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Sep 14, 2011

The end! No moral.

Playing Call of Chernobyl and some nerd from Clear Sky needs me to head to the Garbage and grab some documents from the train yard. The objective marker puts the target right on that cylinder, but I have looked up and down this entire building and found no signs of a stash or hidden nook anywhere. If I go up the ramp I'm looking at, the map indicator tells me I'm above the objective.

Am I missing something, or should I just chalk this up to a bug? I'd normally shrug it off but I spent half an hour searching and being harassed by fractures and zombies. I need satisfaction.

God drat it. There was a doorway to a hall that I walked by about ten times and just never saw somehow.

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Oct 30, 2013

I also just picked up Call of the Zone, started with the Loners. I like the increase in the movement speed; makes getting around a little snappier, but I have to echo the "empty" feeling of many of the maps. I walked into the bar and no one was there except the barman and his guard. No trader at the garbage warehouse or at the farm in Cordon, either.

Two other annoying things:

1. The lighting model is... aged? But also, if there's a storm or any non-sunny day weather, it's basically impossible to see anything. Jacking up the brightness helped a little but not in a meaningful way. Flashlight only goes like fifteen feet.
E: At times it looks pretty good, but I dunno, it's odd. Something about it reminds me of old stalker.

2. Food. I'm literally starving because I keep wandering into a radiation patch in the road for half a second, drink a swig of vodka to cure it, and then have my hunger meter upped because booze makes you hungry I guess. Same old problem for sleeping, too: go to bed, get in 8 solid, wake up starving to death.
E: Finally figured out how the wood stove works. Now food makes sense; there's basically a minimalist version of the cooking system from other mods. Not bad.

gently caress it, three annoying things: no fast travel as far as I can tell. Which is a pain when there's about a quarter of your normal CoC traders, and those traders don't stock poo poo.

Still, it's kinda fun to play a stalker that has shed its Misery influences. I dunno if I want to continue and bear with the bullshit (and crashes) or wait until some of these issues get updated out of existence.

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