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Mar 12, 2013

Ardeem posted:

Source on him being Panzer's old man is talking to the people in the Far East Village and the family of historians in Enrich. Source on Lisa is the notes on her profile page in the SF3 artbook. They were translated when I asked somebody on Shining Force Central to scan her full body shot for a commission I never actually got made. I should be able to find that thread.

Damnit, I can't find the thread but her profile in Rune's STHA guide mentions it and several later threads in the STHA section of the SFC forums mention the plot point.
Yeah, just found it myself.



May 12, 2010

There is a point where we needed to stop, and we have clearly passed it.


Part 52: More grinding than a trashy nightclub

So I somehow hosed up my saves, and had to redo the last fight. I'll show you how you're “supposed” to do it.

Basically, the town sells a new rod with Dispel attached to it, which will stop Hedoba from casting Freeze. The problem is that it isn't permanent and costs 5 MP per cast – as much as Blaze 2. The reason why I didn't want to do it is because why would I waste all of Syntesis' or Uryudo's MP on that?

Anyways, I got through the fight again and managed to get almost everyone promoted, due to not shoveling all the kills to Syntesis and Hazuki in a futile effort to get them to be soulmates. We have plenty of time to get that running. Let's move on to the next bit.

Finally, we have reached Barrand. But where is the road to Elbesem? I don't see it.

The road to the Holy Land? Don't worry, you'll see it soon.

The road to the Holy Land only appears once a day, at low tide.

Yes, that's right. The road is hidden underwater. It's only revealed during the evening. We have a bit of a wait.

It's the only way to reach Elbesem without a ship. If we can obtain a ship in Barrand, we will not need to use this road.

The we must seek out General Rogan as soon as possible! We may still be able to board the Seagate.

If we want to seek General Rogan's help, we should probably hurry. The Seagate appears to be preparing to set sail.

Do Bulzome monks occupy Barrand too?

The Medion army! They are the ones who tried to stand against High Priest Goriate. They are absolute enemies of Bulzome! We must not let them make it to General Rogan. Although you're the army of an Imperial prince, this place will be your grave, so that the Bulzome Sect may flourish.

drat it! They're really persistent.

Fortunately, Goriate doesn't seem to be with them right now.

We have no choice but to fight/

Let's hurry, Prince Medion. The Seagate will soon set sail!

Not really much to see here. All old enemies, a very linear path, and sparse enemy formation. Now that we're promoted, the enemies have gone from annoying to roadblocks.

Everyone is promoted except for Hedoba (who joins at level 8) and Rock (who has the nasty dwarf habit of falling behind in levels).

Hedoba's defense is pretty pathetic. Along with 14 HP, we need to give her all the protection she can get.

There's three ambushes along the way, but they're nothing more than extra experience and money.

Anyways, you guys know what's coming up. Step 1 is to give Syntesis a weapon she has no ranks in, so her damage tanks and she can't critical.

Come on, everyone knew I was going to do this.

It only takes three or four skeleton beat downs to achieve this.

Not bad! Now that we have that out of the way, let's get Hedoba and Rock up to speed.

Rock gets a super hefty boost to his mediocre defense, and Hedoba picks up some badly needed survivability. Now to just cut through this fight with ease. Just like in scenario 1, the middle of chapter 3 is incredibly easy due to being able to promote and enemies not scaling up to match your characters.

Oh yeah, we have another support to pick up, don't we?

As we round the curve, a certain familiar face washes onto shore.

A battle between the Bulzome Sect and the Imperial army, and it seems I'm in the middle of it... I challenged Galm to battle. I was defeated in short order and thrown over the waterfall. After that... It's no use, I can't remember.

You... You fought against Galm?! Are you serious? It's a miracle you're still alive!

It appears both sides are evenly matched. In that case, my presence may be able to influence the outcome. Now that I look closer... You're Prince Medion, who appeared during the battle at the railroad switching point.

Not that it matters what we answer, but we can attempt to reject him.

But I don't need gold for my services! You are fighting against the Bulzome Sect, so we have the same interests. Bulzome seems somehow related to Galm.

Hmm, we're in his debt, and furthermore he said we would meet again.

Then it's decided. I will join the Medion army, no matter what you say. You're heading to Barrand, right? Let's take care of those trouble makers from the Bulzome Sect!

Remember all those items I stuffed into Julian's inventory last time? Well, he spawns with them now! An extra healing rain and happy cookie are great items, but we're going to really need that brave apple.

Another melee monk and an archer spawn. As usual, it doesn't matter. With Hedoba's promotion, she's just durable enough to survive a surprise attack like this.

Hunger elves only have 22 HP. Yawn.

Once we get halfway down, a new enemy shows its face. These are very different from the lizardmen who showed up in chapter 5 of scenario 1. Hell, these guys are barely any stronger than the melee monks that were introduced last fight.

Yep, let's move on.

Hazuki and Hedoba team up on it, because this is Shining Force 3 and the magic will never stop.

Time to line up and knock down the last of the enemies. The mage monks with Spark 1 are indeed to be respected.

Which is why we run forward and kill one without giving it the chance to act.

Medion picks up a Spark of his own, and finally gets to make use of his support with Syntesis. If I really wanted to, I could build his support ranks with Hedoba and Hazuki too, but that's really overkilling everything.

And with no credible threats left on the board, we leave it to the mages to do their thing.

It's harder to grind a support with Hazuki since she can deal real amounts of damage, but I'll still take two support ranks in a single fight. It only takes 5 shared kills to get a rank anyway, so chances are Hedoba and Hazuki will be getting rank 3 next fight.

Remember, this is Tornado 1, the weakest spell in the game.

Certainly. General Rogan is aboard the Segate, is he not?

It seems we've missed our chance to meet General Rogan, and the Seagate has sailed. Now what do we do?

If we need to meet the general, we could just wait in town, but it looks like we don't have much time to devote to waiting.

If we can't find a ship, the only way to reach Elbesem is by foot. We can't wait for a ship forever.

The tide will be low soon. We should gather information in town and then head for the road to the Holy Land.

I agree with David. Let's go, Prince Medion!

