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Jun 18, 2012

Good evening, everyone. I'm Leslie Monster and this is Nightline

Iím looking to commission someone for a portrait of 2 people (maybe full body or just busts - not totally sure yet) as a birthday gift for my girlfriend, hopefully before June 30th.

Please PM me if interested. I was thinking maybe something watercolor based, but Iím not totally married to the idea and would love to see a portfolio of digital pieces, if thatís anyoneís forte.


Kirk Markarian
May 15, 2018

Abstract electronic music composer available for weird stuff - I do not compose your typical "boom boom" music (even though I often do for clients, I prefer not to, it's boooooooooring). I've got a nice, full resumť, and so many tracks online that I can't count 'em anymore.

Here's where to start -

To tease your ears:
For a much broader experience:

Here's how to contact me:

I work well below the Hollywood pricing, I'm fast, friendly, and courteous.

In my spare time, I also animate my own weird stuff: , create video games, and in my past life, I was a graphic designer for 17 years.

Mouse Dresser
Sep 3, 2002

This isn't Middle Earth, Quentin. There aren't enough noble quests to go around.

Looking for an artist to sketch a tattoo design. Gypsy girl style, in profile, limited color, heavy black line. I want it to fit in with others like that.

Iím looking to get Sherlock Holmes tattooed in that style on my forearm. Classic Sherlock, not Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey jr.

If youíre interested, PM me and I can provide photos of my current tattoo and discuss price.

Sep 20, 2011

Artist/illustrator available for creative work.

You can find my SA Mart thread here:

Apr 27, 2013

I'm looking to commission a book cover.

One man and two women on the cover. Sword and sorcery style except the guy will be in modern clothes. Examples of the type of cover, level of quality and titillation I'm looking for are below. Willing to accept something lower quality than the example images, but that's what I'm hoping to get. I don't need any lettering. Would appreciate a quote for a simpler scene like the first image and a more complex one like the second image would be appreciated.

Feel free to PM or email me at brassgenie AT gmail.

Jul 1, 2004


Toilet Rascal

I'm looking to commission a fairly basic illustration, basically something like the sun-wearing-sunglasses emote wearing a tutu, which ideally would be conflatable with an accretion disk, for print (accordingly, white background) maybe 2" square so 600-800px. The problem is I need it for something this weekend and didn't come up with this idea until right now.
I'm hoping this can be done for about $50, which I hope represents the actual level of effort necessary rather than being a laughable/insulting lowball. If it is, I apologize, let me know and I'll pull the request. I understand spec work is disallowed and don't expect you to do anything before I agree to pay you specifically.

UPDATE: This has been done! I don't know if you want shouted out in here but thanks very much.

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Jun 24, 2007

These pipes are cleeeean!!!

I designed a logo for my Sci-Fi improv group earlier this year that we all love but I'm poo poo at styling so it looks kinda bland. It was designed for 3d printing which is why it's super flat but I haven't managed to make it look better without going into full tacky cartoon which is not what I want.

I'm looking for someone to take this logo and polish it up, specifically looking for a polished steel vibe (i.e Star trek badge) that will look well on printed media and screens. I'm hoping this can be done for around 50Ä since the logo design is done but am happy to discuss the payment once we've discussed the request, if you're interested shoot me a PM or email ( ashex at chipnick dot com) with a link to your portfolio.

Hopefully this is allowed and I absolutely agree to pay you.

Ashex fucked around with this message at Jul 31, 2018 around 19:50

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