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Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

Welcome to the Megathread for all things Neverwinter Nights, including Neverwinter Nights 1 AND Neverwinter Nights 2. The OP is six posts long, so check out the Table of Contents to find what you're looking for!


Post 1: Overview of Neverwinter Games
* Neverwinter Nights on AOL
* Neverwinter Nights 1
* Neverwinter Nights 2
* Neverwinter
* Heroes of Neverwinter
* Important Links / Resources

Post 2: Modding NWN2 - Part 1
* Overview of Modding NWN2
* Example Screenshots
* Annakie's Mod Compilation
* Highly Recommended mods for everyone
* Character Customization mods
* Hair & Head Mods
* Other Aesthetic Mods
* "Other" Misc. Mods

Post 3: Modding NWN2 - Part 2
* Modules
* SoZ Specific Mods
* Self-Modding / hacks
* Console Commands
* Bug Fixes, Workarounds & other tips

Post 4: Modding NWN1
* Overview of Modding NWN1
* Finding good modules
* Goon Recommended mods & modules
* Goon Run NWN1 Persistent Worlds

Post 5: The D&D 3.0/3.5 System by Random Hajile
* Stats
* Saves
* Combat
* Skills
* Feats
* Spells
* Multiclassing / Prestige Classes (PRCs)

Post 6: NWN2 Light Non-spoilery Walkthrough/Tips & Tricks
* This post has a high-level walkthrough of the game with suggestions on who to bring to areas, and things not to miss out on, and tries to address some frequently missed things.
* Still a WIP. Suggestions welcome!

Never... what?

Wikipedia posted:

Neverwinter is a fictional city-state in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Neverwinter was founded by Lord Halueth Never. It sits on the northwestern coast of the subcontinent of Faerûn.

Neverwinter has a population of about 23,200 at last count and is also known as the City of Skilled Hands and Jewel of the North. It also serves as the origin of the phrase "by the clocks of Neverwinter", used when one is solemnly swearing, a reference to the precision of its timepieces. The erudite travel writer Volo (among others) credits Neverwinter as the most cosmopolitan and the most civilized city in all of Faerûn. He regards this as quite a reputation, considering the breadth and variety of the continent.

The name of the city has its origin in that even though the town is situated in the cold north of Faerûn, the Neverwinter river that flows through it is heated by fire elementals living under the nearby Mount Hotenow in the Neverwinter Wood. The heat given off from the river creates a permanent warm climate in the immediate area; without the elementals, the river, and subsequently the city's water supply, would freeze over. An alternate loric explanation for the name is given in Neverwinter Nights 2: When the city's founder (Halueth Never) was hunted to the coast by orcs, he chose the city's site to make his last stand. Expecting to die in the imminent battle, he named the site "Never's Winter". When the orcs were defeated with help from some human allies, Never founded the city, keeping the name. Over the years the name was shortened to "Neverwinter".

The city is ruled by Lord Nasher Alagondar, an aging, veteran adventurer and devout worshipper of Tyr. Neverwinter is prosperous, its master-craftsmen making lamps of multi-coloured glass, precision water clocks and exquisite jewelry. Its Tyrran faith promotes justice and fairness, and greed is frowned upon.

In addition to its unnaturally warm climate, Neverwinter is a rather picturesque city. It founds such sights as its three spectacular, intricately carved bridges: the Dolphin, the Winged Wyvern and the Sleeping Dragon. Under these, the waters of the Neverwinter River cascade over small, gentle waterfalls as they course into the city's bustling harbour. Neverwinter's magnificent gardens (the phrase "the City of Skilled Hands" refers to Neverwinter's accomplished gardeners) ensure the warm winters are colourful and the summers are rich with fresh fruit. The city is replete with beautiful and ingeniously designed buildings, many of which are famous in their own right, such as The House of Knowledge, and Neverwinter's tall and many-windowed temple of Oghma. In addition, the reputations of such unique taverns as The Moonstone Mask and The Fallen Tower reach far beyond the Neverwinter's walls. These elements generally make Neverwinter a rather distinctive city.

The city is a member in good standing of the Lord's Alliance and Lord Nasher has ensured that the city is well defended, both physically and magically, against attacks or infiltration from Luskan, Neverwinter's warlike rival. Maps of the city, which has a maze of meandering streets, are not distributed, as part of an effort to thwart Luskan spies. Some merchants in the city do however sell such maps, often over a black market.

In addition to being a city in the fictional world of Faerûn, the land of Neverwinter has been home to at least five RPGs.

Neverwinter Nights on AOL (1991)
NWN on AOL (hereafter referred to as NWNAOL) was groundbreaking in that it was the first MMORPG to feature graphics. Before NWN, all MMOs were basically just MUDs. NWNAOL ran from 1991 to 1997 and was pretty highly acclaimed for what it did during that time. I've never played NWN on AOL, but you're more than welcome to discuss the game in this post.

Vitae posted:

Good times, good times. I know a few people running a NWNAOL clone independently.
I haven't toyed around with it myself, but if anyone is interested: ForgottenWorld

Neverwinter Nights (2002)
The second incarnation of Neverwinter Nights was developed by Bioware and published by Atari 2002. This version of NWN (hereafter referred to as NWN1) was a third player perspective RPG based on the D&D 3.0 ruleset.

NWN1 Featured:
* Highly customizable characters
* A massive Single Player campaign
* The ability to create your own adventures in a toolset, which was included free with the game.
* The ability to download other player's adventures, leading literally thousands of unique hours of gameplay.
* Multiplayer via LAN
* A DM client for running your own campaigns via LAN
* Mulitplayer via hosted servers
* Huge MMORPG-like worlds created and run by other players which could hold up to 96 other players

NWN1 had two official expansions-
1) Shadows of Undrentide (SoU), released in June of 2003, which added PRCs, new spells and feats and tilesets.
2) Hordes of the Underdark (HotU), Released in December 2003 and is widely considered the best modules for NWN1 ever created. It is a continuation of the story begun in SoU.

There were four "Premium" modules released by Bioware for NWN, as well. Reports are that you can no longer buy these premium modules, so I'm not sure how you'd be able to play them anymore.

NWN1 was an incredible game with massive scope that is STILL being actively played and modded by thousands of gamers today. The ease of use of the toolset in creating not only new modules to play but new textures for items, placeables, and areas makes it still one of the most versatile games on the market. It was so widely modded, in fact, that some "power modders" created the Community Expansion Pack full of player made content that Bioware made into official content, and started including with later versions of the game. (It can also be downloaded off the Bioware website, though the official CEP site might have a newer version.)

The Players Resource Consortium (PRC) is another important resource, which adds dozens of new PRCs and classes to the base game. Many of them are hilariously overpowered, though, so be warned.

There's really too much about NWN1 to adequately describe in this OP. NWN1 is one of the most groundbreaking and influential RPGs ever created. Although the graphics are dated by today's standards, like the Infinity Engine games before NWN1, the gameplay is timeless.

One note of warning: The OC for NWN1 is... lackluster. Lots of people have the opinion that it is too long, too convoluted and will have you mired in dungeons that have little to do with the main quest for long stretches of time. Many people suggest skipping the OC and going right for SoU / HotU. If you do that, read a summary of the events in the OC on Wikipedia or something, as much of it is referred back to not only in SoU/HotU, but also in NWN2.

Neverwinter Nights 2 (2006)
Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Atari in October 2006. The story in NWN2 takes place a few years after the events of NWN1. NWN2 is a third-player perspective RPG based on the D&D 3.5 ruleset NWN2 contained all of the same features as NWN1, although the toolset was delayed in release for a few months after the game was released.

NWN2 was never as highly acclaimed as NWN1, nor quite as well received, although it did sell well. Many modders felt that the toolset was much more cumbersome and difficult to use than the NWN1 toolset, thus the number of modules released for NWN2 is dwarfed by the content offered for NWN1. However, there have still been over 100 NWN2 modules released, many of which are considered well done.

NWN2 had two expansions:
1) Mask of the Betrayer (MotB) - Released in September, 2007, MotB was widely considered the best of all the official releases for NWN2, MotB continues the story of the player's character from the NWN2 Original Campaign (NWN2OC).
2) Storm of Zehir - SoZ received mixed reviews, due to adding a tedious gameplay element in form of a world map, and a somewhat confusing story.

The module Mysteries of Westgate, created by Ossian studios was released in April, 2009 after being announced for release in late 2007 due to multiple issues both with development and with the highly controversial DRM included. It, too, received mixed reviews. Although not developed by Bioware, it is considered an official game release.

The NWN2OC had one major problem: the beginning of the game is just too long until the action really starts. About 1/3rd of the entire act could be cut without losing any significant content. If you can power through the first act though, the common opinion is that both acts 2 and 3 are very well done, and contain some very interesting gameplay elements. I highly recommend reading Lt. Danger's NWN2 Let's Play, if either you don't want to play the OC, or if you have finished the OC and want to read more in depth about what you just played through. Also recommended are Lt. Danger's Mask of the Betrayer LP and Dolash's Storm of Zehir Let's Play

There are many excellent mods for NWN2, which will be listed in the Mods Post below.

Neverwinter is a MMO game developed by Cryptic Studios for the PC. It will be based many years after the events of NWN2, after the death of Lord Nasher. The new game is based on the D&D 4.0 ruleset, so let's call it NW4E. NW4E was announced in August, 2010 and was originally slated for a "Late 2011" release. In October, 2011 Cryptic decided they were instead going to make the game into a true MMO rather than a multiplayer but not-MMO game. This has pushed the "official" release date back to mid-2013, but the game is currently in Open Beta with no official launch date. Anyone can currently play it and the devs have promised no character wipe from here on out. It's basically a soft launch where if there's any major bugs (and there's already been quite a few) the Devs can say "Well, we're still in beta."

Here is the MMOHMO thread for the game, which goes more in-depth about what to expect from the game. Although you won't be yelled at for talking about Neverwinter here, it's probably more appropriate and you'll get better responses in that thread.

Heroes of Neverwinter
Heroes of Neverwinter was a Facebook game based off the 4e ruleset, which has now been closed. The introduction webpage was here, while the Facebook webpage was here.


An extensive website on the original NWNAOL

Neverwinter Vault - This is the best website for all mods, persistent worlds, news and information on NWN1 and NWN2.
The Nexus has a Neverwinter Nexus section with mods for both games. There is not nearly as much stuff there as at the Vault right now, but the trend is starting to be to move to the Nexus as the ign vault is definitely starting to collapse.
The Steam NWN Goons group. Join to find other goons to play NWN1 or NWN2 with!

The Official NWN1 Website
The official NWN1 forums at Bioware
The NWN1 Wiki
The NWN1 CEP (Official)
The CEP v.2.1
The NWN1 PRC (Player's Resource Compendium)
Buy NWN1 Diamond Edition on go - Gog (Good Old Games) is a highly reputable game downloading site.

The official NWN2 website
The Official NWN2 Forums (Hosted by Bioware)
The Neverwinter Nights 2 Wiki (You can find suggestions for character builds here, as well.)
The NWN2 Character builder - Optional inclusion of Kaedrin's PRCs in this, since it's the gold standard in PRC mods for NWN2.
NWN2 GameFAQs page - FAQ page includes numbered feat list, cheat page includes console commands.
Buy NWN2 on This is currently working and possibly your only choice to buy NWN2 digitally.
Buy NWN2 Platinum Edition on Steam *edit* This is currently not working, as Atari's contract with Steam fell through. Keeping the link here just in case it starts working again at some point.
SA's NWN2 Persistent World Megathread
The Neverwinter Vault Backup site
Good, basic builds from the NW2db (thanks CaptainPsyko)

The Official Neverwinter (NW4E) Website - Now defunct.

If you have questions or OP updates or whatever, post in the thread, or you can PM me here. For faster answers, feel free to friend/IM me on Steam, or AnnakieSA on AIM. (If you IM me please say something like "Hi I have questions about NWN2" not just "Hi", because then I'll think you're a spammer and ignore you, thanks!)

HUGE thanks to Scorchy for the thread banner and the NWN2 Mods Post banners!!

Annakie fucked around with this message at Jun 29, 2014 around 10:55


Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

The Neverwinter Vault on IGN has been shut down, so for now, anything that links there is currently broken. I *will* be updating the thread in a few weeks when I have a little more time on my hands. It's been reported that using works for some of them.

For now, the Mod Comp packs hosted on my hosting aren't broken so, feel free to grab those.
Other places to find mods --
* The "new" Neverwinter Vault - this is fan-run and hosted and they are getting mods up there as quickly as possible.
* Neverwinter Nights at the Nexus. Not a whole lot up there but some decent stuff here and there.

Welcome to the NWN2 modding post. Please note that I'm not associated in any way with any of these mods, I just keep this list updated to keep the thread from becoming endless questions about what mods to install. You should not install everything on the list, it's all just options for you to pick and choose from.

This is NOT a definitive list of every mod for NWN2. Almost all NWN 1 and 2 mods, including a LOT of help for building your own modules & campaigns can be found at the IGN Neverwinter Vault. The Neverwinter Nexus also has mods. If you can't find a particular mod on this list, search those sites.

Most mods are very easy to install. Simply unzip them to either your main Program Files NWN2\Override folder, or your My Documents\NWN2\override folder. Either location will work, but it's a good idea to choose one folder and stick with it, unless the install instructions say that the mod absolutely HAS to be in one of them. Also, make sure that each mod has its own subfolder in that override directory for easy uninstalling. Mine looks like this.

Always check the mod's readme before installing for any other install directions (most of them won't have any, but a few will.) Some mods have more than one version depending on what other mods or which expansions you have installed so always check to make sure you're downloading the right version. If you have any problems with things looking weird or not working, remove mods one by one until you find the problem. Also check the very end of the next post (post 3) for possible known issues. If you find an issue, please let the thread know and I'll add it to that list.

If two mods have files that overalp each other, the newer-installed file will be used.

If you have any suggestions for mods or modules that should be added to this post, please post them in the thread and they'll be added! I update this list about once every 3 months so you may want to check back for new content. Last update: August 3, 2014.

