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Jul 1, 2003

...the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. —Bertrand Russell

Welcome to Inspect Your Gadgets, complete with self-explanatory name. Following these simple rules will make life easier for everyone.

If you have any questions, you can contact Thermopyle directly via PM or some SA email address that's somewhere in the Forum Rules pages (PM is preferred).

Forum Rules:
  1. General forum rules apply here. If it'll get you probated or banned elsewhere, the same applies here. Don't be a dickface. A good way to determine this is, "Does my post belong here or in the comments section of Engadget?" If the answer is "Engadget" you should seriously consider posting it there instead.
  2. Use megathreads where appropriate. If it's a small question and doesn't deserve its own thread, put it in a megathread.
  3. Certain topics don't belong in this forum. Before you post, ask yourself "Would this fit better somewhere else?". For example, things like "Who else works at X?" don't belong here. If you have a question about what fits, feel free to ask. Given that this is a forum about gadgets/cell phones/tablets, there shouldn't be a long thought process involved in where to put your thread.
  4. If you have a problem, don't close your thread or edit it out once you fix it. Much like SH/SC, if someone has the same problem later, it could prove useful.
  5. No filez. Apps are pretty easy to grab illegally for free, do whatever you want on your own but don't talk about it here. Unless otherwise stated we will all assume you bought whatever app you're talking about, if you feel the need to talk about how you got some new calendar program for free you'll probably end up on probation or banned.
  6. Read the FAQ. Don't ask questions from the FAQ unless you really don't get something or you will be ridiculed and possibly probated or banned. So read the FAQ!
  7. Thread tags... Apparently, it's difficult to figure this one out, so I'll spell it out: Using the "poo poo post" or any other stupid thread tag is now automatic probation.

Extra rules for phone threads because some people need things spelled out:
  1. Thread about specific phones/OSes: Do not bring up the iPhone in Android threads and vice versa because you have made the superior choice in phones and must inform the unwashed masses. Offering an opinion in the "recommend a phone" thread does not mean you need to be a huge cock about it, or to anyone with a different opinion. They are just gadgets.
  2. No carrier chat in the phone threads. There are carrier threads for all your plan and upgrade needs.
  3. You should not post anything in a thread which only applies to you and stands no chance of helping anyone else. This includes shipping details, how crappy AT&T's service is near your house, and the like. Think before you post. We don't care what you just got in the mail unless you want to be informative about telling us.
  4. Tethering talk is fine. It's easy to do even if you're not using your carrier's paid app to do so. Unless otherwise stated, we will all assume it's just fine by your carrier's terms of service. If you feel the need to brag about being a rebel or asking for help breaking your TOS, you will probably end up on probation or banned. Don't be the "tethering is immoral and illegal" guy, that guy will probably end up on probation or banned for being wrong and annoying.
  5. Zero tolerance on poo poo posting. This includes snide remarks that serve no purpose as well as AOLspeak and other garbage. Also, use your shift key, even if it's on your phone. Phones do a better job at capitalizing for you so there are no excuses.
  6. These rules are enforced entirely at the whims of the moderation staff. Decisions do not have to be fair. If a moderator thinks you are being a dick, you will be banned, regardless of whether you broke a specific rule. So don't be a dick.
  7. Excessive crossposting is completely unnecessary most of the time. Don't post the same thing in three threads because your first post didn't get an immediate reply.

Of course, failure to read these rules is not an excuse to disobey them.

Just remember: There is no reason to act like a cock in a thread about a loving cellular phone, so don't do it.

Thermopyle's Addendums to the ancient IYG rules
  • To date, the mods have made zero mistakes, so think carefully before you contest your punishment.
  • For some reason there are at least five references to penis in these rules.
  • Windows Phone is the best gadget OS.


Feb 13, 2007

Hello gadget nerds, I'm the new sheriff in town. Please feel free to PM me anytime if you have any questions or issues! I will be continuing Thermopyle's tradition of never making mistakes, but from now on it is to be known that BlackBerry 10 is the best phone OS.

Feb 13, 2007

Please feel free to use the report function, or PM me if you have platinum, if you need a thread title changes or something like that. You don't only have to talk to me if assholes are afoot! Reports and PMs are not only for bad things. Thank you and have a nice day!

Feb 13, 2007

I can't believe I have to say this, but it's not acceptable to use words like "retard" or "retarded" to describe something in 2019. I'm going to issue increasingly harsh penalties if I catch this. Thank you for this completely unnecessary PSA.

Jul 6, 2013

Just noting I'm currently handling this forum, on the off chance someone hadn't noticed my name shows up next to it in the forum list now but is going to notice the rules thread updating. :shrug:

Also, holy hell those rules are out of date. In case it wasn't obvious, most of those rules no longer apply. I don't have time to update them right now, but at some point I might work on that or start a thread for suggestions on what the rules should read.

Anyway, if anything comes up that needs a mod, let me know.

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