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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Gameplay Thread

The Known World circa 902 PR
scale may not be accurate due to inebriation
Circles = Cities
Squares = Forts

System: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5e
Chargen: 3rd Level, Monsters/Templates/ECL Races allowed, 22 point buy, 1st HD Max and Roll or 1/2 for others, 3,000 starting gold, early age Firearms allowed, Feat or Class Weapon Proficiency required(can be fired untrained with standard penalties.) Two Traits. Gonna be using Hamete for dice rolls, just need an e-mail to add you to the log. Orokos rolls fine too, just need a reference.
Cut-Off: Friday February 1st or whenever we've got enough to go. Late arrivals and rerolls welcome.

Contact Info
Doomykins on Steam, Doomykins on IRC, Doomykins on AIM, I've got board PMs here.

I'd also be interested in an IRC game, either as an independent game in the same setting or to supplement the Play by Post. But I don't want to get ahead of myself here, so just an idea I'm floating out.

It is the year 902 PR(Pelor's Rise) and the world of Illys has been ravaged. It's said that centuries ago fantastic objects appeared in the sky over the arctic north and travelers soon learned to fear the reach of the illithid that inhabited that frozen wasteland, occasionally reminding the world of their existence with small slave raids. Draunt's growing empire established a line of strong forts and guard to protect their borders as Ostorn's druids wove living walls of trees and thorns to outline their ancestral home-land. The Dwarves and small-people of Geareg were content to expand underground until Ithor forced them to the surface and for a thousand years the Orcish nomads of Burdoon have circled through their native jungles. Before Ithor, the Feserevine were considered inhospitable and occupied the same cartographer's fancy as the stretches of wild, untamed land between hubs of civilization.

Ithor! Magus Lord Ithor, King of Flayers Ithor, Evil Conqueror Ithor... yes, it is this name that echoes among all accounts of battle against the Mindless Legions. In 895 the first invasion was launched, with Mind Flayers attacking settlers along the northern Wilds and occupying their land to construct hellish citadels! A march south began, lasting seven years! Capturing all living creatures as fodder for ends too terrible to contemplate and seizing all good and noble people as fodder for unknowable alien goals, the people of this fair world battled armies of the dead raised with empty skulls and foul spirits. Though it will take years for historians to reach consensus, the path of destruction and the news of victory is easy to follow. Pushing south, blockading Ostorn, moving to conquer Geareg and establish an invincible seat of power... but repelled! The Mindless Legion held the Wilds between the three nations for years before it carved an over-land path around Geareg's united front and pushed into Burdoon... and then... and then... that was it. A great and violent light burned across the horizon to the south one night and all thralls, living and dead, had been laid to rest or gone missing. The Mindless Legion was no more and it's Illithid leaders had vanished.

In the past year the battered nations have begun to relax their guard against Ithor's return and a popular story began to circulate, that the heroes of great battles and from different nations united and adventured south to defeat Ithor. Driven from the northern wilds, the Giants and Lizard-kin tribes formed an uneasy alliance to declare a new nation-state after the war. Draunt has begun to extend it's borders further and further in the name of "lasting peace and safety" and out of necessity or bad blood, Ostorn has remained walled off. At the heart of the continent, resettlement has begun as the first modern city is being constructed on the land over Geareg. A technological renaissance drives dreams of business and wealth unimaginable, to explore the dangerous corners of the world and to salvage the remains of Ithor's Dread March. Whether inspired by necessity or discovered amongst the alien invaders, great relics of unknown magical origin and terrible machinery are beginning to fall into the hands of the common man.


I'm experienced with 3.5e D&D and would like to host a Pathfinder game. Ideally it'd be small adventures that add up to a larger overall plot, so we get nice short episodic gaming without the story collapsing if things end early. I'm open to 3-8 players or so, used to operating from multiple or even competing party view-points. But for now, it'd just be a simple gathering of like-minded folks for a simple Manor heist job. The lawful and moral types are welcome though I'd appreciate if they help me work them into it, i.e. being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Something to discuss in chargen and character background/history.

PCs start at 3rd Level. 22 Point Buy or you can roll 4d6 on the Dice Server(I'd like to use Hamete, which just requires e-mail to join the log.) Starting Gold is 3,000 and you have access to Early-age Firearms at half-price for the base Gun. First Hit Die is maxed, you can roll the others on the dice log or accept 1/2 of the HD at each level or after a bad roll. And Two Traits.

If you're not familiar with them, Gunslinger and Alchemist would be decent fits for the raised tech level in the setting. Psionics would also be a good fit. I'd be open to a single Artificer for a possible Illithid tech-using character. Monster Races with ECL/Templates are allowed, but I'd prefer that anyone not going Straight ECL 0 or traditional race contact me first so I can help you figure out where your race fits on a case by case basis. A Kobold will come into the game differently than a Drow and have dramatically different history for it.


Illys is an Arcanum world of mixed magic and technology, recovering from the recent major invasion of a Mind Flayer led army of abberations and undead. Although there were a few collaborators, nearly all Humanoid races stood against Ithor's Mindless Legion and repelled his main advance. The war stalled for years and life became very dangerous for any living near it(Draunt, Geareg, Ostorn) before Ithor made the almost inexplicable military action of marching further south, along the Geareg/Feserevine borders and through Burdoon, subjecting some scattered tribes to the terrors of his brief occupation before mysteriously vanishing, his power broken, Ithor and his leaders gone.

Discoveries from the war are propelling the world further and further forward technologically, with the heart of this movement at the rapidly expanding city on the surface of Geareg, where a day's ride on a new-fangled rail-riding device can take you underground to the Dwarven megalopolis. It is here that the first adventure will begin, in a city with a swelling population of all races.

A war-torn world, and torn by Mind Flayers at that, uneasy acceptance of monstrous and "other" races exists, so monster characters are playable. Considering the extent of Mind Flayer experimentation, it's also possible for characters to exist with certain templates, the idea being that you were perhaps created in alien lab-works, or augmented as an unfortunate prisoner of war.

Welp, fire away with any questions here or give me a ring!

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Jan 25, 2013

This guy Doom runs an awesome game. I'm here just for this game, so sign me the hell up. Probably to play a rogue unless I see something particularly nifty in the chargen options to change my mind.

Sep 26, 2007
Dragon God

Hmm so are classes from 3.5 available? I don't suppose the Pathfinder True Namer that was made by, I believe, Rulebook Heavily would be acceptable?

If not then I might make a promordial half-giant warlock. Half-giants generally being strong and big, while still being medium, and primordial being a LA+0 template that makes them less strong and more suited for spellcasters, also makes warlock the favored class.

I was also wondering if there was a reason to choose that dice roller? I have never heard of it and most people just use Orokos which will store the rolls, and has a section for Campaign to keep all the rolls in one place.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Warlock would work pretty well, I'm not sure about True Namer though I'm open to most anything if you can give it to me to look over. A lot of 3.5 slides over cleanly to Pathfinder as far as I can see.

Dice roller choice was just the last one I most recently used, Orokos would be fine though I've never used it. Just as long as any rolls are public to reference.

Doomykins fucked around with this message at Jan 25, 2013 around 22:13

Sep 26, 2007
Dragon God

True Namer is interesting but I am not sure if there is a link on the forums for a free copy, otherwise it is one of those 1 dollar things people were making. Are you ever in IRC? I think RuleBookHeavily is often in #badwrongfun

I would assume for the warlock I would just do skills like in Pathfinder, so only x1 at first instead of x4, and class skills with a rank get the +3 bonus?

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

I'll idle on IRC and a-yup on the skill stuff.

Mar 27, 2011

"a scattering of schizophrenic first worlders who have long ago burned their brains to ash in the radiant heat of their own imaginings"

I haven't decided on anything yet but I am definitely in on this.

Mar 25, 2011

Down with making something for it by tomorrow, teetering between Gunslinger or Sorcerer (depending on how Necromancy is seen on the setting!).

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Necromancy is cool player-wise but it'll get you attention in-character.

Mar 27, 2011

"a scattering of schizophrenic first worlders who have long ago burned their brains to ash in the radiant heat of their own imaginings"

I am going for a rogue/illusionist assassin poison use type character here, just a heads up.

Sep 26, 2007
Dragon God

Yeah I am working on a Primordial Half-Giant Warlock, was taken in as a big brute slave, then experimented on for a more intelligent alternative. The swell in intelligence and charisma led to his developing spontaneous magical powers as a side effect.

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.

Also interested. Probably some sort of fighter, or a cavalier, or something like that. Sword and shield, good at weathering attacks, sort of laconic and casual. I'm imagining her having a slightly critical view of "all this magic and steam nonsense," having seen it go wrong so often (though obviously nothing that would actually conflict with the party).

e: What about a samurai/ronin/knight errant, without the whole eastern flavor? Someone who's pledged her service before, served in the wars, and was pretty much the only survivor of those she was supposed to protect.
The samurai class for the resolve feature, over the tactics one from cavalier, but otherwise just a knight with a horse and a big sword.

zachol fucked around with this message at Jan 26, 2013 around 03:45

Jan 26, 2013

Doom, I'd be interested if you'll have me, it's Malikial from elsewhere, obviously. I'd like to play something quick and possibly a bit damage dealer. Ranger/gunslinger type.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Zachol: Sounds pretty great, can work in more details of who you served and what you survived when you've got a bit more of the character, particularly race/homeland. If you're seeking a definite foreigner appeal, I might mention that the most foreign race in the setting are the Drow, who are about as sneaky as normal to each other but sent an Honor Guard to defend at Geareg, when Ithor's march was broken. Since only the Dwarven community in the underground would do even uncommong business with them they're very rarely seen.

Malikial: Haha, did you register just for me? Sure, welcome aboard, get genning.

So far we're looking at a Samurai, Rogue, Rogue/Illusionist, Warlock, Gunslinger or Ranger, and Gunslinger or Sorceror. Lots of damage and sneaking, could probably use someone more supporty or healy. Or we'll say to Hell with it and make great use of modern medicine and snake oil!

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.

Probably a human from northern Geareg. The follower of local count or baron or however the government works, one of the early ones to be conquered. He, along with his retinue (including me) fled, then aided those farther south, occasionally trying to strike back. The entire group was slowly chipped away, and the lord was killed in a particularly bloody conflict, with my character surviving somehow. This was near the end of the war--whatever that last fight was, it and the lord's sacrifice was an important part of the pushback, some pivotal turning point or something like that.
She gets a little grumpy talking about the war. Although it was won, eventually, and the sacrifices she made were truly worthwhile, she lost her lord, anyone she might have cared about, and her homeland is still despoiled and uninhabitable. Basically, in her mind, she's already done enough. Now she's trying to get by, mostly.
Although the war makes her grumpy, she's otherwise perfectly normal, and hasn't lost her taste for combat. If anything, she's a little oddly relaxed and cheery, considering what she's been through, and there are a lot of people who don't want to talk about the war anyway.

Need to figure out what her code's going to be (ronin still apparently need 3 edicts?). It would be something subconscious, I think. Probably something along the lines of "protect those in need who have nobody else to turn to," "never pledge yourself indefinitely, without some sort of deal or temporary purpose" and "never let someone demand for you to fulfill some duty or obligation you never explicitly agreed to."
Or something like that, you get the idea. Again, subconscious, not something she really thinks about, but still something where it would shake her up to go against.