Here's a few screenshots to highlight some of the mods below. Please note images contain mostly mild spoilers for newcomers to the OC.
Textures, UI, Appearance Changers
Dialogue, Textures, MenuUI
Companion Multiclassing, PRC's, Textures
Textures, UI, Appearance Changers
BIG SPOILER in this screenshot, the entire group with mostly different armor
Character Creation mods - United Colors, Hair, face
Character Creation mods - NPC Heads, United Colors
Character Creation mods - Vordan's Hero Creator, Charlie's UI

I zipped up some of the most useful mods that I think most people would appreciate into a Mod Compilation (download) which contains:

Mods that will automatically be implemented:
* Camb's Combat Splatter - Cosmetic change
* Charlie's UI - Cosmetic change
* Charlie's Player Menu Pack - Cosmetic/Functional Menu change.
* Spell Effect Removers - a combo of both Remove Annoying Effects and Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs, picking what I like best. You may want to remove this folder and see if you like the default effects better. Cosmetic change
* TonyK's AI - Functional change. (Believe me, you want this.)
* United Colors - Cosmetic/Functional change
* Voicesets - a compilation of a couple of voice set mods - Cosmetic/Audio change
* Companion Multiclass mod - Gameplay change
* "Heads and Hairs" - a compilation of many different head and hair mods (most of them in this mod list). Character Creation change.
* Plot Fixes + Plot Fixes Fixes + Charlie's UI Compatibility - Fixes, adds back in a few missing dialogs and such, lots of little things. PFF fixes the dumb things PF does, and a minor change to make it compatible with Charlie's UI.

Mods that need you to do something in order to use them. Read the README to find out how to use them.
* Charlie's Appearance Changer - Functional/Cosmetic change of your equipment, if used.
* Charlie's Item Property Modifier - Functional/Gameplay change of your equipment, if used.
* Rod of Preparation - Gameplay change in how buffs are cast, if used.

* The README which you really, really should read.

Simply unzip that into either your main Program Files NWN2\Override folder, or your My Documents\NWN2\override folder, and read the README to see how to use a couple of the mods.

With the above your gameplay experience will be greatly improved without much fuss, and those are all very stable mods. All of the mods in both the comp and recommended in the readme are listed and their NWVault pages are linked to below. Click on their NWVault pages to learn more, rate and comment on each mod. Everything here is due to other people's hard work.

*NEW!* Visuals Overhaul Pack!
This pack contains the best visual overhaul mods I could find. All of these are linked in the mod list under Aesthetics, and in the Readme.
* Improved Cleave and AOO Animations by CuteUnit
* ALL of NeilMC's retextures
* Trees Texture Overhaul by Ovocean
* Tchos HD Widescreen UI Menu and Loading Screens
* Parts of 3mily_ranter's Sharpened Textures (Weapon, NPC and creature sharpening)
* Bagel's NWN2 Clothing Fixes by Amphibious Bagel
* Realistic Wall Torch by LFenris
* NWN2 Standard Interior Wall Texture Pack 01 by Jaesun999

Here are a few gifs showing the differences using the new textures: Neverwinter City block, Outside the Flagon, Harvest fair, Port Llast, inside floorboards, Mountain textures.

First time players especially take note: I've started a spoil-free as possible walkthrough post with tips and tricks and notes for each area of the game here in the 6th post of the OP.

Returning Players: If you're not brand new and would like to play my female Rogue character starting at Old Owl Well just before meeting Casavir, I've post a save + some mods + instructions here (read the Readme). I included instructions on how to respec the character (like near the end of the post with the givexp trick). You'll basically skip all the tedium at the beginning of the game, but you will still have to play a female with a rogue base class.

First up, a few things that almost everyone should consider using.

This is not a mod, but Go here to plan out your character ahead of time. This site includes Kaedrin's PRCs (below).

Along with that, if you're looking for a build to follow, Here is nw2db's list of good builds to consider.

Kaedrin's PRC's Pack. (Working link!) Adds in NEW Classes, Prestige classes, new spells, lots of Feats and fixes many things about the game. It also includes some of the SoZ fixes, including a Overland Buff mod that works with Kaedrin's spells.
The only available version of Kaedrin's for download doesn't have the README included. Please be sure to follow these steps to properly install Kaedrin's:

1) Unzip the Kaedrin's download to your preferred override folder (remember to create a new folder for organization purposes)
2) Navigate to your main NWN2 Install folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\neverwinter nights 2 if you're on Steam, maybe something like C:\Program Files\Atari\NWN2 if you installed from disks).
3) Find the dialog.TLK file. Rename it to dialog_original.TLK
4) Take the dialog.TLK from the Kaedrin's download and drop it in your main NWN2 install folder.

Essentially, you are replacing the dialog.TLK from your original game install with the Kaedrin's dialog.TLK file. If your class selection screen has a lot of blank lines, you did not do the above correctly.

You must have SoZ for the only remaining download of Kaedrin's to work.

NOTE: there is currently a conflict between Kaedrin's 1.42 and TonyK's AI. If you have automatic weapon switching turned on, your companions won't move or attack, or much of anything. Turn off Automatic Weapon Switching in TonyK's (hit C, 4th tab) to fix this bug, or downgrade to Kaedrin's 1.41. Thanks Conduit for Sale! for reporting this to the thread!

Most of the links from this point down are now BROKEN.

Companion and Monster AI by TonyK. Customizaible AI. This an absolute must-have. To take full advantage of customizing your companions AI be sure to set their behaviors on the last tab of the C screen for each companion (and your character!) (Included in

Rod of Perperation. Quick-casts buffs on your party. You can have your party cast them one at a time, or just have all spells appear at once. Be sure to read the Readme, as installation has an extra step! (Included in

Companion Multiclassing for the OC/MOTB. You don't need this for the SoZ campaign but you do need it if you want to multiclass Khelgar, Neeshka, Safyia etc. in OC/MOTB. (Included in

(I wouldn't consider this one "highly" recommended, but it gets discussed a lot so I wanted to move it to a more conspicuous place in the post.)
NWN2 Plot Fixes you might consider to be the "unofficial patch". It fixes a ton of bugs in the OC/MotB. What it does it does well, but it does some COMPLETELY mind-boggling things, also. For instance, the creator made it so by default, everyone has to do the same sex romance.
Luckily, our own Dallan Invictus has awesomely made a fix-it that undoes much of the stupid stuff the author did.

Download NWN2 Plot Fixes Fixes here. READ THE README Dallan Invictus included as there are one or two things you need to manually do yourself. Also read this post to see how to fix a few other bugs Plot Fixes might introduce.
If you're using Charlie's UI or any other mod that modifies the menu popup, in PlotFixes, delete the file Fixes_Generic/playermenu_popup.xml., includes Plot Fixes + Plot Fixes Fixes + the Charlie's UI fix are already included and done.

United Colors gives you a 256 color palate for your character's skin, hair, eyebrows, eyes and accessory instead of the 16 palate that comes with the game.
NOTE: This mod does NOT work if you make characters inside a new SoZ campaign, or any mod that uses SoZ style party creation. Make all your characters / cohorts using Vordan's (linked under the Modules section below) or another character creation mod then just use the "Select Character" option instead of "Create New" when choosing your party in SoZ. (Included in

PC Color Palette Editor lets you change the colors offered in United Colors. Also, United Colors + Size Changer to allow characters to be taller/shorter than the game normally allows.

Charlie's Item Appearance Changer lets your characters equipment look more like you want it to just by letting you select a different skin for whatever you're wearing. Use this mod by choosing "Change Appearance" on the drop-down menu. (Included in
This mod will add even more choices into the changer mod, but read the instructions for both options because there's a lot of other mods you need to download to get the textures in. (This part is NOT included in, but I recommend you get it if you like the appearance changer.)

33 Voicesets, including HOTU/SOU Gives you access to all the voicesets from NWN1 including SoU and HotU, plus the NWN2OC, MotB, SoZ, and MoW companion voicesets so your PCs have a much larger pool of voicesets to choose from. (Included in

Serenity Frost also has a selection of new voicesets to choose from.

Ultimate NWN2 Voice Pack 1.61 - Another voiceset pack.

I've taken every head and hair I could find and dumped it into my own heads and hairs folder. It's a big messy directory, sorry, but if you want almost everything available, including, I believe, everything below, here it is. As of 10/19/12 this is already in
If you downloaded the mod comp before then, download that file for the update. Delete the old Heads and Hairs folder, as I undid almost any directory structure to avoid doubling up on files, then unzip and drop that in your override instead.

Currently working links to check out if you don't wanna d/l my pack: Xaltar's Facelift Pack and Head/Hair Comination Pack

Whatbrick's MOTB Character Customizer has new hairstyles and faces for both men and women.

Playable NPC Heads Lots of new heads for your characters, including all the companions and many of the important NPC's from the OC. Along with the Voicesets mod, you can actually create NWN2OC characters for your parties. For most of these you'll want to select the "bald" hairstyle since most of these come with their own hair.

Enchanted Eyes There are two files here, one gives a monk Glowing eyes along with some bonuses when using "Perfect Self". The other gives Aasimar, Drow & Tiefling glowing eyes.

Oblivion to NWN2 Lots of new hairstyles and, if you want them, some not-good-looking new faces. These hairstyles are from the popular Ren's Hair/Head pack for Oblivion, most of them are very anime-looking.

Other Heads:
Xaltar's Custom Head Pack
Some Human Male heads.
Fenril's Heads
Exodus Heads
Male Human / Tiefling Head
Xaltar's Ethnic Heads v1
Another Human Female Head
BH Heads
Fixes some female heads to look better
Few more human male heads
BadMagic's 10 Human Female Heads
NWN2 Facelift Pack improves some of the existing heads. This is probably your best bet overall if you want to only download one thing, and is still being updated. If you grabbed my Heads and Hairs pack, I'd still grab this to make sure you have the newest, most updated stuff. Go ahead and overwrite anything it asks you to overwrite.

MaeBe's Hair (renumbered) My favorite female hairstyles, highly recommended for female characters.
Wild Hair These look good for "wild" races like wood elves.
Hair Extensions modifies some of the normal hairstyles and makes them look better.
Curly Short Hairstyle for men and women
Remove that flower in that one female hairstyle
5 Female Hairstyles
Long Bearded Dwarf
Supple Hair for females
Yet another female hair pack

A combo pack with Xaltar's heads, Oblivion Hair, plus some new Half-elf, Drow and Gensai heads.

This is a link to a search on NW vault that will bring up most of these and even more head/hair packs

Camb's COMBAT Splatter (v1.1) Adds blood splatter to the ground when you kill something. Red, green or yellow splatter depending on the creature you kill. Screenshot (Included in

Spell visuals modifiers:
Remove Annoying Effects and Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs
(Parts of each are Included in

Remove the Disease vfx. (I think this is Included in
Alternative skin effects tints the skin instead of giving a different texture for some effects.

Improved Arcane Spell Visuals also tones down spell visuals.

Light Emitter in Spell Effects From the mod's description: "This VFX pack modifies certain spells within the game, allowing them to emit actual light as opposed to a non-light emitting glow effect. I always found it odd that several types of spells that you would think would emit light (like a fireball spell, or lightning, or magic missle, etc) do not. This VFX pack is my attempt to correct that, and in a manner that has the least performance impact, while preserving a realistic look to suit the spell effect modified." Not recommended if you have a slower machine.

Low Light Vision options

Removed Weapon Effects

No-Ring UI Mod removes the targeting ring.

Tintable Clothing Compilation pack to customize the colors of your clothes.

All of these below are new/better textures, and all are included in the Textures overhaul pack I linked near the top of this post.

All NWN2 Terrain Re-bumped-mapped If you want the world to look better, try this out! Check the readme, as there is an extra installation step. Not recommended for older/slower machines.

All NWN2 Grass Desaturated with Added Detail

Trees Textures Overhaul does the same as above, but for the trees. Again, this could cause problems for older machines.

High Resolution Floorboards to make the floors of the inside areas look better. (Screenshot)

NWN2 Cloaks with Deity Symbols Improves the look of some cloaks.

Real Paving Stones, Kerbs/ Curbs & Bricks - another ground texture improvement.

Real Oak and Mahogany Textures

Neverwinter Cobble texture

All Bracers, Pauldrons, Greaves now Shiny, Retextured & re-bumpmapped

All NWN2 Cloaks Retextured (Hi-Res & Bumpmapped)

Sharpened Textures (Parts included in

Improved Cleave and AOO Animations

Bagel's NWN2 Clothing Fixes

NWN2 Standard Interior Wall Texture Pack 01

Realistic Wall Torch

Please note that the following three mods cannot be installed with Kaedrin's, or any other mod that also replaces the dialogue.tlk file.

Reeron's Spell Fixes Various spell, bard songs, and invocation fixes for NWN2 and MoTB. This is the most popular "spell fixes only" mod.

Races of Faerun 84 new races. I normally don't use the mod and from what I've heard it'll cause some conflicts with other mods, so, you may want to remove this one first if you're having weird problems especially at character creation. A lot of the races seemed to only be partially implemented the last time I tested it.

Player1's Feat Selection Fixes if you'd like some fixes for the feats without all the extra classes.

A couple more Class / PRC packs, These use dialogue.tlk so they too cannot be installed with Kaedrin's, with each other, or any other mod that also replaces the dialogue.tlk file.

Mass PrC Merger This combines Kaedrin's PRC Pack with the Tome of Battle, Mage Tome, and Wild Mage Mods, and then adds in Reeron's Maddening Scream, Blast of Flame, Freezing Sphere, Time Stop, Mystic Theurge, Palemaster, Harper, and RDD abilities. You REALLY need to read the install instructions in this mod, as it has instructions that MUST be followed to get it to work.

Xydek's PRC Pack (Holy Guardian, Holy Blade, Arcane Fighter)

Warmage Base Class

Tome of Battle Classes

Mage Tome and Update patch.

Wild Mage

Multipass will help you install a combination of other PRC packs.

