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Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat


It's like a Western, but with Vampires! Welcome to Let’s Play Boktai 2!

Q. What is a Boktai?

Bokura no Taiyoh (Translated fully: Our Sun) is a video game series made by Konami starting back in 2003 with Boktai, The Sun Is In Your Hand! The most notable feature of the series is that each cart featured a Solar Sensor that would detect the UV rays in sunlight and translate them into in-game effects!

Q. Wait, you mean you had to play this outside?

Yup! Unless of course you had a UV light handy.

Q. I heard this game was made by Hideo Kojima. Is this true?

He did! Kojima was the producer of the game, and the one who came up with the original concept.

Q. So is the story…

It’s pretty easy to follow. Mostly. We play as the Solar Boy Django, fresh from defeating Hel, the Queen of the Immortals, and purifying the City of Death, Istrakan. Now, we return to San Miguel, The City of the Sun and Django's home, to purify it of the Undead.

Q. So how is this thread going to work?

It'll be a 100% (to the best of my ability) Screenshot LP, with video for more important cutscenes, and a few points for audience interaction.

Oh, and before I forget, You can talk about spoilers, but make sure to tag them, okay?



: PURIFIED! A snowy haired Immortal dressed in a duster and wide brimmed hat. He stole the Solar Gun from the Solar Boy! He is somehow capable of using the Solar Gun, so consider him armed and extremely dangerous! Further information reports that he was last seen purifying himself, along with the Immortal Black Dainn. REWARD: CLAIMED

PURIFIED! The White Duneyrr. A blonde Immortal in a white coat and sunglasses who can turn into a giant moth. Made a huge mistake attacking Django freshly awoken. REWARD: CLAIMED

:PURIFIED! Black Dainn. A white-haired immortal with powers over shadow. The true extent of his abilities are currently unknown. Last seen being purified along with the Vampire Ringo. REWARD: CLAIMED

PURIFIED! Red Durathror. A red-haired Immortal with power over plants. Was once the root of the Darkness Tree, but absorbing the lifeblood of the Solar Tree ironically left her vulnerable to the very Dark power she tried to protect. REWARD: CLAIMED

: PURIFIED Blue Dvalinn. A purple-haired Immortal with power over water. Sealed within the Aqueduct for years, she was released by Black Dainn. She made the mistake of trying to face Red Django head on, and was destroyed for it. REWARD: CLAIMED

Table of Contents:

Update 1: A Pistol for the Man with No Name

Update 2: The Girl with the Golden Glove

Update 2.5: The Game cart and AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION!

Update 3: Fist of Bat Punching

Update 4: Grave Mistakes

Update 5: A Fistful of Jewels

Update 5.5: Freeze-out in the Northwoods

Update 6: Should you ever meet the Dark Boy…Pray for your Death!

Update 7: The Man beyond the Desert Tablets

Update 8: Adios, Red Django

Update 9: Under Burning Rays

Update 10: Cheyenne, The Bad Man of Dark City

Update 11: Red Sun

Update 12.5: Hunt For Missing Treasure

Update #13: The Four Bit Treasury

Update #14: Little House on the Time Warp

Update #15: The Tarot Trio and the Lady of the Cards

Update 16: Stardust on the Forge

Update #17: Tower of the Two Brothers

Update #18: Ringo...Adios!

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Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat


Heroic Creampuff digs up some cool things!

heroiccreampuff posted:

I love this game, but it sure as hell does weird things sometimes. I hope you have some recorded footage later to show off how Bubbles Destroy Your Game.

Also someone mentioned a little while ago that Boktai didn't have enough anime in it, so I'll just leave this link here of the original commercial advertisement for this game.

The English version of the E3 trailer is also pretty magical. I said I'd post these a while ago, but I wanted to be absolutely sure there weren't any spoilers left in the videos. Also sorry for the crap quality, but the videos aren't mine. Still had to post them through polsy so a video of the final boss didn't pop up in the related videos list.

(If OP wants these taken down however, just say so.)

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Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

Update #1: How the Sun Was Lost

Morning Sun

If there is one thing I’ll fault this game for, it’s the fact that they only give you one save…but it’s not like that’s a problem right now.

This is a neat feature if you owned Boktai 1! Upon beating the game, it’d give you a really long password that, if you input it here, lets you start with better stats! But since we don’t have a password, we won’t be using this for now.

Django’s a pretty good name…

But I’m sure you all could come up with a better one?

On second thought, let’s just go with the default.


Star Reader

grand Twilight descends on the Wedge-binding City of the Sun. A deep shadow is then born in its wake.

Well that doesn’t sound good.


Solar Boy Django

: Pass through this valley and you’ll finally arrive at the City of the Sun, San Miguel. Or rather, the City of Death that your hometown has been turned into by the Undeadening Curse of the Dark Immortals. I thought the Undeadening would abate with the Queen defeated. But I feel it with my solar sense…The Undead still roam there, dark servants, stripped of life and stripped of death. And the immortal shadow that manipulates them all…

: Dispel the dark clouds that shroud the City of the Sun!

Actually Otenko, I think I’ll just go back to Istrakan. I mean, that place is purified now so-


Welp, here we are on the way to San Miguel. I guess we should hurry-

A what?

Oh. That’s nice of them.

: They give you useful info for your adventure, and tips for overcoming obstacles. To read a panel, move close to it, and press the A button. It’ll do you no harm to find out what it says.

Otenko is right, unless of course you need to play this game fast. Then just ignore the panels.

Panel: Know that north is to the top right, south is bottom left, east is bottom right, and west is to the top left of the screen.

This one talks about the R button and how it lets you look ahead.

Using our R button, we can easily see some deadly spiders ahead. They’ll be difficult to sneak past.

So let’s just shoot them with our handy SOLAR GUN.

Our incredibly powerful and efficient SOLAR GUN, as evidenced by our barely-drained yellow ENERGY METER.

Unfortunately, the SOLAR GUN does not eliminate spider webs, so we have to mash buttons to escape.

Panel: When you are caught in a spider web, or by some other enemy or its trap, get away as fast as possible by rapidly moving the Control Pad.

Slightly strange they’d put the explanation after you’ve been caught, but oh well.

Heading to the North…

Note that we are actually above those spiders, and as such cannot shoot them! Height is a thing in this game, and it affects a lot more than just combat.

Panel: The Solar Gauge at the bottom center of the screen shows the amount of Sunlight that is hitting the solar sensor.

This is true. Too bad it’s nighttime…


…Darn, my UV light burned out.

This next one talks about our LIFE GAUGE. It’s the green bar up in the corner. If it hits zero/ turns fully red, we die. We don’t want that.

Hm? What’s that green thing hiding over there?

It’s a chest! Green chests contain rare equipment or rare items, and as such, do not come back under normal circumstances, unlike their more common red-orange relatives.

This shot is actually blocked by the stairs, as it is unfortunately beyond us to tilt our SOLAR GUN up. Oh well.

This chest contains a map. Sometimes maps are broken up into parts, like here.

We can flatten against walls to take cover from a variety of things, and to keep out of sight. We can knock on them too, but there’s no use for that yet.

Huh. Floor’s out. Oh well, there are some bits on the edge there, so we can probably just-


Block puzzles ahoy! You can shove rocks and such around by flattening up against them.

As seen here when pushing this surprisingly box-shaped rock.

Hmm. If you flatten up against a wall, you can slowly slide left or right until the wall ends or you hit an obstruction.

Doing it the right way this time…

Is that a skeleton with a lightning bolt on its forehead? Does that mean its a wizard skeleton?

Heading north, we stumble upon…

A person! He looks friendly.

And he’s the silent type.

Which is strange, if Otenko and those Hint Panels are anything to go by!

Oh no! Another one of those guys I spent the last week purifying!

Magic Flute

Okay wait they didn’t do this.

Suddenly, the silent cowbow vampire here decides to freak out.

Giving us a perfect chance to take him out.

You’re lookin pretty pale there, friend. Maybe you just need some sun!


Yup! Good that you recognize it, cause it’ll be the last thing you-




: It’s no use to him! Only a Solar Child can operate the Solar Gun! It’s useless in the hands of a Vampire!

Right, so our first boss fight entails getting our gun back and-

Oh crunch.

You’re the Messenger of the Sun, you tell me!



*Music fades out...*

: But I can’t believe it… A Vampire that can use the Solar Gun! Maybe he is the dark cloud covering San Miguel…?

And thus we are reduced to saving the city with our hands.

Master Otenko

: What’s done is done. You can’t change the past. But it doesn’t mean the future is decided! What you do right now…That’s what will determine the future!

: Remember the blood and soul that rests in your Crimson Scarf! Something like this would never have knocked your father’s spirits!

Actually, saving the city with just our fists would be pretty boss.

: You must track down that vampire and Retrieve the Solar Gun!


Magic Flute

Red-haired Girl: How could he have defeated the Queen, let alone the Count?

Black Shadow: The blood of both the Sun and the Moon runs in his veins. Anyway, the Queen, -no, Hel- simply returned to her rightful place. Right, then! I must get on while there’s nothing in the way. Sleeping Beauty awaits her wakeup kiss. You’re in charge of stopping the boy.

Red-haired Girl: What would you like me to do about the vessel?


San Miguel


Cutscenes: The man in the Hat

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Jun 22, 2012

Ive been waiting for someone to LP this. God speed!

As for names Id say The Kid. because we are going to be exploring a dead city.

Mar 27, 2010

by Lowtax

Django, obviously. This boy will be unchained from the shackles of his fate!

Feb 4, 2013

Solar Boy Sol

Because what better to name him

oh and if we're allowed to vote on weapons. Be a man used the most OP weapon. A true man fights with his fists!

Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

Oh yeah, that brings me to the gimmick.

We're doing two playthroughs of this game. One is how a normal person would play the game, the other is...

Well, here's the Title.

