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Feb 5, 2013

Dead Space is a third-person survival-horror/action franchise heavily influenced by films like Alien and The Thing and was created by Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood Shores). Rife with jump scares, psychological horror, and a surprisingly fleshed-out game world, the Dead Space franchise has (arguably) picked up the action/horror ball after the Resident Evil franchise didn't so much drop it as toss it through an airlock.

The core of the game revolves around the player character, an everyman space engineer named Isaac Clarke, and his constant run-ins with the omnicidal Necromorphs, a savage race of space zombies with all sorts of permutations, each one more lethal and nightmarish than the last. In the midst of all of it is the shadowy, totally-not-based-on-a-real-religion religion Unitology, which has deep ties to the Necromorphs involving Markers, massive artifacts of incalculable power that seem to have varying effects on both the living and the undead. The title of the game itself refers both to a "dead space" field generated by certain Markers that actually prevents the reanimation/recombination of dead tissue in its immediate area, and to the general idea of "dead space," referring to the complete absence of life in the wake of a Necromorph infestation in an outer-space setting.

Isaac must use his engineering know-how, a slew of re-purposed engineering equipment, and a spine made of the most indestructible material in the galaxy to survive the terror of the Necromorphs, who can only be killed (at least most of them) by strategically dismembering them with precision cutting tools or massive blasts of force - coincidentally enough, the very sort of output you might expect from futuristic tools! However, even his suit addons Stasis (freezes/slows down objects for a small amount of time) and Kinesis (look ma, I gots me a gravity gun) may not save him from the hallucinations and madness that seem to accompany the Necromorphs wherever they pop up.

Firstly, I'd highly recommend you play Dead Space 1 yourself, it's a hoot and a holler. There's a synopsis for it on the Dead Space wiki, and also an archived LP of it by The Man with a Hat. If you're prejudiced against hyperlinks or don't want to watch an entire Let's Play, here's a rundown of the first game:

The game opens with Isaac Clarke, Zach Hammond, Kendra Daniels, and two red-shirts dropping out of warp near the USG Ishimura, a 'planet-cracking' ship that carves huge chunks of rock out of lifeless planets for mineral resources. Our intrepid group is a repair team dispatched to fix whatever was keeping the Ishimura from communicating - Clarke himself has a personal investment, since his girlfriend, Nicole Brennan, is on board. Unfortunately, it appears that the problem is more than a broken audio dish, and things go bad about as fast as they can: the two security officers get mulched by Necromorphs, and poor Isaac gets temporarily separated from Zach and Kendra. Isaac arms himself with the only nearby weapon, an industrial-strength plasma cutter, and begins what is probably the worst day of his life.

Eventually Isaac meets back up with Zach and Kendra, and from there the game turns into a lengthy series of fetch quests as Isaac wanders about the ship, trying to get it back into working condition. Zach and Kendra get separated and spend most of the game telling you what to do next from cushy control rooms with locked air vents and probably lots of free food. Along the way, Isaac encounters several other still-living survivors, including the mad Dr. Mercer, who constantly harasses Isaac with his (almost) unkillable Necromorph, the Hunter, and the slightly-less-mad-or-at-least-less-malevolent Dr. Kyne, who thinks he knows how to stop the Necromorphs once and for all. Nicole appears alive and well too, if a bit obtuse when it comes to conversation and her strange ability to pass through enemy-ridden areas completely undetected. As Zach and Kendra argue over the intercom about what the ship's true purpose is and which one of them you can trust, it becomes increasingly clear that salvage is a secondary goal to survival, as the initial shuttle was all but destroyed in the landing, so Isaac must then put a shuttle back together using parts from a military ship that just HAPPENED to be in the area, but picked up a Necromorph-occupied escape pod before promptly crashing into the Ishimura's hull.

Long story short, you blast Mercer in the face, Zach gets mulched by a Brute (a particularly tough breed of Necromorph), and Kyne reveals that the Marker onboard the Ishimura was keeping the Necromorph infestation at bay (and was also causing the madness that consumed the Aegis VII colony and later the Ishimura) and that you must return it to the surface of Aegis VII shortly before being shot by Kendra, who was a double agent for EarthGov the entire time and wants to take the Marker back for scientific study, though not before leaving you to die since you know too much. However, some quick shuttle-retrieving by Nicole saves your bacon, and you drag the Marker down to the surface, only to have it stolen AGAIN by Kendra, who then reveals that Nicole has been dead the entire time by forcing Isaac to watch the last video Nicole sent him, except all the way to the end this time. Unfortunately for her, Kendra's plan to take the Marker backfires as the beast it was keeping at bay, the nightmarish Hive Mind, turns her into a juicy pulp before she can escape. The Hive Mind then engages Isaac in a surprisingly-sporting Giant-Boss-vs.-Little-Dude-On-A-Platform fight. After putting the final plasma nail in the Hive Mind's coffin, Isaac then takes the last remaining shuttle and escapes Aegis VII as the rest of it comes crashing down thanks to the Marker's effects on anything electronic, including the gravity tethers holding it up. Beaten, battered, bruised, but unbroken, Isaac relaxes in the lonely quiet of the shuttle, only to turn to his right and OH MY GOD IT'S NICOLE BUT SHE'S A NECROMORPH AAAAAAAAAGH.

The End...?


As for Dead Space 2, Isaac appears to have made it back to civilization, though less on the terms he'd like - being kept in a straightjacket while tormented by visions of Nicole and the Red Marker. One day, he finds himself miraculously freed by a fellow named Franco, only for the SECOND-worst day of his life to promptly begin...

I think this will be a largely solo thing, since character customization upgrades are costly and very important to survival in later levels. I'll be describing what I'm actually customizing/buying in posts instead of making you guys sit there and watch me shop. My ultimate goal with Let's Play is to be halfway between a cut-and-dry strategy guide and a humorous commentary track. I'll attempt to not completely talk over story-important stuff, but if there's something important (or funny) I'll throw it in - which is why I've enabled subtitles, just in case.

These will be done using post-commentary, but I'll be going for as much a 'live' experience as I can - my favorite Let's Plays were always the ones where it felt like I was sitting right next to the player as they were going through it, whether it was actually live or not.

I'm not playing for speed, but rather to show as much of the game as I can - Visceral did a great job making the environments and technology in Dead Space 2 (and DS1, for that matter) feel like real places and things, albeit from the future.

I'm still debating whether to do a multiplayer video of any sort - online is about the same 20-30 people still playing, but it's a mode I actually got quite a kick out of. If I don't do a video for it, I'll most likely discuss it during some of the slower sections of singleplayer.

Please, feel free to give advice - I'm pretty new to actually making Let's Plays, and if it'll help me improve, I'll give it a go.

I'm going to try to update fairly often - say, 2-3 times a week. Each video is planned to be around 15-20 minutes long, so I don't believe the process will take too much time. As for the editing itself, I'll be trying to cut out as much boring stuff as possible, which includes but is not limited to:

- Store-related stuff
- Bench-related stuff
- Backtracking/looking for supplies when there's nothing interesting happening
- Exploration that turns out to be boring
- Getting lost

I'll show how the systems work the first time just for the sake of visual completeness, but every time after that I'll cut to a later part. I WILL describe what I bought/how I upgraded in the video description or in the post itself, but the idea is to minimize downtime. As for player death - when I die (not an 'if') I'll fast-forward through the game up until the point where I died unless something particularly interesting happens. If I die repeatedly, I may just do a hyperspeed 'death counter' or cut them out entirely and get back to the actual playing as soon as possible since nobody wants to watch me run down a hallway five times because I keep screwing up a Stasis puzzle.

- Please don't discuss spoilers from Dead Space 2 unless they've already been covered in the videos or in my posts.
- Discussion of Dead Space 1 spoilers is fine. If you're watching a playthrough of Dead Space 2 without even reading a wiki synopsis of Dead Space 1's plot, you're cruisin' for a bruisin', brother.
- Dead Space 3 spoilers are RIGHT OUT. No exceptions.

All of these videos will be hosted on the Youtubes - I'll put links to stuff pertaining to subjects I bring up in the videos in the descriptions themselves, and I'll also be creating in-video shortcuts to important items like Power Nodes and Weapon Schematics.


Episode 1: Rise And Freak Out, Mr. Clarke
Episode 2: Love In An Elevator

Episode 3: Isaac Clarke, Man Of Inaction
Episode 4: Crazy, Train

Episode 5: Full Pulse Jacket
Episode 6: Get Me To The Church Alive

Episode 7: Clever Girl
Episode 8: Going To The Chapel And We're Gonna Get Buried

Episode 9: Selfless, Cold, and Decomposed
Episode 10: Out The Window

Episode 11: Leapers: The Return
Episode 12: Get Out Of Here, Stalker
Episode 13: School-Related Joke

Episode 14: The Elevator Out Of Space
Episode 15: The Vent In The Walls
Episode 15.5: If You Want Peng, You Got It
Episode 16: What The Sun Brings

Episode 17: This Plasma Cutter Just Weighs Me Down
Episode 18: Maintenance Course

Episode 19: The Right Gun At The Wrong Time Is Still A Wrong Gun
Episode 20: Semi-Scheduled Stop
Episode 21: Tanks For The Memories

Episode 22: The Line Begins To Blur
Episode 23: Beside You In Time
Episode 24: Right Where It Belongs
Episode 25: Home

Episode 26: A Mine-r Delay
Episode 27: The Mirror Breaks

Episode 28: Slay Ride

Episode 29: You Should Go
Episode 30: Obsessive Battery-Removal Syndrome
Episode 31: Dying Will Be The Death Of Me
Episode 32: Yeah, It's This Episode

Episode 33: I'd Like To Report An Accident

Episode 34: How Isaac Clarke Got His Mind Back

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Feb 5, 2013

Isaac Clarke | Status: Alive

The player character and the sole survivor of the USG Kellion crew and the sole survivor of the USG Ishimura/Aegis VII incident, Clarke has fought through Hell armed with nothing but power tools, and has escaped intact - at least physically. As Dead Space 2 opens, Isaac wakes with a spotty memory, but is still haunted by increasingly aggressive visions of his dead girlfriend Nicole. With the appearance of Necromorphs on the Sprawl, Isaac is barreling headlong towards the second-worst day of his life. Isaac Clarke is modeled after and voiced by Gunner Wright.