Charlie's UI is a popular UI overhaul. This doesn't work with some other mods so check the ones you have installed before using this. (Some mods have a separate download if you're using Charlie's. Note that Charlie has a separate download if you're using TonyK's AI I linked above.) (Included in
Be sure to also download the, which overhauls the drop-down menu to include options for Charlie's other works like the Appearance Changer. This will also add Player Roster and World Map screens to the drop down menu, which makes the game way more convenient! (Included in
Note: Bugged for SoZ, it's missing some important trade buttons/resources, so don't use this mod for SoZ.

SlimGUI is another popular GUI mod.

Fire&Ice's BigFonts UI is another popular UI for people who play on higher resolutions and think Charlie's UI is too small.

Tchos HD UI panels and dialogue compilation and expansion is another high resolution UI mod.

Tchos HD Widescreen UI Menu and Loading Screen makes loading screens and menus prettier. (Included in

BG UI makes the UI look like Baldur's Gate's UI.

NWN2 Inventory Sorter to customize sorting your inventory.

Expanded Modes Bar will add more commands to the bottom right bar on the screen.

Infinity Engine Load Screens if you miss looking at IWD/BG load screens.
Or try Ugly_Duck's 277 new Loadscreens.

AllowPartyToTalkInOC will add only SoZ style conversations. (Don't install with the "SoZ in the OC makeover mod".)

Nwn2mouse changes the mouse key bindings to be more like WoW.

NWN2 Client Extension does a whole lot of stuff. Read this post to see what all it does, and read the readme. In the author's words... "This is a plug-in for the game client which fixes a number of crash bugs and adds some new features to improve your PW multiplayer experience.
For those DMs out there, the client extension also adds a number of features to the DM client to improve your multiplayer DM experience. The client extension doesn't make any permanent changes to your NWN2 installation (you must choose to enable it each time you start NWN2), so it's easy to remove if you don't want to continue to use it.
The documentation goes into detail about the features and bug fixes in the client extension."
Some people in this thread have reported that it has fixed their framerate and stuttering issues.

Charlie's Item Modifier will let you take just about any item in the game and add/remove almost any property possible to it. Yes, this mod can easily make the entire game trivially easy, so you may not want to install it if you have no self-control. Use it by right-click-targeting the item you want to change in the inventory screen then from the drop-down menu select "Modify item". Screenshot (Included in

The Complete Craftsman and its required Patch will let you do much the same as Charlie's Item Modifier, except you need to correct spells, skills, and feats to make the items. It's a complete overhaul of the OC/MotB crafting system. This is a fan-patch with some updates and rebalancing.

Warlock Buddy I have not used this but heard that if you're playing a warlock it's a must-have.

Inverted Daggers Makes you look cooler when holding daggers.

Rebalanced Animal Companions to improve animal companions already in game.

Animal Companions and Familiars for an expanded selection of Familiars and companions.

If you would like to do the same sex romance without the Plot Fixes mod, try Remles' Gender Impartial Flirting.

Feather of Multiclassing An item allowing you to multiclass any companion in any mod and any campaign. Also allows to change the alignment, level, name and XP of any character.

Mod that lets you have a full party in MotB

Super Easy Spirit Eater mod makes the Soul Meter a non-issue. You could also use the console command rs ka_se_points_set(100.0) to reset your points to 100 whenever you want.

Nasher set fix so all 4 pieces of Nasher's equipment spawn in the game and they give a bonus like they say they should do.

ECL Remover and/or Multiclass EXP Penalty Remover if you hate EXP Penalties. Both require SoZ.

SoZ style party creation in MoW

NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition adds in a lot of changes the game made in SoZ into the OC. Many features are reported to not work with Kaedrin's installed.

NWN BIC (Character) Organizer to keep track of all your character files, works for NWN1 and NWN2.

NWN2 Character Editor - Save game character editor for NWN2. It supports both player characters and companions. You can edit abilities, skills, feats, spells, inventory and companion influence. Requires Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or later.

Silver Sword Fix Lets you type the Silver Sword in the OC to whichever type you'd like. Otherwise it's "Universal" and all your weapon feats don't count towards its to-hit.

Creature Distance Tweaks makes it so creatures don't all stand on top of you distance-wise in combat. If you would like to use this with Kaedrin's, goon Krowley did the word to merge the .2da files, please see this post.

Personal Impossibility Adjustment makes the game harder / difficulty adjustment.

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Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

Modules, as in non-professionally made new adventures to play, install differently than mods and you should always read the readme/install directions for each. Some of these might not be usable until updated for SoZ, check them all individually.

Played a mod you love that's not specifically mentioned below? Please post in the thread and recommend it, I'll add it to the list!

Here's a good place to start: 2007 module of the year winners and 2008 MOTY winners. Here is a complete list of all NWN2 Modules on NWvault.

Here's a post on the official forums with a better organized format of all modules. (scroll to the end) Here's another list on NWN Vault. There's also a NWN2 Romance Module list if you just want to know which modules have romances in them.

Also, try the Academy for Modding Excellence (AME)

Highly Recommended Vordan's Hero Creator for all your character testing, equipping, leveling etc. needs. Has a neat "Shop Wizard" that makes buying things easy and a "Character sheet" page that lets you make a lot of changes to your character quickly and easily. I recommend if you're going to play SoZ, use this module to create your party's characters, give them a small amount of gold then export the character. Then, pick "Select character" rather than "Create new Character" when picking your party and select the characters you made in Vordan's.

If you want a mod that helps you create more balanced characters to play in modules rather than going hog-wild like you can in Vordan's, try FRW Character Creator

Icewind Dale 1 Completely remade in the NWN2 Engine

CaptainPsyko posted:

In the same vein as the IWD remake, some very very insane people went and remade Baldur's Gate in it's entirety as an NWN2 mod:

Edit: There's a trailer and Minsc looks great at the end of it.

(Warning, it's about 7 gigs after it's all opened and installed.)

Harp & Chrysanthemum Module of the year 2007, a very well-written, enjoyable and cohesive module.

Dark Waters, by Adam Miller (full version) Adam Miller is the best technical builder NWN has, he was great in NWN1 but in NWN2 he does some crazy awesome things with the engine, including creating his own original card game and making Lute Hero. Worth checking out for that.

The Maimed God's Saga probably ties Harp and Chrysanthemum as one of the best, most well written, enjoyable and immersive modules I've ever played for either game.

Fate of a City one of the most well-done city adventures I've seen, I really enjoyed playing this one.

The Subtlety of Thay Another well-done module.

Crimmor is a new, rogue-only city adventure that was recommended by Leinadi.

Trial and Terror is a dungeon / maze / puzzle mod for 30th level characters. It's very large and there are many different paths you can take for high replayability.

The Conan Chronicles. based off Conan the Barbarian and rated pretty high at the vault, so if you like that universe you may want to check that out.


SOZ "Holiday" Expansion Project A bunch of modders got together to add new dungeons and content into SoZ.

I know most of you are going to hate this, but for those of you who are interested, Romantic Pack for the OC/MOTB. Adds in extra dialogues (they call them "flirts") for Elanee, Neeshka, Casavir, Bishop, Gann and Safyia. It also adds in the possibility to get Neeshka or Bishop on the "wall" scene near the end of the OC. Then, it adds in new MOTB finale endings where you can live happily ever after with your choice of the above characters. Last, it adds entire long dialogue tree conversations for Casavir and Bishop so they have actual romantic storylines for female characters. If you like video game romances, then I think this is worth checking out.
Voiceover Remover for the non-professional voice talent used in this mod if you don't like the voices.

Along the same vein, this mod lets you (big MOTB spoiler) free Bishop's soul from the wall, and bring him along with you, for all the Bishop fangirls out there.

Goon-recommended Persistant World: Legacy II: Dark Age of Britain.

Fuzz posted:

If you like low magic and Arthurian legend, Legacy: Dark Age of Britain is goddamn awesome.

It's goon run and I, as well as several other goons, play on there... I actually bought NWN2 like a year ago just to play there, and I have not been disappointed. On your average evening you're looking at 20ish people online with a solid base of around 60 or so regular characters, with an equal number of important DM run NPCs. The focus is mainly on war and politics, they have a whole point system devoted to tracking the various lords and their holdings, as well as who is officially allied with who. As of now there are 2 player Lords with sizeable holdings... there was a third but he was murdered by a rogue druid a few months back and now 2 PCs are running his fief as regents.

My own character is an outside wildcard... a "humble merchant" that has secretly founded a cloak and dagger spy network, and is now in a position to play the factions off each other with blackmail and information trade. The server uses custom rules that I personally like WAY more than D&D... the nearest comparison would be something like Diablo, with skilltrees in the form of feats you get every level.

It's a pretty drat awesome server, especially if you like Bernard Cornwell and read his Winter King/Warlord trilogy about Arthur.

SOZ Inshula De-Level Fix This is just for the Ranger NPC you find in the first town in SoZ. It'll de-level her so you can have her take archery instead of two weapon fighting and whatever other changes you want to make to her as if you found her at first level.

SoZ Dialogue Fixes fixes broken points of dialogue in SoZ, the notes in the link explains what it fixes where. This mod seems to cause other modules to lose their journal entries. If you install this, when you play other modules, remove this folder.

SOZ Overland Buff/Effect Preservation Mod Will keep all buffs (including negative debuffs) on your character when on the overland map. WILL NOT WORK with ANY module that modifies spells (Thus, not with Kaedrin's PRC Pack, but Kaedrin has a version of this that works WITH his pack included, so don't download this if you have Kaedrin's installed.)

SoZ Overland Encounter Reducer

Increased SoZ Creature Part Drops

SoZ Crafting Expansion

SoZ Party Editor Menu

A NWN2 Post containing some of the above and other fixes for various problems with SoZ. If you're having problems with something in SoZ you think might be internal to the game, check this post first.

Want to play on Mac? Check this post by CaptainPsyko.

Gamefaq's NWN2 FAQ Page - Good FAQs here. Especially numbered Feat/Spell/Item lists.
Gamefaq's NWN2 Console Commands page - Cheats, but useful if you need them.

The NWN2 Wiki has some camera tweaks which might help make the camera better.

Suggestions on character builds:
Here's the NWN2 wiki builds page.
Here are the power builds.


How to restart your character (or any of your companions!) from level 1 without starting the game over:

Yas posted:

1. Target the character you want to modify by clicking on their portrait.
2. Go into the console via the tilde (~) key.
3. Turn on debug mode by typing "DebugMode 1"
4. Get their object ID by typing a command like "printfeats", this will give you their currently allocated object #. You will see text like "printing feats for 13479134 (Qara)". Remember that number.
5. Reset the players LEVEL not XP to 1 via: reset levels <objectID> <level>. Example if Qara's object ID is 12345 you would type in "resetlevels 12345 1" to reset her level to level 1 and untrain all feats she had learnt past L1.


Also helpful, from the previous thread, how to have your own custom 6-man team instead of 4 in SoZ:

Tin Can Hit Man posted:

Raising the player created party cap however is something you could do right now with the Toolset. Open the Toolset, and look up the Campaign Editor up top. It's under Options or Plugins I think, can't remember right now. Anywho, just click on the Campaign Editor and you'll open up a window with the following:

Neverwinter Nights OC
Neverwinter Nights X1(MotB)
Neverwinter Nights X2(SoZ)

Click on the third one, and on the right side, scroll down the list until you find Player Characters. You'll know which one it is because it'll be set to 4. Set it to 6, then click "Save Campaign" on the top. There you go. No need to start a new module, or export anything, or put anything in the Override. Just log into SoZ and make your 6 man party.

A list of all console commands can be found here. Below are some of the most useful commands.

To get into the console hit ` (the button next to 1)
Then type: debugmode 1

When you're done using the console, type: debugmode 0
and hit ` again

Below, substitute # for whatever number you'd like.

* A simple influence editor, in the form of a dialogue: rs kr_influence

* Add a feat to your currently selected character: givefeat #
* Remove a feat with removefeat #
Use this list of feats for a list of feats and their coresponding numbers.

* Raise the party limit so you can bring more companions with you: rs ga_party_limit(#)

* Give the desired amount of XP to your character: givexp # (note: Giving XP to YOUR character gives that XP to ALL party members!)

* Give the desired amount of gold to your character: dm_givegold #

* SetCHA # / SetDEX # / SetCON # / SetSTR # / SetWIS # / SetINT # - sets the stat of the targeted character to the given number.

The GameFaqs FAQ page is also useful.

Any time a bug or issue is reported in the thread, I will try to reference it's solution, if found, in this section.

* If your party members are misbehaving and won't follow you, first try holding down right click, then click "Issue Command" and "Follow me", then go back to that menu and select "Attack Nearest".
If that doesn't work, turn off the AI (It's the second button next to the drop-down menu. Pic.) Then repeat above with turning on follow and then attack nearest, then turn AI back on.

* The shadow textures in the game effect FPS drastically, even on newer systems. It's recommended that unless you have a top tier system even by today's standards, that you turn shadows down to "low".

* If you get to Act 2 and get dumped in in Castle Never, in control of the party instead of any cutscenes firing, just walk out of Castle Never then turn right back around and walk back in, then the cutscenes fire. No idea what causes this.
Note: Act 2 begins after you rescue Shondra from being kidnapped by the Githyanki. This should happen well after you get to Neverwinter after you're at least 10 hours into the game.
Also Note: The missing cutscenes are Torio talking to Nevalle and Nasher, then Nevalle coming to the Flagon to tell you what to do then Sand joining the party). Leave/come back ASAP, DO NOT go talk to Nevalle and/or Nasher!

* If your game is very stuttery, like moving your character is EXTREMELY jerky and you often find yourself further back from where you think you should have ended, quite a few people have had success fixing this problem with the NWN2 Client Extension.

* There is currently a conflict between Kaedrin's 1.42 and TonyK's AI. If you have automatic weapon switching turned on, your companions won't move or attack, or much of anything. Turn off Automatic Weapon Switching in TonyK's (hit C, 4th tab) to fix this bug, or downgrade to Kaedrin's 1.41. If this doesn't work, re-download and install both mods. Thanks Conduit for Sale! for reporting this to the thread!