Yeah, short update. You can't expect much from these filler fights right after promotion.

NEXT TIME: Secret tunnels! Annoying bonus dungeons!

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

I have no memory of this map, it's just a boring place to get those last few unpromoted characters up to speed. Or maybe to grind weapon proficiencies for David on.

Mar 12, 2013

Palette swapped promotion character portraits for most of Sc 2. At least Julian is one of the few character portraits that takes a wildly different art direction.

Apr 23, 2008


So does Julian actually stay this time.

Hoss Corncave
Feb 13, 2012

alcharagia posted:

So does Julian actually stay this time.

He might do. He doesn't.

Nov 3, 2008

Not as strong as you'd expect.

Recall that he was one of the three we could rename at the beginning of Scenario 1. What does that tell you?

May 12, 2010

There is a point where we needed to stop, and we have clearly passed it.


Part 53: Dammit game, stop slogging

The next scene starts with a full pan of the city of Barrand. If you'll recall, this is Tybalt's city which started this whole fiasco in the first place. The people of Barrand had a civil uprising, and since Tybalt's army was unable to put it down, he had to call upon the Imperial army to deal with it, who did him the favor of seizing the city in the process.

It's really him. There's no mistake. Sir Campbell and the others are with him too.

We must meet with General Rogan immediately. We came from Saraband to talk with him. Could you please tell us where the general's residence is?

General Rogan's mansion is in the center of town. Unfortunately, the general is not in right now. General Rogan just now left aboard the Seagate.

We are really unlucky. After all the difficulties we faced to get here, the general is absent.

When is General Rogan expected to return?

We don't know when he'll be back, but you're free to wait in the town for his return.

You're right. We must make preparations to head for Elbesem while waiting for the tide to go out.

You want to go to the Holy Land on foot?

Indeed, that is out destination.

There was an incident yesterday in Elbesem and the Rogan army left immediately to investigate... But they went missing on the road to the Holy Land. The road to the Holy Land was immediately closed. No one can use it at the moment.

What? Do you actually presume to give Prince Medion orders?!

We'd be no match for you, Sir Campbell, the great knight. However, we can't allow you to pass, under direct order of General Rogan. If you insist on passing, I'm afraid you'll have to do so over our dead bodies.

Medion, in natural Medion style, is too much of a wuss to tell them to stand down as an Imperial prince.

I can't believe they would forbid even Prince Medion from using the road to Elbesem. What should we do now? Leaving town by force would be a very bad idea.

Yet, we have to find a way. The road to the Holy Land only appears once a day. If we don't take the road today... We can't afford to waste such time.

No matter your business, we can't let you pass through here.

The soldiers surrounded the office and moved in to capture him, but when they entered, he had vanished! If this story is true, there's probably a secret passage in that office.

Well, it seems we have no other choice but to inspect the office and look for this secret passage.

We can get around to that later, Grantack. A new city means new items!

A new rapier for Medion, and Hazuki also gets a new katana and shuriken.

And another one of these, which I will probably never use. In addition to that, around town we find two large mithrils, a potion, 600 gold, swift boots, and a brave apple.

Also, let's get Julian promoted. Unlike the others, he gets a new portrait, which should be a giant red flag that he's not going to be around permanently.

Let's get talking around town. Barrand actually has some interesting stuff going on.

If Lord Tybalt had distributed rations, the revolt never would've happened. Especially considering how much food was stored.

Note to self: Tybalt is kind of a dickweed.

If he came here, the ship that docked here briefly must have come to get him.


A man who appeared to be the captain told his men to find Prince Medion so he could repay a favor... But then a man appeared from the north, spoke with the captain and they all went aboard and embarked.


Well, it was kinda hard to tell what was going on, but I did manage to hear clearly that the captain's name was Produn.

So the game is being pretty blatant in telling us that Edmund is still alive. In this version of the events, Edmund meets up with Produn, the two of them flee from Barrand, and Rogan has just set off after them with the Seagate. A lot of the dialogue in this town changes if we had killed Stella in chapter 2. With Stella dead, a lot of lines change to talk about Edmund more, how he's a guy who fights for equality, how he and Tybalt get into a lot of arguments, and how he's liked by the children of the city.

The narrative also changes so that Edmund instead meets with Rogan, talks about Elbesem something or the other, and the two sail off together. Anyways, let's move forward.

Oh god dammit, no.

And just for kicks, have some new sprites of not-Buddhist monks.

If it isn't Prince Medion! To think I have the honor of meeting you! It's truly and honor!

For some reason, all the soldiers in this game share attitudes with their commanders when it comes to Medion.

Tybalt's not a very nice guy.

If you talk around town, the soldiers say that Tybalt somehow escaped from his mansion during the Imperial occupation. They tell you to investigate the fireplace, but it's a red herring.

All we get out of it is this. Almost useless, but not quite.

And then we're just popped out in the middle of town. That was useless. The real path forward is in the basement of Tybalt's mansion, which is also a prison.

Yeah. We should try to find some clues, but Rogan's soldiers searched this room carefully and they didn't find it.

Prince Medion, if all those soldiers couldn't find it, how can we hope to find it?

All that matters is that we need to get to Elbesem! We can't stop here because those before us haven't succeeded.

That's exactly right, Prince Medion! We can't afford to lose any more time in this town.

Are you by chance the Republican knight Sir Donhort? The one who tried to start a revolution here?

Hmm... Yes I am. I suppose you're Grantack.

What is such a powerful knight as yourself doing in Barrand prison?

Go ahead and mock me, Grantack. This is my reward for trying to attain my dream of equality. Unfortunately, that dream was crushed.

Sir Donhort... Because of his incredible deeds in the War of Independence, wasn't he feared by the entire Imperial army?

I've heard of him. But what does he mean when he says his dream of equality has been crushed?

We won the War of Independence, however the goal was to establish a country based on equality. If that can't be achieved, what's the point of independence?

It appears the Republic is struggling with its own problems similar to the power struggles and class-based discrimination which are a part of the Imperial establishment.

General Edmund seemed to say something similar when he ambushed Lord Synbios...

