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Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


At the base of the Dragonclaw mountain...
It has been several days since the earliest of your groups began to gather at the base of the mountain, at the telepathic summons of a seemingly-benevolent creature of unknown history and terrifying demeanor. Obviously hailing from the brain-devouring race of flayers to those of you knowledgeable about such things, there is at best a loose and tenuous trust in the promise he has made to you and your kin at the moment. However, as is ever the case, when hope is all but lost in a people’s hearts, even the most unthinkable sources of newly minted hopes are desperately grabbed at and treasured by even the wisest of races.

The creature – calling himself Professor Kraken – has mostly kept to himself for the past few days, engaging in conversation when approached, but not specifically seeking out frequent interactions with you or your people. It’s hard to tell, given his alien physique and presumably different array of emotions, but you have gotten the sense that he is giving you space so that you’ll feel at least a little more comfortable. He has explained his history to you, though, at least on some level: he has mentioned that he was born into a race of unrepentantly evil beings, who have spent countless generations subjugating, exterminating, and otherwise ruining the day of what they consider to be ‘lesser’ races, which is essentially everyone. However, he is not like them: not by some unbelievable fluke of genetics, or because he had a pure heart, but because of a curse. Many years ago, he adorned his head with an enchanted circlet which he believed would enhance his already-significant telepathic prowess, only to find that it had been cleverly designed to twist the heart and mind of whosoever placed it upon their head. As a result, his soul was purified, and his mind eased of the dark and contemptuous thoughts that once plagued it. He is wracked with guilt not only for the crimes he has committed in his former life, but also the crimes of his forefathers: for his species possesses the memory of its ancestors, and he can remember clearly the atrocities committed by a hundred generations of his brood as if they were done by his own hand.

This guilt, he explained, is why he has beckoned you to this location. As you are all aware, the apparent end of your world has come. He does not know why the forces of Istishia, the king of water elementals, have declared war upon your lands, but he does not believe the onslaught is one that can be survived. Many of the heroes of your respective people have fought and died in an effort to stem the literal tide of water elementals rising from the depths, and the terrible curses they are laying upon your world: but they have not succeeded. Rather than adding his body to the rather sizable pile beginning to accumulate at the bottom of your ever-rising oceans and seas, he has decided on a different course of action: for the last year he has been journeying to the remaining bastions of civilization scattered about your world, and making an offer to those survivors who would give him an audience: if you are willing, he will send you to a new world, safe from the plagues of war and saltwater that are enveloping your lands.

In all, five groups including your own have answered his call, and have been gathering at the base of the mountain for the past few days. They are a strange and variable lot, numbering some creatures that you recognize, at least somewhat, and many strange beings that you know essentially nothing about. Not counting yourself, each of your entourages contains about twenty souls, which as you well know is very likely insufficient to build a new home in a new land. Together, however, it is conceivable that you might be able to survive, and – if you are lucky – perhaps even thrive. You have great concerns about your ability to coexist with these other races, either due to not really understanding them, or perhaps because you believe you understand them all too well. Circumstances have handed you a dangerous gamble, it seems, but there appears to be no other option: at least for the moment, until you get a better handle on the risks and opportunities of whatever new home you are to be given, your life might very well depend on the kindness and cooperation of this assortment of strangers.

Your options...
You have been lost in thought on the myriad of issues that you know are going to confront your people in the coming weeks and months: so much so that you scarcely noticed Professor Kraken emerging from his cave at the base of the mountain, and motioning your respective leaders to gather around him. Eventually, he catches your attention telepathically, ‘saying’ directly into your mind, “You, who are the leaders of your people. Come and gather before me, if you will. You have much to discuss, for when the sun sets this evening, you and your kin will be departing.”

He continues, explaining, “As I have mentioned, my people have scoured the many planes of existence for countless generations, generally in their efforts to find and enslave new races to serve them. Although I will never be able to wipe those great evils from my mind, some good may come of that knowledge: for it has given me the information I need to be able to send you to a world that should be able to accommodate your preferences and needs. The choice you will need to make – your first as the apparent leaders of this new community, it would seem – is which world.” Apologetically, he states, “Unfortunately, you are not the first group of survivors to take me up on my offer. In fact, you are the thirty-second collection of tribes that I will be sending to a new land. Unfortunately, this means that most of, I guess you would call them ‘good’ choices for a new home have already been taken. Don’t worry, though! There’s plenty of choices remaining. They have their flaws, though. I’m sorry, let me explain.”

Frostrime, the eternal glacier.

Telepathically relaying words and images into your respective minds, the Professor begins, explaining, “First up on the list of options is Frostrime, the eternal glacier, located on the coast of the Bitter Sea. Now, I know what you’re thinking – literally, actually – but hear me out. Although this is a harsh land of ice, glaciers, snow and tundra, it is not without its charm. It is isolated, and contains relatively few natural predators. I do not believe there are any other races that have laid claim to this land...admittedly, perhaps for obvious reasons...but if you were able to overcome its natural hazards, it should be able to afford you a relatively calm and peaceful existence. Plus, it’s summer there right now! Which is definitely a plus.”

Belatedly, he added, “that said, there have always been rumors of terrible and ancient beasts sleeping beneath the ice. I’m pretty sure they’re just stories, though.”

Deathknell, the burning waste.

Moving on to the second item on his list, the Professor continues, “Formerly known as the Cradle of Life, this place actually gets a fairly bad reputation. It does get very hot during the day, and rather cold at night, but that’s only outdoors! There are plenty of nice caves in this area, some of which contain water, and there are also a number of rivers crisscrossing the land. This area isn’t terrible for wildlife, either: although admittedly it is mostly scorpions, crocodiles, and the like. Still, I think most of that is edible?”

As with the last choice, he delivered some bad news with the good, explaining, “This area did used to be pretty heavily populated, but most of the previous inhabitants were taken by my people. There are likely a lot of ruins buried beneath the sands to this day, just waiting to be explored. And I’m sure you’ll have some neighbors in the area, although they might have left the desert itself. Which reminds me: as a result of the great tragedies that occurred in this land, there might be a nominal amount of restless spirits that rise from their graves on an irregular nightly basis.”

Shrugging his shoulders, he added, “It’s not perfect, I know. But as with the last option it is rather secluded. And there definitely wouldn’t be any water elementals in the area. So that’s a plus, right?”

Hesperus, the black forest.

After a brief pause, he continues with the next option on the list, explaining, “This might be a bit more up your alley, if the previous two locations didn’t catch your interest. Hesperus is a forest teeming with life! Comprising a significant portion of the surrounding peninsula, there are innumerable groves and caves within which you could begin to build a new home, or perhaps you could even build something atop the trees themselves. Natural predators abound in this area, which might be a bit of a problem, but if you’re willing to take that risk there is a life of plenty just waiting to be nurtured in this location.”

Giving this location’s prime features a few moments to sink in, he then belatedly adds, “You should know, though: this area gets its name from its rather grim history. A terrible war was fought here, pitting brother against brother and family against family for several generations. The surviving clans fled the area: which means you’ll probably have some neighbors somewhere nearby, in a bordering land. You'll also have some neighbors beneath you, though, is the thing: a terrible curse was laid upon one of the surviving clans, turning them into some kind of half-spider beast. They crept into the caves of the forest, sinking ever deeper underground with each passing generation.”

After providing some suitable imagery, he explained, “The area used to be a demilitarized zone, essentially. The surviving clans agreed to keep it uninhabited by either of their races, to ensure a sufficient buffer between them such that they could avoid further hostilities. If they’re still around, I don’t know how well they would take to outsiders laying claim to the area. But if you keep a low profile you might go unnoticed.”

Banshee’s Rock, the jungle fortress.