* In Act 2, after the trial during the Rite of Tyr, if a companion comes in and then just stands there and you can't interact with them, bring up the influence editor in the console (see the section above) with rs kr_influence, and raise that companion's influence to a positive score. You will then need to go talk to the priest of Tyr again to start the scene all over again, and your first companion or two may appear to be invisible but you'll be able to continue.
If that doesn't work you can skip on through the Rite of Tyr by using the console commands:

rs ga_journal("20_trial", 25, 1, 0, 0)
rs ga_load_mod("2000_Neverwinter", "wp_trialbycombat")

The first updates your journal, the second loads the trial mod.

* If you are having problems getting NWN2 to load as The Muffinlord was here, try the solution Raygereio found here.


VaultAggie posted:

I think my game is glitching out. I picked up the silver shard for Deagun but when I talk to him he just bitches about me coming back empty handed. Is there another shard or something? I've looked online but none of that debug stuff is fixing this.

Raygereio posted:

If I recal right that bug is caused by installing MotB over NWN2, but not patching. Be sure that you've installed things correctly: you need to install NWN2, then instal MotB, followed by SoZ if you have it, and then run the auto-pather to get yourself to 1.23.

This should fix it. Open up the console and type:
DebugMode 1
rs ga_conversation_self ("11_sw_shardscene")
DebugMode 0

Plot Fixes Mod Bugs

A list of bugs or issues introduced with the "Plot Fixes" mod. Most or all of these should be fixed with "Plot Fixes Fixes" installed.

Gender Swap (Issue fixed with Plot Fixes Fixes)
The mod creator decided everyone needed to be gay (because he plays as a woman and doesn't want to do the male romances), so all the major romance scenes have your characters swapped with the same sex romance option. To get rid of these, install Plot Fixes Fixes here, or delete the following folders BEFORE you get to these areas:
Plot_Fixes_OC\Merchant_Quarter\Church Lorne (Trial by Combat Vigil)
Plot_Fixes_OC\Siege\Romance Elanee Casavir (The Seige wall scene)

Aime Lives
He made it so Aimee doesn't die. She has no further dialogue or use in the party and you can't really get rid of her. To get rid of her not dying if you're BEFORE that scene, delete folder Plot_Fixes_OC\West Harbor\Aime Lives (or have the Plot Fixes Fixes mod installed.)

If she's already still in the party and you want to get rid of her,
1. Save the game in a new save and call it something you'll recognize, then exit the game,
2. Go to your saves folder (should be in my documents --> neverwinternights two --> saves) Open the folder for your new save
3. Remove the file named "0_amie.ros" (throw it on your desktop or something).
4. Go back into the game, load up that save
5. Make a NEW Save (when I tried to re-save over the previous one it crashed the game and deleted the save.) Making a new save worked for me with no Aimee in the party.

Stuck in Ember
This is supposedly fixed now, but near the end of act 1, the first time you go to Ember (while chasing after Shandra), after the first wave of Githyanki jump you sometimes the second wave doesn't spawn and you're stuck in Ember.
Just open the console and after going into debugmode 1, type:
runscript 1616a_setup_cs3
This will start Bishops "Hey great Ambush!" speech and you should be able to continue from there.

Menu Popup
If you're using Charlie's UI or any other mod that modifies the menu popup, delete Fixes_Generic/playermenu_popup.xml. (Already done in Annakie'

Rite of Tyr
In Act 2, after the trial during the Rite of Tyr, if a companion comes in and then just stands there and you can't interact with them, bring up the influence editor in the console (see the section above) with rs kr_influence, and raise that companion's influence to a positive score. You will then need to go talk to the priest of Tyr again to start the scene all over again, and your first companion or two may appear to be invisible but you'll be able to continue.
If that doesn't work you can skip on through the Rite of Tyr by using the console commands:

rs ga_journal("20_trial", 25, 1, 0, 0)
rs ga_load_mod("2000_Neverwinter", "wp_trialbycombat")

The first updates your journal, the second loads the trial mod.

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Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

Modding Neverwinter Nights 1 (NWN1)

I'll admit that it's been a couple of years since I played much NWN1. Any help/ideas/suggestions you'd like to post would be welcome here, and anything useful will be put into this post.

There are two important things to do first --
* Always make sure you have game version 1.69 (the newest and last patch.)
* Make sure you have the newest version of the Community Expansion Pack.

Modding NWN1 isn't as easy as modding NWN2. Modding NWN1 usually comes in the form of hakpacks (or haks), but often also involve putting files in texture, sound and other directories as well. They are often included in the associated module download, but sometimes they are a separate download on the module page, and sometimes there's just some text in the module description saying you need to download (whatever) hakpak to get the module working. Also, know that downloading all of these hakpaks will eventually start taking up a lot of space on your machine. Every NWN1 mod should come with a readme that explains what files go where. You should ALWAYS read the readme, or if it's not included in the download, the page you downloaded the mod from should have instructions on what goes where.

The Player's Resource Consortium (PRC) is a pack with new prestige classes, feats, spells and other major changes. Outside of the CEP, the PRC is the thing you want most.

MODULES (New adventures):
There are well over 1,000 new community created adventures made for NWN1, encompassing tens of thousands of hours worth of gameplay. I couldn't even begin to list them all. The Neverwinter Vault has done a good job of sorting out which are most worth your time to play.

The most handy list is The Hall Of Fame List. Modules must meet requirements of amount of votes, scores of votes, amount of downloads and time on the vault to be eligible to be included.

Some other ways to find good NWN1 modules:
The Academy for Modding Excellence
Current Top Modules - This list is often ranked with newer good modules.
The Neverwinter Nexus has some Neverwinter mods as well. Expect more to be moved over there in the future. (Scroll down, the NWN1 section is on the second half of the page.)
2007 Module of the Year winners
2008 Module of the Year winners
NWN1 Romance Module List if you like a little romance in your gaming.

If anyone knows where to get lists of the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Module of the Year winners, please let me know!

If you're having problems with a NWN1 mod, I suggest skimming all the comments on the page you downloaded the mod from, and look for someone who had a similar issue to yours. I've found this works about half the time.

The NWN1 Premium Modules are now free, see below!

A Fancy 400 lbs posted:

Just an FYI, we discovered in the GOG thread that the NWN1 Premium modules are both available for download from the Bioware servers and that Bioware have set up the authentication servers to automatically bounce back an authentication signal to play the full version. Download links are here. I'm doing Infinite Dungeons as a Dwarf Fighter, it seems pretty cool so far.


Story Mods:

The Advanced Halls of Training is my personal favorite leveling / equipping / build testing mod.

Anything that Adam Miller has made is well worth the time. This complete campaign for NWN1 is considered one of the masterpieces of NWN1 gameplay.

GatewayBF posted:

Caereena - Krakona Rising is hands down the most fun I've ever had with any of the Neverwinter Nights games. It's a massive epic module for NWN1 that plays like an action RPG, and utilizes all the advances in using the NWN toolset.

Download it here:

CuddlyZombie posted:

This is the greatest NWN1 module because the best merchant is in heaven, and so you have to kill yourself in order to get the best equipment.
The above is a Monty Python based mod. I've played it and it is one of the most fun mods out there IMHO. Definitely worth a look. Be warned, though, it's also one of the harder modules I've ever played.

Captain Oblivious posted:

If you're still in the biz of playing NWN1 mods, I highly highly recommend the Aielund Saga and Revenant.

Aielund Saga is just in general drat good fantasy heroics and adventuring, goes from level 1 to 33ish. Revenant is some bizarre loving love child of Planescape: Torment and Alchemy. It's pretty fun though.

Gameplay Mods:

The Doormat posted:

I have a mod that should absolutely be in the OP:

What this is a way to have actual, honest-to-god parties in NWN by making your own characters and converting them (Ingame, no programs involved!) and it's compatible with just about any module out there.

Also, I lost internet a while back and messed around with the PRC and I thought it was far to intrusive and gigantic, and as a result I created my own PRC that IS COMPATIBLE WITH JUST ABOUT ANYTHING, AND REQUIRES NO HAKPAKS!

Well, there ARE hakpaks but they are there so you can create the characters in the CC.

The CharCreater program:
You NEED this to actually make the characters.

The Races:
Aasimar (Technical limitations means that they are called Half-Celestial )
And Stingers (They can use twohanded weapons as a main hand weapon with a sheild or any one hand weapon)

The Familiars:
Includes a "Venomous" Cobra that gets weak sneak attacks and a Parrot that can use bard songs.


1: Unpack the CC anywhere.
2: Unpack EVERYTHING BUT THE HAKPAKS into override.
3: Unpack the hakpaks in the Doorfam/races zips into your hak directory.
4: Start up the CC and go into settings and add the DoormarRaces and the Doorfams haks.

You will be able to use the races/familiars ingame, without altering the modules in anyway whatsoever.

Each race has their own ability score modifiers and feats, and in conversation their race is displayed correctly.

The extra familiars are most compatible with modules built for the last update as they use models from it. This means that modules that use hakpaks that replace or add any models are incompatible.

Also, all the races are compatible with the OHS system mentioned.

Anyways, Enjoy!

Mordaedil posted:

It requires cheating a bit, but it doesn't really offer any change, unless you are willing to set it up yourself.

For just taking on the appearance of a critter, you need to do the following:
1) Find out the reference number for said creature. To do that, you need to go into your NWN folder, find the utils folder, open nwhak.exe.
2) With that open, go into your hak folder and find the one file with the 2DA files in it. Usually either cep2da.hak or cep2_top_v1.hak and drag it into the window that opened.
3) From there, extract the appearance file into windows and open it with Notepad or your favorite Excel spreadsheet. Now find the creature you want to turn into.
4) In game, type in "##DebugMode 1" and then "##SetAppearance [INSERT REF]".
5) If you want to adjust your stats, you need to type "##SetSTR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA XX".
6) Make sure you end your cheating with "##DebugMode 0" before you save, otherwise you might end up with a corrupt game (better not risk it)

Note that if you want extra poo poo, like Spell Resistance, fire resistance and stuff like that, it's going to require further tampering. The easiest way to do that, is to use the toolset to make your character, go to export, and export the file as an .erf, open it in a community tool called LETO and use that to convert the NPC file into a PC file, and then stuff it in your localvault folder. Bugs ahoy, but if you do it right, you can get a hacked player character that you can even bring to localvault allowing servers to gently caress about.

Naturally, it has its faults, since you can really twink your character even further with some 2da editing and using the override folder properly, but it's such a bunch of loving headaches, I recommend keeping it as simple as possible.

I did all of this just to make a vampire once. And then some guy put a stake through my character and I had to RP his permanent death five minutes after making him.

I was so mad, but I got to use him in single-player at least. And then it dawned on me how poo poo the OC really is, oh god.


Below are discussions of NWN1 Persistent Worlds which are run, at least partially, by goons:

N0data posted:

After reading this thread, I dug up my old NWN PW files and started modding them again. I think the last CEP version I had running was 2.1 or 2.2. I've been working solid on it again for about 2 weeks now, with a few friends running through and testing everything for me. Here's some of the details:

  • A multitude of subraces, including: Goblins, Ogres, Wemics, Minotaurs, Pixies, Kobolds, Lizardmen and Vampires. Subraces are typically more powerful than normal races and ECL is implemented. Upon leveling up, a subrace loses a set amount of xp (based on his ECL) and must attain the level again to keep it. This ensures they don't soak any more xp than anyone else in the party, but still progress slower than normal races.
  • Custom Necromancer class that can raise the corpses of monsters that he's killed and use them as zombie henchmen. The more poweful the Necromancer becomes, the more powerful his zombie henchmen are. Also, if the creature was a caster in life, it's a caster in (un)death.
  • Fully customized death system which includes the ability to pick up dead player bodies, and take them back to town for rez, or you can respawn where you've died and take an xp loss.
  • The PW is full PvP, and combat between opposing factions is encouraged. I really go tired of playing on servers where there HAD to be forced RP between races that hated each other. I never really understood why my goblin assassin couldn't just sneak up on some humans while they were sleeping and cut their throats without a lengthy introduction...?
  • A unique rest system that allows players to rest at (almost) any time. Resting takes time however (approx 10secs per level). This is designed to give enemy players the opportunity to come upon resting players and attack them off guard. Resting can be cancelled at any time, however, and the character keeps whatever hitpoints or spells he's gained up till that point. Resting in an Inn or Barracks (or other "safe" zones in the world) is instant.
  • Not sure if any of you have ever played Undermountain, but I've taken quite a bit of time bringing the dungeon to life, room by room, straight from the pages of the book.
  • Future plans include to expand the Necromancer custom spells and use them as a base for an Illusionist class that can create Illusions of any monster he's killed or seen in combat, thus having a group of "illusionary" monsters following him around as henchmen.
  • Future plans to set up an Assassin's guild forum, where players can promise gold or items found to the Assassins in exchange for the death of another character. Ofcourse, contracts that aren't honored would be punished with a server-issued "hit" on the betraying character.

My real goal here is to create a full PvP, player-driven, RP server, where I'll do my best add whatever content the players would like to see. Think you've earned enough of a reputation as a leader on the server, and want to move on to something better? I'll set up a vote among the players and elect you as king. I'll build you a castle and you can have your own guards and servants. I'd like the story of the world to be driven by the players. It needs to grow with them, not remain a static place where I log in after each reset and run to the nearest chest spawn. I honestly think that this is where NWN really shines, in persistent, story-driven, privately run servers. There's really no other game that does that better.

N0data posted:

Ok, server is live. I don't have any webhosting or anything, so I'm using Mediafire to host the haks and tlk required to play. Here are the files:

Hak files go in your NWN/hak folder. The .tlk file goes in your NWN/tlk folder. If either of those folders don't exist, just create them.

Here is a post on the Scarn board with everything you need to know to play on Scarn!

I'll be off and on over the next few days running quests and checking in on players. Let me know if you need anything!

Server IP is:

The server's name is: Scarn

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krazysigmarite posted:

I suppose since we're talking about upcoming NWN pw's, I'll talk about my team's that is almost finished:

This is our intro thread here, with screenshots at the like:

We also have forums open here: <---EDIT At the moment it appears Hyperboards is screwing up and not letting guests read the forums. Checked a couple other hyperboard-forums and they're having the same issue.