Do you know Lord Synbios?

Yes we do, Sir Donhort. Lord Conrad is very fortunate to have such a brilliant son.

Lord Conrad... The future of Aspinia seems to reside with his son now. He grew up to be such a strong and honest man.

You seem to be dedicated to the Republic, yet you did not escape with your lord when the city was taken. I don't understand why you decided to remain in Barrand.

We need to leave town as soon as possible. We must go to Elbesem. However, it doesn't look like we'll be able to get out of here.

Aren't you all Imperials? Why aren't you allowed to leave?

There are bizarre things happening, Sir Donhort. Somehow, the Elbesem Statue to the north has been destroyed, and something unusual is happening in Elbesem.

General Rogan is at sea and since Elbesem is currently considered dangerous and passage has been halted, no one will listen to our plight.

They seem overly concerned with the prince's safety. One can't really blame the soldiers for that.

For old time's sake, we have a favour to ask of you. Lord Tybalt's trail seems to lead to this prison...

I don't how you came to that conclusion, but I don't know of any escape route here.

It seems you've told on yourself, Sir Donhort. I didn't mention anything about an escape route. Yet you know it exists.

Please tell us, Sir Donhort! Elbesem is in big trouble!

We must protect Gracia the Godchild from Bulzome!

High Priest Goriate and the Bulzome Sect are currently hunting him down. We cannot allow this to pass.

The Bulzome Sect is a dangerous heretic group. If they should possess the Staff of Besem, we are all doomed!

Well, if the Staff of Besem falls into their hands, it won't only be Aspinia's problem. I will show you the passage out of Barrand.

Thank you very much for your help, Sir Donhort.

First, please open the cell door. The key should be on the table near the entrance.

Sure, we'll get the key, but we need this first:

The key is in the same room, around the corner. No hoops to jump through.

Wait a moment. I need the tool to open the passage.

Even if I could have escaped with Tybalt, it seems I made the right choice by staying.

If this passage would have been left open when Tybalt escaped, he would have been captured immediately. To protect the bastard, I had to close the passage and stay behind. Although we have our differences, I couldn't just abandon him. Heh heh... Feel free to mock me for my ignorance. I'm very worried about the situation in Elbesem. Follow me!

A secret door opens up on the outer edge of the city walls. While we can just turn right to move to the next fight, there's one little thing I'd like to pick up.

It's not the best ring, but it does allow us to use cursed weapons without losing half our turns. Not bad, but it's annoying we didn't get one in scenario 1. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with cursed accessories, since it already takes up the accessory slot.

Thanks for your rather sudden offer, but the idea hadn't occurred to me...

I understand. You're still committed to the Republic, aren't you?

I don't know... I don't know what I should believe in right now.

Even if you don't join our army, you can still travel with us. The offer stands should you change your mind.

After hearing of your noble dream of equality, the Medion army has faith in you, Sir Donhort. Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you Prince Medion, and to all of you. Although I'm getting old, I can still hold my own in battle. I'll help you any way I can.

You mention battle... Do you even have a weapon?

No need to worry, Grantack. In preparation for the day I'd escape that cell, I hid my weapon in a chest within the secret passage.

Okay, so notice how there wasn't a “Donhort has joined the force” message? He's going to be fighting alongside us, but we don't get to control him. Yes, Shining Force 3 brings back all the annoying parts of Peter from Shining Force 2. On top of that, Donhort isn't even very good. He's going to be a non-factor just like David.

And the map is a big loving desert with almost no enemies on it. This fight is completely unnoteworthy except for how much of a drag it is. See all that sand? It's 0% terrain effect and hampers movement of almost everyone. Crawling through this map is just a slow affair.

The second we step into the desert, skeletons start spawning. Since nothing's changed since the last battle, they're still not a threat.

Look at how bad that movement range is. Two god drat squares! Waltz and Campbell get hit the worst with Medion and Julian getting off the easiest. Still, nobody can move well in sand, and that's the majority of the map.

Some more enemies spawn on the other side of the map.

The crabs are hardly any better than the lizardmen. They're packing a few extra points of defense, but with how hard I'm grinding out my mage supports, it's not an issue.

To add insult to injury, there's also a bonus dungeon in here. I'm not even going to attempt it. Why?

It's a god drat labyrinth full of passageways blocked off by enemies. There's a certain method to get things cleared out in time so you can get the treasures, but it's not worth the effort. All that's in here is a large mithril (as in scenario 1, we'll be oversaturated on this) and a black ring (another cursed accessory, which I've just explained is useless to us). Rather than deal with that nonsense, it's less trying on my patience to keep doing the real fight.

Since there's really not much to say about this fight – as it really is just slowly pushing through and defeating all the ambushes – let's take a peek at all the new models we have from promotion!

That should be everyone except for Rock, who is extremely camera-shy. For some reason, his attack animation just does not want to show his model off from the front. Also, if you're wondering about Donhort, he didn't even get to act this fight. Being a centaur, he's just as slow as Waltz and Campbell, and being controlled by the AI means he rarely makes himself useful.

And then I fast-forward to the end of the fight, because once again there's nothing to say. I feel like there's a Charlie's Angels joke in here, somewhere.

Hmm... Indeed, it's very strange. Maybe the destruction of the Elbesem Statue has something to do with this.

Since its destruction, a lot of unusual creatures have been roaming about.

Wait a second, didn't we have this exact discussion last chapter?

The Elbesem Statue... I've never thought about what its purpose was in the first place, but it looks like there is now a need to know.


Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Cursed accessories are amazing.

You don't need to equip them to use them to cast magic.

Also, David's going to spend the entire rest of the game dead isn't he?

Apr 22, 2008

but at least I don't have
a MLP or MSPA avatar.
I am my own man.

Ardeem posted:

Cursed accessories are amazing.

You don't need to equip them to use them to cast magic.

Also, David's going to spend the entire rest of the game dead isn't he?

Do item-use spells get support bonuses like item-granted spells do? If not, then cursed equipment is outclassed immediately by being in the same game as the Hazuki-Syntesis-Hedoba support trifecta.

