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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


"Apparently so, anyways, that door leads to the kitchen, and behind it, we got some small service entryway. I assume that's as good as we're going to get. Once we're in there, it looks like we're on our own."


Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Magos Rho Epsilon Beta 250-50 "Rebel"
Initiative: 1d10+8 9 Spend Infamy Point to count as rolling 10 for 18 init
Rebel fires off a overcharged shot at one of the snipers arm. The shot "grazes" him and Rebel curses in binary, having wasted his opening volley and a chance to put points on the board.

Half action aim, half action (due to autosenses) to called shot some snipers arm off. BS 40 base +10 MIU for 50. Add +10 if target is under 50m range (doubtful). Setting is on Maximal
Called Shot, (Offhand) vs 50: 1d100 40
Damage Pen 13: 1d10+16 17
Damage Pen 13 FORGOT OVERLOAD DICE: 1d10 1

Replace Dos on one die for 2 DoS (lmao) total damage is 19 on a maximal shot. gently caress this[/i]

Primary Combat Block:
WS  BS  S   T   Ag  Int Per WP  Fel  
40  40  30  30  30  50  35  40  40

Wounds: 18/18   Infamy: 6/7  Initiative: 1d10+8
Half Move: 4 Full Move: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24
SB: 3[5] (Power Armour)  TB: 3
Armour: 13 (All)
Force Field: 50 Overload: 01-05
Awareness: 40[60] (Auto-Senses/Optical Mechadendrite)
Dodge: 30
Medicae: 80
Tech-Use: 80[90] (Combi-Tool)

Weapons: (Currently selected weapons are in BOLD)
Aleph-452 90m S/2/- 1d10+16[19] Pen: 13[26] Clip: 17/20 Rld: 2.5 Full Special: Legacy of Slaughter, Maximal, Reliable, Overheats
Maximal 100m S/2/- 2d10+16[19] Pen: 15[30] Special: Legacy of Slaughter, Maximal, Recharge, Reliable, Overheats
Lasgun 100m S/3/- 1d10+3 E Pen: 0 Clip 60/60 Rld: Half Special: Never Jams
Overcharge 100m S/3/- 1d10+4 E Pen: 0 Special: Never Jams
Overload 100m S/3/- 1d10+5 E Pen: 2 Special: Never Jams
Fallen Magos Power Axe 2d10+9 E Pen: 6 Special: Power Field, Unbalanced, Two Handed
G.C. Servo Arm 1.5m 2d10+14 I Pen: 10

Noteworthy Bionics
B.C. Black Blood: Rebel is always considered lightly wounded and also heals much faster, removing two points of Damage per day. In conjunction with the Prosanguine talent, 
Rebel may make a Tech-Use test after spending 10 minutes in meditation. Success heals 1d5 wounds + 1 for every 2 DoS. 
Rolling a 96 or higher causes Rebel to lose the ability of both talent and implant for one week.
B.C. MIU: Grants  a +10 bonus to Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry, and Weapon Skill tests when interfaced with MIU systems.
G.C. Cerebral Implants: Grants a +20 bonus to Logic and Lore tests as well as Unnatural Intelligence (+2) trait.
Luminen Capacitors: May recharge or power machinery with a successful toughness test.
G.C. Servo Arm: Can extend up to 1.5m from the back mounting and has a fixed strength value of 75 and Unnatural Strength (+7), 
always used no matter the userís personal stats. The servo arm can lift heavy objects or allow Rebel to tether himself to a suitable to a suitable anchor as a Free Action. 
May also be used to strike as the Rebelsí reaction for the round or used to make a Standard Attack (so long as it is only used once per round).
Optical Mechadendrite: +10 to Perception test, may be used as a telescopic sight, IR torch and sensors ensures Rebel takes no penalties and in fact gains a +20 to 
vision-based Perception Tests at night.
Noteworthy Gear:
Combi-Tool: Grants a +10 bonus to Tech-Use tests.
Conversion Field: If the field blocks more than 12 points of damage from a single attack, the release of light acts as a photon flash grenade burst centered on Rebel. Rebel is unaffected by this.
Fallen Magos Power Axe: Counts as having a combi-tool built-in. User may attempt to corrupt Imperial Technologies and their Machine Spirits with them on a -30 Tech-Use test, 
rendering them damaged and unusable except by fellow Hereteks.
Unholy Unguents: Makes a weapon immune to jamming for a full game session, requires a full action to apply properly.

Noteworthy Gifts
Steel-hearted: Counts all enemy fear levels as one lower. Fear 1 enemies have no effect on Rebel.
Wreathed in Chaos: +10 to all interaction tests with Chaosy folks. +10 when intimidating his enemies.

Noteworthy Talents
Ambidextrous: Rebel may use any hand equally well for any task. Does not suffer -20 for actions with off hand. Reduces penalty for two weapon fighting to -10.
Combat Formation: All members of the party including rebel add +1 to Initiative and may also choose to use Rebelís Intelligence Bonus for their Initiative roll rather than their Agility Bonus
Die Hard: Rebel may roll twice when suffering blood loss to avoid death.
Master Chirurgeon: Any successful heal attempt heals 2 additional wounds. If the character is in danger of losing a limb, Rebel provides them a +20 bonus on the toughness test.
Technical Knock: Rebel may unjam any gun he can touch as a half action, but may only do this on one weapon a round.
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee): Can attack with two weapons.
Weapon-Tech: Once per combat encounter, Rebel may increase the damage and penetration of any weapon personally wielded by him by his intelligence bonus for one round. 
Weapon must belong to the Melta, Plasma, Power, or Exotic category to benefit from this.
Whirlwind of Death: Rebel inflicts additional melee damage to a Horde equal to half his WS bonus.

Special Ability
Traitor to Mars: Rebel gains the Binary Chatter ability. This ability increases the loyalty of all minions who are servitors or other cybernetic constructions by 10.  

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