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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Something must have changed in the fight, the winds of change seem stronger, the Gods, seeing their champions fight through the Necron's unnatural barrier to lay their guiding and vengeful hands upon their acolytes. Vincent lashes out, the rage of his God flowing through him. The Lychguard's power field fails and before it can raise it's shield in defense, the former bodyguard and duelist has struck three blows; by the time it move the shield up to block the seventh pierces the creature and its blue eyes fade out as it disappears in a bright light, not even regenerating like the previous one.

Octuv choosing a flare for the dramatic over the efficient, as his god would decree, pulls out the Ramoran Bolt Revolver that each member of the command staff had been gifted around a year prior. The machine's internals are impeccable,, making aiming at the Lord's head the most natural motion the marine has made in awhile. The bolt almost seems to efortlessly glide out of the barrel and connects with the Necron Lord's head. The Lord turns his head to regard the Marine, just in time to see Rebel level his weapon at the Lord. It quickly shifts out of the way, and the rolling balls of plasma fly past, off the platform everyone is fighting on, and off into the darkness, making everyone think the inside of this pyramid was definitely larger than the outside.

The Necron Lord turns back to the marine before him. He swings his blade up and to the left, and the marine, master duelist he is, falls for the feint. The Lord jabs the sword into the Marine's Torso, the weapon phasing through the marine's armor for a devastating blow. The Sword pieces the Marine's first heart, and as the lord pulls the sword out, he somehow manages to sever the second heart. Corvax is dead before he fully knows it. Without his hearts to supply his body blood, his brain will die and his muscles will seize. However, that death is not immediate. Corvax raises Void Harvester, and brings it down in one slash across the Lord's torso, laving a large gash down the abomination's torso, a rugged valley deep enough that wiring underneath is exposed.

Corvax's muscles sieze from the exertion and no blood to deliver fresh oxygen. Void Harvester clatters to the ground at his feet. The Alpha Legionare collapses to his knees, and his head hangs low against his torso, his body stuck in his kneeling pose.

The Lychguard that had been so engaged with Corvax, sensing the combat shifting, charges at Rebel, to make sure those dangerous looking energy blasts cannot harass his Lord.

Holy poo poo, the necron lord rolled a 04 on his dodge roll, so even untrained in dodge, he manages to get enough DoS to dodge viva's bullshit blast.

Double holy poo poo, necron lord rolled a 08 on his feint test, which was more DoS than Corvax got. at 1d10+28 pen 6 damage, he was able to finish the marine off, but I did give Corvax a free hit on the lord at max damage (but not a ZH) as he went down, since his turn was right afterwards. I hope Jolinaxas comes back. If so, he can use an IP to reroll his opposed feint roll, or burn some to come back.

Vincent: in combat w/ LG3
Octuv: Power Field overloaded.
Rebel 8/18 in combat with LG2
Dash: 33 Meters away
Armsmen with stub revolvers:
Necron Lord: 39/60 in melee with Corvax
Corvax: -14! Run through.
Lychguard 2: 4/35
Lychguard 3:
Lychguard 4: 22/35
Praetorian: 22/40 in combat w/LG4


Oct 24, 2012

I'm in the business of...


The Throne Room:

Blood pumped excitedly through Corvax's veins as he realized - almost too late - that the machine commander was trying to deceive him. As its blade passed through his parry, he thought he saw the terrible follow-through for himself, able to feel the strange xenos technology carve through his armor like it didn't exist, and deliver such exquisite pain before the blood stopped pumping to his brain and put an end to the experience, and to him.

But whether it was a hallucination of his warp-addled mind or a gift of premonition from the dark god he served, Corvax nonetheless snapped back to reality, and drew back his blade just far enough to deflect the blow while it was still only a few millimeters into the ceramite plating of his power armor. He stepped back, holding his power sword out in defiant challenge. Lucretia fired a well-placed shot at the creature's torso as the battle continued.

"I'll admit, machine, that I underestimated you. And I almost paid dearly for tha-"

He suddenly stopped, mid-sentence, and took a wide swipe directly at the Lord's head. After another side-step, he called towards the others.

"Quickly, destroy them!"

Lucretia Aimed Single Shots (TN 40, due to firing into melee): 2#1d100 7 47
1d10+6E to the body, Pen 10, minimum 11. Probably doesn't do anything, but maybe wastes a future reaction for anyone else firing at him.
Feint (TN 70), Called Shot to the Head (TN 90 due to size): 2#1d100 11 61
1d10+20E to the head, minimum 25. Pen 8.
Giving my +10 to the next person to attack the Lord.

     WS   BS   S          T           Ag   Int  Per  WP   Fel          Inf
     60   30  70(+4)   40(+4)  40   40   30   40    60(+2)   68, 6/7 IP

Wounds: 10/18         Armour: CC Legion power Armor (10 Body, 8 Else)
Dodge: 50, Parry 100+  Corruption: 45

Legion Bolt pistol  30m  S/2/–   1d10+9X    Pen.4  8/8  Full Reload | Tearing
The Void Harvester  Melee —      1d10+20E   Pen.8       Balanced, +10WS, Devastating 3 
							Power Field, Terrorizer, D-Grip,
Relevant Traits/Talents
Power Armor - +1 Size w/o -10 Stealth, +20 Str (Already added in statline)
Terrorizer - User gains Fear (1) for the duration of the fight after killing an enemy.
CSM Heightened Senses (+10 to hearing/sight)
Beguiling Gem - See Tome of Excess
     WS   BS   S   T   Ag   Int  Per  WP   Fel
     05   40   10  20  40(8) 20   40   35   40(8) 

Wounds: 4/4   Dodge: 50  Armour: 9 All (2 Synskin, 5 Ablative, 2 Natural)

2x Q'Sal Crystal Caster  15m  S/-/–   1d10+6E  Pen.5  5/5 Rld:Full.
Qualities: Razor Sharp, Crippling (6), Shocking (-20) test if absorbed/deflected
Add-Ons: Silencer, Red-Dot Sight

Relevant Traits/Talents
Ambidextrous/2WW/Gunslinger, Quick Draw, Hip Shooting. Mighty Shot (included above)

Feb 14, 2013


Octuv lowers his pistol and shakes his head sadly.

"Psh. I see how it is. You give them something different and do they appreciate it? Of course not. All the public wants is more, more, more of the same. But of course, the ones who sacrifice their integrity to that hunger will soon enough be branded hacks, one-hit wonders! The plight of the artist! Here, then. Have what you've been begging for this whole time, Necron!"