- As of Episode 2, Isaac's dementia has been identified as the result of his interaction with the Red Marker, which planted a self-replicating signal in his mind that will eventually kill him. Daina Le Guin believes she has the cure, and Isaac ain't in a position to argue.
- As of Episode 2, it's also been revealed that Isaac has been on the Sprawl and held in the Titan Memorial Medical Center for two years. However, he doesn't remember much of it thanks to memory-suppressing drugs.
- As of Episode 6, Isaac's visions of Nicole have worsened, although he's fully aware that she's dead and a hallucination.
- During Episode 7 Isaac's hallucinations have taken an even darker turn, and it appears that Nicole is now able to physically affect him.
- As of Episode 13, has finally met up with Stross face-to-face.
- As of Episode 18, it is confirmed that Isaac still has all his bits. At least physically. Ladies.
- Revealed in Episode 19, Isaac pushed Nicole to pursue greater things - namely, signing up for the Ishimura, making him feel at least indirectly responsible for her demise.
- Isaac's mental state is continuing to deteriorate as of Episode 22, where he has begun hearing Nicole's voice on a somewhat regular basis over his Riglink as he explores the Ishimura.
- As of Episode 27, Isaac has had an epiphany: the Nicole he is seeing is a manifestation of not only his guilt over pushing her to work on the Ishimura, but of his link with the living world itself; she represents what he feels was the one positive thing in his life, the one reason to keep fighting the Necromorphs, and he thinks that if he lets her go, he'll have no reason to go on. After realizing this, Nicole changed back into her guiding, nurturing "old" self.
- Finally faced both Tiedmann and the Gold Marker in Episode 34, defeating both but dooming Titan Station in the process. Luckily, Ellie came back and saved him just when he was ready to lay down and die. Last seen flying off into space with the lovely Miss Langford. No doubt they'll have a happy, uneventful life after this.

Ellie Langford | Status: Alive

The first non-insane survivor Isaac has encountered on the Sprawl. A CEC pilot, Ellie spent most of the day before meeting Isaac running from Necromorphs with her friends and coworkers, only to have them one-by-one fall and rise again to attack her, leaving her the lone survivor. While initially extremely wary of Isaac and Stross, she has since thrown in with the two of them in hopes that destroying the Marker may stop the Necromorphs as well.

- First appeared in Episode 12, where she was seen hiding behind a shop gate, keeping safe from Necromorphs. Was last seen heading for the Government Sector, though for what purpose is unknown.
- Wields a Plasma Cutter and uses it in the same manner as Isaac, hinting that she may be an engineer as well.
- As of Episode 13, Ellie has picked up Stross and is now reluctantly traveling with him and Isaac. She also seems to have dropped the 'lone wolf' thing, at least for now.
- In Episode 13, Ellie revealed that although she is NOT an engineer, she's a CEC pilot and she also thinks Isaac is a nerd.
- As of Episode 18, Ellie has warmed up to Isaac and is now officially 'in-party.'
- As of Episode 23, Ellie has been attacked by Stross and her current fate is unknown.
- In Episode 24, Ellie contacted Isaac again, luckily alive.
- At the end of Episode 25, Ellie was attacked by Stross with a screwdriver. As getting a screwdriver shoved through their skull is generally enough to kill most people, it might be a safe bet that she's kicked it.
- At the beginning of Episode 27, Ellie was shown to be alive and very much kicking, albeit one eye short, which she demands Isaac replace later. Then she hit Stross over the head with a pipe, and there was much rejoicing.
- Was tricked into the last remaining shuttle on Titan Station by Isaac in Episode 31. Is now presumably floating safely in space far away from Titan Station.
- After Isaac's final battle with the Gold Marker in Episode 34, Ellie returned to pull Isaac's fatalistic rear end out of the fire yet again. Last seen flying off into space with Isaac Clarke. No doubt they'll have a happy, uneventful life after this.

Site 12 Marker/The Gold Marker/"Nicole" | Status: Deceased (Destroyed by psychic feedback)

True Bio: The Site 12 Marker, referred to as the Gold Marker, was built under the direction of Hans Tiedmann as a potential energy source. Its construction is veiled in mystery, but logs and evidence found in the Government Sector points to a birth within a complex mineral bath. The Gold Marker was created with the blueprints stored within the minds of Isaac Clarke, Nolan Stross, and at least three other individuals, all of which were extracted in the Noontec Diagnostic Machine. It was revealed that this Marker "signal" which translates into followable blueprints is actually transmitted to all sentient beings around a Marker. However, only very intelligent minds can even begin to interpret the data; to regular people, the signal manifests as psychic noise that drives them to hysteria and homicidal and/or suicidal behavior.

- Like the Red Marker on Aegis VII, the Gold Marker manipulated Isaac Clarke into doing its bidding by using the guise of his dead girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. Unlike the Red Marker, which seemed to want to suppress the Aegis VII Hivemind, the Gold Marker's purpose was much more nefarious: mainly triggering a Convergence event which would culminate with the death of its creators as they joined the Necromorph collective and made the Marker "whole."
- What a Convergence event would actually accomplish is ambiguous at best, but statements from the Gold Marker as well as Unitologist dogma hints at the creation of something greater than those present at the event.
- The Gold Marker met its destruction in Episode 34 when it temporarily joined consciousnesses with Isaac Clarke in a final attempt to become "whole." Rather than give in to the unending psychic assault, Clarke used the link to purge the Marker signal from his mind, annihilating the Gold Marker's sentience in the process and turning it into a harmless chunk of rock.

Original Bio: Isaac's girlfriend. Died on the Ishimura before Isaac even arrived, but that hasn't seemed to have stopped her from hanging around. While her appearance on the Ishimura was caring and compassionate, she seems to have taken a turn for the moody, now covered in blood, sporting glowing eyes and a mouth, and speaking in a vengeful shriek at all times. Some girls just don't realize when it's over. Nicole Brennan is modeled after and voiced by Tanya Clarke, who may or may not be related to Isaac Clarke but probably isn't.

- During Episode 4, Nicole reminded Isaac of her suicide via lethal injection. Needles may or may not be a recurring theme with this lady.
- Appeared again in Episode 6, and seems to hold Isaac directly responsible for her death.
- As of Episode 7, her power seems to be growing, as she can not only manifest in the real world, but also physically manipulate Isaac.
- Has begun to appear more and more often, sometimes simply messing with Isaac's vision whenever she herself isn't visible as of Episode 17
- As her intentions become more clear in Episode 19, Nicole is manifesting Isaac's guilt, reminding him of how he pushed Nicole to sign up for the Ishimura, a great career move under normal circumstances, but which ultimately led to here death.
- As of Episode 22, Nicole's presence seems to be growing, and she is repeatedly contacting Isaac over his Riglink.
- In Episode 27, she physically attacked Isaac, strangling him and demanding he face his guilt. After Isaac realized the truth about her, she reverted to her friendly Ishimura incarnation, seemingly satisfied with his conclusion, and willing to help aid him in his mission to destroy the Titan Station Marker. She also revealed Stross' fourth step, one he never reached: Acceptance.
- As of Episode 33, has begun acting creepy again (appearing in electronic screens, appearances accompanied by that strange growl/whine noise, etc.) even though she's still speaking calmly.

Hans Tiedmann | Status: Deceased (Javelin through head)

The Director of Titan Station. Ordered the Medical Facility Isaac was in scrubbed of all project materials - including Isaac - and then declared martial law, further dampening Isaac's looting shenanigans.

- As of Episode 3, it's been revealed that Tiedmann had a Marker built in Titan Station in order to harness the considerable power output. Evidently no one told him about the Marker/Necromorph connection. What a jerk.
- As of Episode 5 is still trying to kill both Isaac and Stross in spite of the fact that the Station is already overrun by murderous alien zombies. Serious jerk.
- Contacted Isaac, Ellie, and Stross in Episode 13 to smugly priss at them, then shut down power and life-support to the area they were in since I guess he didn't have any more gunships to throw at them. He is most definitely alive, and most definitely a jerk.
- As of Episode 32 Tiedmann is still somehow alive, and reveals to Isaac that the Gold Marker was indeed supposed to trigger a Convergence Event on Titan Station, but there weren't supposed to be Necromorphs present, just dead bodies. How he expected this to actually work without thousands dying is anyone guess, but I'd chalk it up to how much of a jerk he is.
- In Episode 33, several audio logs revealed that Tiedmann ordered a mass evacuation of Titan Station when the Necromorph outbreak began. This wouldn't seem out of the ordinary, except it was against all of the protocols, revealing that Tiedmann cared more about the lives of the people he had been put in charge of more than he cared about the Marker. Maybe he's not such a jerk after all.
- In Episode 34, attempted to personally stop Isaac Clarke one last time. It turns out that an insane man with half his flesh burnt off is a poor match against a slightly less-insane man in an Advanced RIG. Had his arm broken and a javelin fired through his neck, shortly followed by another javelin through the back of his skull.

Nolan Stross aka Patient 5 | Status: Dead (Screwdriver through the skull)

Another mental patient suffering Marker-based dementia, Nolan escaped the Medical Center through unknown means and tried to help Isaac escape as well, though he only succeeded in leading Isaac into a dead end that could've been avoided with a crouch button. Little else is known about him, except for the fact that he's killed at least two people while under the influence of the Marker - hopefully not a sign of things to come for Isaac. Nolan Stross is modeled after and voiced by Curt Cornelius, who also voiced Stross in Dead Space Aftermath.

