken to everyone... but I’d like to tag along while you explore, if that’s OK.

It seems I’ve got myself a partner...

...I suppose I should be thankful. Exploring alone doesn’t sound very enjoyable.

Let's go, then!

I can’t help but wonder though... Is everyone really alright with this?
Can we really just take this unusual situation so easily?

Is this what fresh air and sunlight does to people?

Or maybe... it’s something that Usami did to us?

What's wrong, Hinata-kun? We should go.

Whatever the case... it can’t hurt to investigate this... nightmare. It is a nightmare, right?

Only one way to find out, I guess.

Tutorial posted:

You may now use your "Handbook". It allows you to access many game functions.

The handbook can be opened by pushing the square button. It is super-easy.

Among other things, you can find a guide for this field trip inside the handbook, as well as report cards that keep information about the students.
The handbook also allows you to save and load your game. Look for these options under the System entry.

But there's one more thing! By pushing the Select button, you may access a back log!

This concludes our tour of the handbook. Please use it at your own convenience.
I wish you luck in your quest searching for the other students.

Oh. You can exit the beach by pushing the cross button.

Well, since the tutorial has been so nice, let's see what the handbook has to offer.

This item says map, but it's disabled.

Question marks. This thing isn't very useful so far.

Presents. Unfortunately, we don't have any yet.

Report Cards. Let's see what's inside.

Hajime Hinata
Height: 179cm / Weight: 67kg / Chest: 91cm / Blood type: A
Birthday: January 1
Likes: Kusa-mochi
Hates: Sakura-mochi
Title: Super High-school Level ???

A mochi is a type of Japanese confectionery. It’s basically a rice dumpling, often filled with some kind of paste (usually made of red beans). Kusa-mochi (lit. grass mochi) is made with mugwort leaves. Sakura mochi is made and decorated with cherry blossom leaves.

Blood types! They are learning!

Nagito Komaeda
Height: 180cm / Weight: 65kg / Chest: 84cm / Blood type: O
Birthday: April 28
Likes: Beautiful things
Hates: Loud places
Title: Super High-school Level Good Luck

Permit me to save you all some time; don’t bother looking it up. Carry on.

That's all the cards we can see right now. Let's move back to the main menu.

Guide for the field trip. I'm going to nonchalantly ignore it for now, and move to...

Pet. Huh.

Aww. It's still an egg. The hearts say "Hope Measure" and the skulls "Despair Measure". Then we have the number of steps needed to make it grow, and the total number of steps. Not much we can do until it hatches, though, so...

Hey, wait, is that-

...Finally, System. Nothing interesting in there, unless you enjoy controlling sound levels or returning to main menus. Move along.

And now it's finally time to push the cross button and get off this beach.

Oh, right, I almost forgot...

There’s a map of the island in our handbooks...
...Exploring the island is going to be very easy if we use it!

Also, I... ah... I looked up information about everyone before I came to the school.
I can tell you some useful stuff about most of them. Not all of them, though.
...You mean, you actually found information about them on the web?

Oh, for - they’re doing this deliberately, aren’t they?!

Eh? You don't know?
Whenever Hope’s Peak Academy recruits a new class, the message boards go a bit crazy...
Does that mean... did you find something about me on there too...?

No, I don't think so... There was way too much info for me to read, though... Maybe I missed it?

Quite a coincidence, isn't it? You can't remember anything yourself, after all.

It can't be that there just wasn't anything about me written there, can it?

I mean, the one thing I have no doubt of is that I did join Hope's Peak Academy...

Anyway, let's go on our introductory journey. I'll try not being useless.
Y... Yeah. Let's go.

I guess I’d better introduce myself to everyone and find out what they're like.

Tutorial posted:

Sorry for causing so much trouble, but there is something important I forgot to tell you.

By accessing the map in your handbook, you can learn where anyone is at any given moment.
You can also jump to places marked with a "GO!" icon instantly.

Furthermore, should you see an exclamation mark icon, this is the place to be to make the story continue.

It's super-convenient. Now, let's go on.

These titles appear whenever you move from location to location. I'll show each once.

Next time, we go exploring!

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Nov 7, 2008

I started putting official art in the thread's second post. I will continue to update it as we are introduced to the cast.

Nov 7, 2008

Saeku posted:

It's a small pun. Usami is a normal Japanese given name, which as you said, sounds like Usagi.

Her other name, Monomi, so far as I'm aware isn't a normal name, but "-mi" is a typical pattern for Japanese girl's names. For an English comparison, it'd be something like "Mononique."

...There are some more things to say about Usami's name, but they will have to wait for a cultural note in a later update.

Nov 7, 2008

Sindai posted:

Seconding this. I have to go back and re-check every update for them.

Fair enough. That's the way it's going to be moving forward (and I'll probably edit the existing updates soon).

Nov 7, 2008

Here are my thoughts on Usami.

She's supposed to be annoying in the same way that any cute animal mascot made for children is, because that's exactly how she speaks and acts. Everything she says and does is as if she's been taken from an educational TV show for 5 year olds (and not a relatively cool one like Sesame Street). That's the kind of feeling Dangan Ronpa is trying to pass here.

The problem is that in Japan, a verbal tic is standard for this kind of a mascot. That's just how they are written. I feel that in the west they're most likely to give such mascots an extreme cartoony voice rather than any peculiar syntactic style. It's very difficult to translate, as you might expect, and luckily we're still at an early stage where retroactive tweaks are possible.

We'll put some more thought into it. Perhaps throw a little reedited scene at you for opinions.

Nov 7, 2008

Drakli posted:

The question, of course, is when does localization start being too much? I have no desire to come across as a literal-translation hard-nose, but things can get out of hand when characters stop being Japanese or Finnish or Russian or American because it's easier to make them match expectations than teaching the skittish foreign reader bits of culture as you go.

This is why I don't just take Fedule's initial editing work and post it verbatim. It's an iterative process - I go over it and fix things, then Fedule goes over it again, and so on until we reach a state we're both pleased with.

So, rest assured that any line that wasn't in the original script will only stay if I think it makes the characters easier to understand in English. I restored that ellipsis in the last update both because I like the beat of silence it provides, but also - yes - because I don't really think it's something Hinata will say.

Nov 7, 2008

WarpedLichen posted:

But consider the translation updates. Right now, I find them as important as the regular updates because a lot of the intent is there. If those translation updates did not exist, would I find DR2 as presented inferior to DR1? Probably not, I'm still enjoying it.

However, because the translation updates contain new information, what was originally presented in Oren's updates feels inadequate.

If that's how you feel, we failed in our jobs.

The translation commentaries are not supposed to be required reading. Fedule describes the challenges he faces when trying to make flowing English prose out of my literal translation, and I'm providing things I think are interesting about the Japanese language and how it's used in the game, for people who are interested in such things, but we don't expect everyone following the LP to read them and we will not hide crucial information in there.

Our goal is to make the characters feel the same as they do in the original. Now, this may sometime take some more time in English - as mentioned, Japanese has many linguistic shorthands that help you gain a lot of insight into characters just by what verb forms and pronouns they use when they say even something as simple as "My name is Hajime Hinata". In English, you may need to spend a little more time with the character to get the same insights, but they should come across, and we try our best to do so.

There are still cultural notes in the translation - the game still very much involves characters who are distinctively Japanese, and we're not trying to hide that. However, I believe that in-update footnotes should be confined to actual cultural notes, and that linguistic issues should be dealt with more creatively if we want this accessible at all to people who aren't hardcore Japanophiles.

Nov 7, 2008

Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt]

Tutorial posted:

Movement across the island occurs on this screen.
You may move by using the analog pad. Holding the cross button allows you to run.

By pushing the left and right arrow buttons, you may move to the next location instantly.
Should the cursor indicate an interesting spot, you can enter it by pushing the circle button.

I am certain you have noticed by now, but there is an electronic pet inside your handbook.
This pet grows according to the number of steps you take. Please try to walk as much as you can without using a map jump.

If you can make your pet grow, you may even get a small reward. Probably.

Here’s a convenient, time saving game mechanic! Don’t use it though!

The tutorial just told us the map is now available, so let's check it out.

...It's not very pretty. Also, pretty much every location has an exclamation mark on it, so we might as well start moving randomly and see where that takes us.

