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Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011


Railrunner, Merrylegs and Static

We are GOING places. Eagerly awaiting the misadventures of Rodney the were-coaster.


Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Our protagonist has so far accomplished the following:

1) Killed a cat
2) Wrecked a bar
3) Almost killed the angered bar owner
4) Attacked the police who came in response to the chaos

Railrunner is kind of an rear end in a top hat.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

EagerSleeper posted:

I think Rodney himself is kind of a jerk.

comic quality is terrible, just like this book

It is beautiful and perfect. I love the dapper bartender :allears:

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

When you get in a roller coaster, you become a roller coaster. That's like a "yo dawg" meme the author gave up on halfway through.

Roller coasters run on electricity and make sparks so that's why they control lightning and fire. The venom has me mystified. Maybe because the chemicals used in coaster cleaning are toxic to humans? hosed if I know.


“Oh boy. Railrunner a roller coaster gains power from amusement parks and carnivals. You also gain power from rides and you can have the ability to control them like their speed and how long they last. If you step on the rails or in a coaster car, you go roller coaster instantly. I would think about that,” [JWKS: So that’s where the missing quotation mark went] Railrunner. It’s not a good idea to be going there, at all.” He said as he crossed his arms.

“I’ll be fine.” I said getting up and heading for the door.

"Oh boy" is right. It's like the beginning of a loving Freakazoid episode.

"Don't say his name!"
"You mean Candlejack?"
"...Freakazoid why did you say his name?"

Cue ~hilarity~.

Seriously Rodney. You have a loving power you cannot control which makes you hulk out and go nuts. Are you sure you wish to spring this surprise on your girlfriend during your romantic date? I know people say you need to spice up your love life, but I don't think this is what they meant.

Speaking of cartoons, I bet when Rodney will finally master his awesome powers he'll yell "I'M GOING COAST!" a la Danny Phantom.


...And three is when you need power the most. And the forth [sic] I will tell you when you’re ready.”

Hey! Two deus ex machinas for the price of one! Awesome!

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011


This was painful to read through.
You know, as a kid I kinda liked writing. I tried a story where the perspective shifted between first and third, cause I thought it was clever and a good way to add mystery to a story. It was hard to do, and looking back at it now, I think the result was about on par with Miranda's. But I NEVER shifted to the first person perspective of another character. That is such a bad idea on so many levels.

Detective Black is a badass. Demon rollercoaster on a rampage? He decides to take it on with a machete! :black101: at its finest!

I'm noticing this story reveals some troubling aspects of Miranda's personality, but that's armchair psychology and I won't go there.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

my dad posted:

You mean the part where her self-insert mistakes her potential Mary Sue love interest anthropomorphic were-rollercoaster for a horse?

I was more talking about how she seems to be a lonely girl with no friends.
She seems to really love roller coasters, to the point anthropomorphism and fetishism (a product of loneliness). You know when Rodney was being teased for working with roller coasters? I bet Miranda had the same thing happen to her. Unlike Rodney, I doubt she telepathically shattered a glass into the offender's hand.

I'm guessing that she had some bad experience with the police as well.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Iced Cocoa posted:

And there's a new smilie in the forum, I don't know where it came from but it sums up the book perfectly.


It is thanks to a an LP of a Rom Hack called FIRE EMBLEM DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS OSTIAN PRINCESS (always spelled in all caps, colons optional).
It's in here:
People in the thread were incredulous just how ~magical~ it was, and :allears: wasn't enough, so :magical: was born.

Even if you're not into FE, if you're in this thread, you should check it out.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Oh Railrunner...
You murdered people, ate animals and caused massive property damage for no good reason.
He's such a lovable scamp! :v:

Holy gently caress Clare :magical: I thought she would just threaten the dude, but she just went and stabbed him. I don't know whether to be impressed or scared.

Bobbin, if I may, you're a writer right? Can you tell us what you think of the perspective shifts? I'd really like to hear your opinion.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

To be fair, some of her art is alright:
It reminds of those R.L.Stein book covers from when I was a kid. I'm wondering if she traced it from something else though. She can't do proportions to save her life, and this is coming from a non-art person.

But I feel like it's missing something...

Ah, there we are.