Discussion and queries are welcome.

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MaterialConceptual posted:

I'm playing the NWN1 expansion campaign Shadows of Undrentide right now, and I'm frustrated to no end by the AI of my rogue companion, who used to automatically clear traps and unlock chests/doors for me when I tried opening them, but now just stands there and does nothing. I've tried turning off and on the thief skills in the conversation tree and changing her orders from the radial menu, but she still won't do anything. Is there any fix for this? Thanks in advance...

isndl posted:

Companions in NWN1 won't even attempt to work a trap or lock if the DC is too high, but that shouldn't be the problem considering how campaign DCs are fairly low in general. There are some traps that can't be disarmed by skill checks and you have to bash something instead, but I don't recall any of those in SoU.

Some quick googling turns up buggy behavior if you leave her on mixed Cleric/Rogue leveling, so try setting her to Rogue-only to see if that helps.

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Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."


Forums user Random Hajile made this post in the old thread. It does an incredible job of explaining how the d20 system works. This information applies to both NWN1 and NWN2. I'm Re-posting Random Hajile's post here so it's on the front page for all to see.


I'll go ahead and try to give a brief introduction into 3.0/3.5 mechanics for you, to help you get a grip on things.


Stats all have an "average" of 10, every 2 points above or below 10 modifies related attributes and skills by one point. As an example, every 2 points above 10 in Strength adds a a single point to melee "to hit" rolls and melee damage. You always round down. So a character with 13 strength acts like he has 12 points in regards to how accurate he is with a melee weapon and how hard he'll hit with it (though he'll qualify for more feats, but I'll get into that later), where a character with 9 strength will act like he only had 8 for to-hit and damage.

Strength helps determine how accurate a character is in melee, how hard he'll hit, and how much he can carry (but that last value is determined by each point into strength, and not just every point above or below 10)

Constitution determines how hardy a character is. Every 2 points above 10 in CON gives a character another hit point each time he levels up and improves his Fortitude save by one point. I'll get back to saves in greater detail shortly. Note that if you improve your CON, the changes are retroactive. Bring a character from 13 to 14 CON, and his HP will scale to act as if he's had 14 CON all along.

Dexterity determines how agile, nimble, and precise a character is. A character with high dexterity, when naked, will be much harder to hit than a naked character with low dexterity. Though heavy armor restricts that effect. Dexterity also determines how accurate a character is with ranged weapons, and there is a feat that enables dexterity to be used to modify to-hit rolls for light melee weapons, such as short swords and rapiers. It also modifies a character's Reflex save.

Intelligence obviously dictates a character's smarts. This is especially important to wizards, who get bonus spells with higher intelligence. They also cannot learn spells of a higher level than their INT -10. Meaning a character with 15 INT cannot learn spells of spell level 6 or higher until he increases that value somehow. It also modifies how many skill points a character gets per level, though a character's class also determines that.

Wisdom is very important to Druids and Clerics, as that's what their spells are based upon. It also modifies a character's Will save value.

Charisma determines force of character. I won't get into roleplay things like whether or not physical beauty is important here, but high charisma means that your character is more likely to make the impression that he WANTS to make. Whether that's to be lusted after, liked, or feared. It's also what Bards and Sorcerers use for their spells.


Saves are what determine whether or not certain effects manage to influence your character.

Fortitude saves relate to physical health. A character with high Fortitude will more easily resist poison, disease, and instant-kill spells.

Reflex saves relate to the ability to dodge. A character with high Reflex will be able to dodge many traps and avoid taking as much area-effect damage like Fireballs or a dragon's breath.

Will saves are related to force of will and mind-altering effects. A character with high Will can more easily resist effects that cause fear, sleep, and the like.


What happens in combat is determined by dice rolls, most frequently of the 20-sided variety.

To hit something, you've got to roll a 20-sided die, add your modifiers, whether they're positive or negative, and beat your target's Armor Class. Your modifiers are determined by your stats, your class/level, and how powerfully enchanted your weapon is. Warrior classes have their modifier increase faster than Moderately-Fighty classes, which improve faster than the Lightweights. The faster a class's attack bonus increases, the sooner they get more attacks per round, as well. A round being six seconds, a turn being ten rounds.

The Warrior classes are:

The Moderately-Fighty classes are:
Spirit Shaman
Divine Soul

The Lightweights are:

Armor class is determined by a bunch of different effects (dodge, natural, enhancement, armor, deflect), but you don't need to get into some of those until you start getting a grip on things. What you want to know at first is that your AC will be your dex modifier + armor + shield, to a point. Heavy armor doesn't let you use your full dex bonus if you have a lot of dex. It weighs a lot and slows your reflexes. Inspect your armor and it'll tell you how much of a dex bonus it'll allow you to apply. The base AC value of a human-sized creature with 10 dex is 10.

Weapon damage is determined by the base weapon value + magic enhancements + STR modifiers if applicable.
When you inspect a weapon, you'll see things like 1d10 or 2d6. The first value is how many dice are being rolled and the second is how many sides they are. 1d10 is one 10-sided die, 2d6 is two six-sided.
Strength is modifed by weapon, too. Two handed weapons get to add 1.5 times your strength modifier to your damage, a one-handed weapon in your main hand gets to add your strength modifer, and a weapon in your off-hand when dual-wielding only gets .5 your str modifier as a bonus. As a result, dual-wielding tends to blow unless you've got weapons that are powerfully enchanted or are sneak attacking.

You'll also see values like 19-20x2 or x3. That's your critical range and damage multiplier. With a weapon with a 19-20 range, if you roll a to-hit roll of 19 or 20 before modifiers (a "natural 19 or 20"), you get to roll again. Beat your enemy's AC on that roll, and you've scored a critical hit. the x value is the multiplier. x3 means triple damage on a crit. If you don't see a number before the x, then you need to roll a natural 20.
So the difference between, say a battleaxe and a longsword (both do 1d8 damage) is that the axe is x3 where the sword is 19-20x2. It's a tradeoff between fewer more devastating criticals and more frequent, but less dramatic ones.


Skills determine what your character is good at OTHER than pure melee combat. They can range from the ability to remain hidden, the ability to ruin the day of the rear end in a top hat that's trying to remain hidden, to the ability to not gently caress up when someone slaps you when you're trying to cast a spell.

Each class tends to be good at different things and not-so-good at others. You CAN learn skills outside of your class's usual scope, but it'll cost you twice as many skillpoints and you won't be as good as someone of the right class that's focused on it.

Many feats are opposed. Which means you roll against someone else's skill when determining if you're successful. Like the Hide example. You take your Hide skill and your would-be spotter's Spot skill, roll a d20 and add any modifiers (you holding a torch would add a negative hide modifier). If his total beats yours, you just got spotted.

Skills are modified by your stats, and each skill will tell you which stat it corresponds to when you click on it. It's worth mentioning that dex-related skills like hiding will take penalties when you're using heavy armor and shields.


Feats are abilities you get to choose from every few levels that either positively modify your abilities or give you new ones. Many have prerequisites, which can be anything from a minimum stat value, a minimum skill level, a prerequisite feat (or several), or the ability to cast spells of a given level. Feats also determine what armor you can wear and what weapons you can use. You can wield two weapons at once without the appropriate feats, but it's a very bad idea to do so - you'll get huge penalties to your ability to hit without them.

As a few examples, Power Attack requires 13 strength and gives you the ability to trade a few points of accuracy towards a few points of damage. Cleave requires you to know Power Attack, and with it, whenever you strike a killing blow, you get an extra attack versus another enemy in melee range, once per round. Weapon Finesse is what lets you use your DEX to determine how accurate you are with light melee weapons. Spell Focus: Evocation makes your fireballs harder to dodge.


At its core, spells are divided into different spellbooks as determined by class and spell levels, though there is some overlap between spellbooks. Each spellcasting character gets to cast varying amount of spells per day per level. With the exception of warlocks, who can cast whatever they know as often as they want. A character using his 1st-level spells per day has no effect on whether or not he's used up his 2nd or other spell levels, they're all independent of each other. Spells of higher levels tend to have more dramatic effects but you learn them later on.

Wizards learn spells from reading scrolls (and a couple when levelling up), and must choose the spells they want to memorize for the day when resting. For example, a wizard can choose to memorize magic missile twice and magic armor once. As you'd expect, he can cast magic missile twice and mage armor once before resting.

Sorcerers learn from the same spellbook as wizards, but they work a bit differently. They ONLY learn spells when levelling up, but they do not have to prepare magic in advance. They just worry about how many spells per level per day. A sorcerer that can cast 3 1st-level spells and knows magic missile and mage armor only has to worry that they can only cast them a combined total of three times before resting. The wizard above couldn't cast mage armor twice. The sorcerer can.

In essence, the wizard knows more spells overall, but must prepare in advance. The sorcerer casts more spells per level per day, but knows fewer spells overall.

Druids and Clerics automatically know all of the spells of each spell level that they qualify for, as they are divinely inspired. They, however, have to prepare them in advance like wizards.

A Spirit Shaman is like a cross between a druid and a sorcerer, and Favored Souls are crosses between sorcerers and clerics. They choose from the Druid and Cleric spellbooks, respectively, but they learn spells when levelling and do not have to prepare them ahead of time.

Bards are also improvisational spellcasters like sorcerers, but they're in their own category and they also to use "musical" effects, which is a separate kind of magic unique to them. They're also much, much better in NWN2 than in NWN1 due to changes between D&D 3.0 and 3.5, but they're not a beginner's class in either case.

Paladins are like Fighter/Cleric hybrids, Rangers are like Fighter/Rogue/Druid hybrids. They get a few spells in the corresponding spellbooks (and some unique ones), but they learn them slowly and their spellcasting only goes to level 4. They also have to prepare in advance.

Warlocks are in their own category. They get infinite casting, but their spells tend to be much less dramatic than what any other pure spellcaster of an equivalent level would know. And considering that for the most part, you can rest whenever the hell you want in NWN1&2, that's not really an advantage.

Sorcerers and Wizards can't wear armor or use shields without risking spell failure. The heavier the armor/shield, the higher the risk. Clerics, Divine Souls, and Paladins can wear whatever the hell they want. Druids can't wear metal armor. Rangers lose some of their abilities (though I don't think their spellcasting ones) when using medium armor or heavier. In NWN1, Bards get penalized for any armor. In NWN2, Bards and Warlocks can wear light armor without penalty, and after taking a feat, can wear medium armor without penalty. But they still risk failure when using shields.

Multiclassing and Prestige Classes:

If you start out as a fighter, you don't have to remain a pure fighter. Whenever you gain a level, you can choose to take a level in any other class you qualify for. You'll retain all the strengths of your original class, and start learning the abilities of the new one immediately.

Some classes multiclass exceedingly well, others... not so much. As an example, a fighter with a level of rogue will be nearly as powerful in a straight-up brawl as a pure fighter, but will also get a bit of extra damage whenever an enemy turns his back on him.

On the other hand, a warlock with a level of ranger gets gently caress-all that's of use to him.

Each race has a favored class. Multiclassing has an XP penalty unless each of your classes are within 1 level of each other. Levels in your race's favored class, however, will never be penalized. (Edit by Annakie: Humans and Half-Elves have no favored classes and can multiclass freely with no XP penalty).

Prestige classes are specialized sub-classes, and don't count towards a penalty, either. They all have prerequisites, though. They're not vital to your success, and beginners can safely ignore multiclassing and prestige classes until things start to make more sense.

Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

A friend of mine is going through NWN2 for the first time and as he goes I've been trying to give him tips and tricks. So after sending him an email about parts of Old Owl Well tonight, I thought, wouldn't it be awesome if there were non-spoilery tips like this for like every area in the game? So I started writing some things up. Anything that anyone want to contribute would be awesome.

The point of this is to try to help you get the most out of the game, help you avoid common frustrations, and acclimate you more quickly to the game while trying to spoil you as little as possible. As the walkthrough goes on, I will hold your hand less, get less detailed and just point important things out.

If you want a true walkthrough, try this one the Sorcerer's Palace. It's very good.


* If you don't know the D&D 3.5 or the d20 system rules, you should *REALLY* read the fifth post of the OP, and refer back to it as you go along and figure things out a bit. It will help you understand what is going on. If you really just don't want to deal with learning, hitting the "recommend" button will give you an okay character without any hassle.

* If this is your first time playing NWN2, it will probably be easiest for you to go with a melee-heavier character to have less to manage, but eventually you can get the hang of everything, so don't be afraid to try a spellcaster.

* The only class you don't eventually get a companion for is barbarian, however, the cleric and warlock companions come in fairly late in the game.

* Even if you're on a great system by today's standards, the shadows in the game suck. Turn them down to at most, medium. Everything else can be cranked all the way up, probably.

* CaptainPsyko made a couple of great posts about Warlocks here and also here, if you're interested in playing a Warlock.

Skillpoint tips:
* Diplomacy is probably the most useful of the 3 social skills (diplomacy, bluff and intimidate) but all have their uses! If possible, it's a good idea to have at least one trained up as much as you can.

* Appraise will help with money, and there is a HUGE money sink in the middle/late part of the game so having lots of money saved up is very helpful.

* Lore is also very helpful, as a high lore skill means you automatically identify items and has a few other benefits in-game.

* Tumble will help you avoid attacks when walking around in battle. Also, each 10 ranks in tumble = +1 AC.

* Spellcraft is a must for all heavy casters (Wizard, Sorcerer, cleric). Wizards may also consider picking up a craft or two.

* MUST HAVES for Rogue types are search, open lock, disarm trap, tumble, lore, at least one social skill, and appraise. Hide and Move Silently aren't all that useful, tbqh. Listen and Spot are only somewhat useful. Sleight of Hand is somewhat useful if you remember to use it.

* Bards, all of those you can get apply to you as well as perform (keep maxed, ALWAYS) and concentration. I'd recommend putting initially 4 points into Lore then don't pick up ranks as you level as a bard, as bards get +1 Lore automatically for each bard level.

* Rangers, anything you can get in the Rogue list plus survival.