Precognitive Strike vs 85: 35

Full Auto Burst vs 85 (50 -10 Full Auto +15 Precognitive Strike +10 Aim +10 Size +10 Short Range): 94

Full Auto Burst vs 85 Reroll: 70, 3 DoS after Unnatural

Damage Pen 5: 21 20 24, Celeritous Sense makes the third hit ZH to the arm,

ZH (Arm): 1, 1 level of Fatigue which is of course irrelevant on a robot, womp womp

Wounds: 14/14      AP: 10 Chest, 8 Rest
IP: 2/6    SB: 7      TB: 8     Movement: 6/12/18/36
Force Field: 45 (1-5 Overload)
Precog. Dodge (Fettered/Unfettered/Push): 85/90/90
Reduced Precog. Dodge: 85 (Unfettered)

WS:   (5)30
BS:   (7)50
S:    (7)30
T:    (8)40
Ag:   (6)45 
Int:     45
Per:     40
WP:      62
Fel:  (7)50


Unnatural Strength (4), Unnatural Toughness (4), Unnatural Fellowship (2),  Darksight, Unnatural BS/WS/Agi (2)

Skills: Acrobatics, Awareness, Athletics, Dodge , Operate (Surface), Parry, Psyniscience

Talents: Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Favoured by the Warp, Heightened Senses (All), Legion Weapon Training, 
Lightning Reflexes, Mighty Shot, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Heat, Cold, Poisons), Step Aside,
Target Selection, Unarmed Warrior

Psychic Powers:

PR 5 (All powers temporarily cast at 3)

Sustaining: Warptime (PR 2), Celeritous Sense (PR 5)

Precognitive Dodge: Reaction, -10 Perception Test. Counts in all respects as an Evasion test.
Precognitive Strike: Free Action, -10 Psyniscience Test. Grants +5 x PR to the first WS/BS test I make that turn.
Warptime: Half Action, Free Action Sustain. -10 WP Test. Grants Unnat. WS, BS, Agi (PR).
Celeritous Sense: Half Action, Free Action Sustain. +0 WP Test. +5 x PR to Per and Evasion tests, ZH on 9 or 10.

Weapons                      Rng      RoF       Dam             Pen       Clip        Rld      Qualities

Ramoran Bolt Revolver        45m    S/-/-      1d10+13X          6         5/6       2 Full    Best, Accurate, Concussive (2), Proven (3)
Legion Heavy Bolter         150m    -/-/8      1d10+15X          5        Infinite   Never     Best, Slayer Limb, Belt Feed, Unreliable, Pain Vents, Cursed Metal, Tearing
Grenade Launcher             60m    S/-/-         ---           ---        6/6       2 Full    RDLS, Fire Selector, Noxious Discharge
+Stun Grenades                                                             6/6                 Blast (3), Concussive (2)
Inferno Pistol               10m    S/-/-      2d10+13E         12         2/3       Full      Melta, Recharge
Force Sword                  ---     ---       1d10+14R          7         ---        ---      Balanced, Force

*SB, Mighty Shot, and Force damage already incorporated


GC Legion Power Armour: Darksight, +10 to Sight/Sound tests, Immune to Photon Flash/Stun Grenades.

GC Shimmering Robes: Force Field.

GC Rapturous Standard: All those dedicated to Slaanesh who can draw LoS to the backpack standard can reroll all failed 
WP tests and reduce all damage taken by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

GC Shrieking Soul: 6/6 Souls Captured. Bearer ignores Fatigue, Stunning, all Critical Effects except limb loss, blindness, or death, 
and all effects of being On Fire except for the damage. Captures the souls of any sentient being the bearer kills.
Once per session, captured souls can be unleashed as a Full Action. This is a psychic attack with a radius
of 1d10 per soul. All not dedicated to Slaanesh in this radius must pass a -20 WP test or be Stunned for 1d5
rounds and take 1d10 permanent WP damage.

Psychic Hood: +5 to FP tests. Can spend a Reaction to impose a penalty on any one FP test within WP meters. The wearer makes a FP (WP)
test and imposes a penalty of -10 x DoS on the other psyker's test. This test can alternatively be used to nullify a power that
directly affects the wearer, no matter the range. Success blocks the power's effects only against the psyker; other targets are
affected as normal. Nullification tests are treated as FP tests in all regards, including the possibility of Psychic Phenomena.

Psy-Focus: +10 to FP tests.

Blue Fire: 2 Rounds duration, free reroll on all psychic power castings, but even Fettered causes Phenomena on doubles.

Jul 27, 2006

I'm open to suggestions~


Vincent smirks, satisfied, as the machine disappears in a flash. He turns in time to see Corvax narrowly avoid a killing strike from the Lord. Vincent falls into another aggressive stance and rushes to aid the Marine. Whatever else he might be, Vincent apparently still felt some measure of the old bodyguard's protective instincts for a leader.

Moving to assist Corvax, Lightning Attack, and taking the +10. TN 80 (+10 size, ganging up, RT bonus): 19. 8 hits
Damage, in order: 22, 19, 26, 25, 19, 23, 26, 25. Pen 8

WS     BS     S     T     Ag     Int     Per     WP     Fel
60     31     70    40    50     25      30      40     30

Wounds: 15/15      IP: 3/6
Armour: All 8

Weapon           Range  Fire   Damage    Pen   Ammo   Clips  Reload  Special

Good Bolter      100m   S/3/-   1d10+5X   4    24/24    2     Full    Tearing

Relz'ulra        Melee          1d10+11E  8                           Power Field, Balanced, Thirsting, Piercing
[Power Sword +3dmg/pen Daemon, +3dmg Crushing Blow, Str not included.  +18 with STR.]

Ramoran Revolver 45m  S/-/-    1d10+10X  6     6/6     2     2FL    Accurate, Concussive(2), Proven(3)

Notable Abilities:
- Adriot (WS)	
- Dodge +10
- Parry +20 (+30 with Balanced)
- Counter Attack (free -20 attack after a parry)
- Blademaster (Reroll 1 miss per round)
- Crushing Blow
- Step Aside (May make 2 dodge/parry attempts per round)
- Auto-Senses: Dark Sight, Heightened Senses (Sight, Hearing), immune to
flash/stun grenades, Called Shot as Half Action

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Magos Rho Epsilon Beta 250-50 "Rebel"
I dunno if I got injured this turn. It just shows the exact same health value I had last update. Assuming I didn't get hit otherwise assume I spent an IP to heal 6. Roll is in my orokos history.

