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Mar 20, 2008

by exmarx


Artists and designers deserve to get paid for their time, not just for the finished product. "Draw me a logo and if I like it, you get paid" is bullshit. If you have no self-respect and would like to work hard for the chance of getting paid enough for a Meat-Lover's Pizza, go directly to SA-Mart.

  • "I want a logo/tattoo/banner/thing, everyone post their designs and whichever one I pick, you get $X."
  • "I'm an artist selling sketches/prints/web sites/portraits for $X."
  • "I/my company want to hire someone as a freelancer/independent contractor, please submit a bid."


Mar 1, 2003

You walk in with the Turnips, you leave with the Bells.

As a result, the spec work threads in SA Mart will get far fewer sarcastic replies from me. It's a win-win!

Apr 8, 2002

Please report me if you see me post in GBS so a moderator may bulldoze my account like a palestinian school.

Congrats on the new thread! I agree that spec work sucks.

I do illustrations. I've done a lot of avatars so far and folks are very pleased. Have a look at the OP in my SA mart thread and you can see some images and read the testimonials:

Some recent samples:

A portrait with famous rapper vapors (commissioned as a present for a friend).

An illustration for a website(Police Schedule) and a logo(


Just ask me in the thread, email or PM and I'll quote you a price. I usually cut me own throat if the past is any indication.

Edit: Site name.

Hellbeard fucked around with this message at 14:15 on Jan 10, 2013

Jul 10, 2001

Nap Ghost

I'm the former mod and I Approve This Thread.

Apr 22, 2006

I just push buttons.

I'm the mod of a largely unrelated forum and I approve this thread.

Oct 6, 2005

Poor devils.

I have some time on my hands and I would like to fill it drawing things for you!

I will draw your characters, in your choice of a sketch, a value-drawing with exciting color overlays, or full, vivid color! Options!

I can do full illustrations as well. Want something cute to give your mom? I can do super cute. I can do creepy and gross as well, but I don't think your mom would like that.

I can even draw your pets, your dad, you, a dumb joke comic, whatever, just ask and we'll work it out.

You can reach me by PM, email at kzenzic(.at.), or leave a post in this thread and I will work with you to create something you'll love. Please summarize what you are looking for and I will give you a base price and we can get started!

Gaspy Conana
Aug 1, 2004

this clown loves you

I'm a pixel artist and animator from Florida. I can do other mediums if you dig my aesthetic, but I prefer working with pixels.
Here are a few examples:

I also do music. Annyyway, you can check out more here:
Use the contact form on the website or PM me if interested.

VVV Heyyy! Dropsy's not ready for voice work yet - but I haven't forgotten! :0]

Gaspy Conana fucked around with this message at 20:32 on Jan 13, 2013

Jul 26, 2005


Appreciate the new guidelines, thanks neonnoodle.

Iím a professional voiceover actress who's recorded 200+ projects (including one in the post right above this one, hi Gaspy!), including commercials, audiobooks, animation, iOS apps and games, museum audio recordings, and even in-flight videos! I'm based in the NYC area but I've worked with clients all over the country, and all over the world. (I lived in South Korea for a while, and you can hear my voice all over the place there.) Some of my clients have included Japan Airlines, Samsung, LG, Johnson & Johnson, Ebay and Apple. I've also worked on a bunch of projects with goons (including Gaspy Conana's Dropsy The Clown), which I have always very much enjoyed.

Here are direct links to my demos:

Commercial demo:
Animation demo:

You can hear more samples of my work on my website,

Basically, I can do (and have done) voiceovers for anything and everything. For characters, I can do young women, older women, girls, boys and young male characters, robots, monsters, amorphous blobs, and pretty much anything else you can think up. For narration, I can do smooth and steady, peppy and energetic, and anything in between. I'm open to almost anything, though I don't do erotica or anything overly profane/vulgar. I can also take care of copywriting/editing, casting (if a male/foreign VO is necessary), recording, producing, and and vocal effects that are needed.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you, and maybe even working with some of you soon!

blinkeve1826 fucked around with this message at 23:00 on Nov 8, 2019

Jun 27, 2002


Beautiful! I appreciate the change to no spec work.