Also, if there's any justice in the world, he will.

Jun 17, 2003

Practicing shooting fundamentals.

Not all of it since when you start a new chapter it automatically resurrects any dead character so he will have to die again.

Shadow Ninja 64
May 21, 2007

"I stood there, wondering why the puck was getting bigger...

and then it hit me."

I like Donhort's weird trident beard. Also Campbell's model has an awful face, looks like he has to crap or something.

Mar 12, 2013

Hazuki and Hedoba still have a phobia of passable clothes.

Nov 2, 2013

Fudou, Gunzou. The Face of the Franchise Killer. 2004.

Shitenshi posted:

Hazuki and Hedoba still have a phobia of passable clothes.

At least in Hazuki's case, you can blame the Dead or Alive series pretty directly, since her costume is cribbed from Kasumi.

I got nothin' for Hedoba, though.

Bloodly posted:

Recall that he was one of the three we could rename at the beginning of Scenario 1. What does that tell you?

In "rename Julian" news, did anyone else ever go from playing Scenario 1 in English to Scenarios 2 and 3 in Japanese? Hilariously, the save games are compatible, and so you get to see Synbios, Medion, and Julian in glorious English sticking out like sore thumbs in all of the Japanese. I believe that scenario 3 draws the first characters from those given names to talk about SyMeJu a lot, making it even more obvious than usual about who the prophecy talks about - I'm not 100% sure about this one, though, I never made it that far.

Nov 3, 2008

Not as strong as you'd expect.

Also every other character. Masqurin, for instance.

More interesting is Scen 2 and 3 scenarios have some data that's readable by 1-just a few character portraits for the load screen, though of course you can't load it. Some you'd expect, but Gracia's image is part of Scen1's data, despite him never appearing.

Mar 12, 2013

Bloodly posted:

Also every other character. Masqurin, for instance.

More interesting is Scen 2 and 3 scenarios have some data that's readable by 1-just a few character portraits for the load screen, though of course you can't load it. Some you'd expect, but Gracia's image is part of Scen1's data, despite him never appearing.
Wasn't Gracia in that locked warehouse in the railroad town in Scenario 1?

May 12, 2010

There is a point where we needed to stop, and we have clearly passed it.


KataraniSword posted:

Do item-use spells get support bonuses like item-granted spells do? If not, then cursed equipment is outclassed immediately by being in the same game as the Hazuki-Syntesis-Hedoba support trifecta.

Any damage a character deals counts towards building supports, regardless of what kind of item it's attached to. The reason why I'm skipping over cursed items is because healing drops are generally more useful in the inventory (especially since you're stuck with just Uryudo for half of scenario 2).

May 12, 2010

There is a point where we needed to stop, and we have clearly passed it.


Part 54: Why did I have problems with this again?

But the road isn't complete. The tide is not low enough to reveal it entirely.

Don't worry, it will appear soon.

However, with this narrow road and on this terrain, it will be difficult to move in formation. What if we are attacked?

Come on, Grantack. This is a Shining Force game. Formation means little to nothing.

The game pans over the map, showing us we'll be dealing with narrow, winding paths. And more sand.

Don't worry, Grantack. We should be able to make use of drift wood. This should allow us to spread out a bit.

Let's go, Prince Medion! We have no time to waste.

Once again, no new enemies here. Quarters are a bit tight, as alluded to in the pre-battle chat, but that's not going to matter.

Once again, it's more sand, which hamstrings our ability to move.

Hahaha, you didn't think the final fight of this chapter was going to be more chump enemies, did you? Shining Force 3 does us the handy favor of calling back to the hardest boss fight in Shining Force history.

Thankfully, it more resembles the kraken from Final Conflict than it does the one from Shining Force 2. The legs hit just as hard as a crab (which is to say, not at all), and has less defense. They also have buckets of hit points, which means they're great for grinding support ranks.

I'll spoil it now, none of the mages get soulmate.

Also, as you progress, more of the map reveals itself. The half-water, half-sand tiles are terrain that the kraken legs can move on.

Also, much like Grace, Uryudo can also shoot lasers. He has a very different pose that doesn't make it look like it's coming from his eyes, though.

Once we push close enough to the kraken legs, we're interrupted by an absentee member.

That's Zero's voice!

Bad news?

Lord Synbios asked me to warn the Medion army...

What do you need to warn us about?

This is not a good time. We can discuss it after dealing with a more pressing concern! It looks as if you are heading to Elbesem.

Yes, but you seem disturbed. What is this pressing concern?

What is it?

It's something really big! It looks as if it's lying in wait. I will join you in battle. We should advance carefully.

Woo-hoo! We've got our flyer bac-

Oh, what the hell, Zero! He comes back with the exact same stats that he left with at the end of chapter 2. After being gone for nearly an entire chapter, he returns roughly three or four levels behind everyone else. This is also why he starts with rank 2 in swords, because without it, he'd be too crippled to catch up.

And the AI decides it's going to be a jerk and not let me catch Zero up. Oh well, he didn't have any support ranks. Normally, I would just press forward and let the magical trio take care of everything, but the fight is literally unwinnable now. Oh well, time to egress and try again!

Hey, notice how there's a name missing between Bernard and Hazuki? The annoying thing is that if you run, you don't get to keep Zero. That means you can't promote him until next fight, and every time you retry the fight, you have to sit through that cutscene again.

Trying again, Syntesis and Hazuki take care of business.

That's his rank 2 critical, and it only does 15 damage. Talk about pathetic. Hell, Zero's ATT is below Syntesis' at this point.

But I've got a contingency plan for this.

Brave apples aren't that useful in scenario 1, but they're a godsend here. This cranks Zero up to level 10, which allows him to kindly not do anything for the rest of the fight.

Let's avoid the obvious ADTRW joke and instead observe that Hazuki is only taking 1 damage. Remember, she has the white ring, which is giving her +10 DEF.

Do I need to spell this out? We all know where this is going.

Hazuki hit the leg with her rank 1 critical, which paralyzed it. The kraken leg, despite being unique to this fight, does not count as a boss, so you can pile all the status effects you want on it.