We move around the island on this horizontal-scrolling screen. It eventually wraps around, since we're walking in a circle on the island's circumference. We can walk:

...and we can run by holding the cross button:

A few steps to the right of the beach we reach this location:

...Which seems worth exploring.

I’ll say.

This is an airport, isn't it? And... are those...


Does this mean... we can fly off of this island?

‘Fraid not.
Those things’re goin’ nowhere. I mean... they’re not broken - if they were just broken, we’d be flying already, y’know?
So... what’s the problem?

They’re empty. Engines’re gone. Simply not there. These jets? They’re props.
The engines are... missing?

Is this the work of whoever brought us to this island?

...It must be whoever is operating that Usami.
But... who is it?

Why did he bring us here?

And... how?

The more I think about it, the more it becomes a mystery.

...I’d’ve thought the “how” was starting to become apparent. Oh well.

Ah... didn’t mean to start talkin’ shop when we just met. And, since we have just met...

Name's Kazuichi Souda, "Super High-school Level Mechanic". Atcha service!

Kazuichi Souda: Super High-school Level Mechanic

Kazuichi Souda ( 左右田和一 ) is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya. Hosoya played many roles in his career, and he also has one in a game often mentioned when Dangan Ronpa is: he’s the Japanese voice of Dio in Virtue’s Last Reward.

Just like his title says, Souda-kun’s a wizard with machines. He can fix... well, pretty much anything.
So, when he says that these planes are beyond repair...

Look... Bad stuff happens to engines, yeah? Sometimes, irreparable bad stuff. Sad, but true.
This, though? Grounded plane, otherwise fine, completely missing engines? That’s deliberate. Someone wants us to stay here.

Ah well. This ain’t natural, but I guess it’s nothing we can’t handle, right?
...Huh? Weren’t you just saying...?

I mean... sure, we’ve been trapped here, but... they aren’t forcing us to do anything weird or dangerous, right?

I mean... you read the rules, right?
Y’know, in that Electronic Student Handbook thing we got? They’re under the Guide section. Go ahead, take a look!

Rule no. 1
Excess violence is forbidden on this island. Let's live peacefully and quietly together.

Rule no. 2
Let's gather "Hope Shards" by deepening our bonds with our friends.

Rule no. 3
Throwing garbage and damaging the environment is forbidden. Let's live in harmony with nature on this beautiful island.

Rule no. 4
The supervising teacher will not interfere directly with student activities, unless any rules are broken.

See? They’re all rules for keeping order. Like any other field trip, really.

No violence, harmony with nature... Peaceful, quiet days.
It's just like Usami said.
The rules in this guide look like they’re there simply to protect that peace.
But... do you really trust Usami that easily? None of us consented to this! She basically kidnapped us!

That’s rather a pessimistic attitude, isn’t it? Don’t you think you should have more... hope... than that?
A hopeful outlook is an indispensable part of the human condition!

I say we take it easy and see how things play out, y’know? Until something happens, just treat it like a vacation!

Heh heh! Even that weird bunny is kinda cute once you take a good look at her!

It must be nice, to be able to take this so lightly... I’m actually a little jealous.

Hope Shard Acquired

Once we have a Hope Shard for someone, we can check their card in our handbook.

Kazuichi Souda
Height: 172cm, Weight: 64kg, Chest: 86cm, Blood type: A
Birthday: June 29
Likes: Cola
Hates: Sugar-free
Title: Super High-school Level Mechanic

Next, this guy over there in the back. I believe he's the only person on this island who we haven't heard speak at all yet.

Music screeches to a halt.

Halt. You will come no closer... if you value your life.

Re: Junk Food for a Dashing Youth


Hrmph! Even so warned, you persist? Your courage, at least, is commendable. So be it, then.

W...What... the hell... Is this guy for real!?

Nyahaha... Tell me, courageous one... Would you hear my name? Do you believe yourself worthy?

I suppose I must admit... your show of bravado amused me somewhat...

Gyaaahahaha! Very well then! I will tell you my name! Prepare yourself!

Before you stands Gundam Tanaka. Do not forget that name... When I rule the world, to do so will be to invite death.

Gundam Tanaka: Super High-school Level Animal Breeder

Gundam Tanaka ( 田中眼蛇夢 ) is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita, who gained extreme popularity after playing Kyon in the 2006 TV series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Yes, I know the screen says GANDAMU. His name's still Gundam.

In other words... yes, dear reader, your suspicion is correct.

R...Rule... the world...?

He's... kidding, right? He wouldn’t... He can’t... Who would be serious about this?!

And now, courageous one, you will answer a question from me. Whose master are you?
W... what...?

I suggest you answer promptly. With which species have you made bonds?
...Huh? Bonds? What are you talking about?

Answer! Answer now, for I shall DESTROY you once you do!
If you’re going to destroy me when I answer, why should I?!

I think he's asking if you've ever raised a pet...
...A pet?
Um... Not really. The only animal I’ve ever had was this hermit crab they gave us in elementary school...

A crustacean?!

Foolish human! Your talent is negligible! A Level 5, at most! You are beneath me!

Yes! You are beneath me! You are garbage! Trash! Refuse! You are lucky that I deign to continue this conversation!

You know my name, but have you any idea who I am? I, Gundam Tanaka, was known and feared as "The Ascendant Ruler of Ice"!
W...Wait a second! What the... a-are those... How did...?!

Behold! The “Tanaka Kingdom”! By making my very body a home to my subjects, I have tamed their evil spirits!

He’s just like our very own Dr. Dolittle. Just what you’d expect from a "Super High-school Level Animal Breeder"...

Gundam’s secret technique, the “Tanaka Kingdom” is, as Nagito immediately points out in the original script, a reference to Masanori Hata, also known as Mutsugoro-san, and his Tokyo zoo/animal park “Mutsugoro Animal Kingdom”. Hata has been Japan’s foremost celebrity expert on wild animals for decades now, produced countless of TV specials where he introduces wild animals around the world, lived for years on an inhabited island off the coast of Hokkaido with a pet bear cub, and owns the aforementioned park.

Hear what "Mirage Silver Falcon" Jum-P, one of my Four Dark Gods of Destruction, has to say:
"Do not anger us!” You should heed this warning, insignificant one. You will not find these four... merciful.

The names of all Four Dark Gods of Destruction are trickled out in dialogue later, but you can hear him call them all in one of his voice clips. They are "Mirage Silver Falcon" Jum-P (the sleepy one), "Star-destroyer Grey Fox" Sun-D (the female one), "Invading Black Dragon" Cham-P (the fat one) and "Steel Red Elephant" Maga-G (the other one).

They are named after the "big four" shonen manga magazines: Shonen Jump, Shonen Sunday, Shonen Champion and Shonen Magazine.

Haha... ahaha...


Hope Shard Acquired

Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt]

Um... Anyway. He may be a bit strange, but he’s an unmatched genius when it comes to animals.
He can tame anything, and he even managed to save some species that were on the verge of extinction.
There's a rumor he can even talk to animals... but that's probably just a joke.

Talking to animals... that’s... crazy... right? Then again... he raises hamsters inside his muffler.

Maybe... No. I will not dignify this thought with further consideration.

Gundam Tanaka
Height: 182cm, Weight: 74kg, Bust: 93cm, Blood type: B
Birthday: December 14
Likes: The Four Dark Gods of Destruction
Hates: Earthly existence
Title: Super High-school Level Animal Breeder

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Nov 7, 2008

HangedManArcana posted:

All right, I'm going to do the two we've been introduced to, and the two that I've looked on the Tindeck account and found.

The fact that I uploaded some voice clips to tindeck before putting them in an update doesn't mean you can spoil them.

Nov 7, 2008

For those wondering where my own translation notes are, since they're all much shorter and mainly involve what grammatical structure the different characters use, I thought I'd put them all together in a single post when the introductions are over.

Nov 7, 2008

MadRhetoric posted:

Western comics (Amecomi) are actually pretty well-known in Japan, and have a similar cultural cachet to manga in, say, America. It wouldn't be too farfetched for a (seemingly) normal high school kid to make that reference. It's also a funny as hell line. Your supervillain seething is justified, Fedule.

Not in my experience.

