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May 6, 2007

Dinosaur Gum

Agrikk posted:

I was cleaning up in my garage just now and decided to tidy up the cabling in my cabinet. I saw this weird discoloration in one of the empty rj-45 ports so I pulled out a flashlight for a closer inspection.

It was a spider. A gnarly piece of poo poo gently caress-you gross spider.

It was all snugged in there so I couldn't swat it or stab it or crush it without forever getting guts all up in the port and the shop vac couldn't pull enough air around it to dislodge it.

I'm ready to smash the whole switch out with a hammer and set fire to my garage.
You don't have a can of compressed air around?


Oct 7, 2003

benny with the good hair

No spider that fits entirely in an Ethernet port can be that gross.

Sep 14, 2002

Try and grow a pair, then remove the spider husk. Might work.

Oct 17, 2003

Do not ingest.

Inspector_666 posted:

No spider that fits entirely in an Ethernet port can be that gross.

redeyes posted:

Try and grow a pair, then remove the spider husk. Might work.

gently caress that. All spiders are the devilís own spawn.



I went back a couple hours later and he had started to build a web from the corner of my cabinet down to the bezel of the switch.

Out came the shop vac and schoop!

Iím glad I didnít have to burn my house down.

Agrikk fucked around with this message at Sep 22, 2018 around 00:26

Jul 31, 2011

At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card if it was illegitimate.

Friday is our arbitrary "code freeze" for the sprint. I've bitched about how we run that in here before, update: we're officially down to essentially five or six days of coding per "two week" sprint at this point.

This sprint I got the big 8 point behemoth story, so it's fun trying to get that done inside that tiny window. This team has a horrible habit of last second meetings and poo poo to distract you that hasn't improved; Wednesday I got tapped to do a hotfix deployment I had absolutely nothing to do with except, "Hey that guy hasn't done one in a while." (because my code doesn't break poo poo ).

I managed to get it done just under the wire at about 11am Friday. Code review? There was ONE legitimate criticism, I had missed a new service that had been recently added. It was a pain, but not too overly difficult to go in and basically duplicate my work on a different area (I see why it was added, it's gorgeous compared to the old poo poo).

The rest, though? Nonstop demands to change this variable name, change this default value to a constant we add to our endless files, oh can you modify this other service that's out of scope to just return '1' for the conversion rate if the currencies are identical (like I had pointed out when it was written a week ago)? Oh and I don't like using the session object to detect a request's country in HERE, can you move it out to HERE?

But what's infuriating is my code WORKED, and there were also messages every 15-20 minutes wanting updates on when testing can begin. So....why don't we just loving test it as is, and you spawn a subtask for me to clean up cosmetic poo poo over the next 3 days when I will be forbidden from getting a started on code for next sprint so I'll have nothing to do?

Our "Agile" process is hopelessly broken. These arbitrary deadlines are the entire cause; if there wasn't a needless scramble to get everything in that day because someone heard another company use the term "code freeze", this would have all worked just's tedious to track down every function call across 25 or so files affected to update the arguments passed into it (since they want to move where poo poo like conversion rate gets calculated), but it's not really that bad UNLESS it's 4:30 on a Friday with a pointless cutoff.

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