Jan 26, 2013

Yeah, I registered here just for you! Hmmm, looks like we COULD use a cleric... But I kinda don't wanna play a cleric.

Sep 26, 2007
Dragon God

An unfortunate prisoner of war, Thorgeisl was once just a half-giant, raised among his giant kin. He took part in the war early on, only to be defeated and taken captive. He spent the next few years as the slave, and experiment, of a particularly cruel and ambitious Mind Flayer.

This particular Mind Flayer soon grew dissatisfied with the brutish manor and behavior of Thorgeisl. Feeling that there were far too many strong but feeble minded slaves it began to experiment on Thorgeisl, looking for a way to grant greater intelligence and usefulness. In time it was successful, Thorgeisl found himself suddenly smarter, and more charismatic as a side effect, yet he also found much of his strength wasted away.

Thorgeisl continued to serve the Mind Flayer in his new expanded way, keeping secret the other side effect of the experiment. The Mind Flayer was more successful than it had ever dreamed. Not only wa Thorgeisl smarter, and physically weaker, than before but he had gained a new source of power. A seemingly unlimited source of power that he could tap at will. As the war neared its end Thorgeisl saw his moment, as his Mind Flayer master was distracted by the flow of battle, and struck. Striking down his master Thorgeisl fled.

Since the war’s end Thorgeisl has tried to adapt to his new life. He feels he cannot return home. He fell in battle dishonored. Now he is weaker, and smarter, than before and that too is a strike against him. So he has traveled the land, trying to learn and make use of his new smarts and new power, as well as trying to make a living one way or another.

Thorgeisl Whose Laughter Stinks of Killing
Primordial Half-Ogre Warlock 11
Chaotic Neutral

Strength 	12      	12 (+1)
Dexterity 	12      	12 (+1)
Constitution 	17  +3 +2	23 (+6) (+1 level)(Physical Enhancement)
Intelligence 	15 +2+1+2	20 (+5) (+1 level)
Wisdom  	07 -2+3 	08 (-1) (Flexible Enhancement)
Charisma 	12 +4  +2 	18 (+4)
HP	133/133
BAB	+08
Init	+3
CMB	+8
CMD	19

AC 15 = 10 + 1 Dex +4 Armor

Fort:  09 = 3 Base +6 Con
Refl:  04 = 3 Base +1 Dex
Will:  06 = 7 Base -1 Wis

Arcane Bolt	+9 ranged touch attack, 210ft, 6d6+5 acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage
Arcane Burst	+9 ranged touch attack, 210ft, 20ft radius, 6d6+5 acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage

Speed: 30 feet

 1st - Skill Focus Use Magic Device
 3rd - Toughness
 5th - Skill Focus Spellcraft
 7th - Scholar (Arcana and Planes) +2 bonus, +4 if skill is at 10 or more ranks.
 9th - Skill Focus Fly
11th - Skill Focus Knowledge Arcana


               Total  =  Ranks  +  Stat   +   Misc
               -----     -----     ----       ----
Acrobatics	+04  =	2    +  0 Dex	+3-1
Bluff		+09  =	2    +  4 Cha	+3
Craft          	+05  =	0    +  5 Int
Disguise	+09  =	2    +  4 Cha	+3
Fly		+20  =	10   +  1 Dex	+0+4+6-1
Intimidate	+14  =	5    +  4 Cha	+3+2
Know. Arcana	+23  =	10   +  5 Int 	+3+4+6
Know. Planes	+15  =	5    +  5 Int 	+3+2
Know. Religion	+13  =	5    +  5 Int 	+3
Linguistics	+19  =	11   +  5 Int 	+3
Profession    	-01  =	0    -  1 Wis	
Sense Motive 	+03  =	1    -  1 Wis	+3
Spellcraft	+29  =	11   +  5 Int 	+3+2+2+6
U. Magic Device	+26  =	11   +  4 Cha 	+3+2+6

Common, Giant, Undercommon, Orc, Sylvan, Draconic. Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Terran. Dwarven.  Elven.  Drow Sign.
Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal. Goblin.

- Theoretical Magician - +2 trait bonus on Spellcraft
- Reactionary - +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks

Racial Traits:
- +2 Int, -2 Wis, +4 Cha
- Darkvision
- Count as both human and ogre
- Imposing Figure:  +2 racial bonus Intimidate checks
- Magical Knack (Ex)  Use all spell-like abilities at a +1 Caster level
- Receive a +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft and Use Magic Device checks
Class Features
- Arcane Armor Mastery (light):  Does not suffer Arcane Failure Penalty while wearing light armor
- Cantrips (learn cha mod (3) cantrips)
- School Abilities:  Start with 1 1st level school abilities, learn a 3rd 1st level at 2nd or learn a new cantrip
- DR 4/All (Overcome only by Cold and Electricity and Fire)
- School Ability:  Gain a 4th level or below school ability, or another new cantrip.
- Arcane Armor Mastery (Medium):  Does not suffer Arcane Failure Penalty while wearing medium armor
- School Ability:  Gain a 6th level or below school ability, or another new cantrip.
- School Ability:  Gain a 8th level or below school ability, or another new cantrip.
- Arcane Armor Mastery (Heavy):  Does not suffer Arcane Failure Penalty while wearing heavy armor
- School Ability:  Gain a 10th level or below school ability, or another new cantrip.

- Detect Magic
- Light
- Prestidigitation

School Abilities:
1st Arcane Bolt (Su) - Ranged touch attack that does 1d6 +1d6/two warlock levels.  May choose either 
	acid, cold, electricity or fire damage.  Range is 100ft +10ft/level
1st Physical Enhancement (Su) - Gain a +1 Enhancement bonus to one physical ability score, increases
	by +1 for every 5 warlock levels to a max of +5 at 20th.  Can change this bonus to a new score
	every day.  At 20th level the bonus applies to two physical scores.
1st Flexible Enchantment (Su) - Gain a +1 Enhancement bonus to one of Dexterity, Constitution or Wisdom 
	ability score, increases by +1 for every 5 warlock levels to a max of +5 at 20th.  Can change this 
	bonus to a new score every day.  At 20th level the bonus applies to two of these scores.
1st Air Supremacy (Su) - Get a +2 enhancement bonus to Fly, improving by +1 per 5 levels.  Can cast 
        Feather Fall on self at will.  Can cast Levitate on self at will at 5th level and Fly on self 
        at will at 10th level.  At 20th level whenever rolling Fly the die roll is considered to be a 20.
4th Arcane Burst (Su) - You can use this arcane bolt as a burst effect with a 20 foot radius.
1st Intense Spells (Su) - add half level to damage on spells, Arcane abilities, added only once per spell
        not per missile.  So all in a burst would take it but only one if split into multiple missiles.
1st Fire Supremacy (Su) - gain 5 fire resistance, increases to 10 at 10th and Immunity at 20th.  When 
        within 5 feet of a source of fire at least as big as a campfire can draw the fire around him as
        a swift action for 1 round.  Anyone striking me with a melee weapon or unarmed strike takes an
        amount of fire damage equal to half my level (5).  Weapons with reach ignore this.
Chain Shirt 			100
	(+4 AC, +4 max dex, armor check penalty -1, speed 30ft, 25 lb)
Ring of Sustenance		2500 (removed so it isn't destroyed, might give it to someone else)
Black-Iron Chains
 - Consumable(Single Use) - Permanently turns one Armor Set or Shield into +1 Magical Armor that resists Negative 5.
Coin Remaining	32939gp, 11 Silver and 8 Copper



Belt, Thorgeisl

"It wasn't enough for the creatures to be sated or to feel safe, that their progeny would have food in the future. They consumed everything in the area and their territory expanded with every lap. A very human intent was taking root in their minds and they soon desired control." - Journal of Sath Barin in the Year 902 PR, on an entry concerning invaders in the depths of Ostorn's Wall.

-Grants +2 Constitution, Intelligence and Charisma. Stacks with any other Ability Score enhancements, including other items

-Grants the ability to conceal willing items, non-living creatures and corpses in a pocket stomach space accessed via the mouth. Functions as a Bag of Holding Type 3. Never works on unwilling targets. Can "produce" stored items with a standard action, depending on item requested and DM judgement. If the bag is overloaded Thorgeisl will immediately be reduced to 0 HP and "produce" all stored items as he ruptures.

-Grants Elemental Summon(2/Day) of Swarmlings: Summons a 2x2 square of Swarm that deals 2d6 + 1/2 Levels damage to a target in the squares they occupy at the end of their move and interrupts Concentration as per Swarm rules. HP 30, F/R/W 6/6/6, Speed: Fly 40 ft(Good), Distraction DC 15

Curse: Automatically destroys Ring of Sustenance. All penalties from Hunger happen three times faster(first check for Hunger penalties begins after 1 day of no food instead of 3.) All penalties are tripled.

Curse: Thorgeisl's hunger will drive him temporarily insane if he falls below 50% HP while Starving.

Orokos Stat roll
Hit Points for third and fourth hit dice 8 and 1, 1 goes up to half (4).
Hit Points for Fifth Hit Die 4
Hit Points for Sixth Hit Die7
Hit Points for Seventh Hit Die 6
Hit Points for Eighth Hit Die 6
Hit Points for Ninth Hit Die 7
Hit Points for Tenth Hit Die 4
Hit Points for Eleventh Hit Dice 5

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Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


Vanessa Carmine Staere of Draunt
Human Sam (ron) 3/Inq (sbk) 1/Ftr (ubk) 4/Stal Def 5
Neutral Good

Strength      24 +7 (17, +2 rc, +1 lv, -2 code, +6 enh)
Dexterity     14 +2 (12, +2 lv)
Constitution  18 +4 (14, +4 code)
Intelligence  12 +1
Wisdom        12 +1
Charisma       8 -1

HP 142 (7d10+1d8+5d12+68; 10, +6x5+4+5x6, +52 con, +13 tough, +3 fav)
AC 29 (+10 armor, +2 dex, +3 dg, +4 defl); +8 w/ tower shield
+2 to AC vs critical confirmations w/ tower shield
FF 29 (uncanny dodge), Touch 19
DR 2/- in heavy armor
DR 1/- otherwise? stacking?