Rebel is nothing if pragmatic. He cannot bring his most favored weapon to bear, therefore it must be discarded for a time. He mentally disengaged the MIU link, the cable retracting into the side of his neck. He draws his magos axe, grips it with both hands and lashes out violently. With 4 swings of the axe, he does his best to cleave the lychguard in two. With the servoarm he attempts to destroy the machine utterly, in the hopes it cannot reanimate to try to kill him again.

Free Action to drop Aleph-452, half action to draw magos axe, half action to attack, reaction to hit with servo arm. WS 40 + 0 (Swift Attack) + 30 (All Out Attack)
=70 for the axe

WS 40 + 10 (Standard Attack)=50 for the servo arm. Add all out attack bonus if it applies.

Attacks: 2#1d100 3 34

7 DoS with axe, at least 2 with the servo arm.

Damage Pen 6, Pen 10: 4#2d10+9 26 24 23 DOS SWAP 22 2d10+14 28

2 ZHs from axe
Zealous Hatred: 2#1d5 1 3

Primary Combat Block:
WS  BS  S   T   Ag  Int Per WP  Fel  
40  40  30  30  30  50  35  40  40

Wounds: 17/18   Infamy: 1/6  Initiative: 1d10+8 Fatigue: 0
Half Move: 4 Full Move: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24 
SB: 3[5] (Power Armour)  TB: 3
Armour: 13 (All)
Force Field: 50 Overload: 01-05
Awareness: 40[60] (Auto-Senses/Optical Mechadendrite)
Dodge: 30
Medicae: 80
Tech-Use: 80[90] (Combi-Tool)

Weapons: (Currently selected weapons are in BOLD)
Aleph-452 90m S/2/- 1d10+16[19] Pen: 13[26] Clip: 8/20 Rld: 2.5 Full Special: Legacy of Slaughter, Maximal, Reliable, Overheats (Purified Plasma)
Maximal 100m S/2/- 2d10+16[19] Pen: 15[30] Special: Legacy of Slaughter, Maximal, Recharge, Reliable, Overheats (Purified Plasma)
Lasgun 100m S/3/- 1d10+3 E Pen: 0 Clip 60/60 Rld: Half Special: Never Jams
Overcharge 100m S/3/- 1d10+4 E Pen: 0 Special: Never Jams
Overload 100m S/3/- 1d10+5 E Pen: 2 Special: Never Jams
Fallen Magos Power Axe 2d10+9 E Pen: 6 Special: Power Field, Unbalanced, Two Handed
G.C. Servo Arm 1.5m 2d10+14 I Pen: 10

Noteworthy Bionics
B.C. Black Blood: Rebel is always considered lightly wounded and also heals much faster, removing two points of Damage per day. In conjunction with the Prosanguine talent, 
Rebel may make a Tech-Use test after spending 10 minutes in meditation. Success heals 1d5 wounds + 1 for every 2 DoS. 
Rolling a 96 or higher causes Rebel to lose the ability of both talent and implant for one week.
B.C. MIU: Grants  a +10 bonus to Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry, and Weapon Skill tests when interfaced with MIU systems.
G.C. Cerebral Implants: Grants a +20 bonus to Logic and Lore tests as well as Unnatural Intelligence (+2) trait.
Luminen Capacitors: May recharge or power machinery with a successful toughness test.
G.C. Servo Arm: Can extend up to 1.5m from the back mounting and has a fixed strength value of 75 and Unnatural Strength (+7), 
always used no matter the user’s personal stats. The servo arm can lift heavy objects or allow Rebel to tether himself to a suitable to a suitable anchor as a Free Action. 
May also be used to strike as the Rebels’ reaction for the round or used to make a Standard Attack (so long as it is only used once per round).
Optical Mechadendrite: +10 to Perception test, may be used as a telescopic sight, IR torch and sensors ensures Rebel takes no penalties and in fact gains a +20 to 
vision-based Perception Tests at night.
Noteworthy Gear:
Combi-Tool: Grants a +10 bonus to Tech-Use tests.
Conversion Field: If the field blocks more than 12 points of damage from a single attack, the release of light acts as a photon flash grenade burst centered on Rebel. Rebel is unaffected by this.
Fallen Magos Power Axe: Counts as having a combi-tool built-in. User may attempt to corrupt Imperial Technologies and their Machine Spirits with them on a -30 Tech-Use test, 
rendering them damaged and unusable except by fellow Hereteks.
Unholy Unguents: Makes a weapon immune to jamming for a full game session, requires a full action to apply properly.

Noteworthy Gifts
Steel-hearted: Counts all enemy fear levels as one lower. Fear 1 enemies have no effect on Rebel.
Wreathed in Chaos: +10 to all interaction tests with Chaosy folks. +10 when intimidating his enemies.

Noteworthy Talents
Combat Formation: All members of the party including rebel add +1 to Initiative and may also choose to use Rebel’s Intelligence Bonus for their Initiative roll rather than their Agility Bonus
Die Hard: Rebel may roll twice when suffering blood loss to avoid death.
Master Chirurgeon: Any successful heal attempt heals 2 additional wounds. If the character is in danger of losing a limb, Rebel provides them a +20 bonus on the toughness test.
Technical Knock: Rebel may unjam any gun he can touch as a half action, but may only do this on one weapon a round.
Weapon-Tech: Once per combat encounter, Rebel may increase the damage and penetration of any weapon personally wielded by him by his intelligence bonus for one round. 
Weapon must belong to the Melta, Plasma, Power, or Exotic category to benefit from this.
Whirlwind of Death: Rebel inflicts additional melee damage to a Horde equal to half his WS bonus.

Special Ability
Traitor to Mars: Rebel gains the Binary Chatter ability. This ability increases the loyalty of all minions who are servitors or other cybernetic constructions by 10.  

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Dash & Misha

Dash takes aim when a horribly familiar BEEP BEEP sound along with soft, mocking laughter emits from the gun. "NO not again!" This time he's able to actually drop the gun before it emits a white hot plume of thermal energy where his arm was a moment ago.

While this solves the immediate problem of not being cooked alive, it also means he's lost his only method of killing these things. He has no illusions about the multilaser doing anything, and everyone is in combat, blocking his shot.