The kraken leg on the right performs a hit and run. It can get into the middle ring of water and often will, but for some reason it fled the scene after hitting Medion once, for some reason.

Oh right, that's why. I have a magical death train running around.

Hedoba is still squishy as hell. What I wouldn't give for another life ring or white ring to throw on her, and I could probably beat the game with just the mages.

I park Zero next to the leg specifically so Donhort can't run up and whack it.

The kraken legs also count as beasts, so Masqurin's rod has weapon advantage over them. She does way more damage than she's supposed to with normal attacks.

Just grinding away at those supports.

Remember, healing builds supports too! Don't be a dummy and have your healer heal him or herself, and be liberal with using medical herbs to build support between two characters who synergize well.

Three more kraken legs spawn. More blood for the magic god.

And more terrain appears.

At this point, I realize that literally no character other than Syntesis, Hazuki, and Hedoba have done damage this fight. Time to see if I can keep it going!

As I'm going through my screenshots, I'm realizing after the fact how ridiculous some of these models are. Just get this girl some drat pants.

Since I'm running low on healing items, I have to bring Uryudo down with the pain train to make sure nobody dies. At this point, I'm probably going to reset any time any of the Big Three bites it.

Just cleaning up more trash.

Ahahaha, look at that loving thing. How can you possibly be threatened by that?

That? That must be the gigantic thing Zero saw! Be careful Prince Medion! That's a kraken and it's obviously under the influence of dark magic!

If it's protected by dark magic, the only way to defeat it is to destroy its shield with the Elbesem Orb.

It's nice of the game to tell us this, because I certainly would have forgotten otherwise.

Also, another leg spawns along with two arms by the kraken head. It's a bit irritating that the arms don't have a distinct sprite from the legs, like they did in Shining Force 2.

They hit a little harder, have a few more hit points, but are otherwise not too impressive.

Even the battle model is the same, but they hit Rock for 7 HP. It's probably worth mentioning at this point that Rock's defense is actually pretty crap, which leaves Medion's army with only one real tank (Campbell).

The kraken itself has a ton of HP and not much else. Like Shining Force 2's kraken, its attack stat is completely irrelevant because it only uses special abilities that deal magical damage.

Hazuki, a character who shouldn't be deal all that much damage with regular attacks, is still capable of dealing 25% of an arm's HP in one hit.

God bless the (white) ring.

Let's not forget that Syntesis gets weapon advantage over these things. I really don't know why I had so much trouble the first time I did this fight. Probably because I tried to feed Zero experience.

After Hazuki and Syntesis take care of one arm, they go for the leg that's trying to beat down Medion.

They're really bending the rules on who's allowed into the Olympic gymnastics these days.

When we get somewhat close to the kraken, it starts blow bubbles at us.

I'm not sure if this is an elemental type or just flat damage, but it deals 11 – 12 damage every time it hits. It's got a massive range, something like 5 squares, so it can hit anyone who's dumb enough to approach it.

Yeah, it reaches from that far away.

But let's have Medion play bait to get that last arm out.

Note how the arm is a space away from Medion. Again, like in Shining Force 2, kraken arms have a ranged attack. Also, the dark kraken itself is getting ready to use its dark breath. It follows a simple pattern of two bubbles breaths and then a dark breath. Dark breath is an area effect which deals 10 – 11 damage and has a chance of blinding anyone it hits. Fortunately, our best characters don't care about being blinded.


Or it's just a giant jet of ink.

The arm and head together are pretty dangerous, so it's time to stop dicking around and pull out the guns to end this as quickly as possible.

And Donhort ruins the self-imposed challenge. I seriously got through the fight up to this point with only Syntesis, Hazuki, and Hedoba.

A better shot of Rock's promoted model. Dude looks like a ginger gorilla.

Anyways, once the arm goes down to Hedoba and Hazuki's focused fire, it's time to take care of the boss.

Except I forgot to use the Elbesem Orb. Unlike Abdark and Fiale who will still take (greatly reduced) damage if you don't deal with their barrier, the dark kraken is outright immune to damage. Remember how I got Zero killed before he passes off the orb? Welp, time to egress. Just another reason to hate scenario 2.

The animation for the orb is quite a bit better in scenario 2, though. It also does 5 damage, but whatever.

It's time to bring out the pain.

That's just the level 1 spells without any double supports. It still did over a third of the boss's life in a single turn.

Time to finally give this a whirl.

And that's all she wrote. Two turns, dead boss. God drat, magic is good in this game.

And now it really begins.

I can certainly imagine the Imperial army that went missing was taken off guard by this creature and annihilated. Did the kraken always attack people?

We never saw such hideous things when the Republic was governing this region.

If it wasn't for Zero's help, we would probably all be dead by now. Thanks again, Zero!

Hmm... That monster appears in old legends? This too is probably related to the destruction of the Elbesem Statue, Prince Medion.

How do you know about all this, Sir Zero?

Kahn, the Elbesem monk who joined the Synbios army told us... Do you remember him? According to what I heard from Khan and the others, the Elbesem Statue kept evil beasts at bay and weakened the power of darkness.

So, this explains why beasts have begun to appear. It's due to the destruction of the Elbesem Statue.

But there's more to it than that. There's the matter of the strength of the Bulzome Sect. Receiving support from the powers of darkness, the Bulzome Sect may soon be able to unleash their true power.

Yes, we have seen it for ourselves. We confronted them a short while ago. Their powers are incredible!

Considering that, the battle in Elbesem will be fierce without a doubt.

Luckily, we have a powerful weapon with which to battle against them.

What weapon are you talking about?

We just used it, you senile doof.

The treasured Elbesem Orb Kahn lent me. It seems to be a very effective weapon against evil. Because of it, we were able to defeat that kraken.

Lord Synbios must have a high opinion of you to lend you such a valuable item, Prince Medion.

I think it's time for us to leave.

The path leads right to the village of Elbesem. Let's stop in and make preparations for battle!

In Stump the Medion army learned Gracia was in danger. They hurried to Barrand, but General Rogan had already gone. As the Medion army speeds to rescue Elbesem, Bulzome's forces have reached north Barrand where they've found Gracia.

