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Feb 14, 2012

looking for information on posts

like lice, but bigger


Feb 1, 2013

by exmarx

What happens if you don't get off your overly-comfortable rear end and keep society functioning

Jul 13, 2004

Listen to Cylindricule!

When I was a kid, my friend Jonny and I were way into fantasy--D&D, LotR, you name it. When Warcraft II came out, it was HUGE for us. We often played a pretend/roleplaying game where he was an Elven archer, and I was a human footman. One time, we had an "adventure" that required me to play the part of an Orc chieftan. Given the nomenclature of Orcs in Warcraft (Hellscream, Doomhammer, etc.) I crafted the name "Brawnfire", obviously "brawn" and "fire" put together. Like, I dunno, burning muscle.

Anyhow, the weird thing was that this chieftan's backstory was very similar to the one Thrall had in the cancelled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. It was different enough, but still so eerily similar that it just creeped me out, because I didn't know about that game or the character until years later when reading about WoW. (I've never played.)

tl;dr pretend orc name

Jan 3, 2005
insert witty title here

My name was literally the first thing that popped into my head when I had to choose a username

Oct 11, 2008

by FactsAreUseless

Jason + Tiger=Jastiger

Tigers were the best animal for me when I was 14 or so.

Jan 11, 2014

It's latinised 'paladin'. Because paladins are pretty cool and so is Latin.

Jul 22, 2007
"I almost killed a little girl with a hammer at Burger King a while ago."

I like burritos. I couldn't properly spell "thief" when I was 15 for some reason.

May 19, 2014

When I was in college in 2002 or so, I tried to make a Slashdot account, but all the lame names I had used previously for online accounts were taken. My three main interests then (and now) were sci-fi, history, and politics, so I took those three things and made a name that wasn't used by anyone else anywhere. And I've used it ever since.

Dec 10, 2013

wheres the jester, I could do with some pointless nonsense right about now

paradox was meant to be "paradoxical", but that made the username too long, so.

I like overcomplicated, brain-twisting stuff such as riddles, worldbuilding and Homestuck, and that's why I wanted to pick that.

Gentleman comes from my belief that being on the Internet does not excuse you from being impolite.

Jun 22, 2014

lastworkivy happened because of a total accident.

I was typing my actual name on my iPhone and voila, it got autocorrected to lastworkivy. Sounded cool so I stuck with it ever since.

Sid Vicious
Jan 1, 1970

Dennis Ray "Oil Can" Boyd (born October 6, 1959) is a former starting pitcher in Major League Baseball. Boyd played for the Boston Red Sox (198289), Montreal Expos (199091), and Texas Rangers (1991). He batted and threw right-handed.

His nickname comes from his beer-drinking days in his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi, where beer is referred to as "oil."[1] Boyd had one of the more colorful personalities of his generation and a quotable outlook that made him memorable long after his career ended.

Contents [hide]
1 Major league career
1.1 1982-89: Boston Red Sox
1.2 1990-1991: Montreal Expos
1.3 1992-2005: Minor leagues
2 Personal life
3 References
4 External links
Major league career[edit]
1982-89: Boston Red Sox[edit]
He attended Jackson State University. He was selected by the Boston Red Sox in the 16th round of the 1980 amateur draft, Boyd made his debut in the 1982 season. He pitched 10 years in the majors before blood clots in his right arm ended his career.[2] According to the Inside Baseball portion of the April 27, 1987 Sports Illustrated, Boyd listed Haiti in the '87 Red Sox yearbook as his favorite vacation destination.

In a 10-season career, Boyd collected a 78-77 record with 799 strikeouts and a 4.04 ERA in 1389.2 innings.[2]

From 1983-85 Boyd won 31 games for Boston, with 15 victories in 1985. In the same season, he posted career-highs in games started (35), complete games (13), strikeouts (117) and innings pitched (272.1).

In 1986 he won a career high 16 games for the Sox.