Meanwhile Misha keeps working his way to the pedestal.

overheat and mega overheat Not much this turn
WS   BS     S     T     Ag     Int     Per     WP     Fel    Inf
25   50     30    40    60     35      30      35     50     66

Wounds: 11/11        InfP:3 /6      Movement: 6
Armour: 6    Toughness Bonus: 4
Dodge: 70* Parry: 25 (45 with sword)  Stealth: 80 Awareness: 30 (40 on sight/sound)
*Step Aside

Chamcloak: +20 stealth and a further -30 to BS if remaining stationary.
Conversion Field: Protection 50,  Overload15

Weapon           Range  Fire   Damage    Pen  Ammo   Clips  Reload  Special
Bolt Pistol       30m   S/-/-  1d10+5E    4    8/8    3/3*   Full   Tearing, Accurate
Multilaser       150m   –/–/5  2d10+10E   2   45/50   2/2    2 Full Reliable
Demonic Plasma    90m   S/2/-  1D10+13E   13  20/20   2/2  5 Full   Maximal, Overheats
Best ChainSword	  ---   ---    1d10+5R    2    ---    ---    ---    Balanced, Tearing
*stalker bolts
WS   BS     S     T     Ag     Int     Per     WP     Fel   Loy
21   43     30+10 30    36      42      34     29     24   50

Unnatural BS, INT 4
Wounds: 6/6              Movement: 3
Armour: 8    Toughness Bonus: 3
Dodge: 46* Awareness: 30 (40 on sight/sound)
*Step Aside

Weapon           Range  Fire   Damage    Pen  Ammo   Clips  Reload  Special
Melta gun       30m   S/-/-  2d10+10E    12   3/5    3/3   Full Melta
Bolter            100m   S/3/-  1d10+5    4    8/8  12/24   Full   Tearing

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

The absolute worst mistake the Necron Lord made was actually moving into engagement range of Corvax and Vincent. Had it hung back, it likely would have eventually carved up Dash while the Lychguard slowly whittled away at the other denizens of Chaos. But for a creature over 60 million years old it grew impatient; maybe after the millennia of sleep it longed to fight once more. Maybe something had gone faulty with it and it thought it stood a better chance that it did.

Ultimately the reason why it chose to engage the heretics in melee is moot; once it got within range of Vincent and the swardsman's prowess, it crumbled under the assault of the Khornate. Whereas the Lord was prepared for the fine dance of blades a duel with Corvax would have provided, it had no defense against the sheer ferocity of a Khornate denied skulls and blood by a robotic opponent.

Unlike the other Necron that teleported away after suffering severe damage, the Lord rattled in place for a second, as if some unseen force had grabbed it and was jiggling the Necron. After a brief moment of this stuttering, the Lord imploded upon himself, disappearing in a sudden collapse of Necrodermis. Upon the Lord's demise, the Lychguard still in combat all shut down, the icy blue fading from their eyes and bodies. the Praetorian, now free of his harasser, quickly rushes up the the throne dais in the middle of the platform, and unclasped some spherical object from its waist. It removed a similar looking sphere from the top of the throne, and replaced it with the one he brought with. Immediately the Lychguard began to stir, but the blue glow was replaced with the more standard green everyone was used to.

Just as quickly everyone was back on the surface, Vincent once again heaving from the sudden shock of the Necron method of teleportation. Draven stands in the middle of the room. Next to him is the Lord that sent you on your journey, and between the two of them is a man no one recognizes. The Man is completely naked and staring straight ahead. The Necron Lord steps forward. "You have completed the bargain, as requested. Pursuant to Necron custom, I am required to honor my end of it." The Lord motions to the naked man. "While you were in the tomb complex, I took the liberty of contacting your vessel and inquiring as to the remains you wished reanimated. I was provided the genetic sample, gave it to one of my Crypteks, and he managed to recreate your simple genetic structure." So the naked man is a clone of the heir to the Desche warrant.

The Necron Lord turns back to Draeven. "To you, know I am also bound by custom of the Necron to uphold my part of the bargain. Through your associates here this planet has been reclaimed by the rightful dynasty. Know that when you are ready to invade this Calixis sector you desire, the entire forces of this Tomb world will be at your disposal." With that, the Necron Lord disappears in a flash of light.

Draeven himself speaks. "There, your mission is complete. After some education, this husk can be used by you to secure your claim on the warrant from the legitimate heir. Know that you come to a turning point. Knowing Aethun, he will not let you keep your prize. After you secure the warrant claim, he will desire that this puppet be handed over to him. Since he still has the certificate representing the warrant you have stored on Scintilla, to give him the clone of this warrant heir will cement his control over your ship."

Draeven moves closer to the group and whispers, as if the husk might overhear, and comprehend, what is being said. "There might be another way. Once you have legitimized the claim on the warrant, you and your warrant holder could secure the warrant. Then you would be in command of your vessel, and for all intents and purposes be legitimate warrant holders. But Aethun will use his full resources against you. You would do best to have the backing of one or more of us other princes before that."

Draeven stands up tall, his whispering done. "i thank you for your assistance here, but I recognize that this action did more to serve you than me. If you want to prove your true usefulness to me, I have another task for you. Or you could check with Jayden, the Great Master, or even Aethun." The Daemon Prince of Khorne motions with his hand to the clone.

Okay, so that adventure is done. everyone gets 1500 exp and 8 infamy. No real corruption since you basically just merced a necron lord and didn't do anything corrupt-y.

You are also finally starting to get to the point in the campaign where you have met all four lords at play, and have done jobs for each of them. You are now a little more free form in how you wish to proceed. You can:

1. Go to Aethun: If you do so, he will likely work his way into your little meat puppet and secure him for himself. This will likely prevent you from ever having a realistic chance to secure the warrant yourselves, but you will be throwing your lot in with Aethun.
2. Go do some additional work for Draeven, Jayden, or the Great Master. Each of them need further proof of your loyalty before they'd go out on a limb and protect you. They see you as barely a useful tool. Prove you are more than that.
3. Go to scintilla, and get the claim on the warrant secured once and for all. This will allow you to travel around the Calaxis sector freely again. This will lead to one of three sub-options:
3.a: If you have cemented your relationship with Aethun as discussed above, this will lock in the Sovereign and the Deche warrant as his.
3.b: If you have secured a relationship with one of the other princes you can claim the warrant for yourself. Whichever prince you have thrown in with will help shield you from Aethun's worst attempts.
3.c: try and go it alone. You can try and clear the title and claim the warrant now. Without the backing of one of the other princes, Aethun will use the full weight of his infiltrators in the Calaxis sector to bring you ruin. However, you would not be beholden to anyone...

