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Successful Businessmanga
Mar 28, 2010

Woo ground floor! I'm interested in getting away from being "divine" for a while. Let's go B

I didn't get to vote as often as I would have liked last game because of my workload, but I should be around for the long run without a problem this time. The forums need more quality CYOAs and I'm glad you're around to provide!


Harvey Baldman
Jan 11, 2011

Justice is bald, like an eagle, or Lady Liberty's docket.

I am all about B, and maybe I won't be totally annihilated this time.

Also yes, I was looking for this thread in GBS earlier.

Aug 30, 2005

a sexy automaton -
powered by dark
oriental magic

a for me.

White Noise Marine
Apr 14, 2010


baby picture
Aug 7, 2004

I wish I could press a button and a rope would instantly tie around my ankle and I would be hung out of the highest window of the highest skyscraper in the world

Voting A

Sep 10, 2011

Voting B 'cause more humans are better than no humans

Jan 10, 2003

B. Didn't participate in the madgod thread, but I'm getting in on this.

Callipygian Weasel
Apr 2, 2010

by Lowtax

The last game was amazing, even if I managed to kill myself by trying to eat a baby.

Not the most glorious of deaths.

This time, seeing the dAwn of time would be a brilliant perspective.

May 3, 2013


I'm not sure what we'll be. That depends on when "the Dawn of Time" is, but I'm going for it!

Dec 22, 2007

Anyone who wants to join us on IRC to discuss basket weaving, good wine or elk hunting is welcome to, but we'll hold off on an update till we get our game back onto the right forum, give it a little more time, I don't think we've been noticed yet, so, give it a little more time.

Feb 27, 2012


Finished reading your previous thread, and it was really good. I enjoyed what you did for the ending. I hope this thread will be just as good.

I vote for B. The big deal for me is that we can't interact humans if they don't exist yet.

Dec 10, 2004

spacetimecontinuu posted:

Oh gosh I remember Goblii; that was the reason I started reading The Land Between the Rivers, actually! What an awesome thread

Glad to know I'm not the one with fond memories of it. Does anyone know if luvcow is still around? A sequel would be neat!

Dio, do you want to want us to hold off on individually asking to get the thread moved? It might help it get noticed, but I wouldn't want us to piss the mods off by flooding the reports queue either

Dec 22, 2007

I messaged a mod roughly twenty seconds after the thread went up and I realized I left something critical out of the title . I think we've just not been noticed yet, please do not spam any mod with requests, I am hopeful it is just a matter of waiting to be noticed.

Diogines fucked around with this message at May 21, 2013 around 00:30

Apr 5, 2010

There was blood and a single gunshot, but just who shot who?

C. Hold the gate until the thread is moved. Forever, if necessary.

Oct 7, 2012

The military might of a country represents its national strength. Only when it builds up its military might in every way can it develop into a thriving country.

I would like fall with style while waiting for the thread to Be moved.

Also, this was asked in last thread, but after you left it, what system do you use for your CYOA?

Deadly Ham Sandwich
Aug 19, 2009

Labaras went into the wilds and brought Enkidu food and then, brought him a slave from the Temple of El, to um... shall we say, gentle him.


Diogines, I just read one of the books, Disc World: Small Gods, you recommended at the end of the Mad God thread. It was good. Was it an inspiration for the tortoises?

You think reading any other books/articles might give me a leg up on this CYOA?

I ride bikes all day
Sep 10, 2007

I shitposted in the same thread for 2 years and all I got was this red text av. Ask me about my autism!

College Slice

A! More power, more creativity.

Sep 13, 2007


Be a man. Or woman or tortoise or "interesting" creature. We've had enough divinity for a while.

Dec 22, 2007

Deadly Ham Sandwich posted:

Diogines, I just read one of the books, Disc World: Small Gods, you recommended at the end of the Mad God thread. It was good. Was it an inspiration for the tortoises?

You think reading any other books/articles might give me a leg up on this CYOA?

It was, yes. It was a little call back to the book for those who had read it. Then we all grew to love Beaky when we met her.

Like the last game, i'll release a reading list after this one is over!

Dec 22, 2007

"Wake up sweetheart" you hear your mother say to you as she lifts you from your crib. She smiles to you and then she frowns, pressing the back of her hand against your forehead. Her hand is freezing as she wipes the sweat from your brow. She turns and calls out "Jalitha! Fetch a jug of water! He has another fever!" You hear another female voice say "Yes Mistress!" You hear the rushing of feet.

As your mother carries you out of the room, you see your home. You are too young to know it, being only a few months old but you live...

CHOICE A. In the city of Baitel. Baitel is a city built of bricks and ringed by a stone wall thirtyfeet high. Compared to it's neighbors, Baitel is a metropolis and is the largest city in Ur. There are other cities and villages nearby, but they are smaller. The land is somewhat arid and it is not heavily forested but there are small scattered forests in the hills and pine, cedar and spruce forests far to the north. The sea is far inland from the sea, Baitel itself is at the edge of a river. Your father is the king of Baitel and the great, great, great grandson of the tribal chieftain who first decided to settle their flocks and plant fields in this land. Men have settled down before, but more and more of the wandering tribes are settling down and taking up farming. Your mother is the daughter of a chieftain of a tribe of nomads, wed to your father to secure peace after a large series of raids. Raids by other nomads still occur, but they are rare and with the exception of bad weather, life is good and prosperous. The population of the city is booming. The most advanced technology known here is the plow. Your people worship an omnipotent, omniscient singular god who is referred to in the Old Tongue as El, though the worship of a wide variety of other gods occurs among those newly come to the city.