Django Unarmed: Let's Punch Boktai 2!

Feb 4, 2013

You're playing the game right.

Seriously I was considering LPing the game and doing that myself, but I wanted to get situated more before I did. So Seeing you doing it that way is totally boss.

Nov 10, 2012

Yesssssssss..... I have this game, but it's kinda cold and dim around here right now so I can't actually make any progress. This will be much fun to read.

Jul 29, 2010

Grimey Drawer

Heavy Sigh posted:

Django Unarmed: Let's Punch Boktai 2!

Yeah, I was wondering what you had done with that.

Anyway, also voting for The Kid. Not Kid, but The Kid.

Apr 4, 2011

Counterpoint: More pink.

Krysmphoenix posted:

Yeah, I was wondering what you had done with that.

Anyway, also voting for The Kid. Not Kid, but The Kid.

Seconding The Kid.

I've heard stories about using UV lamps and how it can actually melt the cartridge if you're not careful. I'm pretty sure that emulators (VBA at least) can emulate the solar sensor, too.

Nov 10, 2012

All the Boktai games have fanmade patches that let you adjust sunlight levels with L and R. Not sure about UV melting your cartridge but the Overheat mechanic's built in for a reason, I'm sure too much sunlight would damage your game and it's definitely bad for you. That goes extra for UV lights. I assume you're emulating this but if you're not please don't get skin cancer on our account!

Jumping on the The Kid gets my vote too.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Has there ever been a really solid depowerment mechanic at the start of a sequel? I can't really think of one.

Apr 22, 2010

Royalty is a continuous cutting motion

Glazius posted:

Has there ever been a really solid depowerment mechanic at the start of a sequel? I can't really think of one.

Metroid? But that's more of a tradition.

Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

Update#2: The Woman with the Golden Glove

City of Death

: But now it is truly the City of Death. ...Huh?! Is that...? Amidst the Darkness... I sense a faint glimmer of life! Could there be something alive in there that escaped the Undeadening?

Can’t hurt to find out!

Heading north up the ramp…

We come to stand inside the wall that surrounds San Miguel.

Let’s read!

Panel: Indoors, where the sun’s rays cannot reach, solar charging will not work even if the solar sensor is getting light. But under a skylight, the sun’s rays can be used for solar charging. Also, undead monsters are weakened by sunlight, so they can be damaged by the rays of light coming through a skylight.

Reread the above, because it is incredibly important. Skylights are your sole means of charging indoors, and are essential to survival. However, they are invisible unless light is striking the solar sensor.

Like so. Take note, skylights are not always square shaped, but more on that later.

More reading!

Panel: Foes with keen hearing will come towards areas where they hear a noise. Knock on walls to lure enemy monsters to where you want them. To hit a wall, press the A Button while you’re flattened against it.

Let’s take Mr Panel’s advice and try it out on that poor Bok over there.

Imagine an adorable squeak of alarm whenever that ! pops up.

Imagine an equally adorable squeak of confusion whenever that ? pops up too.

Oh, and remember how the skylights were said to damage enemy monsters? If we combine that with our new knowledge of how to lure monsters…

We can make these horrible zombie monsters march right into a searing hot trap.

But that doesn’t seem useful, with such a low damage output…Then again, what if it was a little sunnier outside?

Much better.

Moving on past the un-undead Bok, we pass through the door it guarded and-





Welp, no choice now!





: You can’t defeat a Skeleton without a weapon!

Wait, that’s not locked?

Hang on, maybe I get extra damage with counters!

Since when do skeletons know how to Backstep!?

Unable to harm it, we flee like dogs to the eastern door…

A chest! Tell me it holds a gun! I’m good with those!

Otenko that is wrong I cannot beat up monsters with a videogame.

: It's nothing compared to the Solar Gun, but it's better than using your bare hands. It can't purify the Undead without the power of the Sun, but Skeletons are material-type monsters, with physical form... so you can get rid of them for a while by destroying their bodies. It's all up to you now, Django!

Before that, let’s read some more!

Panel: You can check your weapons and change equipment on the menu screen. Your current weapon is shown at the bottom right of the action screen.

Yes! A millennia-old knife from a fallen empire is exactly what I need to fight a skeleton!


Ah! Sparkles! Sign of the Vampire! …Wait, I’m not outside, why am I sparkling?

: Ex Points go up when you defeat monsters. When they reach a certain point, you'll be able to level up. By allocating the status points you get when you level up, you can enhance some of your stats. There are 4 stats you can enhance: Vitality, which affects Life Gauge capacity, Spirit, which affects you Energy Gauge capacity, Strength, which affects your attack power, and Agility, which affects your movement speed and your power to defend. You can allocate your points on the menu screen's status menu. Even if you level up, your stats won't be enhanced unless you allocate points. So don't forget to do it!

That’s a lot of important words, so lets do that right now!

It works just like he said. You use the control pad to spend the points, and the A button to finalize your selection.

Now then, I’ll be saving the levels I get until the end of the update, whereupon I will be opening the point spending to a-HAHAHAH NO.

Now then, moving through the western exit…

City of Death

Panel: If an enemy spots you, it will attack without fail. But sight-oriented foes won’t attack if you don’t enter their field of vision. If you approach them from behind, you can pass by them without a fight. You can also inflict serious damage on them by attacking them from behind.

Behind, huh?

Hey, it worked! Now then, lets just check out that chest…

…I was hoping for armour or something to go with my knife, not the second part of the map!

Heading West…

More Reading!

Panel: You can reduce the damage you sustain if you equip a protector. Check the protectors you have and change equipment on the menu screen.

But I don’t have a protect-


Welp, let’s put this on.

It’s Leather Armor, with 15 Durability (defense) and 10 weight (Strength must be above this value or you slow right the hell down). Sometimes these can have special effects, but those will be examined as we come upon them.

Heading upstairs…

If you look closely, you can see a skeleton down there. Now imagine him getting cut to pieces from behind, and me moving on to the next room.

Moving on to the north…


…That’s the only other exit, but it’s not like I would need to run away this time or anything…



This purple guy is a Ghoul, as opposed to the green Boks from earlier. He's stronger and tougher than they are, but that's not all.

He’s got a few more tricks up his rotting sleeves than his mouldy green brethren.

For one, if he catches you in his sights…

He’ll throw up a glob of purple goo at you, knocking you back and dealing Dark-type damage. He’s got some impressive range on it too, so he can catch you off guard if you stray into his sight even at a good distance.

Tough as he is, its only a matter of time before he loses this fight to the death and-

Who in the heck!?

Magical Girl Zazie

: Zombies are undead monsters. Yer can't defeat 'em without the Sun's power. What were you thinkin', eh?! The Solar Boy losin' the Solar Gun! Jeez!

Oh now that’s just a low blow! We totally could’ve taken that vampire if he hadn’t run off with it!

: You cryin'? Cryin', are yer? Think cryin's gonna help? Even if it's rainin' cats 'n' dogs, a sunflower holds its head up high! Here! I'll lend yer this. Now, just cheerup, 'kay?

Ooh, more sparkles.


…Wonder how much it cost? Ah, it’s probably some artifact from long ago or something.

: It can add the property of Enchantment to any weapon by using the Sun's power. It's one amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Magic Machine! But for Enchantment, yer gonna need all different types o' Moonlight Magic.

…Hang on a second.

Yeah, that.


: Eh? Can't use magic?! You really ain't cut out for all this! You sure you're the Solar Boy? Surely you can use easy stuff like ENCHANTMENT SOL, eh? Alright! I'm doing you some bloody favors. Bloody enough to please them Vampires!

Look lady, I’ve got half a mind to punch you with this dang glove, so quit with the sass!

I’m always ready for sparkles!

…Is that staff topped with a question mark?

But I’m not sure how!

: To use magic you gotta equip the stuff first on the menu screen. Then yer equipped magic shows up at the bottom left of the screen, 'kay? You can switch Enchantment Magic on and off using the L Button. When yer attack usin' a weapon with Enchantment on, the attack becomes a property attack, 'kay? Magic lowers yer energy, so watch yerself and don't forget solar chargin'!

Wait where’s the-




Oh right, the FIGHT TO THE DEATH!

With the power of ENCHANTMENT SOL, our sword both sparkles and glows with the golden light of the sun! It’s brilliant radiance tells us to strike down evil! With nothing less…



: Well, you'll be able to purify the Undead with it. You still have much to learn before facing Immortals, but we can't be picky! But goodness, that girl... and the way she talks... She said she'd be waiting at the Mall. Go to Sun Avenue, in the heart of the city. Carry on to the north, Django!

Sure! With this (new?) sword and this magic glove, nothing can stop us now!

Heading out through the now unlocked north exit…

City of Death

: Let me explain, Django. You'll need sunlight to restore your energy, but if you're exposed to very strong sunlight or are outside for too long, you'll run the risk of overheating both the Sol De Vice and yourself. If this happens, obviously you won't be able to carry on with your adventure. So if you see the overheat alert appear over the Solar Gauge, make sure you get into the shade and rest for a while. Got it?

Oh great, now even the Sun doesn’t want to help me too much. This saving the city thing just gets better and better.


Sun Avenue 1


And here we are, Sun Avenue, the Heart of San Miguel. Wait, that girl called this the Mall, so maybe I can go shopping!

Wait, people put signs in their doorways? Maybe it’s a sale sign!

Dang it!

Is everything here either locked or closed?!

And- wait what was that glint just now?

Aha! Solar crystals! If we strike them with any kind of weapon…

They’ll break!

Releasing these little firefly guys! The green ones are Moonlight Bugs, and they restore health, while the orange ones are Solar Bugs, that restore energy!

They can appear anywhere, so it’s good to keep an eye out for the telltale bright green glint. In dungeons, they can mean the difference between life and death!

Now then, back to our exploration of the ‘Mall’…

Hey! It’s that girl from earlier!