Feb 14, 2013


As soon as they find themselves back on the surface, Octuv sags, exhales heavily and releases his vice-grip on the Warp. It was no longer necessary now that they weren't trapped in a psy-dampening tomb. The internal glow of the Blue Fire sputters out. For a moment, Octuv is actually quiet except for the tick-tick-tick of his cooling bolter barrels and the snaps of psychic lightning grounding itself out.

Then he breathes in and laughs, long and loud. "Ah ha ha, what a gift! To face an audience so unappreciative of the joys of sound and sensation, and to make them kneel before it anyway! Those Necrons really build themselves to last, eh? And oh, what have we here?"

He lurches over to the clone and leans forward, pulling off his helmet so he can stare directly into its eyes, bloodshot-to-blank. His sharpened grin is even more disquieting than usual.

"Oh, the fun we could have with this brainless little moppet! I want to keep him! Now, I don't particularly care which of the three princes we side with, if we choose a side at all, but frankly I cast my vote against Aethun. I have no patience for perpetual schemers; at least with Draven here we know precisely where we stand."

Addiction vs 77: 26

Picking up Unnatural Healing, Regeneration, my second Agility advance, and Acrobatics +10, banking the leftovers.

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Magos Rho Epsilon Beta 250-50 "Rebel"
"In the interest of full disclosure I think it is important for you, my current employer, to know a bit of my work history over the past ten millennia." Rebels says hefting his Plasma Gun in his hand as he steps to the front of the group and focuses on Corvax. He's made a particular point to stay out of easy reach of the space marine and to be ready for anything. "I, like you, am one of many. During the Great Crusade I was a Sparatoi and I did whatever needed to be done to further the XXth Legion's aim. It was an honorable aim, a worthwhile aim despite the means employed. One that I still serve today as a freelancer and as one of the few surviving members of my cell. What has up to this point been an alliance of convenience needs to be renegotiated. Aethun is Alpha Legion, you are Alpha Legion, I serve the Alpha Legion. No discussion on our course should be required unless Aethun has lost sight of our goals. Of course, if you have a better way to carry them out I'm all ears. I don't trust daemons to care about mortal matters in the least."

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Oct 24, 2012

I'm in the business of...


Back on the Surface:

"Lost sight..."

The fingers of Corvax's ceramite gauntlets tapped nervously against one of the lengths of chain that covered his waist.

"Do you believe the lot of us still have any one goal in mind? Aethun doesn't speak with the Primarchs' voice, any more than I do. Don't let yourself be shackled because of the scales we wear. I tell you this - I plan to take this man-creature, and this ship, and pillage the Calixis on my own terms. Our own terms."

Picked up Step Aside, and Swift Attack. Saving a bunch.

Jul 27, 2006

I'm open to suggestions~


Vincent breathes heavily for a few moments, shuddering slightly as the bloodlust and adrenaline drain from his body. He lifts his blade and twists it this way and that, examining the edge. "I am always a little surprised the blade doesn't warp after striking so much metal. The old practice blades I used would need to be reshaped every few days." he muses, before returning the daemonic blade to it's place on his hip.

On the Surface

"Perhaps we should see what Draeven and the others want us to do for them before deciding to return to Aethun. We know we lose any autonomy we may wish to have after we do so, but one of the other..."patrons" might offer us a better deal - or a looser collar we might slip from." Vincent says, "Draeven is here already, let's see what he has for us. We need not take whatever mission he has in mind, but we could explore our options." He finishes with a lazy wave of his hand in the direction of the hulking Daemon Prince.

Purchasing Command +10 and Preternatural Speed

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Dash & Co.

Dash cackles and then exhales a huge sigh of relief. "That could've gone very badly." He looks over at Corvax. "Well, worse I mean." Misha lowers his power armor visor. "That was quite the adventure. Apologies for not being able to assist more. The wretched gravity room saw fit to ruin my primary weapon." Misha's eyes glitter as he looks around the room. "I have some business to attend to here, but when I am done, I wish to travel with you if you would have me. There's an entire galaxy to pillage, after all."


"I'm also for hearing what the other offers are, but I am very down with pillaging. We haven't actually pillaged a world yet since we've been in deep cover the entire time. Now that we have this ah, inheritor here, we can have the full force of the warrant behind us, but I'm partial to having the backing of one of the princes before doing so."

Dash pauses for a moment. "Who's responsible for teaching this guy how to behave like a normal human? We may have to drag him out in public or meetings on occasion?"

Bought target selection, banking the rest for now. Does Misha have time to swap some Necron artifact(s) that are lying around, and would this upset Draven or the allied necron lord? I assume he can get his melta fixed on the surface correct?

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

As the Command Crew was currently on the Pillars of Eternity as was Draeven, they decided to ask him what he would ask of the group next. The Khornate Daemon Price seems more than happy enough to oblige. "Before I was exiled to that artefact you freed me from, I was in command of the largest army in the Screaming Vortex. Composed of followers of Chaos of all the gods, and various xenos. Without my vision and leadership, that army has scattered. Both myself and my agents, like you, have been working to help me retain that army. Now that I have secured this alliance with the Necron I must build the army that will be under my command."

Draeven stalks closer to the group his tone changing from grandiose to a more instructional tone. "I will be leaving here shortly to do some recruitment and to retain some of my loyal soldiers who likely do not know of my return. For you, I have a more difficult goal, but one suited to your varied skill set. In the Screaming Vortex is the Velaj system. This system has two worlds orbiting it; Asphodel and Berin. Asphodel is a world covered in swamps not too different from Catachan with poisonous Flora and deadly fauna. This world is also home to a large population of the cannibalistic Xenos Species known as the Kroot. These Kroot are primitive, using mostly poisoned arrows and flintlock pistols, though they are masters at ambush fighting and surprise lightning attacks; their primitive weapons slowly bringing down even astartes unable to locate the source of the blows to fight back."

The other world is Berin. This is a dusty dry desert world inhabited by greenskins. The these greenskins are also relatively primitive, using mostly choppas and rudimentary explosives. However,
these orks have shown evidence of Chaos Corruption. Large bands of 'Bloodboyz' have formed, wielding two choppas and collecting blood and skulls for their blood god, having abandoned the Ork gods."

Draeven continues on with his educational tone."Every few years these twin worlds become close in what is called a 'conjunction'. during this time the Orks and Kroot use rokkit ships and space-faring creatures, respectively to invade the other world. The next conjunction is a few months away. Either of these xenos forces would make a great addition to my army, but I fear neither will be willing to join me en masse while the other lives. I want you to travel to these worlds. Assess which of the species will more easily serve me. Then aid that species in invading their rival and stomping them out once and for all. With their eternal foes eliminated, the victor should be much easier to persuade. Time is of the essence, as if this cannot be achieved by this coming conjunction there will be years until the next one, and our shot to invade the Calaxsis sector will be past."