* Heal is also a good skill for a lot of situations if you have extra points to dump, provided you remember to use Healing Kits to heal people with.

Feat tips:
* Melee characters: in general, it's best to decide on a weapon type for your character and stick to it, picking up feats for that type as much as possible. Weapon specialization, improved critical, etc. Your basic longsword is a great type to consider.

* High dex characters should also pick up weapon finesse and consider going two-weapon fighting. (Short swords are good two weapon fighting types)

* Casters, pick stuff that improves your spell penetration, your specialized spell school and existing spells. One or two metamagic feats like maximized spell are also useful but I wouldn't get a bunch of different metamagic feats as they bog down your spellbook.

* Clerics and Paladins, improving your turn undead in a couple of different ways is good.

* Rangers and druids might also consider improving their animal companions.

* The important thing here is to start getting familiar with your character and how to control a party. You should also start to play with the UI.

* One thing a lot of people miss is that, through Aimee, they show you that you need to select your spellcaster party member's spells and fill out their spellbooks for them. You will eventually get a druid, wizard, paladin, ranger and cleric party member, all of which will need you to control in this way. Also remember to use the F key while controlling a caster to bring up the quickcast menu!

* For any wizard, they learn their spells by scribing scrolls. So hold on to any scrolls you pick up. If you are a wizard, then you can scribe them yourself. Eventually you will get that wizard party member, so throw them in a container or something so he can learn them quickly when you get him in act 2.

* You should also learn how to control a rogue party member. If you skip too much dialog you might miss the rogue party member in the tutorial. If you are playing a rogue, you don't need to get him, however.

* If you win the harvest cup, you get a reward, so try everything!

* You will have Bevil along for awhile. I'd suggest picking up power attack and cleave for him as feats, and maybe weapon specialization Longsword as you level him here and in the next couple of scenes. Just give Aimee a few magic missile spells and a weapon.

* Also important to learn here is that the Z key highlights anything you can interact with. Use it often. Really often.

* This is where you can really start to flush out your alignment and see who your character will be.

* If you are a rogue/sneaky type this is also where you can start picking up extra items and coin by breaking into a few people's houses during the fight.

* There are rarely consequences for cleaning someone out, even alignment shifts, so unless your roleplay sensibilities forbid you, go for it.

* You will need to talk to 5 millitiamen before the next quest triggers. There are more than 5 possible people to recruit so it shouldn't be hard to find enough. Once you do, talk to Georg in about the center of town.

* You should start playing with the AI here. On the C screen, the 4th tab is the AI. A lot of it is going to be confusing for now. You might highly want to look into activating "Automatically pick up items" - it's a good idea to turn this on for your HIGH STRENGTH companions. Bevil can do it here, and later on the fighter and eventually the Paladin you will get should have this turned on. After things calm down a bit after a battle, they will help you pick up items so you're not doing all the looting. You'll want to check their inventories often for magical goodies and potions you might want to carry yourself or outfit on people.

* Also, Automatic Weapon Switching you might want to turn off, otherwise your party will often just stand back and uselessly lob projectiles or shoot a bow they barely know how to use.

* Another thing you should note here is what's already on your hotbar as far as feats go. If you are a druid, ranger, wizard or some other class that gets an animal companion, you should have a button on your bar to summon them. You may have to mash this often to keep your companion summoned. If your companion dies, you can get them back after you rest. TonyK's AI has a setting to automatically summon your companion, as well.

* Also note that on your feats tab on your C menu, some feats are draggable to your hotbar. Many aren't, but if a feat is an actionable feat, drag and drop it. You'll need to do this yourself for your character and your companions most of the time.

* If an item is sort of an aqua color in your inventory, it needs to be identified. Drop it into the inventory of a companion with a high Lore skill, use a potion of Lore and examine it, use the Identify spell if you or a party member has it, or examine it at a merchant to identify it.

* I'd suggest selling off any loot you grabbed that you don't immediately need to Tarmas before leaving for the ruins, if you can.

* Give Bevil a longsword and the best shield and armor you can find.

* Explore the swamp well, there's a few hidden-ish caches of treaure, use that Z key to help find them.

* There are a lot of traps in the ruins. If you can disarm them, take it slow. Rest often if you need to!

* After the fight in the last room, UNEQUIP ANYTHING OFF BEVIL YOU WANT TO KEEP WITH YOU! Strip him naked and remove his sword if you want all his stuff!

* Before grabbing the treasure chest in the northwestern corner of the last room, loot everything else first. That way you can quickly return to West Harbor.

* Talk to everyone in town before leaving West Harbor, and then talk to your Father (Deghun) twice.

* As soon as you get control of Khelgar, be sure to equip him with anything in your inventory you have that's better than what he has.

* Khelgar is your first permanent companion, he'll be with you to the end. Khelgar likes fighting. He hates avoiding fights. He also loves things that are Dwarven and is all about honor and glory. And yes, late in the game, if you so choose, you can fufill his lifelong dream.

* This will apply to all companions from here on out: Make sure you talk with them not long after you get them and afterwards, talk with them occasionally again. This is especially true for Khelgar, as this is how you will advance his personal quest.

* As you enter the Fort Locke area, there's an entire foresty area with some decent loot to your left that's easy to miss.

* Further up closer to the fort is your first truly difficult battle. Use everything you've got! Don't forget about things like acid flasks in your inventory for quick AoE (are of effect) damage!

* Again, don't forget to equip your new companion when you get her. She's a rogue, don't forget to use her rogue-y abilities!

* Neeshka is a thief. She likes doing things for personal gain, especially wealth. She doesn't like fighting if she can get around it, but if you deny her a chance to pick up a few more coins, she'll get annoyed with you. She is not evil, but she can be selfish.

* Inside Fort Locke is an entire tutorial about how to craft, if you're into crafting. If you are, save all the gems you come across! If you're not, gems = quick cash, so sell 'em off! (At one part far, far down the game it's useful to have a canary diamond. This is probably the only thing you don't want to sell off when you get it if you don't want to craft.)

* Other lootable crafting-only items are things like planks of wood and metal ingots. Save if you want to craft, sell if you don't.

* Many items you loot off magical creatures, however, can be converted to magical essences using a mortar and pestle. Again, if you want to craft, throw these things into a bag for later, or if you find a mortar and pestle on a merchant, buy it and start converting things to essence for crafting magical items.

* It is a good idea here to pick up some potions of cure disease if you don't have any, and also some healer's kits, especially if you've been training up your heal skill.

* Be sure not to miss the quests at the back of the fort with the refugees and the one from the priest. Also make sure you talk to the armorer inside the fort.

* There's an easy to miss cave on the world map once you leave Fort Locke that has no quest associated with it but it DOES have some pretty nifty loot and good experience. It's a good idea to go do that map first.

* It is possible to save all of the hostages here. I typically leave my character standing right outside their pen and try to defend them from there. When the fight is over, run them down the road until you get a cutscene, then head back to the camp and into the house.

* And alternate solution to this is If you free the commander from the graveyard area first, you gain the option to negotiate with the bandit chief and free the prisoners without anyone trying to kill them. You have to free him, then return to Fort Locke and hash things out with the temporary commander, then go to the bandit camp. (Thanks Spakstik for this info!)

* Be sure you find the cleric's holy symbol inside the house before you leave.

* You will probably get diseased here, maybe multiple times. Cure Disease potions are the best way to deal with these. Healer's kits will work if you have someone with the heal skill trained up in your party.

* Skeletons and zombies are resistant to slashing and piercing weapons. If you're having trouble doing damage here, switch to a hammer or mace, or other blunt weapon. If you did that unmarked cave already, you should have gotten an excellent weapon to use, or give to Khelgar or Neeshka.

* There is a smaller, one story crypt here with some decent experience that might be easy to miss.

* There is a lever right next to the first soldier you find, that's easy to miss. Be sure you flip it!

* You'll notice you get a "temporary" party member here, you can tell they're temporary when their portrait is outlined in silver. Although you can't manage this party member, be sure to keep him alive by resting and using cure spells and healer's kits on him.

Astfgl posted:

It's worth noting that temporary party members seem to follow your main character, not whatever person you're currently controlling. So if your main is a backline ranged attacker or magic-user, then Commander Tann (or any temporary party member) will hang around the rear instead of helping your tank or striker fight. It's pretty annoying.

So it's probably a good idea to control Khelgar or Neeshka here more than your character if you're a ranged class.

* You need to find all 3 of Tann's soldiers before continuing on.

* I've encountered a bug before where I went straight to Highclff without getting stopped. You should get stopped here and find a 3rd party member. If you arrive in Highcliff with only Neeshka and Khelgar, something went wrong. Reload.

* Elanee is your first permanent party member who's spellbook you need to manage. Use the B key while controlling her to manage her spells. Do this after EVERY level-up.

* You might also want to go into the AI and tell her NOT to use Polymorph abilities, but tell her TO summon her familiar / companion.

* Elanee is a druid, and she loves nature, of course. She is also a peaceful person and doesn't like fighting if she doesn't have to, especially fighting animals and other good creatures. She sometimes has special encounters with animal beings, so keep an eye out for animals just hanging out in places. If you can talk to the animal, you probably want Elanee around to commune with it. She is the main love interest for male characters.

* Make sure you talk to the armorer in town.

* There are a few harder to find quests here. Hidden back near a field is a quest where a guy asks you go to in and clean out his house of bandits, there's some good loot there and he gives you a lot of potions.

* Before you leave town, just next to the gate is another guy who will give you a quest.

* Explore this outside area thoroughly, it's somewhat large.

* Again, you can't control Slaan but keep him alive!

* Do your best to keep your party members together inside. They tend to wander off. There's some good loot in the back of this area.

* Before leaving Highcliff, talk to everyone for quest rewards before agreeing to get on the boat!

* Once you enter the Sunken Flagon, after a long conversation you're presented with perhaps the biggest choice in the game: Do you join the city watch, or descend into a life of crime in the gangs?

Do not think of this choice as good vs. evil. There is good you can do from within the gangs and there's lots of evil deeds to be done if you want to join the watch. This is more about chaos vs. law. No matter what you do, though, there are opportunities for everyone on the alignment scale. Pick what you think your character would do.

In the end, you will experience different sides of the same content, but both sides are worth playing through at least once. I think that certain parts of what you will do make more SENSE if you go city watch, but joining the gangs is probably more interesting and offers you a little more content (like, one or two quests) late in the second act.

Mild spoilers for much later in the game: There are, however, two history feats that you are locked out of one or the other depending on how you go. If you plan on taking very good care of Crossroad Keep, you can't get the Warden of the Keep feat unless you side with the City Watch, and you can't get Dreadlord of the Keep unless you side with the thieves.

* So also here it's time to sit down and realize that you are, in fact, not very far into the first act, even though you've been playing for quite awhile now. The next serveral hours are, to many people, a game killer. You're about to embark on many, many quests for whichever faction you chose. Every time you think "Okay, I'm about done with this, surely they are going to let me advance" realize that you, in fact, are not. Just mentally settle yourself in for the fact that you're about to spend several hours being an errand boy/girl. If you can get past this part, the end of Act 1 through the rest of the game is very awesome.

* You'll soon pick up Qara, a sorceress. Qara is all about POWER. She wants to fight, she wants to prove herself, and most of all she wants to get more powerful. She doesn't mind shortcuts to getting there. She likes being encouraged to do powerful things and she hates being told to hold herself back or be tempered in any way.

* Sorcerers and bards are spontaneous spellcasters. They learn spells but they do not have spellbooks. You do not need to manage their spells past picking them when they level up.

* After you pick up Qara, you have more party members than spaces for them. If you have the mod compilation installed (or just got Charlie's UI on its own) take a look at the player menu. This is going to have many useful tools to help make life easier. Some of them you may consider cheating, if so, don't use it.

* There are three things in particular here that will be useful - (Here's a pic of the dropdown menu)
1) Change Appearance (if you installed it/have the mod pack) - This opens Charlie's Appearance Changer, which will allow you to change the way any piece of equipment or weapon looks. The stats remain the same, you can just have your party looking awesome and coordinated at all times!

2) World Map - Brings up the world map, which will help you quick travel out of areas. This will not be available everywhere, and you'll still have to run back to whoever you want to be within that area.

3) Party Roster - brings up the party roster so you can quickly move companions in and out of your party. Note that you can't move companions that are required for a certain part of the game out of your party, but this should work in most or all areas of the game for any non-required companions from here on out. HOWEVER, you still need to run in and out of the Sunken Flagon fairly often, there are multiple quest triggers for both Neeshka and Qara that only happen upon exiting the Flagon (Uncle Duncan's bar/inn).

* You'll have at least two encounters with some orphan kids, once in the docks fairly early on, and once later on in the merchant quarter. It's a good idea to help the kids out, but you won't see why until the middle of act 2.

* Before you go to Old Owl Well, look for a dog in the docks in a crevice between two houses across from the entrance to the City Watch HQ. Bring Elanee along to do that, and for the quest that gives you. The dog is VERY EASY to miss so keep an eye out for it. If you miss talking to this dog and do not do the subsequent quest, you will be locked out of Elanee's romance if you plan on romancing her.

* Eventually you are sent out to Old Owl Well. Not long into this, you pick up a new party member, Grobnar.

* Grobnar is a bard, and he needs lots of positive encouragement. He likes being told that you believe in him, that he's useful and he's doing a good job. He doesn't like being ignored or insulted. It is probably best to give Grobnar either a shortbow or a musical instrument and make sure he stays in the back casting spells and singing songs, he's very fragile.

* Near the end of the dungeon right after you get Grobnar, it's going to ask you if you want to pick something up or leave it. If you don't you'll just have to go back and pick it up. It's dumb that not taking it is even an option. Spoiler for exactly what I'm talking about : Blast Globes. Make sure you get the UNSTABLE blast globes. That's how you blow up the rocks outside the cave.

* You will start to sometimes see "Veins of Ore" hanging out along the walls. Just click them. They will give you a little bit of XP and say you discovered it. This will be used in chapter 2. For now, just keep an eye out for them and click on them.

