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Nov 15, 2005

So I'm in the market for a new laptop. There are some stipulations though from my IT guy at work.

1) Has to be an HP
2) Has to be a business model (ProBook, EliteBook, or maybe even a work station)

I honestly don't do any CAD work but if needed I could ask for a work station and they would get it for me. I would like to lightly game with it if possible while traveling but the video options seem to be lacking.

This is what I've gathered from here HP Link

I'd like a true quad core (I7 or I5 with a QM suffix)
My video options are Intel HD 4000, AMD Radeon HD 7570M (1 GB GDDR5 dedicated) , and the word station cards (FirePro M4000 or a Qaudro).

Any one have any advise?


Nov 15, 2005

dissss posted:

What's your actual usage? How often are you at your desk vs travelling? When you travel how do you do it?

Personally I'm using a 2560p (which is only a dual core but that's plenty for most tasks) + docking station + dual monitors. This combination gives a decent experience when I'm at my desk but is sufficiently small and compact to travel with while having great battery life.

The serious downside is using the laptop display is somewhat painful, its a 1366x768 panel and not a good one either.

I also have a docking station and run dual monitors, so this is more or less my desktop as well. Most of engineering has those retardedly expensive HP towers which is why I can justify the workstation.

When traveling I'll be plugged in at the hotel etc. I haven't pulled my laptop out on a flight in years so battery life isn't really an issue.

The newer docking stations run right though USB it seems? My old one was a pain anyway.

:edit: I didn't think about the 2 27" monitors I push with it. I think I'm stuck into a work station. Even the FirePro 4000 might not be enough to get any decent resolution while the laptop is docked at my desk. This is going to get very expensive very quickly. I maybe better off getting a separate desktop and laptop but my IT guy will sure to frown on that. Looks like a 4000 dollar laptop maybe on its way. Welp.

The workstations use my old docking station though

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Nov 15, 2005

So I'll ge getting a HP workstation it seems. The standard video card is a FirePro m4000. For an extra $100 I can upgrade to a quadro 1000 or $200 for a quadro 2000. It seems some benchmarks rank the ati card higher and compare it to a m7750. Worth the extra dollars even though I can find no decent information on workstation cards?

Nov 15, 2005

This maybe a dumb question but I've read and havent got a decent answer.

I "think" I'm content on a new rMBP with a thunderbolt display as a docking station at work. I know I should wait for hanswell which I can for a "bit". But is there any non apple laptops that have or can connect to a apple thunderbolt display with the ease of an apple product? The is a few youtube clips but it seems like a lot of jerry rigging.

When booting up in bootcamp to win 7 via a macbook is there any issues connecting to a thunderbolt display?

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