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red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

What is KGB/Conspiracy?
KGB is a point-and-click adventure game by French developer Cryo Interactive, based off of the same engine as Dune. It's infamous for being one of the hardest adventure games ever made.

The game was originally released in 1992 as KGB, for both the PC and the Amiga. A year later, they released another version of the game, called Conspiracy.

What's the difference between the two versions?
The only difference is the name change, the intro, and the addition of FMVs featuring Donald Sutherland. Because of this, it's often referred to as KGB/Conspiracy. I'll be playing the Conspiracy version, but I'll be showing off both intros.

Why is the game so difficult?
It isn't forgiving in the slightest. Sometimes, you get into situations where the game is unwinnable, but you don't get a game over. You usually will know when that happens, but not always. Fortunately, you can just restart the chapter. There's no pixel hunts or anything like that, but there are some serious gently caress-you moments. There's also a lot of difficult puzzles, which usually involve logic and not just random clicking. The puzzles aren't the hardest part of the game, though. The biggest challenge is not screwing up.

Is the game any good?
I'd say so. It has a very unique atmosphere and plenty of interesting puzzles. There isn't really a game quite like it.

Where can I get this game?
I'm not sure it's available for purchase anywhere except maybe on eBay. It's generally considered abandonware. I can't really go into detail about that, but you can vote for this game to be added to the Good Old Games catalog here.

The game takes place in late-period Soviet Russia , so here's a very quick run-over of what was happening during the game's time period.

In 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev is elected General Secretary of the Communist Party. The Soviet Union is plagued with problems at this point, including a poor standard of living and a stagnant economy. Gorbachev decides to implement several reforms.

They are:
  • Perestroika – Political and economic reforms, aimed at creating a more democratic and free-market society. This is the one most often mentioned in the game.
  • Glasnost – More cultural and political openness, and less censorship.
The long, bloody war in Afghanistan, waged against the American-backed mujahideen, comes to a close. Meanwhile, there is a lot of unrest throughout the USSR, and several Soviet republics start thinking about separatism. Much of the unrest is due to Gorbachev's policies, especially glasnost. Large-scale demonstrations begin to happen. Efforts to suppress these movements often fail. Gorbachev's policies are criticized often, both for being too fast and too slow. Communist Party hardliners begin to worry for the future of the state.

The game begins in Moscow, on August 1991.

LP Details

I'll be LPing the game with screenshots instead of video because the game doesn't have any animation or voice acting or anything like that worth showing off, though it does have a nice soundtrack. I will be including some videos of the game's handful of FMVs. Note that the black-and-white Rukov portrait represents in-character commentary, while the colored Rukov portrait represents in-game dialogue.

I'll also be including bonus updates and interludes that show off stuff not covered in the main updates. Game overs, alternate conversation paths, and so on.

Spoiler policy: Pretty typical. No spoilers, except in tags. You can, of course, talk about stuff that's already happened. Feel free to speculate, but don't confirm or deny any speculation.

Update 0 - Two Intros
Update 1 - First Day at Department P | Update 1 Bonus
Update 2 - Uncle Vanya | Update 2 Bonus
Update 3 - Golitsin's Last Words | Update 3 Bonus
Update 4 - Hollywood and Buyer 2 | Update 4 Bonus

Interlude 1 - The People of Kursk Street
Interlude 2 - People of Shining Future, part 1
Interlude 3 - People of Shining Future, part 2

Update 5 - On the Trail | Update 5 Bonus
Update 6 - Meet the Belussovs | Update 6 Bonus
Update 7 - The Enthusiastic Progress Club | Update 7 Bonus
Update 8 - Meatshop | Update 8 Bonus
Update 9 - Revelations | Update 9 Bonus
Update 10 - Movie Star | Update 10 Bonus
Update 11 - Hollywood's Code | Update 11 Bonus
Update 12 - Performance Review | Update 12 Bonus

Chapter 1 Recap

Update 13 - Leningrad | Update 13 Bonus
Update 14 - Code Cracker | Update 14 Bonus
Update 15 - The Sword and Shield | Update 15 Bonus
Update 16 - Just a Cigar | Update 16 Bonus
Update 17 - Meeting in Ladoga Park | Update 17 Bonus
Update 18 - Preparations | Update 18 Bonus
Update 19 - The Moscow Connection | Update 19 Bonus
Update 20 - Mr. X | Update 20 Bonus
Update 21 - Inside Cut-throat | Update 21 Bonus
Update 22 - Master of Disguise | Update 22 Bonus
Update 23 - Garbage Disposal | Update 23 Bonus
Update 24 - Welcome to the Hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda | Update 24 Bonus
Update 25 - The Americans | Update 25 Bonus
Update 26 - Room 416 | Update 26 Bonus
Update 27 - An Old Friend | Update 27 Bonus
Update 28 - Interrogation | Update 28 Bonus
Update 29 - The Truth | Update 29 Bonus
Update 30 - Two Meetings | Update 30 Bonus

NOTE: At this point, I went on hiatus and Xander77 finished the game's last two chapters. Thanks, Xander.

Chapter 2 Recap

Chapters 3 & 4

Update 31 | Update 31 Bonus
Update 32
Update 33 | Update 32-33 Bonus
Update 34 - FINALE
Final Bonus and Plot Explanations

Appendix - Best posts from the thread - Part 1 | Part 2

Here's a really cool chart made by Elite, showing all of the various characters, their relationships with one another, and their role in the game's many sinister conspiracies. Made after the end of Chapter 3, so it has spoilers for everything up to that point. Link

Give it a listen. It's pretty good.

PC (Stephane Picq)

PC – MT-32 emulator

Amiga (Alexandre Ekian)

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red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 0 – Two Intros

Welcome to KGB/Conspiracy! Before we get started, let's take a look at the game's interface.

The interface is fairly simple. Right-clicking leads to a menu that lets you choose an action:

Hide – You can't hide everywhere. The place you're hiding is shown by a little icon of a shadowy guy in a fedora.
Talk – Self-explanatory. Initiates a conversation with someone.
Go – Moves you to another screen.
Use – Make use of some object.
Move – Move an object around. Usually a dead body.
Smart pointer – Context-sensitive. Action changes depending on what you click.
Fight – Attack somebody. Only usable in certain situations. Since you're a former spetsnaz, you'll usually win one-on-one fights.
Listen – Puts your ear to a door to listen to any conversations going on offscreen.
Look – Provides a description of something or someone.
Knock – Knocks on a door.

The clock shows the current game time. It's always a good idea to pay attention to it. In this game, being too late for certain events can cost you your life.

The button below the clock is the rewind button. It doesn't actually transport you back in time, but it does show some of your previous actions. Useful if you want to review a recent conversation.

The hourglass button lets you move time forward more quickly. It'll stop if something happens. The wrench button is the options menu.

This button

leads to a map of the area. Useful if you get lost.

This is a map of our starting location, Department P.

Back to the main screen. The box in the middle gives a preview of your inventory. Click it to bring up the inventory screen.

This is the inventory. You can look at, use, destroy, or take objects.