Draeven pauses for questions.


The Sovereign's astropaths had sent messages to the Great Master and Jayden. Their replies are more brief, a formal meeting would be required for additional details.

The Great Master's message reads, "I have a supply ship that was providing me some diseases and toxins that I have lost contact with near a space hulk. The cargo on this vessel must be retrieved quickly. If it is not retrieved before the hulk returns back to the warp, it will likely drag this supply ship with it. These toxins and diseases are very rare, and will be hard to re-acquire. Expect to face the servants of Nurgle, as they were very potent. "

Jayden's response simply states, "i have something I would like stolen from a rival Pirate Prince's stronghold in the Helix. I have learned some other rivals of his plan to attack the stronghold soon. I fear this item I require will be lost in the fighting. Please retrieve it for little old me before that happens. This item will assist me in acquiring a larger navy, I assure you."

It sounds each of the three Princes have requests, and each of them is time sensitive. You likely will only be able to complete one of the requests while the other opportunities expire.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Magos Rho Epsilon Beta 250-50 "Rebel"
On the Surface
"We could use the resupply so I support your short-term objectives. But if all you aspire to be is a common vagabond then we will have to part ways sooner rather than later. For now, I am content to follow."

Back on the ship.
"Out of all 3, I would prefer to assist the khornate. He can have his invasion force and cause chaos within the Calixis Sector. Frees us to move freely and raid more sensitive areas for lore, gear, and simple riches whilst the rest of the sector burns. I still do not wish to tie ourselves to him but it may be unavoidable after a certain point."

Feb 14, 2013


"I'm up for Jayden's little heist, actually. Without silence, there is no noise, after all. Never steep yourself in something for so long that you forget to taste the opposite once in while."

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

With the job on the Pillars of Eternity complete, the crew once again take off in the Sovereign, making their way towards the Ragged Helix. They have the information from Draeven, but much of the command crew voiced an interest in pursuing another mission for the hermaphroditic Prince/ss of Pleasure. The Sorcerers acting as an unsanctioned Astropath Choir send a message to Jayden that the Sovereign was on their way to meet with him. The Pirate Prince quickly responds with the following message:

"While I'd love to see you lot and catch up, my request is sort of urgent timewise. One of my rivals, Captain Oberus Musing, has had in his possession a piece of archeotech that I have coveted for a very long time, and despite all my insistence, he has refused to be reasonable in its sale. The Archeotech is called a Ultra-wide Magneo-spectrum transceiver and i need it as part of my larger goals. Now I'm rather patient for a Slaaneshi, but I'm working up against a couple clocks here. First, we have this whole impending attack on the Calixis sector that we are all preparing for. I have also found out that a consortium of less friendly Pirates in the Helix are planning to use Musing's Battle of the Bands he holds every five years as cover to attack his stronghold.

Every five years Musing holds this battle. It is basically a glorified combat tournament set to a gaudy and tasteless soundtrack, but with a focus on creativity of the combatants and variety in the fights. Instead of battling to the death, matches are instead set to point limits, and the first team to reach the point limit wins the round. Points are typically awarded for things such as parries,
dodges, counter-attacks, using multiple different weapon types, and you can even start rounds with extra points by accepting handicaps at the beginning, like having an arm tied behind your back, not wearing armor, etc.

Anyway, the tournament is beginning now, and this group of spoilsports that plan to attack are going to do so during the party after the tournament. Now I know what you are thinking; 'why not just join the attack and steal the archeotech during the attack?' Well Musing is a paranoid bastard, and his entire vault full of his most priceless treasures is essentially a giant dormant melta fusion reactor, and linked to his security systems. If he were to ever die, or his estate were to be attacked, everything in the vault would be reduced to its constituent molecules.

I bet you're also wondering, 'why not help save him and give yourself more time to steal the archeotech?' Well Musing is a pain in the rear end, and he's such a bore when compared to the other Pirate Princes, so I actually do want him dead. So much so my flag ship will be joining the attack. I like to have my cake and eat it to.

So I am asking you to try and enter his estate and steal the archeotech. Since Musing is throwing the tournament, you could easily get in by joining the estate, but that'll only get you access to the public areas. From there you'd need to lie, cheat, sneak, hack, or slash your way to his vault without triggering the alarm, and before the invasion fleet comes.

If you have questions try and astropath them back to me, but I might not be able to answer them before I prepare to join the war party."

Between game thread and OOC thread there seems to be a majority asking for jayden/a less combat focused mission, so working with Jayden it is.

If you have questions Jayden can try to answer them. Otherwise discuss how you'd like to go about this. this will certainly be a more infiltration and bluffing based mission, though you could opt to curry favor by joining and winning the tournament. Or split your efforts.

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Dash & Co.

Dash shrugs. "So how are we going to do this, split up and one part try for their little talent show, or everyone goes sneaking?"

Oct 24, 2012

I'm in the business of...


Back on the Sovereign:

"While I don't mind a bit of subterfuge, the tournament itself does have some appeal."

The legionnaire, sitting on the bridge's command throne, leaned forward and considered each member of the primary staff. His thoughts were occupied with ways to finally purge the ship of Aethun loyalists once they had Jayden's protection.

"At least one of us should join. Just to give us a reason to be there. I wonder what the actual prize is."

Feb 14, 2013


"Oh, I'd be happy to give them a show they'll never forget. It's up to the rest of you whether you want to join me or go skulking after that Ultra-whatever our employer seeks."

A Slaaneshi tournament with handicap matches is octuv.txt, you know that's where I wanna be

Jul 27, 2006

I'm open to suggestions~


Vincent leans forward in his seat, "I'm not really suited for infiltration and honestly my fighting style has always focused on putting my blade into a heart as quickly as possible." He glances over at Octuv and says, "I'd be happy to join you in the arena, but perhaps I could assist in another way? I might be able to rule the audience into a full on riot with some carefully planned murders and planted evidence. Might make the infiltration team's job easier if the final stage of their plan has the distraction of a bloodbath to distract the guards."

I'd be happy to go with Octuv or do this weird plan I thought of right before I fell asleep last night.

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Magos Rho Epsilon Beta 250-50 "Rebel"
"I'll subvert any security measures on our way to the vault and I can handle the archeotech once we arrive on site. I'll leave that wasteful tournament to you lot."