Moving on rather excitedly to the next location, Professor Kraken states, “If isolationism is a bit more your thing, you needn’t look much further than Banshee’s Rock. Hidden in the middle of the ocean, several dozen leagues away from the nearest continent, the dense vegetation covering much of the island has kept would-be settlers at bay for hundreds of years.”

Predictably, he continued, “the rocky outcroppings of its shores have a history of being used as coves and hidden bases for raiders and pirates that have been excised from the continental community, though. Not exactly the friendliest neighbors in the world, generally. Problematically, the continental area nearest your little island is inhabited mostly by minotaurs, who have a pretty terrible attitude on the best of days, even before adopting a life of piracy.”

“On the bright side”, he belatedly added, “I’m pretty sure the whole ‘Banshee’s Rock’ thing is just a name spread by pirates to prevent people from visiting. So you probably won’t have to deal with a resident banshee. Probably. This area does see some pretty powerful seasonal weather, though. Hurricanes and all that. I guess the wailing of a gale-force wind might be where it derives its name, now that I think about it.”

Mt. Thunderlizard, and the crags of appeasement.

Finally catching his rhythm as a public speaker, Professor Kraken moves on to the next option: a beautiful series of mountains and hills, as well as a rather large canyon at its base. “Mt. Thunderlizard, as it is known, would be a wonderful area to build a new home. The mountain is home to all variety of saurian creatures, and is said to have once been the home of an ancient dragon! Blue of scale, and a rather clever engineer, as I recall. I’m sure he’s moved on by now, though.”

Continuing, he adds, “Although the area has a number of sources of fresh water, and likely even some ruins of ancient settlements that you might be able to fix up into a nice hamlet, you should know: your neighbors wouldn’t be the friendliest. There is a rather...I don’t mean to be rude, but the right word is probably ‘cult-like’ society bordering the mountain, comprised of lycanthropes.”

“They’re pretty well-organized, and not the sort of people I’d want to borrow a cup of sugar from, even if I really had a need for a cup of sugar.” Shrugging, he suggested, “They stay away from the mountains for the most part though, instead inhabiting the valleys in the surrounding area. They do come up to the mountain once every few years to present a sacrifice to the titan who lives in the crags of appeasement, though.”

“You probably don’t want to let him know that you’ve moved in either, really.” he suggested.

The Forsaken Plains of the Darklands.

Dismissively waving one hand through the air, the Professor explained, “This is another one of those areas that has a very foreboding name. A lot of strange things happen in this area: ancient stone monuments randomly levitate, and sometimes move themselves about the area, for example. Occasionally, eerie lights will streak throughout the sky, and the next morning you’ll find yourself waking up in the body of the person you were sleeping beside. That normally wears off after a few days, though. Various arcane and divine magic also has a bit of trouble functioning reliably here, presumably for related reasons.”

Laughing glibly, he suggested, “If you were looking for a home unlikely to be invaded by powerful wizards or terrifying extra-planar races, this would definitely be it! There’s lots of viable farmland, so long as you don’t mind the occasional levitating monument soaring over the area and blocking the sunlight of your crops. It’s really quite rare for them to fall from the sky, though, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Don’t stand underneath them, though, obviously.”

Completing the review of the area, he added, “As to the local population, there aren’t any permanent settlements that I know of, so I don’t think you’d need to worry about encroaching on anybody’s territory. There are, however – well, not quite ‘hordes’, per se – but a nomadic culture of barbarians that roam the area, generally following herds of the indigenous cockatrice. They’re troll barbarians, if that matters.”

Belatedly, he added, “Oh, also: the area gets six months of light, followed by six months of darkness at a time. Something to do with the positioning of the moons, I think. I guess that might make farming a bit harder? I find it pretty relaxing at night, though, personally.”

Behemoth’s Basin, the endless swamps.

“Surrounded on all sides by desolate and lifeless mountains, I think this area used to be a pretty lively valley. For whatever reason, it’s got some drainage issues these days, and is really exceptionally waterlogged. There’s plenty of usable land, don’t get me wrong: it just dots the landscapes in tiny little islands a few hundred or thousand feet apart from one another. All in all, Behemoth’s Basin has a lot to offer to the right colonists.”

Hesitantly, he continued, “There are some risks to this area, though. I am not sure where they came from, but strange constructs roam the swamps from time to time. As far as I know they tend to avoid living creatures, merely observing from a distance, but something about that unnerves me. The area also has a bit of a sahuagin problem, who themselves have been devotees of a supposedly resident dragon for generations. I’ve never seen the dragon, though. It might just be a story they tell themselves, a rich little piece of cultural history, perhaps?”

Rid, the deepest dark.

With emphasis this time around, he stated, “I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this one for you folks, but it’s got its merits, I suppose. Rid is a land utterly devoid of sunlight, located a few miles underground at best. It isn’t exactly pitch black down there, due to some natural lighting from various fungus and crystalline growths that dot the landscape, but it is pretty barren. Water is a rarity, and I’m not sure how you would put together any serious agricultural efforts, but if you were interested in a little adventure, this would be your go-to location. There are several other cultures somewhere within the tunnels connecting the underground realm, although most of them are pretty...well, let’s just say they’re isolationist. The area is also full of more than a few undesirable local pests.”

Your move.
After a noticeable pause, he states, “And that concludes the options available to you. I would recommend that you take some time to discuss amongst yourselves, and consider your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as that of your people. Each of these locations could prove to be a suitable home, so long as you are well-prepared to inhabit the area. I imagine the first few weeks will be hardest, but I’m confident you lot have it in you. As mentioned, you have until the setting of the sun to make your decision, so I’ll leave you to that.”

With that, the Professor returns back into the confines of his cave, and the five of you are left with many options to consider and many risks to be weighed. None of the locations presented to you have appeared to be paradise, which was unfortunate, but you weren’t really expecting a miracle, you suppose. Your first task will be getting to know your fellow leaders, and beginning to understand who they are and what they can do, and similarly what their people can do. Without adequate planning, you fear this enterprise will be doomed to failure, and you desperately hope you remember to consider all the important variables before coming to a decision.

Which reminds you...just how will this decision be made? Professor Kraken appears to have suggested that all of you should be going to a single location. There are five tribes, and five leaders. Perhaps there are five votes to be cast? Or will you attempt to intimidate your fellows into following your preferred path? Or perhaps trick them into it? The choices you make today could very well shape the course of your relationship with these other races for the foreseeable future. You hope you will choose wisely.

Now would be a good time to formally introduce yourselves to your fellow leaders.
You will collectively need to come to a decision as to which location should become your new home.
If you are so inclined, you can also consult your people to get their input as to what they want and don’t want.
As you begin to contemplate your introduction to your follows, a telepathic message rings out in your mind, and you recognize it as the Professor. “Oh, I almost forgot! I have a bit of a cache of treasure that I found in this old mountain, here. You are welcome to take a few things to help you on your way. You might want to consider which would be most useful depending on where you want to live, but they all seem pretty versatile.”

You may take up to 12,000gp from the following hoard:
1,000gp:  Dowsing syrup
2,000gp:  Iron spike of safe passage
2,400gp:  Sovereign glue
2,700gp:  Stone of alarm
3,000gp:  Cauldron of brewing
3,000gp:  Rope of climbing
4,400gp:  Wind-caller compass
5,000gp:  Bone razor
5,000gp:  Box of stubborn nails (x50)
5,000gp:  Immovable rod
5,000gp:  Mallet of building
5,400gp:  Eversmoking bottle
7,000gp:  Instant bridge
7,200gp:  Folding boat
8,700gp:  Scholar’s ring

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Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


The skeleton taps at its skull, pondering, then makes a very muted shrugging motion.
"My first choice would be the glacier. Frostrime. If it was just my own then that, but I suspect it would be a little too... inhospitable for most people. Failing that, perhaps the... Darklands, did he say? The plains with the floating monuments. That sounds like it would have the fewest troubles."