- Contacted Isaac during Episode 3, and revealed that although he was suffering the same kind of 'time loss' as Isaac is, his memories are returning.
- In Episode 5, Daina revealed that Stross killed both his wife and child.
- Also in Episode 5, Stross mentioned seeing 'him,' hinting that he may be experienced visions of his son.
- Also in Episode 5, Stross mentioned seeing Marker symbols - something else Isaac has also been experiencing.
- As of Episode 5, Stross appears to be pursued by a similar team to the one hunting Isaac.
- Contacted Isaac in Episode 7, inadvertently revealing he had made it into the Church as well, continuing to 'shadow' Isaac. Also he got a nosebleed, so that's something?
- In Episode 10, Stross contacted Isaac again, and confirmed that not only had Isaac built the Titan Station Marker, but Stross had contributed as well. He stated that the two of them could still tear it down together, and that the Marker itself was hidden away in the Government Sector.
- Starting in Episodes 11 & 12, Stross appears to be haunted by visions of his own - a male and female, presumably his dead wife and child. Stross has also made references to steps of some sort:
+ Step 1: Crawl Into the Dark Machine
+ Step 2: The Screws Go Tight, All Around
+ Step 3: Stick A Needle In Your Eye
+ Step 4: Acceptance (stated by Nicole)
- As of Episode 13, Stross has been taken into "protective" custody by Ellie and Isaac.
- As of Episode 18, Stross' hallucinations and dementia are so severe that he is having difficulty even moving.
- As of Episode 23, Stross has attacked Ellie, attempting to show her the "steps." Her fate is currently unknown.
- In Episode 24, Ellie contacting Isaac, informing him that Stross just bit her and is now being quiet and sullen. Biting aside, this is generally seen as an improvement.
- In Episode 25, went completely crazytown bananapants and stabbed Ellie through the eye with a screwdriver. Now he seems to be hunting Isaac as well with a similar intent.
- In Episode 27, he confronted Isaac head-on and attempted to show him Step 3 as he did with Ellie. Isaac turned the attack back on Stross after disarming him and drove the screwdriver through Stross' temple, killing him.
- In an audio log found on Stross' body, it was revealed that Stross was experiencing visions of his wife similar to the ones Isaac is experiencing of Nicole.

Foster Edgars | Status: Deceased (Suicide)

A doctor working on at the Titan Memorial Medical Center who was involved with questioning Isaac Clarke about the Aegis VII incident. Went completely bonkers after the Necromorph outbreak and carried out Tiedmann's scrub order with a scalpel. Isaac was able to jar him back into sanity for a moment, but after he directed Clarke to a medical cabinet to heal himself, he calmly slit his own throat, telling Isaac "We're all gonna burn for what we did to you. HuuuaaaAAAAghk-huk-huk-huuuuuuuugh." Foster Edgars was modeled after and voiced by Rick Cramer, who also provided the voice for Abraham Neumann, the main character of the Dead Space prequel animated comic.

Franco Delille | Status: Deceased (Killed by Infector)

True Bio: Franco Delille was a Unitology member - part of the sect responsible for the Titan Station Necromorph outbreak. He was assigned to retrieve Isaac from the Medical Center before he could be terminated, but he succeeded only in freeing him from his cell before being killed by an Infector - ironically part of the same infection he helped cause. Franco Delille is the main character of Dead Space: Ignition, the synopsis of which can be read here.

Original Bio: An man allied with Daina Le Guin, he broke Isaac out of his psychiatric cell in the Medical Center during the Necromorph outbreak, but was attacked from behind and murdered by an Infector before he could free Isaac's bonds. Subsequently, he transformed into a Slasher right in front of Isaac's eyes, but was knocked on his newly-necrotic rear end when Isaac headbutted his ugly, skinless face. Wasn't seen afterwards, but one can assume he's off somewhere just having the time of his unlife. Franco Delille was modeled after Dead Space Ignition/Dead Space 2 producer Rich Briggs, however his voice actor is unknown.

Daina Le Guin | Status: Deceased (Dismembered by Mounted Guns, Jettisoned into Space)

True Bio: A Unitology member, Daina Le Guin was part of the Unitology sect responsible for the Necromorph outbreak on Titan Station. She then guided Isaac to the Church of Unitology under the guise of removing the Marker signal in his mind, which she stated would eventually kill him. After many trials and tribulations, Isaac finally reached the Church only to be taken prisoner by Daina and her cohorts where she revealed her villainous scheme to use the signal in his mind to build Markers across the galaxy to start more Necromorph outbreaks. Her victory was short-lived, as the gunship that had been hunting Isaac since Chapter 3 turned up and literally tore her and her forces apart, with Isaac barely surviving the encounter.

- In Episode 10, Daina stated the last thing she and her comrades wanted was for Isaac to die, possibly hinting that Isaac's dementia will NOT kill him; although given how she was in total femme fatale mode and how Isaac's hallucinations have already "tried" to kill him before, the accuracy of this is debatable.
- Also in Episode 10, Daina revealed that Isaac actually BUILT the Titan Station Marker. However, she was turned into Swiss cheese before she could elaborate any further.

Original Bio: An attractive woman of unknown intentions and sexy Australian accent, Daina is responsible for Isaac's new-found freedom since Franco was acting under her orders before an Infector made him an offer he couldn't refuse. She functions as a guiding voice over Isaac's RIG link, and ensures his survival to the best of her ability, although her motivations are a mystery. Daina Le Guin is modeled after and voiced by Tahyna Tozzi, whose name is awesome.

- While not established in any particular episode, Daina seems to know quite a lot about both Isaac and Stross, including their personal histories, where to find them on the station, and how they're being affected by Marker phenomena. How she knows this information is unknown, although she could be a former EarthGov employee seeking to atone for Isaac's treatment.
- As of Episode 5, Daina has had her signal jammed by Tiedmann like fifty friggin' times. It's getting pretty annoying, honestly.
- In Episode 6, Daina guided Isaac to the Titan Station Church of Unitology, where she is currently hiding. This is putting her firmly into the 'possibly crazy' column.

Infector | Threat: Low (High if there are corpses about)

Infectors spread the "gospel" of Necromorphic unlife, injecting corpses (and sometimes human beings) with virus-rich necrotic fluid that can reanimate and recombinate a body in a matter of seconds. A strange visual hybrid of a ray and a mosquito, these guys flit about in search of usable bodies, which is why it's a good idea to stomp all bodies you come across, as the Infectors will pass them over if they're missing most of their limbs. Infectors themselves aren't terribly dangerous (unless your back is turned and you're unarmored, apparently), but will attack directly if there are no bodies to infect. They can be dispatched by severing the wings or the proboscis they use to infect, and they make higher-pitched, almost bird-like noises.

Slasher | Threat: Low

Slashers are the 'footsoldiers' of the Necromorph horde, the most common enemies in the game. They take their name from the massive, scythe-like blade-arms that protrude from their shoulders. When one leg is shot out, they fall forward and continue to crawl, pulling themselves along using the scythes, which are easily target-able once they're on the ground. Overall, Slashers are slow-moving and pose little threat as long as you keep your distance. However, they possess an cunning intelligence - Slashers will play dead, hiding themselves among bodies, or sometimes even dropping in the middle of fights after losing a limb only to rise again when the player isn't looking, which is hella unsporting. Slashers will also utilize vents to avoid gunfire and to safely close distance between themselves and the player, which is pretty clever, especially considering that the game doesn't actually play 'scare' music until you physically see your enemy, allowing them to be quite sneaky. When they're not being sneaky, they emit all manner of roars and shrieks, so if you hear a terrible noise and you can't identify it, it's probably one of these guys.

Leaper | Threat: Low

Leapers are one of the more common breeds of Necromorph, and they bring a disturbing mobility to the festering, rotting table. Leapers' legs have mutated into a scorpion-like whip-tail with a scythe on the end. In spite of this apparent lack of transportation, they're one of these fastest Necromorphs in the game, rapidly closing distance by leaping (thus the name) and scuttling about on walls and ceilings. However, they're also more fragile - taking off one arm reduces them to an almost-pathetic crawl, and the second arm will finish them. Caution should be exercised in open areas - they will often retreat into far corners when hurt, and will constantly try to flank Isaac from above and behind. Stasis is recommended due to their high mobility and unorthodox movement patterns, but a quick aim will do just as well.

Puker | Threat: Low (Medium in groups)

Pukers are a grotesque new infection form in Dead Space 2. While they're able to attack with their hands, their primary method of offense is their ability to projectile vomit corrosive, necrotic, and most importantly SLOWING fluid onto the player. To make matters worse, Pukers are surprisingly resilient, often taking multiple shots to cut off just one limb, at least with less-upgraded weapons, and requiring at least three limbs cut off even on Normal difficulty. On TOP of that, Pukers can vary their projectiles, ranging from single "puke balls" to large torrents of bile. Like Slashers, their offensive ability is greatly lessened when they lose their legs. Funnily enough, the vomit projectiles can actually be caught and flung right back into their terrible, terrible faces. These guys make a very distinctive gurgling sound too, so you can always tell when there's one around. How nice of them!

Exploder | Threat: Low-Medium

Exploders have become slightly more common since Dead Space 1, and also more deadly - hooray! While most Necromorphs are in the business of making bodies for Infectors to work with, these guys are much more military in their purpose: BLOW IT ALL UP! Luckily, they're extremely fragile and pretty slow - one shot to the glowing explosive sac they drag, and they'll pop like a balloon loaded with TNT, taking out anything in the vicinity - including you, if you're close enough. Taking out an Exploder in a pack of enemies can make a difficult fight extremely easy, and there are even bigger benefits for the careful shooter - hacking off the sac itself enables you to grab and throw it with Kinesis, turning it on the Exploder's brothers-in-horrible-scythelike-arms. Perhaps in an effort to get the player to run away instead of sticking around and shooting them, Exploders emit distinctive, high-pitched cries that can be heard a mile away.

The Pack | Threat: Miniscule (Medium in groups)

A new kind of Necromorph for the Dead Space universe, the Pack are a grisly reminder that not even children are safe from the virus. An individual Pack member is quite weak - though bolstered by the Necromorph infection, their still-developing bodies are fragile, and can be felled by a single injury; even tossing a wheelchair into one with Kinesis will kill it. Engineers with a particularly morbid sense of humor may use a Pack member's body itself as a weapon, killing the next one, then using its body in turn, to create a macabre conga line of dead zombie children - it's pretty terrible, but it's also kind of funny in a really terrible way. However, the Pack themselves are some of the least humorous Necromorphs - while they may go down easily, the Pack travel in, you guessed it, a pack, and can easily overwhelm their victim through numbers and sheer ferocity, even on lower difficulties. Keep your distance, sweep the leg, and give these kids a well-deserved naptime.