...Oh my god what the gently caress

:nms::nms:Don't click here. There is nothing good here. Also spoilers.:nms::nms: posted:

This is Shadowtrack, a little anthro roller coaster- a feisty one at that. She's quite a flirt, putting on a private show for her husband Railrunner behind closed doors... every night. Shadowtrack's personality is playful and seductive, but at other times she's serious and understanding. She's addicted to Railrunner like he's her own personal drug and would never go with any other coaster behind his back.


drat it Miranada. I'm trying to be sympathetic but you aren't making it easy!

EDIT: I agree attackbunny, this deserves more NMS tags. My apologies, everyone.

Seraphic Neoman fucked around with this message at 23:52 on Apr 6, 2013

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

NeoAnjou posted:

I think posting something from the book is fine. After all, that is what this thread is about, and, to me at least, shows that we should not be outrageously harsh on her given that this was written by a 17 year old (for some reason I was thinking of it as the product of a lonely 30-something).

However, actually trying to track down anything else about Miranda is kinda creepy. I don't think it is the same person as this archer, but people shouldn't do anything further to find her.


We have her art site and her DeviantART page which are sort of "this-book-by-extension" so we really need nothing else.
Trying to find anything further than that is going into creep territory.

Unless someone wants to buy Miranda an account on SA :v:

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Okay what the gently caress Miranda? I was promised roller coaster on roller coaster combat.
So far I got a monster story about the coolest police precinct in America from the point of the monster. Rob and Harrison are supposed to be the deadmeat characters and yet look at them. One manages to outmaneuver our were-coaster while scared out of his wits. The second tries out some Lethal Weapon poo poo by firing at it from the back windshield.
Hell, Harrison even managed to throw Rairunner off. The only reason the latter recovered was because of ~Protagonist Plot Powers~


I bolted into the woods; it went on for miles and passed by Clare’s house. My wheels dug into the mossy forest floor as I ran.

In the distance I heard sirens, but the police were nowhere near us. We were nothing but a blur against the dense vegetation. I thought to myself as I ran. As a roller coaster, I was living under no rules and regulations. I was experiencing true freedom for the first time; I was running with the moon.


The wind whistled as I moved. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Clare. She gripped tightly on my restraint and there was a happy expression on her face, grinning from ear to ear and letting the wind blow through her blond hair. Just like her expression she made speeding along the track.

A whole new wooooorrrrrlllld...~

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Rahonavis posted:

Where did I put my Sketchbook... loving A, these characters are hard to draw!

This is exactly what I deserve for trying to give Railrunner more reasonable anatomy. There was no saving Clare.

:allears: You even got Clare's tombstone teeth in that picture!

I imagine Detective black to be more of an older dude, he seems so over this poo poo. I picture him more like this guy:

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

To be fair, those dinosaur things are alright. It looks close enough to the dinosaur species that eventually evolved into birds.

She can't draw humans proportionally to save her life though. And her fantasy images are pretty iffy at best.

And those watermarks, goddamn.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

It's funny how Miranda is trying to make Detective Black the bad guy and yet the audience completely sympathizes with him. I mean the electric shock might seem like a dick thing to do, but he's dealing with a rampaging, bulletproof mass murderer.
And the over the top "DISSECT HIM" order. Also a dick move but also, you know, Railrunner.


“Are you some kind of lycanthrope? A new species of were-folk, Rodney?”

:syoon: Yes goddamnit Detective Black. I previously imagined him as Detective Tyrell Badd, but now I'm imagining him as Detective Tyrell Badd who does monster capture jobs for the Hellsing organization. Note the plural form of "jobs". He's not one of the mooks who gets slaughtered every episode. His weapon of choice is a machete (which he obviously keeps on him just in case poo poo like this goes down) and his capture tool is this electro-net.

I only mention this because it is COMPLETELY loving AWESOME


“You are the sorriest excuse for a cop I’ve ever witnessed.” Railrunner growled.

Shut the gently caress up Rodney. Detective Black has so far proven to be smarter than all the rest of you chucklefucks combined.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

I just caught up to the blood-bending. That is the cheapest bullshit cop-out I ever saw.And don't worry, guys. Having his chest ripped apart just pisses Detective Black off more.
Goddamn it's like every member of the law enforcement is a badass. FBI "Captain" Vicks pulled some Black Lagoon poo poo when he attacked Psychocoaster with his loving RPG. I mean how long does it take to reload one? And he was firing them in a fairly rapid succession!

