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Jul 15, 2009

ward posted:

Has anyone done a El Potrero Chico trip?

A small group of friends are talking about heading down there in mid March for a week and a half trip. I've read and heard that it's some of the best multi-pitch sport in North America. I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences to share.

Is it really that easy to hitchhike into town for supplies?
Is the falling rock really as normal and large (truck-sized) as I've heard?

e: I can't spell in Mexican.

I've been there, it's lovely.

Have you done sport multi-pitch extensively? Assuming you haven't, here's my beta.

DON'T go with an odd number of people, it blows. Somebody is going to miss out on some money climbing.

Falling rock is more common than any non-trad crag I've been to. I saw a bunch of bowling-ball sized stuff hit and heard a refrig-sized piece one day.

I went to town twice--got picked up once, walked the other time. It's not a bad thing to do on a rest day.

If you are not on-sighting 5.10 sport climbs outside, or do not have a partner willing to do this, don't go. Most of the awesome stuff requires you to be comfortable in the ten range.

My partner and I are debating going back this spring, or maybe spain, or kalymnos. Too many places to climb

El Potrero Chico is really about the big stuff. Maybe spend a day or two cragging around on some single-pitch, but most of it isn't all that good. Being able to climb 1k+ feet in a day using nothing but quickdraws is pretty special and well worth the trip.


Jul 15, 2009

alnilam posted:

I couldn't find any Katanas in my size near where I live. Someone at the local outdoors shop said that the Miura is a quite similar shoe and maybe I should just get that one instead. Is this generally true?

I bought some Katanas near new river gorge, liked them, and I lost them after only 3 or 4 uses :negative: so I need to buy a replacement.

Miura's are a more sensitive shoe with a theoretically greater downturn.

Because they are softer, they tend to lose their downturn pretty quickly.

They fit similarly and suffice for similar climbing. I find the katana's padded tongue to make them a better all-day shoe.

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