Init +2
Speed 20'

BAB +12/+7/+2
MAB +19 (12, +7 str)
RAB +14 (12, +2 dex)

CMB +19 (12, +7 str)
CMD  31 (12, +7 str, +2 dex), +5 w/ shield

Fort +18 (+12, +4 con, +1 res)
Ref  +7  (+4, +2 dex, +1 res), +1 w/ shield
Will +9  (+7, +1 wis, +1 res) +1 vs mind-affecting

Sword  +23 (1d8+10, 18-20/x2, S, deadly); 2/day 15' reach
  +19, +1 focus, +3 enh; -4/+8 power attack; -2 w/ tower shield
  challenge +5 damage, +3 conditional attack/AC
Knife  +19 (1d6+5, 18-20/x2, S/P, deadly)

Defensive Stance - 16 r/day, free enter/end, on end 2x rounds fatigued (-2 Str/Dex)
+4 morale Str, +4 morale Con, +2 dodge AC, +2 morale Will

Acrobatics     -6  (1r+3+2d-12a) (+24 to jump)
Bluff          +8  (6r+3-1c)
Climb          -2  (3r+3+4s-12a)
Craft (armor)  +5  (1r+3+1i)
Craft (weapon) +5  (1r+3+1i)
Diplomacy      +15 (13r+3-1c)
Handle Animal  +5  (3r+3-1c)
Intimidate     +9  (6r+3-1c+1m)
Know (dungn)   +11 (7r+3+1i)
Perception     +17 (13r+3+1w) +2 in dim light
Profession     +1  (+1w)
Ride           +7  (6r+3+2d-12a)
Sense Motive   +18 (13r+3+1w+1m)
Stealth        -12 (+1d-13a)
Survival       +7  (3r+3+1w)
Swim           -2  (3r+3+4s-12a)
ACP from armor (-5) and shield (-9), +1 trait, +1 fighter. 


Armor Expert - Reduce ACP by 1.
Dim Seer - +2 to Perception in dim light, Perception a class skill.

1L - Weapon Focus (katana) - +1 to attacks with selected weapon.
1B - Armor Focus, heavy - 2/- DR wearing heavy armor.
3L - Old Codes - -2 Str, +4 Con; Gale Slash 2/day, standard action.
       3x1 AoE within 50', 1 attack at highest attack vs AC.
       Roll for each square a creature occupies within AoE.
5L - Toughness - +HD hit points.
5B - Endurance - +4 to various things.
5B - Diehard - Automatically stabilize below 0 hp. May go disabled.
       Staggered. Standard actions deal 1 damage. Die at neg con score.
6B - Power Attack - -1/+2 attack/damage, -1/+2 for every +4 BAB
7L - Lunge - Increase reach 5' UEoT for -2 AC UNT (decide before attacking).
8B - Dodge - +1 dodge to AC.
9L - Leadership - Leadership score 12 (level + 1).
11L- Shield Focus - Increase shield to AC by +1.
13L- Shield Specialization (tower) - +2 vs crit confirm to AC, + shield
       (no enh, but yes focus) to CMD (+4+1 for tower). 

Human - +2 to one ability, bonus feat, skills

Challenge - 1/day as a swift action, challenge a target within sight. Gain +class
  level bonus to damage against target, take -2 AC to attacks besides those from
  target. When issued in return against a challenge, smite, quarry, etc, gain a +1
  morale bonus to attacks and +1 dodge to AC against the target.
Mount - As a druid's animal companion. Do not take ACP to ride on the mount, and
  mount is considered combat trained with light armor prof. No share spells.
Order - Ronin/Knight Errant. Knowledge (local) and Survival as class skills.
  Protect those in need who have no-one else to turn to.
  Never pledge yourself indefinitely, absolutely, or unconditionally.
  Never let another appeal to a duty you never chose.
Resolve - 2/day (+1, up to max of 2, when a target is defeated), for:
- Determined - As a standard action, remove the fatigued, shakened, or sickened
    condition; if the condition has a duration longer than 1 hour or is permanent,
    it is instead suppressed for 1 hour.
- Resolute - When making a Fortitude or Will save, can spend one use as an
    immediate action to roll twice. Must decide before rolling.
- Unstoppable - When reduced to fewer than 0 hp but not slain, can spend one use
    as an immediate action to instantly stabilize and remain conscious. Staggered,
    but do not fall unconscious and begin dying on a standard action.
Self Reliant - After failing a Will saving throw against an effect with a duration
  greater than 1 round, can attempt a second saving throw at the end of the second
  round. If made, this has the same effect as if the original save had been made.
  Further, when brought below 0 hp, can roll twice to stabilize on the next turn.
Weapon Expertise - Can draw katana ("sword") as a free action, as if with the
  Quick Draw feat. +2 to crit confirmation rolls. Samurai levels stack with 
  fighter for feat selection w/ this weapon (ie Weapon Specialization).
Domain: Liberation (Freedom)
Liberty's Blessing (Sp) - (3+wis)/day, touch willing creature as standard action.
  Within 1 minute, creature can as a swift action make a saving throw against a
  single spell or effect it is suffering from that grants a save at the original DC.
Judgment (1/day) - As a swift action, pronounce judgment. Ends with combat. Can
  change with another swift action.
- Destruction - +1 sacred damage
- Healing - Fast healing 1
- Justice - +1 sacred attack
- Piercing - +1 sacred conc. and CL checks to overcome SR
- Protection - +1 sacred AC
- Purity - +1 sacred saves
- Resiliency - DR 1/magic
- Resistance - 2 pts energy resist (choose which)
- Smiting - Weapons light up, count as magic to bypass DR
Stern Gaze - 1/2 level morale to Intimidate and Sense Motive (min +1).
Strong-Willed - Roll twice and take the best result when making a Will save vs. a
  mind-affecting effect (replaces monster lore).
Unflinching - +1 Will vs mind-affecting effects.
Armor Training - Reduce ACP by 1; increase MDex by 1.

Defensive Stance - 4+Con rounds per day, +2 per level after 1st, free action to enter
  Renewed after 8 (nonconsecutive) hours of rest, don't add temporary bonuses to Con
  +2 dodge to AC, +4 morale to Str and Con, +2 morale Will saves (temporary bonus to
  Con increases hp, but these are then lost). While in stance, cannot willingly move
  from current position by any means (mount, teleportation, being carried), but can
  be maintained in a moving vehicle not controlled by the defender. Movement under
  own power induced by Bluff or an enchantment spell also ends the stance.
  Stance can be ended as a free action. After ending the stance, fatigued for twice
  the number of rounds spent in the stance. Cannot enter the stance while fatigued.
  If the defender falls unconscious, stance immediately ends (hp are then lost).
  Stance requires calmness, cannot be maintained while in a rage.
Defensive Powers - Even levels new power, gain benefits only in a defensive stance.
  Bulwark - Add ACP as a bonus to DCs of opponents attempting Bluff checks and to
    Acrobatics checks made to pass by without provoking an AoO.
  Halting Blow - On a successful AoO when drawn by movement, target's movement
    immediately ends. Cannot move further this turn, but may take other actions. 
Uncanny Dodge - Cannot be caught flatfooted. Still loses Dex from immobile or feint.

Spells (1st: 2/day)
CL 1, Save DC 11+level
0: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Sift, Stabilize
1: Cure Light Wounds, Protection From Evil

Mst Full Plate           1650g, +9, +1 MDex, -5 ACP, 20' spd, 50lb
- Black Chain Thing      ?g, +1 enh, negative resist 5
- Folding                10,000g, folds to occupy shoulders (epaulets)
- Auto Shield Arm        +1 AC & Ref w/ shield, -1 ACP Stealth/Thievery
Amulet of Resistance     1000g, neck, +1 resist saves
Iron Talisman            5g, 1lb, divine focus
Ring of Goat's Leaps     +30 jump, no limits
Void Rend Walkers        2/day move, dimension door 50', occupied square forced
                           Deals 1d10+5/5' forced, also to disrupted things
Song of Planes           +3, 1H, 1d8, 18-20/x2, 6lb, S, deadly
                         +2d12 vs Elementals/Constructs, +2 challenge bonus
                         2/day free functions as reach 15' until next round
+1 Tower Shield          1,180g, +4, +2 enh, +2 MDex, -9 ACP, 45lb
- Boombeard Plating      ?g, +1 enh, 1/day reactive vs miss, deal 2d6+enh 3x3 area
                           only in front of blocker, 2 square knockback Ref DC 20
Belt of Giant Str +6     36,000g, +6 strength
Ring of Protection +4    32,000g, +4 deflection to AC
Wakizashi ("knife")      35g, L, 1d6, 18-20/x2, 2lb, P/S, deadly
Spell Component Pouch    5g, 2lb
Belt Pouch               1g, .5lb
- Traveler's Any-Tool    250g, 1lb, generalized masterwork tool
- Compass                10g, .5lb, +2 circ Survival avoid lost
- Mirror, small steel    10g, .5lb
- Signal Whistle         8s, 1/4 mile Perc 0, -2 per 1/4 mile
- Everburning Torch      110g, 1lb, continual flame
- Manacle Keys, 3        3g
- Chalk                  1c
Bandolier                5s, "retrieve a stored object"
- Superior Manacles      200g, 3lb, EA 35, Str 28, DD 40, 10 hard, 10 hp
- Hammer                 5s, L, 1d4, x2, 2lb, B, improvised
- Waterskin              1g, 4lb, 1/2 gal
Backpack                 2g, 2lb
- Rope, silk, 50'        10g, 5lb, Str 24, 4 hp
- Climber's Kit          80g, 5lb, +2 circ Climb
- Flint and Steel        1g
- Dagger                 2g, L, 1d4, 19-20, 10', 1lb, P/S
- Waterproof Bag         5s, .5lb, 10 rounds immersion
-- Wandermeal, 10 days   1s, 5lb, week+ requires Fort save
-- Blanket               5s, 3lb
-- Traveler's Outfit     1g, 5lb
- Mess Kit               2s, 1lb
- Grooming Kit           1g, 2lb
- Sacks, empty, 6        6s, 3lb, cap 1cf/60lb
- Waterproof Bags, 2     1g, 1lb, 10r

At Home
Mst Katana ("sword")     350g, 1H, +1, 1d8, 18-20/x2, 6lb, S, deadly
Longbow, composite +1    200g, 2H 1d6, x3, 110', 3lb, P
- Arrows, durable, 6     6g, 1lb, P, doesn't break
- Arrows, common, 20     1g, 3lb, P
- Arrows, smoke, 3       30g, P, 5' cube of smoke
Steamer Trunk (?)
- Bedroll                1s, 5lb
- Blanket                5s, 3lb
- Arrows, common, 80     4g, 12lb
- Arrows, grappling, 4   4g, 2lb, 30'
- Crowbar                2g, 5lb, +2 to appropriate Str checks
- Sledgehammer           5g, 2H, 1d10, x2, 8lb, B
- Dagger                 2g, L, 1d4, 19-20, 10', 1lb, P/S
- Rope, hemp, 200'       4g, 40lb, Str 23, 2 hp
- Rope, silk, 100'       20g, 10lb, Str 24, 4 hp
- Grappling Hook         1g, 4lb, 10' range inc vs AC 5
- Chain, 20'             60g, 4lb, Str 26, 10 hard, 5 hp
- Twine, 300'            6c, 3lb, Str 14, 1 hp
- Vials, iron, 6         6s, 6lb, Str 14, 5 hard, 3 hp
- Gear Maintenance Kit   5g, 2lb
- Fishing Kit            5c, 3lb
- Cooking Kit            3g, 16lb
- Fletcher's Tools       5g, 5lb
- Explorer's Outfit      10g, 8lb
- Cold-Weather Outfit    8g, 7lb, +5 circ Fort vs cold weather

20,010g 8s 3c remaining
Carried 146.5lb (med), or 96.5 w/ folded armor (light)
Load 100lb (light), 200lb (med), 300lb (heavy)