Idly, it picks through the pile, drawing up the spike of illusion.
"Oh, this is nice. Quick bit of concealment, yes?"

Alexandra "Szandra" lur Carme
Human Skeletal Champion Wizard 2
LE Medium undead

Str 10 +0 (8, +2 rac)
Dex 15 +2 (13, +2 rac)
Con -- 
Int 21 +5 (18, +2 rac, +1 lv)
Wis 12 +1
Cha 14 +2

HP 28 (2d8+2d6+10)
AC 16 (10, +2 shield, +2 dex, +2 nat)
FF 14; Tch 12

DR 5/bludgeoning; immune cold
Undead traits; channel resist +4

Darkvision 60'

Init +6 (+2 dex, +4 imp)
Speed 30'

BAB +2
MAB +2 (+2, +0 str)
RAB +4 (+2, +2 dex)

CMB +2 (+2, +0 str)
CMD 16 (10, +4, +0 str, +2 dex)

Fort +2 (+0, +2 cha)
Ref  +2 (+0, +2 dex)
Will +7 (+5, +2 wis)

2 claws +2 (1d4; B and S)
Staff +3 (1d6; B)

Skills 2x(4+1+5)+2x(2+1+5)=36
Appraise             +12 (4r+3+5i)
Climb                +5  (2r+3)
Craft                +5  (+5i)
Diplomacy            +10 (4r+3+2c+1t)
Disguise             +2  (+2c)
Fly                  +7  (2r+3+2d)
Intimidate           +2  (+2c)
Knowledge (arcana)   +12 (4r+3+5i)
Knowledge (religion) +12 (4r+3+5i)
Linguistics          +5  (+5i)
Perception           +9  (4r+3+2w)
Profession           +2  (+2w)
Sense Motive         +9  (4r+3+2w)
Spellcraft           +15 (4r+3+5i+3f)
Stealth              +9  (4r+3+2d)


World Traveler - +1 trait Diplomacy, class skill
Defensive Strategist - Not flat-footed when surprised or before an action

1L - Combat Casting - +4 conc. defensive casting or grappled
1B - Defensive Combat Training - Use HD for CMD
1B - Improved Initiative - +4 init
3L - Skill Focus (Spellcraft) - +3 skill
3B - Scribe Scroll - Scribe scrolls
3B - Command Undead - Enslave undead within 30', will save resist, etc

Human - +2 ability, +1 feat, +1 skill rank

Skeletal Champion - +2 Str, +2 Dex, undead 2 HD
Nat armor +2, DR 5/bludg, chan resist +4, cold immunity
Improved Initiative bonus feat

Arcane Bond - Amulet - 1/day cast any spell from book
Arcane School - Necromancy/Undead (Enchantment, Evocation opposed)
- Power over Undead (Su) - Command Undead bonus feat; 3+Int channels
    Save DC 10 + 1/2 wiz level + Cha mod; maximum HD equal to wiz level
- Bolster (Sp) - Standard, touch undead; +1 profane attack & saves, 
    1 temp hp per HD and +2 to turn resistance; 1/2 wiz rounds; 3+Int/day
Cantrips - Unlimited castings
Bonus Feats - Scribe Scroll

Typical Prepared Spells (DC 15 + lv, Concentration +7 (+4 def/grapp))
0-l (4/day): Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, 1 free
1st (4/day): Expeditious Retreat, Mage Armor, Obscuring Mist, Vanish

0-l: all except enchantment and evocation
1st: Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Grease, Identify, Mage Armor, 
Obscuring Mist, Ray of Enfeeblement, Silent Image, Summon Monster I, Vanish

Traveler's Outfit       1g, 5 lb
+1 Mithral Buckler      2,005g, +1 shield, +1 enh, 2.5 lb
Mst Quarterstaff        600g, 1d6/1d6, B, 4 lb
Spell Component Pouch   5g, 2 lb
Handy Haversack         2,000g, 5 lb
- Spellbook             
- Fancy Ink & Paper     1,300g worth

Load: 18.5lb (light) (33/66/100)
Gold: 689

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Dec 30, 2012

Jam Buddies


The unicorn whinnies at the skeleton, briefly mimicking the mannerisms of the lowly creature its form was so similar to, "Your flesh may be as rotten as your soul, but surely your lack of ears with which to hear does not prevent you from doing so, undead. If you would be happy as to choose the area said to destroy magicks then I will be quite enthused to watch as that which binds your soul unravels, and your final rest is attained. If you would instead wish to survive, I believe that the Mountain or Banshee's Rock sound hospitable enough - those who are already there are not of upright standing if diplomacy fails, and it is not hallowed ground left for the dead as the Forest. Most living beings do not do well upon glaciers."

Female Unicorn, Age 356
Unicorn (CR 3, 4HD)
Chaotic Good

Strength	10 +8		18 (+4)
Dexterity	14 +6		20 (+5)
Constitution	10 +6		16 (+3)
Intelligence	16 +0		16 (+3)
Wisdom		10 +10		20 (+5)
Charisma 	16 +14 +2	32 (+11)

HP	??/?? (10+3d10+12)
BAB:	+4
Init	+5
CMB	+9
CMD	24 (28 vs. trip)

AC 19 = 10 + 5 Dex + 3 Natural +2 Armor -1 size; +2 deflection vs. evil
	Touch = 12
	Flat-footed = 14

Fort: +7 (4 base + 3 Con)
Refl: +9 (4 base + 5 Dex)
Will: +6 (1 base + 5 Wis); +2 vs evil

Gore  		+8 (1d8+4) (good)
2 hooves 	+5 (1d3+2)
Powerful Charge (Gore, 2d8+8) (good)
Speed: 	60 feet
Reach: 5 ft.

Racial Abilities
Darkvision 60ft
Low-light vision
Aura - Magic Circle Against Evil
Wild Empathy +17
Immune: Charm, Compulsion, Poison

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 9th)
At will - 	Detect Evil (Free Action), Light
3/day - 	Cure Light Wounds
1/day - 	Cure Moderate Wounds, Greater Teleport (Within forest territory) Neutralize Poison (DC 21)

1st: Spell Focus (Illusion)
2nd: Skill Focus: Knowledge (Nature)
3rd: Greater Spell Focus (Illusion)

Acrobatics : 5
Appraise : 3
Bluff : 11
Climb* : 9 (2 + 4 Str + 3 Class)
Craft :  
Diplomacy : 15 (4 + 11 Cha)  
Escape Artist :   5
Fly* : 5
Heal : 5
Intimidate : 11
Knowledge (Nature) : 7 (1 + 3 Int + 3 Feat) 
Linguistics : 
Perception* : 12 (4 + 5 Wis + 3 Class)
Perform : 11 
Sense Motive : 7 (2 + 5 Wis)
Spellcraft : 
Stealth* : 5 
Survival* : 12 (4 + 5 Wis + 3 Class) 15 in forest.
Swim* : 8 (1 + 4 Str + 3 Class)
Use Magic Device : 13 (2 + 11 Cha)

Armor Check Penalty: -0

Languages: Common, Sylvan, Elven, Celestial, Treant

Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 (4000 gp)
Rosewood Armor (400 gp)

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Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Sitting in the shaded corner and staring incredulously at the choices laid out before them, Zoka began to wonder if perhaps they wouldn't have been better off just staying in the empire after all. And that wasn't even getting into the, well, "races" they'd be traveling with. At least he was okay with dryads and unicorns, as the elves had plenty of interactions with them both. But the others? Well, he'd heard tales of peaceful orcs, but judging by this one, this specific tribe didn't seem the type. Best he could hope for was that they'd be able to keep the violence in check for now. As for the final one, he could only shake his head again. Animated skeletons counted as a "race" now? He could only hope that, given that they were sentient, perhaps they'd be reasonable.