Oh, and she’s got a friend!

…I’m not that scary, am I?

Quit with the sass! I could’ve taken him without your help.

Wait what this thing has fees?

...You bought this from Dark Loans, didn’t you.

: Y'what? Got no cash? Well, that's just typical, now ain't it... Anyway, I reckon this'll help yer out. You can borra energy whenever yer want. But watch out, 'cos you'll have to pay it back, 'kay? Betta use it carefully. Go ask over at Dark Loans if you wanna know more, awright?

Speak of the devil…

: If I’m not mistaken…Sunflower Girl, isn’t it?

She doesn’t have anything related to sunflowers on her nor does she look anything like one how do these titles even work.

: It's an honor to meet you. I am the Star Reader, Zazie. Sunflower Girl is the name the, I mean, the Mistress used in her youth. Not that I can begin to imagine the old... er, the Mistress at my age. She saved the world with Red Ringo, the strongest Vampire Hunter. I came here to because of her star reading, to see the end of the world for myself...

…Again? I literally saved the world a week ago and it’s going to end again?

: Is that what she predicted?


Star Reader

grand Twilight descends on the Wedge-binding City of the Sun. A deep shadow is then born in its wake.


: That Vampire... What on earth is going on in this place? And what could that deep shadow be...?

Hm? What’re they talking about?


: You're Solar Boy, so yer should be able to help me out. Violet's gramps went off looking for somefin' but he ain't come back, see. Now we can't be lettin' a little kid like this be all upset, right? So how's about yer go off and bring the old man back, 'kay?

: Amazing that she's survived through all the Undeadening in this place.

Zazie: I dunno though. Violet's gramps is the one to ask about all that. That old man happens to be Steel Smith, you know!

Otenko, do you happen to know Everyone or something?

: That’s why you gotta go and save him, awright?

: He used to be an excellent gunsmith. People called him the Gun Master. He's the man that taught your Father Ringo, the great Vampire Hunter, about guns. He's sure to have some idea about what's causing all these strange things here.

: just northwest of here. 'Course, I'd go there meself, but I'm s'posed to be watchin' the barrier, see. The barrier that protects this here City of Sun's gettin' weaker, I tell yer. I dunno how much I can do to help, but I'll be tryin' my best at any rate.

Oh, thanks girl. I’m not sure what… Wait a minute…

I’ve seen this before…

Yeah, it is! Then…is that guy around here? And if so, why aren’t these two dead and/or undead?

Oh. He’s probably gone by now, then…

: Go on and take it as payment for savin' her gramps. With that you'll be able to use ENCHANTMENT FLAME, got it?

Oh goodie, now we can’t refuse.

So, do I just slot it into the glove, or…

Oh. Guess I do.

: Does that mean he's close?! But... First thing's first, we'd better find Smith. Come on Django, let's head for the Cathedral!

And so we shall!

Next time on Let’s Play Boktai 2…

When it rains, it pours.


Cutscenes: Strange Girl

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Oct 22, 2008

Unite: MASH!!
~They've got the bad guys on the run!~

I miss this series so much. It was criminally under advertised, even if the sunlight gimmick was kind of a pain.

May 29, 2012

penguins love soccer

Heavy Sigh posted:

Next time on [i]Let’s Play Boktai 2…[/u]

You might wanna double-check your bbc. Also I noticed some typos in the update before.

On a less nitpicky note: I love this series more than is probably healthy. I have gotten very bizarre sunburns as a young lass, and also had a cold for almost two months because I refused to stop wandering outside to play this the October/November it came out.

Asking because I didn't see it in the OP: are you going to be doing any post-game shenanigans? And if so, is this going to be a 100% run of this game? And lastly: are you going to link either of the two promo videos this game had? The E3 trailer has the cutest western-style music, and the commercial is hilariously anime. The E3 trailer has some major game mechanic spoilers, but I think the commercial is fairly harmless?

Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

heroiccreampuff posted:

You might wanna double-check your bbc. Also I noticed some typos in the update before.

On a less nitpicky note: I love this series more than is probably healthy. I have gotten very bizarre sunburns as a young lass, and also had a cold for almost two months because I refused to stop wandering outside to play this the October/November it came out.

Asking because I didn't see it in the OP: are you going to be doing any post-game shenanigans? And if so, is this going to be a 100% run of this game? And lastly: are you going to link either of the two promo videos this game had? The E3 trailer has the cutest western-style music, and the commercial is hilariously anime. The E3 trailer has some major game mechanic spoilers, but I think the commercial is fairly harmless?

And now you know why I have my username. Feel free to point out any more typos that you see, cause I apparently can't.

On that other note, I had no idea this thing was actually advertised on TV, or that it had an E3 trailer! Go ahead and post those, if you think they don't spoil too much.

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Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Ah, rain. I don't suppose this game has any provision for sunshowers, does it?

Mar 26, 2005

Can you show us what the game cart looks like?

Nov 10, 2012

I'd like to be goony as gently caress for a moment, if nobody minds.

heroiccreampuff posted:

On a less nitpicky note: I love this series more than is probably healthy. I have gotten very bizarre sunburns as a young lass, and also had a cold for almost two months because I refused to stop wandering outside to play this the October/November it came out.

Actually I think you'll find that I am the biggest Boktai nerd here, I own the limited-edition Solar Gun water pistol. It was released only in Japan as a promo toy for Lunar Knights, or to give it its original title, Boktai DS: Django and Sabata. That is all.

Nov 3, 2009

Look Professor, a destruct switch!

I remember begging my parents for these games when I was younger, and them not buying them for me

Aug 18, 2012

I know this is a jrpg and she's supposed to be talking like she's six, but when I read this line I heard it in a pirate voice.

YARR, me found it a while ago.

Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

Glazius posted:

Ah, rain. I don't suppose this game has any provision for sunshowers, does it?

Short answer: Nope.

Long answer: Rain is evil.

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Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

The_Frag_Man posted:

Can you show us what the game cart looks like?


Front of the cartridge. Notice how its a bit bigger and oddly shaped for a GBA cart.

The reason for that can be seen here, on the back. That black square is the Solar Sensor's solar panel, and sunlight has to hit that tiny panel for it to register in-game. This means a whole lot of playing on your front outside, or some very acrobatic manuevers with your hands to catch the all-important rays.


I'm going to hold a VOTE.

We could Rescue Steel Smith from whatever doom has likely befallen him...


We could let him stew for a while, and do an Optional Dungeon before we head to the Cathedral.

Bold your votes: Rescue Steel Smith, or Optional Content?

Feb 4, 2013

Optional Dungeon. We Ain't Goin' Easy on ya Hoss.

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Oct 13, 2012

The bane of my existence.

I'm sure that nothing bad will happen if Django/The Kid venture into the optional dungeon .

Nov 10, 2012

Optional dungeon, cause I'm pretty sure I just did it and I want to stay juuuuuust a little ahead.

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Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

Alternate Update #1: The Fightin’ Kid/Fist of Bat Punching

It was all over.

Less than an instant after he’d lost the Solar Gun, Django had been defeated, and the Vampire had fled. How could he lay claim to the title of ‘Solar Boy’ if all he could do was use a Solar Gun he no longer had? Hell, a Vampire could use the drat thing, and better than he could!

He wasn’t worthy of the name Django, the name of the Solar Boy who had freed Istrakan from the grip of the Immortals…He was just a kid who was reduced to fighting with nothing but his fists.


…If he could save his hometown, without relying on tools like the Solar Gun, then, and only then, would he be fit to call himself ‘Django the Solar Boy.’

But for right now…

He wasn’t Django.

He was just a Kid…No, The Kid.

The Kid who would save San Miguel.


Fast Forwarding to content we haven’t seen…


Rain, every drop of it corrupted with Dark Matter. If The Kid was drenched, he’d lose the power of the Sun, until either he was cleansed with purified water, or if he stood out in the blazing Sun for a long time. … Then again, it wouldn’t be much of a loss right now.

(If you stay in an in-game rainstorm for too long, you’ll be afflicted with the Curse of Kaamos, which basically means you either need to buy a Drop of Sun, which can only be found after the first Immortal dies, or you need to run around in the sun for a long time. However, if you do get cursed, you can go talk to Violet and she’ll give you a Raincoat, guaranteeing immunity to Kaamos as long as you wear it. However, you can sit through an entire rainstorm and not get cursed, so it might not be as big a danger as you think.)

Heading South…

The Kid was confronted with a wriggling, thorny root. Taking it on with his fists…

Met with little success.

Instead of wasting his life in a fruitless battle, The Kid circled around the vine, using Sun Avenue.

(Darkness Roots cannot be killed. They have life bars, but striking them down just causes another to pop up. They attack by grabbing you and squeezing, draining your life until you escape by mashing buttons to make it drop you.)

Now on the other side of the demon root, he took a left past the plant and headed down the stairs.

Here it was. The dark beacon he’d seen on the way in.

An Undead Dungeon.



: Can you feel it? The presence of the Undead... We're not in the city anymore. This is an Undead Dungeon. Every time you enter an Undead Dungeon, all traps and enemy monsters return to their original state. It's all part of the Doomsday Phenomenon. Be sure to stay alert, The Kid!

Now lacking even the Solar Gun, and untrained in fighting barehanded, his wits and his reflexes were all that kept The Kid alive.

(Whenever you leave a dungeon, everything inside resets, including puzzles. Later dungeons contain puzzles that can be failed, so this is very helpful. However, unlocked doors stay unlocked, as a matter of convenience.)

The rain was letting up, but the corrupted fowl were unaffected by the bleary sun that pierced the clouds.

(Some monsters are not affected by the sun, notably the Beast types like birds and insects.)

While the birds were agile, their attacks were weak and their bodies weaker. Even a few strikes from The Kid’s untrained fists were enough to return them to the dust of the earth.

Another chest.

A map. The area must be quite small, for the Undead not to bother splitting up its map.