Clicking this button

will play an FMV where your father, played by Donald Sutherland, gives you some advice. Other than the intro, this is really the only difference between the KGB and Conspiracy versions of the game.

With that out of the way, let's begin.

Video – Intro

Apologies for the poor quality of the video. It looks like that in the game.

Developed by the same guys that made Dune. The game even uses the same engine.

Conspiracy opens with an FMV showing historical footage from the USSR's August Coup.

Opening text:
Maksim Mikhailovich Rukov is my real name but I use other names. You see, I have made some enemies over the past few years. I am an intelligence officer. A secret agent, if you prefer. My current duties and whereabouts are classified, naturally.

The adventure you are about to experience is based on a series of incidents which took place back in August of 1991, a few days before these pictures were filmed in Moscow. As you know, the putsch was defeated; I like to imagine that was due in some measure to me.

And yet, my uncle Vanya points out, if I am a hero, it is only because I managed not to get myself killed! I have always felt Vanya has a tendency to exaggerate. Believe me, I did not choose to become a KGB officer: that 'privilege' was accorded me just before the events described in this adventure. Until then, I had been a Soviet soldier. Not just any soldier, I grant you. Spetsnaz are elite troops, trained for sabotage and intelligence operations deep behind enemy lines.

I had made a number of parachute drops inside 'unfriendly' countries; you would be surprised to know the full extent of my activities! What you have to understand is that Spetsnaz was a GRU organization, and the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) was directly under KGB control. So when I received an 'invitation' to join Department P of the KGB protectorate in Moscow, I was hardly in a position to refuse.

My father would have been horrified. As a GRU officer, he of course detested everything about the KGB. He and my mother are both dead, by the way. Blown up in a booby-trapped car in Tajikistan when I was still a boy.

I had never heard of this Department P. Uncle Vanya advised me to do my duty but watch my back. Well, naturally he would say that. He too is an ex-GRU officer. 'We are living in perilous times, Maks,' he said. 'and sometimes we are forced to do things we don't necessarily approve of!' Vanya has always had a taste for the melodramatic.

Maksim Mikhailovich... I am surprised at you, my son. They have finally put you in KGB uniform. At captain, no less. But then, rooting out corruption in the very heart of the KGB should prove to be a worthy assignment for my idealistic son.
Beware, Maks, your naive enthusiasm. You are running with a pack of wolves who would do anything to keep what they have stolen from the people of Russia. When you get into trouble - and believe me, you will get into trouble - think of me. Imagine what I with my legendary intuition would have done to solve the problem.
My intuition! You see me now, Maks, as I live on in your memory, before your mother and I were blown to pieces in that booby-trapped car. So much for my intuition, huh? One last thing...
Buried somewhere beneath all the corruption is an ideal that many millions of honest people believed in. They may be fools, but they deserve the truth. Find it for them, Maks.

Roll credits

Let's take a look at KGB's intro, shall we? It's a weird pesudo-FMV. I'll be narrating it, since it's sometimes hard to tell what's going on. Don't ask me what the deal is with the red filter, by the way, because I honestly don't know.

Somebody's lockpicking a door.

They're successful, and manage to open the door.

Somebody's typing on a computer. They've got a revolver close at hand.

A real shady-looking guy has his back against the wall. The computer guy is still typing away.

He draws a silenced pistol.

Computer guy's still typing, oblivious to what's going on.

The shady guy shoots the computer guy right in the back of the head.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 1 – First Day at Department P

4:00 PM

Looks like Rukov isn't too happy with his new job.

Let's check out our new office. We'll be working in the same office as Belov and someone named Shevkova.

They packed us in here like sardines. I miss the GRU already.

Inspect the book
“The Soviet constitution” and “Why our constitution is the best”.

Inspect the dossiers
Case files. A lot of paper signifying little.

Inspect the portrait
F.E. Dzerzhinski

Use our typewriter
Testing the keyboard, you notice that the uppercase “T” is weak.

Well, I guess this is my new life. A desk job. My father would be ashamed.

Suddenly, Rukov's father appears in a grainy FMV.

If you ever need help, my son, just think of me.
If you ever have a hallucination of your dead father, the best thing to do is to ask him for advice.

At any time, we can ask our father, Mikhail Rukov, for hints through the inventory screen. Sometimes he tells us something useful. Mostly he just tells us to piss off.

Video – Dad generic dialogue

And so your career begins, Max. Allow me to offer one piece of advice: talk to everyone; trust no one.
Talk to everyone. Got it.

Let's begin by talking to our coworker, Belov.

Inpsect Belov
He conforms to leninist norms.

What a superb office you have comrade.

Not sure what that means, but okay.
Reporting on a mission successfully completed, comrade?

A bit touchy. I'm not sure I like Belov.
A pity we have no female colleagues here.

Have yourself examined.
I mean, of course not! Just diligently anti-sexist, as current thinking exhorts.
Have confidence in the Party's forward-looking decisions.
What a pretentious Party hack.
A pity this office is so small.

My apologies, comrade. I'm not yet used to new conditions.

Pity Vovlov is keeping me waiting so long.

Not if they're correct, comrade.
Beware subversive foot-dragging!
Worthless pen-pusher! While I was out fighting for my country, Belov was here sucking up to his superiors!

Let's try asking Belov some questions about the place.

Ask about...Belov
I am the modest son of honest parents, both shockworkers of Soviet toil!

Ask about...your other colleagues
I have no reason to doubt the Party's far-sightedness in assigning comrade lieutenant Shevkova to her position.

Talk about...Shevkova
She often works with comrade colonel Galushkin, who appreciates her outstanding qualities and desire to give satisfaction at all levels.
Apparently I do have a female colleague. I'm not sure why Belov didn't mention her before.

Ask about...Vovlov
Comrade major Vovlov is an exemplary officer and new-thinking toiler!

Ask about...Galushkin
Comrade colonel Galushkin is an inspirational leader and did his internationalist duty, aiding our Afghan comrades.

Well, that's enough out of him. I'll go wait in the hallway.

There's more potential dialogue options with Belov. I'll be showing those off in a bonus update.

Inspect the statue
An astonishingly inspirational example of Soviet art work.

Inspect the guard
Rigid, loyal, and disciplined.

He looks friendlier than Belov. Maybe he's worth talking to.

Stand at ease.

The guard stands even more stiffly than before.

What is your name, comrade?
Lyalin, comrade captain.
You heard the one about Gorbachev standing the bread queue?
Yes, comrade captain!
You heard the one about Gorbachev in the gulag?
Yes, comrade captain!
drat, he's heard all the good ones.
How's the nightlife here in Moscow?
I am not at liberty to engage in conversations, comrade captain.
Well, he was a bit boring. I guess I'll just have to wait a while.


Goddamn toady.

drat it. Lost track of time.

Go at once to the office of Pyotr Deisovich Golitsin, at Red October Street, 17. Golitsin, whose body was fished out of the river this morning, was a so-called private detective. The militia was forced to call us in because he was, until a few years ago, a KGB officer. Our duty is simply to ensure his death has no state security implications.
First day on the job and I'm already investigating a probable murder. A little more exciting than I thought it would be.
Check his office for anything of interest to us. Give me your report by 6 pm. Waste no time on this routine task, comrade. I want no complaints from the militia about KGB heavy-handedness.