Sjoerd "Sikke" Cazegn, Order Purifier
Human Cleric 5 / Inheritor's Crusader 3
Lawful Good

Strength      14 +2
Dexterity     12 +1
Constitution  12 +1
Intelligence  10 +0
Wisdom        20 +5 (16, +2 rac, +2 item)
Charisma      17 +3 (13, +2 lv, +2 item)

HP 57 (7d8+3d10+10; 8, +6x4, +3x5, +10)
AC 20 (+6+1 armor, +1+1 shield, +1 dex)
FF 19, Touch 11

Init +1
Speed 30'

BAB +8
MAB +10 (8, +2 str)
RAB +9 (8, +1 dex)

CMB +10 (8, +2 str)
CMD 21 (8, +2 str, +1 dex)

Concentration +13 (8 CL, +5 wis)

Fort +9  (+7, +1 con, +1 res)
Ref  +5  (+3, +1 dex, +1 res)
Will +15 (+7, +5 wis, +2 ft, +1 res)
+4 vs mind-affecting

El Swordo +11 (1d8+3, 19-20/x2)
  w/ divine favor +13, 1d8+5

Skills (2+1)x7
Diplomacy      +13 (7r+3+3c)
Know (dungeon) +8  (5r+3+0i)
Know (relig)   +4  (1r+3)
Perception     +17 (8r+3+5w+1t)
Sense Motive   +17 (9r+3+5w)


Latent Psion - +2 saves vs mind-affecting
Eyes and Ears - +1 Perception, class skill

1L - Selective Channeling - Up to Cha targets not affected by channel
1B - Iron Will - +2 will
3L - Scribe Scroll - Scribe some scrolls
5L - Extend Spell - Meta +1; double duration
7L - Reach Spell - Meta +1/increase; touch -> close -> medium -> long
9L - Quicken Channeling - Spend 2 channel uses to use as move action

Human - +2 one ability, +1 feat, skills

Proficiency - Simple weapons, light, medium armor, shields, longsword (favored)
Aura - Strong Lawful Good
Spells - Based on Wis; DC 10+SL+Wis; meditate at twilight
Channel Energy - Standard AoO, 4d6 positive, 30' burst, 3+Cha/day (6)
  DC 10+lvl/2+Cha (16) Will save for half; variant channeling, half healing
- Variant Channeling - Self-Perfection - On heal, creatures may ignore one
  temporary condition of their choice until the end of your next turn
  On harm, take a channel penalty (-2 at l5) on attempts to dispel, remove,
  or make additional saves against ongoing conditions for 1 minute
Domains - Void/Stars - 1 feather fall, 2 hypnotic pattern, 3 fly, 4 lesser p
  binding, 5 overland flight, 6 p bind, 7 sunbeam, 8 g p bind, 9 meteor swarm
  - Guarded Mind (Ex) - +2 insight saves vs mind-affecting effects
- Liberation/Freedom - 1 sanctuary, 2 r paralysis, 3 r curse, 4 freedom of  
  movement, 5 plane shift, 6 g dispel magic, 7 refuge, 8 mind blank, 9 freedom
  - Liberty's Blessing - Standard touch, target can as a swift action make a
  save against a single spell or effect at orig DC, within 1 min; 3+Wis/day (8)
Orisons - 0-l spells not expended when cast
Spontaneous Casting - Channel any spell into equal lvl cure spell
Aligned Spells - Can't cast spells opposing deity's (Neutral Good)

Champion of Honor - Purifier's Code (similar to Paladin)
Aura of Great Courage - Immune to fear, allies within 10' +4 morale vs fear
Destroyer of Tyranny - Any creature targeted by channel positive energy gets
  new save against any ongoing charm or compulsion effect; at GM's option, may
  also cover other effects based on belief, intimidation, or trickery.
  While under a charm or compulsion, may spend uses to attempt new saves,
  once per round as a free action; may also incidentally target self.
Sword Against Injustice - Super sword of smiting the guilty and stuff.

CL 8, Save DC 15+level
Prepared (usually) (* domain spell)
0 (4): detect magic, light, stabilize, 1 open
1 (7): command, moment of greatness, protection from evil, sanctuary*, 3 open
2 (6): grace, hypnotic pattern*, extended divine favor, 3 open
3 (5): bestow curse, magic circle against evil, fly*, 2 open
4 (5): blessing of fervor, summon monster IV, freedom of movement*, 2 open
5 (3): breath of life, overland flight*, 1 open

+1 Mith Breastplate      5200g, +6, MDex +5, -1 ACP, 10%, 30', 15lb
Traveler's Outfit        1g, 5lb
+1 Glowy Longsword       2315g, 1d8, 19-20, S, 4lb
+1 Buckler               1155g, +1, -0 ACP, 5%, 5lb
Iron Symbol              5g, 1lb
Spell Component Pouch    5g, 2lb
Holy Tattoo              100g
Headband Wis/Cha +2      10000g, +2 Wis, +2 Cha
Cloak Resistance +1      1000g, +1 saves
Ring of Sustenance       2500g, no food or water, 2h sleep
Pack                     2g, 2lb

- align weapon, 3        75gx3
- comm. endure elements  75g
- ghostbane dirge        75g
- touch of truthtelling  12.5g
- water breathing        187.5g


Carried 34lb (light)
Load 58lb L, 116lb M, 175lb H


Inquisitor 1 (Spellbreaker)
d8 (4, +2)
6+int, +1 hum (8)
Sense Motive +1, Diplomacy +7
Fort +2, Will +2
Domain: Liberation (Freedom)
Liberty's Blessing (Sp) - (3+wis)/day, touch willing creature as standard action. Within 1 minute, creature can as a swift action make a saving throw against a single spell or effect it is suffering from that grants a save at the original DC.
Spells (4 0, 2 1st known)
0: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Sift, Stabilize
1: Cure Light Wounds, Protection From Evil

+1 Str lv 4

Fighter 1 (Unbreakable)
d10 (5, +2)
2+int, +1 hum (4)
Perception +2, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +2
Fort +2
+1 BAB
Endurance, Diehard

Amulet of Resistance (from Hecate, 500g)
Masterwork manacles, superior lock (50+150g)
Iron holy symbol (5g)
Traveler's Any-Tool (250g)

Ftr 2
+1 BAB +1 Fort
Perception +1, Diplomacy +2, Know (dungeoneering) +1
Bonus Feat - Power Attack (-2 attack, +4 damage)
Unflinching (+1 Will vs mind-affecting effects)

Redo skill points:
Previously: Climb 3, Diplomacy 9, Handle Animal 3, Intimidate 6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 3, Perception 9, Ride 6, Sense Motive 7, Survival 3, Swim 3.
Diplomacy, Perception, and Sense Motive reduced to 6, giving 7 points. 4 put into Bluff, and 1 each into Craft (armor), Craft (weapons), and Survival.

Redo feats: Feat missing at level 5. Add in Toughness.

Tent and armor are broken, rations reduced to 3 (?).

Armor fixed.
Ftr 3
+1 BAB +1 Ref +1 Will
Know (dungeoneering) +1, Diplomacy +1, Perception +1, Sense Motive +1
Armor Training I
7th level feat - Lunge
Get Song of Planes sword

Replace Parasitic Growth with Old Codes
Lost shield

lvl 8 +1 Dex

Ftr 4
+1 BAB +1 Fort
Know (dungeoneering) +1, Diplomacy +1, Perception +1, Sense Motive +1
Bonus feat (dodge)

Stalwart Defender 2
2d12 hp
+2 BAB +1 Fort +1 Ref +1 Will
Know (dungeoneering) +2, Diplomacy +2, Perception +2, Sense Motive +2
AC bonus - +1 dodge to AC
Defensive Stance
Defensive Power - Bulwark

L9 feat - Leadership

Start 190g 8s 3c
+50g for horse
Purchase folding for plate armor (10,000g)
Purchase +1 tower shield (1,180g)
End 60g 8s 3c
Add Goat Ring & Void Rend Walkers

Added cohort.

Shield arm & plating.
20k gold.
-50 gp tour.

Stalwart Defender 1
1d12 hp
+1 BAB +1 Fort +1 Will
Acrobatics +1, Diplomacy +1, Perception +1, Sense Motive +1
Uncanny dodge - no flatfootery

L11 feat - Shield Focus

Sikke: Inheritor's Crusader 1
lvl 8 +1 Charisma
1d10 hp
+1 BAB +1 Fort +1 Will
Diplomacy +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Perception +1
+1 spells cleric (CL 8, +1 3rd and 4th level)
Sword Against Injustice - strike of judgment etc

Stalwart Defender 2 (3 -> 5)
lvl 12 +1 Dexterity
2d12 hp
+2 BAB +1 Fort +1 Ref +1 Will
Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Perception +2, Sense Motive +2
AC Bonus +1
Defensive Power - Halting Blow

L13 feat - Shield Specialization (tower)

+50,000 gp (70,010g 8s 3c)
Belt of Giant Strength +6 (36,000 gp)
Ring of Protection +4 (32,000 gp)
2,010g 8s 3c remaining

Sikke: Cleric 2 (5 -> 7)
2d8 hp
+2 BAB +1 Fort +1 Ref +1 Will
Diplomacy +2, Perception +2, Sense Motive +2
Channel Energy +1d6
+2 spells cleric (CL 10, +1 2nd and 4th level, 2+1 5th new)

Current plan: Stalwart Defender all the way to 18, then ???.
Cleric for Sikke.

Doomykins posted:

Old Codes
"I admired the old nobility of the Humans, who took to war as a matter of honor."

-Vanessa has permanently lost her infected arm, reducing her Strength by -2.
-Surviving this and other near-death experiences grants her a permanent +4 to Constitution.
-Song of Planes can use it's Wind Reach Ability 2/day now.
-Vanessa gained an ability usable with any weapon, Gale Slash. 2/day, Standard Action: Targets 3x1 AoE within 50 feet and attacks each target within the AoE once at highest attack roll vs AC. Roll for each square a creature occupies if target is larger than Medium(so a 2x2 Large creature can be struck twice, etc.) All properties of weapon/class/meleeing apply as per a regular melee attack.

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Jun 4, 2011

Looks like our civilians are fine, thank god for the capitalist spirit!

Seems like the perfect setting to play this rather neat concept I saw in the pathfinder thread, however it requires approval by you since it relies on the poor wording in the book. If you say it's okay I'll have the char up as fast as I can and you'll have a sort of cleric.

Mar 25, 2011

It started with a tragic tale from Ithor's war. It starts with the Duskborn family, a noble and proud line of traders and merchants that held many influence in the lands of Draunt, and their eldest son, Antony Duskborn. This would start to change, however, in the year of 882, when Antony's cargo ship, the Stormcaller, disappeared near the dead North. They believed him dead for months, until his miraculous reappearance, alone but unharmed. Indeed, the Duskborns were so relieved by his return that the mysterious circumstances regarding it and the strange behavior he exhibited during that time were ignored by even his pregnant wife.