Sure, people know who Superman, Batman and Spider-man are, but that's based on their cinematic appearances and I doubt anyone beyond the most devoted americanphile can name any minor characters. There are probably less than a dozen shops selling American comics in all of Japan - I know of just a single one in Tokyo. It's a small store. Some major works have been translated into Japanese and sold in bookstore. Things like Watchmen and The Dark Night Returns. They're thick, expensive hardcover books that I doubt sell a lot.

In short, American comics are the nichiest of niche products. People know they exist, but very very few know the exact details of what's in them. All other knowledge is based on the characters in other media.

Stoat posted:

Oren do you type out the Japanese script at all? If there was a way to get my hands on those that would be awesome.

I have a script dump of the game I make use of. It's very raw, though - it doesn't even give the speaker's name next to every line.

Nov 7, 2008

Gabriel Pope posted:

I have no idea if the idea ever penetrated into Japan, but Souda's official art is definitely pretty impish. His appearance is pretty over-the-top, so I do wonder if there is supposed to be some kind of reference or significance considering it doesn't really seem to mesh with his personality.

According to interviews with the development staff, Souda's looks were inspired by X Japan's hide. If you aren't familiar with him, the photo on Wikipedia isn't very good, but do a Google image search and the similarities become obvious.

Nov 7, 2008

Note: due to length, I'm splitting this chapter into two. This is the first half.

A yellow cat peeked out from the thicket to the side of the pavement.

It slowly stepped out of the swaying grass and into the road, waving its long tail as it turned its eyes in anticipation towards me. But its expression soon turned to alertness, and then to fear. The cat, having seen me skipping merrily down the road towards it, must have thought I was about to trample it. It escaped back into the bushes in panic.

But, I didn’t care at all. I bathed in the light of the hot sun, let the wind flutter my skirt, and continued my obscene merry skip onward down the road. I was in Hope’s Peak Academy’s eastern quarter, near the courtyard. Many newly-built facilities were lined up around me, as well as several that were still under construction. As I skipped down the road that twisted between them, I took no special notice of any dirty cats or of my classmates, studying and fraternizing all around. Nor did I derive any happiness from the light touch of the sun after a long stay indoors. No, I skipped down the road with nothing but my destination on my mind.

Not that I’m the kind of girl who’d go skipping around thoughtlessly. I had a reason.

I’m going to meet the boy I like the best in the world!

That said, my reason may have been a good one, but no student in their right mind should go skipping down the road in a campus of a school of as high a pedigree as Hope’s Peak Academy. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that other students who happened to walk by looked at me oddly, but... that really has nothing to do with me.

Nothing in the world could stop my skipping. Not a crying girl. Not a couple fighting. Not a student in a wheelchair that has come to a standstill. Not even an anemic student who has fallen down. One thought alone moved my body: I want to meet him, I love him so much. I skipped so obscenely that no one would probably find it surprising if I suddenly sprouted wings and flew up towards the sky.

I continued down the road, but...


I suddenly came to a stop.

“Which way should I go?”

I looked around in confusion, and realized I didn’t recognize any of the landmarks around me. My heart started beating loudly.

No, everything’s fine. I calmed myself down and removed a notebook from the backpack I was wearing. On the back page of the notebook, the following sentence was written:

“You’re looking for the Neurology lab on the third floor of the Biology building in Hope’s Peak Academy’s eastern quarter”.

I felt a refreshing wind of relief passing through my body. Yeah, that’s right! The biology building!

...Um, but where is that biology building, anyway?

My heart went noisy once more.

Everything’s fine. No need to worry. I nervously flipped through the notebook as if acting on instinct, and my eyes stopped on a page with a crude drawing of a map. Above it, the following was written:

“This is a diagram of Hope’s Peak Academy’s eastern quarter”

Well done, me! Without thinking, I struck a victory pose.

Soon, I was standing on the raised edge of the fountain that decorated the center of the courtyard, comparing the buildings around me with the map. Literature building, science building, physics building, arts building, math building, P.E. building, linguistics building, staff building... as cold droplets from the fountain kept hitting my thighs, I looked for my destination, the biology building, as if I’ve never visited it before.

“Ah, it’s right over there!”

I finally found the square building, identifiable by its light-green walls. It looked exactly like the note about the biology building in my notebook described it.


I jumped down from the fountain’s edge, and started running. Some boys in the area looked at me in surprise. Maybe my skirt flew up for a second during my vigorous leap -- but that really has nothing to do with me.

Anyway, I must reach my destination before I forget!

My ferocious dash led me inside the biology building, where I soon discovered a flight of stairs at the back of the lobby. I didn’t lose momentum for even a second as I ran up the stairs to the third floor. When I reached it, I ran down the corridor, checking the signs next to the doors lined on its walls. Finally, at the very end, I found the sign that read “Neurology Lab”.

I hastily stopped in my tracks.

After a quick deep breath, I checked my hair and my smile in a hand mirror. Yep, cute as always! Flashing that same wonderful smile and shouting “G’day!” in my brightest voice, I opened the lab’s door... and that’s when it happened.

Something flew just past my ear, making a wind-cutting wooshing sound.


I turned my head in panic, and saw a small blade embedded in the wall behind me, still vibrating from the impact. I jumped back. “W...Why is there a scalpel flying through the air?!”, I screeched.

“Don’t shout”, A chiding voice answered back from inside the lab.

The moment I heard that voice, my heart started beating faster. Thump, thump, went my heart as I turned to look inside the lab. A boy was lying on top of a bed installed in the center of the room.

“...You’re late. That’s unseemly for someone as ugly as you.”

A dirty white shirt was sloppily thrown over his body. He was lying face up, his face concentrated on a thick manga magazine he held in his hand. He didn’t look at me once.

“You’re also too loud for someone as ugly as you. Speaking of, someone as ugly as you being scared of flying scalpels is weird too.”

“W...Wait a second!”, I stopped him, my voice showing signs of panic. “I could report you for discrimination if you keep calling me ugly, you know!”

“...Who are you going to report me to? The National Japanese Ugly People Association? That kind of organization would be guilty of discrimination just by existing.”

The manga-reading boy who kept calling me ugly was the person in charge of this neurology lab. The doctor in charge of my treatment. My childhood friend. The boy I like most in the world.

He’s “Super High-school Level Neurologist”, Yasuke Matsuda. I think.

“Oh, I see. You’re a member of that association, aren’t you. Is that why you’re so angry?”

“I...I’m not! I’m not even ugly!”

“...On second thought, you’re right. You aren’t ugly.”

My chest swelled in pride and I flashed a complacent smile. “Yep, that’s right! I even checked in my mirror just now and --”

“You’re super-ugly.”


My shock was considerable, but it didn’t take me long to recover enough to come up with a sharp response.

“L...Liar! I’m not super-ugly! If anything, I’m world-class cute!”

Matsuda-kun continued to ignore the fuss I was making, his eyes never leaving the magazine.

“I don’t care what the world thinks. Ugliness is subjective and I am free to make my own judgment”, he said, as if the matter at hand didn’t concern him at all.

“So, so, tell me where you think I’m ugly! I’ll go fix it up in surgery!”, I said in desperation. “Is it my eyes? My nose? Maybe my mouth? How about my eyebrows?”

“You forgot to mention your heart.”

“But I can’t fix my heart in surgery!”

“Is that so? Poor you. Honestly, you’re beyond help - both your face and your brain aren’t any good. I think you can have some success if you make yourself an object of sympathy, though. Go stand in front of a train station and beg for change, or something. I’m sure you’ll make lots of money.”

I dropped my shoulders, crestfallen. Then I let my hands drop towards the floor and my body droop limply. I was beaten up.

“...By the way, who are you?”

“Eh?”, I raised my head in surprise at his unexpected question.

“I can’t really tell just by the voice.”

“Are you saying you didn’t know who you were talking to until now?”

“It’s your fault. You never told me who you were.”

“I...I didn’t, but you can recognize me by my look, can’t you? See? It’s me!”

“I don’t have time to look at you”, said Matsuda-kun, still absorbed in his book. “I just got to the interesting part.”

“Don’t have time...? Isn’t that just a manga magazine?”

“So what? If you’re going to ask, ‘What’s more important? Me or the manga?’, the answer’s the same as always. It’s the manga.”

“I see! If the answer’s ‘the same as always’, that means manga was always more important to you than me! That’s cruel! I didn’t wanna know that!”