Oh, but one more thing before we close out this chapter.

The first time Shining Force has ever had underboob.

NEXT TIME: Switching Point 3.0

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Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

Wait, so if Zero gets one-shot before he can get to you, you can't hurt the Kraken since he's carrying the orb?

Ouch, man.

May 12, 2010

There is a point where we needed to stop, and we have clearly passed it.


Glazius posted:

Wait, so if Zero gets one-shot before he can get to you, you can't hurt the Kraken since he's carrying the orb?

Ouch, man.

There's actually no enemies immediately threatening Zero, and the kraken leg one-shot him because it was a critical hit. Still, the fact that he's carrying the macguffin that's necessary to win the fight and that his stats are complete trash due to being gone for so long really do not help at all.

Oct 30, 2011

So... dizzy...

I find it amusing that you constantly comment about Hazuki's need for pants, when Hedoba's outfit barely exists at all.

I kinda wanna play now, though. Just because holy cow that's a ridiculous amount of magic. That's one of the things I always loved about Shining Force over Fire Emblem - magic is way the hell more fun in Shining Force.

Apr 22, 2008

but at least I don't have
a MLP or MSPA avatar.
I am my own man.

inthesto posted:

Any damage a character deals counts towards building supports, regardless of what kind of item it's attached to.

You misunderstand what I'm saying. When used as items in battle, if Shining Force 3 is anything at all like the first two games, cursed rings will cast magic - usually Blaze and Spark. Assuming they do that (like Ardeem suggests they do), then you can use them as free castings of spells. If the support bonus affects the damage of the ring-cast spells, then they might be worth keeping around. If the bonus doesn't have an effect, then you're looking at "do 10-11 damage or so in a range" which is, just like in late-game SF2, the epitome of .

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

I'm pretty sure that the supports do count, but most non-casters have really terrible affinities.

Hoss Corncave
Feb 13, 2012

inthesto posted:

NEXT TIME: Switching Point 3.0

That next battle caused me several retries because one of the enemies just wouldn't go for the force member I wanted but instead would go for someone else.

The battle after that, Donhort was an absolute dick for and nearly cost me my no deaths run.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you do the battle after that one though (because it's really amusing). I nearly had a perfect run of that one too, but to no surprise of anyone, Donhort was an absolute dick again and slowed me down once more.

Apr 23, 2008


Aww, the Kraken's so cute

May 12, 2010

There is a point where we needed to stop, and we have clearly passed it.


Part 55: The other fight that almost made me ragequit

The chapter opens with a panoramic shot of the village of Elbesem, a short, textless conversation of Campbell arguing with a local, some of the locals sporting unique animations on top of a watchtower, and then Campbell and Grantack going back to HQ.

Ugh, it was hopeless!

Hopeless, huh? So that means the village chief doesn't want to help either.

We arrived at a very bad time. Because of the explosion yesterday, he's suspicious of everyone and everything.

That... That's just awful! How could they suspect us of anything?!

They believe we had something to do with what happened.

The village chief knows of the Bulzome Sect and believes there are people from the Empire cooperating with them.

I have also heard this recently. The prison guard and a soldier were talking about something like that.

How preposterous! Why would anyone join forces with those dangerous Bulzome followers?!

Unfortunately, we have seen evidence of certain elements of the Imperial army cooperating with the Bulzome Sect.

What kind of evidence!?

We've seen members of the Imperial army and Bulzome Sect fighting alongside one another. It would be wonderful if there were some mistake, but...

; There's no mistake. I've actually battled against them. High Priestess Basanda was aiding the Imperial General Spiriel and her army. I've also battled an inferior Vandal who had the support of the Bulzome Sect. We fought in Quonus, which was under his control.

; And I think you're already aware, but Quonus Village used to be under Garvin of Saraband's rule.

So, what you're trying to say, Julian, is that the Empire and Saraband are both cooperating with the Bulzome Sect.

; I'm not sure but if not, there are a lot of strange coincidences.

Julian, you seem to know a lot of things that we don't. When we have an opportunity, we should sit down and talk through it all. So, shall we continue on?

Our plans have been spoiled by arriving in Elbesem at nearly the same time as the Bulzome Sect. The people of the village won't open up to us.

It would be very helpful if we could gather some information, but no one is willing to cooperate with us.

I see no reason why we should spend any more time here if the locals have proved uncooperative.

Yes, that's certainly true. Staying here any longer would only be a waste of time.

Don't worry. Even if the villagers refuse to help us, the powerful Medion army has nothing and no one to fear!

The time is short before our departure. After completing our battle preparations, let us leave the village and head for Elbesem Temple!

There's not a whole lot to see in Elbesem. All the villagers are clammed up and talk about how Rogan is the only Imperial general they'll trust. However, we do get one little gem:

OMGHSH Counter: 5

And there's a unique sprite of a woman sweeping.

Also some foreshadowing.

Now that we have enough characters, David gets his dumb rear end put on the bench. Even Donhort, with his stupid AI, is better than David.

We also hit up the shops. Julian, Zero, and Bernard all get new weapons. The last one is especially important since it's the robin arrow, which will extend Bernard's range. Also, this shop pops another life ring, which will instantly go on Hedoba for more defense and HP regeneration.

And we get a promotion for Zero, bringing his stats up to speed with everybody else's. Strangely enough, this leaves Campbell's ATT at the bottom of the melee pile.

Finally, there's plenty of item scavenging to do. Elbesem's haul includes two large mithrils, two small mithrils, a dark matter, a goddess tear, a power wine, a potion, and 700 gold coins. Once we're done with all that, it's time to go outside and visit Elbesem Temple for ourselves.

High Priest Goriate told me of the Imperial resistance against the Bulzome Sect, but I didn't expect they would make it this far!

Silence, you Bulzome Sect heretics! It's obvious you seek to disrupt the world's natural order, so what do you intend to do in Elbesem!?

New portrait and new enemy type!

Our forces have caught up with your precious Gracia. Soon he will be captured and escorted here!

What did you say?

A g-g-girl???

