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Radio Spiricom
Aug 17, 2009

late convert here -- just started listening to the dead the other day on a whim and for the past 3 days they've been all i've been listening to. i guess it was bound to happen that it's finally clicking in a way it didn't when my friends in hs tried selling me on em (was always more into punk/hardcore/post-punk) but really how could i possibly dislike a band that tried titling an album skullfuck?

so far i've listened to:

27/08/1972 (veneta or)
europe 72
skull & roses
dicks picks vol 1
road trips vol. 2.2 (valentines day 1968)
28/02/1969 and 01/03/1969 (fillmore west)

the dark star > st stephen > the eleven on a bunch of these is some of the best music i've heard in months...

anyway i guess i'm just looking at where to go next? the weirder darker louder and more out there the better, my interest in them mostly comes from my interest in improvised music (jazz/fusion, noise, eai, dj sets) and the psych/krautrock bands that took after them (amon düül, agitation free, hawkwind, bardo pond, etc)


Radio Spiricom
Aug 17, 2009

ty both

i suppose i should give grayfolded a listen at some point too?

in the meantime i have been listening to as many 68/69 sets as i can get my hands on

Radio Spiricom
Aug 17, 2009

oh man the second two discs of dicks picks 16 :lsd:

Radio Spiricom
Aug 17, 2009

global tetrahedron posted:

another good one is DP4, has excellent The Other One and Dark Star and plenty of that brittle primal dead psych sound. Bobby really shines on this one

i listened to it fairly early on so i need to revisit but china rider and the other one>dark star>love light on it are definitely highlights

i'm going through europe 72 on spotify right now, vol. 7 (bremen) is pretty all over the place but jerry's playing on the other one is completely explosive, maybe one of my favorites so far

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