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


"I'm honestly torn, while strutting about on stage has its appeal, I'm pretty sure I'm the sneakiest one here, and, let's ignore my allegiances for a moment when I state this: when the command of an entire ship is at stake, business before pleasure." He pauses. "Not sure if the Help should go with me or you. While I'd usually never object to another power suit between me and trouble, this might not be the best mission for them."

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

The command squad seems to have made up their mind. The two Astartes, Corvax and Octuv would join the tournament. If what they were told was true, if they manage to win the tournament, they would be invited onto the estate proper; giving the group access to the vault. In the meantime, Vincent, Rebel, and Dash will enter the arena as spectators. The arena will be locked down and guarded to prevent guests from getting to where they are not allowed, but they might prove to have some ingenuity. Or worst case, once the Astartes win the tournament, they will get invited into the main estate.

In a few short hours the Sovereign exits from warp space to the estate of Oberus Musing. A large Hades-Class Heavy Cruiser is moored over the estate, which consists of seven asteroids connected by chains and walkways. A large asteroid with a huge citadel is in the middle of the small cluster, above which the Heavy Cruiser is moored. Then surrounding the central asteroid are six others. Each of them are connected to each other and the central asteroid like the spokes of a wheel. Five of the asteroids seem non-distinct, with no structure save a tower here or there jutting from their surfaces. The sixth one, however, has a giant dome under which an arena can be seen.

Besides the Hades-Class about two dozen other ships dot the surrounding space. About a dozen of them share the same paint scheme as the Heavy Cruiser, it is likely this is Musing's Private Pirate fleet. The other dozen or so ships are of various classes and construction, with Chaos, Imperial, and even a few eldar craft among the group. A squadron of Hell Talon Fighter Bombers on patrol fly up to the Sovereign asking the ship to remain stationary and to state its purpose. Upon replying that the ship was there to observe and participate, the squadron directs that the Sovereign is to maintain current distance and orbit and anyone wishing to come down must depart in a lander and be escorted by fighters. Feeling the request reasonable, the Command Staff leave whichever of the bridge crew that they trust in charge (Likely Vice-Captain Olivia) and head down to the asteroid with the large dome via escorted lander.

Once there the lander is docked in a large shuttle bay on the bottom side of the asteroid, again with all manner of landing craft in it. Guards quickly escort the group up to the main entrance to the arena. The guards are reasonably armed and armored, each in Carapace armor with bolters, plasma pistols, and power knives, and with a bearing that says more "professional solider" than it does "murderous chaos pirate."

The group is directed to two lines, "Spectators on the left, participants on the right." The group of humans, plus whatever minions accompany them, make their way through the left line. Once they reach the ticket counter, they each pay the sum for admittance, and each of them are told to surrender their weapons. each one is presented with an arms coffer with its own number and key, the ticket booth staff indicate the weapons will be greatly cared for, only their key can get in, and the boxes are hexagram sealed to placate any daemon weapons you might have.

On the right hand line, Octuv and Corvax make it through much quicker, as the line is shorter, and they are presented with a document entitled "Rules of the Battle of the Bands":

Each round will be fought until one team reaches a pre-determined score. Points are earned as follows:

One Point Each:
-Calling a shot for the audience and causing damage with that shot. (called shot)
-dodging or parrying an attack. Does not matter if you dodge multiple blows, or if some land. 
-Wounding with a successful counter attack. 
-A trip, knocking prone, disarm, or stun.

Two points each:
-a Successful feint followed up with a wounding attack.
-a crippling strike (weapon special quality), inflicting toxic damage, or inflicting some hallucination on an opponent.
-Lighting an opponent on fire. Only one time per match per team. We've had too many participants in the past use a flamer on an opposing team and get all their points at once.

Three points:
-removal of a limb
-blood loss
-scoring a Zealous Hatred result. (you only get this three points. if the ZH causes a stun or other effect that gets points, you only get these three.)

As you can see, there are no points earned for killing your opponent! If you want to be rewarded for killing someone, go to some Khorne Arena. If you kill all your opponents before reaching the minimum points for the match, then you lost too! Typically you'll be killed by some insidious trap in the arena, or one (or more) of Musing's daemon engines will be released.

Also, before each match, certain handicaps will be offered to the teams. By accepting the handicap, they will be granted points right away. The handicaps change from match to match, and must be accepted before the match, and everyone on the team must agree.

Lastly, Captain Musing has final and absolute say on any interpretations of the rules.
The two marines sign on that they agree to the rules before being led to the ready room below the arena. a few hundred fighters are gathered. The two see everything including Khorne berserkers, Dark Eldar Wyches, a small platoon of some type of soldiers wearing NCB maks, and even some kroot. It seems everyone is preparing for fighting. The distant sound of gunfire above tells the pair there is currently a match going on.

Okay, human team, let me know if any of you refuse to turn in weapons or want to try and sneak some through. Refusal means no entry, you might want to join the arena duo. Sleight of Hand check opposed by guard awareness or scrutiny to get something in. Since they removed compact from the list of upgrades, I'll give +20 on any sleight of hand tests to smuggle in a pistol or knife sized blade. Heavy weapons are out of the question, and basic weapons will be at a +0. Once you are in, you can head up to watch, or give me an idea of what actions you are going to try and take. Based on your view from the outside, there is a tunnel bridge that will take you to the central estate, or one on each side taking you to neighboring asteroids.

Fight team: you have a chance to try and meet other contestants, gather intel, and even see if there is a way to sneak out of the staging area. Once I have an idea of what everyone is doing, you'll get an update.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Magos Rho Epsilon Beta 250-50 "Rebel"
"gently caress that poo poo." Rebel says as he switches lines and cuts in front of a Terminator.

Tech priest doesn't want to give up HIS GUNS!!!

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Feb 14, 2013


"Ah, I knew at least one of you wouldn't be able to resist the siren song of mass murder. Welcome to the team, Rebel!"

Once he arrives in the pre-match area, Octuv scans the crowd, shrugs, and then turns his senses up to eleven before wandering through the room, listening for interesting snatches of conversation and looking for any obvious ways to sneak out. And of course, he was sorting through thousands of possible futures to find the best route. Not that he was planning to bolt for the vault without fighting in at least one match, but it paid to keep your options open.

Casting Celeritous Sense Unfettered, then Glimpse at Fettered, and then rolling Awareness to listen for anything interesting being discussed by the other groups and to look for any potential ways to sneak out.