* Keep an eye out for Guyven of the Road. He's a halfling who shows up three times while you're travelling throughout the game. Talk to him each time. Wiki article, if you want to know more (spoilers)

* You will soon get yet another companion, Casavir. Casavir is a Paladin and he likes things like honor and justice and truthfulness. He doesn't like lying or needless killing or evil, or stealing. He's also a bit unusual for Paladins in that he'd rather follow what he feels is right instead of what he's told to do. He is the main love interest for female characters.

* After getting Casavir, you're in for a 3-story dungeon. The first floor is HUGE and annoying because monsters will constantly spawn behind you. You'll probably do at least half the fights on the floor twice. As far as I can remember, I think this is the last time they do that.

* There's a really neat scene on the first floor for Elanee if you explore fully and a good chance to gain influence with her.

* On the third floor is a scene that it's good to have Qara along for.

* Be sure you check out the locked room in the same area as (literally right next to, not farther down the hall) that scene for Qara. If you miss it and leave the area, you'll have to run allllll the way back down there again.

* Once you're done with Old Owl Well, check the right (east) side of the map for a "Dwarven Scouts" area. Bring Khelgar with you to this. Neeshka and Grobnar also have extra dialog here.

* Once you're done with all that, it's finally time to go back to Neverwinter. Sorry, but there's still two more guild / guard quests left to do.

* It's easy to miss, but in the Church of Tyr in the Merchant district, in a room off to the left near the altar you can find a quest to go clear out the crypts and rescue a priest. Now is a good time to do that if you haven't already. Bring Casavir to make it extra easy. There's also a lot of traps so Neeshka might want to tag along. If you played NWN1, you'll meet a familiar face!

* The Tomb of the Betrayers is also a good place to learn about the "Broadcast Command" menu. Hold down right click anywhere on the screen (Except on a companion, unless you only want to issue that command to that one companion) and pick the "Broadcast Command" button. "Stand Your Ground" keeps everyone where they are and they won't attack. "Attack Nearest" will set them back to default of aggressively killing any enemies they see. "Follow me" will have them follow you but NOT attack anything until going back to "Attack Nearest".

* Before entering Blacklake, run through this checklist of things you should have done by now, go do anything you haven't done yet:
- Tomb of the Betrayers
- Elanee's trip to the Skymirror (after talking to the dog)
- Neeshka's quest to Leldon's
- The Dwarven Scouts area (on the world map), bring Khelgar.
- Talk to Khelgar about your other companions then talk to the main priest in the Church of Tyr to see if Khelgar can complete one or two of his quests.
- Run in and out of the Sunken Flagon with every party member, especially with Neeshka and Qara, (might take a couple of runs) to make sure no more story events trigger.
- Take Grobnar to meet Deekin, the kobold merchant in the Merchant quarter. There's no quest associated with this, just cute dialog.
- There's a female gnome merchant NE of the city watch HQ in the docks, stop by and talk to her for a little encounter that comes back to you later.
- You should have met Wolf & the kids in the western alley of the Docks district, the northern road in the merchant quarter, and once while exiting the Flagon.
- If you missed turning in any quests in Highcliff, go back and do that now.

If you've done everything, you should have one or two of Khelgar's quests and A Soldier's Story left in your quest log in addition to the main storyline quest.

* When you finally get into Blacklake, there's some really good opportunities for influence gain with Grobnar if you bring him along. Neeshka might also be helpful.

* Remember to remove your veil once you get access to the center room, unless you like the eyepatch look.

* You should pick up a new party member here, Bishop. Bishop is a ranger and not a nice one. He's chaotic evil and truly only cares about himself. He really hates Casavir, ESPECIALLY if you're playing a female character. He doesn't like kindness and thinks it's a weakness, and believes only the strong should survive. If you bring both him and Casavir along with you, they will have extra dialog in many places, particularly if you're playing a female character.

* Grobnar and Neeshka both have special dialog and REALLY should be kept in the party in the next quest area, on the way to find the person who was kidnapped. Grobnar spoiler: Yes, you want to let Grobnar keep the golem.

* In the last room, with the Githyanki sword-stalker woman kill all the minions outside the bubble first, THEN use the orb Mephasm gave you on the posts holding the bubble. Loot the room before talking to Shandra.

* You should immediately get a bunch of cutscenes, first with your party in the Flagon and then a screen that says act 2 that starts with Nasher and Nevalle talking in Castle Never. If, instead you find your self in control of your party inside Castle Never, this is a well-known bug. Just run out of the castle and back in. Do not go talk to Nevalle or Nasher. This should kick off the Act 2 cutscenes.

* Once the cutscenes are through, you find yourself with two new party members. Shandra is a dex-based figher. She will be in your party and you can't remove her for the entirety of Act 2. Shandra needs reassurance and especially likes it when you are kind to other people. You should talk to her often during act 2, like after every major scene/area change.

* You also now have Sand. Sand is a wizard and highly intelligent, as well as having a razor-sharp wit as you've probably seen as you interacted with him in act 1. He also likes being praised and being told he's helpful and useful, and also following laws and rules. He hates Qara. Bringing both of them along feels like magic overkill in your party with limited slots for characters, but sometimes has surprising extra dialog.

* There are two feats you should give yourself here that were only available to people who preordered the game originally. They give you access to two bonus stores that two merchants in the game have in Act 2 & 3. It's also a good time to learn about using console commands if you haven't already.

Make sure you are controlling your PC and left click the portrait to target him/her. To access the console, hit the ` key (it's to the left of the 1 on any standard US keyboard) Then, to activate the console type debugmode 1. To give yourself the feats, type givefeat 1764 and givefeat 1765, and then debugmode 0 and ` to get out of the console. So you should end up typing this:

debugmode 1
givefeat 1764
givefeat 1765
debugmode 0

* One of the two special merchants is in the area just outside Castle Never right before you head down the hill. The other is in Port Llast. Open their other stores by saying you want to see their special items.

* As you move through Act 2, check in with Lord Nasher, Nevalle (his pretty boy assistant) and Captain Brelaina/Axle (depending if you're city watch or thieves guild) a couple of times for extra quests.

* At the bottom of the hill to Castle Never is an ampitheater. Talking to the performers there will start one of the most unique quests in NWN2. It is a very good idea to bring Grobnar to this encounter, ESPECIALLY after you have high influence with him. You may want to wait until later in the act when you have more of a chance to raise your influence to do this quest. Having Qara or Sand along also helps. The solution to the encounter can be found here if you need help.

* Make sure you check into the church in the Blacklake district and talk to the Dawnbringer. Also make sure you talk to the little girl down near the cemetery in the right-center area of the map.

* Bring Sand with you once you leave Neverwinter and head to Port Llast. In fact, keep Sand in your party until after the trial.

* Thoroughly explore Ember after leaving Port Llast.

* In the "caverns" area, be sure you have Grobnar and Elanee in the party. Why you need Grobnar: In the southwest corner of the area are two pools of glowing liquid. You don't need to get the glowstone (though you can, but it's an evil act and leads to slaughtering the goblins), but you do need to head up to the northern pool and let Grobnar get a vial of glowing liquid. Elanee: To talk to the friendly giant spider in the area. Also, she can be of help in the Duskwood area. There are also two Ore veins here.

* In the forest area (Duskwood), also bring Grobnar.

* Before heading back to Neverwinter, make sure you turn in all Port Llast quests.

* Take Neeshka to the outside of the Flagon to start the end of her personal quest, and talk to Nevalle and Axle or Brelenia for other quests if you haven't yet. Might be a good time to clean out your quest log as much as possible.

* Before heading to the trial, talk to Sand and make sure he says he's sure you have enough evidence, explore his dialog tree as well.

* A few things you can do to help yourself succeed in the trial:
- Finish all other possible quests in your quest log, to gain experience. If you aren't a race with an ECL, you should be about level 13 by now.
- Make sure you have at least one social skill maxed, or close to it. Put on equipment that will raise your social skill's primary stat. There are also items that boost skills themselves. Hats and weapons are removed for the trial, however.
- Do Nya's quest in Port Llast.
- Figure out how to get Elgun in Port Llast to shut up.
- Higher influence with Sand will also help.
- If you have the Romance mod installed, you may be able to get Casavir to testify at the trial, talk to Casavir then Sand about it. (Not sure if male characters can do this.)
- Talk to Shandra until she has nothing new to say. Gain as much influence as possible.
- Make sure you've stopped by West Harbor and visited with dad and all your old friends.

There are dozens of things that can affect the trial, depending on who you've talked to, if you're city watch or thieves guild, how you've handled certain situation, your alignment, etc. I really recommend not rushing through the trial, it's really well written and one of the highlights of the game.

* After Nasher gives his judgement, at the Rite of Tyr (vigil), you can let Khelgar or someone else fight for you if you're not sure of your character's abilities.

* If, after Sand or Qara visits with you, someone spawns and just stands there and the game won't continue, check the very end of the 3rd OP post (the second NWN2 mods post) for solutions to this bug.

* Whoever fights Lorne, get their AC as high as possible, you'll have about 1 round to cast something before he gets to you. Once he frenzies, just run away from him for about 30 seconds before going in for the kill.

* In Aldanon's house, you get XP for keeping all his servants alive.

* You get a bit of bonus XP for keeping all of Ballard's men alive in Tavorik's mansion. Sadly, you can't save anyone in the Moonstone Mask who isn't already still alive.

* When you get the quest for Crossroad Keep, you'll find it on the world map. Be on the lookout for more Ore veins here.

* Once you liberate Crossroad Keep, you get a new companion, Zhjaeve. Zhjaeve is a cleric, and a Githzerai. The Githzerai are the sworn enemies of the Githyanki, though they used to be one people. She... says know a lot and mostly observes and gives you otherworldy advice and such. She likes it when you're smart and when you do what it takes to defeat the King of Shadows.

* There's way too much about to Keep to list out everything you can do here. Here is a really good comprehensive guide to it. At a minimum, read the General Tips page of that guide and...

- As soon as you have control after talking to Zhjaeve, speak to Kana and Veedle, start rebuilding the Smithy and buildings int the courtyard, then go around and do a tour of every area of the world map you have access to. It's time to recruit people to the Keep. Talk to everyone with a name, there are many people to be recruited.
- Every time you run into the Keep, talk to Kana. Many times she'll stop you to talk to her anyway.
- Also talk to Veedle often. Veedle is the reason I suggested you pick up Appraise and save as much money as you could. The Keep is a huge money sink. If you're lucky, eventually you'll get some of it back.
- There are two different miners you can recruit, who will go out and collect ore from those Ore veins you've been clicking on since mid-act 1. You use this ore to upgrade your soldier's weapons and gar.
- If you were nice to Wolf and his minions as suggested in Act 1, there should be some kids around who will take you around the keep quickly. Don't forget to use them as quick-travel hubs!

* When you head to the Ilfarn ruins, bring Grobnar and Zhjaeve. Casavir has a nice little scene in one area, which Bishop gleefully ruins if he's along, and Sand also has some interesting dialog.

* There's one area of the ruins where you talk to a bunch of ghosts. The ghosts have a lot of important backstory to deliver so, pay attention. However, they're also a cause of a lot of frustration. Spoilers on how to get past this area: The lights on the walls turn on and off if you click them. The ghosts cannot pass the lit lights, so you must turn the lights off and click on the ghost to get them to walk. You'll need to clear a path with the lights off to get them to move. You'll also need to make sure lights are ON in ways you don't want them to go. Also, you need to click on them at each light to tell them to go. The goal is to get them into the big room that's straight north from the entrance with the big tree in it. Once all the ghosts are there, the quest advances.

* There are a few different ways you can resolve the Gellhu situation. Just be ready for a pretty intense battle if you decide to betray anyone.

* If you're playing a female character, be sure to bring Casavir to the Temple of Seasons.

* Talk to Shandra when you get to West Harbor.

* Head down to the basement when you're back at Crossroad Keep and talk to Grobnar about the Construct. If you've been careful, you should have everything you need to get a new party member now.

* The Construct will join your party. He doesn't say anything or do anything interesting, but he is a beast in combat. Bring Sand down to the basement with you at some point, he can help improve the Construct further.

The Haven
* Before you go, make sure you're all out of talking options with Shondra. This is another place where it's good to have as high influence as possible.

* Bring Neeshka along, and if you're female also bring Casavir.

* Before going inside, strip Shondra. The game SHOULD do it too, but better safe than sorry,

* After completing the trials, while inside you need to make deals with 3 of the 5 factions inside.

* When you're done with the Haven, if you're wondering if you could have saved Shondra, the answer is no, she is a plot-locked death. You cannot save her.

* You now have your last new party member. Welcome Ammon Jerro!. He is all about doing whatever it takes to win. Honestly, he is a really interesting and complex character and talking to him I think is always interesting. He is evil in that he is completely willing to sacrifice as many people as possible in order to get to his desired outcome, even if he is striving towards that outcome for good reasons. He hates Zhjaeve.

* Before trying to leave the Keep's Inn, where Nevalle is waiting for you, get ready for a solo section. Yeah, solo. Make sure your character is decked out in their best gear, bring along as many heal/buff potions and other useful magic items as you can carry.

* That new cloak Nevalle gave you is nifty. Use your local map to find the place you need to find, and then be ready for a series of questions. Most of them should be answerable with a little thought and memory. High lore characters shouldn't have to worry about it too much.

* Once you're back at the Keep, run around and talk to *everyone* as much as possible again for awhile. About your new building choices: Both the choices for the tower and the church are good. If you're a monk, definitely let the monks have the tower, but otherwise the church has some pretty great equipment for Casavir/Khelgar if he's still a fighter/Zhjaeve. If you're a sorc or mage, you probably want to build the wizard's tower but the Nine have a lot of great equipment otherwise.

* When you go outside the first time, talk to Deghun, hi dad! and then Elanee. Hope you've been nice to her! Head immediately to where she tells you to go. Actual spoiler you may not want to read: If you don't have high enough influence with her, she will leave your party for good.

* At this point, you have some freedom of what to do and where to go. I'd suggest doing Grobnar's thing first because it's quick and easy. Be on the lookout for ore here.