I have a thread in SA-mart where I am accepting portrait commissions:

I'm a professional illustrator and portrait painter. I've been painting portraits for goons for over 6 years. I'm also available for freelance illustration work.

Feb 21, 2007
The better you look the more you see

Hello Creative People!

We're looking for motion graphic and video artists for some tour visuals. The creativeness of the Goon Collective never ceases to amaze me, so I thought maybe we would encounter a fresh perspective here.

Basically we need complete and timed visuals for a handful of songs to be shown alongside our existing visual set. Music Genre is Electronic, in the Techno/Trance direction. These are dance visuals, and will be used on large-scale LED screens, so we need LED-compatible content. Mostly looking for animated stuff, particle generation and 3d elements. Real-Life imagery is okay if it's LED-compatible. Not looking for any low-res or glitch stuff.

You must have a portfolio or examples of your previous work.

It could be we choose a few different people to do a song each if we see compatible styles we like.

Feel free to contact me at visuals<at>optikalusion[point]com or PM me here.

Dec 25, 2008

Hi fellow freelancers and freelance seekers!

I'm a Graphic Designer looking to take on more projects.

Please have a look at my website here:

or email me at casscs<at>

Magna Kaser
Nov 4, 2004

Hi goons. I was told to put some ads out to try and find a freelancer to do a job for by my boss, and I decided why not ask some goons?!

My company is currently looking to hire a freelance animator/motion graphic type person to make a trailer for an app in our line of kids smartphone games. We'll provide you with a decent amount of gameplay footage and a copy or two of the app on android/iOS whatever you want so you could take your own footage and see what the game is about. We'll also provide you with any art assets you need and music we have. There's no real need for voice work in the trailer.

You'd be responsible for pretty much the entire trailer from storyboarding to animation to editing, but we can and will provide considerable art, sound and animation assets.

Looking for it to be about a minute long, and not really any longer than 70seconds. The people in charge want something interesting enough to grab parents attention since they're the ones buying, but also showing off how the game would be fun and interesting for 5 year olds.

Demos of any animation/motion graphic/other video game trailers you might have should be prepared.

Contact me via pm here on the forums or my email at my SA user name (with no space) at gmail dot com and I'll give you a bit more details and point you and your stuff towards some people with whom you can talk to more seriously with.

Mar 19, 2007

One day, I will have
awesome line quality.
Then I'll be cool.


Typical fucked around with this message at 03:06 on May 30, 2017

Apr 7, 2011

Update - So I'm a multimedia developer and drawer. I do everything from draw characters to code HTML5 goods. I'm looking for new projects! My main code is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I know AS3, too, if someone still needs it. My main focus is on UI/Front End Development.
Professional projects can be seen here:
Artwork and commission rates can be seen here:

Discobiscuits fucked around with this message at 13:07 on Mar 25, 2015

Oct 18, 2003

Download Geared - FREE
(17 Million Downloads)

Windows 8
WinPhone 7

Gamedev seeking Animator.

I am a mobile game developer working on an RPG with a few other people, and we're looking for an animator to improve our player sprite. It is currently only 3 frames (8 directions) and could use some improvement from someone who specializes in animation. We would like the art itself to look mostly the same but be animated better. We are also looking for someone to draw/animate some other NPC, including a small dog, and to animate attack animations for battles, and maybe a game intro. Game is nearly finished, we are just trying to polish. Please PM me here or email me at

Current sprite art (of a single frame):

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Feral Bueller
Apr 23, 2004

Fun is important.

Nap Ghost

Make a PSD. Turn it into a web page. Get paid.

Thank you neonnoodle for the new thread. I was a frequent patron of the last thread, and am looking forward to throwing money around in this one.

I have a dilemna, and I'm hoping for some goon help.

I have a client who wants a website that looks exactly like this one: When I say exactly, I mean it. View source, and you will see what I mean. I know my way around an html framework or two, but I do not know how to slice up a PSD and turn it into a webpage.

I'm looking for the following:

1. index page with updated copy and color scheme.

2. template page with header and footer elements per and that I can then take and fill in the relevant copy on.

I'll be paying $100 for the index page and $50 for the template page. I will include a $100 completion bonus within 24 hours of client acceptance, verified by the site going live.