I shall spare no efforts!

Let's take a look around Vovlov's office.

So much for Soviet efficiency. Still, maybe he deserves all this extra space.

Inspect Vovlov
A stern and unforgiving-looking martinet.

He reminds me of one of my superiors back in Spetsnaz. He was a real hardass, but a good leader. Maybe Vovlov will be the same way.

Inspect the books
A selection of works on approved attitudes to art and a couple of volumes concerning the role of the KGB in a free enterprise society.

Times are changing. I doubt the KGB will be able to keep up.

Inspect the clock
It gives the right time twice every 24 hours.

Inspect the table
There are a couple of uninteresting Party magazines on the table. They don't appear to have been read by many people.

Looks like they're just for show.

Inspect the picture
Peaceful landscape.

Well, we've stood around gawking long enough. Let's gather a little more information before we leave.

Before I go, can you tell me more about Golitsin?
He preferred spying on unfaithful wives to serving the Soviet Union. Such parasites will not be missed by the Party or the state.

Looks like Vovlov won't be shedding too many tears for Golitsin. I guess he really hates private detectives.


Let's take a look at our inventory, shall we?

Inspect the rubles
Soviet currency. You have in your position 90 rubles.

Inspect the photo
Your late parents.

They died in a car bombing in Dushanbe when I was a teenager. I keep this to remember them.

Inspect the key
Your apartment key.

Inspect the ID card
This is your KGB identity card.

Inspect the pistol
Makarov pistol.

Well, that's everything. I'll go to the equipment room and see if I can get anything more.

Inspect the timetable
Who has to bring back what and when

Inspect the computer
A recent western model
Inspect the book

Directives concerning the issuing of material. For internal use.

Inspect the sergeant
An amiable fellow.

Looks like he's the Q to Vovlov's M.

Everything in order?
Yes, comrade captain!
Vigilance at all times!
Yes, comrade captain!

Ask for...his name
Guzenko, comrade captain.

Ask for...available equipment

Your current clearance profile and mission profile entitle you to nothing more than your service pistol, comrade captain. My orders are to remind you that use of firearms is to be strictly limited to cases of extreme necessity and will be subject to forthright investigation!

Ask for...some equipment, unofficially
Those are not my orders, comrade captain.
Can I at least get a cigarette?

I'll bear that in mind, comrade.

Before I head to Golitsin's office, I'll make a stop at my Uncle Vanya's. Maybe he has some advice.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 1b - Bonus


Talk about...Perestroika

Unfortunately held back by conservative foot-draggers!

Let us act with Party thought in a free market context.
Be unstinting in service to the Party! It needs us more than ever!

Talk about...Moscow nightlife

Rotten apples must be removed, stamped on like cockroaches!
Honest citizens sleep soundly, comrade! We are the guardians of their security, guarding them from hooligan mafia black-marketeer elements!
Yes, but where do honest workers go for a good time?
Beware decadent pleasure-seeking!
I unreservedly agree, comrade!

Talk about...the role of the elderly
That topic will be fully discussed at our next Party social progress meeting, comrade. Until then, I suggest we content ourselves with matters in hand.

Talk about...the weather

Glory to our market-oriented comrades in the agricultural complex!
Soviet planning and new thinking are pathways to fully stunning progress!
I hope it's sunny for my black sea vacation!
Beware decadent pleasure-seeking!
That is old thinking, comrade!


I thought it originated in the west.
Exploitationist propaganda! Soviet history has revealed the truth.
Truth must submit to the rigours of new thinking! The Party is changing!
Let us act with Party thought in a free market context.

Talk about...Moscow girls

I like girls who enjoy a good time though.
Beware decadent pleasure-seeking!
Fraternization accords with current Party marketing strategy, comrade.
That is true, comrade.

Talk about...current Party thinking
All must be rigorously debated and wholeheartedly approved!

Ask for...a cigarette
The unparalleled Soviet health budget is not to be squandered on treating self-inflicted diseases, comrade!

Say something twice to him:
We have already discussed this, comrade. Beware senile pre-schizophrenia!

Let's try calling Belov.

Guess who!


Talk about...Perestroika

So long as social cohesion is maintained!
As you say!

Talk about...the role of the elderly


Even our diligent heroes cannot overcome subversion by capitalist lackey referees!
I unreservedly agree, comrade!

Talk about...the younger generation
They're perhaps too pampered, comrade.
That is old thinking, comrade!
My apologies, comrade. I'm not yet used to new conditions.

Nice soft job you've got here, comrade!

Ask about...his limp

Fellow war veteran, eh? Guess he's earned that 'soft job'.
You should have some music to keep you company here!
I had, comrade captain, but comrade major Vovlov dutifully pointed out the dangers of unproductive pleasure-seeking!

May 30, 2013

Wow, those conversations sure are something. Looks interesting, though I shall be sure to beware decadent pleasure-seeking.

Oct 24, 2010

I had this game back when it was out on the Amiga. It looked interesting but unfortuantely I was rubbish at it! I could never get past the first case. I'm looking forward to seeing just what I was doing wrong.

EphemeralToast posted:

Wow, those conversations sure are something. Looks interesting, though I shall be sure to beware decadent pleasure-seeking.

Let us act in accordance with Party thought in a Let's Play context!

plastic genius
May 31, 2013

Glad to see this started. I saw this in the sandcastle a while back and then it disappeared for a bit.

Your images are 640x400, but the game was played on a screen with different pixel ratios than the source footage, making it actually look like 640x480. Are you sure your images are in the correct aspect ratio?

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

plastic genius posted:

Glad to see this started. I saw this in the sandcastle a while back and then it disappeared for a bit.

Your images are 640x400, but the game was played on a screen with different pixel ratios than the source footage, making it actually look like 640x480. Are you sure your images are in the correct aspect ratio?

The original images are 320x200, captured straight from DOSBox. The new images are 640x400. I increased them 200% using a batch resizing software, with the nearest neighbor filter. Is that the right way to do it?

EDIT: I also used OptiPNG to reduce the size of the images. Since they were only around 30 KB originally, maybe that wasn't necessary, but I thought OptiPNG didn't decrease the quality at all. Looking more closely, the more pixely stuff looks fine, but the talking heads look like poo poo.

red mammoth fucked around with this message at Sep 26, 2013 around 19:43

Nov 18, 2009

Dinosaur Gum

Saw this one long ago but never played it. Will be interesting to see.

Also, what is it with games with any Russian context using Cyrillic i (и) and ya (я) in place on N and R...? Looking similar does not mean it means the same.

plastic genius
May 31, 2013

red mammoth posted:

The original images are 320x200, captured straight from DOSBox. The new images are 640x400. I increased them 200% using a batch resizing software, with the nearest neighbor filter. Is that the right way to do it?

