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Sep 9, 2010

Let's do this.


Sep 9, 2010
I'm bailing. I don't want to waste anyone's time for something I know I wont be able to do. Besides, there is no point going on with something I was likely going to fail at anyway.

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Sep 9, 2010
(Sorry to keep the derail but I'm undecided now. If I do post a story though you'll probably know my answer)

Sep 9, 2010
Paradise (1,185 words)

An explosion shook the palace, deafening the muffled shouting outside. Dylan scrambled around in the bedroom, leaning against the golden lined bed as he scrabbled through various draws. Another nearby bang made him jump, almost making him lose his cigar.

‘Margaret, where’s the drat safe key?’ He shouted. ‘Of all the time for an uprising’ He thought.

‘In the left drawer, second draw down dear.’ She said behind a nearby door.

‘I’m not seeing it! We don’t have time for this!’ He said, his yellowed wrinkled hands
scrabbling through various junk. He was hoping that his 30 year rule would’ve kept going but that was not to be.

‘Dylan dear you were never good at finding things’. The ebony door was pushed open to reveal an elderly woman, towel on her head and partially dressed. She paced toward the drawer, systematically dumping the various tat on the king sized bed. In little time Margaret handed Dylan a slip of torn paper, a slight smile on her face.

‘Don’t know what I’d do without you’. He said a grinning back before pushing himself up and ambling toward a large silver safe at the other side of the room. He entered the combination, opened it and took out a large black leather suitcase. He then opened that up, smiling at the sight of rows upon rows of diamonds.

Margaret now more dressed put a hand around his side and smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

‘You’d murder me if I’d have left them’ He said, returning the kiss.

There was a knock on the bedroom door. ‘It’s time Glorious President’ said a muffled voice behind the door.

‘I think that’s our ride out of this shithole Margaret. He said, closing the case. ‘Hurry up now. We wouldn’t want to be hanged as tyrants, would we?’

Dylan checked the peakhole while another hand was on his revolver. Soon after he opened the door, revealing a muscled man in a fine suit and sunglasses.

‘We secured you a way off the island Glorious President.’ He said. ‘It should be far away from the revolutionaries’. Said revolutionaries were now far louder than before. The occasional gunshot could be heard amongst the angry shouting.

Dylan and Margaret rushed through the array of rooms in the palace, ending up at the back of the building. They stumbled through the garden, flanked by loyalist troops. ‘So much many expensive foreign flowers and then there’s an uprising. My luck isn’t always the best’ Margaret thought, looking mournfully at the plants.

They got to a large shiny black car, quickly getting into it. Dylan wasted no time slamming the keys into the ignition and starting the engine; bodyguards opening the gate.
‘We’ll hold them off. You’ll be on your own though Glorious President’ the muscled bodyguard said. ‘Good luck’.

‘Thank you’ said Dylan. He pushed hard on the gas and sped off along a progressively more potholed road.

‘You’re pushing this way too hard dear’ Margaret said, scowling slightly as her svelte red hat got bumped off of her head.

‘Come on Margaret this isn’t a scenic trip. If we slow down, we die’ Dylan said. The sea of palm trees blurred past them in the midday sun.

‘We’ll get killed by your lunacy dear, neve rmind rebels’. She said, frowning and holding onto the suitcase bumping about in the back seat. ‘Remember what happened that time in Africa when you almost ran over tha-

‘’Don’t need to remind me Margaret’ He growled.

A small runway loomed overhead with several small jets nearby. ‘How did it come to escaping like this’ Dylan thought, shaking his head slightly. ’After 30 years you’d think they’d realize. Goddamn younger generations’.

A deafening bang was heard and the car skidded off road, flying into nearby foliage and almost tipping the car. Margaret shrieked as she was thrown against the front seat like a frail crash test dummy. Dylan’s seatbelt was the only thing stopping him flying out of the front window. The airbags burst just as he was thrown into it, hat sent flying.

Dylan barely had a moment to recover before gunshots started to hit the car. He looked at his dazed wife before ducking under cover. A tinge of worry was setting through him. The bullets hammered the vehicle yet didn’t pierce it. Dylan pulled out his revolver, before quickly ducking back up for a quick scan of the area. There were three masked men, approaching the car. Their angry cries were muffled by their weapon fire. Their jeep was parked behind a bush nearby.

Dylan popped open the car door before quickly shooting down two of the rebels down. He threw himself behind the door was bullets rattled against the door. After a several potshots from both people, Dylan finally got a killing shot in. Everything had gone silent. He slowly slinked out of the car, looking around. His car’s engine was spewing smoke and the front tyres were burst.

He was about to check on Margaret before he felt something heavy against his head. ‘You’re going to die you loving dog’ said a voice behind him. Before Dylan could even react he heard a pained cry along with a thud as the briefcase spilled out its cargo. He spun around and shot the rebel point blank.

Behind the body stood Margaret, still looking slightly dazed but bearing her familiar smile.

‘That’s the fourth time since our marriage I’ve had to save you dear’. She said, straightening her hat.

‘Keeping a count of that Margaret, I wouldn’t expect any different from you’. She said, embracing her.

‘We should probably pick up those diamonds’ Dylan said, seeing them glint brilliantly across the ground.

‘Forget the diamonds dear. We should probably leave now.’ She said, ambling toward the jeep. ‘Besides, there is enough in that Swiss bank account we have. However, now you can’t complain about me pestering you about that dear. It was like the time you ended up losing that entire inheri-

‘I think she should go’. Dylan said. Sometimes he wondered about the woman he had married.
They quickly got to the airfield and made it aboard a private jet with a loyal pilot waiting for them. They soon took off from what was once their tropical kingdom. A few parting shots at the plane confirming it was now a lost one.

Dylan and Margaret sat next to each other, holding their hands and cuddling up.

‘I guess this is our retirement’ Dylan said.

‘As if you ever really worked dear’ Margret said looking into his eyes.

‘I am sure you have plans ahead Margret, it’d be strange if you didn’t’ Dylan said.

‘Oh Dylan dear’ She said, kissing him firmly, arms around him. ‘I’d be less of a woman if didn’t’. She said with a sharp toothed grin. ‘You just want a chance to be far more inactive, don’t you dear?’

‘After what just happened, I think I’ve earned a rest’ He said.

Margret let out a content sight and sat back. Sometimes she wondered about the man she had married.

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