~*Fanfiction*~ posted:

Detective Black woke up in a hospital bed. His entire body ached from Railrunner's assault.
Captain Vicks entered the room, his arm in a sling "He got you too, huh?"
Detective Black looked down at his chest. The doctors went overboard with the bandages, he didn't even need them.
"It's just a scratch. I'll be more prepared next time." He growled
Suddenly, he straightened up "Vicks, my men! They were in the hallway when he escaped! How are they?"
Vicks shifted uncomfortably "Most were right in his path. They were doing everything they could to stop him. One even tried to copy your trick with the machete."
"drat fool."
"That's what I said. But he wanted to impress you. They look up to you, you know? Anyway, they took a few bruises but for the most part-"
"Vicks, don't sugar-coat it"
"We lost a few, Black. Both on my team and yours"
"I see." Detective Black's face darkened. "Send my regards to their families. No, better yet, I'll do it myself. The second these doctors let me go."
Suddenly Vicks' radio crackled to life "We found the fugitives! Requesting backup!"
"I gotta go! You stay and rest."
"Are you sure? I can-"
"Yes! Don't worry, I got Vanessa here. I'll be fine." Vicks hefted his RPG and deftly reloaded it using only his good arm. The new rocket had "hugs and kisses" hastily scrawled on its side.
"Hey Vicks."
"Try not to miss this time. I don't want you to redecorate someone's garage like you did mine"
"rear end in a top hat" Vicks chuckled.
The two men waved to each other as Vicks ran out of the room.

What has this thread done to me?

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Isn't the RPG dude's name Vicks? He was the guy who interviewed Claire, wasn't he?
Yes I know she says "bazooka" but it's an RPG in my headfiction. I doubt Miranda even knows the difference anyway.

Well, you know...
I get the distinct impression that Miranda was in an abusive relationship when she wrote this book.
I mean everything about Clare's reactions make sense, the way she just has to accept that he can't control himself, the way she has to realize that deep down he cares about her, and so on.
I mean hell, their relationship in this novel basically goes through the whole Cycle of Abuse.
Not to mention the way Miranda keeps going on about Railrunner's drinking.

This book is actually really quite horrible on multiple levels.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

What amazes me the most is that Merrylegs had no objections with engaging in wanton slaughter of the police force. She struck me as the token moral party member.
Man, none of the rides have any redeeming qualities at all.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Mercedes posted:

We should invite her to these forums where we'll basically rewrite the entire book for her.

I take jokes too far so I might do this. Let's get to the coaster loving first.



Oh come on, you know it's coming.

1. This book is written by a lonely teenage girl...
2. ...Who uses words starting with "anthro-"...
3. ...To describe something like Shadowtrack

Coaster loving is all but guaranteed.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

I have no words. They all collided with each other in my head and exploded into a sort of mad tranquility.


-He gets a trenchcoat. From a voodoo shaman. A rollercoaster gets a trenchcoat from a voodoo shaman carousel horse. This is beyond just nuts this is psychedelic territory. Like we have exceeded "I am the eggman" levels of absurdity.


-No coaster loving. Huh.

And seriously nobody loving participate in Q&A and otherwise talk to Miranda. gently caress's sake guys. Keep all the poo poo in this thread. Something tells me she'll find it soon enough anyway.

horriblePencilist posted:

I... What? That's how she got the idea? Not years of mockery and sexual frustration combined with her fascination with roller coasters?

Nope that's still there. You gotta realize, she is loving fixated on preggo coasters (...I wrote that). Just check he DA. She took an innocent idea, using ultrasound to find cracks in rollercoasters, connected it to pregnancy and then went loving mental with it.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

I love how in every loving post Miranda says that HER CHARACTERS ARE TOTALLY ORIGINAL DO NOT STEAL. She even has an OC tag for her DA, along with some...less-savoury ones :gonk:

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

But they're supposed to be reptiles, aren't they? Why does she get pregnant?
Not to mention Miranda seems to forget how long her loving psychocoasters are. How do they get bo-

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Welp. You were right.

:nws: :nms: :nms: :nws:

:psyduck: :psyduck: :psyduck:

I just have so many loving questions about this. Well, do your thing horrible thought process.

1) Where does the baby come from? I sure as hell hope it doesn't go through the length of her loving body because that would be 20 feet of painful contractions!
1a) That umbilical chord needs to be much, much longer in that case.
1b) I know they're ~*speshul OC characters donotsteal*~, but do you know how high the chances of the baby getting strangled by the umbilical chord would be?

2) So their reproductive organs are on the first few segments, yes? So what the gently caress are the other segments for?