1990-1991: Montreal Expos[edit]
Boyd signed with the Expos as a free agent after the 1989 season.

In 1990 he won 10 games for the Expos and compiled a 2.93 ERA.

When the Rangers acquired him from Montreal during the 1991 season, it looked like a deal which might lead to a division title, and though Boyd's work with the Expos before coming to Texas wasn't great (6-8, 3.52), it was plenty good enough for the pitching-poor Rangers. That was the plan, but Boyd turned out to be a disaster. In 12 starts he posted a 2-7 record with a 6.68 ERA (the highest of his career) and allowed 81 hits in only 62 innings. Boyd was a free agent when the season ended, and after turning down some offers for relief duties, he retired.

1992-2005: Minor leagues[edit]
Between the 1990s and 2000s, Boyd has pitched in the minors, Northern League, Puerto Rico and In 1993 he played for the Industriales de Monterrey Mexico. In 2005, he came out of retirement to pitch for the Brockton Rox of the Can-Am League.

Personal life[edit]
In November 2005, Boyd was indicted by a federal grand jury in Mississippi for threatening a former girlfriend (who was also a business associate) as well as her son. On November 14, 2005, Boyd surrendered to F.B.I. agents in Tupelo, Mississippi.[3]

In February 2009, Boyd announced he was attempting a comeback to Major League Baseball.[4]

In February 2012, Boyd admitted to extensive use of cocaine while he was playing in the Major Leagues and said he was often under the influence of cocaine while pitching.[5]

Drunk Driver Dad
Feb 18, 2005

someone once told me to embrace my past mistakes, and one day soon I hope to get my kid back. pretty simple

Sid Vicious
Jan 1, 1970

Drunk Driver Dad posted:

someone once told me to embrace my past mistakes, and one day soon I hope to get my kid back. pretty simple

I pray for you every night

Feb 21, 2006

I watched the movie Platoon before registering. I'm named after this dude from platoon, specifically because of this moment, because I was really high and it was funny:

Apparently his character is named Rhah not Rah, but using too many h's in a single word gives me flashbacks to nam.

Aug 19, 2011

It was a randomly generated password from a game I played back when I was like 11 or thereabouts. Rolls off the tongue nicely though; probably why I remembered it after all these years.

Nov 16, 2013

by FactsAreUseless

A long time ago I was signing up for a website and I wanted to be a warder from the wheel of time book series, but it was taken so the site generated this name for me.

Oct 28, 2007
The Man of Silver

King Midas supposedly turned everything into gold. I feel like I turn things into silver. Never first, but pretty close. Hence, MidasAg

Jun 12, 2014

I am the gravy

It was the name of a song my friends wrote in high school. I waaaant your baby, woooooo yeah, your baby gravy

TV dog Wishbone of PBS
Jul 20, 2007

You think that's illegal? Heh, watch this.

Back when gmail was invite only it wouldn't accept naughty words

ghana rheya
Dec 26, 2013

Sound mine out. If you're really dumb you haven't figured out I made an STD my username. I also got gonorrhea warts as a consolation prize for joining the forums.

The Dog Patch
May 24, 2014

Some Things Just need some chaos to keep it exciting

When I played ghost recon people used to say I was like the guy from the show "the unit" called dog patch 06 I think, and I just went with it

Dec 24, 2007

I wanted one that I don't use anywhere else. It's not a hijack for a plane, it's not a LoJack for a car, but something in between.

Capitalist Swine
Jun 26, 2014

Whilst not actively looking to troll people...well in here at least (intentionally), I discovered Eduard Khil, the man responsible for the "troll" face from his 1976 appearance on Russian TV singing "Trololo". He was told if he wished to sing on TV he would have to change the lyrics, as there were censored words he wished to use at the time. So he came up with "Trololo".

Also I came across the Eduard Khil, My Little Pony by an artist called "Eponymous". I'm not an active "Brony", but thought of the irony of combining Mr Khil (RIP 2012), and the MLP version of him to create "Pony Khil" which in itself is another play on words, from two different "Memes" (if you will) combined. Troll/MLP it was meant to be.