“That’s a fine observation, but please just answer the question.”

“O...Okay...”, Pressured, I took the notebook out of my backpack once more, and observed its front cover.

“Ryouko Otonashi’s Memory Notebook”. As soon as I saw that title, I remembered. I remembered my own name.

“Um... It seems my name is... Ryouko Otonashi?”

“I know only one person stupid enough to not be sure of her own name.”

“...Ah. I think you’re talking about me. Probably.”

Matsuda-kun let out a big sigh. “Huh. So you weren’t someone suspicious after all.”

“...Are you trying to say you threw that scalpel earlier because you mistook me for someone suspicious... or something?”

“Exactly. I am not the kind of person who throws sharp objects at acquaintances, after all.”

“Liar!”, I pointed my index finger straight at Matsuda-kun. “I mean, before you confirmed who I am you told me I was late and that I was too loud for an ugly person! That’s proof you knew who I was!”


Matsuda-kun loudly snapped his manga magazine shut. He leveraged the bed’s cushion to jump up out of it, and walked briskly towards me until there was almost no distance between us.

“Eh? What? Why?”

He looked straight into my eyes. My body grew hotter by the second.

“You... remember that?”


Matsuda-kun clutched my shoulders strongly with both his hands. He pushed his face close to mine. “Do you remember me calling you ugly when you got here?”, he asked slowly.

Seeing Matsuda-kun pressing so close to me with such a serious expression on his face made my heartbeat increase tenfold. “Um... I think so? Heh heh, I guess my condition’s a little better today.”

Just as the tone of my voice started warming up, he released his hold on my shoulders and turned around to face away from me. Then, still looking away, he whispered as if talking to himself. “Is your condition really better, or is it worse...?”

“...Eh? What do you mean?”

“It’s nothing”, Masuda-kun shook his head, and began speaking in a commanding tone. “Go lie on the bed. We have to begin today’s treatment.”

With my mind still reverberating with the beats of my heart, I removed my backpack and set it aside. Then, I lay down on the bed occupied by Matsuda-kun until just a few minutes ago. As I let my body soak into the soft mat, my nose was filled with the scent of the sheets. Matsuda-kun’s scent. I sniffed his scent as I felt the remains of his body warmth engulf my body, and felt as happy as if he was lying next to me, hugging me softly --

“Hehehehehehehe”, I laughed an instinctive happy laugh. “hehehehehehe”.

“...Is something funny?”, Matsuda-kun grimaced and gave me a hard look. “I realize that’s the way dung-beetles laugh, but even though you are one, it’s just too gross. Can’t you at least try to laugh normally?”

“Hyo hyo hyo hyo hyo”

“What’s normal about that? That’s even grosser!” Shocked, Matsuda-kun rolled a trolley noisily from the center of the lab. On top of it were several complicated, important-looking machines. He pushed the trolley up to the bed, said “here we go”, and started operating one of the machines with a tense expression on his face.

I found myself staring at him work. Silky soft hair. Long almond eyes peeking through it. Long feminine eyelashes. A pointed jaw. Small pale lips. Long white fingers --

“Stop looking at me, Ugly. It’s creepy.”

...And a sharp tongue.

That’s right. That’s my Matsuda-kun. I rolled to my side and wrote a note in my notebook.

“...You don’t have to write everything down, dung-beetle.”

“But, if I don’t write it down I’d forget it all!”

Matsuda-kun let out an exaggerated sigh. “...Honestly, your brain’s like a bottomless bucket.”

A bottomless bucket. It wasn’t another one of his cruel jokes. It was true. I forget everything I see and hear after a very short time. I don’t know the reason. If I ever knew, I’ve forgotten it.

But, whatever the reason may be, my forgetfulness is not normal. Of that I’m certain.

Nov 7, 2008

Saeku posted:

This is a sincere question and not a burn. Were you reading literary novels or light novels? I'm curious if ellipses are a "Japanese thing" or specifically a "manga/anime/game" thing. They're quite suited to express pauses in manga and games, but in novels, the're really sloppy writing, I think.

As you can see, they aren't used in the novel. Not lines of them, anyway. So yeah - the long rows of ellipsis are a feature of visual mediums like manga and games, where most of the text is dialogue. Japanese literature rarely uses them, and chooses other techniques to control the rhythm of the conversation.

Nov 7, 2008

Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt]

Time to see where the road takes us next.

At the very least, this island is well equipped!

It looks like switching from 3D to sidescrolling has allowed them to really step up the graphics in these hub areas. I mean, that’s a lens flare there. They’re going all out.

It's a supermarket... And a pretty big one.

It looks just like what you'd expect to find on a resort island... I guess we are abroad after all.

It looks like we won't have to worry about food and supplies, at least for now.
What do you mean, “at least for now”?

I...It's just a figure of speech.
Well, we don’t even know if any of it is edible. What if it's all poisoned?

You really do suspect everything, don't you, Hinata-kun...
Can you blame me? Under the circumstances, can you really blame me?
Look around you! This supermarket... it’s massive! But there's no one here except us!

That can't be helped. Usami told us it's an uninhabited island, didn't she?
That's not my point! I mean...

...What's wrong?
Nothing, it's just...


A piercing gaze, pointed right at me... I could feel it!

U... Um... E... Excuse me...
Um... Y... You see...

...I... I'm sorry!

W...Why is she crying?!

That's no good, Hinata-kun. You shouldn’t make girls cry like that!
...But I didn't do anything! Or say anything!

Ah... So your name is Hinata-san...? If it's alright with you, I'd like to remember it. Can I?
O...Of course... I don't mind...

M... My name is Mikan Tsumiki. Um... I... I’m very pleased to meet you!

Mikan Tsumiki: Super High-school Level Nurse

Mikan Tsumiki ( 罪木蜜柑 ) is voiced by Ai Kayano, a relatively new player in the Japanese voice acting scene.


Um... Um... Um...

Sniff... It's too much... My nerves... My mind’s going completely blank...
...I thought ahead of 5000 ways this conversation could proceed, but I can’t remember any!

That’s probably because you tried to cram 5000 branches of conversation into your head!

In that case, take your time and try to remember them. We'll be waiting here.
Don't worry about our time. We can wait as long as you need.


Isn't that just putting more pressure on her?

I... don't think I'd get anywhere by asking her, so I guess I'll just hear it from you.
Who is this girl?
Mikan Tsumiki-san? She's a "Super High-school Level Nurse".
If you’re hurt, she's the one you want at your side... so you'd better be nice to her! It might just save your life.
Just think... even a little cut could slowly get more and more infected, until you die... all because you offended Tsumiki-san.
Don't say that with such a big smile on your face...

Heh heh... Hehhehhehheh...!

Ah! I... I'm sorry! I laughed without asking for permission!

I... I couldn't help it. It’s been such a long time since I made new friends, and I was so happy...

Oh, but you never said you agreed to be my friends! I'm sorry for saying something so impudent!

I'll do anything you say... so, please don't hate me...!

...That's no good, Hinata-kun. You shouldn’t make girls cry like that!

But I... I give up.

I'm sorry... I'm sorry!

Hope Shard Acquired

And we also gained a level! (Whatever that means)

Mikan Tsumiki
Height: 165cm / Weight: 57kg / Chest: 89cm / Blood type: A
Birthday: May 12
Likes: Toilets, the smell of isopropanol
Hates: Things that are too big
Title: Super High-school Level Nurse

Before we go on to the other person in this supermarket, let's check out the goods. We'll start with this suspicious pile in the front.

This stand has military goods... Are those night-vision goggles?

What supermarket would carry these things?


...Not that I'm in the mood for water sports.

Gigantic bottles of Cola...

They’re so big that they’re basically guaranteed to go flat before you finish them, leaving you with gross sugar water.


It’s some kind of vending machine, but...

...It doesn't look like it takes regular money. Instead, it requires... some kind of special coins?

Special coins indeed. Now, we can finally get to the girl standing in the aisle.

Looking looking looking♪ Looking over here♪ Looking looking --

--Look! It’s - hey! I don’t know you!

Um... Hi. My name is Hajime Hinata, and --

Huh!? What was that!? Where's the energy, huh!? Are you still asleep!?

That’s not an introduction! THIS is an introduction! You ready?! Let's go!