You're an Elbesem monk in training, aren't you? Leaving the temple is absolutely forbidden. You have chosen to leave the temple at your own peril!

Woman! Why don't you respond? Does your life mean nothing to you?

I have been so scared since the temple was occupied. Before I realized it, I had run away. I was just looking for safety.

Don't make me laugh! Your mind and body has no doubt been strengthened from the harsh monk training. You would not succumb that easily!

I agree. Woman, you're hiding something. What is it? Tell us! If you don't, you will be put to death immediately!

Oh christ no.

What's with this child? So monk, that's what this is all about. You intend to escape with a child and hope we allow it out of pity!

Let's return to the temple peacefully.

Hera is then swarmed by four more civilians. Yep, that's right, Camelot thought that Switching Point really wasn't enough bullshit for us and is about to saddle us down with the same concept again.

No, we can't just give in. These people respect neither blood nor tears. If we do not escape, we will be killed.

But we have children with us. Even if we try, we won't be able to escape.

I'm sorry. This is my fault. I heard Gracia was in danger and acted without thinking.

We aren't soldiers. If we ask for forgiveness, surely they...

Ha! They beg for mercy. What should we do with these villagers?

Even if they are merely villagers, we can't allow them to escape. Our only option is to kill them all!

You heard our decision. Now you die! You will have plenty of time to regret your defiance in the afterlife!

Not so fast, Bulzome Sect! I, Prince Medion, will stop you from slaughtering the innocent!

I almost forgot about you! So, you're going to save them? How amusing! Try as you might!

Come Medion army, let us battle! We will pray for your departed souls!

You wretched Bulzome monks! You're threatening villagers so the village chief will do your bidding.

Those bastards, persecuting villagers. They can't be forgiven! Let's march, Prince Medion!

It doesn't make much of a difference how we answer this, but I'll say yes.

As you wish. Please send some soldiers to cover me. I hope you can get all the villagers evacuated.

Of course, it's a map where the civilians start on one corner and we start on the far corner. There's two paths to them, through the north-west and through the south-east. However, it's completely infeasible to get to the civilians on the NW path. Answering yes to Donhort sends him NW, saying no sends him SE, but he's mostly a non-factor either way.

As expected, the villagers have complete doo-doo for stats and will all die in a single hit.

We've got two new units. Bulzome knights are the same centaurs as always, and the masked pegasus is our first enemy pegasus in scenario 2.

Hera's stats. Nothing special, but a second healer will make things much more relaxed.

On my first attempt at this map, I sent my fastest characters down the southern path. This meant Medion, Hazuki (and by extention, Hedoba and Syntesis), and Zero. Everyone else went north to deal with the “main army”. I forgot that there's barely three units up there and you hardly need anything to deal with them.

The civilians also have a total of 5 MOV, which is not much at all. The problem is that the Bulzome Knight has 7 MOV. The only saving graces are that the AI will sometimes forego killing a civilian to whack Hera instead and being a centaur, it suffers massive movement penalties. We're going to want to retreat the civilians as deep into the southeastern forest while hoping that the knight doesn't kill them before they get there.

The reason why we can't run the civilians straight to Medion's army is because that knight in the top-left will intercept them on the way there. This map doesn't even pretend to be fair.

The move/attack range of the first knight. It has two civilians in its range, but thankfully it choose to keep beating away at Hera instead. If the AI were just programmed to attack the civilians at every opportunity, saving them would be literally impossible.

Campbell manages to intercept another knight in the northwestern portion of the map. If this one isn't cut off, it also chases down the civilians in the middle of the map.

And I quickly realize I brought way too much firepower for the section of the map that doesn't involve rescuing anybody.

And Campbell dies due to getting swarmed.

This is the trap that the devs want you to fall into.

This is where you actually need to go. It's just far enough to not get hit by the knight in the middle, and there's just enough heavy terrain that the knight at the top also can't reach them.

Unfortunately, Hera continues to hold the line and pays for it with her life.

Ouch, that's rough.

Well, since that failed spectacularly, it's time to cast Egress and try again.

Once again, we're completely dependent on the generosity of the RNG to not lose the fight in two turns.

Hiding away in the bushes, nobody can get to the civilians now!

Not that it stops the AI from trying.

And if we go in too deep, there's another knight waiting for us in the forest. This map really does not cut you any slack.

Hazuki takes a chance and it does not pay off at all. I think I'm going to stick with ripping everyone to pieces with Tornado instead.

The masked mage begins to storm on Hera again, but since we can control her, she can just heal herself. No dealing with Irene's idiot AI here.

Well, it's time for the civilians to turn around. They're pincered now, which is bad news.

Luckily, that other knight has barely any movement in the forest at all, so it's easy enough to evade him. If I can take care of those two knights in the open and keep the civilians in the back line, I'm more or less set.

Problem taken care of!

And Zero flies in to cut off the last knight.

Except I forgot one little thing.

God dammit. Luckily, I had saved two turns before, so not too much time lost.

Very similar situation, but I got a lucky critical which let me kill one knight and cut off the other much easier.

Meanwhile a shitload of enemies start to spawn at the top. Even without having to protect the villagers, this wouldn't be easy.

Medion prevents the civilians from being flanked, while my all-female strike force stands before the main enemy force.

Just like Irene, we need to do this to get Hera to officially join.

You are an Imperial army and yet you battle against Bulzome. Please tell me why. Can I trust you?

Hera, it's me! David!

David! I'm glad you came to help us! But, what are you doing with this Imperial army.

Being dead where he's the least useless.

Prince Medion, the leader of this army, is a good friend of General Rogan! He's a good man who can be trusted! You can let your guard down.

If David trusts you, I trust you.

Hera, is it? What's the situation inside the temple? What has become of the other ascetics

Some were killed during the battle while others were captured. As things were, Elbesem Temple looked as if it would be destroyed, so I sought to at least allow the villagers to escape.

We came to Elbesem to help Gracia. Please rest easy, as we have now arrived!

Thank you. If you would allow me, I would like to join you. Those heretics are planning to take the Staff of Besem. Let's wait inside the temple until they arrive with Gracia!