CHOICE B. You live among a wandering tribe of nomads known as the Kadmonim. Your father is the Chieftain of the largest and most powerful of the Kadmonim tribes. The tribes of the Kadmonim follow their great flocks of sheep, goats and cattle through the hills and grasslands further east from the coast, a land which is increasingly becoming more settled. Your people trade with other tribes and with the the village and city folk but your people raid their flocks and farms as well. There had been increasing violence with the cities as your people competed for grazing land with settled folk but for now at least, things are once again peaceful. Your older cousin married the king of Baitel to secure a peace of sorts. Your mother is from that city and wed your father as part of a series of marriages to bring peace. Your people worsphip the god Ishat who they believe to be the sun and the father of the gods. Your people believe that a wide variety of gods guide their lives and your people worship them beside Ishat.

CHOICE C. You live in the village of Carine, which lay further east from the coast than other settlements and is at the edge of a vast grassland inhabited by the Pardonim and other nomads. The village lay atop a large hill and is ringed by other hills. The village is not as large as a city, but it is large by the standards of the other nearby villages. There has been talk of even building a wall! As the patriarch of the wealthiest, largest and most respected family in the village, the words of your father, the High Elder, is law. Your mother is the eldest daughter of another prominent family in the village. Your people farm, herd flocks, trade and sometimes raid both the nomads and other settlements. After the end of a rather large series of raids, life is again calm and peaceful. Your people worship the same gods as the tribes of the Kadmonim but revere Nikall, goddess of grain and growing things above all others.

CHOICE D. You live in the small fishing village of Athar, a small and isolated village which lay west of Baitel, along the coast and much further south. Your village is isolated and distant from other villages, cities and tribes, though there are a few other small villages fishing further south. Your people settled here long ago, they fish the seas as they have since time out of memory, vaguely aware that there are other peoples, but interacting with them rarely. Your father is the village priest of Asherah, who your people believe made the world and swims through the sea as an immense fish, causing storms and the tides. Your people know that many other leaser gods, the offspring of Asherah, also exist, most of whom also live in the sea, though they know that the gods of other peoples exist as well, though they are surely demons and trickster spirits.

If you want to, feel free to join us on irc #madgod on The channel tends to always have some people in it and is especially active when updates go up.

If you do not know what IRC is, here is a web based chat version which will not require you to register or download anything:


An initial count of the vote in the morning, as of the time of this post:

A. 14
B. 5
C. 6
D. 35

An update will go up this evening, but I will answer very, very basic questions about each starting location till then. Anything about specific persons or practices, it is too early to cover, but things like the local environment and very basic information about each group is fair game.

Piracy does not exist, since there is no real travel or commerce by sea yet and thus nothing to steal.

D is the most primitive and isolated starting group. A is the most advanced and interconnected and B and C somewhere inbetween, C being more advanced but B being better traveled.

As always, voting is open till we post otherwise and you can vote or edit at any time.

Diogines fucked around with this message at Nov 2, 2013 around 12:53

There Bias Two
Jan 13, 2009
I'm not a good person

A sounds like the most exciting option. Think of all the exciting adventures we could have as a prince!

Hot Yellow KoolAid
Aug 17, 2012

After being stuck in a Desert all last game, I would like to Vote for D.

Hot Dog Day #82
Jul 5, 2003

Soiled Meat

Choice D

Now that we have decided to play as a mortal, I think we should go all in with the "being at the end of the food chain" idea. What better way is there to begin our destiny than in a fishing village? Many people will be tempted to go with the more prestigious options, but I think that being born into poor circumstances will give us the most rewarding character and a fresh perspective.

Jun 28, 2006

Going with D. I know the odds are slim, but maybe there will be chances for piracy along this path.

Nine Votes Now
Sep 17, 2007

Choice D

Bottom to the top.

Dec 22, 2007

The land is arid, but none of it is a desert. Water is far more abundant, the wilderness has patches of grasses and green throughout and forests exist.

*takes a chomp*
Sep 4, 2006

Vote D

Feb 15, 2012

Perfectly logical poster who uses the tools available to him to come to solid conclusions

Hot Yellow KoolAid posted:

After being stuck in a Desert all last game, I would like to Vote for D.

My feelings exactly. Time for a little water! D

That, and the sea offers boundless opportunities for exploration later on!

EDIT: OK, apparently we wouldn't be in a desert with the other choices. But I still wanna be a pirate, so my vote stays where it is. Yaaaaar.

FoxTerrier fucked around with this message at May 21, 2013 around 03:17

Cat Wings
Oct 12, 2012

I'm thinking b this time. Everyone else is all settled down, but wandering around gives more chances for adventure!

Feb 17, 2011

Stay low.

I'm gonna go with D

Successful Businessmanga
Mar 28, 2010

Going with D I'm excited to be a fishing zealot!

Sep 10, 2011

Choice C I want us to start small but D sounds a bit to isolated to me.

May 6, 2009


Grimey Drawer

If possible, I vote for being the child of a nobody in a small nomad tribe.

Otherwise, D.

Mad Wack
Mar 27, 2008




Debbie Metallica
Jun 7, 2001

Diogines posted:

The update is ready and will go up as soon as we are back on GBS.

It's staying, so please feel free to continue the game here.

A Terrible Person
Jan 8, 2012

The Dance of Friendship

Voting for C.

Jan 23, 2007

Money And Power Through Homicide!

Option A

Nov 21, 2005


You got too big for your britcbes Diog, the game stays here. B: Praise the Sun!

Dec 22, 2009


D sounds cool.


Jan 10, 2003

D because there are fewer people to disappoint and less likelihood that a gate exists in the village for people to hold.

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