Sighing, he leaned forward to offer his own contribution to the discussion. He might dislike the choices, but might as well make sure it was something they could at least tolerate. Since the unicorn and skeleton already seemed to be at odds, he might as well try his hand at being the mediator. "First off, if we're working together for now we should likely introduce ourselves first, as I certainly don't want to have to be going 'Hey, unicorn!' when I need your attention. With that said, I am known as Zoka Balsim. Given we're all apparently supposed to work together for now, we can mark off some places immediately, simply due to the presence of her." With a gesture of his hand he indicates the dryad, and her tree. Much as we would not mind either the underground or the glacier, I'm fairly sure trees don't exactly fare terribly well in either place. Depending on the type of tree you use, I certainly can't tell, the desert may be out as well. Personally, I despise sand myself, so I won't be picking that either. Banshee's Rock, on the other hand, may be a decent choice as would Behemoth's Basin or Mt. Thunderlizard, though in the latter case I'd advise we try to make a pact with one of the powers in the area as there are too many for us to simply presume to avoid them all."

All are mid-late teen to young adult
8 Experts (1 Alchemist's apprentice, 1 blacksmith's apprentice, 1 loremaster's apprentice, 1 carpenter's apprentice,
 1 misc., 3 unranked clan initiates)
3 Adepts (2 Apprentices of the healers, 1 Mage apprentice)
3 Warriors (Nominally hunters and gate guards)
6 Commoners
Zoka "Shade" Balsim
Ninja 4//Fighter(Mobile Fighter) 4

Favored Class: Ninja
FC Bonus: 4xSkill points
Languages: Common, Draconic, Auran, Aquan

Str 12 = 10 + 3(02 pts) + 0
Dex 20 = 10 + 7(13 pts) + 2(race) +1(level)
Con 14 = 10 + 4(05 pts) + 0
Int 14 = 10 + 4(05 pts) + 0
Wis 10 = 10 + 2(02 pts) - 2(race)
Cha 16 = 10 + 4(05 pts) + 2(race)

HP: 40(10 + 3d10(22) + 8[Con])-Week 2

AC:    19 = 10 + 4[Armor] + 5[Dex]
FF:    19
Touch: 15

BAB: +4

CMB: 05 = 4[BAB] + 1[Str]
CMD: 20 = 10 + 4[BAB] + 1[Str] + 5[Dex]

Init: 5 = 5[Dex]

Saves  Total   Base   Mod   Misc
Fort     7   =   4  +  2  +  1[resist]
Refl    10   =   4  +  5  +  1[resist]
Will     4   =   1  +  0  +  2[feat] + 1[resist]

Racial Abilities
+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis
-50% miss chance in dim light rather than the typical 20%.  This is NOT Total Concealment.
Shadowy Resistance
-Resist Cold 5, Resist Lightning 5
+2 to Know(Planes) & Stealth checks
Spell-Like Abilities
Darkvision 60'
Low-light Vision

Class Abilities
Poison Use
Sneak Attack +2d6
Ki Pool (5 Ki points)
Ninja Tricks
-Vanishing Ninja
-Fast Stealth
No-Trace +1
Uncanny Dodge

Fighter(Mobile Fighter):
Agility +1
Armor Training 1


	               Total  =   Ranks	  +   Stat   +   Class   +   Misc
	               -----      -----      ------      ----        ----
Acrobatics[Dex]		+12     =   04    +    05    +     Y     +    0
Appraise[Int]  		+06     =   01    +    02    +     Y     +    0
Bluff[Cha]     		+10     =   04    +    03    +     Y     +    0
Climb[Str]     		+05     =   01    +    01    +     Y     +    0
--Alchemy       	+06     =   01    +    02    +     Y     +    0
Diplomacy[Cha] 		+10     =   04    +    03    +     Y     +    0
Disable Device[Dex]	+14     =   04    +    05    +     Y     +    2[circumstance]
Disguise[Cha]  		+07     =   01    +    03    +     Y     +    0
Escape Artist[Dex]      +12     =   04    +    05    +     Y     +    0
Handle Animal[Cha]      +07     =   01    +    03    +     Y     +    0
Intimidate[Cha]		+03     =   00    +    03    +     Y     +    0
--Dungeoneering		+00     =   00    +    02    +     Y	 +    0
--Engineering		+00     =   00    +    02    +     Y	 +    0
--Local	        	+00     =   00    +    02    +     Y	 +    0
--Nobility		+00     =   00    +    02    +     Y	 +    0
--Planes		+05     =   01    +    02    +     N     +    2[race]
Linguistics[Int]	+06     =   01    +    02    +     Y     +    0
Perception[Wis]		+07     =   04    +    00    +     Y     +    0
Ride[Dex]      		+05     =   01    +    05    +     Y     +    0
Sense Motive[Wis] 	+04     =   01    +    00    +     Y     +    0
Sleight of Hand[Dex]   	+09     =   01    +    05    +     Y     +    0
Stealth[Dex] 		+16     =   04    +    05    +     Y     +    2[race] + 2[circumstance]
Survival[Wis] 		+04     =   01    +    00    +     Y     +    0
Swim[Str]      		+05     =   01    +    01    +     Y     +    0
U. Magic Device[Cha]    +10     =   04    +    03    +     Y     +    0

1st: Weapon Finesse
Trait: Iron Will
Bonus: Weapon Focus(Wakizashi)
Bonus: Combat Reflexes
3rd: Two Weapon Fighting
Bonus: Weapon Specialization(Wakizashi)

SLAs(CL 3):
Disguise Self(Any Humanoid) 1/day
Shadow Walk(Self Only) 1/day-Gained at 9th level
Plane Shift(Self Only, Shadow or Material Plane Only) 1/day-Gained at 13th level
Personal Equipment
Mithril Shirt                   - 1100
Masterwork Wakizashi x 2        - 670
Cloak of Resistance +1          - 1000
Shuriken x 20                   - 4
Dagger x 2                      - 4
Wrist Sheath, Spring-Loaded x 2 - 10
Caltrops x 1                    - 1
Masterwork Tool(Stealth)        - 50
Masterwork Thieves' Tools       - 100
Thieves' Tools Extenders        - 70

Group Stores
Shuriken x 180                  - 36
Shortbows x 10                  - 300
Longbows x 2                    - 150
Arrows x 400                    - 20
Wakizashi x 3                   - 105
Short Sword x 4                 - 40
Spear x 20                      - 40
Dagger x 28                     - 56
Caltrops x 39                   - 39

Leather Armor x 10              - 100
Scale Mail x 2                  - 100
Studded Leather x 3             - 75

Pavilion Tent x 1               - 100
Large Tent x 3                  - 90
Medium Tent x 4                 - 60
Small Tent x 1                  - 10
Bedrolls x 21                   - 2.1
Blankets x 21                   - 10.5
Fishhook x 20                   - 2
Fishing Net x 2                 - 8
Bear Trap x 5                   - 10
Silk Rope 100'                  - 20
Hemp Rope 400'                  - 8
String/Twine 5000'              - 1
Trail Rations( 20 days for all) - 210
Heavy Wagon                     - 100
Oxen x 4                        - 60
Iron (100 lbs)                  - 10
Masonry Stone (200 lbs)         - 10
Anvil                           - 5
Bellows                         - 1
Hammer x 2                      - 1
Masterwork Tool(Alchemy)        - 50
Masterwork Tool(Blacksmithing)  - 50

Gold left over: 1111.4
Leaving some gold left over to represent other stuff I can't think of at the moment that I might feasibly have.

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Jun 3, 2010

It really is a lovely hat


"My people are adaptive, and the trees will grow as long as their is light and soil and fresh water. As such the land of endless night or even merely a season of darkness would be untenable. No, we would go to the jungle or the forest by choice, where we might forge a glen for ourselves and our companions. We are able hunters, gatherers, and gardeners, and our ability to make a comfortable home amidst either locale is undoubted. The crags or swamps would be serviceable, if not our first choice, and even the desert or glacier could perhaps be made livable with sufficient effort although we'd rather not.