Swarmer | Threat: Low

A returning form from Dead Space 1, Swarmers are annoying little slinky-like critters made from reanimated bits of flesh who latch onto victims and start ripping small bits of skin and muscle off, slowing down their victim in the process. Swarmers are extremely fragile - just the act of shaking them off is enough to kill them - but they travel in groups and can easily overwhelm a target if too many of them latch on. Area-of-effect weapons are recommended to help conserve ammo, as they'll hop on you before you can stomp on them. As small and simple as they are, Swarmers seem acutely aware of their fragility, and prefer to hide inside bodies, dark corners, and sometimes even stompboxes until their prey gets close. In spite of this seeming intelligence, they appear to share a collective thought process, and are unable to act independently of one another - meaning they will always move in the same general direction, making clean-up relatively easy. They're also relatively quiet too - keep an ear out for lots of little squishing sounds. On a less-adorable note, there are reports of Swarmers temporarily latching onto larger Necromorphs in order to reach victims more quickly and safely.

Stalker | Threat: Medium-High

A new form to the Dead Space universe, Stalkers are absolutely lethal. A twisted combination of human and animal biomass, Stalkers combine the speed of beasts with the intelligence of humans - or what's left of the brain after infection, anyway. They actively use cover in order to avoid enemy fire, and work in concert with one another to distract their prey while more flank to the side. It's highly recommended to take out the legs first, but a crippled Stalker should still be treated cautiously: Stalkers crawl faster than any other Necromorph, and they have a disturbingly long reach thanks to their claws. Downed Stalkers should always be taken out as soon as possible unless another has begun to charge too, which is perfectly possible given their penchant for teamwork. Luckily, and a little ironically, their higher intelligence and more methodical nature makes them easier to predict and manipulate than your usual "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK" Necromorphs, provided you keep your head - Stalkers are patient but not THAT patient, and will eventually charge blindly if they have no other avenue of attack or if they think you're reloading. Their high velocity also severely impairs their cornering ability, so using their own tactic of hiding behind cover works against them quite well. Stalkers also emit a high-pitched noise somewhere between a bird-call and a wolf howl when they charge, although if you're out in the open, it's probably too late to dodge. True to their bestial nature, Stalkers are extremely territorial, and seem to prefer distinct 'hunting grounds' with lots of cover for them to hide and flank behind, so if you find a lot of boxes in a relatively open area, get ready for a trip to the petting zoo. Skip the snackfood and feed them Stasis instead.

Pregnant | Threat: Medium

A returning form, the Pregnant is like a Necromorph Transformer: there's more than meets the eye. Pregnants are slow, noisy, and dumber than your average Slasher. However, they're one of the more dangerous forms for several reasons: the Pregnant's overdeveloped scythes gives them a longer, more damaging reach than other bipedal Necromorphs, and their sudden charges can easily take a victim by surprise. The thicker scythes are also harder to sever, often taking several shots. However, the most dangerous factor of the Pregnant is that which gives it its name: the enormous, swollen sacks that Pregnants have will burst upon taking damage, releasing a mass of Swarmers on the closest target. For this reason, Stasis is recommended in order to shut them down without hitting the body, as even a slight graze is enough to tear open the Swarmer sac. In an even grislier display of the virus' lethality, some female Pregnant forms may unleash Lurkers - mother and child united in death. There are also confirmed reports of Lurkers even tearing themselves open on rare occasions, proving that not even a steady aim can save you from the terrible will of the Necromorph virus.

Cyst | Threat: Miniscule

A side effect of the Necromorph Corruption that slowly bioforms the environment to one more suitable to Necromorphs, Cysts act as organic proximity mines with a long range, spitting out pustules filled with explosive, acidic liquid at any living organism that passes in front of them. Luckily, these pustules are one-time projectiles, so it's recommended to shoot the Cysts themselves in order to trigger the 'launch' reaction, safely detonating the Cyst from a distance. Baiting them is not recommended due to the speed of the projectile, although fast-fingered survivors may grab the pustule mid-air and turn them on other enemies to lethal, if disgusting, effect. While they make quiet gurgling noises, they're always present in Corruption patches, so keep a sharp eye out.

Spitter | Threat: Low-Medium

Spitters are not a new form for Dead Space 2 as initially stated, but a returning form from Dead Space 1 - just an exceedingly uncommon one. Spitters are something of a "worst of both worlds" that combine the agility and physical aggression of Slashers with the projectile capabilities of Pukers. Unlike Pukers which generally take a more medium-range role, Spitters will actually hang at the back of a Necromorph attack, hurling high-speed spitbombs, until they charge forward with ferocious speed. Luckily, Spitters have received absolutely none of the Pukers' physical hardiness, and are as easy to dispatch as Slashers. At first glance most Spitters look identical to Slashers, but a postmortem examination reveals that the chest cavity has been torn open and shows the Spitter's lungs mutated and bloated, transformed into bile-factories for the Spitter's vile ammunition. The neck has undergone quite a bit of change too, with the neck elongated and altered, no doubt to provide extra range and accuracy. Interestingly enough, Spitters are "made" exclusively from female corpses - the reasons behind this are unknown, and any research into the subject has met with violent failure.

Guardian | Threat: Miniscule

A returning form from Dead Space 1, Guardians are proof that even limbless bodies can serve the Necromorph cause in their own twisted way. Guardians are stationary - fused into the Corruption on the wall, they appear as large, limbless flash sacks attached both at the back and by the intestines of the host. Severing these intestines will kill the Guardian, allowing anyone to pass safely, which is a necessity - Guardians possess a hidden, muscled tentacle with a gigantic scythe-like blade attached, which they will use to horrifying, gory efficiency on any living thing that comes within range. For those that stay out of melee range, Guardians are able to launch cyst-like projectiles from their distended guts which come armed with a smaller scythe similar to a Lurker's appendages, capable of both melee attack and ranged projectile launch. These cysts are easily killed by severing the tentacle. Guardians are particularly gruesome, as unlike other Necromorphs who have clearly died and been brought back to unlife, they appear to still be "alive," kept functioning and conscious by the Corruption's symbiosis, the brain kept in agony as the Necromorph virus controls the body. The noises they make when being attacked are truly nightmarish, but rest assured that killing them is a mercy, and far less painful in the long run than being kept alive indefinitely in such a mockery of existence.

Divider | Threat: Low-Medium

The Divider is a returning form from Dead Space 1, and is a prime example of the adaptability of the Necromorph virus. Dividers are found in one of two forms: the first one is the 'Unified' form, which takes the shape of a towering, spindly Necromorph with tremendous melee range and a very low movement speed. The second form is the 'Divided' form, where the individual parts of the Divider come apart and work similar to Swarmers, but with a marked increase in intelligence and tactics. The different parts will flank, coordinate, and play dead: many an unwary opponent has let their guard down after destroying several Divider segments only to be attacked and killed by one sneaking up from behind. The individual segments are quite fragile, but the Unified Divider is extremely resilient to dismemberment, and will often 'collapse' into several segments if one of the limbs is damaged enough. While Dividers have been known to work in concert with Exploders from time to time, they are more or less solitary creatures in comparison with the pack mentality of other Necromorphs, and a Unified Divider will let out a mournful bellowing noise upon encountering potential prey. Perhaps these shambling, skeletal creatures have retained a measure of their human memories, and seek solitude even as they're driven to murder and hunt: a Divider, even together, is truly alone.

Tripod (Mini-boss) | Threat: High

Tripods are a new Necromorph breed made up of multiple human bodies that have (mostly) hardened into bullet-proof biomass. As the name would suggest, Tripods have two large arms equipped with clawed fists and a single tail/foot appendage. Tripods are extremely aggressive, and will constantly close distance. The trick to surviving is to stay in the Tripod's "dead zone:" move too far away, the Tripod will get real mad and jump at you faster than something that big should be able to move. Get too close and the Tripod will swipe at you with those big arms. If you can do that, the rest is easy - blast its glowing yellow elbow joints to take off its arms. The first arm will cripple it, and the second one will kill it. Be careful, as after the first arm goes, the Tripod will start swinging its bladed tentacle tongue around, and that thing has longer range than the arms. Stasis makes hitting weakpoints easy, so freeze and blast away!

Brute (Mini-boss) | Threat: High

Brutes are a returning form - similar to Tripods, they're made up of a large amount of biomass that's hardened into extremely tough armor. They're not quite as mobile as Tripods, lacking any sort of jumping ability and possessing a fairly short melee range, but they more than make up for it with dogged persistence and a nasty attitude. Brutes will rapidly try to run down their prey and either tackle them to the ground or take a swing with one of their massive arms. Luckily all of that hardened biomass builds up a lot of momentum, so engineers that are quick on their feet may be able to bait the charge and then circle around to attack the Brute's weakpoints, its back and arm joints. Some more level-headed Brutes have been known to hunker down and cover themselves up with armor when coming under heavy attack as well, forcing aggressors to close the distance in order to try and reach a vantage point before the Brute gets back up and attacks again. A frontal assault is NOT recommended unless from a safe distance with an accurate weapon, and liberal applications of Stasis are guaranteed to make a fight easier. Brutes are huge, and tend to favor wider, open spaces, although in enclosed areas, they seem just as happy to carve their own paths through walls, making a Brute's 'lair' obvious to those who can identify the signs.

