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John Lee
Mar 2, 2013

A time traveling adventure everyone can enjoy

Ragnarok is the poo poo, although a local version would look better and be less buggy. (It's alternately called Ragnarok or Valhalla.) It's got a great plot, though; you have to go around fixing all the lovely things that happened in Norse mythology (give Tyr an extra arm, find Frey's sword, fix the death of Baldur) so the world will be in good enough shape to actually survive during Ragnarok.

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Mar 22, 2013

I'm not exactly an ADOM expert but I know some about it.

Unimpressed posted:

Finally, a meta question, given ADOM has been out there forever and it's super spoilery, should questions about ADOM be spoiler protected as above?
I don't see much point in spoiler tagging everything about ADOM. Maybe for ultra ending stuff (nobody's gonna do an ultra ending without being spoiled anyways) or for the new endings added in version 3, but certainly not basic game mechanics.


If you find an altar early on in a level that spawns enemies, and if you have a good source of food (stomafillia or lots of cooked lizards or maybe a staff of nourishment), you can theoretically crown as soon as you find it depending on your tolerance for tedium. Just run laps around the level waiting for monster spawns and kite them over to the altar. As your character level increases, the piety for sacrificing chump monsters like goblins decreases, so past the early game this becomes less of an option and your main route is gonna be sacrificing gold.

You can only sacrifice about 10 stomafillia herbs before you get a funny message and the god stops accepting them.

You probably shouldn't crown chaotic. Instead, convert to neutral or possibly lawful. For low level PCs, it's very easy to convert your alignment to that of an altar by making repeated lovely low-value sacrifices on it (sac 1 gold at a time). Being chaotic kinda sucks in general and crowning pretty much locks you into your alignment. Crowning as chaotic also "gifts" you with a bunch of corruptions on top of the normal crowning effects. (If you're willing to scum for an early crowning and you find an altar on a good level, it's probably even worth converting from lawful to neutral or vice versa to make use of it.)

There are some special considerations for crowning if you want an ultra ending: Ultra endings require several mandatory alignment changes, and you must put off crowning until you're done with them. You can safely crown as neutral or lawful after recieving Gaab'Bay's second quest, but you can't crown as chaotic until after receiving the Trident of the Red Rooster.


They will still raise your stats to the potential limit, just not past it. But eating them all at once is wasteful. It's best to use/eat 2-4 at a time depending on BUC, just enough for one stat increase. After you get a message about your stats increasing from training, eat 2-4 more, and so on until you reach your potential maximum. Then throw everything left into the garbage. Or maybe hold onto them in case some dickwad lich drains your stats.

Kobold Sex Tape
Feb 17, 2011

chaotic crowning blows for all those reasons but also if you go early chaotic crowning you're missing out on tome of donor buffs and ice queen domain quests, a.k.a. 4 free cure corruption potions, some stats, and a crack at a greater vault and a bunch of giant corpse drops. rolf maybe also doesn't like chaotic people but i don't know much about rolf quest stuff

fun fact morgia b/u/c doesnt matter. chow down on cursed ones all you want

Burning Rain
Jul 17, 2006

What's happening?!?!

I refunded Slay the Spire after a bit less than two hours when it first came out, as it just seemed to expect me to game the mechanics and encounters much more than dream quest or monster slayers - and it wasn't as fun to do it as in either for some reason.

in a similar vein, Nowhere Prophet sounds really cool (RPS just wrote about it), but it's only on, and I don't think I'm going to drop 20 bucks on it without a refund option:

please knock Mom!
Nov 9, 2011

Goddomme Jan!

Slay the spire is roguelike dominion.

Jack Trades
Nov 30, 2010

"In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my superior intelligence."
- Me

please knock Mom! posted:

Slay the spire is roguelike dominion.

Thanks for un-selling me on it.

Dec 10, 2011

Proudly representing vanilla legends 1994-2014

Some bad advice being given on ADOM in here. The gods do not appreciate it when you try giving them food bought from the ratling vendors. Don't do it. Stomafillia has also been nerfed, in that you can only get so much piety from it before the gods start refusing it; I think you can still save up one huge stack of blessed and burn it at once, though.

The best way to get crowned is to save up a bunch of sis and sacrifice them along with useless artifacts like Big Punch. But don't do it until level 16 at the least, so you can clear the Pyramid and equip the Ancient Mummy Wrapping. When you're crowned you get a random elemental immunity that you don't already have; cold is the worst one to get because it's so easy to get elsewhere. Fire is the most useful in the long term, but there's also multiple ways to get that. The hardest immunity to get naturally is acid, which only comes from eating a rare corpse, so most people try to game it by having fire, cold and lightning immunity when they are crowned.

Klaus Kinski
Nov 26, 2007
Der Klaus

please knock Mom! posted:

Slay the spire is roguelike dominion.

Monster slayers is muuuuch more like playing spin decks in Dominion.

I'd say it's a good bit more forgiving than dream quest, especially dq on hard. The problem is you don't know what enemies or boss you'll encounter so you can get absolutely hosed by that.


PMush Perfect
Sep 30, 2009

Sorry I kept you waiting.

Klaus Kinski posted:

Monster slayers is muuuuch more like playing spin decks in Dominion.

I'd say it's a good bit more forgiving than dream quest, especially dq on hard. The problem is you don't know what enemies or boss you'll encounter so you can get absolutely hosed by that.
Russian roulette is much more forgiving than boxing, because you only get hit some of the time.

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