Still, if the land of the forest is cursed, it calls to our nature to tend it, and we have seen enough of saltwater and oceans to last. So I would have us go to this Hesperus, and see it made ours. As for the trees, they are apples from the great forest to the west. Your people would gather them once, and might again should they be found a safe planting. For now, they remain as you see them - amidst the great wagons, the last hope of the forest of this world."

Basic Information

 Character Name  : Sieversii                Height :
 Player Name     : Anias                    Weight :
 Character Race  : Dryad                    Eyes   :
 Alignment       : LN                       Hair   :
 Deity           :                          Size   :
 Total Level     : 3                        Speed  : 30'
Character Class Information

 Class and Level     : Dryad 

 Favored Class(es)   : Druid
 Favored Class Bonus : +1 hit point or +1 skill point
Ability Scores

 Strength     : 11 (+0)     11 point buy + 0 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Dexterity    : 20 (+5)     12 point buy + 8 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Constitution : 16 (+3)     14 point buy + 2 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Intelligence : 16 (+3)     12 point buy + 4 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Wisdom       : 20 (+5)     16 point buy + 4 racial + 0 level + 0 misc
 Charisma     : 22 (+6)     14 point buy + 8 racial + 0 level + 0 misc

 Maximum Load  : 000 lbs.
 Lift Overhead : 000 lbs.   (equal to Maximum Load)
 Lift          : 000 lbs.   (equal to Maximum Load x2)
 Drag or Push  : 000 lbs.   (equal to Maximum Load x5)
Combat Statistics

 Hit Points        : 00     1*max(1d6+3) racial hd + 5*(1d6+3) racial hd
 Base Attack (BAB) : +3
 Initiative        : +11     5 Dex + 4 misc + 2 trait

 Base Melee        : +3     3 BAB + 0 Str + 0 misc
 Base Ranged       : +8     3 BAB + 5 Dex + 0 misc

 Combat Maneuver   : +3          3 BAB + 0 Str + 0 misc          <- CMB
 Maneuver Defense  : +18    10 + 3 BAB + 0 Str + 5 Dex + 0 misc  <- CMD

 Armor Class       : 20     10 base + 2 armor + 3 natural + 0 shield + 5 Dex + 0 misc
 Touch AC          : 15     10 base                                  + 5 Dex + 0 misc
 Flat-Footed AC    : 15     10 base + 2 armor + 3 natural + 0 shield         + 0 misc
Saving Throws

 Fortitude  : +07   4 base + 3 Con + 0 misc
 Reflex     : +10   5 base + 5 Dex + 0 misc
 Will       : +10   5 base + 5 Wis + 0 misc

 Conditional Bonuses and Penalties :
Racial Abilities and Features
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th)
Constant—speak with plants
At will—entangle (DC 17), tree shape, wood shape (1 lb. only)
3/day—charm person (DC 17), deep slumber (DC 19), tree stride
1/day—suggestion (DC 19)

SQ tree meld, wild empathy, woodcraft
Class Abilities and Features

Skills and Languages
Skill points
6*(6+3 int) racial hd

 Your maximum ranks in a skill are equal to your total level.
 Class skills with at least 1 skill rank in them gain a +3 "class" bonus.
 [c] denotes a class skill.
 ^ denotes a skill that cannot be used untrained.

 [c] Acrobatics         : +09    1 ranks + 5 Dex + 3 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [ ] Appraise           : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [c] Bluff              : +10    1 ranks + 6 Cha + 3 class + 0 misc
 [c] Climb              : +04    1 ranks + 0 Str + 3 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [c] Craft: (Sculpture) : +12/18 6 ranks + 3 Int + 3 class + 0 misc + 6 racial (wood)
 [c] Diplomacy          : +10    1 ranks + 6 Cha + 3 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Disable Device ^   : +00    0 ranks + 5 Dex + 0 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [c] Disguise           : +10    1 ranks + 6 Cha + 3 class + 0 misc
 [c] Escape Artist      : +09    1 ranks + 5 Dex + 3 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [c] Fly                : +09    1 ranks + 5 Dex + 3 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [ ] Handle Animal ^    : +07    1 ranks + 6 Cha + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Heal               : +00    0 ranks + 5 Wis + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Intimidate         : +00    0 ranks + 6 Cha + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Know: Arcana ^     : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Know: Dungeon ^    : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Know: Engineer ^   : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [c] Know: Geography ^  : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Know: History ^    : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [c] Know: Local ^      : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [c] Know: Nature ^     : +12    6 ranks + 3 Int + 3 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Know: Planes ^     : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Know: Religion ^   : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Linguistics ^      : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [c] Perception         : +14    6 ranks + 5 Wis + 3 class + 0 misc
 [c] Perform:           : +00    0 ranks + 6 Cha + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Profession: ^      : +00    0 ranks + 5 Wis + 0 class + 0 misc
 [ ] Ride               : +00    0 ranks + 5 Dex + 0 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [c] Sense Motive       : +09    1 ranks + 5 Wis + 3 class + 0 misc
 [c] Sleight of Hand ^  : +09    1 ranks + 5 Dex + 3 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [ ] Spellcraft ^       : +00    0 ranks + 3 Int + 0 class + 0 misc
 [c] Stealth            : +09    1 ranks + 5 Dex + 0 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [ ] Survival           : +00    0 ranks + 5 Wis + 0 class + 0 misc
 [c] Swim               : +04    1 ranks + 0 Str + 3 class + 0 misc - 0 armor
 [c] Use Magic Device ^ : +15    6 ranks + 6 Cha + 3 class + 0 misc 

 Languages : Common, Sylvan, Elven, Celestial, Orc, Speak With Plants
Traits and Feats

 Trait #1 : Reactionary
 Trait #2 : Magical Knack (Druid)

 Racial Feat 1 : Point Blank Shot
 Racial Feat 2 : Precise Shot
 Racial Feat 3 : Deadly Aim
 Level 1 Feat  : Improved Initiative
 Level 3 Feat  : Rapid Shot
Money and Equipment

 Armor     : Leather Armor
 Belt      :
 Body      :
 Chest     :
 Eyes      :
 Feet      :
 Hands     :
 Head      :
 Headband  :
 Neck      :
 Ring #1   :
 Ring #2   :
 Shield    :
 Shoulders :
 Wrists    :

 Weapon    : Longbow
 Weapon    : Scythe

 Other Equipment : 
Enveloping Pit with Enclosed Arboreal Garden (3740, pit 3600, 1 ioun torche (75), Ladder, fertile soil, artisan gardening tools (65))
Heavy Wagon x 11 = 1100
Cow x 20 = 200
Ox x 20 = 300
Leather Armor x 21 = 210
Longbow x 2 = 150
Shortbow x 5 = 150
Barrel x 20 = 40
Arrows x 1000 = 50
Sheep x 20 = 40
Canvas (200 sq yards) = 20

Money: 30 gp

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


Szandra glances at the unicorn, face blank.
"Yes, that's why I said the glacier isn't an option."

She focuses back on the dryad.
"Ah, trees? So the plains are right out, then. Well, between the jungle and the forest is a hard choice. I'd rather avoid contact with others, so an island seems much more appealing than a... 'demilitarized zone,' if there are... spider things, and aggressive neighbors to contend with."

El Fappo
Dec 26, 2012

King Skullguy

King Skullguy yells out "Lets go to the forest! I am a fan of trees. You can cut them down and sell the wood for money!"

Hey guys, sorry it took so long for me to post. I didn't abandon you guys. My laptop died and I haven't been able to get on the forums for a few days.