The Tormenter (Boss) | Threat: Extremely High

The Tormenter is a massive Necromorph with a vaguely-serpentine shape and a massive, clawed arm that it uses both for transportation and offensive attacking. The Tormentor also possesses a number of small arms and claws along its impressive length that enable it to move exceptionally fast for a creature of its size. While it is unknown what form the Tormentor originally had (the snake-like shape and habit of launching itself by coiling and striking points to the possibility of an abnormally-evolved Leaper), the Tormentor itself appears to be the only one of its kind and, unlike other Necromorphs, does not appear to actively hunt living creatures: instead, it has a "lair" of sorts, exhibiting the same sort of territorial awareness as Stalkers. What caused the Tormenter's transformation into such a monstrous form in such a short period of time is unknown, although due to its proximity with the Church of Unitology's funerary wing, one could guess that the accumulated biomass simply formed into the most convenient singular form when the virus took effect rather than many smaller forms. While the Tormenter appears to have no glaring structural flaws, the joint connecting its claw can be assumed to be damageable given vulnerabilities in other large Necromorphs. It's also reasonable to assume that the Tormenter is vulnerable to explosives and fire as well. There is also a rumor that the reason the Tormenter is named such is because of its penchant for singing annoying songs while hunting its prey, but this is, of course, a blatant lie.

The Hunter | Threat: Extremely High

First encountered on the USG Ishimura, the Hunter is a Necromorph of limitless savagery and endless determination. Altered by the insane Dr. Mercer to fit his sick vision of perfect immortality, the Hunter cannot be stopped, only slowed. Genetic alteration has left its necrotic cells not only unusually resilient to all forms of damage and decay, but actually regenerative: even when rendered to nothing but a howling torso, the Hunter's limbs inevitably grow back, restoring it to full murderous functionality in short order. After being blasted out of the shuttle bay by Isaac Clarke, the Hunter drifted aimlessly through the vacuum of space, but its journey across the stars has left it none-the-worse for wear; exposure to alien elements has mutated and corrupted the Hunter into something as removed from its previous existence as its original form was removed from ordinary Necromorphs. The previously-fleshy body has been blackened by unprotected exposure to solar rays and unknown types of radiation; the form itself has been trimmed and scraped of excess fat, leaving nothing behind but marrow and muscle. Most disturbing are the adaptations and mutations the Hunter has undergone: the primary scythes have evolved into massive, multi-fingered claws that can not only stab and slash, but grasp, and the somewhat-rotund stomach area has been converted into two smaller claws that can still slice and maim even if the Hunter is - literally - disarmed. There is, perhaps, no better indication of the Hunter's new lease on unlife than its face; no longer sporting even a bare resemblance to the corpse it was born from, the Hunter's visage has evolved into a lamprey-like mouth that sports six glowing eyes around the rim, giving it a disturbing resemblance to the Hive Mind from Aegis VII. It is unknown if Necromorphs are capable of sentient thought or feeling beyond the simple drive to destroy, but it seems a fair judgment to suppose that after being cut off from its commander, dismembered dozens of times, burnt to a crisp, blown out into open space, and years of drifting through a vacuum with nothing to kill - let alone a book to read - the Hunter exists, the Hunter endures for only one goal: to kill Isaac Clarke.

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Power Nodes

These small items utilize nanotechnology to enhance any mechanical tool the user wishes, including RIGs and modules. However, they can only be applied at a Bench, which are scattered around Titan Station and often found near Stores so that buyers can upgrade their purchases immediately. In order to upgrade tools, users must 'fill in' Power Node slots in a certain order, as the enhancements must be connected to one another in order for power to flow to them.

Node Key:

DMG (Red) - Damage slot, increases the damage output of the tool
CAP (Blue) - Capacity Slot, increases the ammo capacity of a tool.
SPD (Green) - Speed Slot, increases firing rate of a tool.
REL (Orange) - Reload Node, decreases reload time of a tool.
ALT (Green) - Alternate Fire Node, increases damage of a tool's alternate fire.
CHR (Green) - Charge Node, decreases the charge time of the Contact Beam. Also decreases Stasis module recharge time.
DUR (Yellow) - Duration Node, increases the duration of the flames on the Flamethrower. Also present in Ripper. Also reduces the time it takes for the Line Gun's alternate fire to detonate.
WID (Yellow) - Width Node, unique to the Line Gun, increases the width of the fired blast.
SPC (Maroon) - Special Node, appears in Dead Space 2, adds a special ability to a tool, such as incendiary rounds for the Plasma Cutter.
Blank Node (Clear) - Nodes that connect various circuits, must be filled to reach other Nodes.

Kinesis Module

One of two non-offensive tools available to engineers in the future, Kinesis or "G.R.I.P" (acronym unknown) allows the wielder to move much objects large and small via an artificial gravity field that extends from an emitter on the user's left hand. Kinesis can be used to not just suspend and move objects up/down/left/right, but to pull them toward the wielder as well. Reversing the polarity on the module will cause the held object to "fire" away from the wielder, but this is a safety hazard and should only be attempted by trained professionals, as the speed of the launch can quickly reach lethal velocity, turning even mundane items like trashcans and wheelchairs into deadly objects.

UPGRADE ROUTE: As the Kinesis Module is integrated directly with a RIG's power source, it can be upgraded in the process of upgrading the RIG itself. Please see the RIGs section for more.

Stasis Module

The second of two non-offensive tools available to engineers in the future, Stasis uses highly advanced quantum physics to temporarily dilate time in a small area, slowing down movement greatly or completely. Stasis is used in all manner of civilian and military life: engineers use it to freeze or slow malfunctioning machinery that could not be repaired otherwise, "Stasis Beds" have become commonplace in hospitals where doctors can examine and treat ordinarily lethal wounds and conditions at their leisure, and law enforcement/military agents utilize it for apprehensions and nonlethal takedowns. Unlike the Kinesis Module, which runs directly off of a RIG's power, the Stasis Module requires a special type of energy to function, so Stasis Packs must be stored or a Stasis Recharge Station must be visited in order to refill the battery. Stasis Modules also have a primitive power generator that can recharge over time, but this is not recommended, as engineers out in the field will never know when they might need it until it's too late.

UPGRADE PROGRESS: 4/12 Nodes Allocated


The iconic weapon of Dead Space, the 211-V, referred to colloquially as a Plasma Cutter, is a directed-energy mining tool that fires plasma bolts in a vertical or horizontal line. The Cutter was originally intended to hack through thick segments of rock and to split smaller chunks in half with great precision (aided by a three-laser aiming sight), making it an ideal weapon for precise amputation of Necromorph limbs. However, the plasma bolts rapidly lose effectiveness when met with larger, thicker targets - rendering bodyshots all but a waste of plasma energy.

UPGRADE PROGRESS: 18/18 Nodes Allocated

Advertisement for the Classic/Refurbished 211-V Plasma Cutter featuring schematics
Advertisement for the Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter featuring schematics
A concept artist's rendering of the Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter
A poster seen on the USG Ishimura, reminding workers to keep their tools secure


The standard-issue service rifle of the Earth Defense Force, the SWS, commonly referred to as the Pulse Rifle, has also found surprising popularity with not only private and localized security forces, but also with gun-enthusiast civilians. The Pulse Rifle fires low-calibre rounds at hypersonic speeds designed to squash on impact, transferring an immense amount of kinetic energy to the target and causing immense damage, including fracturing bones and liquifying muscle and flesh. This ballistic behavior makes the Pulse Rifle ideally suited for usage on ships and space stations, as the projectiles cannot punch holes through ship hulls - although windows remain vulnerable. However, this also renders the Pulse Rifle extremely ineffective against heavily armored targets. However, the Pulse Rifle is not totally outmatched against armored targets, as it comes equipped with a high-explosive grenade launcher as its secondary firing mode.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Agility Pulse Rifle that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 0/22 Nodes Allocated

Concept art of the SWS Pulse Rifle
Colored concept art of the SWS Pulse Rifle
An EarthGov soldier wielding the SWS Pulse Rifle
An ad for the Pulse Rifle aimed at civilian gun owners


The Remote Control Disc Saw, grimly referred to as The Ripper, is a hand-mounted circular saw used in slicing into and through extremely thick material like rock and metal using diamond-coated tungsten blades that spin at 17,000 rotations per minute. Like modern-day circular saws, the Ripper is extraordinarily dangerous at close ranges, and chews through all but the most hardened biomass with relative ease. In a stroke of genius, the blade does not spin within the device itself, but instead is actually ejected a short distance where it is held in place and spun by a small built-in kinesis module, which not only cuts down (no pun intended) on repair costs since the device possesses very few moving parts, but also increases user safety by maintaining a minimum safe distance between the wielder and the blade that cannot be altered - although this won't keep anyone else around the wielder safe. For long-range precision cuts, the Ripper is able to launch a saw blade in a straight, horizontal line that hacks through anything unlucky enough to be in front of it, making this tool ideal for cutting through multiple targets at once. However, this power comes at a price - the device itself has a very low ammunition counter, and the tungsten blades are exceptionally expensive to anyone not on-contract.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Forged Ripper that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 0/22 Nodes Allocated

A CEC Engineer wielding an older, less-compact model frequently found on deep-space planet cracker vessels
A Titan Security Officer wielding the newer, smaller model of the Ripper. Strange, those aren't standard-issue.