I'm specifically looking for someone who has the chops to do this quickly: $250 is a good deal for 1-2 hours of work, not so much if it's going to take you 3 days.

Please contact me at REDACTED to get the discussion started - I'll want to discuss in real-time, either skype or telephone.

I will then create the appropriate SA-Mart thread to memorialize the agreement.

EDIT:: Oh My Science responded first.

Feral Bueller fucked around with this message at 03:42 on Jan 25, 2013

Benny the Snake
Apr 10, 2012


Hello Goons, I'm Benny the Snake. You might know me from several of my well-written Cinema Discusso OP's, including three Movie of the Month threads, a retrospective on The Dark Knight, and a discussion on why The Avengers sets a new standard for mediocrity in films. I also write a blog called The Reptile Reviewer where I review current release films and comic books and write articles on pop culture. I am a recent college graduate, and I'm looking for employment as a freelance or regular website contributor. If you're interested, please PM me and I'll send you a resume and a writing portfolio upon request. Thanks!

Benny the Snake fucked around with this message at 06:48 on Feb 26, 2013

Jazz Marimba
Jan 4, 2012

I'm looking to have a business card designed for a jazz combo. I'd like to see a portfolio first, and then discuss the specifics. Anyone up to it?

Sep 1, 2005

Hey there! Thanks for the new thread!

I'm a freelance illustrator/ painter and I can work both traditionally and digitally. I work primarily in the vein of natural history, but I also design tattoos and paint portraits. I sell prints of my work through my Etsy shop, and I can make custom-sized prints by request.



You can visit my website to see more samples of my work:

If you have any questions or commissions, you can PM me or email me at emily.fundis( at )

Sep 24, 2003

I need about 10 hours of immediate help on a web development project. The website is a static information site and is fully functioning, but I need some HTML/CSS/JS tweaking. Experience with responsive/fluid design a must. Everything is built on Foundation. Email me for more details. kohl.jordan gmail Please include a link to your most recent project.

Feral Bueller
Apr 23, 2004

Fun is important.

Nap Ghost

Sarcasmatron posted:

Make a PSD. Turn it into a web page. Get paid.

EDIT:: Oh My Science responded first.

Update: work has been completed and submitted for client approval. Oh My Science has been paid, minus the Completion Bonus, which will get paid upon client approval and site go-live.

Oh My Science was great -- far more communicative than I was, given that I've got goddamn typhoid or something.

Thank you to the other people who sent me emails -- everyone was very cool and I would have liked to have worked with all of you.

{Sorry for the long post, but as someone who does this a lot, both as a freelance Project Manager and as a client, I thought I'd throw out a few suggestions for making sure that these transactions are mutually beneficial and go smoothly, regardless of the outcome}

1. Please watch this video: [NSFW - language and title]

2. Kill Fee: What is a kill fee? A kill fee is the client's promise to pay, even if work is not accepted. It should be at least 33% of the agreed upon amount. If you haven't worked for the client before, or your Spidey Sense is tingling, invoice it upfront and subtract it from the final bill.

Benefit: Freelancer isn't working for free. The other advantage to paying this upfront is working out the kinks with the invoicing/payment process. On more than one occasion, I've had PayPal be lovely, had to clear payment with a client, etc. - it's nice to work all that out early in the process.

3. Completion Bonus: What is a completion bonus? A completion bonus is the freelancer's promise to see the project through to completion. This insures that the transaction has successfully concluded.

Benefit: Client isn't getting partially completed work dumped on them.

"I will pay you $150 to design a webpage for me. Additionally, I will pay you a $50 completion bonus once the webpage goes live at Kill Fee is $50, payable in advance."

- or -

Within the context of SA-Mart, a clearly defined and agreed upon project makes it really easy for mods to determine if someone has failed to hold up their side of the bargain.

You should be structuring your projects like this at a minimum no matter what the circumstances or how long you've been working with a client or a freelancer. While you don't want to end up having to sue someone, it makes it a lot easier for the attorneys in the event that you do have to. I had a client stiff me on a five figure invoice after having worked with them for over 3 years and over $250,000 in billables that had always been paid in a timely fashion. Because the work was clearly defined and agreed upon in an email, my attorney was able to secure payment in less than 2 weeks -- he also bundled his attorney's fees into the amount, so I wasn't out of pocket.