King Skullguy, King of The Skull Guy Tribe
Orc Witch 3 (Scarred Witch Doctor)
Neutral Evil

Str: 18 / +4 (14 + 4 racial)
Dex: 11 / +0
Con: 18 / +4
Int: 12 / +1 (14 - 2 racial)
Wis: 6 / -2 (8 - 2 racial)
Cha: 7 / -2 (9 - 2 racial)

HP: (3d6+4+4+4)
AC: 11 (+1 from armored kilt)
FF: 11; Touch: 10

BAB: +1
CMB: +5; CMD: +15

To Hit: +5
Damage: 1d12+4

To Hit: -2
Damage: 1d6+4

Fort: +5
Ref: +1
Will: +1

Size: Medium
Speed: 30

Racial Traits:
Ferocity: Orcs possess the ferocity ability which allows them to remain conscious and 
continue fighting even if their hit point totals fall below 0. Orcs are still staggered 
at 0 hit points or lower and lose 1 hit point each round as normal.

Weapon Familiarity: Orcs are always proficient with greataxes and falchions, and treat any weapon with the word “orc” in its name as a martial weapon.

Darkvision 60ft

Dayrunner: Orcs refuse to yield to any foe, including the sun. 
Some spend hour upon hour glaring at the sun until their ruined eyes acclimatize 
to bright light. Orcs with this racial trait take a –2 penalty on all ranged attack rolls. 
This racial trait replaces light sensitivity.

Languages: Orc, Common, Goblin

Class Abilities:
Constitution Dependent: Use Con in place of anything a witch would normally use Int for
Fetish Mask: Familiar replaced with wooden mask. +2 to Heal and Intimidate while wearing.
Scar Shield: bonus of half my level to AC for a number of minutes equal to my level
Patron: Transformation

Cackle: Spend move action to increase duration of any agony hex, charm hex, evil eye hex, fortune hex, or misfortune hex by 1 round
Evil Eye: The target takes a –2 penalty on one of the following (witch’s choice): AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, 
or skill checks. This hex lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the witch’s Intelligence modifier. A Will save reduces this to 
just 1 round. 
Misfortune: Target must reroll every ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check and take the worse result. Will save negates.
Slumber:  A witch can cause a creature within 30 feet to fall into a deep, magical sleep, as per the spell sleep. 
The creature receives a Will save to negate the effect. If the save fails, the creature falls asleep for a number 
of rounds equal to the witch’s level. This hex can affect a creature of any HD

Spells Per Day: Level 0: 4; Level 1: 3; level 2: 2

Spells Known
Level 0: All
Level 1: Burning Hands, Enlarge Person, Summon Monster I, 
Web Bolt, Mage Armor, Cure Light Wounds, Inflict Light Wounds, 
Jump, Delay Disease, Mud Ball, Ray of Enfeeblement
Level 2: Vomit Swarm, Enemy's Heart

Level 1: Combat Casting
Trait Feat: Extra Hex-Cackle
Level 3: Extra Hex-Slumber

Points: 11

Acrobatics:          0
Appraise:            +1
Bluff:               -2
Climb:               +4
Craft:               +1
Diplomacy:           -2
Disable Device:      --
Disguise:            -2
Escape Artist:       0
Fly:                 0
Handle Animal:       --
Heal:                0
Intimidate:          +6 (3 ranks + class - 2 + 2 from mask)
Kn Arcana:           +5 (1 rank + int + class)
Kn History:          +5 (1 rank + int + class)
Perception:          0 (2 ranks -wis)
Perform:             -2
Ride:                0
Sense Motive:        -2
Sleight of Hand:     --
Spellcraft:          +5 (1 ranks + int + class)
Stealth:             +3 (3 ranks)
Survival:            -2
Swim:                +4
UMD:                 --

On-hand equipment:
15 Javelins                        30lbs / 15g
Greataxe+hollow pommel             12lbs/ 25g
Armored Kilt                       10lbs/ 20g
Witch's Kit                        21lbs/ 21g
10 weapon cords                    ---/ 1g
4 Wrist Sheath, Spring loaded      4lbs/ 20g
Potion of Invisibility             ---/ 300g
Potion of Spider Climb             ---/ 300g
Potion of Bear's Endurance         ---/ 300g
Masterwork Backpack                4lbs/ 50g
2 Daggers                          2lbs/ 4g

Other Possessions
100 Chickens                       2g
20 cows                            200g
10 goats                           10g
10 pigs                            30g
4 Oxen                             60g
1 Heavy Wagon                      100g
10lbs of tobacco                   5g
80lbs of salt                      400g
20lbs of pepper                    40g
20lbs coffee beans                 1g
20 Bear Traps                      40g / 200lbs
3 Tent, pavilion                   300g
20 bedrolls                        2g
                                 Total cost: 2152g

Gold: 3848g

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Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


Within the upper tunnels of the Dragonclaw mountain...
Last to speak, but loudest by far, the voice of the apparent 'king' of the orcs reverberates throughout the mountain tunnel in which you have been holding your congress. The tension is palpable in the air as he finishes his statement, and the three other leaders look hesitantly between the orc and the dryad, unsure as to how the spirit of the woods will react to the claim that your potential forest home should be logged as a first priority.

Although not particularly surprising, your first meeting with your future allies does not appear be going well. With the exception of the diplomatic fetchling, none have even bothered to introduce themselves to the group, leading at least one of you to wonder whether that is an intentional slight, or merely an oversight given the abundance of information thrust upon you and the serious matters to consider.

Still, it hasn't been a total disaster to your eyes and ears. Although not done in the most cooperative or logical of manners, each leader has expressed a series of preferences for your future homeland, and while there does not appear to be unity among you as of yet, it does seem that you can all agree that neither the desert nor the cavernous underground are frontrunners in the selection process. Rather, it appears as if the jungle island of Banshee's Rock and Mt. Thunderlizard are preferred, with the black forest Hesperus and the endless swamps of Behemoth's Basin being seriously considered as well.

Apparent votes:
			Sk	Dr	Or	Fe	Un	#
Frostrime		X	-	-	-	-	1
Deathknell		-	-	-	-	-	0
Hesperus		-	X	X	-	-	2
Banshee's Rock		X	X	-	X	X	4
Mt. Thunderlizard	-	X	-	X	X	3
The Forsaken Plains	X	-	-	-	-	1
Behemoth's Basin	-	X	-	X	-	2
Rid			-	-	-	-	-	0
As your conversation with your fellow leaders moves into its second hour (if counting the time spent listening to the options presented by the Professor), it occurs to you that relatively few opinions have been expressed on the treasure hoard that is available to your group. Sensing that this might be an opportunity to commit the group to a decision favorable to your interests before the others have enough time to focus on the matter, you begin to consider in greater detail just what it is you desire most from the cache, and how best to convince the others of its value.

Please make a d100 roll, and indicate your preferred treasure from the cache.
There are still several hours left before Professor Kraken's deadline, but you have no doubt that you will grow weary of this discussion long before the setting of the sun. After taking stock of the initial opinions of each of your fellow leaders, you find yourself focused anew on the matter of making a decision with regards to your planar destination. There appears to be majority preference for Banshee's Rock, but not unanimous approval. As leaders, it is your task to decide whether to proceed with this choice, or to change your votes to a more preferable alternative.

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Jun 3, 2010

It really is a lovely hat

[quote="Anias" post="420544489"]


"We won't have to cut the trees down. My people are perfectly capable of pulling them apart for us. As long as you can tell the difference between the new forest and the old, we should be fine. Although I doubt we'd have anyone we could sell the wood to, it seems more likely we'd need to build shelters first.

As for the hoarde of goods, Might I suggest that we take the Climbing Rope, and then either the Boat and the Spike or the Rod, Alarm, and Dowsing syrup.

(Voting Rope/Boat/Spike OR Rope/Rod/Alarm/Syrup
Tie Breaking: 1d100 20)

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


"Indeed, I doubt any sort of commerce would be an option. Again, my preference is either the black forest or the jungle island. Well, my actual preference is the glacier, but that is not really an option."