Unfortunately, the young man was in fact a Vampiric thrall of the Mindless Legion, captured by the Illithid and turned into an undead agent to spy on Draunt's military capabilities. He soon turned his wife into a vampiric spawn, and the contaminated blood infected her daughter Hecate shortly before her birth. The Duskborn were later known as eccentric recluses instead of the adventurous traders from before, and their young daughter of them was raised as a cloistered girl, as her father feared that the girl's albino complexion would drawn unwarranted attention as they worked for their masters in the shadows, slowly sabotaging Draunt's economy while sending periodic reports to their masters in the North. When the invasion started, many people started to doubt and suspect from the Duskborns' loyalty, but only after the great light shone through the continent, and tortured yells of pain echoed from the Duskborn mansion is when their suspicions were confirmed. A mob of invaded the mansion, only to find a young white-haired girl crying over two piles of ashes in a secluded room. As they cautiously surrounded her, improvised weapons at hand, a cold wind blew inside the place, and in a flash, all the assailants were thrown in the ground, hurt but alive, yet the girl was nowhere to be seen...

Until seven years later, that is. Incapable of staying much time with the living, unable of joining the dead, Hecate lives now as a wanderer between two worlds, seeking a place where she can fit in and atone for the sins of her parents.


Hecate Duskborn

Dhampir White Necromancer (Grave-Bound) 11
Neutral Good

Age: 19

Strength 10
Dexterity 16 (14, +2 racial)
Constitution 12 (14, -2 racial)
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 21 (17, +2 racial, +2 Belt)

HP 61/61 (11d6+10)
AC 24 (10 + 3 dex, +5 Armor, +5 deflection.)
DR 10/- vs Non-lethal damage.
Resist Cold 5 Resist Acid/Fire 10

BAB +5 CMB +0 CMD +14
Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +8
Init +3 Speed 30 feet.


Crappy Rifle (1d8, 60 ft, crit 20/x4, 12 lb, capacity 1)
Sickle (1d6, Trip, Lethal, S)

Skills (2+1 Int)

Appraise +7 (3, +1 Int, +3 train)
Bluff +15 (2, +4 Cha, +2 Racial [+2 against attracted targets],+3 train,+4 armor)
Craft +4 (3, +1 Int,+3 train)
Fly +9  (3, +3 Dex,+3 train)
Heal +12 (3, +1 Dex, +3 Train, +5 special)
Intimidate +11 (+4 Cha,+3 train,+4 armor)
Knowledge (Arcana) +9 (5, +1 Int,+3 train)
Knowledge (Religion) +10 (6, +1 Int. +3 train)
Perception +4 (1, 2 racial, 1 Wis)
Profession +4 (+1 Int,+3 trained)
Sense Motive +4 (+1 Wis, +3 Trained)
Spellcraft +9 (5, +1 Int, +3 Trained)
Use Magic Device +12 (5 ,+4 Cha, +3 Trained)

Languages: Common, Draconic.

Traits - Sensual Grace (+2 on bluff rolls against targets attracted by the user)
Born in the Light (+2 on checks and saves affected by Endurance,
 does not take -1 penalty on perception checks in sunlight)

Feats: 1st - Spell Focus: Necromancy
3rd - Life-Dominant Soul (Both Positive and Negative energy heals the user)
5th- Craft Wondrous Items 
7th- Thanatopic Spell. 
9th Level - Undead Master. 
11th Level - Quicken Spell
Bonus - Eschew Materials, Firearm Proeficiency, Turn Undead.


- +2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease and mind-affecting effects.
- Takes no penalties from negative levels.
- +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Perception checks.
- 60 feet Darkvision and Low-light vision.
- Dhampirs are dazzled in areas of bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.
- Reacts to positive/negative energy as undead.
- Detect undead 3/day as a spell-like ability. The caster level for this ability equals the class level.
- Lore of Life and Death: Bonus equal to wisdom score on knowledge: religion checks 
about death and undead.
- Bonus to heal checks equal to half White Necro level.
- Rebuke Death: Can touch heal someone for (1d4+half level) hp times a day equal to Cha modifier.
- White Necromancy: Undead creating necromancy spells are considered to be not evil, 
undead created are neutral or Hecate's alignment.
- Grave Bond: Forms a bond with undead creature. More info below.
- Necrotic Transfer: Can transfer HP to another character equal to 10+con
modifier+white necromancer level.
- Voice of the Grave: Can use speak with dead for a number of rounds equal to White 
Necromancer level.Dead target get -4 to will saves to resist this effect.
- Lifesight: ains 10 ft. blindsight that locates undead and living creatures for turns equal
to white necromancer level.
- GRASP OF THE DEAD: Can summon bone arms once a day to grab and slash at people in a
20-foot radius. Must take a reflex save for half damage. If fail safe, can't move for one
round. Damage is equal to level x 1d6. - 1/day.

Spell DC: Cantrips (15) 1st Level (16) (+1 if Necromancy) 2nd Level (17) (+1 if Necromancy)
3rd Level (18) (+1 if Necromancy) 4th Level (19) (+1 if Necromancy) 5th Level (20) (+1 if 

Known Spells:
0st Level: Arcane Mark, Detect Magic, Light, Message, Read Magic, Mending, Touch of Fatigue,
Daze, Ray of Frost.
1st Level: Ray of Sickening, Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil, Inflict Light Wounds,
Mage Armor.
2nd Level: Command Undead, Spectral Hand, Bone Swarm, Cure Moderate Wounds, Invisibility.
3rd Level: Slow, Vampiric Touch, Fly, Gaseous Form.
4th Level: Animate Dead, Wall of Ice, Enervation.
5th Level: Breath of Life, Greater Bone Shards.

Spells Per Day.
1st Level: 7 (6, +1 Bonus) 2nd Level: 7 (6, +1 Bonus) 3rd Level: 7 (6, +1 bonus) 4th Level: 6, 5th Level: 4

Gear: Crappy Rifle, Sickle (6 gp), Bracers of Armor +5, 
Ring of Spell Knowledge (1500), Robe of Bones (used figurines), 20132 GP and 9 silver
remaining, Ammo (Will look at it later)
+1 AC Ioun Stone. Robe of Fallen Leaves(Empowered with a Glowy Organ).

Scroll of True Strike x 10 
Scroll of Ventriloquism x 4 
Scroll of Obscuring Mist x 5 
Scroll of Vanish x5 
Scroll of Negative Reaction x 2 
Scroll of Memory Lapse x4 

Wand of Admonishing Force (35 ft range)

Darkblast Shard (4 Charges, as Spell Burning arc but deals Necrotic damage.
4d6 damage to primary, 2d6 to secondary targets within 35 feet.)
Death-Ore Buckle (+2 Cha, 5 Cold Resist Belt)
Bleeding Gemstone (1/day, empowers next spell)
Ring of Violent Rage 1/Day: For as long as the Caster can maintain it (2 + Con Mod Rounds),
 all Spells cast deal an additional +2d8 damage to both target and caster. Only the bonus 
damage affects the ring-wearing caster!


New Spell

Specter's Touch

Casting Time: 1 standard action
Components: None(Can be cast Silently, Still, No Materials Needed)
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes

Once per day, consume a Spell Slot to cause 1d4 negative levels to target. For each level drained, regain 10 HP and 1d4x3 Temporary HP(Temp HP lasts for an Hour.) Spell DC = 10 + 1 Per Spell Slot Level + All Other Spell DC factors(Charisma, Intelligence OR Wisdom mod, feats, etc)


Moradin's Disappointment

Hecate 1
Range 25 + 5 feet per Caster Level
Duration 1 minute/level
Will Save Negates, Spell Resistance Applies

Inflicts -4 Fortitude Save and Combat Maneuver Defense upon the target as the steely and earthy natures of their spirit are diminished by some great unknown malady.


Ostarian, Former Bard, Skull Familiar
Screaming Beheaded (Full Skeleton later)

NG Tiny Undead
Init  Darkvision 60 ft. Perception +0
HP: 66 (9d8+30) AC 13
DR 5/Bludgeoning, Cold Immunity
Ability Scores Str 17, Dex 13, Con —, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 14
Fort +2, Ref +8, Will +14
Base Atk +6; CMB +5; CMD 17 (can't be tripped)
Flight 40 ft (Perfect)
Skills: Disguise +9 (4, +2 Cha +3 class skill) Fly +14. 
Feats: Evasion, Power Attack, Furious Focus, Improved Sunder, Bloody Assault, Combat

Attack: Slam +9 (1d2+3)

Special Abilities:

Screaming:The beheaded can scream out once every 1d4 rounds. Every creature within 30
feet must succeed at a Will save or be shaken for 1d4 rounds. The save DC is equal to 10 +
1/2 the screaming skull's racial Hit Dice + the screaming skull's Charisma modifier. This is
a sonic mind-affecting fear effect. Whether or not the save is successful, any creature in
the area can't be affected by that beheaded's scream for the next 24 hours.

Empathic Link:The master has an empathic link with his undead companion when they are
within one mile of each other. The master can communicate empathically with the undead 
ompanion, but he cannot see through its eyes. Because of the link’s limited nature, only 
general emotions can be shared. The master has the same connection to an item or place that
his undead companion does.

Speak With Master:If the master is 6th level or higher, an undead companion and the 
master can communicate verbally as if they were using a common language. Other creatures do
not understand the communication without magical help.

Share Spells: A grave-bound white necromancer may cast a spell with a target of “you”
on his undead companion (as a touch spell) instead of on himself. He may also cast spells on
his undead companion even if the spells do not normally affect creatures of the undead 
companion type (undead).

Unnatural Toughness: A skeletal companion receives additional hp each time its master
gains a level. These additional hp are equal to the master’s Charisma bonus.

Undead Immunities

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Jan 26, 2013

Doom, you know my poo poo work schedule, people are posting characters really quick, seeing as I work 10-12 hour days the next few days I'm not going to be able to do a character as quick. I'll get one done before the first though. Most likely Monday.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Mali: That's fine, this turn-out is pretty great so far and I'll probably start the game in a day or two, there's no need to rush or penalty for showing up a bit late. Take your time and thanks. Also play what you want, looks like we got a Cleric-like volunteer.

Plutonis: Looks good, a family line victimized by a vampire would work equally well as either important leadership on the side of the Defenders during sieges against Draunt or Geareg, or from a Vampire performing deep cover spy work almost anywhere in the world.

DagPenge: Approved, sounds awesome. Traditional D&D pantheon of deities at the moment but I'm open to home-brewing since the setting's flexible at the moment. The PR in the Years refers to "Pelor's Rise", or the time nearly a thousand years ago when some nebulous and great evil threatened to plunge the world into eternal darkness, centuries before the first reported sightings of "things" above the arctic north. Whatever happened was defeated and the sun rose again, becoming the basis of Humanity's greatest enduring myth about Pelor worship.

Zachol: They're d4/6/8/10/12, so half, so a straight 5. Mind Flayers speak Undercommon and this trend would pass to many of their servants, but they preferred telepathic communication to the horror of those who would close in on one in combat. And I'd say you can take Weapon Spec and other similar feats without Fighter levels, as it'd make sense to me that a Samurai would dedicate themselves fully enough to their blade to match a Fighter's expertise, as well as my interpretation of the wording. I think I'll hammer up a brief recount of the battle that killed your Lord(and your Lord's history) today.