Yes, but you're missing the last step: resize (with a filter, not pixel resize or nearest neighbor) from 640x400 to 640x480.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

plastic genius posted:

Yes, but you're missing the last step: resize (with a filter, not pixel resize or nearest neighbor) from 640x400 to 640x480.

Are you sure about this? It looks the same way when I play it in DosBOX (using scaler2x).

EDIT: I resized an image from 640x400 to 640x480 with bicubic smoother. It looked okay, but slightly squashed.

red mammoth fucked around with this message at Sep 26, 2013 around 20:03

plastic genius
May 31, 2013

red mammoth posted:

Are you sure about this? It looks the same way when I play it in DosBOX (using scaler2x). Also, what filter should I use?

Ask the tech support thread and you'll get the same answer. It has to do with rectangular pixels being used on a square pixel screen (if I remember correctly). x2 in dosbox just resizes the source footage from 320x200 to 640x400, doubling it. If you change aspect=true in dosbox's config file, it'll look like 640x480.

Try out whatever filters are available to you, and choose whichever looks best with respect to file size... if you want a rule of thumb, ask the tech support thread because I'm not sure.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

plastic genius posted:

Ask the tech support thread and you'll get the same answer. It has to do with rectangular pixels being used on a square pixel screen (if I remember correctly). x2 in dosbox just resizes the source footage from 320x200 to 640x400, doubling it. If you change aspect=true in dosbox's config file, it'll look like 640x480.

Try out whatever filters are available to you, and choose whichever looks best with respect to file size... if you want a rule of thumb, ask the tech support thread because I'm not sure.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to resize all the images for Chapter 1. I've got a bunch of finished updates ready, and all the images for Chapter 1 uploaded and linked to. I'll do the resizing for the final three chapters. Bear with me here, folks. This is my first LP. I ran it through the Sandbox twice and nobody said anything about my aspect ratio. Thanks for the advice, by the way. I'll be posting the next update soon.

Mar 29, 2008

Am I wrong in thinking that we're playing Soviet Jack Bauer (Most cause Donald Sutehrland is our dad.)

Feb 13, 2012


Fun Shoe

This will be interesting to follow. I wish I knew more about Soviet intelligence and history so I could contribute, but my Russian and Soviet history is pretty cursory.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

bunnyofdoom posted:

Am I wrong in thinking that we're playing Soviet Jack Bauer (Most cause Donald Sutehrland is our dad.)

Well, Rukov was in Spetsnaz. There's not much detail in his inventory picture, but I can sort of see a resemblance to Kiefer Sutherland.

Mar 29, 2008

red mammoth posted:

Well, Rukov was in Spetsnaz. There's not much detail in his inventory picture, but I can sort of see a resemblance to Kiefer Sutherland.

Well, it makes twisted logic too. I mean, Kiefer's grandfather was a hardcore socialist. An awesome one too, and was voted the Greatest Canadian too.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 2 – Uncle Vanya

We're heading to our apartment to visit our uncle and pick up our money. Never a good idea to investigate with an empty wallet.

This is the artwork that appears when traveling between locations.

I love you too, uncle.

Home sweet home. I've lived here since I was a child.

Inspect Vanya
Hale if not hearty

I hope you're well, uncle.

That's my uncle. Always exaggerating.

Inspect Yegor
Gora never seems to change!

That's my uncle's caretaker. They served together in Afghanistan.

Hello, Yegor Yegorovitch.

Play chess with me, uncle.

Ouch. Sounds like he needs a nap. Anyway, I need some money. Not a good idea to travel with an empty wallet.


Maybe you should take a rest, uncle.
When I need your advice, Maksim Mikhailovich, I'll tell you.

Point noted. Let's take a look around.

Inspect the armchair
It was Vanya's favorite before he was crippled.

Inspect the painting
Honest Soviet workers at toil.

Inspect the lamp
Modern. It thrusts upwards in the positive style associated with Soviet outlook.

Inspect the photo
Vanya and your father in uniform. 1979.

The two greatest spetsnaz I've ever known. I'm not sure if I'll ever measure up to them, but I'll try my best.

Inspect the samovar
It's been in the family for countless generations.

My mother used to brew tea on that old thing. Whenever I woke up, she always had a pot ready. I don't really drink tea anymore, just vodka.

Ask about...your parents' deaths

I would have hunted down and executed the terrorist scum myself, but Viktor Galushkin beat me to it. He is lucky to be alive. He was supposed to come with us that day, but had to fly up to Tashkent on short notice, just an hour or two before.

So my new boss helped avenge my parents. I'll have to thank him when I meet him.

Talk about...the political situation
I see that fool Gorbachev's still on vacation. The Soviet Union falls to bits and Mikhail Sergeivich sunbathes!

Ask for...advice
You're working for the chekists, Maks, so make sure you tell them what they want to hear.

Talk about...your mission
Do not waste time, Maks. See that you give satisfaction.

I'll let him get his rest. I'll go get some money from my room, and then I'll be going.

Inspect the bedroom
Your room is as usual.

Can't hurt to take a change of clothes.

Inspect the clothes
Casual wear for off-duty activities, etc...
Inspect the drawer
Looks fine. You find 60 dollars.

Doesn't hurt to bring some spending power, either.

Inspect the bed
Old and creaky.
Inspect the photo
You, age 12, with your parents.

I still miss them sometimes.

Inspect the books
All your favorite childhood Soviet heroes: Batcomrade, Supercomrade, Spidercomrade, Tractorcomrade...

Good old Tractorcomrade. Well, I've got everything I need.

Except for booze.

We take another swig.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

No time to get sober. We head out to Golitsin's office.

Here I am at 17 Red October Street. Dreary place. To recap: I'm here to investigate the suspicious death of a private detective named Golitsin, who was an ex-KGB agent.

I'll ask the questions, comrade.

drat militia. I'm wearing my uniform. You'd think that would be enough.

Let's see your papers, comrade.

Inspect Loginov
A dutiful citizen.

Anything to tell me?
Nothing, comrade.
Don't attempt to withhold vital clues, comrade! Come in and help me look around.
My orders are to remain here.
Your uncooperative attitude will be noted What do you know about Golitsin?

It's more than you need to know. Let me know if anyone shows up.
Show more respect, comrade.

Time to head inside.

Right now, I'm looking for anything that would make this case relevant to the KGB. Any excuse for us to get involved.

We check the filing cabinet.

I'll be taking these. For...investigative purposes, of course.

Inspect the vodka bottle
It's half-empty.

Or half-full. Whichever.

That hits the spot. I wonder if this raincoat has anything of use.

We find two dollars in there.

Hmm. American dollars. You can use these to buy stuff on the black market... or so I hear.

Inspect the dollars
Imperialist currency. You have in your possession: 62 dollars.

Inspect the books
Foreign titles. All concern stunning success in business.

Inspect the trashcan
A number of crushed cockroaches lie in the bottom of the trashcan. It seems to have already been searched by a professional.

Looks like someone's already been through here. drat militia, poking their noses where they don't belong. Or was it the militia?

We check the phones.

Inspect the bug
A miniature listening device of western origin with a light diode that is currently off.