The skeleton examines the rope, nods, then pulls a bit at the boat, clacking at its iron.
"The rope would be helpful, yes. And I've already mentioned my preference for the spike. I would like if we could have the rod and this boat, but that might be asking too much."

Another vote for Rope/Boat/Spike, or Rope/Rod/Spike and something else. I'd rather we actually discuss some kind of selection rather than make picks.

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Deciding to just go with it for now, joins in. "I'm narrowing down my own choices to either the island or the mountain, as upon reflection the swamp sounds like a terrible idea."

Looking over the items, he first points out the most obvious thing. "We can't take the rope, boat and spike, that puts us over our total, at least unless you're willing to overlook the overage." The last part is directed at Professor Kraken. "Besides, I'd argue that we don't need the rope. The spike will be incredibly useful, and possibly the boat depending on where we decide upon, but I feel another good choice is the Cauldron. We don't yet know what we'll need there, and there are a bunch of alchemical creations that could come in handy."

Did Waador already say Boat/Rope/Spike was okay? Because that takes us over 12,000 gp in items spent.

Regardless, I'm looking at the Spike/Cauldron/?, or Spike/Boat/? if we're on the island. Maybe the bridge in the first case. Wagons can't cross it, but it could be useful for simple exploring.

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


"Do you have any skill at alchemy? I have to admit I've never learned... or had a chance, really. I think my mentor never got the hang of it, I never saw him engaging in the craft."
It tugs a bit at the rope, silent, then looks up.
"The strength of this rope is highly compelling. Especially if we were forced to lift one of the horses up a cliff or similar. Unless other considerations have been made for them?"

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


"Never a better time to learn." He dryly replies. "In all seriousness, I do have someone in camp with alchemical skills, but I haven't gotten around to learning myself."

Looking at the rope, he frowns. "While you make a decent point, we'd also likely need much more than 100' of rope to do so. After taking into account the feet needed to safely secure one, plus the amount needed at the top to allow enough people to pull, that 100' starts dwindling rapidly and you'll need to use additional nonmagical rope anyways. Plus that, while it can likely hold one, you'd still have to build a structure at the top of the cliff to actually allow one to clear the edge."

Illustrated here with my terrible skills:

Horse RC

You can't just lift it vertically, as it'll simply slam into the edge.

Dec 30, 2012

Jam Buddies


The unicorn stamped its hoof again to command attention back to it, "I, Uru'vi, believe that the true use of the Cauldron within the short term would be for the preparation of food more so than the creation of alchemical objects. While wood is likely to not be a problem as long as the wood spirits are with us," she tilts her head, turning it enough to point towards Sieversii, "a self heating cauldron could be useful for times when fire will not stay, due to rain or wind."

"I would oppose the idea of entering the forest on the grounds of not wanting to offend the remaining tribes by entering their cursed lands, but I am certain that if it could be arranged to assure we would attempt to lift such curse, whether for our own benefit or for the benefit of our neighbors, my people would likely be more than willing to go. Whether we would be willing to fight if the tribes are offended by us and struck would remain to be seen."

Jun 3, 2010

It really is a lovely hat


"You make a compelling point. Having warm stew without a fire is a strong benefit, particularly in the wooded locales. I am interested in establishing a safe glen-city for our peoples, and thus the curse would have to be dealt with. All of these locales have individual difficulties, but we are well suited to handling them."

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Noting that everyone seemed to just be talking around the issue, with no definitive responses, he decides to cut to the heart of the matter. "While I'm sure we could sit around a while long discussing the merits of the various places, opinions don't seem to particularly changing, so let's just put it to a vote. Besides, Professor Kraken seems to be getting a little impatient." With that he gestures to their host, who seems to be tapping a foot.

Reaching into a pouch, he hesitates for a moment and then brings out a sheaf of paper and a pen, followed by an inkwell. Setting them down in front of himself, Zoka twirls the quill before dipping it in. "In the interest of keeping it simple, and because one of you can't even write, I'll record the votes. Just give me your top 3 choices in sequential order. Feel free to give me your favored magic items at the same time if you wish, or we can hold a second vote after this one. Whenever you're ready."

Okay, just to get this moving, I'm asking everyone to list their top 3 places. As much flavor text as you want, but please list them in italics at the bottom as well. I'll be scoring them as 1st is worth 3 points, 2nd is worth 2 points, and 3rd is worth 1 point. Unless there are any radical objections, we'll go with the one with the highest point total.

I'd prefer you give them to me in the format:
1st: Something
2nd: Something
3rd: Something

but that's mainly for readability purposes.

El Fappo
Dec 26, 2012

King Skullguy confers with his tribe for a moment, then returns to the group.

"Okay my tribe wants to go underground, but that's stupid. How about we go to the forest or the Darklands or that Behemoth's Basin place? Those sound good and safe to me."

1st: Black Forest
2nd: Darklands
3rd: Behemoth's Basin

Suddenly, he jumps up, startled.
"HOLY poo poo DOES THAT HORSE TALK?!" He screams, pointing at the unicorn.

Jun 3, 2010

It really is a lovely hat


"Of course the 'corn can talk. So can the skeleton. Our host would not have invited mutes." She nods graciously to the Professor.

"My people are sensitive to climate choices, and thus discarded the underground, plains, desert, and glacier immediately. While we could survive there, it would be a constant struggle vs the very nature of the world. The difficulties in the remaining choices appear more manageable. The forest is cursed, yes, but also full of life, edible plants, and building materials. It's also easily defended. The swamp has dragon-kin, but it will also have fertile soil and plenty of water we can distill. The Mountain worries me, as titans make poor neighbors, but if the blue dragon is still present his kind can be negotiated with. It would be dangerous, but not untenable. Similarly the Jungle has it's concerns, finding ourselves ocean locked is not reassuring after the cataclysm of this world, nor do I lightly ignore the fury of storms. The pirates are indifferent to me, although I do worry that should the isle turn out to be too small, we would quickly fall to bickering amongst ourselves.

Therefore, I am hopeful we can manage the forest, willing to consider the swamp or jungle, and would fall back on the mountain as a last resort. As for our host's generous donations, I think the Rope is the most useful - not all of our people are warriors, and having the ability to make a safeline is useful. The Cauldron can boil water, and that is a meaningful thing, but the Rod Immovable can be used to climb to the top of the trees. Also a useful consideration. The boat is the most useful of the expanding objects, acting as temporary shelter or a bridge, as well as it's more nautical uses. I think the spike serves merely as filler - it could disguise a small scouting group, but not our full tribe."

She smiles at the Kraken's twitching foot

"Still, best to make a quick choice."

1 - Black Forest
2 - Behemoth Basin
3 - Banshee's Rock

1 - Rope of Climbing
2 - Immovable Rod
3 - Cauldron
4 - Folding Boat
5 - Spike

Dec 30, 2012

Jam Buddies


The Orc's outburst makes the 'horse' stamp once more, this time rearing back onto its hinds for a few moment before crashing down, "You will not refer to me as a horse, you vile slack jawed dim-witted brute of a creature. I am a noble creature blessed by the fey and celestials both, an omen of fortune and healing. I am not a beast of burden, nor are any of my kin, you would do well to remember that."

The unicorn remains bristled, watching the orc as she began speaking again, "I again say that the mountain and island both remain the foremost choice. The Good Professor here has not said anything that leads me to believe the island is small, only that it is a place of intense vegetation, which I am certain can be claimed. The forest remains as a third, giving us ample food and cover from the elements, but exposing us to three possible threats. It can be said that it is the only world of which we know of civilizations that are not known to be of evil leaning, which does raise its appeal. It is possibly our only hope of gaining supplies via trade or diplomacy if such is the case, but we cannot know for certain unless the Professor knows more of them."