Ryuujin: Looks good. From your backstory, I assume Thorgeisl may be aware of the new homeland of Mandel, but not feel worthy of journeying to it? His last name sounds like it was given to him by his unwelcoming kin.

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Jan 25, 2013

My gram says Kastrill used ta be nice. Good wossname, architecture, nobody outta work who didn't wanna be, plenty a merchants an' caravans an' suchlike comin' and goin'. Den da nobs decide dey wanna move da capital somewhere else, so dey all pack up and leave like it ain't nothin'.

Well, it's somethin' to those what they left behind, includin' my family. Dis was before I was born, though, so it ain't like I take it too personal.

These days if ya got some land like the plantation barons outside a town, or if you can chop wood, or trap and skin a muskrat or somethin', you can live pretty good. But my grandad and my gram are too old ta work, and my pa never got enough of a leg up ta make a decent livin'. Even my mam goes and does washin' while my pa is pickin' up work wherever he can, which ain't much.

So dis war comes along, an' my two brothers, older'n me, just sign right up. Soldier's wages ain't much but it was more dan we had, right? So then there's a bit scrum up at Ikora and long story short we got two real nice Druant flags folded up in a trunk in da attic my mam can't stand to look at.

So it's me and my two parents and their parents, and me an' my little sister left. An' even with two less mouths ta feed things are still pretty rough, right, since it's tha middle of winter an' there ain't much work ta be found plantin' or pickin' for my pa.

Usually when you're walkin' down the street and ya hear somebody go "Hey, kid" ya just keep walkin', but sometimes ya haven't ate in two or three days an' dat opens your ears up a little. Started out somebody wanted a package delivered to somebody cross town, didn't want any "complications" he said. Made a whole silver piece for that job... sure beats stealin' apples an squashes outta the stalls at market.

Turns out if you're willin' to carry packages and not too willin' to look real hard at what it is you're carryin', there's some pretty good work to be had. Also turns out if ya walk in with somebody's package and drop it off with one eye swoll shut an a coupla cuts cause you got into a scrap over da goods on the way, you get a reputation. Before I knew it I was better known for bustin' heads den I was carryin' parcels, and got a sweet gig in a little fight some guys had set up. They wanted to put some money on me they were so confident I'd win, see.

My cut from that fight was the first time I'd ever got gold, actual gold coins in my hands. People started callin' me "Lefty", all ironical, 'cause I won with a right hook. Anyway, I took that money right home to give to me pa, but he took one look at me all beat up and knew how I'd got it. Well, he had a mind to throw me an' my "dirty money" out on da street, an' I had a few things I had ta get off my chest, an' we had a great bloody row for hours. I did end up leavin' after all.

I imagine the row me and me pa had was nothin' compared to the one he had with me mam after she found out he threw her last baby boy out on 'is ear.

I write home plenty, and send 'em money. Maybe if pa is hungry enough he won't be too proud to buy somethin' ta eat with dirty gold. And even if he ain't, my grandad can have a bit of tobacco in his pipe and a bit of whiskey in his glass. I reckon I'll head back home when I've made enough that my pa and mam can stop breakin' their backs an' we can all live off what I made.

Reece "Lefty" Fairfax
Human male, age 17
Rogue level 3

STR 16
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 12
CHA 12

Traits: Reactionary, Child of the Streets
Feats: Sap Adept, Improved Unarmed Strike, Combat Expertise
Rogue Talent: Offensive Defense 

Acrobatics +8, Bluff +7, Climb +7, Diplomacy +7, Disable Device +8, Escape Artist +8,
Handle Animal +5, Linguistics +7, Perception +7, Sense Motive +5, Slight of Hand +9,
Stealth +8

MW Morningstar, Dagger (in spring-loaded wrist sheath), MW Composite Shortbow (STR 16),
MW Chain Shirt, Pathfinder's kit, Dungeoneer's kit, Climbing kit, Balance pole,
MW Thieves' Tools, Crowbar, Magnet, Steel Mirror, Soap, Whistle, Skeleton Key,
Potion of Cure Light x2, Potion of Cat's Grace, 22 gp

Initiative +4 (+2 Dex, +2 Trait)
BAB: +2; Melee +5; Ranged +4
CMB: +5; CMD 17
AC: 17; Touch: 15; FF: 12
Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +2
Locate Traps +8 (Perception plus class bonus)
Disable Traps +9 (Disable Device plus class bonus)
Sneak Attack +2d6 (if using bludgeoning weapon for subdual damage, +4 more)

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Good one, R^2.

Since it's come up with some backstory discussions, the northernmost circle in Draunt, the city in the mountains is Kastrill. The northernmost Fort next to it is Ikora, a port-fort town named for a great Human martyr that naturally enough hailed from Draunt. Draunt's capital was originally Kastrill but was relocated further South to that City dot at the lake, several decades before the Illithid war.

Mar 27, 2011

"a scattering of schizophrenic first worlders who have long ago burned their brains to ash in the radiant heat of their own imaginings"

Alrighty, here we go.

Rogue (Poisoner) 3 / Illusionist 2 (Mage of the Veil)
Neutral Evil


  P'ui is a small albino humanoid, covered in patches of wispy white fur with beady red eyes. She is
  one of the ratfolk, but unlike the few who scurry about the surface she is stark white, and her fur
  is so sparse that she appears hairless, a mess of wrinkled white skin and veins. A pair of reddish-
  yellow incisors peek out from her wrinkled lips.

  P'ui dresses in a patchwork assortment of rags, covering her delicate skin from sunlight and her 
  face from the prying gaze of surfacers. Few of the assorted, tattered articles of clothing actually 
  fit, but the rags do a good job of hiding what she is, often the only hint of her lineage a thin,
  wrinkled tail swishing about behind her.


  P'ui was born in a rat warren in the underdark, one of a swarm of thousands. Her clan operated as
  a single entity, thralls in the service of an illithadi elder brain. The pliable nature of her 
  race and her clan's distant ancestry to cranium rats allowed them to serve without the loss of their
  mind, and they operated with the thinnest modicum of free will, to better interpret the commands
  of their masters.
  P'ui's intellect was greater than that of others of her tribe, her mind exceptionally sharp, but
  her loyalty unquestioned. She was given the task of an apothecary and historian, keeping records
  of her tribe's deeds so her masters could better gauge the usefulness of their slaves. She had 
  served with distinction until the telepathic link was severed, and the clan descended into madness. 
  The weak willed fell still, unable to think without the aid of the swarm. The stronger fell upon 
  the weak, or each other. The slaughter lasted for days, and those few who survived scattered to the 
  winds, bellies full of rat meat and minds lost in a haze of confusion.

  She thought clearer than the others, and though the masters were gone, she was not ready to let go 
  of her duty. She searched the underdark for answers and found none, her path following their trail
  of destruction to the surface. She has plied the trade of an assassin and poisoner since, picking 
  up leads wherever she can.


  P'ui's tasks in the clan lead her to naturally thirst for knowledge, as does her nature as one of
  the ratfolk. Her busy hands would often get her into trouble, if she wasn't so good at making 
  escapes. She is inquisitive, rarely heeding risk or danger when something interests her. She is 
  somewhat bitter, finding her awakening less than pleasant and her loss of place in the world to
  be jarring, to say the least. P'ui worships no named god but those who whispered to her in the 
  darkness of thralldom, and pays homage to them through consumption, feeding exclusively on the 
  flesh of the living and sentient.

HP: 21
AC: 15 (Dex +4 / Size +1)

Str 10
Dex 18 - Reflex Save +8  -- Base attack bonus +3
Con 14 - Fortitude Save +2
Int 19
Wis 09 - Willpower Save +2 
Cha 07

Class Skills all get +3: [Ain't got time for no non-class skills]

  STR (no bonus)
    Climb - R1 / T4
    Swim - R1 / T4

  DEX (+4)
    Acrobatics - R3 / T10
    Disable Device - R4 / T11
    Escape Artist - R4 /  T11
    Fly - R0 / T7
    Sleight of Hand - R3 / T10
    Stealth - R5 (+4 size bonus) / T16

  CON (+2)

  INT (+4)
    Appraise - R1 / T8
    Craft (alchemy) - R5 (+2 racial bonus) / T14 (T16 in Lab) (T17 when making poison)
    Knowledge (history) - R5 / T12
    Knowledge (arcana) - R4 / T11
    Linguistics - R2 / T9
    Spellcraft - R1 / T8

  WIS (-1)
    Perception - R1 (+2 racial bonus) / T5
    Profession - R0 / T2
    Sense Motive - R1 / T3

  CHA (-2)
    Bluff - R0 / T1
    Diplomacy - R0 / T1
    Disguise - R4 / T5
    Intimidate - R0 / T1
    Perform - R0 / T1
    Use Magic Device - R5 (+2 racial bonus, +1 trait bonus, +3 feat bonus) / T12

  Blessing of the Feast
   Whenever you eat the flesh or drink the blood of another creature of your own kind (doom said 
   this could apply to all humanoids) a full round action that provkoes AOO - you gain the favor
   of your god or goddess and receive a +1 natural armor bonus for 1 minute/level. You can only 
   receive this benefit 1/day

  Dangerously Curious
   +1 bonus to UMD, UMD is always a class skill

Racial Features:
  +2 dex / +2 int / -2 str
  Humanoid // Ratfolk
  Small Size - +1 AC, +1 attacks, -1 combat manuver and cmd, +4 stealth
  Speed 20ft
  Languages Common, Undercommon, Elven, Dwarvish, Orcish, Draconic, Giant
  Darkvision 60'
  Tinker: +2 Race bonus to Craft / Perception / UMD
  Cornered Fury - When at half HP and no allies within 30ft, +2 racial bonus to attacks/ac

Class Features:
  Sneak Attack +2d6
  Evasion (on successful reflex save, take no damage.)
  Poison Use (can use poison, cannot poison self when poisoning weapon)
  Master Poisoner (can change poison type, 1/2 rogue lvl to alchemy)

 Mage of the Veil
  Arcane Bond (bonded object)
  Illusionist (opposed: Abjuration, Evocation)
  Scribe Scroll
  Face in the Crowd
    As a standard action, you can appear so normal/mundane/unexceptional that you blend into
    your surroundings. All creatures within 30' treat you as if you belonged there, ignoring 
    you. Creatures outside of this area may notice that you appear out of place, but as soon
    as they approach within 30 feet they are affected by the magic and no longer think that
    something is amiss. If you interact with an affected creature in any way, it gets a will
    save (dc 10+1/2 wizard level+int mod) to disbelieve the illusion. The effect lasts for
    a number of minutes equal to your wizard level, or until dispelled. The minutes do not 
    need to be consecutive but must be used in 1 minute increments. This is a mind-affecting
    phantasm effect.