If you don't start with a full-blown contract, at least start an email memorializing the outlined agreement, so that you can focus on making cool things, not chasing invoices.

Feral Bueller fucked around with this message at 16:49 on Feb 4, 2013

Oh My Science
Dec 29, 2008

Sarcasmatron posted:

Great advice here.

I just want to pop in and say how much of a pleasure it was to work with Sarcasmatron, and the process he outlined above is the reason why.

The presentation by Mike Monteiro is pretty great too, I've watched it a few times before it was posted here but it really should be recommended more often.

Oct 26, 2002

Это нормально.

I'm looking for a photographer to do a set of photos for my copywriting portfolio (website).

These will be header images with a text overlay, so I'll need photos with low visual static. You can see the template I'm working with here:

You'd be shooting the image that goes in the TOP portion. (I use the lower portion for navigation).

Photos should be themed around my line of work: copywriting and editing.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please PM me your portfolio and contact info. As I am also a freelancer, I'm more than happy to negotiate a fair rate for your work.

I also promise never to use the phrase "It'll be great for your portfolio."

Sep 25, 2003
What the deuce?

My band is in desperate need of some design help! We have a website, and it's awful. We need a new one. We have a CD coming out. We need a cover. We need a logo. That's pretty much everything. If anyone wants to submit a bid, or for more information on the project, just email me at

Jun 22, 2005

He's a hawk. A hawk. Can't you tell just by looking at him?

Typical posted:

I draw cartoons and caricatures, as well as specialize in simple motion graphics based animations. Email me for your cartoony Illustration needs

Just wanted to say that Typical does amazing work and you should definitely not hesitate to contact him.

Aug 14, 2010

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!

I have recently created It could be called a literary blog, a webzine, or a small press. Iím looking to publish works of prose, poetry, and more, all with a ďdark futureĒ theme. Post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, and many other genres are welcome.

Right now the site is up and I am actively seeking submissions. Iím hoping to do a hard launch in March and possibly post some content sometime before that as a soft launch. The plan is to have one featured short story, which will be posted at the beginning of the month, every month. In the weeks that follow, I would like to publish flash fiction, poetry, and even visual art.

At least while this site is getting started, Iím hope to be able to give a bit of a chance to writers who would be passed over by larger markets. Over time, I hope the popularity of the site will grow to the benefit of the writers published there as well as the site itself.

Please, take a look. I welcome any feedback or submissions!

Nov 23, 2009

Hey guys, I'm an illustrator living in NYC. I tend to draw a lot of fan art stuff in my spare time. I mainly work with watercolor or digital.

My website is / I also have a commission / sale thread here -

Here are some samples of my styles/work.

Sep 20, 2011

Hello! I am selling prints of my work. Thread info here:

Aside from prints, I am available for original commissions.

Duck Party
Feb 26, 2013

There ain't no Party like a Duck Party


I draw and paint things. I can use real life paint and computer magic!

for more examples please see my website:
or blog:

I have fancy prints of most of my art. They make your walls look pretty swank.
If you want one let me know which and I'll let you know what size I have and the price.
I can also do custom stuff.
Email me cause I don't have PM: agerstmann(at)

Feb 28, 2013

Barefoot on the Moon

Hello all. I'm new here, but thought I'd dive right in.

I'm an artist and illustrator, available for editorial work, private commissions and gallery exhibition. I've had my work in magazines, in group and solo art exhibitions. I've done portraits and gig posters and pretty much anything you can think of. If you are in need of an art, I can make it happen!

Work from an ongoing series:

Work from a finished series:

Fan art:


Please message me for rates! I also sell prints and other goodies here (RedBubble) and here (Etsy)

On a completely unrelated note, I also work as a freelance social media consultant/manager. I am available for establishing/maintaining accounts, copywriting, growth strategy, email marketing and more. I have more info on that as well.


Jul 7, 2009

This is not how I envisioned this working out.