Intriguing. Western origin, eh? Sounds like foreign spies. That sounds relevant to national security. Looks like it's already been disabled, though. This will be something to present to Major Vovlov.

We check out the drawer.

Locked? The militia were probably in here earlier. Loginov might have picked up a key.

We head outside to ask for Loginov's key.

Ask for...the key to Golitsin's drawer

Well, that was easy.

Inspect the newspaper cutting
It's an article cut from an American paper. It shows a photo of Golitsin and the copy deals in exaggerated terms with the spread of private business in the USSR.

Sounds like Golitsin was a bit of a free-market type. I doubt that endeared him to his superiors.

Inspect the recorder
A Japanese-made micro-cassette recorder.

That would be useful if I had any micro-cassettes. Wait a minute. I see something through that window.

Inspect the window

Was he watching me this whole time? I have a very bad feeling about this case. I'm going after him.

We try to chase after him. Just as we start to leave, a woman shows up.

drat it. All right, I'll talk to her.

Jan 14, 2008

They weren't just hull numbers, they were our home addresses. Now the old neighborhood is torn down and gone and all that is left are memories.

This is such a caricature I am half-expecting you to run into Troubleshooters sent to execute you as a "commie mutant traitor". This is not a criticism. Love the LP so far.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 2b - Bonus

Uncle Vanya

Talk about...the KGB
Bunglers! They always got in the GRU's way. Notably in Afghanistan. And these days they don't even know what they're supposed to be doing, so they're at each other's throats.

Surely even the KGB must adapt to democracy!
No one can adapt to chaos, my boy.


We are not all slaves to perestroika, uncle.
Glad to hear it, my boy.

Talk about...the Party
What Party? That blasted Gorbachev has reduced the Party to a pack of snarling curs.

We in the Party must adapt to current realities.
What piffle! You sound like the blasted newspapers.


Poor uncle Vanya! The world has left you behind.
Insolent puppy! I'm glad your father can't hear you.

Talk about...M.S. Gorbachev

What are you talking about, uncle?
It's in Pravda, I tell you! Every day there are stories of profiteers and traitors!
He may not be perfect, but he's on the right track.
I dread to think where his blasted track will head us!


With any luck, he'll soon be kicked out!
An iron fist, my boy. It's the only solution.

Talk about...young people

You're exagerating, uncle. They merely want democracy and a better life.
They want a stiff dose of military discipline!


What a bitter old man you've become, uncle!
What an insolent brat you've become since you joined the chekists!

Talk about...TV

It's high time we copied the west!
Go and eat a hamburger, you oaf.


The Party cannot expect to retain control of all broadcasting.
That's the tragedy.

Talk about...Yegor

Talk about...the micro-cassette

It seems to involve a member of the KGB in strange activities.
Not surprising. I don't want to know any more.
I shouldn't have mentioned it, uncle. Forgive me. You are the only person I trust, you see.
Thank you, Maks. Remember, though, that I'm no longer in GRU and cannot really be of help.

You can use the mirror in Rukov's room. Each time you click one of the options, a random phrase pops up and a minute passes by.

You observe yourself:

Perfectly adapted for reproductive tasks.
Aaargh! You need a long holiday at the black sea.
Who knows; he may one day be the father of your children.
What a specimen of Soviet manhood!
Vanity is a symptom of capitalist decadence!

You place yourself under visual surveillance:

Perhaps you should follow him?
Good idea. Report anything suspicious.
Welcome to the club.

You smarten yourself up:

Dirt is antisoviet deviationism.
Correct attitude demands cleanliness.
Soviet womanhood, here comes Rukov!

You make highly amusing faces at yourself:

Inappropriate, Rukov. And frivolous.
Time is a precious resource, comrade!
Your true self is finally revealed.

Other stuff:

Talking to yourself:

When you try to hide behind someone:

When you give yourself money:

You can try attacking various people.

Belov or Vovlov:


Golitsin's sister:

By the way, Uncle Vanya is the name of a famous Russian play.

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Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Some very... colorful characters, in this game.

May 30, 2013

Glazius posted:

Some very... colorful characters, in this game.

Go and eat a hamburger, you oaf.

Dec 14, 2009

Status:Perpetually fearful

Beware decadent pleasure-seeking! Let's Play KGB instead.

Also, EphemeralToast now knows full well the best new hip insult I'm going to be using from now on.

Edit: Almost forgot, I completely agree on how hard this game can be. I never managed to beat it back in the day

Apr 18, 2009

The very sight of him was enough to make Bush, who had already had one drink from the well, feel consumed with thirst all over again.

This looks really good, thanks for doing this red mammoth

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 3 – Golitsin's Last Words

Captain Rukov. KGB.

You will be told in good time, comrade.

Inspect Golitsin's sister
She appears to be undecided about something.

She looks confused. I would be, too.

If you are honest, you have nothing to fear.
I understand, comrade.

Ask for...her papers

Everything looks in order. Nothing suspicious here.
Why have you come here this afternoon?

For any particular reason?
He left a note in my letter-box, asking me to come, comrade.
Why aren't you at work?
I finish early on fridays, comrade.
May I have the note your brother gave you?
I left it at home. I'm sorry, comrade.
What did the note say?
It said I was to come here after my work. That's all. I don't know why. My brother's activities do not concern me.

Very confusing for you, comrade. Tell me about your brother.

A mysterious character, your brother.

Well, I've put it off long enough. Time to tell her.

I'm sorry to say that your brother is dead, comrade.

His corpse was discovered floating in the river.

That's what I'm trying to find out.
I know nothing at all about it. Believe me.
I believe her.
Sit down if you like.
Thank you.

Inspect Irina
She is mastering her distress.

Thank you for your time comrade. You may leave now.
Please, comrade, you should have this. Pyotr left it in my letter box.

Goodbye, comrade.

We search Golitsin's desk, because we forgot to do that earlier.

Thanks to my meeting with her, I missed the chance to track down that spy. Oh well. At least this tape should have something of interest.

Inspect the cassette
A 30-minute audio cassette.

We try and insert the tape into the recorder, but...

It's always something, isn't it? Let's see. What around here might have batteries?

Inspect the radio
A Soviet consumer product. You found a set of batteries.
Inspect the batteries
As fine a set of batteries as you could wish to see.

That was easy enough. Time to play the tape.

Romeo has finally fixed me a meeting with his boss "Hollywood" for tomorrow 8 pm, Enthusiastic Progress Club. Romeo won't be present, so I'm to identify myself as "Buyer 2". That codename suggests they may already have, or may wish me to believe they have, another foreign distributor. Discovering Hollywood's real identity may prove tricky, but I'll have something positive for my next report for "jealous husband", whose own identity I may be able to discover tonight.
This mysterious client may very well be working for my own ex-masters, judging from his use of drop zones for all communication between us. I intend staking out the drop zone until he picks up the report. Then I'll tail him. It's worth the risk.

Interesting. Golitsin believed his client, codename "Jealous Husband," was working for the KGB. Yesterday, he tried to find out their identity. That was probably when he was murdered. It's likely that Jealous Husband or somebody close to him killed Golitsin. Also, he mentioned a foreign distributor. Is this some shady black market stuff? Also of note: he's supposed to be meeting someone tonight. That's a lead if I ever saw one. I'd say it's a good time to head back to Department P.