  Weapon Finesse (Use Dex instead of Str with light weapons)
  Lasting Poison (Poison lasts for two attacks, victim gets +2 to save on second attack)
  Skill Focus: Use Magic Device (+3 bonus, +6 at rank 10)
Prepared spells:
  Level 0: 
    Detect Poison ([url][/url])
    Detect Magic ([url][/url])
    Detect Magic ([url][/url])
    Drench ([url][/url])

  Level 1: 
    Obscuring Mist
    Color Spray 
    Silent Image

  Specialist 1: 
    Disguise Self

Known spells:
  Level 0 (all)

  Level 1:
    Obscuring Mist ([url][/url])  
    True Strike ([url][/url])
    Disguise Self ([url][/url])
    Negative Reaction ([url][/url])
    Vanish ([url][/url])
    Ventriloquism ([url][/url])
    Silent Image ([url][/url])

    Ray of Enfeeblement ([url][/url])
    Sculpt Corpse ([url][/url])

  Masterwork Short Sword (small)
    1d4+0 Damage, 19-20x2 critical, Piercing
      Attack Roll: +8
  Masterwork Ratfolk Tailblade (small)
    1d2+0 damage, 20x2 critical, Slashing
      Attack Roll: +3 if used in a full attack, +8 if only attack this round
  Blowdart Gun (small)
    1 damage, x2 crit, 20ft range, Piercing "A blowdart gun is nearly silent when fired"
    - x20 Masterwork blowgun darts 
      Attack Roll: +8

  Tattered, Greasy robes
  Poison Pill Ring - hidden switch on ring contains poison dose
    -DC20 to open ring without being noticed
    Ring contains dark reaver powder (266 gp)

  Needle Switch Ring - hidden switch on ring contains needle for poison application
    Bonded Object - must have to cast spells or face concentration check
    Cast Vanish 1/day

  Greasy Satchel (all poisons are crafted unless otherwise noted)
    Contact poisons
      Sassone Leaf Residue ([url][/url])
        2 carried, 100gp each
      Terinav root ([url][/url])
        2 carried, 133gp each

    Ingested Poisons
      Lich Dust ([url][/url])
	2 carried, 133gp each

    Inhaled Poisons

    Injury Poisons
      Drow Poison ([url][/url])
        4 carried, 25gp each
      Purple Worm Poison ([url][/url])
        1 carried, 233 GP -- applied to a blowdart currently loaded into the blowdart gun

    1st Level arcane scrolls (all scribed unless otherwise noted)
      Scroll of True Strike x 10 (125gp)
      Scroll of Ventriloquism x 4 (62.5 gp)
      Scroll of Obscuring Mist x 5 (62.5 gp)
      Scroll of Vanish x5 (62.5 gp)
      Scroll of Disguise Self x2 (25gp)
      Scroll of Negative Reaction x 2 (25 gp)
      Scroll of Memory Lapse x4 (100gp) - purchased
    1st Level divine scrolls (this can't possibly end in disaster!)
      Scroll of Cure Light Wounds x3 (100 gp) - UMD DC to cast: 21 [!] - purchased

  Greasy moneypurse
    1266 gp

  Stocked Alchemy Lab  - 200gp

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Jun 4, 2011

Looks like our civilians are fine, thank god for the capitalist spirit!

Should finally be done now, but before I write out my chars story, alignment and deity, I would like to know more about this manor heist job. Who owns the manor and what do we expect will be inside? Since we are near Gearog, my knowlegde local should be helpful.

Oracle 2, Spellslinger 1
Race:	Halfling

Str:	8	-1
Dex:	14	+2
Con:	10	
Int:	16	+3
Wis:	10	
Cha:	18	+4

HP: 17 (2d8+2, 1d6; 8, 4, 3, +2 favored)
AC: 13, 17 with mage armor (+2 dex, +1 size)
FF: 10 (14), Touch 13

Init: +2
Speed 30ft

BAB: +1
MAB: +1 (+1, -1 str, +1 size)
RAB: +4 (+1, +2 dex, +1 size)

CMB: -1 (+1, -1 str, -1 size)
CMD: 11 (+1, -1 str, +2 dex, -1 size)

Fort +1 (+0, +0 con, +1 halfling)
Ref  +3 (+0, +2 dex, +1 halfling)
Will +6 (+5, +0 wis, +1 halfling)

Arcane Gun +5 (1d10, x4, 50ft, P/B)

Diplomacy 			+8  (+1, +4, +3)
Survival 			+6  (+3, +0, +3)
Perception 			+8  (+3, +0, +3, +2 keen senses)
Sense Motive 			+4  (+1, +0, +3)
Spellcraft 			+10 (+3, +3, +3, +1 trait)
Knowlegde (arcana) 		+10 (+3, +3, +3, +1 trait)
Knowlegde (religion) 		+7  (+1, +3, +3)
Knowlegde (local Gearog) 	+8  (+2, +3, +3)
Knowlegde (Dungeoneering) 	+7  (+1, +3, +3)
Knowlegde (Geography) 		+7  (+1, +3, +3)


Magical Knack (Spellslinger)
Arcane Student

1L - Spell focus conjuration
2C - Gunsmithing
3L - Point blank shot

Mystery - Heavens
Class Skills: An oracle with the heavens mystery adds Fly, Knowledge (arcana), Perception, and Survival to her list of class skills.
Bonus Spells: color spray (2nd)
Revelations: Guiding Star (Su): Whenever you can see the open sky at night, you can determine your precise location. When the night sky is visible to you, you may also add your Charisma modifier to your Wisdom modifier on all Wisdom-based checks. In addition, once per night while outdoors, you can cast one spell as if it were modified by the Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Silent Spell, or Still Spell feat without increasing the spell’s casting time or level.
Oracle's Curse - Haunted
Retrieving any stored item from your gear requires a standard action, unless it would normally take longer. Any item you drop lands 10 feet away from you in a random direction. Add mage hand and ghost sound to your list of spells known.

See here: [url][/url]
Short version: 
- You start with a Gun and the Gunsmithing feat, just like a Gunslinger.
- You can cast any ranged touch attack, cone, line, or ray spells through the gun, gaining the gun's enhancement bonus on the attack roll or the save DC against the spell. Doing this risks breaking the gun (if you roll a 1 on a hit or an enemy rolls a 20 on a save), much like how firearms work normally.
- You can burn a spell and apply its level to the gun as an enhancement bonus (which can be used to increase saves, as above), and you can give it abilities like Flaming and Wounding for their enhancement bonuses. This lasts a minute per level of the spell you burn, so even at level 1 you get 10 rounds out of it.
- You receive no cantrips. You can cast Read/Detect Magic as 1st level spells.
- You gain no Arcane School, and you have to choose four opposition schools.
Spellslinger prohibited schools:

Ability scores: +2 dex, +2 cha, -2 str
Size small: +1 size bonus to AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.
Fearless: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by halfling luck.
Halfling Luck: Halflings receive a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.
Weapon Familiarity: Halflings are proficient with slings and treat any weapon with the word “halfling” in its name as a martial weapon.
Keen Senses: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
Fleet of Foot: Some halflings are quicker than their kin but less cautious. Halflings with this racial trait move at normal speed and have a base speed of 30 feet. This racial trait replaces slow speed and sure-footed.

Spells Oracle
Spell DC: Orisons (14) 1st level (15)
Known Spells:
0st Level: Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Mending, Create Water, Mage hand, Ghost sound
1st Level: Color spray, Bless, Doom

Spells Per Day:
1st Level: 5 (4 base, 1 cha)

Spells Spellslinger
Spell DC: 1st level (14)
Known Spells:
1st Level: Grease, Mage Armor, Obscuring Mist, Burning Hands, Enlarge Person, Summon Monster I, Read Magic, Detect Magic

Spells Memorized
Grease, Burning Hands

Mst Musket (Arcane Gun)		 300   gp (see gunsmithing feat) 	4,5  lbs
Firearm Bullet (30)		   3   gp				0,5  lbs
Powder horn			   3   gp				1    lbs
Wand of Cure light wounds 	 750   gp				0,1  lbs
Wand of Mage Armor		 750   gp				0,1  lbs
Pearl of Power (1st)		1000   gp				N/A
Donkey (Anna)			   8   gp				N/A
Backpack			   2   gp				0,5  lbs
Bedroll				   0,1 gp				1,25 lbs
Flint and Steel			   1   gp				N/A
Spellbook, wizard's		  15   gp				3    lbs
Spell component pouch		   5   gp				2    lbs
Holy symbol, wooden		   1   gp				N/A
Tent				  10   gp				5    lbs
Waterskin			   1   gp				1    lbs
Pot, iron			   0,8 gp				4    lbs
Shovel				   2   gp				8    lbs
Gunsmith's kit			  15   gp				2    lbs
Black powder (keg)		 100   gp				5    lbs 

Total				2951,9 gp
Pouch with 48 gold and 1 silver

Light load 19,5 lbs, carried 11,2 lbs (Gun, Bullets, Powder horn, Wands, Holy Symbol, Spellbook and components)
The rest is usually on my trusty donkey Anna

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Looking good Mirthless and DagPenge, and since I've got such great and timely player turn-out I'm gonna start the play thread today. Since it'll be in the OP, I can give you a bit of an answer.


Who owns the manor and what do we expect will be inside?

A popular veteran of the war, Nicolas Carbon served with honor throughout all seven years. A simple Human businessman hailing from Geareg and moving to Draunt, he originally enlisted in a cavalry unit stationed in Kastrill. By the end of the war he was a Colonel of the United Illyian Forces, wholly dedicated to holding the line against alien aggressors. In the aftermath of the war he has begun to lobby with Geareg's Dwarven Senate for the brief ties between world powers to remain united in a joint military unit of some sort, but details and negotiations are hazy.

Though a bit of a depressing history, Nicolas has taken up residence in Somber Hill House and begun renovating it extensively, the small castle fort being reworked into a livable manor and small barracks where he is organizing a private army. As to what can be expected inside... I might as well write the thread today and introduce your backer!

I've got seven players and half-expect one more close friend(Nikumatic) to join, so I think I'm full up. That's including late-genners like Malikilal, so don't fret none about the thread starting today and just get your character sheet going, the introduction will give you some entry time and even in a worst case I'm ready for the very very late.

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Started up.

Jeff Goldblum
Dec 3, 2009

I'd like to start a character, but I see eight is full up! Nevermind!

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Feb 13, 2012

a fantastic machine made of meat



Jan 26, 2013


Olimar, like many dwarves, was born deep underground in the subterranean cities of the dwarves. He was always a bit of an odd man out among his family, he never really wanted to stay around the dwarven city and practice his family's mercantile pursuits. His uncle, an odd-dwarf, took him in when he was young, barely old enough to grow a beard past his neck, and began to train him in fighting and scouting. Olimar's uncle was the leader of a band of Dwarven deep delvers known officially as The Fist of the First, but called by most, The Anvil-Shattering Ale Drinkers. Olimar spent many years training and fighting with the Anvil Drinkers, he delved deep and searched hard. He fought for over 30 years under the dwarven city state against the undead that inhabit the deep halls. After a while he began to hear rumors about a war that was going on up above. The rumors turned into stories, the stories became official reports and Olimar was both pleased and amused by these reports. A war of merely seven years was going on above and all the weak willed creatures who did not have a heart of iron like the dwarves thought it was something worth talking about. He made up his mind one night to travel up, for the first time in his career. He said goodbye to his fellow Ale-shatterers and headed up to New Geareg.