The Detonator is a military-grade weapon that launches beam-emitting trip mines that explode when one of the beams is crossed. Unlike the Pulse Rifle, the Detonator is not available for civilian usage, so technical specifications are few and far between. The Detonator Mines themselves are small and cylindrical in shape, and actually 'fire' out their explosive, pressurized payload in a frontal blast zone, leaving the surface they're attached to completely unscathed - although it's not recommended to mount one on yourself. A small electronic suction device is mounted on the bottom of each mine, causing the mine to stick out from the surface in a 90-degree angle. This suction device can be triggered by the Detonator itself, which will cause the mine to release and deactivate its beams, letting the wielder to easily retrieve unused explosives. The mines are primed the moment they leave the gun, and will detonate upon impacting a moving surface, letting the Detonator be used as a primitive grenade launcher. Once attached to a surface, the mines take about a moment to activate their beam detection system, so using the mines against fast-moving targets is NOT advisable unless the targets are moving in predictable patterns where the mine can be placed beforehand. One important factor about the Detonator Mines is that they have no IFF system with the wielder of the Detonator Gun: the firing party should always be careful to deactivate and retrieve all unused mines, as a moment of forgetfulness about a mine's location can easily result in a grisly, unintentional suicide.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Heavy Duty Detonator that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 0/20 Nodes Allocated

Concept art of the Detonator utilizing the Classic color scheme
The distinctive three beams of a planted Detonator Mine


The Seeker Rifle is a military-grade rifle that fires high-impact projectiles at extraordinarily high velocity. Similarly to the Detonator, the Seeker Rifle is most certainly not available for civilian use. While the exact specifications of the weapon and its ammunition are unknown, the damage output is ostensibly enormous: a headshot to many Necromorph forms from a Seeker Rifle is generally enough to kill them outright, while a headshot from most any other weapon will barely slow a Necromorph down, even when the head is taken off by the shot. Effects in civilian targets are positively nightmarish, vaporizing flesh, pulverizing bone, and outright tearing off any limb hit, causing massive hemorrhaging usually followed by death. However, the weapon's titanic damage comes with a trade-off: the Seeker Shells it fires are quite large, keeping even a completely-upgraded Seeker Rifle's maximum ammunition count relatively low, and the firing rate remains exceptionally low even at the highest levels of improvement. The weapon's efficacy at close and even medium ranges is poor, but any target coming from a longer distance is asking for a free face-removal. You should oblige.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Earthgov Seeker Rifle that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 0/27 Nodes Allocated

A Titan Station Security Officer modeling a Seeker Rifle with a matching blue paint job


Descended from an ancient 1900s construction tool, the 711-MarkCL is the latest iteration of Timson Tools' most popular product. New innovations in machine-action loading give the Rivet Gun what amounts to a match trigger: the tool fires as fast as the user can pull the trigger, allowing for fast riveting in short windows - particularly in zero-g environments. The small size of the Rivet Gun also minimizes recoil, making each rivet as accurate as the last. New to this model is the revolutionary new X-TRACT technology; in cases where rivets need to be re-laid or taken out, tiny nano-explosives planted in the rivets themselves detonate, pushing the rivets out of whatever material they were embedded in to fall harmlessly on the floor. However, installation of the rivets in unstable or non-solid surfaces may cause the nano-explosives to send the rivets flying about haphazardly at high speeds, so it's recommended to only fire rivets into thick, hard materials. Lastly, the 711-MARKCL has built-in software that communicates with most RIG's Scavenger technology, making the process of finding additional rivets for use a snap.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Agility Rivet Gun that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 0/23 Nodes Allocated

A Titan Station Security Officer showcasing the Rivet Gun's pistol-like grip and handling
Concept art of the Rivet Gun. Note the pleasing blue-orange color scheme.


Generally referred to as just the Flamethrower, the PFM-100 projects a stream of liquid hydrazine fire at temperatures ranging from 500 to 4,000 degrees Celsius into a forward cone. Originally used to melt large chunks of ice in comets and frozen meteors - causing the rock to split apart easily - this tool should be used with utmost caution around other workers. A fully-upgraded Torch can melt through heavy armor and protective gear in a matter of seconds, although a low-power Flamethrower poses very little threat at all, and is used for lighting cigarettes on the job as often as roasting away ice. Unique to this industrial torch, the PFM-100 is capable of igniting and subsequently ejecting its own fuel canister when more kinetic force is required to deal with particularly stubborn ice chunks, causing a sizable explosion. Unlike most other Flamethrowers, this model is 100% functional in a vacuum due to its liquid oxidizer; users are advised to take care, however, as the liquid fuel from the PFM-100 will remain in burning in place for a period of time after projection, setting up potential hazards for unwary construction workers.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Bloody Flamethrower that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 0/24 Nodes Allocated

A Titan Station Security Officer showcasing the Flamethrower's handheld size
Concept art of the Flamethrower. Note the eject-able fuel canister.


The Javelin Gun is a telemetric tool designed to fire titanium spikes at high speeds over long distances with great accuracy. Originally used to break apart smaller rocks, the javelins fired from the Gun are capable of emitting high-voltage electrical charges, with top-of-the-line models capable of fully detonating a spike in a small concussive blast. Utilizing revolutionary recoil-dampening technology, the Javelin Gun is capable of knocking away even large objects in regular or zero-gravity environments, and safely blasting them apart at a distance; the force of the launch in a less-advanced tool would cause the user's hand to be ripped off as the tool flew backwards at high speeds. Extreme caution should be exercised around fellow workers and softer materials, as an impact from one of the titanium spikes will thoroughly impale and possibly pin anyone unlucky enough to be hit. Advanced armor may absorb the backwards force, but the tissue damage would be extreme.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Bloody Javelin Gun that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 0/25 Nodes Allocated

A Titan Station Medical Officer wielding a special Javelin Gun model
Concept art of the Javelin Gun. Note the bazooka-like construction.


This weapon, commonly referred to simply as the Force Gun, is an explosive weapon that relies on kinetic blasts. Used to miners and engineers, the Force Gun supplies the damaging potential of traditional explosives with the high precision (relatively speaking) of a shotgun, making controlled demolitions a snap that no longer requires clearing entire construction sites. Traditionally the Force Gun is used to pulverize through large rocks, breaking apart smaller rocks, and even moving large objects across zero-gravity environments, as the Force Gun's output at larger ranges is far from lethal. The Force Gun's secondary firing mode blasts a narrow, focused beam utilized for even higher-precision blasting that can penetrate multiple smaller targets at once. Even at close ranges, the Force Gun's damage output is fairly low unless upgraded, but clever wielders will position themselves intelligently, using the initial blast to weaken a soft target and causing them to fly back at high velocities against harder targets, breaking them apart. Even un-upgraded, the Force Gun is an excellent tool to give the user some "breathing space," as the tool's blast radius is significantly wider when not being held against a solid object, and it can easily knock down all but the most determined (or armored) of assailants.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Bloody Force Gun that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 24/24 Nodes Allocated


Often shortened to just the Line Gun, this tool is the Plasma Cutter's older brother, and what it lacks in flexibility it makes up for in sheer brutality. The older-modeled tool can't pivot between horizontal and vertical alignments, but instead sends out a meter-wide, highly-damaging beam of energy that has a "wrapping" effect, meaning even if part of the beam hits a stationary surface like a wall or a crate, the rest of the beam will continue forward until dissipated completely. The tool's secondary fire mode is a timed mine used to detonate objects at safe distances. The highly explosive nature of such a projectile, of course, warrants caution from any civilian user, as explosions do not differentiate between friend and foe. The Line Gun's already impressive projectile size can be upgraded further, increasing from a one-meter to a two-meter beam-span. However, the beam itself is not "hit scan" as the Plasma Cutter is, but rather it travels at a much slower rate due to its bulk, which can reduce its efficacy against fast-moving targets. The high-damage beam can shear through multiple soft targets before evaporating, making this an ideal weapon for the engineer who wishes to face problems head-on, no matter how nightmarish they may be.

UPRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Forged Line Gun that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 24/24 Nodes Allocated

A CEC Engineer modeling a company-labelled Force Gun, showcasing the weapon's "travel" mode.
Concept art of the Force Gun, showcasing the weapon's "active" mode, as well as its mode-switching animation.


Usually referred to as simply the Contact Beam, this tool is truly a landmark in how far mining technology has come. Utilizing a miniature particle accelerator, the C99 is used to break apart large, extremely dense rocks for transportation and extraction at a later time. Similar to the Graviton Accelerator, the Contact Beam utilizes kinetic energy; instead of blasting the target externally, the C99 actually uses the titular beam to infuse its target with kinetic energy, causing the target to explode from within. Such an ability is quite novel, but the sheer force of the blast requires a short charging time to focus before release. The apparatus itself is quite heavy, and, like any tool, care must be taken during use around other miners - the beam travels instantly, does not distinguish friend from foe, and even a graze from it is enough to cause soft tissue decimation and massive hemorrhaging in the affected area. The secondary firing mode on the tool sends out a low-intensity shockwave in a short radius around the Contact Beam capable of knocking back or dislodging objects around the wielder while leaving the wielder themselves safe and unaffected in the shockwave's center.

UPGRADE ROUTE: Unlocked (and is totally not the free Heavy Duty Contact Beam that I got because I'm a cheapskate)
UPGRADE PROGRESS: 0/28 Nodes Allocated

A CEC Engineer modeling an older model of the Contact Beam.
A weaponized model of the Contact Beam cobbled together from aftermarket parts for use by low-level Station gangs

Resource Integration Gear, commonly referred to as a RIG is a health-management/strength-augmentation system originally designed to aid soldiers and workers in hazardous areas. Since its creation, RIGs have become much more widespread to the point where most professions mandate their usage. RIGs are highly adaptable, and if a user spends Power Nodes upgrading one RIG, the upgrades will automatically transfer over to any other RIG the user might don. Ah, technology. All RIGs, while possessing a wide array of features and designs, have three basic functions across the board:

- Health Management: Appearing as a segmented, vertical bar on the back of the user, indicating the user's condition. The bar itself will change color depending on the user's condition as well: greenish-blue indicates good health (greater than 50%), yellow indicates poor health (less than 50%), and blinking red indicates failing health (less than 25%). By the same token, should the user's heart stop or the user's body take lethal damage, the RIG will emit a loud 'flatline' sound to alert any medical personnel in the area. While the visual aspect of the system may not aid the wearer much, it is priceless to medical professionals, specifically first responders who can simply scan the RIGs of the affected and then make the decision of who to attend first without a time-consuming examination of each patient.
- Holographic Display: RIGs can project a holographic display a few feet in front of the user that has a multitude of features including audio/video/text recording and playback, as well as live audio/visual chat through RIGlink.
- Navigation System: RIGs are capable of projecting a blue line along the ground that leads the user to a selected waypoint, and some RIGs have even been outfitted with the software to project a 3D map.

UPGRADE PROGRESS: 3/18 Nodes Allocated

As with any sufficiently-widespread technology, RIGs are able to interface with a large number of outfits and armors called RIG Suits, or simply Suits for short.