We give it to him.

At least I'm on time.

We follow him in.

drat. Maybe I shouldn't have drunk so much.
Your orders were obeyed in all respects, comrade major!

I discovered a hidden microphone of foreign origin.
Give it to me.
Yes, sir.

You hand over the bug.

Luckily the diode is off, meaning the device is dead. Otherwise you would have been actively aiding foreign saboteurs!
Ugh. What a prick.
I interviewed Golitsin's sister.
Golitsin's sister handed me a microcassette Golitsin had left in her mailbox.
Give it to me.
Yes, sir.

You hand over the micro-cassette. Vovlov takes a micro-recorder from his desk and plays the tape. You can't hear anything since he listens through headphones! He stares stonily at you throughout, then puts the equipment back in his drawer.

Your orders did not, as I recall, involve listening to any tape!

Very well. Go and wait in your office!

Straightening your jacket, you follow the guard who directs you into Galushkin's office.

Am I...interrupting something?

I realize your transfer here was not your idea; you would no doubt have preferred to remain with GRU. Remember though, that times have changed! Here at Department P, we root out KGB corruption. No need to be ashamed of that, eh?

I hope my efforts have been of some value, comrade colonel.
Excellent, Maksim Mikhailovich. You are a worthy son to your father.
It's nice to have a supportive superior officer for once.
Since you've listened to the tape, you know almost as much as I do. If there is a KGB involvement in this business of illegal exports, then we'll have to clear it up. And that's your job! This evening you will go to the "Enthusiastic Progress Club" in Kursk street. The club is a hangout for antisocial elements, and is situated in an apartment building. The criminal we're after, the one whose code-name is "Hollywood", probably lives in one of the apartments.
Your mission is to locate his apartment, get inside it and have a good look around. We need to know the nature of this criminal's activities. Report your findings to comrade major Vovlov at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. A word of advice, Maksim Mikhailovich: be discreet! I'd be careful not to say "Hollywood" or "Buyer 2" to the wrong kind of people.

Before we go, Vovlov comes out of his office to meet us.

All this undercover business sounds kind of exciting. Maybe I'll actually enjoy this job.

Next time, we'll be heading to Kursk street.

Video – Gameplay

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 3b - Bonus


Talk about...crime

Keeps you in a job!
That is true, comrade.

Talk about...Moscow nightlife

That's progress, comrade!

Talk about...private investigators
So long as they obey the law, comrade.

Talk about...TV
I watch the sports.

Irina Romaschova

A friend of your brother's.
I don't remember ever seeing you with Pyotr. Where is he?

Ask about...herself

I'm not surprised. Such men are usually sexual deviants.

Talk about...the weather
I'm not very interested in weather at the moment, comrade.

Talk about...perestroika

It's a difficult period for honest families.
And all the political upheaval. Let's hope it works out.

Talk about...private enterprise

And your brother was a pioneer, comrade!


Indeed. At least the future of your children is safe in your hands.

Talk about...the Party

Remember, comrade, that the Party has given us democracy!

Talk about...TV

A Soviet mother's work is as unending as the steppe!

If you say you discovered nothing unusual:

If you say you didn't get anything out of the chat with Irina:

If you say you were given the tape, but don't have it:

If you say you didn't listen to the tape:

Yes, Vovlov will be pissed at you regardless of what you say. If you say you didn't, it's game over.

If you get the name of the contact wrong:

If you're at least an hour late reporting back to Major Vovlov:

If you use your service weapon on yourself:

You wait for official authorization:


You waste a human resource:

Wasting a human resource, obviously, results in a game-over. Prashchay means goodbye, I'm pretty sure.

Here's what happens when you try to pursue the watcher:

Drinking right in front of Vovlov:

May 30, 2013

Wow, you certainly have a lot of opportunities to be a dick to that poor lady.

Apr 28, 2009

DD: Fondly regard abomination.

I seem to remember being able to insult Vovlov when you first meet him, which obviously ends in another game over. I think you need to get to his office on time for that, though.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

pumpinglemma posted:

I seem to remember being able to insult Vovlov when you first meet him, which obviously ends in another game over. I think you need to get to his office on time for that, though.

Are you sure? I fired up the game, was on time for Vovlov's meeting, but couldn't find any insults. Same for the second meeting with Vovlov.

Feb 14, 2010

Also, using the matches on yourself has the same effect as using the pistol.

Apr 28, 2009

DD: Fondly regard abomination.

red mammoth posted:

Are you sure? I fired up the game, was on time for Vovlov's meeting, but couldn't find any insults. Same for the second meeting with Vovlov.

Huh, I double-checked and you're right. I thought I remembered [redacted]. (Spoilering this in case I'm conflating it with something later in the game.) Sorry about that.

pumpinglemma fucked around with this message at Sep 27, 2013 around 20:26

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

pumpinglemma posted:

Huh, I double-checked and you're right. I thought I remembered him saying something like "You must be Comrade Rukov", being able to reply "And you must be Comrade Vovlov" alongside various more deferential responses, and him firing you in response. (Spoilering this in case I'm conflating it with something later in the game.) Sorry about that.

Without spoiling too much, yeah, that's something from later in the game.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Just wanted to mention that if you want this game to be added to the Good Old Games catalog, you can vote for it here:

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 4 - Hollywood and Buyer 2


Here I am. Kursk Street. I have to remember, my name isn't Maksim Rukov. It's Kliment Kruglov, and I am most certainly not a KGB officer.

Inspect the false papers
You are Kliment Alexandrovich Kruglov, single, a commercial representative for the red banner bicycle brake production unit at Zagorsk.

I got a new suit for my undercover work. It's too big. I look like a kid in his dad's suit.

Inspect the door
A much used bar door. The address is that of the club.

Looks like this is the place.

Inspect the window
Toughened plate glass. Through the window you see a smoke-filled beer bar with a few clients.

Looks like a real sleazy joint. Not the kind of place that would be called the Enthusiastic Progress Club. Not sure why they share the same address.

We go inside.

Not very crowded at this time of the evening.

Romeo. I know that name. He was mentioned on the tape.

Inspect the bartender
A bored barman.

Inspect Romeo
He belongs in a western TV soap opera.

Maybe Romeo has something interesting to tell me. I'd better be careful, though.

Hello there.
Can I buy you a beer?
No. Thanks.
What are you doing in a place like this?

Looking for the Enthusiastic Progress Club.

I've just heard it's a place to do business.
I'd like to get to the club. Can you help me?
Sorry. I don't know you.
This is getting nowhere. Maybe the barman can help me.

Ask about...the barman
He's okay. Not honest. But okay.
So says the shady black marketeer. I'll talk to the barman.

Nice place!
Glad you like it.
How's business?
This isn't a private enterprise. We don't do business.
Can I buy you a beer?
I don't drink.

This is a beer bar. Here you drink beer. At 10:30 you leave.