* Khelgar's thing, in the second area with the mountain, there's a certain junction where you can go right or left. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which path you take, you have to backtrack anyway. Also, yes the pathing is pretty terrible in this gigantic area. be patient. Also, bring fire resist gear or use spells for it in the big fight here.

* Also, look for two fairly well-hidden subquests here, people trapped in little jails in both the big area, and the giant camp. If you let the dark elf go, you can have her come to the keep as a merchant, but you won't be able to get the "good" keep title if you do.

* Heading back to Highcliff, watch out for ore in the first area.

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Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

Reserved for future use because the OP just isn't long enough yet.

May 11, 2008

Thanks for gathering all of these resources.

I've recently played through the OC and MotB again and I'm currently trying my hand at Storm of Zehir for the first time.

It seems good so far, but it's taking me a while to get used to playing low level characters again after the walking demi-god I had in MotB.

Jul 15, 2006

Smug Statement: Elementary, my dear meatbag.

Yeah they designed Storm of Zehir to be in that sweet spot of levels (4-15ish?) where you're already past the boring lowbie stage but before the crazy train of epic levels. Sometimes in MotB I feel like I have more framerate melting abilities than I know what to do with. Also aggravated by all the party NPCs other than Okku being casters.

May 11, 2008

Yeah, its especially hard coming right from MotB where you start out at level 18.

When you actually have to play through your character from the start it's harder to justify throwing in those red dragon disciple level.

RDD is a great multi-class but tedious as hell to actually level up.

Mar 21, 2005

Awesome OP Annakie

Does anyone know of a walkthrough for all the side-quests in Darkness over Daggerford?

Some NWN 1 Community Expansipon Pack information for those goons who want to play older modules that require CEP 1.5x

  • CEP 1.51 is only compatible with patch 1.66

  • CEP 1.52 has a patch to make it compatible with the NWN 1.68HotU patch. Get it here

  • CEP 1.52 can be patched to CEP 1.53. However this is compatible with the NWN 1.67HotU patch.

  • There was somebody who created fixes that allowed CEP 1.5X to work with NWN 1.69HotU patch. Unfortunately he only got permission from part of the CEP team. Which led to the fixes being taken down from nwvault.

  • Sorry for all you GOG owners.

Apr 19, 2013

Funnily enough I just bought both games on GOG recently. I tried playing through the OC of NWN, and I think I got to the second major dungeon. I'm really liking NWN2 though. I remember finding a Planescape module, I never got around to playing it though but it looked pretty cool. It was called Planescape:The Shaper of Dreams

Jun 2, 2003

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Awesome OP(s).

If any of you join Legacy, post about it in the NWN2 PW thread or post on their forums, don't PM me because I'm taking a break for a spell so I probably wouldn't be able to answer your questions.

Feb 15, 2008

Scorchy posted:

Yeah they designed Storm of Zehir to be in that sweet spot of levels (4-15ish?) where you're already past the boring lowbie stage but before the crazy train of epic levels. Sometimes in MotB I feel like I have more framerate melting abilities than I know what to do with. Also aggravated by all the party NPCs other than Okku being casters.

The abundance of high-level casters is partially the reason why I never got very far in MOTB. I just got tired of micro-managing all the spells and buffs. Didn't help that I chose to be a Rogue/Assassin type of character either ...

I've been feeling like giving it another go, but I'm not looking forward to running through that first dungeon yet again. Is there a Dungeon-Be-Gone equivalent or something like that?

Mar 17, 2007

I really liked the high levels in MotB, it opened up a lot of interesting and fun builds that are kinda awful to attempt in the OC or SoZ. For example just something as simple as a tiefling wizard with a level of rouge to get access to useful skills. It'd make the beginning of the OC even more of a sludge and never be of any real use in SoZ. Heck even a drow sorcerer is viable in MotB because at those levels losing out on 3 spell levels isn't crippling anymore.

The Crotch
Oct 16, 2012

Do you like taxing other people?

Man, I feel like such an rear end in a top hat for stealing the glowstone from the goblins. There's no way to explain the situation to them, is there?

Feb 2, 2005

Les soldats se trouvent dans la vérité.

The Crotch posted:

Man, I feel like such an rear end in a top hat for stealing the glowstone from the goblins. There's no way to explain the situation to them, is there?
Why steal it? You could just kill the evil druid and take the evidence you need from her corpse.

The Crotch
Oct 16, 2012

Do you like taxing other people?

B-but the forest!

Apr 12, 2004

MECH VITAE is already stupid.

Good times, good times. I know a few people running a NWNAOL clone independently.
I haven't toyed around with it myself, but if anyone is interested: ForgottenWorld

Mar 17, 2007

The Crotch posted:

B-but the forest!

The creepy stalker elf druid in your party is totally ok with it if you've dragged her along, so it can't be that bad.

Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

Vitae posted:

Good times, good times. I know a few people running a NWNAOL clone independently.
I haven't toyed around with it myself, but if anyone is interested: ForgottenWorld

Oh awesome, thanks for this! Added to Post 1.

In case anyone didn't see, NWN2 is available on again! Link at the bottom of the first post.

And thanks guys for the input. If you see any broken links or anything, let me know. I re-read through the entire thing and the last 10+ pages of the old post trying to make sure I pulled all relevant data out but if I missed something, let me know!

Feb 2, 2005

Les soldats se trouvent dans la vérité.

The Crotch posted:

B-but the forest!
If you're morally opposed to killing both evil druids and innocent goblins you could walk away without the evidence. You can finish the game with no problems even if you make a complete dog's breakfast of your defense.

May 2, 2004

We're Gonna Run.

We're Gonna Crawl.

Kick Down Every Wall.

The Crotch posted:

Man, I feel like such an rear end in a top hat for stealing the glowstone from the goblins. There's no way to explain the situation to them, is there?

Listen, that Glowstone was Grobnar's and those rear end in a top hat Goblins stole it from him, so killing them is totally justified.

Mar 1, 2013

Factor_VIII posted:

If you're morally opposed to killing both evil druids and innocent goblins you could walk away without the evidence. You can finish the game with no problems even if you make a complete dog's breakfast of your defense.

As much as I loved the whole trial thing, the fact that it has absolutely zero impact on your ability to go through the game kind of killed it.
I'm playing through the OC now with some friends and we're MST3king through the whole thing, and I know they're going to love the trial.

And then they're gonna learn it changes nothing.

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Red Mundus
Oct 22, 2010

I gave up on NWN2 back in the day. Partially due to my ignorance of D&D rules but mostly due to burnout in act 1.

However, I decided to give it another go after seeing this thread and the OP was a great help in understanding a few concepts and I was able to power through to act 2.

Big thanks, Annakie! Wonderfully informative OP.

Nov 20, 2012

Elanee - Marginally less creepy than Jaheira.

Feb 19, 2011

No Heart
No Soul
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One thing I think that should be added to the early walkthrough is GO TO THE SWAMP AFTER THE INN. It's a different area than the Swamp Ruins you were just in and you get a really good weapon and much needed XP for early in the game. Makes the Crypts much easier and quicker.

vvv Sorry I have no idea how I missed that. I read it twice to make sure it wasn't there. I guess it really is an easy to miss cave. I guess I was expecting it to be mentioned after the inn where it first appears on the map and you also help the merchant that is travelling from the inn to the fort.

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Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

Pretty sure you're talking about this, which is the last thing on the Fort Locke section:

* There's an easy to miss cave on the world map once you leave Fort Locke that has no quest associated with it but it DOES have some pretty nifty loot and good experience. It's a good idea to go do that map first.

Do you think it needs to be reworded better?

SodomyGoat101 posted:

Elanee - Marginally less creepy than Jaheira.

~~I've been watching you since you were a baby and now I'm in love with you~~ Not even less creepy than Twilight.

Red Mundus posted:

I gave up on NWN2 back in the day. Partially due to my ignorance of D&D rules but mostly due to burnout in act 1.

However, I decided to give it another go after seeing this thread and the OP was a great help in understanding a few concepts and I was able to power through to act 2.

Big thanks, Annakie! Wonderfully informative OP.

Glad it helps! I've been wondering if the walkthrough was helpful or if it's just a wall of text nobody reads. At some point I'm going to finish it, but by the end it's already just really general stuff for big things it's possible to miss.

I always get stuck at the Ilfarn ruins. I don't know why but that is by far my least favorite area of the game. Even worse than the Orc Caves. Probably half the times I've replayed I've abandoned the game or had months of not-playing once I hit the ruins. This time is no exception.

Ghost lights! (it's not even hard, it's just annoying.)

Feb 2, 2005

Les soldats se trouvent dans la vérité.

Regarding the druid I think you can bluff her into giving you the evidence if your PC has a high bluff rating. (The fact that you can't have the party rogue bluff for you is pretty annoying. Despite its flaws, the fact you can use every party member's skills in conversations was one of the things I liked quite a bit about SoZ.)

TerminusEst13 posted:

And then they're gonna learn it changes nothing.
I suppose you can get a title out of it if your PC is a good lawyer. Not that it really matters in-game.

Mar 1, 2013

SodomyGoat101 posted:

Elanee - Marginally less creepy than Jaheira.

It's pretty clear the OC was designed with the idea that 20-something dudes would be playing it.
I originally went through with an elderly wizard-type, which right off the bat seemed pretty odd with an elven foster father and Amie/Bevil apparently being my BFFs.

Then Elanee says she's been watching me my entire life. All 98 years of it.

Mar 17, 2007

I would recommend picking up Neeshka before doing the swamp cave, there are some locked chests in that area.

TerminusEst13 posted:

Then Elanee says she's been watching me my entire life. All 98 years of it.
To be fair that number is so meaningless because you can play a 1 year old elf or a 5000 year old human. Also I don't remember if it's ever revealed how old she is, she could easily been alive for a few hundred years.

Annakie posted:

I always get stuck at the Ilfarn ruins. I don't know why but that is by far my least favorite area of the game. Even worse than the Orc Caves. Probably half the times I've replayed I've abandoned the game or had months of not-playing once I hit the ruins. This time is no exception.

Ghost lights! (it's not even hard, it's just annoying.)
I know exactly what you mean! I'm currently doing a playthrough with a drow cleric and just reached that part. Not looking forward to it at all.

Try and focus on something great afterwards. Personally my favorite dungeon isn't too far beyond that, Jerro's haven. I'll even get to pick up my favorite npc too. Might just be enough to drive me to finish it.

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Mar 21, 2005

Annakie posted:

Pretty sure you're talking about this, which is the last thing on the Fort Locke section:

* There's an easy to miss cave on the world map once you leave Fort Locke that has no quest associated with it but it DOES have some pretty nifty loot and good experience. It's a good idea to go do that map first.

Do you think it needs to be reworded better?

Are you talking about the Swamp Cave with the Bone Phoenix in it? It is first accessible after picking up Khelgar at the Weeping Willow Inn.

May 2, 2004

We're Gonna Run.

We're Gonna Crawl.

Kick Down Every Wall.

Aratoeldar posted:

Are you talking about the Swamp Cave with the Bone Phoenix in it? It is first accessible after picking up Khelgar at the Weeping Willow Inn.


Realistically, the 'ideal' way to do things if you really don't want to miss *anything* and you aren't playing a rogue, (with everything meaning even a stupid little Khelgar convo worth an influence point and a few bad random chests and the chance to recover instead of disarming or triggering some low level traps for a little extra gold) is to hit the Swamp Cave right after leaving the Weeping Willow - get the Galen encounter, then go to Fort Locke, pick up Neeshka, and then go back and finish clearing out the cave with her in the party.

But that's kind of over-micro-managey for such a broad strokes walkthrough. So long as you go there before the crypts/bandits, it's all good.

Jul 15, 2006

Smug Statement: Elementary, my dear meatbag.

Gonna have to start a new game cause I don't remember any goddamn cave.

Lord Lambeth
Dec 7, 2011

Attempting to make my way through this game again after hearing again about how great MOTB is.

Is the AI supposed to just stand there when you aren't occupying that particular person? Because it's sort of irritating to tell bevil to keep attacking this one guy only to see him attack once and then stand they, soaking up damage.

May 2, 2004

We're Gonna Run.

We're Gonna Crawl.

Kick Down Every Wall.

Lord Lambeth posted:

Attempting to make my way through this game again after hearing again about how great MOTB is.

Is the AI supposed to just stand there when you aren't occupying that particular person? Because it's sort of irritating to tell bevil to keep attacking this one guy only to see him attack once and then stand they, soaking up damage.

Do you have TonyK's AI installed? If so, the solutions in the OP. If not, read on:

1st, check to see if puppet mode is on, and the AI is enabled. (Former is in the character AI menu. The latter is a toggle button on the corner of your screen. Red =off, blue = on

2nd: before entering combat, right click on the ground and hold - from the drop down, issue an Attack Nearest or Guard Me command. You may have to do this again after cutscenes or changing zones sometimes.

Nov 20, 2007

Annakie posted:

* There's an easy to miss cave on the world map once you leave Fort Locke that has no quest associated with it but it DOES have some pretty nifty loot and good experience. It's a good idea to go do that map first.

I knew it! Years ago, the first or second time playing through the game, I stumbled on that, and remember there was a large spider somewhere in the swamp. Since then I have spent so much goddamn time looking for that spider in the starting swamp level and never saw it again.

Glad I'm not crazy.

Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

That's actually not the same spider. The spider IS in the area with the starting swamp, but you don't see/fight it until near the end of the second act, when Ammon Jerro has destroyed West Harbor and you to go the ruins to try to catch him.

These caves I think mostly house... I want to say Lizardmen and there's a flaming +1 mace and pair of resist 5 cold in the back.

A Fancy 400 lbs
Jul 23, 2008

Just an FYI, we discovered in the GOG thread that the NWN1 Premium modules are both available for download from the Bioware servers and that Bioware have set up the authentication servers to automatically bounce back an authentication signal to play the full version. Download links are here. I'm doing Infinite Dungeons as a Dwarf Fighter, it seems pretty cool so far.


Apr 20, 2005

"It's pretty bad, isn't it? I know it's pretty bad. Ever since I can remember..."

Thanks a bunch, that's now in the NWN1 thread!

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