(Dungeons are almost always tiny, and usually they only get one map, instead of two. However, that does not mean they can’t be complex. More on that later though.)

Inside, The Kid was confronted by a pack of Klorofolun. The free-roaming balls of Dark Matter would latch onto his body and suck his blood till he was nothing but a dried husk.

However, the fact that Klorofolun lacked true bodies meant that not only was their grip weak and tenuous, once shaken off they could be dispersed with a single strike.

(Klorofolun attach to you and drain your health by about 10 a second, regardless of defence. However, they have next to no health and rocking the control pad like mad knocks them off before they can hurt you.)

Surprisingly, they held Earth Nuts, the fruit of the Solar Tree inside them. Perhaps they’d taken them from some poor soul once they’d drained him.

(Klorofolun can drop either Earth Nuts, which restore your life, or Solar Fruit, which restores your energy.)

The Kid decided to take advantage of this bounty, and scarfed down the fruit. Already, he could feel strength returning to his body.

A weight switch. The Kid had seen this type of contraption in Istrakan. All he had to do was step on it, and whatever mechanism it was linked to would trigger. Some had latches that would keep it pressed after he stepped off, while others required weights to be left on them.

(Weight switches are divided into two types in this game. The kind you have to stand on once, and the kind that need to be held down. There are gonna be a lot of puzzles revolving around that.)

This one had been equipped with a latch, allowing The Kid to strike down the swarm of Klorofolun that came through the gate the second it raised. Already, The Kid felt more confident in his barehanded abilities…but not by much.

(After killing about 15 or so enemies with a particular attack, your skill will go up. It does not matter whether it is a bird, bat, or zombie, as everything is worth the same amount of skill points.)

After shutting and reopening the gate to see if there were more Klorofolun waiting in ambush, he passed through.

Inside were two Boks, but they were no match for his fists. Indeed, he felt even stronger after striking the first one down.

(Note, the fist’s damage output works a bit differently to the other weapons, in that the higher your skill is with the fist, the more damage it will do, in addition to your strength stat.)

The second fell shortly thereafter.

Outside, the kid climbed over a set of stairs to the west. The bats taunted him by hanging in plain sight yet out of his reach, but The Kid shrugged it off and went inside.

The stairs were out. Typical. He’d have to find another way.

Heading out and circling to the back of the building…

Even after fighting them for so long, The Kid still couldn’t believe how poor the senses of the Undead could be. He was less than three feet away, and they still couldn’t see him.

(Boks see in straight lines, so stuff like this happens a lot more often than you might think.)

Still, pathetic or not, The Kid wouldn’t pass up a chance to destroy the Undead.

(By the way, see that chest? We’re gonna have to come back for that one. It’ll be a while, so don’t hold your breath.)

More Klorofolun, but now they were barely noticeable, aside from the fact that these carried Solar Fruits, the magical complement of the Earth Nut.

Perhaps the Undead were smarter than he thought. The rocks couldn’t be moved, and neither his fists nor the magic in his sword could destroy either boulder. The Kid would just have to live with his curiosity for now.

(Yeah, this is going to have to wait till later. Way later.)

While this area was infested with bats, they had thankfully attacked before The Kid slipped onto the ledge. The footing was precarious enough that even a slight tap would send him plummeting into the depths below.

(If you get attacked on a ledge, you’re falling. No exceptions.)

After pilfering a hunk of meat from the chest, The Kid took a breath, and stepped into the abyss.

Thankfully, the fall was short enough that it only hurt a bit. If it had been any farther though, he might’ve broken something, and in a place like this…

(Falls are divided into two types: Safe, and Lethal. Safe means nothing happens, and is usually required to progress, though sometimes they’re around if the designers were feeling nice. Lethal kills you, forcing you to either pay Dark Loans to let you retry the room, or reloading a save.)

The chest held a Solar Nut, and peering below he could see the room from earlier. IF this side was the part he’d been in…

The Kid jumped down the left pit and continued on, coming across a set of buildings divided by a staircase.

Heading left, The Kid stumbled upon a Solar Station. He’d used these back in Istrakan, where they would collect the sun’s power as he walked around outside. Then, in dungeons, he could recharge his energy using that stored sunlight. It could also function as currency, but that hadn’t always been the best idea.

Then again, since the Sol De Vice didn’t work with his fists, it wasn’t like he’d be in desperate need of a recharge any time soon.

(Solar Stations collect the solar energy as you walk around outside, higher levels of sunlight give you more energy. The nice part is, however, they charge even while Django is running around inside a dungeon, as long as your Solar Sensor is detecting sunlight.)

Heading up the stairs outside, he entered the building’s next level.

A puzzle? Here? He could understand the ones in Istrakan as the work of particularly bored Immortals, but there were none residing here. And if it had been here before the Undeadening struck, why would anyone put it in?

Baffled but resigned, The Kid stepped out to solve this puzzle. Right next to the staircase were three rooms.

The room in the middle, with naught but a switch and some bats.

The room at the top, with a switch and more bats.

And the room on the bottom, with a switch and yet more bats.

(So, have you figured out the puzzle? I’m going to stand here and punch bats until you have.)

(Got it?)

(If you guessed: “Hit the switches according to the number of bats in the room”, you’re right!)

(Imagine these Boks being punched to death.)

The Kid ran down to the bottom of a quite big staircase, punching the foolish Klorofolun that stood in his way…

Panel: Why are they going round and round like that? They’re so engrossed, they can’t seem to see anything. What are they up to…? Round and round and round…

(I think this is a joke, but I have no idea as to what. Feel free to explain if you get it.)

The Kid stepped forward, spying three Boks doing just what the panel had said. They were circling a pillar in rigid formation, but strangely, there were only three of them, leaving a hole for a fourth.

Stranger still, all the doors were unlocked and open.

These Boks even seemed to possess worse vision than the others, unable to see The Kid even if he was a mere foot in front of them.

Taking up a good position, The Kid prepared to destroy them all.

…Maybe that hadn’t been such a good idea.

(Attacking any of these guys, or even bumping into them, will cause all the doors to lock and make them all come after you. They’re just as weak as regular Boks, but you can’t progress, so just leave them alone)

One quick retreat later…

In the southwest exit were two chests, one containing a hunk of meat, the other containing a Speed Nut.

(Meat heals about 75% of your health, compared to 33% for fruit. A speed Nut temporarily makes you run at double speed for 30 seconds.)

Through the northeast exit…

(These doors are, once again, for later. A lot later, in fact.)

Through the southeast exit…

Two Boks lay in ambush for The Kid, but they proved to be no match for his fists.

(Fists can hit through walls, provided the enemy is close enough)

Heading through the south exit…


The Kid was walking into a surprising number of these lately.

But then again, it’s not like they were dangerous.

The piles of dusty, reanimated bones were no match for him.

(Normally, Skeletons revive after a few moments if not purified, but in Trap Rooms, you just have to kill them once.)

After striking down the last one, The Kid headed west…

A living man?

: The Kid... ...aren't you? I'm Marcello. On the day the city was attacked by the Undead, I got left behind when everybody ran away..."

One quick explanation later…

: Then maybe I'll head for Sun Avenue too. This new warp magic square will probably take you to the Dungeon entrance. See ya then! You take care too, okay?!"

And with that, the man vanished.

Leaving The Kid free to loot the area.

The Kid expected something useful in this chest.

A key was not it.

But, he took it anyway. Perhaps it might be more useful to someone else.

(This is only sort of useful. Sort of.)

Feeling he’d accomplished everything he needed to do, The Kid stepped onto the Warp Square…

And vanished in a flash of light.

With the main dungeon done, its time to hunt down what we missed!

Over here, right outside the bat switch puzzle…anything look suspicious?

How about now?

Heading all the way around up this path…

Leads us to a dead end.

With an invisible chest!

Opening it, we find a Solar Clog!

Solar Clogs are an invaluable tool for those who do not have access to the sun. Upon use, the clog is thrown, and if it lands with the strap up, you get 2 permanent bars of sun until dawn or dusk. However, if it lands strap down, the sun will be clouded, and the Solar Sensor will not detect any sunlight.

Also, the way it lands is random, so you’ve got a fifty/fifty chance of either permanent sun or no sun at all.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, was the Ruins…

…For now.

Anyway, lets get moving to the Cathedral, since Smith is probably half-dead by now or something.

: Is where the Solar Tree used to stand... What a terrible scar we're left with. The Solar Tree was a shrine to all life in the world, and it contained the power to use the sun's energy and purify the land. The Solar Tree was taken away by the City of Death, Istrakan. The Earthly Maiden, Lita, brought it back to life, and the land there was purified. But here in San Miguel... There's something preventing that from happening. If we don't find out what that is, there is no hope for the City of the Sun...


The Queen of the Sky meets the Fist of the Sun!

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Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

I expected the Solar Tree to be maybe withered or something, not yanked bodily from the earth.

Oct 22, 2008

Unite: MASH!!
~They've got the bad guys on the run!~

Glazius posted:

I expected the Solar Tree to be maybe withered or something, not yanked bodily from the earth.

Yeah, the Immortals didn't play around with their attack. You find (what's left of) the Solar Tree in the Immortal's city in the first game, using it as a source of items and eventually restoring it. Lacking tree-moving heavy machinery, you're apparently forced to just leave it there after the game ends to hopefully remove their undeadening curse from the land as well.

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Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

Actually, we technically do have someone who could move the Solar Tree.

We'll be meeting her in the next few updates.

Also, I believe the third game states that they left the Solar Tree there because it could weather Dark Matter better than a seedling could, and as such could more easily purify the land. I might be mistaken, though.

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Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

Let’s Play Boktai 2 Update 4: Grave Mistakes.

Alright, now that the Ruins are out of the way, it’s time to rescue Steel Smith!

But before that, let’s talk to some people! Starting with Otenko!