3) THEY HAVE HUMAN INTERNAL ORGANS?! WHAT THE poo poo WHAT HOW?! That makes no sense at all! How does their spine work? Or how can such a tiny liver function for such an enormous monstrosity?!

4) I don't care what Miranda says, giving birth when the baby has loving chairs sticking out of it is painful and dangerous for everyone involved.

5) Metal. loving. Skin. Miranda.

EDIT: JWKS, I didn't draw that picture :v: That's concept art of Detective Tyrell Badd from Ace Attorney Investigations.

Seraphic Neoman fucked around with this message at 02:49 on May 1, 2013

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

This book is exploring new and exciting ways to be terrible. This is what people mean when they say 'aggressively bad'.

Notice that Miranda uses that 'save-a-lesser-character-from-attackers(in a dark alley no less!)' cliche again.

Thunderbark is such a loving moron. And so is Railrunner. Yeah, let's spend money in a new city to get drunk. Super idea.
I know other fantasy novels do this, and I guess if Railrunner said "After all that happened, I could REALLY use a drink" I'd sympathize, but this would be good characterization AND WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

I am checking out Miranda's group called...*sigh*...Bizzare Anthros...and for the most part it's about what you'd expect. Miranda shows off her preggo psychocoasters, there's some quasi-but-totally-not-furry art by the co-founder and so on.

But there are a few people who actually have some cool poo poo:

This dude makes a whole bunch of awesome monster drawings that wouldn't be out of place in Guild Wars 2 concept art. It helps that they are being, you know, monsters and not sexualized demihumans.

Another dude has a car jaguar,

which while not his best work, led me to find his gallery that has this:

Look at that. It's a loving orca fused with a fighter jet. That's awesome. I love it.
The dude does have his own MY OCC HEADFICTIONS, but he has the talent to back it up. His pictures of spaceships are way cool too.

Yet another dude does these cute drawings of objects, like this:

This one is called Forever Remember Us. Yeah :smith:

Anyway, I don't have to tell you that Miranda's group is :nws: and otherwise pretty much poo poo, right?

Seraphic Neoman fucked around with this message at 03:31 on May 3, 2013

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

No! Just...buh...WHY?!

Why a campfire?! Don't you have money for a hotel?
How did humans "torture" Freakshow?
If all hell breaks loose when a red is born, why the gently caress do you people keep making them? Besides 'the plot says so', please.
So "a spirit thing" happens? What does this mean? Divine immaculate conception? Are we seriously going to do loving Jesus parallels here? Or is this just Miranda's way to enjoy the idea of pregnancy without the whole 'sex' thing?
WHAT DID IRONWHEEL DO!? WHY IS HE EVIL!? WHY DO WE, THE AUDIENCE, WANT HIS DEMISE!? You all clearly don't give a poo poo about humans so why the gently caress do you care what he does to the human world?
Why is everyone in this novel, beside the side characters, such unlikable cunts?

At least the RPG-wielding FBI Captain got out alive :unsmith:


“That has got to be the stupidest poo poo you have said to me since we got here! I mean, how in the hell is that possible!” I laughed.

And now this book is trying to be meta. Great.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Iced Cocoa posted:

I think we should have made a list from the beginning of what movie/tv series/franchise Miranda is ripping off at any time. For instance, now it was Harry Potter, Railrunner even hisses the password to open the doors. Then there is Avatar: The Last Airbender and X-Men that I recall at the moment.

I'm sure it's unintentional, but when she said air candy I immediately thought of this:

Miranda ripping off a Gust game simultaneously makes no sense and too much sense :psyduck:

Iced Cocoa posted:

I'm sure that the deal with the stuffed animals is that once they get thrown out or destroyed they become wild non-sentient animals in Amusement Park Between, perfect for food for the ravenous roller coasters.

Credit where it's due, that's actually sorta clever.

And why is Railrunner no longer allowed to curse? Why didn't Thunderbark know about the drat book? How are they going to get Static and Merrylegs out from this city? Why is having Ironwheel conquer the real world a bad thing for them?
Ugh. gently caress it. Bring in further plot powers. I just hope one of our assholecoasters meets their end soon.

Then it's love interest roller coaster time :suicide:
Oversexualized love-interest...Crystals...Candy...Gust...
Oh god.
This is going to be Ar Tonelico with roller coasters :suicide:

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Bobbin Threadbare posted:

I wouldn't say that. Once you read enough Shakespeare, it becomes easier and starts making sense. There isn't enough Twisted in the world to manage that.