The Patient Suit: Worn by medical patients on The Sprawl, the Patient Suit is like many civilian suits: it lacks protection of any sort, and has no helmet, gravity boots, or stabilization thrusters for zero-gravity navigation. However, it does seem to have a few hospital specific features: the suit's arms and chest area have built-in, extendable straps that easily allow transition from simple hospital clothing into a straitjacket. The Patient Suit also boasts a somewhat-menacing drug-injection collar around the neck area where medicine could be automatically introduced to the patient's system without putting medical staff at risk. The Patient RIG seems to be incredibly primitive in comparison with other suits, but it does have the technology to properly integrate both a Stasis and a Kinesis Module.

Isaac Clarke, sporting the Patient RIG Suit. Note the integrated Modules, as well as the drug-injection collar

The Zealot Suit: A Security RIG Suit lovingly repainted and decorated with intricate Unitology markings. Although the markings grant no additional defense against Necromorphs or the effects of Markers, wearing the suit will increase the wearer's damage with its matching weapon, the similarly-decorated Zealot Force Gun, by 5%. Little else is known about the suit, although one could speculate that a particularly-devoted member of the Titan Station Security Force might have brought his gear home and painted it during the Necromorph outbreak before heading out into the Sprawl to blast some limbs. While many Unitologists committed suicide or willingly sought out the Necromorphs in order to be 'made whole,' this heavy armor seems to indicate that whoever was wearing it had no intention of dying, and while the ultimate fate of the original wearer is unknown, it certainly seems to undermine the belief that all Unitologists are united in their reverence of Necromorphs. The Zealot Suit gives 15% armor and 15 inventory slots, and is available to anyone who bought the Collector's Edition of the game.

The Zealot RIG Suit with the Zealot Force Gun. Note the intricate patterns on both.

CEC Engineering Suit: Referred to as the Engineering Suit, this RIG Suit is the go-to outfit for engineers on the Sprawl. Covered in a segmented, protective semi-exoskeleton, this RIG is the first suit Isaac can buy, disregarding downloads, bonuses, and unlocks. Visually it's very similar to the Suits worn in Dead Space 1, and Isaac is shown to personally prefer this RIG Suit over any others, as his approval is visible after donning it, most likely due to his familiarity with engineering gear in general over military gear. However, his trust may be misplaced, as the suit only gives 5% armor and 10 inventory slots, making it just a slight step up from the Patient Suit defensively, although the gravity boots, helmet, and stabilization thrusters make this a much bigger improvement in the "surviving in friggin' space" department.

Isaac sporting the Engineering RIG Suit and a Force Gun.

The Security Suit: This RIG Suit is the common armor used by EarthGov law enforcement given a Titan Station paintjob. It was worn by Titan Station security personnel, and was designed to guard specifically against projectiles such as bullets and plasma bolts. The difference in purpose and design from the Engineering suits is obvious, as the Security Suit sports numerous wide armor panels, covering the torso and legs, and most of the arms. The helmet is much thicker, and features broad, thick segments capable of deflecting shots and absorbing kinetic energy. However, this suit is not without its drawbacks: the extra armor and padding cut down on the wearer's mobility, with the torso armor in particular extremely tight on the wearer, and the large helmet with the high collar making visual reconnaissance difficult at certain angles. The distinctive helmet itself is culturally noteworthy, as the security forces that don them are often referred to as "Smiley" and "Smilers" by members of the criminal element due to the double-visor's appearance as a primitive, angular smiley-face. However, the drawbacks are miniscule when compared to the suit's 15 inventory slots and 10% damage resistance. Being military technology, the Security Suit's internal stabilizers and targeting systems are also optimized for traditional firearms, so the Pulse Rifle and all its variants gain a 5% damage boost while the wielder is wearing one.

A Titan Security officer showing off the armor and wielding a Detonator. Note the 'smiley-face' formed by the two visors and the brow of the helmet.

The Vintage Suit: Proving that the old ways are sometimes better, the Vintage RIG Suit is an extremely old piece of equipment from the earliest days of RIG technology when mankind was just beginning to see space as more of a possible workplace and less of a hazardous environment that you could only be out in for twenty minutes at a time. The Vintage suit is extremely bulky and discolored by age, but the older, more survival-focused technology means it holds up surprisingly well to modern RIG suits: the larger size is not only because of the thick layers of padding and protective material, but its bulk also conceals a secondary powered endoskeleton that enables the wearer to move with just as much speed as they would in any RIG found in today's kiosks. The external oxygen tank feeds directly into the helmet via a heavily-armored collar, completely eliminating the dangers posed by modern oxygen-feeding technology that can be disrupted easily by a suit breach, and any moving joints such as ankles and wrists are thickly-armored, protecting the wearer from dismemberment. The Vintage suit does lack thruster-stabilizers, possessing thrusters on the feet alone, but the output is significantly higher than newer RIGs, enabling the wearer to move with as much speed and precision as they could in a modern suit, albeit with a bit of getting used to. The powered endoskeleton also has several more compartments for tool and supply storage than streamlined contemporary suits, and simply the owning and wearing of a Vintage Suit is considered a badge of honor to the CEC, giving the user 20 inventory slots, 15% armor, and a 10% discount at all Store kiosks for a history well-honored.

A CEC Engineer modeling the Vintage Suit. Note the similarities to early deep-sea diving suits.

The Advanced Suit: To Hell with the old ways. The Advanced RIG Suit is a bleeding-edge, classified EarthGov all-purpose prototype; possibly the only one in existence. Designed to be as versatile as protective, the Advanced Suit was created to take any challenge head-on from weaponized combat to high-risk repairs to zero-gravity mining missions. Utilizing a combination of high-strength, light-weight armor plating and nano-fiber weave, the Advanced Suit is almost smart enough to run itself. Lacking a traditional exoskeleton, the Advanced Suit's memory fabric conforms to the wearer's every contour and then hardens, removing the need for bulky reinforcement while simultaneously changing to fit a user of any size and shape comfortably. It also has the additional bonus of making the user's butt look great. The suit is also self-sealing, providing extra protection and safety from puncturing damage. Also lacking a traditional oxygen tank, the Advanced Suit stores its air supplies in thousands of micropockets in the fabric itself, which also allows the suit to set and keep its temperature comfortable for the user. Perhaps the most revolutionary feature of the Advanced Suit is its Kinetic Generator, which transforms the heat and energy generated by the natural friction of the user's movement and converts it to power the Stasis Module, completely halving the Module's recharge time. The suit's inventory system stands tall above any other contemporary RIG; utilizing a black-box slip-space system, the RIG actually features 25 inventory slots in addition to its 20% armor.

An unknown individual modeling the Advanced Suit. If you or someone you know has gained access to this highly-guarded EarthGov technology, inform authorities immediately, because it is hella sweet.

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Feb 5, 2013


- Run Isaac
- A Friend
- Popsicle Sticks
- Shotgun Wedding
- Cut Off Their Limbs
- Escape the Hospital
- Follow Daina's Route to Safety

- Orderly TPS Report 1411
- Bulkhead Fight
- Bulkhead Reconciliation
- poo poo The Bed
- Anxiety Spike
- Heisenberg
- Secrecy
- Rendezvous with Daina's Team
- Get to the Tram Station

Jul 10, 2008

by T. Finninho

Oh Dead Space 2. You're one of those sort of ugly duckling kinds of games, but drat you do play well. I liked it, for the most part, but anything and everything related to the plot REALLY sucks, and since they seemed to stuff MORE plot into this game (and the sequel from the looks of it) it watered down all the otherwise tense space-shooty action.

Also wins the award for the coolest HUD/UI in games.

Monkey Fracas
Sep 11, 2010

...but then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you!

Grimey Drawer

Ahhhh yeeahh. I like the setting of DS 2- obviously won't spoil anything here but it's fun to go traipsing about different environments than a dirty old Alien/Event Horizon-Ship while twisted mockeries of the human form attempt to slaughter you. Great lighting effects, too. Can't wait!

I also love Issac's "engineering" in this game.

"Hacking? Just jam your hand up in all them wires and fiddle around with it, it's bound to work!"

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Feb 5, 2013


- Get To The Tram
- Cut Off Their Limbs
- Quarterly Report
- Get Excited!
- Titan Part 1
- Why?


- Bestiary section updated to include Leapers
- Technology section updated to include all viewed Node Routes, as well as current progress along those Routes
- Power Nodes added to Technology section
- Hans Tiedmann and Nolan Stross character bios updated

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Oct 22, 2008

Unite: MASH!!
~They've got the bad guys on the run!~

I like how everything is done on the fly in this series. Normally, even in horror games, you can find a save area where you're free to rest, restock, and plan your next move.

Not here. Here, all you have are brief lulls in action to do whatever it is you need while risking horrible necromorph death if you choose the wrong time. It really amps up the horror when there is no safe area. The player identifies more with Issac's bad situation when you're forced to keep moving to survive this horror instead of knowing you have a haven to retreat to if things get too hot.

Feb 5, 2013

Geostomp posted:

I like how everything is done on the fly in this series. Normally, even in horror games, you can find a save area where you're free to rest, restock, and plan your next move.

Not here. Here, all you have are brief lulls in action to do whatever it is you need while risking horrible necromorph death if you choose the wrong time. It really amps up the horror when there is no safe area. The player identifies more with Issac's bad situation when you're forced to keep moving to survive this horror instead of knowing you have a haven to retreat to if things get too hot.

That definitely seems to be a running theme in this franchise. In the first game there were more definied "hub" areas, but sometimes a Necromorph or two would show up just to keep you off-balance.

Nov 4, 2012

If you are caught in a Necromorph infestation, evacuate your shuttle, ship, space-station, moon, or planet. If possible, try to get out of the solar system. If you cannot evacuate, find Isaac Clarke immediately. He will be somewhere around, possibly in an insane asylum. Immediately get behind Mr. Clarke.

That is all.

Nov 5, 2006

our every move is the new tradition

I loving hated the latter half of the game, and as was discussed in its thread in Games, Activision poached a good number of the staff away from DS2 to go work at another studio. I'd probably be better able to handle it on a replay, but goddamn, all the cheap deaths, sudden hits, corridor sections, and getting ammo for every gun other than the one I was upgrading drove me up the wall.