"Ibu" from Ibuki Mioda! "Ki" from Ibuki Mioda! "Mio" from Ibuki Mioda! "Da" from Ibuki Mioda! That’s me - Ibuki Mioda!

Ibuki Mioda: Super High-school Level Light Music Club Member

Ibuki Mioda ( 澪田唯吹 ) is voiced by Ami Koshimizu, who has been in all sorts of popular series. Her one role which is likely relevant to readers of this LP is that of Yukiko Amagi in Persona 4 and its offshoots.

Ibuki Mioda is a walking reference to the super-popular (to the level of becoming a national phenomenon) 2009 anime series K-ON! about a light music club in an all-girl high school. Mioda's name itself is comprised of one kanji character from the names of each of the four K-ON! leads.

Introduction: o-ver! This supermarket is something else, huh?!

They have hamburgers and ramen and chilli beans and sausages and pasta... even melons!

That's food that can satisfy Americans and Chinese and Mexicans and Germans and Italians... even Yubari residents!

The city of Yubari, Hokkaido is famous for their melons.

Uwah! This is so exciting! Such a huge assortment of products is just so exciting!

But being excited makes me so hungry!
Ibuki doesn't get her own body... Why does Ibuki get hungry when she’s excited, huh!?

Kyahaha, the human body’s mysterious, huh?!

Um... This slightly overwhelming person is our "Super High-school Level Light Music Club Member"...
She comes from a girls-only high school, where she played guitar for a super-popular girl band.
I heard that their hit single, "After-school Poyoyon Hour" sold a million copies.

A super-popular girl band... Light music club...

...I think I heard about something like that before... somewhere.

But, I also heard she left the band over creative differences. She's now pursuing a solo career.
...Creative differences?

Are you intrigued?!
Whoa! Did you hear us?!

Ibuki is a musician, after all!

Just like Schubert and Bach and Edison and Van Gogh and Pele and Senna... a gifted musician!
I get that you’re saying you’ve got sensitive ears, but...
...Two thirds of those people aren't musicians.

Details, details!

Hope Shard Acquired

Ibuki Mioda
Height: 164cm / Weight: 42kg / Chest: 76cm / Blood type: AB
Birthday: November 27
Likes: Taking walks, Midday naps, Playing games
Hates: Boredom
Title: Super High-school Level Light Music Club Member

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Nov 7, 2008

loquacius posted:

So... what exactly is "light music" anyway? Like, smooth jazz or what?

As you may or may not know, Japan is very serious about their high-school clubs. "Light Music" is what they call a music club that isn't more "serious" - you have your orchestral club, your classical music club, maybe a traditional Japanese music club, and then a light music club.

In practice it usually means they play pop or light rock, although any genre of modern commercial music is applicable.

Nov 7, 2008

Captain Bravo posted:

I really hate to kick off the translation talk again, but would it be possible to peg her to a specific instrument? I realize "Light Music Club" is a pretty blatant reference, but it's another one of those things that just doesn't come out right, whereas something like "Guitarist" would carry the same connotations, but trade the reference for a lot of readability. Obviously, if she does everything it wouldn't fit well, but from what we know of her personality so far Guitarist seems like it would be a perfect fit. Punk Rocker might also be a good choice, if her genre fits, since it goes well with the costume. Or maybe I'm just nitpicking and everyone else is fine with it, I dunno! I would like to see the translation notes between you two on that one, though, because I get the feeling Fedule probably had some similar things to say about it.

Honestly, the actual title doesn't come up very often in the text, so it won't be much of a bother. I agree it doesn't quite work in English (I've seen her refered to as an SHSL Musician elsewhere on the web), but this is one of the only cases I think the reference has to win over the readabiliy of two or three conversations.

Nov 7, 2008

mangoman321 posted:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the joke with Ibuki's introduction clip that she is using her own name as a reference for how to spell it (aka which kanji to use)? I believe it is a thing when it is unclear which kanji your name uses in its spelling to reference a common word that uses that kanji to make it clear. Like if you had a 'san', you'd say it's the san from 'ichi, ni, san'. But Ibuki is using her own name as the reference, making the whole thing totally pointless and rather silly.

Yes, that's exactly what the original joke is.

Nov 7, 2008

Xander77 posted:

I really didn't get that from the translation. Wouldn't "'Ibu', like 'Ibuki etc'" work better?

Well, we don't have the same problem in English, do we? And she's not talking to us over a bad telephone connection, where western people sometimes use a similar method.

I was going to put this in my translation notes wrap-up, but in a nutshell: This is one of those jokes that just won't translate for cultural reasons, but we had the meta-reason not to change it too much because it's a spoken line we provide a recording of. What's left is a nonsensical self-introduction that works with Ibuki's personality, even if it doesn't quite translate the original joke.

Nov 7, 2008

Arbitrary Coin posted:

So it basically focuses on the physical processes behind a murder rather than the psychological ones?

I think Dangan Ronpa is very much interested in the psychological processes behind murders. It's just that they're sometimes not part of the mystery-puzzle aspect of the story.

Nov 7, 2008

I'm going to keep a single expression for now. There are several reasons for this - One, this is still a timesaver I'm grateful for. Two, Hinata has relatively few sprites compared to the other characters, since they are only used in trials - I considered switching expressions for this LP, and there were already lines in the first update I couldn't find the perfect expression for. Three, the game makes good use of body language, so I don't like showing face icons before you see the entire sprite they were cut out from.

I may switch to a non-smiling one, though.

Nov 7, 2008

FPzero posted:

Just curious, Oren, how long is DR Zero? For some reason I have this impression that it's not very long but I'm starting to feel like I'm wrong about that.

It's fairly long, but not excessively so. It's split into two volumes - the first is 245 pages and the second 281, although due to the different nature of English and Japanese, don't judge those numbers by the standards of English books. The last update I posted got us to page 28 of the first volume.

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Nov 7, 2008

Second half of the chapter, continuing directly from last time.

“But, it’s not like I’m forgetting things because I want to. There’s a sickness in my brain, right? I can’t help it, so be nice to me!”

“No, I don’t think we can just call it a ‘sickness’ and be done with it”, Matsuda-kun shook his head lightly. “Human memory is a complicated subject and there is much we don’t yet know about it. It’s still very much a black box. Your situation isn’t just a simple sickness that can be dealt with like any other.” As he explained, he stuck suction pads all over my head and my face.The cords running from the suction pads were attached to the machines on the trolley. “There’s a part of it that we call ‘episodic memory’. It stores your personal experiences, the things you see and hear. The area of the brain responsible for it is called the hippocampus. If something goes wrong there, the brain experiences difficulties creating and storing new episodes. There’s a famous old case where a patient who had his hippocampus removed in surgery lost all ability to form new memories. Since then there has been much research done on the exact role of the hippocampus in relation to memory. That said, even if your hippocampus is malfunctioning, you won’t lose your ability to remember or learn ‘procedural memory’ tasks such as riding a bicycle or using tools. You won’t remember the episodes related to those tasks, though. For example, you may remember how to ride a bicycle, but you won’t remember how you came to be able to ride them... That’s it in a nutshell.”

“I see... So that’s why even though I am very forgetful, I still know how to read and write in my notebook”. I held the notebook in question with both of my hands, and nodded thoughtfully.

“Ryouko Otonashi’s Memory Notebook”

The notebook was like memory itself for me. My one and only indispensable, trusted item. As long as I have it I can live a regular life, much like regular people. And yet, it seems that this school is a little late in accommodating the memory-challenged, and that I am still facing many difficulties on that front. For example, during exams it’s forbidden to look in notebooks, which caused my grades to plummet and got me suspended from --

“What? I’ve been suspended from the school?!”, I yelled, looking up from the notebook. “Just because my grades are bad?! That’s not fair!”

“You should be glad they haven’t kicked you out completely. I had to negotiate with the school to make that happen.”

“Really? You stood up for me?”. My heart skipped a beat. “I’m so happy! Heh heh. You really are fond of me, aren’t you.”

Matsuda-kun snorted. “...You just make a good research subject, so I need you in the school.”

Still, Matsuda-kun went out of his way to help, and that’s good enough for me!

“Your case seems to involve a failure in the retrieval of long-term memory. I think something went wrong with the synapses connecting the neurons somewhere in your brain, but I need more time to investigate the problem more thoroughly before I can really understand what’s going on.”

