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Ultimate Mango
Jan 18, 2005

Jose Oquendo posted:

I know a dr who has a Windows phone and absolutely refuses to upgrade. He loves it so much.

I used to work with the other guy who would never ever willingly give up his windows phone!

Surely that must be the last remaining pollination of them on earth.


May 9, 2004


Toilet Rascal

I would try and use mine if it still worked.

Maneki Neko
Oct 27, 2000

Have a friend looking to port her number out of the family plan she owns, is there still a concept of a “primary” line with AT&T and do we need to do anything to change that or will it just magically move to another line.

She is not doing a change of billing responsibility quite yet.

Maneki Neko fucked around with this message at 03:00 on Apr 1, 2021

Paper Tiger
Jun 17, 2007

torn apart by idle hands

Normally I'd chalk something like this up to dumb luck and not mention it, but it's happened to me twice now so I'm curious if anyone else has run into it:

Yesterday I ordered a new phone as an upgrade through the AT&T website and picked it up from one of their stores (corporate-owned, I'm pretty sure). My plan was to trade in my old phone for a credit towards the monthly payment on the new one. The AT&T store doesn't ask for the old phone when I pick up the new one, which makes sense because I'll need to take both home to move everything over anyway. Later yesterday evening, I get an e-mail from AT&T saying to expect shipping materials for the trade-in to be sent to my home address in a couple weeks. Sure, sounds good.

This morning, I get an e-mail from AT&T saying they've received my trade-in, and are in the process of applying the credits to my account. Not only is the old phone still in my possession, I doubt they've even sent the shipping materials out yet.

This same thing happened a few years when I arranged to trade in a phone for the phone I'm trading in now, and they went ahead and applied the credit but never did send me the shipping materials or otherwise follow up on the trade-in. I'm guessing there was a brain fart somewhere in the process where the AT&T store was supposed to process my trade-in?

Anyway, I'm going to hang on to the old phone in the off chance they un-confuse themselves, but I won't hold my breath.

Paper Tiger fucked around with this message at 20:08 on Apr 19, 2021

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