Nov 23, 2010

Hooray, I'm always happy to have a chance to discuss Dead Space 2! I honestly believe that DS2 is one of the best games of this gen. Sure, the story is a but goofy, but I'll be damned if the game isn't a total blast to play.

Feb 5, 2013


Sorry, no text logs this episode.


- Bestiary section updated to include Exploders
- Nicole Brennan bio updated

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Monkey Fracas
Sep 11, 2010

...but then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you!

Grimey Drawer

One of the things that always kills the dire mood in this game is when you have the occasion to walk through a gigantic pile of dismembered Necromorphs and the game plays that flopping noise for all of the individual body parts that you move by walking through them. Then sometimes one gets sorta hung up on Issac's leg and follows you around like toilet paper caught on someone's shoe.

*flop flop flop flop flop*

"Ah, dammit."

pop a Xanax
Oct 7, 2009

when you have a desperate need to calm down or you are stuck in a groove that is addiction

I never finished Dead Space 1 nor 2, so perhaps watching this will inspire me to complete them, since the atmosphere in the games is really nice in a horrifying way. I already crave for horror in space just from watching a few videos.
Also I really like how you balance your commentary between informative and entertaining.

Feb 5, 2013


- Another Route
- We Failed
- Too Far Gone
- Titan Part 2
- Altman's Footsteps
- Unitologists - I Hate These Guys
- Recruiting
- Get to the Cassini Residential Sector

- Added the Pack to Bestiary
- Updated Daina Le Guin, Nolan Stross, and Hans Tiedmann bios
- Added SWS Agility Pulse Rifle to the Arsenal, as well as its Upgrade Route/Progress
- Updated Plasma Cutter Upgrade Progress
- Added and updated Stasis Module Upgrade Route/Progress

Feb 5, 2013


- Sally 3

- Added Swarmers to Bestiary
- Updated Nicole Brennan bio

Sorry about the lack of updates this week - seems like I've been even busier during Winter break than I am normally, however the hell that works out. In this episode I'm trying something different, which is completely scripting out my commentary while watching in an effort to improve my quality. Let me know how it works, and whether y'all prefer the more rehearsed or more live feel.

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Jan 3, 2013

In the future, religious texts will be made of creepy gelatinous materials. Religion in the future is WEIRD.

I've enjoyed your commentary style, so whatever works best for you is fine with me. My only criticism is volume control. Sometimes when you talk, the game audio drowns you out. Might want to adjust your volume to be higher so as to not be drowned out in future videos.

Feb 5, 2013

AradoBalanga posted:

In the future, religious texts will be made of creepy gelatinous materials. Religion in the future is WEIRD.

I've enjoyed your commentary style, so whatever works best for you is fine with me. My only criticism is volume control. Sometimes when you talk, the game audio drowns you out. Might want to adjust your volume to be higher so as to not be drowned out in future videos.

I've been considering audio-ducking, but it seems like 90% of the time the audio is just fine as it is - that compactor area, for example, is probably too loud, but I think I'm good for most other scenes. Maybe I'll just do it on those particular sections in the future. Time to look up a tutorial!

Jul 23, 2012

A paragon of manliness

Today's Cracked article on unintentionally hilarious glitches in games has a brilliant Dead Space one that involves turning into a bloody pair of disembodied legs and a floating helmet when you come out of the costume change machine.

I won't post a link because im pretty sure there are spoilers in the video but for those of you who don't mind about DS2 spoilers you should go check it out because it is hilarious.

Monkey Fracas
Sep 11, 2010

...but then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you!

Grimey Drawer

How does Stross keep surviving on Titan? He has neither a protective suit or any weapons- and he is also not Issac Clarke. Maybe the Necromorphs are weirded out by his crazy talk and just leave him alone?

"Have you heard about The Marker??!?"

"Whoa there, eaaaasy freak."

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Jun 7, 2010
Capitol: A building or complex of buildings in which any legislature meets.
Capital: A city designated as a legislative seat by the government or some other authority, often the city in which the government is located; otherwise the most important city within a country or a subdivision of it.

Monkey Fracas posted:

How does Stross keep surviving on Titan? He has neither a protective suit or any weapons- and he is also not Issac Clarke. Maybe the Necromorphs are weirded out by his crazy talk and just leave him alone?

"Have you heard about The Marker??!?"

"Whoa there, eaaaasy freak."

Yea, that is one thing that has always bothered me with the game. Everyone else you see surviving you can at least understand how they're doing it. Stross must be the king of hide and seek or something. No clue how he got out of the crazy bin unless Franco released him first.

"Isaac! Isaac Clarke! Here let me get you out of here!"

" man, my name's Stross, not Clarke!"

Also, I have to say that while Isaac's armor might have been made by the same people who made Doom Marine's armor, his guns definitely weren't since they all contain flashlights.

Edit: Quick question SaigonTimeMD: are you actually buying the guns that you show off, or are you saving a bit of money by getting the free DLC reskins that the Steam version gives you?

Alkydere fucked around with this message at Feb 25, 2013 around 21:16

Feb 5, 2013

I did use the one of the free versions of the Pulse Rifle just to save dosh, but I felt bad about it afterwards, so in the future I think I'll use the original versions of the weapons. The upgrade routes are all the same no matter what variation it is, but there are slight stat tweaks like firing rate, etc.

And yeah, Stross DOES seem to be unusually good at hide-and-seek. Or he just weirds out Necromorphs really well.

Jun 7, 2010
Capitol: A building or complex of buildings in which any legislature meets.
Capital: A city designated as a legislative seat by the government or some other authority, often the city in which the government is located; otherwise the most important city within a country or a subdivision of it.

Nah man, it's cool. You're probably already going to be spending extra money buying fresh sets of ammo with every gun, so don't worry about it. Also, the bonus stats are all tiny anyways.

Doing an LP is finding the right degree of difficulty, or at least "supposed" difficulty while minimizing hassle and points of failure on your part. Showing off the weapons by grabbing the DLC freebies isn't cheating. Playing on Easy would be cheating. Likewise, playing on Zealot (LPing an entire game with only 3 saves available is just asking for trouble) or at any time using/showing off the POS that is the Rivet Gun is making it way too hard on you. As you can see you've got quite a bit of leeway.

Jul 23, 2012

A paragon of manliness

Even Necromorphs have standards. Stross is just too wierd even for them and they all collectively decided to just not touch that.

Aug 6, 2007

i'm a shark!!! i'm a SHAAAARK!! suck my diick!! I'M A SHAAARK!!

^^ The Necromorphs are currently going through their legal team to get a restraining order. Just imagine if he actually got turned into one of them. They would have to hang out with him. He'd be "that guy".

Apr 16, 2010

I told you you'd pay!

I'm a little late with this, but please, god, never sing again.

Jul 10, 2008

by T. Finninho

I have to say, I actually really dig the way you're doing this LP. I don't know how much time you're actually putting into your material, but you're clearly practicing your schtick and it shows with clear and engaging comedy. You've gotten more than a few laughs out of me, and made me remember why I enjoyed this game in the first place. As an LP goes, I think that means for something.

Feb 5, 2013

Captainsalami posted:

I'm a little late with this, but please, god, never sing again.


Anyway, got a long episode in the works right now - should be up in the next 24 hours or so. No singing...this time.

Sep 5, 2011

Me? Don't worry about me...

Grimey Drawer

I lost my poo poo when you started singing, personally. Couldn't stop giggling for a couple minutes.

Jul 12, 2006
Don't you fucking dare compliment a woman's voice on the forums, you fucking creepy stalker.

I think the singing's great, please do it again in a future episode.

Monkey Fracas
Sep 11, 2010

...but then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you!

Grimey Drawer

Re: Singing

It went on long enough for me to laugh, cringe, and then laugh again. It went around the world, so to speak. Try working in some upbeat show tunes, people here love those

But seriously, good job on everything so far!

Monkey Fracas fucked around with this message at Mar 5, 2013 around 18:41

Feb 5, 2013


- A Safe Place
- Two Tines
- Watch Your Back
- Tour Staff
- Harsh Pressure
- Recruit Test Results
- Blocked Again
- Busy
- Side Door Open

- Added Stalkers to Bestiary
- Updated bios for Isaac, Nicole, Daina, and Stross

Monkey Fracas
Sep 11, 2010

...but then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you!

Grimey Drawer

I love how the Stalkers poke their heads out from behind cover. "Is he looking at me? Oh god he's looking at me."

Sep 5, 2011

Me? Don't worry about me...

Grimey Drawer

The Snark is strong with this one...

David D. Davidson
Nov 17, 2012

Orca lady?

Monkey Fracas posted:

I love how the Stalkers poke their heads out from behind cover. "Is he looking at me? Oh god he's looking at me."

They know what Isaac can do to them.

Monkey Fracas
Sep 11, 2010

...but then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you!

Grimey Drawer

David D. Davidson posted:

They know what Isaac can do to them.

In reality they're actually terrified of Issac. They probably refer to him by some stomping-related-folk-monster-sounding name in private Necromorph conversation and tell campfire horror stories about giant boot indentations.

Jun 7, 2010
Capitol: A building or complex of buildings in which any legislature meets.
Capital: A city designated as a legislative seat by the government or some other authority, often the city in which the government is located; otherwise the most important city within a country or a subdivision of it.

The Stalkers are my least-most favorite enemy on replays. They're annoying because they take forever to actually show themselves when you get to the points that are supposed to be encounters for them. You hear them screaching and growling for a bit too long. They're hilarious though because when they run at you it's so easy to aim low and cut off their legs. Of course, I'm probably a bit biased because the Ripper is one of my favorite weapons.

Feb 5, 2013


- Sorry, none.

Wanted to get this up - I'd forgotten how relatively short Chapter 4 is until it was too late, so I just wanted to wrap it up with this one. There WAS going to be singing, but I sound even worse now, so I just decided to forgo it. Should have the first part of Chapter 5 done sometime around Monday-Tuesday!


Apr 16, 2010

I told you you'd pay!

Hey, how come you made your deadspace videos private? I liked them!

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