Ask for...champagne
What an amusing person you aren't.
Well, I thought it was funny.


Ask for...his name

Ask about...suspicious characters hanging around here
What's suspicious? Tattoos? Sunglasses? Don't ask me.

Ask about...the Enthusiastic Progress Club

I hear it's a good place to talk business.

Maybe a little of both.
If memory serves me, it's a private club. Members only.
How do I become a member of the Enthusiastic Progress Club?

I don't have a few days. It's got to be tonight.
I'm willing to pay.
Sorry, I can't help. Last time I let someone up those stairs I got my ear chewed off! If you want to get into the club, you'll just have to go round the back of the building and up the stairs like everyone else.

So the club is up those stairs. The bartender's actually pretty helpful. I'll circle around the block. Galushkin said that Hollywood lives in an apartment building near here, so I'll keep an eye out for that too.

As we come to the corner of the sidewalk, we see a closed meat shop.

And I thought Red October Street was dreary.

This must be the apartment Galushkin mentioned.

We go inside.

The superintendent will probably know a lot about his various tenants. Maybe he can lead me to Hollywood.

We head upstairs.

Inspect the landing
This could be any second storey Soviet corridor. Cabbage.

That must be the Enthusiastic Progress Club. I'd rather not go in right this moment. It'd be better to gather as much information as possible.

We knock on the door to apartment 7, the superintendent's place. It's the second from the left.

Roma, at last.. Oh, yes?

I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Is this for an opinion poll?
Exactly. How did you guess?
But you've forgotten your clipboard! That's no way to conduct an opinion poll. Come back when you're ready.

Well, she was easy on the eyes. Guess I'd better find a clipboard.

That looks like the back of the beer bar. Maybe I can find something in there.

It's dark in here. Maybe if I turn on the li-

I'm a drat idiot. Okay. What do I say that can get me out of this mess?

Sorry, I thought this was the toilet.

He escorts us through the bar door.

Heh. I'm a real smooth talker.


Let's try this again. What can I use to create light that won't draw any attention? Maybe those matches I got from Golitsin's office.

Inspect the barrels
Stainless steel containers, full of beer.

I wonder if it tastes better straight from the barrel?

Inspect the locker
Full of cockroaches.

Inspect the stairs
They go up into darkness

Nothing here except beer. I'll go upstairs.

Inspect the office
A small room.

That must be another way into the club. I doubt this is the intended entrance, however.

Inspect the cases
Full of bottles of vodka.

Yuri told me he had no vodka. It must belong to the club.

Inspect the cupboard
Flyblown dishes is all you can find.

Inspect the locker
It contains cockroaches. You find a clipboard.

Inspect the clipboard
Old clipboard with a blank sheet of paper.

An excellent find. I'll head back to the Shining Future apartment.

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Update 4b – Bonus


Ask for...his name

Kliment Alexandrovich.

Talk prospects

Ask about...his job

I work for a bicycle brake manufacturer.
Sounds fascinating.

Ask about...local crime
Crime? In the capital of the Soviet Union?

Young man

The young man in the corner is described as, 'He seems a little too refined for a place like this.' Sounds intriguing, but he has nothing to say except for


Ask about...Hollywood
Maybe you've been drinking too much, comrade. If you're looking for somebody who lives around here, you should try the apartments round the back.

Ask about...his job

You could say they keep you in a job!
You could be right. With everything being privatized, I'll need to start advertising.

Talk about...Gorbachev

That's democracy, isn't it?
If that's democracy, then bring back Brezhnev.


I wonder what his game is.
Don't ask me, friend.


He's better than his predecessors.
Maybe, but at least things stayed still with them.

Talk about...alcoholics
So long as they don't fight or throw up on the bar!

Talk about...private business

Risky if you don't have contacts.
What contacts?

I'm here to negotiate with a man.
You selling or buying?
And you?
I'm selling. Beer.

Talk about...the weather
I work inside. I don't have weather.

Talk about...the soccer world cup

Maskim: Why not?
Should we organize a world baseball championship?


We can't stage it. Too many foreigners to survey.
Foreigners represent big business opportunities! Leisure, entertainment.



We Russians are condemned to poverty.
Exactly. The westerners will grow even fatter on our backs.


Lots of rich people started out poor.
Not if they're honest, friend. Believe me, I've seen it.

Talk about...girls

You don't get to see many, eh?
Not many.
Where should I go?

I'm from Zagorsk.
Lively place, Zagorsk?
I'm working on it.
I see.


I'm not after a girl.

I prefer, uh, harder pleasures.

Not tonight.
Well, whenever you want. I can provide for most tastes.


You have any ideas?
Come back tomorrow and we'll discuss it.


You're company.
I'm flattered.

Let's try heading up the stairs.

Hey! That's a private staircase. You can't go up.

Let's try again.

Are you stupid or stupid? I told you those stairs are private!

And again.

Yuri the barman, aided by several clients, arrives and jumps on you. You are severely beaten every time you open your mouth, and even when you don't. Luckily, the militia soon arrives.
The next morning a contemptuous Vovlov informs you of your imminent transfer to a place called Nyrovo on Sakhalin island, where your incompetence will go unnoticed. For many years.

You get a similar ending if you try to go through the staff door three times.

What happens if you drink too much booze?

...compete fiasco. The many years you will now spend trudging through the snow along the Sino-Soviet border should give you ample opportunity to reflect upon your mediocrity. Get out.

If you turn on the light or wait too long in the bar's back room, you encounter Yuri.

If you attack him or try to run out the bar door...

You are lucky to get away with your life. After a night in a militia cell you are taken to department P headquarters. You'll have many years to reflect on last night's fiasco as you trudge through the snow somewhere along the Sino-Soviet border.

If you run out the street door...

Hopefully he's not too mad. Let's go back to the bar!

The barman and most of the clients attack you brutally! You wake up the next day in hospital, home for the coming weeks. Your mission was a fiasco. When you have recovered you will be sent to lighter duties at a labor camp near Irkutsk for a number of years.

What happens if we say the wrong thing to Romeo?

Ask about...a man called Hollywood
I'm Buyer 2.
I've been waiting for you. We'll go see Hollywood right now... Hey, Gleb, Oleg, he's here. Let's go!

Two thuggish twins come down the stairs.

What happens if we turn on the light in the club backroom?

No matter what option you pick...

No matter what you say...

You get the poo poo beaten out of you.

Several weeks later, following recovery and rest, you take up your new 5-year tour of duty in Siberia.

Yuri mentions the bar closes at 10:30. What if we attack him then?

You get 100 dollars and the key to the bar. Useful if you blew all your money on hookers and booze. Your superiors don't get upset at you over this act of cold-blooded murder.

Feb 14, 2012

No fear! No pain!

What a fascinating game - I remember trying it several years back, and I didn't even get this far. Just too many easy dead ends and not enough patience from me.

Good LP, keep it up!

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Thanks for looping through the conversations afterward.

...does the game actually track the various things you can say in support of the Party/freedom, or are they just there for effect?

red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Glazius posted:

Thanks for looping through the conversations afterward.

