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Will Styles
Jan 19, 2005
I think I'm in before the signup deadline, so let's do this. It's been awhile since my first Thunderdome :ohdear:


Will Styles
Jan 19, 2005
Metamorphosis (498 words)

I turned my bus ticket over and over in my hand, the clock on the wall tormenting me with its slow pace. A drop of blood landed on my sweater, my nose must still be bleeding from fighting with Brian.

You think youre too good for mining coal? No-one gets out of Weaver, let alone some singing fairy like you.

Brian and I never really got along, being the older brother he always seemed to make it his business to make my life miserable. This time though hed gone too far and Im getting out of this town.

I heard the old Ford roll up to the parking lot, I pulled my jacket hood up to hide my face even though I was the only passenger at the station. My father walked into the bus stop, the vein on his forehead about to reach critical mass, Brian must have told him I wanted to leave. I started to think about how close Id come to leaving only to have to go back home and deal with the family guilt trip and then my eyes started to water.

Just where do you think youre going?

Between sniffles I managed to get out New York.

Oh lord not this again Steven. Who do you know there? Where would you stay? Stop being ridiculous and get your rear end in the truck. He pulled me to my feet and grabbed my bag. We headed to the truck, and after that it would be back home. Im getting real sick and tired of your attitude son. All I ask is that you show some respect, for me and for your family. Times are tight; you know were going to need you to help out now more than ever.

As we got closer to the truck, I saw the bus pull up to the transit station. Soon it would drive away and take with it my only hope of getting out of here. Im not like you, I cant stay here. He stopped me and spun me around, his eyes wide.

Whats that?

I cant stay here. Mining coal may be okay for you but every time I think about being in that mine shaft I want to die. Theres no room to breathe down there. I need to get out of Weaver. I want to play Curly in Oklahoma or Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls. I know Im meant for bigger things than mining. Just for once let me live my life and not yours!

He stood there awhile staring at me. I looked at his face for a hint of what he was thinking but all I found was the familiar look of disappointment. He let out a sigh, I guess this isnt just a phase. He handed me my bag and walked back to the truck alone. As the taillights faded into the distance I looked at the bus and smiled for the hope of what tomorrow might bring.

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