: Django, let's head for the Cathedral in the northwest!

: Hmm... It seems like there may be others left here beside Smith and Violet. I wonder if they've given up hope, or...

Now Zazie!

: I left some Solar Bamboo on the first floor o' that Inn. If yer want to recover some Life, yer welcome to use it. Yer use it by... Oh just give it a beating.

: Star readin'... It's looking at how the stars move to see the past, present and future, see. I s'pose yer think it's all a sham, don't yer? Bet there's plenty I could tell yer about yerself, though...

Ooh! Fortunes are always fun!

: Ready?


: Bull’s eye, right? I tell ya, my talent scares me sometimes, y’know.

Hm… Well, that thing you do for a living sure is scary!

: Oh… And I thought you of all people would get it. Looks like I was wrong. I spoke outta turn. I’m sorry, awright?

Okay now let’s not be a jerk.

: Really?! You've made me go all red, sayin' that! Devilish charm, see? I'm a wicked girl, I am? Nya ha hah!!

: Got enough energy, have ya? Gosh, I worry ‘bout ya…take this, go on.

(If you talk to Zazie with either low Health or low Energy, she’ll take pity on you and give you a bottle of either Healer or Magic Potion. After the first Immortal though, she won’t give you more.)

: With me standin’ guard at the barrier, not even a single spider'll crawl into the City of Sun! I can't help yer directly with yer battles or nothing'... but I'll be watchin' yer.

: Bad luck about the Solar Gun, eh. But don't let it knock yer duck off! What's done is done, after all. Even if it's raining cats 'n' dogs, a sunflower holds its head up high! So chin up, eh?

Magic Potion shown here.

Now let’s go find Violet!


…I know I’m kind of beat-up looking, but I’m not a bad guy! Honest! :Smith:

: It's in the Warehouse. But there's no key so it won't open. Marcello of 6th Avenue, Luis of 10th Avenue... Maybe no one's coming back now...

Aw geez… :Smith:

(Look what you people did, voting to ignore Steel Smith like that!)

Anyway, now to check out Dark Loans and-

Eh? That’s not blocked off?



: Wanna buy a coffin? Trade in your old one first though.

…Guy doesn’t waste time, does he? Well, let’s buy his only coffin to humour him.

: Ha ha ha….

And just what does that mean!?

(Note: you can actually see his inventory on the side there. He’s got our old Oak Coffin now, but it’s hidden under his portrait. He gets more as the game goes on, and I’ll let you guys pick which ones I use)

: If it’s coffins you’re after, I’ve got plenty. Come anytime!

Sure you do.

Oh well, let’s go to Dark Loans.

Um… Nobody’s here? Wait…maybe it’s like a self-serve thing! We’ll just go check out the hint panel and-

Solar Bank



: I am Luxana, receptionist for Solar Bank.

: I’m Doomy, receptionist for Dark Loans.

: Now we’ll give you an introduction to what Solar Bank and Dark Loans are all about. Looking forward to doing business with you!


I guess we should start with this one?

: Allow me to explain to you about Solar Stations!

She is literally pointing at it. That’s kind of neat.

: Solar Stations are Magic Machines that allow you to automatically save the sun’s rays caught by your solar sensor. If you press the A Button while standing in front of a Solar Station, you can use the solar energy saved there to charge up your energy levels. Collect lots of rays in the daytime, then you can charge up at night! You’ll find Solar Stations in all of the dungeons, so make good use of them!

Um… Solar Bank? I guess?

: Hello! Allow me to explain! You can take the energy you’ve saved at Solar Stations and deposit it as SOLL in the Solar Bank. You can use SOLL just like money when you go shopping at the Mall.

(Not that we have anything to buy right now.)

: SOLL in the bank will earn interest, so it’s smart to save surplus solar energy.

Now for…Dark Loans.

: Right then, let me explain! Here at Dark Loans we can lend you energy. You can refill your energy 24 hours a day. Pretty convenient, right?! But obviously it’s the way of the world that you have to pay back what you borrow. Borrowed energy is taken out as SOLL payments from the Solar Bank three days later. If the Solar Bank doesn’t contain sufficient funds, payment will be taken from what you’ve saved in Solar Stations. If that’s still not enough…

(Which it usually isn’t if you live anywhere remotely rainy)

: a really terrible thing will happen. Sounds fun, huh?!

Yeah… sounds as fun as showing up to a gunfight with a knife…or a fist.

Now…I guess I should learn about this Dark Card…

: Right then! Let me explain! The Dark Loans gold card, the Dark Card, provides two different services. The first is our Dark Loan request service. This means you can get a Dark Loan anywhere and anytime you wish! Convenient! The second is our Replay service which is reserved for gold card members only.

(This is the only part of Dark Loans that isn’t completely built to screw you.)

: Let’s say you’re in a Dungeon and you run into some unexpected trouble! That’s when our Replay service will really help you out. Use this in a Dungeon and you will be able to replay your adventure from the moment you set foot in that particular area.

(For example, if you fall off a ledge, you get warped back to the room’s entrance. And if you were hurt, you’re healed fully.)

: Fees do apply for this service, however. We will withdraw the fees from the Solar Bank three days after you have used the service. That should be fun!

(Thankfully, if you can pay them off immediately, you can do that instead of waiting for three days of interest to build up.)

Now that that’s over with, let’s check out the last place of interest, on the western edge of Sun Avenue.

The Clock Tower.

: This is the City of Death. Now scram, if you know what's good for you. Hm? Me? I'll be fine. I'm too old to be moving now. Anyway, I've got work to do. I'm Ennio -- it's my job to keep watch on this clock and make sure time's a-tickin'.

If we talk to him again…

: What? The time's off, you say? You dare tell me my clock's wrong?!

If we say it’s not wrong…

: So you were just having a laugh, were you? Have you never heard the saying that time is money? I'm a busy man, you know. I don't have time for this kind of messing around. It's hardly likely that my clock would be out of sync now, is it? In fact, it hasn't lost any time for ages, not since the Great Collapse that destroyed the old world.

: What did you say? I must be really over the hill if I know about all that ancient stuff?! Well! You've certainly got some nerve, lad! That's it! Get outta here! I don't want to set eyes on you ever again! Honestly! The youth of today just have no manners at all!

…We make him kind of mad.

But if we do say that it’s wrong…

: Hmm... Oh well. These things happen. But the people in this town all rely on that big clock, you see. I can't change it easily. It can only be adjusted once a day, you know. And once the time's changed, you can't undo it because the data'll be saved. What do you say then, young'un?

We can reset the time from when we first booted up the game. We get a choice to reconsider, but if we say no he just gets mad again.

: Great, all set! It wasn't easy, mind you. All done then? In that case, you should be on your way. Okay?

And if we try talking to him again…

: No, I tell you! No! The clock's already been adjusted once today, right? I can only change the clock once a day. Got it? Then you should be on your way. Okay?

He kicks us out.

Now then, remember how we found a key in the Ruins? If we talk to Violet…

We hand it over, she unlocks the door, and we follow her inside.

You can have some, too. Here you go!

She even gives us some chocolate for finding the key.

And if we talk to her some more…

Chocolate’s really yummy. I’m gonna give some to Zazie, too!

I wonder if grandpa’s okay…

How was the chocolate? Nero doesn’t think much of it, you know. I’m Nero’s mommy. Nero’s so cute and playful!

We find out about her love of chocolate and her pet.

And since we rescued Marcello, let’s talk to him for the sake of it. At night he’s in his home, while in the day he’s next to Dark Loans.

Thanks to you, I managed to get out of the dungeon okay! I heard that you're fighting to save this town, right? That's just amazing! There's no way I could do it. Don't you ever feel scared?

Nope. :Cool:

I really hate fighting... I just can't even stand hurting anyone, even a monster. That's the way I feel... ...does that sound strange to you?

Since I don’t like getting eaten by horrible undead beasts, yes. Yes it does.

I'm quite large, you see... So I'm often misunderstood. But what I really like is to observe little creatures like birds and fish. Life and death in their world has a certain cruelty to it too, but I get the feeling that it's somehow different to the human world...

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual fish in a Boktai game.

His other conversations are just tutorials on throwing things out. So with that all done, let’s get going to the cathedral, which is directly northwest of Sun Avenue.

City of Death

But we have to get there using a specific path, because of one single thing.

These jerks. They are everywhere.

And they are immortal.

After a few moments…

: Wow! Now that’s some serious self-regeneration! A plant like this can’t be natural. It must be another effect of the Undeadening. Either way, there’s no way we can defeat this plant, this Root of Darkness.

He’s right. It will literally regenerate as fast as you kill it, and it won’t even give you EXP or weapon skill for your trouble.

So, we have to go a different route.

Through the Solar Tree area…

Taking a left at this plaza …

Then heading straight north from here…

To the Cathedral.


: I wonder where Smith could be…?

The first screen has bats and Boks at night, but is unremarkable otherwise. (Depending on whether its daytime or nighttime when you enter a dungeon, the enemies change. Usually the more deadly things are out at night, making it slightly harder.)

Shove this out of the way and head right…

Shoving this out of the way will block that path, but we have to do it to progress at all.

Panel: You can break movable block wooden boxes with hammer-type weapons.

Well that’s perfect except I don’t have one. <arghfist>

Oh well. We shove this block out of the way and head north instead. (the chests around here just contain mundane healing items.)

: Meow.


That was a cat, Otenko. Also, since when do cats know how to close doors?

Investigating that chest gives us the first part of the map. (the other chest contained a Solar leaf, which is basically a teleport out of the dungeon.)

With that done, we head out through the eastern exit…

Only to come upon a block puzzle. I’ll give you all a moment to figure it out.

Solved it yet?

I knew you could. Now let’s move on to better things, like that chest.

…. And a a new weapon.

: It wields a lot of power, but can leave you open to attack. Be careful. At any rate, you can use it to break wooden boxes that block pathways.