I am looking for someone to make 1-2 (possibly more in the future) animation shorts for my youtube videos. These would be between 5-15 seconds in length and are for lead-ins and transitions in the videos. I conceptually know the theme and content I would like in the clip but would be very open to suggestion for content as well. I also have no idea what something like this should cost so please contact me with an example of your work and a bid of some kind. I do not have PMs enabled so email is best wylkersvideos (at)

I did actually post this in SAMART but then stumbled upon this thread and realized that probably wasn't going to net me anything.


Nov 18, 2007

OxnardMontalvo posted:

I have some time on my hands and I would like to fill it drawing things for you!

I will draw your characters, in your choice of a sketch, a value-drawing with exciting color overlays, or full, vivid color! Options!

Hey dude, love your work. I'm in a band and looking for artists to do my album cover and inside pamphlet. Nothing too detailed or crazy, I want a very minimalist tone going on. Would you be interested in something like that?

Oct 6, 2005

Poor devils.

Sure, drawing some illustrations for your album would be cool with me. Shoot me an e-mail at kzenzic(at) with a more detailed description of how many drawings, what sizes, etc that you need so I can gauge a time needed and give you a proper price.

Nov 18, 2007

OxnardMontalvo posted:

Sure, drawing some illustrations for your album would be cool with me. Shoot me an e-mail at kzenzic(at) with a more detailed description of how many drawings, what sizes, etc that you need so I can gauge a time needed and give you a proper price.

K dude. I just sent over a description and errything.

Jan 16, 2010

Turns out just hunks

Hey everyone I am creating a mobile game for Android and iOS focused around horse racing. It requires character and environment art that involves horses, jockeys, trainers, race tracks, grand stands, interiors, offices, stables and a few other things. I have a bunch of concepts ready to be finalized by anyone who is a lot better than me at art so I can get this game to market. I am not looking for a specific art style but it is geared toward all ages so a link or attachment of past work is a must.

Please send me an email at lazylando (at) gmail dot com if you are interested or have any questions.

I have never hired an artist before but I'd figure I would give SA a try to see what kind of response I get. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

diddy kongs feet
Dec 11, 2012

wanna lick the dirt out between ur chimp toes

I basically just recently dropped everything I had going in my life in favor of working on and studying visual art full time. It's been rough and I have bills that need paying, so buy my poo poo.

I've worked for local businesses and conventions, have experience working for print, web, mobile devices and offer illustration and design - logo, typeface and general graphic design - services as well as commissioned work; Everything I produce is 100% digital and I focus mostly on hand-drawn work. Most of my previous work has been for businesses but I'm totally down with personal/fun stuff too - I'll draw your dog, your mum, your girlfriend, your neckbeard, whatever the gently caress.

***I'm currently doing a $15 dollar portrait thing where I spend about an hour drawing your face and taking many artistic liberties until you get something ridiculous back. Also I'll animate your face for $30 dollars (See below)

For questions, quotes or whatever else I can do for you, hit me up @ or jones(dot)rrw(at)gmail


Character Design/Conceptual:



diddy kongs feet fucked around with this message at 14:57 on Mar 20, 2013

Sep 9, 2007

Really it's not because
I don't like you...

Hey everyone,


Filled, thanks!

LumberingTroll fucked around with this message at 13:32 on Mar 27, 2013

Sep 29, 2011

"Most mornings I'll apologise in advance to my wife."

This request is seriously not likely to be fulfilled but I'm running low on places to look.

I need a videographer that can work on the 14th of April in Nagoya, Japan. I'm looking at a half day hire, it's for a car show. If you can, please post a portfolio and then I'll get in touch for quotes 'n stuff.

Apr 29, 2007

It is no sign of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

hiddenmovement posted:

This request is seriously not likely to be fulfilled but I'm running low on places to look.

I need a videographer that can work on the 14th of April in Nagoya, Japan. I'm looking at a half day hire, it's for a car show. If you can, please post a portfolio and then I'll get in touch for quotes 'n stuff.

To be clear - you're looking for someone already in Nagoya, Japan, right? You're not posting to find someone willing to fly out? Because I'll definitely hit Japan for a day if you're buying the ticket...


Sep 29, 2011

"Most mornings I'll apologise in advance to my wife."

Nah, sorry, if it came to that I'd fly in myself. Just looking for a local to do some shooting for an hour or two.

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