Celeritous Sense TN 90 (62 +0 Difficulty +25 Unfettered +10 Psychic Focus +5 Psychic Hood): 62

Glimpse (Fettered) vs 90 (40 +0 Difficulty +25 Celeritous Sense +15 Fettered +10 Psychic Focus +5 Psychic Hood): 87

Awareness vs 100 (40 +25 Celeritous Sense +15 Glimpse +10 Heightened Senses (All) + 10 Auto-Senses): 65

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Jul 27, 2006

I'm open to suggestions~


Vincent hesitated for a moment as the guard requested his weapon. Some part of him, the part that raged for blood and death and slaughter, longed to draw his sword and gut the mewling coward before him. It was harder than it had ever been to resist that urge, and that realization coupled with his understanding of why weapons were not allowed in the stadium, helped him breathe a sigh and surrender his weapons. As he dropped the daemon sword into the warded box, he could almost sense the insane rage of the trapped daemon in the blade as it knew it was being sealed away.

Once inside, Vincent makes his was to the upper stands, hoping to find a good vantage point to see the entirety of the stadium. He examines the layout, looking for chokepoints and possibilities for disruption. Afterwords, if the group continues onward to another location, he follows and reports what he's found.

WS     BS     S     T     Ag     Int     Per     WP     Fel
60     31     70    40    50     25      30      40     30

Wounds: 15/15      IP: 7/7
Armour: All 8

Notable Abilities:
Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, War)
Command +10
Intimidate +10

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


Dash wasn't the best at smuggling things. And neither were the minions as far as he knew. He reluctantly hands over the handgun and demonic plasma rifle. Getting caught here would end the mission before it even got started. He joins Vincent in scoping out the place. Once they're out of earshot of the guards he mumbles. "At least we can get you a shank or something, I need to get something that goes bang..."

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Oct 24, 2012

I'm in the business of...


Musing's Estate, Tournament Grounds:

"Unfortunate that not everyone could join..."

Looking up from the document to see his innovative, if not particularly -artful- Dark Mechanicus ally elbowing his way into the line, Corvax raised an eyebrow, but quickly returned to digesting the rules of the tournament and signing off on it.

Musing's Estate, Staging Area:

The marine began inspecting his weapon carefully, but his constant maintenance on the Void Harvester made such checks a formality at best, and he spent most of his time regarding the other contestants.

"Three points for removal of a limb. None for granting death. The rules of this contest seem to incentivize a very particular goal. Cruel, and interesting."

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013


Once through the check-in Vincent and Dash find themselves in a large concessions area. There are quite a few lounge areas with large chairs, couches and tables, with pict screens hanging from the ceiling broadcasting the action in the arena. meandering around the area are a number of slaves carrying drink trays. Or at least you think they are slaves, given the fact that they are completely naked, wearing electroshock collars, and the other guests are taking liberties with them paid servants typically would not allow, even for a large tip.

The concessions area does contain a walk up bar, behind which is a door leading to the back area. On another side of the concessions area is another door that the slaves and their drink trays keep coming and going from. There also appears to be a public restroom as well. The doors are not guarded, but one is behind a bar, and guards are milling about the area, keeping the peace among the patrons and keeping the slaves marginally safe.

Upon exiting the concession area and ascending a ramp, the duo find themselves within the arena proper. The arena is rather unremarkable at first glance. Constructed much in the way that arenas have been constructed since pre-history, the stands surround the arena at an angle. Opposite the ramp up to the arena sits a large structure whose front face is open to show a multi-tiered box from where the two assume Musing is watching.

The arena floor itself is rather interesting. The entire thing is surrounded in a shimmering field likely lifted from a Titan, presumably to protect the spectators from stray shots. The arena proper seems to be made up of various meter large movable cubes. The duo watch as the cover being used by two humans suddenly lowers down flat with the ground, allowing their opponent, a large Khorne Berserker, to charge them and pulp them. A cheer is heard from the crowd. The Berserker looks up to a scoreboard above the executive box, showing a flashing 8.

A voice comes over the loudspeaker, the sing song cadence of a decadent fop reverberates in the arena, "I'm so sorry, but you needed to score a minimum of 10 to win this round. You were a bit too quick on the bloodshed my Crimson friend." Before the Khornate can react, a box forms around him from the meter large squares that make up the arena floor, and slowly begin to close in around him. It takes a full 5 minutes for the Khornate to finally die.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to take a short break while we get our next contenders set up. Please feel free to get some refreshment!"

Rebel follows the two marines into the pit below the arena. A general sweep shows a large number of guards, and about three doors leading out, each with two guards each. As Octuv reaches into the warp and looks around. He focuses on the Dark Eldar, and studies the troup closely. They appear to be well armed, and a rather mixed group consisting of Wyches, some kabalite warriors, and a few of the abominations that the Eldar are so keen on making. He glimpses one of the warriors point to Corvax and whisper to his peers. When Octuv clues Corvax in, he immediately recognizes the kabal markings: these were the same Kabal of Dark Eldar that attacked the Mechanicus outpost on Phyrr when the warband happened to be there. Last time the warband killed a haemonculus, but not before it killed (temporarily) their former comrade Hashim.

Octuv also notices a few other groups, but the only other one that seems to interest him is a group of human heretics wearing breathing apparatus of some sort. They're all cleaning their weapons while listening to a large plague marine in terminator armor. Octuv doesn't need to be actively scrying to sense the warp presence coming from that Plague Marine, he is clearly a sorcerer of Nurgle.

A servator comes up to the group while Octuv is looking around. "Hello. Our next match will be beginning shortly. You have been selected to fight up against Bulbonae's warpack," the servitor points to the Nurgle Sorcerer's group. "You will be fighting to a 15 point limit. Each of your groups contains a Psyker. I have been authorized to offer you each the following multiplyer: you may choose to be outfitted with a piece of archeotech that will cause the warp to sunder around you, causing amusing warp anomalies. If you choose to do so, you will be granted 4 points. I cannot tell you if Bulbonae has also accepted."

Okay, so look around, try to lie your way past guards, etc.

Dachshund, your group can gain 4 points off the bat if you agree to wear a device that causes you to roll psychic phenomena every time you use a psyker power, no matter the power level. If your roll would have triggered phenomena, then you instead roll on the perils table. Talents like Favored of the warp and warplock still work.


Feb 14, 2013


"I shall wear your device, and happily. Handicaps are the spice of battle. And I assume that walking in with my powers already burning would go against the spirit of the rules and the fun of the game?"

Without waiting for an answer, Octuv extinguishes his connection to the Warp and drops his senses down to normal levels. Normal for an Astartes with the Mark of Slaanesh, anyway.

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