Hm…where might I have seen one of those?

Back here, you want to push that first block into the hole, then push the other one south into another hole. This opens up an area to the west with a few healing items and more of those immortal roots. Since there’s nothing we need or can do over there, we head east instead.

And smash this block with our new hammer.

Panel: A ferocious Grave Keeper guards the tombs. Beware!

Oh boy. This next part…is basically the miniboss of this dungeon, and is honestly one of the more aggravating ones.

See all these graves? Three of them are fake, but you have to shove on them to check.

If you choose wrong…

A ghost knocks you over, alerting the miniboss (a blue dog) to your location and making you CONFUSED, which basically scrambles your directional inputs.

Anyway, let’s just hide from the dog, and-


Um…good dog?

(Yeah, say hello to the Grave Keeper, the first of the Dog-type enemies. They have a keen sense of smell, which translates to being able to detect you from half a screen away no matter what. Height leaves you slightly safe, so long as they don’t get on the same level as you. The Grave Keeper here is unique In that he is incredibly powerful at the point that you encounter him, taking single digit damage from your attacks and dealing a third of your health in return.

As is reflected here by my lifebar. Anyway, this area has three fake tombs you need to push, one for each row. This is the first…


And third. Pushing all of them in triggers…

A staircase to explode into existence. (Shake your monitor here for added realism.)

Heading down the staircase…

Cathedral Basement

We are confronted with a lit candle, Solar Station, and an extremely simplistic weight puzzle with accompanying hint panel. Since you have to actively try to fail this puzzle, and the next room holds nothing but basic Boks, let’s move on.

Oh. It’s dark…and not even the ‘really dim but you can kind of see if you turn off the lights’ kind.

Panel: You can light up candle stands by Enchanting a Flame and striking them.

How convenient! We just happen to have a lens that lets us do that!

Pictured: The correct way to light candles.

And boom. Now everything’s bright again, so lets head north.

Lighting this next room allows you to see this ghoul. Most monsters are not affected by darkness, so he’ll see you just fine. He’ll lock the door if he does, but just fight him like a normal ghoul and you’re fine.

These torches go out really fast. So just use the sword and position yourself so the arc of the strike hits both. This unlocks the door, allowing you to move on. And if you can’t get it down, never fear! There is also a Solar Station in here, so you can practice lighting the torches to your heart’s content.

(Over to the left is another torch, but it’s out of reach at this time. However, lighting it only gives you a chocolate bar, so it’s not really worth it to come back once you can.)

Panel: Activate the blue lamp, the touch switch, by making contact with it.

This room is a little more complicated. You have to make it across, but also arrange the boxes so you can touch the switch to unlock the gate. Once again, I will give you a few moments to figure out the puzzle.


Note that you must push the bottom box into position first, or you’ll have to restart the puzzle.

This room requires you to both light the two torches and hit a rusty switch in a short time, which basically means ‘switch weapons, boy.’

This next room is simply a test of speed. Light one torch, then slide across the ledge and light the other before the first torch burns out. You’ve got a comfortable window to do it in, so just don’t mess around and you won’t have a problem.

This part requires you to strike the switches as the elevator rises. Simply stand at the corner and you’ll be able to hit both switches with the hammer.

If you don‘t hit both switches, the elevator stops here. (If you do, it stops here anyway, goes down, then rises to the top.)

We’ll cut here, to keep this update from being too huge.

Next time on Let’s Play Boktai 2!

...I make some mistakes.

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Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Do these weapons have different like attack arcs or speed/power ratios, or are they just used for solving different puzzles?

Oct 22, 2008

Unite: MASH!!
~They've got the bad guys on the run!~

Glazius posted:

Do these weapons have different like attack arcs or speed/power ratios, or are they just used for solving different puzzles?

They do. Swords are fast with an arc, clubs are the "powerful-but-slow" close range ones, and fists are almost a joke until you grind them up. There are other weapons and lenses that have their own effects as well as other properties for what I already listed, but I don't want to spoil.

Heavy Sigh
Nov 13, 2011

They've planted corn everywhere.

Soiled Meat

Let’s Play Boktai 2 Update Five: A Fistful of Jewels.

Last Time, we got inside the Cathedral. Let’s see if we can’t rescue/find the corpse of Steel Smith!

Cathedral 1

The camera pans around the room, showing a locked gate at the south side and an isolated switch before panning back to us. In that chest behind us is Part B of the map. (I.E. the rest of the map), and behind that is a switch that is unfortunately out of our range.)

: From the look of it…we've somehow managed to get inside the Cathedral.

I’m still not sure why they needed to build this place with a secret entrance, but whatever! Let’s start by heading west, since the lower exit is locked.



Well…that’s one way of escaping… Hope whoever owned that cat won’t miss it too much.

And…the floor painting vanished? Is it supposed to do that?

It’s almost like even the skeleton can’t believe what happened. But that’s silly, since Skeletons can’t think-



*Insert a tense battle with a pack of Skeletons here.*

Upon their defeat, we are rewarded with rare treasure!

: That black cat…something’s not right…How can we get access to those steps leading underground? Maybe that treasure box holds the key?

Huh. A shiny glass jewel. How is this worthy of being in a rare chest? Well whatever, let’s just go through that door there.

We are confronted with another puzzle, starring a Bok, a gate, and a weight switch. Can you guess the solution?

Good job! Now then, let’s head up the stairs.

Hint Panel: When fire and crystal merge, an image of the Earth will appear in vivid colors. When four colors appear, the hidden path will become clear. The first color is the brilliant gold of the sun that bathes the ground.

...Okay, that clinches it. This place HAD to be built by an Immortal.

(Welcome to the gimmick of this dungeon! There are four jewels scattered around the Cathedral, and you have to find them all and set them into the correct spots, then light the nearby torch with a Flame attack. This first one is a gimme, since it needs that Yellow Gem they just handed to us. Setting the gem and lighting the torch…)

Does this.

: The floor painting in the great hall has appeared…but it lacks color. Seems like it needs the other three crystals...?

Well, it’s not like we have any idea where Smith is, so let’s go find them then! Starting with searching in this room!

We are immediately confronted with a simplistic puzzle in which Django is required to shove a box next to a hole, then destroy two other boxes to get around to shove the box into the hole. Simple. (if you screw up, leave and reenter to reset the puzzle, because you cannot pull things in this game.)

This part right after requires you to destroy a line of boxes, then shove the last box into the hole. Just don’t zone out and you’ll be fine. If you screw up either part, just leave the room and come back, and it’ll be fixed, even keeping the puzzle you’ve done correctly solved.

: Looks like you’ve got a key. The blue door is locked. Press the A Button in front of the door to try the key, but the door won't open if it's the wrong key.

Otenko I know how keys work I used them in Istrakan stop acting like that vampire shot all my smarts out JEEZ.

(Here’s your introduction to keys! Like Otenko said, they unlock blue (always blue) doors in dungeons, and are usually required to progress. This key in particular…

Unlocks this door in the main room’s north eastern corner.)

Remember skylights? As seen here, Skylights are not always square (you can’t charge in the space between the bars). But you can still trick monsters into them if you want.

Like here. Anyway, let’s just recharge our energy while that Bok burns to death and-


A red gem! That’s two! Man, good thing it sparkles in the sunlight, or else I might never have found it.

(That sparkle only shows up when you’ve got at least one bar of sunlight. There is a hint that it's in this room, but this is literally the only tipoff you get as to its exact location.)

Anyway, let’s just go up the stairs on the north side and-



*Insert fight with a couple Bok’s and one Ghoul here.*

After the fight, we head through the gate to the left and continue on.

Only to come across a collapsed path.

But no matter, we just hug the wall and sidle across to- TREASURE!

: Since its range is long, it's quite ineffective at close quarters. Be careful! At any rate, you can use it to attack things that are one block away. It can probably be used to move those traps in the two eastern rooms as well.

Awesome, a spear! Now that we finally have all the weapon types, let’s explain them!

FIST: The fastest attacking type, period. Bare fists, however, suffer from the drawback of having no inherent strength, and only covering an extremely tiny area, forcing Django to get extremely close to make use of them. However, they are useful for blocking certain projectiles due to their extremely high rate of attack.

SWORDS: The fastest attacking weapon, swords swing in a small arc in front of Django. They are the weakest weapon out of the three, but their speed and ease of use make them very attractive. You can wade into combat with a sword, and not have to worry too much about getting in close like fists, or having your attacks interrupted like Spears and Hammers. Speaking of…

HAMMERS: The slowest weapon, but every hit packs a punch. Unfortunately, the power difference is not usually enough to make up for the slow speed of the attack. You have to plan your combat to get the most out of the Hammer type.

SPEARS: Between hammer and sword in speed, Spears have the advantage of being able to attack from one square away, allowing Django to fight from (relative) safety. They are also used to solve many puzzles, like lighting torches or hitting switches.

This here is a perfect example. Had we tried to light this earlier, we couldn’t have reached it with either our sword or our hammer.

But the Spear has no such trouble with the range needed to light the torch, triggering…

Yet another staircase to explode into existence. (shake your monitor for the full experience.)

Spiders! They are just like the ones from the beginning of the game. Ignore them or kill them, they aren’t much of a threat.

So let’s just slide across here and-

…Whoops. Turns out he stops sliding if you let go of the direction keeping you on the wall!

Game Over


So yeah. This is the replay service Doomy mentioned. If you select NO, the game boots you back to the title, forcing you to load your last save. But if you elect to pay the fine, (which the game thankfully lets you do even if you have no money or energy…)

You get to retry the area, starting from the entrance you came in from.

So let’s use this chance to do this without falling to our doom this time.

Doing it right lets up go up the stairs on the other side and emerge outside! Shoving that stone block into the hole creates a convenient shortcut back to where we got the Club.

