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Apr 3, 2009

The best way I can describe this movie is: Transformers meets Godzilla.

With that being said, I absolutely loved this movie the both times I've seen it. What's better is that I saw it with two entirely different people (my best friend and then my wife) who also liked it for different reasons. My friend enjoyed it since the movie to him was a real life anime complete with monsters & giant mechs. My wife loved the film's concept & alternate universe setting (as well as the adorable bulldog.)

The Good:

The soundtrack and sound effects for this film are top-notch. This combination during the dramatic introduction of Gypsy Danger was so awe inspiring that it gave me the chills. You cheer for every mech punch thrown at those goddamned alien-monsters and the sheer size & scale of the action can be felt in every battle (especially in Imax/3D.) Like others have said, it sets the action bar high to start with & it only gets better with time.

Personally, I also dig the entire concept of a struggling world trying to cope with such a large scale catastrophe. It's not ID4 where aliens show up one day and start wrecking poo poo nor is it a post-apocalyptic film where all the significant damage has been done before the story begins. But rather the tail end of a bitter see-saw war stretched over 12 years that has left an undeniable negative mark on society, which is typical when on the losing end of a war of attrition.

The Not-So-Good:

The main drawback is that just enough background story is given throughout the movie to advance the plot and nothing more. While I believe Del Toro didn't want the back story to bog down movie (which is already long by today's standards @ 2 hrs 17 min), a whole rich alternate universe is somewhat ignored & largely left to the imagination to the moviegoer. This isn't a bad thing as a novella, comic, and coffee table book are available on Amazon to fill in the gaps, but it seems a waste to dream up an entire alternate world & not explore it.

The character development has been cited as a weak point in the film (I agree) & there's no movie plot cliche you haven't seen before. However, the overall concept of humanity's near impending doom allow these faults to not bring down the film as the gravity of the situation makes these issues seem moot in a "if we lose, none of this poo poo matters" sort of way.

Regardless, this movie is best described as a whole greater than the sum of it's parts. And to put this in perspective, this is the first movie I have gone to the theater to see twice since 1996 & I gladly paid the more expensive IMAX/ 3D prices both times. And it is likely I will do the exact same thing if a sequel is made.

5/5 Easy.

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