For the record my partner is a Psychologist, and she still hasn't figured me out yet.

Mar 7, 2008

I'm the noise in the post quality ratio

les fleurs du mall
Jun 30, 2014

by LadyAmbien

My name speaks for itself. Please forward any questions about its deeper metaphysical connotations to Smashmouth.

Naked Bear
Apr 15, 2007

Boners was recorded before a studio audience that was alive!

Because they do.

My pre-cure username was HastyDeparture, which I just kind of came up with for some running-related site. I ran track and cross country in high school, and it just kind of popped into my head at the time.

Jan 3, 2014

I am not crazy, just a little strange at times...

I used to always just "pop" up on my friends and suprising them so they started calling me a phantom/ghost. I was playing Vagabond's Quest and was chatting with a group of people that had started playing an mmo named Priston Tale.

They invited me and I joined their vent server and after several months of banter I explained how I wanted a new "cool" screen name (used to go by Hakura [what a terrible name]. An egyptian buddy told me I should just name myself Phantum since I always dissapear/re-appear. It seemed like a good idea at the time and it's always just kind of stuck

Phantum is still a terrible username, but I am literally the worst at naming anything. If I had pets I'd probably just name them thing one and thing two.

Honj Steak
May 31, 2013

Hi there.

I'm squint-eyed John Keats.

Dec 7, 2002

Once upon a time, I turned gay. The end.

Programs would crash with this error and I thought it was "edgy"

The avatar, coworkers who introduced me to SA fancied themselves as funny fellows.

Dec 24, 2012

My friend said the word when I was ten. Have no idea what it means.

Jun 1, 2012

My regular username and its various mutations were taken when I signed up, and I asked myself what I liked. At the time I was feeling like poo poo and hated the world, but realized I did at least like to ride trains.

Gray Matter
Apr 20, 2009

There's something inside your head..

My fantastic name was inspired by the Oingo Boingo song of same

May 13, 2014
The more you quote me, the worse I post

I'm not sure how I got mine, I think I was born into it.

Mr. Welfare
Feb 12, 2009

Centrelink's Finest

I'mma go down to the Centrelink and slam my (taxpayer funded) Holden Commodore into a tree and blame everyone else nearby. That is I.

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

It's supposed to be a Saiyan name from TVs popular anime Dragonball Z. You know Radditz = Radish, Nappa = Apple, Vegita = Vegetable, so Rutibex = Rutabaga.

Give me a break I was 13

Rutibex fucked around with this message at 00:54 on Jul 12, 2014

Feb 13, 2011

-Cyantific is the first Drum & Bass artist I ever heard, which got me into DnB
-I really, really like science, particularly nuclear physics and astrophysics.

Ok so it's not really wordplay, I just added an S to the former. But I think it fits. Also people always loving pronounce it wrong (they say "Sky" instead of "Sci")

Avatar is from a photoshop thread from these very forums.

Dr. Pangloss
Apr 5, 2014
Ask me about metaphysico-theologo-cosmolo-nigology. I'm here to help!

I got in an argument on a sports forum about my colleges football team and how the worst coach in our history was actually the worst coach in our history. The guy I was arguing with thought it was clever to call me Panglossian and then Dr. Pangloss for the remainder of the argument. I eventually registered the name and using it to post things just to rile him up. Then I proceeded to use it on anything else I've registered for...

Feb 15, 2012

because our character has the 'poet' trait, this update shall be told in the format of a rap battle.

I'm named after a evil rodent wizard who's addicted to magic crack and fails at everything he ever attempts.

Aug 6, 2010

by Reene

Scyantific posted:

Avatar is from a photoshop thread from these very forums.

I remember that thread, did it ever get goldmined?


Dec 12, 2002


It's been the nickname of every man in my family for generations, and I bet there are at least 100 variants of Smitty on here. I was lucky enough to get to the user name first.

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