It really helps if you read Shakespeare with a handy "ye olde english" to "Modern Day English" footnotes/sidebars.

Ironically I love Romeo and Juliet, probably because so much of the story is not about Romeo and Juliet. It's about all the other characters which is what Shakespeare excels at. Shakespeare, if I may, wasn't very good with writing a good plot and he was terrible at foreshadowing. But he was an absolute master at making realistic settings and engaging characters.

And of course Miranda's characters are "star-crossed lovers". Of course.

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Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Bobbin continues to improve the story by leaps and bounds. I love how the characters react to Rodney scream the same way the audience does.
Make sure that you label your characters as "OC DO NOT STEAL"

As for the sword, *sigh* (GODDAMNIT MIRANDA!:argh:) I mean of course it's a loving sword. It makes no sense, but of course it's a sword. Heroes use swords after all. Nevermind that the coasters come equipped with razor sharp claws. This is clearly a speshul sword that he will carry in his awsum trenchcoat.

Seraphic Neoman fucked around with this message at 21:21 on May 7, 2013

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

I made my own original character for this novel! His name is "Jolly" Jacktrack and he's a pirate who travels the world helping the innocent! He got his face slashed by a roller coaster with long silver hair and a 10-foot katana, but luckily he got it replaced with cybernetic computer parts, making him a cyberpirate! Type 6 motherfucker! He has an aquariam on his ship and a loyal crew who bravely follow him into battle. He is the best fighter in the world, previously being Thunderbark's mentor an has the ability to bend water, thunder, fire, metal, wind and various vegetables (you laugh now but wait till you see the things he can do with a carrot). He is an expert swordsman and he has gotten even stronger thanks to his cyber upgrades and his training to defeat the silver-haired man coaster.


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Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011


Darkrail & Veinstreak

There is nothing about this that's isn't horrible.
And you know what? This villain? Still doesn't sound as bad as Railrunner. Maybe it's because Miranda is actually honest and makes him a villain while our hero is supposed to be sympathetic. He's a dick, but at least we're not supposed to like him.

It really says something that Imhotepcoaster is more likable than Railrunner! I mean yeah he kills his own minions when They Have Failed Him, but he explicitly gains power from this. Railrunner just has wanton slaughter for the sake of wanton slaughter. And they both have domestic abuse subtext so it's not like Railrunner can take the moral high-ground on that point.

(Is it supposed to Veinstreak or Vainstreak? Like a streak of vanity?)

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Railrunner isn't acting like a hothead. He's acting like shitheel with anger issues. Miranda doesn't really "get" what being a hotheaded protagonist means.

JosephWongKS posted:

She's a fine member of the Dominic Deegan School of Writing.

What does this mean?

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

That amulet has hidden power(s), right? That's number 5.

And it's stretching it, but the still-unrevealed roller coaster abilities Railrunner has. That's number 6.

6 loving deus ex machinas.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Are we sure it's a girl writing these stories?

I mean look at this: Merrylegs, the ~gurl~ is the one who gets wounded and has to have Railrunner save her. Clare needs Railrunner to save her from the muggers/rapists. Railrunner wears a trenchcoat and manages to fight hand to hand without anyone seeing his face or body. He also gets an awesome sword so cool.

And I feel really bad for Miranda if she know what a "I've got bodies in my freezer" look is. :ohdear:

And I have never, never heard of any character refer to their blood as "poo poo".

Seraphic Neoman fucked around with this message at 18:36 on May 16, 2013

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Cuntpunch posted:

Railrunner is a manifested psychotic episode of Rodney; Who stressed by unemployment, social isolation from friends, and a collapsing relationship with Clare made his way to the run-down old amusement park that his parents never took him to. This was a trauma that scarred him for life, he convinced himself that he actually hated amusement parks until his world collapsed and he made his way there - the amusement park on the edge of a growing city, and convinced himself that he was employed; that he made new friends; that Clare would love him again; that he was special and had a destiny. But deep down he was still ashamed because he couldn't buy fully into this new fantasy and so he began to lash out at the 'real world' in a childish attempt to stand apart from it. It escalated from a random barfight to literally killing some petty thugs and then a showdown with the police - when they finally captured him and locked him away, he completely disassociated with reality and believed himself to have gone to 'Amusement Park Between' where he was a messianic figure. Fragments of reality came through in the form of these 'Fallen' - manifestations of the nurses and doctors attempting to cure him of his madness - and culminating in his brief return to the 'real world' when Clare came to visit him at the hospital.

