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Big Hubris
Mar 8, 2011

Bieeardo posted:

The problem is-- yeah. White Wolf writers are utterly poo poo with subtext. References to important person as a particular splat should have led into the implication that all of them were acting as conspiratorial groups, but the result is almost always more 'This guy is a foozle! Isn't that cool?!' They even parody it with everyone laying claim to Rasputin, and one Changeling book takes it even further by laying claim to living, real-world people.

Awful writers are obsessed with making sure that no question goes unanswered, even if no one's asking. Frex,

Stephenls posted:

In The White Treatise, I came up with the idea of the Eyeless Face as a thing rather than the Lesser and Greater Minions of the Eyeless Face just being disposable constructs created out of nothing by the relevant summoning spells. In Dreams of the First Age I put in a brief mention of the Eyeless Nation occupying the space between the surface of Creation and the Dome of the Heavens during prehistory.

Somewhere else some author specifically called out the Eyeless Face as being, explicitly, the Primordials' guard-dog for Yu-Shan and nothing more.

So, uh....

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Big Hubris
Mar 8, 2011

Ratoslov posted:

That's incredibly stupid, even for oWoD. How did it even get published?

The publishing dreadmill and lovely freelancers forced the people in Stone Mountain to throw whatever they had into the FedEx truck.

Sometimes they had to catch it at the stop-light. At other times they pulled out in front of it and threw it over the driver's shoulder.

Big Hubris
Mar 8, 2011

MonsieurChoc posted:

Traditions coming from (originally very badly described) all the corners of the world. The whole Paradigm of Apathy therefore fell apart as soon as you looked at it.

I always thought it obvious that if the Consensus of Apathy was real the Traditions wouldn't even exist.

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