...does the game actually track the various things you can say in support of the Party/freedom, or are they just there for effect?

It does have a small effect. Mostly, though, it's just there for flavor and roleplaying.

May 31, 2012

It'll make sense, eventually.

Oh my god. This. loving. Game. I loved it, but was too dumb to finish the puzzles even with a walkthrough.

Looking forward to seeing someone actually competent with it.


red mammoth
Nov 3, 2011

Stupid sexy Stalin!

Interlude 1 – People of Kursk Street

Every so often, you encounter random people on Kursk Street. Some of them have quite a bit to say.

Ordinary-looking fellow

He doesn't seem in a mood to stand around talking.

Excuse me!
What do you want?
A little late for walking around!
You sound like a stupid chekist, friend.

Ask about...Hollywood
Forget it, friend: Dracula movies are out of fashion.

Ask about...Enthusiastic Progress Club
Never heard of it. Sounds lousy.

Are you Hollywood?
No, I'm the great wall of China. Are you Napoleon?
I knew you'd recognize me!
Welcome back to Moscow!


No, I'm a KGB officer.
Of course you are, colonel! Watch out for saboteurs!


I'm looking for a man who calls himself Hollywood.
I wish you every happiness together.

Hard work, lousy pay. Like most people.

Hate it.
I play from time to time, you know.
You set an uplifting example.

Talk about...politics
Don't make me laugh, friend.
Surely you can see that Gorbachev's way is the only solution?
Still in his Black Sea datcha while the rest of us queue for bread!


Surely you must be angry at what Gorbachev's doing?
Who isn't, except for the fat cats and speculators.

A disgrace. Only the rich can get drunk these days.
You look like a man who needs a drink.
I can't. Once I start, I can't stop. And I can't afford a bottle a day.


I've heard of a club around here where the vodka's good.
I haven't.

Talk about...his family
Mind your own business.

Ask for..a cigarette
Are you crazy? I've got one left from a pack my sister-in-law spent a fortune to get for me.

Old lady

She's clearly impatient and thinks you a fool.

A fine evening.
I have no time for idle chatter, my man.
All by yourself, beautiful one?
Yes, and I'm far from beautiful. I'm also tired.
What's in your bag?
Nothing, unfortunately. I queued 3 hours for a pair of boots this morning. When it was my turn, there weren't any left.
Maybe you know a nice club we could go to?
If you're drunk, my man, then go home.

Ask about...her work
I'm a doctor and I've just finished for the day. I'm tired and cannot help you. Consult a psychiatrist.

Ask about...Hollywood
I have a little time for the cinema, my man.

Ask about...the Enthusiastic Progress Club.
A preposterous name for a club! I imagine they discuss tractor performance or stakhanovist revivalism.
Spot on, I must say.

Talk about...political outlook
Your sense of humor is morbid.

Talk about...sports
I despise cretins in general, and sportists in particular.

Talk about...the news
Posturing politicians irritate me.

Ask for...a light
Tobacco and alcohol! You and your kind drain all our health resources!

Talk about...the weather
It's getting colder by the minute. Goodbye.

A different conversation path:
Do you always address people in that manner?

Ask about...her reasons for being here
I'm going home. It's been a hard day. I don't intend spending the night talking to corner-boys.

Ask for...her papers
Don't be ridiculous! Good night to you.

Confused old man

Where have you been? We were waiting for you!
I was waiting too.
I couldn't get to the other place.
Couldn't get to Sasha's? That's a good one. See you tomorrow!


Where have you been? We were waiting for you!
Go home, old man.
Insolent puppy! Fought at Stalingrad I'll have you know.
That's what they all say.
Young hooligan, hanging round street-corners to attack innocent passers-by! Filth!

Pretty young woman

She seems to know her way around.

Can you tell me the time, miss?
No, but I can give you a good time. Why?
It was just for something to say.
I've heard better beginnings, but I guess you're shy.


No, but I can give you a good time. Why?
I have an appointment to keep.

Of course.
So she's late. Maybe I'm the girl you need!


Hello, gorgeous!

I was until you came along!
Looking for a thrilling way to spend your money?
Is that what you're offering?
To someone with money to spend.
How about a good time together?
Sure. I can make fat wallets empty their wad and love it!


Young women like you shouldn't be out alone!
With luck I won't be alone long.

Nice dog you've got.
He likes me talking to strange men. It means he may eat the next day.

Talk about...her dog.

Does he stay in the room?
Under the bed. He's too jealous to watch.
Does he perform interesting tricks?
No, but I do!


He's an intelligent looking fellow.
He is, isn't he? He's better to me than any man has been.
Better at what?
You have strange ideas. Maybe you should try the zoo.

Ask for... her name
You can call me Nadiezhda. My foreign clients like it.

Ask for.. her real name
Why do you want to know?
I'm not a foreigner. Your real name is more honest.
Honesty! I suppose Stalin was a swine because that wasn't his name!
A matter of interest, that's all.
What I've got for you is better than names, stallion man!


Simply tell the truth, and you need fear nothing.
You sound like militia!

Ask for...her papers
What are you? Militia?
No. It was just an amusing joke.
I can't wait to hear one that isn't.


Yes, I am militia.
In that case, you're new. Ask your colleagues about Nadiezhda. You fellows earn enough from me already. Talk to Surikov! Goodnight.

Ask about...her job
Why don't you come to my apartment, and I'll show you.

Ask about...Hollywood
What a beautiful life they must lead! In the meantime, how about letting me take you to paradise?

Ask about...Enthusiastic Progress Club
Sounds like one of those drinking clubs for poorer Party-members. Nothing there for me.

Talk about...politics
Do I look like someone who talks about politics?
Why not? Politics affects even you.
You're a strange one!


Talking's probably not your specialty!
Oh, muscle man! You sure have a way with words.


Everyone has a duty to!
You sound like those dreary aparatchiks on TV.

Talk about...foreigners
I only meet the businessmen.
They probably call you some interesting things!
Probably, but we rarely speak the same language. In any case, they don't come to me for talk!
You're sort of a Soviet representative, comrade!
I take my responsibility seriously! Satisfaction guaranteed.
Not for you, I imagine.
You forget the money, the restaurants, the wine, the clothes!
Lucky fellows!
Maybe this is your lucky night, big boy!


They're only here to take our money!
I take some back. That's business!

Talk about...prostitution
I prefer action to talk. Don't you?
Me too.
I can show you some unforgettable action!


If it leads somewhere.
Don't be so serious! Have a good time!


That's a stupid thing to say.
Talking's not the best thing I do with my tongue!

Ask for...her price
50 dollars American. That's a special price because I like you.

I'm a working girl, comrade. You want sexual bliss or not?
Sorry, I don't have time.
That's probably not all you don't have. Come on Doggy, we've wasted enough time!


I am a KGB officer and I arrest you!
S and M isn't my thing, sorry. Try the girls near Pavelec station.


How much do your services cost?
You're just like my foreign clients, haggling over the price of an hour in paradise! $50 to you, since you're handsome. Let's see your money, big boy.

Offer her... $50
Follow me, handsome, and don't step on Doggy!

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