Now then, attentive readers will notice I mentioned a switch back where we first entered the Cathedral, and that it was out of our reach. If we head back there with our new spear…

We are now able to strike it with ease, unlocking the staircase door at the south end of the room.

Panel: Where many chairs are aligned, the pupil will sleep. The sleeping pupil is unseen. It glows only in the light of the Sun.

Hah! I didn’t even need the hint to get this one!

(This is the only hint you get for the Red Crystal, and it’s pretty vague. I spent an hour searching the entire room once because it was raining and I couldn’t get any sun. No I’m not bitter)

Oh well. Setting the Red gem in this rooms slot…

Adds more to this picture. (If anyone knows what this is a picture, feel free to tell me)

Heading upstairs, either shoving or breaking the boxes in your way…

Huh. No hint panel. Well, it’s probably somewhere in here, so let’s just-


(Say hello to Trapdoors! These open a moment after you step on them, giving you an opening to turn around before dropping you to the floor below. Thankfully, the game draws out the pattern of the holes using the boxes below. The path to get through it is S shaped, starting from the top. Later ones can kill you, so it’s best to get used to how they work now.)

(However, remember that speed Nut we picked up in the Ruins? If we chow down…)

HA! I’M TOO FAST TO FALL! (Speed Nuts temporarily increase your Agility to 100, but without the defense boost.)

Panel: Words, the Leaf of Words, surpass time, protected by their covers. W, O, R, and D. These books hold the answers.

Wait, books? What books? I never saw any books? This calls for a search!

Now since the only other exit on this trapped floor is blocked by a blue door, let’s head back to the main hall and try that other door that was unlocked when we defeated the Skeletons.


(note, these are all weight switches. The middle switch does nothing while the top one leads to a Magic Potion, and the bottom one leads to a Speed Nut and a Solar Nut.

Welp, since that was mostly pointless, let’s head back to where we got the Short Spear, but without falling off this time. Heading through the door beyond leads us to….

A library! That appears to have been ransacked at some point. And…Green spiders…


(say hello to the Poison Spiders! They differ from normal spiders in two ways: One, they have a ranged attack that poisons you, and two, they are far faster and dodgier than normal spiders. Combined with the fact that Django is usually really slow at this point in the game, they can be quite aggravating.)

Anyway, remember that bit about the Leaf of Words, and how some of them held the key?

Every single one of these sections has a switch, and a pair of book titles. Now since we’re aiming for the sequence WORD, the trick here is that either quote must start with the letter in question to be part of the sequence. If you screw up, it just means you have to do it again.

With that, the door at the bottom of the room opens, allowing us to move on! (Note: you have to have read the hint panel about the code for this puzzle to trigger. Yes, it is annoying if you forget)

This is just a hall. We take a right at the end and get on an elevator. Simple.

Cathedral 2

This, on the other hand…is only slightly less simple. As seen here, we have to press two switches to open a gate on the other end of the room. However, we also have to build a bridge to get across. Feel free to take a break here and figure out the solution.

Got it?

If you said ‘activate the lower switch, then destroy two blocks and shove the remainder into the holes next to the other switch to form a bridge’, good job!

However, before we leave, let’s check out the south side of the room.

In these chests here are a key, and a Power Nut. Power Nuts are supposed to raise your strength, but due to a bug they don’t seem to do anything. (If they actually do something feel free to correct me.) Still, they are worth a fair amount of money if you sell them.

Here we have another puzzle! Make sure you’ve got energy to spare though!

You have to light all the torches on both sides using a flame element spear attack before you get to the end. You’ve got enough time, so you don’t have to rush. Be careful though, because it’s an automatic death if you fall off the platform.

Once you solve the puzzle, you get dumped here, for a two-stage block puzzle. Thankfully, if you leave and reenter the torches remain lit.

This solves the first part. Care to guess the solution to the second?

(Push the block forward, then circle around and push it back onto the switch.)

Weighing down the switch makes this touch switch descend, and activating it makes a chest appear, containing…

The Green gem! Let’s go set it in that room with the trapdoors.

Also, remember that key we picked up? Head up the hallway from the Green gem and unlock the door there with it.

This was another block puzzle, but it’s painfully simple to solve. So let’s just read the panel.

Panel: The fourth color is the shimmering blue of the vast sky and ocean. The sky and ocean are protected by two white sentinels – cloud and wave.

Well, that’s not vague at all! Anyone care to guess where it could be?

Figured it out?

Yeah, you have to go back to where you first see that cat, destroy these two statues with the spear, then get the gem from the chest that appears in the middle of the area. It’s quite clever.

And now the…tree has been restored!

Causing that staircase from the beginning to explode back into being. Let’s not question who made it vanish earlier or how they did it and then somehow hid the gems all over the place.

Anyway, let’s head down it, and-

Magic Flute

: You don't have the Solar Gun, but you can manage, right, Django?

An Immortal, huh? Well, since we haven’t found Smith’s body yet, he’s got to be through here. There’s no choice, really.

Not only do they kindly point out the boss to us, they even give us a Solar Station and Solar Bamboo to refill everything! Guess this Immortal must be one tough corpse!


That’s a ladyvoice! Who’s there!?

Three Sisters

An Immortal! I need to pay you monsters back for humiliating me earlier!

: I am the White Duneyrr, the Sky-ruling Immortal... Please don't let this shock you, but... I'm afraid you must die now. My brother told me not to fight you. But I'm so hungry. I've been asleep for such a long time. Waking up and having a Solar Child for breakfast is just what I need... So you see, I've really got no choice. So sorry.

Bring it on!

Sky-Ruling Duneyrr

And now we face off against the giant moth form of White Duneyrr. She fights with both the Frost and Cloud elements, and has several attacks:

White Phosphorus Powder: which shoots a blue cloud that does continous damage as you stay in it. Run left or right to avoid. It’s weak, but the damage can build up fast.

Right now, you’ll notice she’s on the ground. We can attack her, but we won’t get more than one hit off before she’ll take flight and be able to attack us with impunity. She’ll come back down sometimes, but it’s entirely at her discretion, and she’ll take off again at a hit or two.

So how do we win? Well, see the rusted switch in the above screenshot?

And see this torch?

If we strike the rusty switches in the four corners of the room…

We’ll set the brazier alight, attracting Duneyrr’s attention and triggering her second attack: White Phosphorus Ball.

This attack creates a series of energy balls that lazily home in on Django. They are easy to dodge, but since the duration of this attack is the only reliable way to leave Duneyrr vulnerable, you’ll probably take some hits as you try to damage Duneyrr.

After about three or so strikes (more with fists)…

She’ll freak out and back off, spawning several Larva that will try to crawl into you. They speed up as she takes more damage, but they can’t take much punishment and also drop Earth and Solar Nuts, so it’s worth it to kill them if you’re running low on either.

You can speed up this fight by using a fire-enchanted spear to light the Brazier, but that requires energy, and if you run out of that, you’ll be doing much less damage to Duneyrr, so make sure you don’t run out. But if you do, either attack the larva for Solar Nuts, or light it using the switches.

Once you get Duneyrr down to half-health, she gains one more trick.

She’ll take off into the sky, and her shadow will follow yours for a few moments while growing steadily smaller…

Until it’s your size, which signals that she’s about to come screaming down with a Dive Bomb attack. This does a lot of damage, but it leaves her vulnerable for a few moments before she takes off into the sky.

This fight can drag on for a while if you run out of energy, but eventually, Duneyrr will fall.

She’ll bounce around the room a few times in pain, only to eventually fall to the ground in a haze of wings and phosphorus.

And as befitting of an immortal…

We immediately lock her in a stylish coffin.

: She's an Immortal. You can't afford to leave her like that. She may be shut away in a coffin for now, but she could escape. You must purify her with sunlight immediately. But... That Black Cat is still troubling me... and then there's Smith... Let's first explore a bit further.

Pressing A near the coffin makes us pick it up and drag it around. It slows you down immensely, but the higher your agility, the faster you move with it.

Anyway, let’s follow that cat!

An Old Man!

: Smith!

: Urgh…urrrgh…

Steel Smith

Um, is your eye okay, sir?

: It's been a long time, Gunsmith!

: I'm just a regular blacksmith now. Gettin' a bit too old for it, though! Anyway, Django! You made it back safely! So you've defeated the Vampire Lord?!

: Oh, yes. And the Queen of Immortals, Hel, as well... But it came at a price... We lost Django's mother, the Moon Beauty Mani...

: I'm sorry...

: What about Ringo, Smith?! Is he...

: Yup…Dyin' before his master like that... What a useless apprentice!...Oh, I'm sorry, Django...

: Anyway… What are you still doing here? What on earth happened here in this city?

: Well, look at this…


: After the Count had gone, it seemed the Undeadening had come to an end. But then there started to be signs of movement from the Undead, as if they were seekin' something... Cheyenne, a descendent of the Guards of this city, gave a warning. He said the Undead were tryin' to break their seal, see. I dunno what the seal was, but...

: The broken wedge…Perhaps it was Duneyrr's seal...? And that Vampire... There are still things we don't get in this city...

: Meow.

: Is that your cat?

: He came all this way... For a cat, he's got some nerve, eh?

: Mm... It's thanks to the cat that we managed to get this far. Thank you, Nero. Anyway, could you go back to Sun Avenue for us, Smith? Violet's worried, I'm sure. We've got to purify that Immortal.

: Right you are. I’ll be at Sun Avenue then.

And off he goes, with Nero following shortly.

: We must take that coffin to the Plaza north of the Mall. We'll summon the Pile Driver there, and use the Sun's rays to purify the Immortal White Duneyrr!

Yup. But first, TREASURE!

And it’s a Tarot Card!

Tarot Cards have various effects, and can be among the best items in the game. They are usually separated by color, with Red cards dealing with stat increases, Green cards with healing, and Blue cards with assorted effects. Red Cards are found in green chests, and as such don’t come back, while Green and Blue cards can usually be found as monster drops or in late game treasure. This one, The High Priestess, gives us an extra point of Spirit.