“I don't understand most of what you just said, but, um... at least I haven’t been expelled! If I get expelled now, where would I even go?” I don’t have anywhere to go to outside this school. I’ve forgotten everything else. I don’t even remember my family, or any old friends I may or may not have. “If I get expelled, I will also end up away from you, Matsuda-kun...”

Being separated from Matsuda-kun was the thing I feared most. My body shivered a little just speaking the words out loud.

“You shouldn’t worry too much.” Matsuda-kun turned to face me and spoke bluntly. “You are a valuable research subject and I don’t plan on losing you... at least not at the moment.”

“But, you might change your mind later!”

I’m happy, but I have to remember not to be too much of a burden from now on!

“Don’t complain. You should be honored that you’re participating in such important research.” Matsuda-kun chided me, then continued his explanation. “In order to understand why memory loss occurs, we need to understand the core elements of our brain’s memory storage apparatus. Once we make advances in that field, it opens the door to a wide array of possibilities, like improving the quality and longevity of human memory, or developing medicine to prevent memory loss. In the future, we might even be able to treat memories like we do data on a hard drive - we’ll be able to create devices that back them up or destroy parts of them freely. There’s already research going on that front abroad. They managed to erase some lab rats’ long-term memory by manipulating their M-zeta kinase enzyme.”

“I see!”

I didn’t actually see at all, but for the time being I had to be agreeable. “In any case, I’m just super-happy that I can be of any help to my beloved Matsuda-kun!”

“Your brain is empty, and so are the words it produces. You really are an empty woman.”

I didn’t quite understand if he was serious or just making fun of me.

But, that’s just how Matsuda-kun is.

He has always insisted I should take care of myself. He may be cold to me and he may be blunt, but he doesn’t treat me with fake sympathy. It’s depressing when people do, so I’m grateful for his attitude.

“I may be empty but I’m still super-happy!” I raised my voice, refusing to be discouraged, but Matsuda-kun’s reply was almost a whisper.

“Well, I can’t deny you’re helping me out here. One doesn’t get his hands on a rare case like yours very often...”

“Did you say rare?! I like the sound of that!” I felt as happy as if I was being praised. “So what’s rare about me? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!”

“Stop acting like a child.”, Matsuda-kun let out a big sigh. “I don’t want to tell you. You’d just get annoyingly excited.”

“What’s so wrong with that? Tell me! Tell me!”

My insistence finally paid off. “...You don’t often see someone who has such a superb, brain-intensive talent like you do affected by memory loss. That’s why you’re such a rare case.”

“...Talent? Brain-intensive?” Nothing came to my mind.

“It’s fine if you don’t remember it... It was really irritating when you used that talent of yours. I’m warning you - don’t ever try using it on me. You got that, dung-beetle?”

I didn’t quite get what he meant, but his dung-beetle comment stung my heart a little bit so I couldn’t help but nod in agreement. “Well, I don’t really care as long as I get to spend these intimate moments with you, Matsuda-kun. I should be thankful that there’s a sickness in my brain!”

“I told you, it’s not really a sickness...” Matsuda-kun stuck even more suction cups to my head, as if trying to hide my grinning face. “Nevertheless, It’s admirable that you can take this so easily. Your condition is no laughing matter. Shouldn’t you be at least a little worried?”

“...Why? What is there to be worried about?”

“I mean”, said Matsuda-kun in amazement, “Aren’t you worried if those symptoms are ever going to go away?”

“...Huh?” His words surprised me. It wasn’t like Matsuda-kun at all, asking a question like that in such a serious voice. “Hahaha! I’m not worried at all!”, I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. “I mean, the only me I can remember is the me that is lying here on this bed at this very moment. I can’t remember anything from before I lost my memory, so it’s not like I have anything to compare it too. That’s why I don’t see my forgetfulness as a disadvantage... it’s just a part of who I am.”

“You don’t see it as a disadvantage... but aren’t you even worried about how this memory loss started, or when it’s going to end?”

“Not at all. In fact, I’m much more worried that if I suddenly get cured I wouldn’t get to see you anymore, Matsuda-kun.”

The room suddenly turned quiet.

After the silence continued for a while, Matsuda-kun broke it with a whisper.

“You don’t have to worry” He said, his voice suddenly dark. “I won’t let this treatment end.”

I looked up. The face peeking through his pitch-black hair was stiff, lost in thought.


As soon as I called him, he straightened up and turned back to me.

“No, it’s nothing...” He shook his head, as if trying to smooth things over. Then, he returned to the machine and continued working it as if nothing happened. “Well, nothing good can come out of being too pessimistic about your symptoms. That’s one case where your natural cheerfulness is actually helpful.”

“Yep! My thinking’s very flexible, after all!”

“Your head is flexible, that’s for sure. You can’t even remember your friends or family before you lost your memory, and yet you aren’t even slightly disconcerted.”

“But, forgetting them is just like I never had them at all! That’s why everyone I forgot -- they really have nothing to do with me anymore!”

“Those words again.” Matsuda-kun winked for an awfully long time. “If you keep saying things have nothing to do with you, you’re going to end up with nothing left inside.”

“Oh, I’ll be fine! I will always have you, Matsuda-kun!”, I stuck my chest in pride. “You’re the only person I can remember, so as long as you’re here I won’t get lonely.”

“...You probably link me with the process of coming here to receive this treatment in your procedural memory. That’s why you can remember me.”

“No, that’s not it at all --”

“Yeah, yeah. I know”, said Matsuda-kun, trying to calm me down before I became too flustered.
He continued attaching suction cups to my face, stopping from time to time to scratch his chest, which I could catch a glimpse of through a gap in his dirty white shirt. Does he really know what I meant? He probably just said that to shut me up. I don’t think he even believes me when I say I remember him.

But it’s true.

I don’t remember him in the usual sense of the word “remember”, of course. But I didn’t lie when I said I do.

I remember Matsuda-kun.

I forget him, and yet I remember.

I’m not talking about our conversations, or what we did together. For these kind of memories I have to rely on my notebook. No, what I remember is something much more special and important!

It’s not memories, but feelings. Not using my head, but using my heart. What I remember about Matsuda-kun is pure emotion. Every time I see him, I feel my heart beating faster before my head even realizes what’s going on. My heart tells me one very important thing.

For me, his very existence is precious. One-of-a-kind.

That’s why, no matter how forgetful I become, I will never forget him. There’s a connection deeper than memories between the two of us. For me, Matsuda-kun is special. He’s extraordinary. He’s a miracle --

“Shut up already, will you?”

“What?”, I came back to my senses, confused. “Y...You heard me?”. I was about to jump out of the bed, but Matsuda-kun pinned my head back down.

“You’re going to get the cord disconnected. What are you, human waste?”, he said cruelly. It's not like I tried to disconnect his cord on purpose!

“B...But, I never said a word... Oh! Were you talking about how loud my heartbeat is? I can’t help that! If my heart stops, I’d die!”

“...I wasn’t talking about you. I was referring to the noise outside.”


Matsuda-kun turned up his chin, and pointed to the window. When I listened intently, I could indeed hear an unusual noise coming from outside.

Jeering voices, angry voices, hooting voices. Reactionary voices full of anger. The kind of voices that could make the earth rumble. It was an assembly of unpleasant voices that could make your face frown instinctively.

“...What is that?”

“It’s the ‘Parade’. They’re getting louder every day...”

“A parade? You don’t mean, that parade?!”

“Liar. You don’t remember it at all.” Matsuda-kun pinched my forehead, and continued explaining. His face was grim. “It’s essentially a demonstration. The teaching staff -- or maybe I should say the old geezers from the steering committee -- didn’t like the sound of that word so they decided to call it a stupid name like a ‘Parade’”.

“...But, um, isn’t a parade the exact opposite of a demonstration?”

“That’s exactly why they chose that name”

“But, why a parade...?”

“It’s the guys from the preparatory school.”

“Preparatory school...?” I’ve never heard of such a thing. Or have I?

“You don’t remember, of course. Well, your head is oversized, so I guess that can’t be helped.”

“Wait! Calling a girl oversized is a sexual harassment! If we lived in the Edo period you would be beheaded by now -- eep!” My head, which was on its way up from the bed, was pushed back down.