This time, the mage casts Spark on the mages, who all have decent magic resists. Hera can clean up the worst of the damage.

Strangely enough, the masked pegasus, who is also the boss of the fight, gets aggressive. Considering I killed the Dark Kraken – who had triple this guy's HP – in two turns, wasting the masked pegasus for daring to step this close is no problem.

Good thing too, because the battlefield is a total clusterfuck. If I let this go on for one or two more turns, I'm definitely getting somebody killed, whether it be a civilian or one of our party members.

Thankfully, Bernard has just enough range with his new arrow to take a shot at the boss and take off half its HP without a critical.

Uryudo flexes his newly learned Aura 1, to clean up all that Spark 1 damage.

And you probably know exactly how this ends.

Ah, that's beautiful. gently caress this fight.

Just like with Switching Point, everybody gets 10 experience for each civilian saved. As a result, Medion, Campbell, Uryudo, Hazuki, and Hera each gain a level.

Reinforcements appeared from within the temple. I was concerned about the outcome of the battle, but there weren't as many as I thought.

Don't be fooled. A great number of Bulzome forces invaded the inner temple.

In that case, they may advance again. It's possible they're lying in wait inside the temple.

The Bulzome Sect has proven to be a cunning adversary. We must not let our guard down. Any suggestions for our next move?

Since their allies outside the temple have just been defeated, they likely have not had time to prepare for another advance. We should take advantage of this opportunity and attack!

Sorry, but we've got some other business to take care of first. And no, I don't mean rescuing Medion's dad which has kind of been the whole point of this story since the first ten minutes of the game.

Not only did you defeat the Bulzome cultists, but you saved every villager. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude. There's still some time left before they arrive with Gracia. Please return to the village to rest.

Of course, we say yes, because at the very least we need to put Hera into the fighting party.

NEXT TIME: Convoluted traps that don't actually matter! More god drat archers!

inthesto fucked around with this message at Jun 2, 2014 around 22:01

Apr 22, 2008

but at least I don't have
a MLP or MSPA avatar.
I am my own man.

The interchangeable party members happens again! (Unless Campbell actually did turn into Dantares, in which case it would only be an improvement.)

Also, "JuMSy" sounds so dumb.

Nov 2, 2013

Fudou, Gunzou. The Face of the Franchise Killer. 2004.

4 archers, 2 healers, you have to wonder if there was ever a plan to let one of the archers load herbs into the bow and shoot healing at people's faces.

Jun 17, 2003

Practicing shooting fundamentals.

I actually went with a different tactic of running Hazuki and Medion to the middle and the bulzume knights went after them every time rather then a villager. Also I retreated Hera with the villagers. Not sure if you know or just glanced over it but if you let the thief die the old man gives you an extra power wine. The thief's dying quote is something about taking the old man hostage.

Hoss Corncave
Feb 13, 2012

I sent Donhort to save the villagers and then my fastest/highest movement guys that way as well. I still had to send the villagers to the south east because the drat Pegasus Knights just wouldn't leave them the hell alone.

Also, a tip for you. For battles with Donhort when you have a full party of 12, you can actually remove him from your party and he'll still show up giving you a party of 13 (although your anti-David stance prevented that, but now you have Hera, you've got a 12th character you won't want to die). It's also why in the previous battle and the next one you can have 14 characters in your party (although this may not be true).

The thief with the Power Wine thing I think is related to the old man's treasure. If both of them survive, the thief refuses to leave the old man's house and as such, the old man can't go for his treasure because he believes that the thief will steal it.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

Wow, that's kind of a brutal map for saving people on.

Nice to see Bulzome diversifying, though!

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

He may be a god of evil, but he doesn't discriminate.

May 12, 2010

There is a point where we needed to stop, and we have clearly passed it.


Heads up, thread! The guy who's supplying me with the scripts for the translations just let me know that he doesn't have the next batch ready. Since I don't want to type up the entirely of a 90s JRPG, that means the thread will probably go on hiatus once I hit the end of this chapter.

Don't worry; I definitely plan on finishing the game. If it takes too long, I'll write up everything manually. In the mean time, I'll probably do a thread for Shining Force CD + Final Conflict.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

No problems, I wouldn't want to type out all of that text myself if I didn't have to either.

Oct 30, 2011

So... dizzy...

Having to type out all the text for Sword of Mana for my LP, I sympathize entirely. It sucks and takes forever (and is easily the most tedious part of the process.)

I'd totally read a SFCD LP, though. I loved that game as a kid - even if I didn't get my full in-town walking around.

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Serifina posted:

Having to type out all the text for Sword of Mana for my LP, I sympathize entirely. It sucks and takes forever (and is easily the most tedious part of the process.)

I'd totally read a SFCD LP, though. I loved that game as a kid - even if I didn't get my full in-town walking around.

SFCD with towns would have been awesome, even if the extra stages would have made even less sense.

Sorry to hear about the status of your scripts, but, at least you got farther than TB.

Sep 6, 2006

was there a time when speedwagon didn't get trolled

I played through SF3 Episode 1 ages ago before there was a translation for Episode 2. Looking at it, it's really hard to get amped for Episode 2 because it looks so conservative. The party is basically identical to Synbios's both in gameplay and character to the point where inthesto regularly accidentally refers to the Ep1 character that fits that archetype. It's sort of disappointing.

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

The only unique chars that he's gotten so far are Hazuki (who's part of the mage pain train), David(who's such a terrible char that he spent all of his time dead), and Hedoba (who only picked up her uniqueness last fight).

Other than that Medion has more archers and fewer healers than the other armies.

May 12, 2010

There is a point where we needed to stop, and we have clearly passed it.


The number of archers and mages Medion gets is fairly absurd. It doesn't help that his character pool is smaller (Donhort and Garosh/substitute both count towards Medion's allotted 20 characters). The real point of annoyance is that Rock is his only axe-user (David does not, and will not ever count), and the dude's defenses are made of paper mache.


Nov 3, 2008

Not as strong as you'd expect.

You REALLY don't like the two-range weapons, do you? I can't comprehend.

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