In the great corrupt city above Olimar was humbled by what he found. While he had been fighting for 30 years against various undead and monsters in the Underdark he had never fought an enemy capable of the destruction that was evident here. His world view shattered, his years spent with the Drunken Anvils now seeming a mere waste of time caused him anger and shame. 111 years of life wasted fighting MERE UNDEAD when he could have been up above, fighting creatures worth testing himself on. He has done nothing with his life and he was nothing, the dwarven resolve he feels is naught but the audacity of a person who has never been truly tested and he is sickened by his own weakness.

After missing the actual war scouring the underdark for baubles and the occasional fight against mere vampires and deep creatures Olimar decides to join the police above and help rebuild the city. He joins, but his time within the deep delvers counts for little on the top-side, so he joins as a mere foot soldier. He works hard to maintain law and order within the corrupt city that is being rebuilt around him but he slowly grows disillusioned with what he sees here too. The bureaucracy and red tape causing any actual policing to be twice as hard, half as effective and 4 times as costly as it needs to be. He begins allowing lesser evils to slide for the chance to get back at the greater criminals and slowly slides down the slippery slope of the corrupt law official.

Olimar is older than most starting out their adventuring life, he's 112 and has served in some form of dwarvish fighting brigade for over 45 years. He is bitter and does not believe he has done anything with his life. He believes that he needs to do things but cannot see a way to begin doing them. He's taken this job as a chance to try something new, despite still officially being an actual police officer among the Dwarven Tank units. He seeks challenge at every angle and in every aspect of his life.

Olimar is a stout dwarf, broad in chest, though not taller than normal. He stands 4'3" and weighs and impressive 14 stone. His eyes are grey, the color of iron and his hair is rich brown and braided down his back, his beard is long, almost long enough to tuck into his belt and also braided into a thick braid. His huge chest is covered by well made breastplate armor, he wears a warhammer on one hip and a mace on the other. He carries a composite longbow, backpack and quiver of arrows.

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Feb 13, 2012

a fantastic machine made of meat

"M' mudder laid wit' a salamander, whatcha think?"

"Too much friction 'tween paw and the missus."


"Me girl said I t'weren't hot enough 'fore."

Oreom never gave a straight answer to what the hell happened to you?. Chances were he wouldn't have even if he had known. The facts were these; somewhere in the southern Wilds, someone left a kid to get gnawed upon by anything and everything that might have happened behind. You might've even heard why, if the various scratches and burns the thing's kin had suffered before abandoning the firecracker to fate's embrace hadn't been so unmentionable to have never been brought up in polite company. Polite company didn't have babes with skin like rust and hair like a dying coal, and wild things belonged in the wild. It was hard for him to pinpoint exactly when he'd decided to become civilized, evolving from a life of killing things, eating things, and lighting things on fire in various orders, but judging from the tales of wildfires and bogeymen out in the southern Wilds he was out there for several decades at least. Still, feral things can be curious, and not everything around the wilds was food or a threat, as it turned out. After spending years exploring every inch of the wilds and skirting nervously around any establishments he came by, there came a day that Oreom got his bluster up enough to present himself to the people whom he found most civilized.

It is also a fact that to a beast raised beneath the stars, Orcs can in fact be considered civilized. A step up is a step up, after all. Oreom was not exactly what anyone would call a quick learner, but even a dripping roof could carve a cavern given enough time. Spending several years taking orders from whichever Orc managed to trick, coerce, or convince Oreom that he wanted to do favors for them -- usually, a promise of alcohol proved to be enough to sway him, and it only caused problems when it turned out a debt he was being sent to collect was more alcohol -- it was impossible for the Ifrit to not eventually learn the ropes of society, and the virtues to be held above all else: Brawling, Booze, and Bunches of Riches. Slow learner that he may have been, Oreom was not outright unintelligent. The decades spent without language or structure proved to be a large boat to turn, but once the rudder angled him toward understanding, he never retreated from the destination. By the time he was a spry sixty-seven years old, Oreom had learned how to get what he wanted out of life through both verbal coercion and coercion too. Luckily for most people, Oreom was still a simple man of simple pleasures, who treated the days when he was fed and liquored up as the good days in a week. But society instilled something within him that couldn't be taken away, unleashing a genie that refused to be bottled. Content to work for and aide others for the bare necessities for as long as he had been, eventually, someone was stupid enough to flip Oreom a gold coin for his troubles. It was nearly untarnished, shining like the sun, and it melted in his hand beautifully when he applied enough pressure to it. Between Oreom and gold, it was love at first sight. Eventually, he learned that melting it into a growing pile of lumpy metal wasn't its preferred usage in polite society (and perhaps if Oreom had been more artistically inclined, there would have been more appreciation of a gold-sculptor working on a project other than "misshapen pile"), and grudgingly accepted that using it as tender for goods and services might be alright as well.

Someday though he'd look down from the tallest tower of his solid gold castle and know that truly he had become the civilizeder one.

These days, Oreom is after wealth. It's not an especially noble goal, but he is not an especially noble person. People are gold dispensers, and his interest in them lasts for about as long as he can hear a jangling in their pockets. Arrogant, tunnel-visioned, blustering, bragging, and selfish to the core, Oreom manages to convince many people that he's actually worth spending time with largely by virtue of his having learned to be a pretty stand-up drinking partner. It helps that he's a conversation starter just by being himself. There is something Orcish about him in the breadth of his shoulders and the width of his jawline, but his skin is the color of rust or dried blood. Horns like a ram's, chipped and scored from the claws and teeth of wild beasts, curl from his forehead to nearly press down into his ears, and his hair sparks and glows like dying embers every time the dark mass of it shifts. Bright yellow eyes and shining black teeth make Oreom's most boisterous smiles likely to send small children running, but this proves to not be much of a problem; small children have very little gold, after all.

Oreom Bonne
Ifrit Barbarian
Chaotic Evil
Level 5

STR 17
DEX 15 (13+2 Racial)
CON 15
INT 10
WIS 7 (9-2 Racial)
CHA 15 (13+2 Racial)

HP: 28/28
Init: +2
BAB: +5
MAB: +8
RAB: +7

AC: 16 (17 w/ Shield)
Fort: 4
Reflex: 2
Will: -1

CMB: +6
CMD: +8

Speed: 40 Feet

Languages: Common, Ignan

Acrobatics 6
Climb 5
Craft 5
Intimidate 8
Knowledge (Nature) 4
Perception 7
Ride 4
Survival 6

Class Feats:
Fast Movement (+10 feet faster)
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Trap Sense +1

Rage Powers:
Knockback - Make a Bull Rush in place of a melee attack
Renewed Vigor (Ex) - Heal damage as a standard action

Racial Traits:
Fire Resistance 5

Ifrits with this racial trait derive sadistic satisfaction from watching others burn. Anytime the ifrit causes a creature to catch fire, he gains a +1 morale bonus on the
 next single attack roll, saving throw, skill check, or ability check that he makes in the next round. The ifrit only gains this bonus the first time he causes a particular 
creature to catch fire; subsequent times the creature catches fire provide no bonus. This racial trait replaces fire affinity.

Scorching Weapons
You gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against fire attacks and spells with the fire descriptor or light descriptor. As a swift action, you can make up to two held 
manufactured metallic weapons become red-hot for 1 round, dealing 1 additional point of fire damage with a successful hit. This does not stack with other effects that add 
fire damage to weapons, such as the flaming weapon special ability.

Two-Weapon Fighting
Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off hand lessens by 6.

Point Blank Shot
You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.

Firearm Proficiency
Removes the -4 to using firearms untrained.

Masterwork Armored Coat Armor +4 MDex +3 ACPen -1 ASFC 20% [200gp]
Terbutje (Steel) x 2 (S)1d6 (M)1d8 (Crit) 19-20/x2 [40gp]
Golden Boy, Revolver+2:  1d8, 20/x4, Capacity 5, Range 40 ft, Weight 4lbs. - Consumable(Destroys Weapon PERMANENTLY): Electronium overload causes Golden Boy to fire 5 shots(5 attacks) instantly, destroying the Golden Boy in the process. Golden Boy's range functions as 5 feet for this use(-2 attack for every 5 feet beyond the first.)
Rifle (Low-Quality) 1d8  Range 60  (Crit) 20/x4
Shield, light steel (Quickdraw) (Spiked) Armor +1 ACpen -2 ASFC 5% [69gp]
Volcanic Mace Earthbreaker (s)1d10 (m)2d6 (Crit) 20/x3  +1 Fiery Earthbreaker +1 Atk/Dmg 1d6 Fire Damage on Hit
Chain Belt [15gp]
Handy Haversack [2000gp]
Bedroll [1gp]
Crowbar [2gp]
Water Purification Sponge [25gp]
Waterskin [1gp]
Compass [10gp]
Tobacco [1gp]
Barbarian Chew [1gp]
Dice, Loaded, Superior [50gp]
50 Bullets [50gp]
Rations (1 day)
Void Metal Shard
Black Iron Chain

1713g, 80s, 5c
Also this is my first time genning anything remotely Pathfinder or 3.5e related so if I was a huge dope anywhere someone feel free to let me know.

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Jun 4, 2011

Looks like our civilians are fine, thank god for the capitalist spirit!

I am sadly posting to tell that I will not be joining despite having already generated a character. I thought I would be able to RP via the forums, but it is just not working for me, apparently I really need it to be over skype or just face to face. I hope you guys can manage anyway and if anybody want to use my character feel free to do so.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Thanks for the heads up, I've PMed somebody else with the go-ahead to chargen.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

For the purpose of map use anyone who didn't pick a character portrait needs to give me one. I'll grab a handful of decent ones from my own collection to make it easier if you feel like , but all the same you'll need one for the map token I make and use for you! Just gimme a ring if you wanna see what I got.

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Dec 25, 2008

WARNING: This poster is a huge bitch!

Years of travelling on the road have made him stoic and monastic. While perfectly congenial, Figuero is not over-eager to court or pursue affection among any others for he knows it is not long that he will be with them. Charismatic and verbose for his own sake, the young Human is perpetually researching, investigating, and learning from his surroundings. Orphaned as a child by gruesome circumstance. His parents were refugees, betrayed by a man who offered them passage to safer lands, and ambushed on the roads all while Figuero was still in his infancy. Found by centaurs, he was then turned over to a temple of Desna that had long since been lost in the marshes and mangroves. Raised to manhood and touched by divine potential, Figuero through study and divine choosing became a powerful inquisitor, and on his 14th anniversary of his coming to the temple he left as an honorable emissary of the temple sent to provide guidance to any who may walk the roads alongside him.

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Jan 25, 2013

Big 3/4 shot.

Smaller icon that probably fits better on maps, and better shows off his magnificent 'stache and oft-broken nose.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Tokens! Enough to work the maps. I had to guess at Vanessa, Olimar and P'ui. If you don't like it, give me better or ask to see my others!

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Dec 25, 2008

WARNING: This poster is a huge bitch!

Loving the lefty faces in thread, keep it up!


Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Soviet_Russian was sharing a Crit/Fumbles table with me tonight and I guess I didn't indicate if I'd be using homebrew rules for 1 and 20 results.

I usually run with 20 always succeeds and 1 doesn't always fail, though a bit more lethality might be fun I think. Maybe using a shrunken version of these tables.

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