“Hope’s Peak Academy is not a traditional learning facility like other schools. It provides education for the talented, but at the same time it also researches that talent. The teaching staff aren’t simple teachers. They’re also scientists who research human talent. Scientists are a bothersome bunch, though. The more they research, the more they want to dig even deeper. Therefore, there’s something they never have enough of. Do you know what that is?”

“Um... It’s probably...”

“It’s money.”

“Oh, right!” My chance to find the answer on my own was gone, so that’s the least I could say.

“Up until recently, Hope’s Peak was a small-scale facility that could survive on a government subsidiary and graduate donations. The research was often blocked by a lack of resources, though. The school's steering committee was not satisfied with the state of the research, so they instituted the preparatory school system in order to bring in more money.”

I nodded enthusiastically to show I was listening.

“The gist of it is that us Super High-school Levels are affiliated with the main school, but there is now a separate facility attached to it, called a preparatory school. It's located on the west quarter of the campus, while the main school remains here in the east quarter, so we don’t intermingle much. I heard there’s not much that’s the same over there -- they don’t scout their students, and rely on a regular entrance exam to choose among applicants. Their teachers are chosen the same way. Our teachers are scientists who work and live at the school, while they have regular teachers coming from outside.”

“So, it’s just a regular high-school, isn’t it?”

“Exactly. Nevertheless, there was a flood of applications. A brand name is a powerful thing.” Matsuda-kun almost spat the words out. “People didn’t care that it was just a preparatory school. The prestigious Hope’s Peak Academy had finally opened its doors to the public. People are sheep. They are drawn to a name, and the school took advantage of that to get more money. Thanks to that, the school went through a sudden growth spurt. We suddenly have research facilities that can make any university jealous. No one was prepared for that -- in just a year or two Hope’s Peak Academy grew to an entirely different scale. The power of the steering committee also grew accordingly.”

“But, that almost seems like a fraud...”

“It doesn’t just seem like one.” Matsuda-kun’s mouth twisted in a bitter smile. “Right now, Hope’s Peak Academy is set up like a pyramid class system in a third world country. The multitude of students in the preparatory school exist only to support the few Super High-school Levels in the main one. It seems they have some kind of bogus system in place for exceptional students to transfer to the main school, but I’ve never heard of anyone actually succeeding. Our teachers probably think none of them deserve it.”

“But that’s not how educators should behave!”

“You’re right, but it’s exactly how scientists do. They don’t care about anything but their research subject. I’m just the same, in fact. It’s just that their subject is ‘human talent’.”

“But, it’s still so unfair!” I puffed my cheeks.

“Of course it is. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be any need for a demonstration, would there? But, still...”

Matsuda-kun suddenly cut his speech short. His tone of voice changed to a cautious one.

“I don’t think they could’ve set all this up on their own. There has to be someone else behind it. I think...”


Matsuda-kun narrowed his eyes and looked outside the window. His look was so grim that I hesitated to speak.

“Hey, Ugly,” after a short while he turned back to me, as if remembering something. “Write this conversation down properly in your notebook. Don’t brush it off as having nothing to do with you. Those preparatory school students don’t think much of us, so I don’t think they’re going to attack you or anything, but... it’s better to be cautious.”

“Okay, I understand.”, as I replied, I noticed the suction cups stuck to my head and my face were making it difficult to move my mouth.

“I need you to stay still for a while. I don’t mind if you sleep.” Matsuda-kun stepped away from my line of sight.

“But I’m not sleepy at all...” I replied in an insecure voice. Matsuda-kun’s voice answered from the other side of the room.

“I can give you sleeping pills. A dozen should probably be enough.”

“A dozen?! Isn’t that a lethal dose? Are you sure it’s alright?”

My uneasiness grew even deeper, and soon Matsuda-kun appeared in front of me again. He was now wearing a school jacket on top of his dirty shirt.

“If something happens to my machines while I’m away, you’re dead.”

“...Are you going somewhere?”

“I have a little business to take care of. Anyway, if something happens to my machines, you’re dead.” He was serious enough to repeat the warning twice.

“I wouldn’t mind being dead if it’s you who kills me...”

“That would be troublesome for me. I hate gore.”

I didn’t think that was such a good quality for someone who studies the human brain, but I didn’t say anything.

“Ah! In that case, if I stay here and wait like a good girl, let’s go see a movie together later!”

“...A movie?”

“Um... You know, like that one...”

I flipped through the pages of my notebook, searching for memories about movies.

“Here’s one! Um, it’s about two robbers, Harry and Marv, sneaking into the McAllister household...”

“Are you talking about Home Alone? It seems you’ve forgotten, but you bugged me to see it with you before, and we did.”

“Really? Um, in that case...” I continue flipping through the notebook, but couldn’t find mention of any other movies. It seems I was particularly interested in that movie. I could blame myself all day, but it’d get me nowhere.

“W...Well, it’s a masterpiece, so I’m sure it’s still interesting even if you watch it again!”

“It’s certainly not a bad movie, but it’s not the kind of movie I’d want to watch again and again...”

“So, what kind of movie do you --”

“If you're trying to find out more about me, you shouldn't be so transparent about it.”

I felt his distasteful stare glaring down at me. But, I didn’t give up. “Let’s do it! If you pretend you’re watching it for the first time, it can be fun!”. I read a little more in my notebook. “Ah! According to this, I thought the little boy who played the main character, Wacooly Culkin, is super-cute! There’s a cute boy in this movie! Don't you think that's exciting?”

“And why, exactly, do you think that would excite me? Also, that actor isn’t named as if he was a brand of lingerie. It’s Macaulay Culkin.”

“Ha ha, it says here that I thought he was so cute I wanted to adopt him!”

“You only say that because you don’t know how he looks today. He underwent quite a transformation.”

“A transformation, huh...”

Matsuda-kun narrowed his almond eyes even more than usual, and swiped his bangs away from his forehead.

“Just be a good girl and go to sleep.”

It seems he was tired of me trying to postpone his departure.

“Wait! Don’t go!” I was now panicking, and tried to stop him again. “I don’t want you to go! I’d be lonely! Don’t leave me here alone! We haven’t seen each other in a long time, have we?”

“...A long time?” Matsuda-kun stopped in his tracks. “Why do you think we haven’t seen each other in a long time?”


“I’m asking why you think we haven’t seen each other in a long time.”

Matsuda-kun faced away from me as he spoke. His voice was tinted with pain, and made me feel anxious.

“Um... I can tell by the rate my heart was beating... I think...”

“So, if you see me every day your heart doesn’t beat as fast when I’m near?”

“N...No! That’s not it --”

“We did just meet yesterday, you know.”

“...We did?”

“It’s not surprising that you forgot...” Matsuda-kun’s back curled forward, as if he was dejected. “I guess you were just lying when you said I’m the only person you can remember.”

“W...Wait! I’ll remember in a second!”

I flipped through the pages of my notebook in haste. I went through it all from back to back, but couldn’t find any memories about me and Matsuda-kun meeting the day before. It was a complete failure.

When I looked away from the notebook, Matsuda-kun was already gone.

“...Feh!” I’ve been had. And there was nothing more I could do about it.

Sigh. I guess there really is nothing I can do but sleep.

Not that that’s such a bad thing.

At the very least, when I’m asleep I can lose myself inside my dreams. I can escape this lonely world that doesn’t have Matsuda-kun in it. I can probably even meet Matsuda-kun in my dreams!

With that thought deep in my heart, I rolled to my side, careful not to disturb the cords all over my head, and sniffed the pillow that still had traces of Matsuda-kun’s scent. I sniffed it as if I was a puppy, and rubbed my cheeks against it, purring happily. Then, I closed my eyes.

As my vision disappeared, my other senses sharpened. Before long, the only thing remaining in my world was Matsuda-kun’s scent...

No, that wasn’t the only thing.

I could also hear voices, interfering with my and Matsuda-kun’s private world. An assembly of emotional, unsettling voices. Anxiety washed over my entire body just by listening to them, so I blocked my ears in panic.

...It has nothing to do with me, after all.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t sleep. I felt like my body has forgotten how to.

I want to fall asleep.

I want to sleep and rid myself of this world that doesn’t have Matsuda-kun in it.

I want to meet him again.

...Matsuda-kun Matsuda-kun Matsuda-kun Matsuda-kun Matsuda-kun Matsuda-kun Matsuda-kun Matsuda-kun.