Now then, leaving the crypt and taking Duneyrr with us…

Remember this room? Now that we have Duneyrr, if we weigh down all three switches, the middle door will open.

This room contains the key we need to get out, and it also contains three new weapons! The Pounder, the Pole, and the Dull Blade!

…Unfortunately they all suck, with an attack power of 1 across the board.

Anyway, let’s just get out of here and-

Eh? Oh, it’s glowing. I know how to fix that!

Just give it a couple good hits and it’ll quit moving.

(Welcome to another of the coffin’s gimmicks. Sometimes the Coffin will freak out and start shaking like mad, usually while you’re dragging it around. This does a good chunk of damage, so its best to let go and wait it out when you see it start to wiggle. After it calms down, it’ll start inching back to where you fought the Immortal, but it’s usually so slow it winds up not even being an annoyance.

Now then, let’s use our new key on this door and get out of here.

Readying Pile Driver

Now back at Sun Avenue’s Plaza…

: This is where we summon the Pile Driver!

With a mighty shout of ‘TAIYOOOOOOOOH!’ the screen flashes a bright white and explosions sound off everywhere.

Leaving us standing on this neat Glyph thing.

: Okay, position the coffin in the center of the Pile Driver!

Thankfully, once you set the coffin it can’t just sneak away, so you can go prepare for this if you’re beat up or something.

Then these things lift out of the ground once the coffin’s set.

: Now then! You must adjust the 4 Generators with an Enchantment attack. The Generators are blessed by Father Sun and Mother Earth, so they can amplify solar energy. This Pile Driver is the one and only way to purify Immortals!

Welp, let’s get to it! You need energy for enchantment, so hopefully the suns out or you didn’t waste all your Solar Nuts on Duneyrr.

Once you’ve adjusted them all, this really annoying alarm starts buzzing. It’s kind of obnoxious, since it is both hella loud and it shuts off the music.

: Everything's set! Ready, Django? You need sunlight to start the Pile Driver. The sun's out, right?

Um…about that…

: Guess you won't be able to purify the Immortal. The Pile Driver requires sunlight. You'll have to try again when the sun's out. You can either look for new dungeons outside of Sun Avenue, or stop your adventure for the time being and wait for the sun...

Screw that noise, let’s do it anyway!


: Eh? The sun! You must have sunlight to start the Pile Driver! Make sure sunlight's hitting the solar sensor!

Eheh…yeah, I knew that!

Alright, let’s try this again with actual sunlight and not my desk lamp. (You have to reset the generators if you do what I did.)


With a huge rumble, the screen turns white.


: Now to purify the Immortal with a Solar Pile from the Generators! The Pile will be more powerful if more sunlight is hitting the solar sensor. But the Immortal will use Ectoplasm to resist it. You'll have to push it back into the coffin with Enchantment attacks. Get the Immortal's Dark Gauge down to zero, and you'll emerge victorious!

Here, the coffin flies open, showing an image of the White Duneyrr as the battle begins.

This whole fight is timed. Depending on the amount of sun you have hitting the solar sensor, Duneyrr’s life will drain at different speeds. It will always drain so long as you have even one bar of sun, so your victory is only a matter of time.

That doesn’t mean it’s assured, however.

Duneyrr will attack from within the coffin, using her white Phosphorus, but this time, if you stand in it for more than a second, it will change from doing little damage to a lot more. The attack comes out quick, so you have to be alert.

But that’s not all. That glob of purple is Duneyrr’s other means of attack, but it can’t hurt you directly.

Instead, it attacks the generators. It will cover them for a few moments, and if you don’t disrupt it with an Enchantment attack…

It will shut down the generator, slowing the damage you’re doing to Duneyrr immensely. If all four generators are shut down, or if the solar sensor is suddenly blocked, the coffin will break free and begin to escape, forcing you to either reactivate the generators and drag the coffin back to the middle (its’ health will regenerate while you do this), or get more sun.

However, if you manage to knock the glob of Dark Matter into the coffin where all four beams meet, you’ll be rewarded with a scream of pain from the Immortal and a much faster drain of its lifebar for a few moments before it breaks free.

Death Rattle

Once an Immortal is down to a quarter of their health, the music will change, and all of Duneyrr’s attacks will speed up. The Dark Matter will require less time to shut down the generators, and White Phosphorus attacks will be faster and more frequent. But just keep your cool and knock the dark matter into the coffin, healing occasionally, and Duneyrr will burn up.

: At long last... I was released from my deep sleep. But now... Is this... the end?



: You have completed the incineration of the Immortal's source, its Dark Matter. Now there's no way for it to come back.

Sun Avenue 1

Aw thanks, Otenko.

Suddenly, an explosion!

This merits investigation!

Hey! The hole’s filled!

And it’s-

Earthly Maiden Lita

: Lita! What are you doing here?! The Undead are roaming San Miguel now, just as Sabata said, and there are signs that the Immortals are plotting in the shadows behind there. There's nothing you can...

Otenko did you seriously forget who you’re talking to. This is Lita. You know, the girl that punched her way through the hordes of Undead to the Solar Tree after we rescued her from The Count’s Castle?

I can't just stay out of it, waiting in a safe place while the two of you are off risking your lives in battle!

: But you’re a maiden, not a warrior. Surely you wouldn't purposefully expose yourself to danger?

True, I’m no warrior. I’m a maiden…But as the Earthly Maiden, I believe there are tasks that only I can fulfill. Besides, San Miguel is my home. Please, you can't deny me the chance to do what I can

Look Otenko, you literally made her start begging. If you don’t take her up on that offer at this point then I will.

: …Okay. If you're that determined, there's nothing more I will say. So, Earthly Maiden Lita... Together we will crush the Immortal's evil scheme, and restore light once again to the City of the Sun!

Dangit, I’m the Solar Boy, shouldn’t I be the one making these decisions?

: Actually, I wonder if you can help us out now, Lita. The Undeadening supposedly ceased in this city, but it still can't be purified. Do you have any idea why?

Yes, I do…The land in San Miguel has lost the power of the Sun. Before the land has a chance to absorb the sunlight pouring down on it... someone or something is taking that energy away. That something must be expelled, or else the Solar Tree's seed will not grow, and its power cannot purify the city.

: I see…So we know what we must do. First we track down that Vampire and retrieve the Solar Gun. Then, we get rid of whatever is stealing power from the land. Right now, we need to gather some clues... Maybe Smith or Sunflower Girl have come up with something. To the Mall!

Speaking of the Mall, I was wondering if I could be of any use to the people still left in the city, so I decided to open a Nut Store! I'm sure the Solar Nut I'm selling will help you two on your adventure! Be sure to come by, Master Django!

And with that, she’s gone.

: Hm... I'm sure Lita's doing this because she really wants to help out the city... But maybe she also wants to get close to you...

Otenko you make that sound like a problem.

: Right then. In order to make her wish come true, you mustn't lose this battle!

Nice backtracking there. What if I’d agreed with you?

: I see... Well, that's the way she is. There's no fault in being worried about the future. Now, that great big hole... How did Lita fill it in such a short time?

: Don’t give up, Django…

…Let’s just go find Smith. (Thankfully, he’s next to the warehouse.)

: That's the son of the great Vampire Hunter, Red Ringo, for you, eh Django?!

(If you come here in the day, Nero’s sitting at the bottom of the stairs. He meows at you if you talk to him. )


Aww. Twas no problem at all, little lady!

: The Solar Gun, Gun Del Sol, has been stolen, eh? But that Sol de Vice could be even more powerful if you use it right, see? You need to get a higher level and make you weapons more powerful first, though. I run a smithery, you know. With your solar power, I could make weapons that are even more powerful. That's Solar-forging, see? But, to make a new weapon, I need two others to work from. Of course, the attributes of the new weapon depend on the two that you start with. Go collect some weapons you think would work, and bring them back to the smithery. Right now, all I can do is smithing... But I'd be happy to help you out!

Oh well then, let’s just go inside with him and-

…Hi. Zazie.

: Gettin' back the old man, and takin' care of an Immortal while yer at it... Not bad. It's all because of that Sol de Vice I lent yer!

: Anyway, 'bout that Vampire's whereabouts... I gotta strong sense of Darkness from 'round where violet picked up that lens. Them Remains in the southeast desert, they're a bit fishy.

: Be careful! It weren't just one thing I sensed, right? There's at least 2 Immortals in them Remains... Aaaah... Well, I'm off for a nap! Lookin' after this barrier's no piece o' cake, yer know. I'll be at the Inn. Wake me up if anythin' happens. Now go get 'em!

…A hard worker as always, that Zazie.

Oh well.

Now then, it’s time for another vote!

We have a bit of optional content open to us now, but, we are also capable of taking on the Second Dungeon right now.

Bold your votes for either Exploring The City or Chase Down That Vampire!



Vs Duneyrr:

Vs Duneyrr (Fists):

Duneyrr’s Purification:

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The picture you asked about is Niddhoggr, the great serpent of Norse Myth that gnaws at the roots of the world tree. It's a pretty clear reference considering some later stuff.

Anyways let's go sidequesting and Explore the City!

Feb 4, 2013


Also a neat little fact regarding puzzle...there are a few that you can solve in different ways, and if you do they'll change to the solution the developers expected once you leave.

Nov 3, 2009

Look Professor, a destruct switch!

To the city!


Nov 10, 2012


That loving red gem. THAT loving RED GEM. The red and blue gems made me outright give up and go look for a walkthrough, but the walkthrough just confirmed what I already knew for red. The problem was that DS screens cope very, very badly with sunlight and are therefore horrible for playing Boktai in. I couldn't see the sparkle. And on top of that I was expecting it to be somewhere significant, like the middle of the room or in front of the altar.

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