Maybe Miranda's long play with these books is that they aren't just horrible fanfiction filled with plagiarism from countless other teen-lit & television sources from the past decade - but a knowing nod that Rodney's fantasy is influenced by these things. The books aren't written from an omniscient perspective of a storyteller, but instead as a narration of the clinical notes of one of the undoubtedly countless doctors attempting to understand the delusions of a man driven to madness by the recession.

In this case, Thunderbark is obviously a friendly doctor who is trying to cure Rodney. When he zapped Rodney with lightning, it was because Rodney was forced to undergo ECT. Note how Rodney becomes more stable after this episode. He then escapes the treatment facility, rescues Clare from a bunch of guys who were hitting on her (his delusions were so great that his mind phased out everyone else. Notice how the city was unusually empty when he was killing the "thugs") A scared Clare pledges her love for him, fearing for both her safety and his. There is a brief police chase and Rodney ends up breaking into the doctor's office. The doctor wants to help him, but cannot. This is why "Thunderbark" sighs so often. Rodney gets captured by the police, escapes, commits wanton slaughter while the doctor begs him to stop. The police finally capture him for good and he gets transferred to a more secure facility. The doctor still treats Rodney, out of kindness, pity and possibly a desire to overcome the greatest challenge of his career. He believes he may have developed a certain bond with the deluded man. Unfortunately, Rodney's unresponsive to treatment, causing the good doctor to sigh even more often than before.

What I'm trying to say is, I thought Silent Hill was pretty cool too :v:

Seraphic Neoman fucked around with this message at 04:35 on May 17, 2013

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Ironwheel seems to hate MLP and bronies! I like him already!

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Noooooo :ohdear: Detective Black you went too far! That powder isn't gonna last!

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

So Shadowtrack is pretty much guaranteed to be Clare. Woohoo domestic abuse cycle continues :sigh: Thunderbark is gonna die in Railrunner's arms. Railrunner will be on the verge of defeat at Ironwheel's hand before some magical macguffin deus ex machinas him a victory.

This story is so cliche it's incredible. Once you get past the roller coaster Mary Sues with horrible characterization, it's an incredibly flat book that is composed entirely out of worn-out cliches. THERE I NOTHING ORIGINAL HERE. It's amazing. Even the worst writers have some small flare of originality, stopped clock is right twice a day and all that, but Miranda doesn't even have that.

And now our characters aren't only psychopaths, they are whiny psychopaths.

Because this book needed to be worse.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

attackbunny posted:

Twisted rollercoaster names: Railrunner, Thunderbark, Firetrack, Shadowtrack, Angeltrack, Ironwheel, Mistymetal, Moonblood, Redrail, Freakshow, Prototype.

Actual rollercoaster names: The Cyclone, Leap-the-Dips, The Racer, Kingda Ka, Steel Dragon 2000, Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Saw: The Ride, Nemesis, Oblivion.

About the only thing I could see an amusement park actually naming a ride is Freakshow, although they would then get violently petitioned for disrespecting people with deformities or disabilities.

To be fair, Ironwheel sounds like a pretty legit name for a roller coaster.

And all coasters were called Prototype in the beginning :v:

Bobbin Threadbare posted:

Between her fixation on mild swearing and the pages missing from the "sex" portion of relationships, I get this feeling that Miranda may have been raised in a strongly conservative religious environment. It's not a terribly uncommon upbringing here in the United States, particularly not in a Southern state like Tennessee.

This would make a lot of sense, especially seeing the gender roles in play here.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

GrizzlyCow posted:

I don't understand. This Railrunner guy is the worst. When the focus is taken off him for a mere second, he goes berserk. How can anyone mistake him for a good guy? So far, he's been a bigger antagonist than Ironwheel.

I haven't been paying attention, but has Ironwheel actually done anything that was, y'know, evil?

He apparently kills MLP characters for fun and he got really steamed when the messenger told him that another red was born. Frankly, who could blame him on either point?


Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

The coat was literally given to him by a voodoo shaman. I just felt the need to point that out again because I still can't get over how :wtf: that is.

How did Railrunner manage to fight in this coat and not get it scratched or torn? He used lightning while wearing it, surely it should be burned. And it doesn't cover his arms. How does anyone keep missing his red arms?

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