Then, as I dreamed about dreaming about Matsuda-kun, I slowly fell into a blissful sleep.

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Nov 7, 2008

Conro101 posted:

I was worried more about the fact that he said they only met yesterday. She recalled him being her friend since childhood, and that's pretty much the only thing she does remember. Perhaps someone has been planting false memories in her?

Um, unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, Matsuda is saying they last met yesterday. Not that that was the first time they ever met.


Nov 7, 2008

Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt]

Off to the next location.

Here we are! But wait, there's a notification on the bottom left of the screen.

Hey, our pet hatched! Its name is Chibimi. I can give it presents with the triangle button, but I don't have any. So leave it to play by itself and move on.

Oh no! If only we’d had the means and opportunity to buy presents!

Wow... this is a pretty fancy looking hotel!

"Hotel Mirai"... Looks like they used a Japanese word to name their hotel.
When I heard we’d have to live here, I was afraid we’d be camping out, abandoning the comforts of modern life...

...But I guess we get to stay in the future after all! Heh... get it? ‘Cause “Mirai” means --
How can you make puns at a time like this?! We’ve been brought to a strange place, under suspicious circumstances...!
How can you just... accept this?! You look like you're actually enjoying this!

...In any case, it looks like this hotel will be our base. Don’t you think we should take a look around?

How?! How can he still be so calm?!

Doesn’t any of this bother him?!

...Maybe he's just shellshocked?

Tutorial posted:

When you push the triangle button in this area, a map appears on the screen.

The triangle button. I shall not repeat this twice, so please pay attention.

Some areas on the island open to small 3D areas, in the DR1 style. Let's explore.

And here I was thinking that the step-up in graphical quality in the hubs was due to them all being 2D.

Hey there.

This small cottage seems to be a hotel room.

There's a similar row of cottages on the other side of the main walkway, but let's move towards the main building.

I don't think you've asked for my name yet...

My name’s Nekomaru Nidai.

The legendary "Super High-school Level Coach", NEKOMARU NIDAIIIIII!!

Nekomaru Nidai: Super High-school Level Coach

Nekomaru Nidai ( 弐大猫丸 ) is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto. Here’s one other video game character Mr. Yasumoto played this year: Asura in Asura’s Wrath.

U...Um, nice to meet you. I'm... Hajime Hinata.

U...Um, Hajime Hinata!

I'm Hajime Hinata! Nice to meet you!

I...I get it! You don’t have to repeat it over and over!


My ears are still ringing! That voice of his is something else... and so is his body.

Nekomaru Nidai’s a "Super High-school Level Coach".
A... coach? That’s it? That’s all he is?
I mean... I know it’s his title and everything, but still... Just a coach?!

Of course he’s not “just a coach”! He’s a “Super High-school Level Coach”.
He's been moving from school to school, coaching their various sports teams.
For example, there was that group of delinquents he trained into a rugby team that won the national inter-school cup...
Then there was that baseball team he took from the brink of collapse all the way to the big leagues...
There's a rumor that a famous Japanese pitcher now playing for an American Major League team came to him for training.

I... I guess even coaching becomes impressive when you take it to "Super High-school Level"...


But, with that body of his, shouldn't he be a player instead of just a coach?

Hope Shard Acquired

Nekomaru Nidai
Height: 198cm / Weight: 122kg / Chest: 122cm / Blood type: A
Birthday: February 22
Likes: Freshly washed towels
Hates: Lazy people
Title: Super High-school Level Coach

Let's continue exploring the hotel.

...Hey, retard. You have any idea who I am? Guess not... since you’re still here.

Uh oh. Maybe I should just back away...

What's up with that face? You got a problem with me?!

...C...Calm down, Kuzuryuu-kun. We just came here to introduce ourselves.

...Aa? Introductions?

Don't you remember? This guy hasn't introduced himself yet.

I'm Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu... But make no mistake. We will not be friends.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: Super High-school Level Gangster

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu ( 九頭龍冬彦 ) is played by Daisuke Kishio, a veteran voice actor with many roles under his belt. Most of them are beautiful men.

His baby face is kinda cute, but he has a terrible attitude.

Kuzuryuu-kun is... the teenage successor of the Kuzuryuu family.
Wait... You don’t mean... that Kuzuryuu family...?!

Yep. Japan’s largest organized crime enterprise. 30,000 strong and growing.
I was hoping you’d heard of them. It saves us all a lot of... explaining.

So, yes. Kuzuryuu-kun is a "Super High-school Level Gangster".

A... A yakuza heir...? From the Kuzuryuu family...? A “Super High-school Level Gangster”...? That’s... that’s...

By the way, I heard "baby face" is a taboo word around him. Please be careful.
...You can never have too many fingers, you know.

And I... I was... I was about to...!

Komaeda... I owe you my life.

Ha ha... you're exaggerating. Probably.

Hey. You two. If you're done... get lost. Retards.

Hope Shard Acquired

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Height: 157cm / Weight: 43kg / Chest: 73cm / Blood type: AB
Birthday: August 16
Likes: Karinto
Hates: Milk
Title: Super High-school Level Gangster

Karinto is a deep-fried Japanese snack. Like many Japanese snacks, some people think it’s amazing while others take one look at it and are ready to vomit.

Ah! Hey, you're the guy who lost his head back on the beach, aren't you?
Um... Yeah, I am...

A man shouldn't be so fragile, you know? It's your job to protect us girls at times like this, isn't it?
I...I guess?

You're here for introductions, aren't you? I don't think we’ve made ours yet.

Um... My name is Mahiru Koizumi. Nice to meet you, I guess.

Mahiru Koizumi: Super High-school Level Photographer

Mahiru Koizumi ( 小泉真昼 ) is voiced by Yuu Kobayashi. She’s yet another very prolific voice actor in this game. Fans of Dangan Ronpa may have heard her as Kanon in the animated version of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.

Koizumi-san’s a "Super High-school Level Photographer". She's a promising young talent, they say.
I don't know much about photography myself, but I heard she’s won all kinds of awards for her photos.
It seems she's best known for her characteristic portraits.

A “Super High-school Level Photographer”, huh?

I guess that explains the expensive-looking camera she’s hauling around.

I have to say I'm relieved. You two look like decent guys.
...Hm? Decent?

Everyone else here’s kinda weird, don't you think? I mean, they may all be "Super High-school Level" geniuses, but...
I was worried that maybe we wouldn’t get along. But I guess we’ll have to if we ever want to leave this island...
Wait, “leave this island”... we can leave?!

Huh? Didn't you know? That's what that stuffed doll Usami told us.

She said that after we gather every Hope Shard by becoming friends...

...This absurd “field trip” will be over and we can all leave this island. That's what she said.
W...We can leave the island?! Really? Did she really say that?!

You should really listen to what people say, you know! Otherwise you’ll miss the important details! Like that, just now!

So, Hinata-kun, did that calm you down a little?
If we can live here normally for a little while, we'll soon be able to leave this island.
There's no need for panic, see?
B...But, even so...
Why? Why is she making us do this? What's her motive? What’s the point?
It's ridiculous - dragging all of us to an island and telling us to become friends...
...It makes no sense!

You're right, we don't know her reasons. But, if that's what gets us off this island, we have no choice.

Well, I'm glad that's all we have to do. It's not such a big deal.

Not a big deal... Is that really so?

Here we are, on a so-called “field trip” in a strange place, without warning, consent or explanation...
...And we were told to forget about Hope's Peak Academy.

...How is this not a big deal?


Don't "eh" me! Don't you think you should introduce yourself too? Or should I just keep standing here waiting?!
Oh, I'm sorry...
I'm Hajime Hinata. Um, nice to meet you.

Hinata-kun, is it...?

Well, I regret to inform you that you are hereby branded “Hinata-kun the unreliable”.

I expect you to work hard to shake that title off. Act more like a man!

...Hinata-kun. I think your wife is keeping you on a short leash.

I was was talking to both of you! Act more like real men, understand?!

Hope Shard Acquired

Mahiru Koizumi
Height: 165cm / Weight: 46kg / Chest: 77cm / Blood type: A
Birthday: April 24
Likes: Traveling alone
Hates: People lacking manners
Title: Super High-school Level Photographer

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