"As to the magical items, I have no qualms with whatever the others pick, save if they wish the Razor, as such vile tools are beyond any use."

1. Mount Thunderlizard
2. Banshee's Rock
3. Black Forest

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


"Clearly the horse can talk. It is a unicorn. Are you an imbecile?"

The skeleton stares at the orc for a moment, confused, then shakes its skull.
"Eugh. My preferences are the jungle island, the swamp, if it is a serious option, and the forest. If we do select either the jungle or swamp, I also suggest we bring that metal folding boat."

1st: Banshee's Rock
2nd: Behemoth Basin
3rd: Black Forest

1st: Folding Boat (only with BR or BB)
2nd: Spike
3rd: Immovable Rod

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Just sighing and ignoring the dumb remark from the orc, as well as the dumb arrogant remark from the overgrown horse, Zoka finishes writing down everyone's votes and takes a moment to mentally tally points before adding his own. Part of making sure you got something tolerable for yourself was ensuring you had the deciding vote, after all. Silently thanking the elders' foresight in shoving him through several diplomatic classes before sending him on this journey, he marked down his own vote.

"Okay Professor, it looks like we've chosen our destination." Handing over the tallied paper, he continues. "Overall, the consensus seems that we will go to the jungle island, Banshee's Rock. As for magic items, that's still up for consideration as only two of us, three with myself, have stated our preferences.

My personal arguments are for the spike, as not only could it conceal a small scouting group, but it could also be used to conceal the entrance to a livable area, if we can find one with a reasonably narrow entrance. That should be reasonably plausible to do on an island filled with canyons and crags.

I'd also vote for the Cauldron, as it could help with alchemical creations in the long term, and helping with various other things in the short term.

The boat could be useful but I'm somewhat dubious. Given the pirates around the isle, and it simply being a normal boat that can be miniaturized, it's possible that anyone on it would run into them. That should only be done on our terms and, if it is, we may be able to acquire a ship of our own anyways."

To list my choices:
1st: Banshee's Rock
2nd: Mt. Thunderlizard
3rd: Behemoth Basin

Final Scores:
1st: Banshee's Rock - 9 points
2nd: Black Forest - 8 points
3rd: Behemoth Basin - 6 points
4th: Mt. Thunderlizard - 5 points
5th: Darklands - 2 points

Feel free to double-check my math, but I'm pretty sure that's correct.

As for items, my top two picks are:
1st: Iron Spike of Safe Passage
2nd: Cauldron of Brewing

Didn't actually set up a scoring system for them, and their wasn't any real consensus on the top items, so they're still up for debate.

Just keep in mind that the boat alone takes up 7200 out of the 12000, leaving merely 4800 left, so you're really only going to get one other item out of the ones listed as desired if you take it.

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


"Ehh... no boat. The rod, then."

Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.



Achievement unlocked!:  Homesteading.
You have collectively selected a new home, without any violence or corruption in the electoral process!
Benefit:  Following your example, for the next week your people are unlikely to resort to infighting.
Sunset, at the base of the Dragonclaw mountain...
The back-and-forth debate of the tribal leaders had been going on for several hours, until ultimately the leader of the fetchlings, Zoka, stepped up. Where the others had merely been expressing their opinions and concerns, his suggestion of a ranking system enabled real progress to be made, and in short order the previously endless debate was drawn down to an apparent choice of the jungle island of Banshee’s Rock.

While there was still some discussion to be had on the subject of the magical aides to be taken from the Professor’s offered hoard, that discussion was momentarily put off such that your respective tribes could be informed of the decision, and given the few hours remaining until sunset to prepare themselves. Their reaction to your decision has been as follows…

Community status:
The skeletons are pleased with the potential solitude offered by the isolated island.
The dryads are pleased that your home will have ready access to a living forest.
The orcs are excited to meet the pirates, and hunt game in the jungle.
The fetchlings are hopeful that the jungle will be similar to their original forest home.
The unicorns are pleased that they will have a large forested area to claim and guard.

The tribes are not currently expressing any negative emotions.
You appear to have made a choice acceptable to everyone.
When informed of your destination, Professor Kraken is likewise visually pleased, and exclaims, “Well, that’s impressive. Most of the groups that I’ve transplanted have taken literally up to the last minute to come to a conclusion as to where they wanted to go. You folks are at least a few hours ahead of schedule! I have to admit I am a little surprised that such a …diverse… group was able to come to an agreement so readily.” He obviously moves his gaze from the orcs to the dryads, and then to the unicorns and back to the skeletons, before clapping his hands together in apparent appreciation of your efforts. “Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, huh?”, he says, clapping Zoka on the back.

With your primary decision made, he proclaims to the group at large, “All right, folks, time to saddle up! Or suit up. Or whatever it is you have to do to get ready to move, I guess!” With a wave of his hand, a rippling portal of energy shimmers into existence at the base of the mountain, about twenty feet in diameter. Although hazy, on the other side you can vaguely see the outline of a rocky ledge, significant vines and overgrowth, and in the distance what appears to be an ocean or sea. By all appearances, and logical deduction, it is clearly some part of Banshee’s Rock.

The Professor explains, “I’ll come with you folks, and stay for the first night or so. That should give you plenty of time to figure out which of these bountiful treasures you want to keep. I really won’t be able to stay for long though, as there are still people in this land that need my help, so hopefully you’re able to figure out what you want quickly!” With that, he gestures in a deep bow and a wave of his hand that the time to depart has come, and your caravans begin to depart through the planar gate to their new homeland. Whether one-by-one, two-by-two, or wagon-by-wagon, they step through without incident, and the first day of your new life is finally about to begin...

Setting foot upon Banshee’s Rock...

Stepping through the portal is an uneasy feeling for each of you. Although you have been given every reason to trust the Professor, some part of your mind still clings to the rational and sane deduction that trusting a mind flayer is one of, if not the worst decision you could possibly make in life. Still, what other choice did you have?

The ride through the planar gate is intense, to say the least, and certainly a unique experience that you do not wish to replicate again in the near future. It felt as if you were being deconstructed, only to be thrust through the portal at overwhelming speeds, with powerful gravitational forces pulling at you in a dozen directions at once. You ‘land’ on the other side of the shimmering gate, and like many of your fellows find yourself weak-kneed and a little sick to your stomach or with a powerful headache. Although the leaders, heroes that they are, manage to avoid throwing up, many of the orcs and a few of the unicorns are not as lucky, and their recent dinner is quickly expelled all over the ground of your new home.

After a few awkward minutes of cleaning up and pulling yourselves together, you find yourself vindicated in the choice you have made to trust the Professor. You have found yourselves at a rocky ledge, overlooking what appears to be a massive bay in one direction, with the jungle all about you, and the barely-visible hints of a taller hilly or mountainous region in the distance in the direction opposite the bay. It is clearly not the best campsite in the world, given that you have recently moved in and could be surrounded by any number of unknown predators, and your only escape route appears to be a hundred-foot drop to the jagged rocks in the bay beneath you. Still, the air is fresh, and for the first time in as long as you can remember the endless storms of your homeland have subsided, giving way to the calming clamor of waves against rocks and the call of gulls in the air. It’s been a very long time since you have heard the call of such a bird, and the sound of it fills you with something resembling hope for the future. Looking at the faces of your respective tribes, it is clear to you that they are thinking along the same lines.

As the minutes pass, the reality of your situation begins to set in. Although not an ideal place to live, the area in which you have landed is an excellent survey point. A few areas of interest present themselves readily, including a tiny island about half a mile out from the bay that you are overlooking, sandy beaches a few miles to what you believe to be to the west (a supposition based purely on the rising sun), and a seemingly endless expanse of jungle in every other direction. Although you have some supplies, it occurs to you that finding a source of fresh water is likely to be an important priority, and similarly you will need to figure out in the very short-term whether this is a location that you wish to begin to settle, or if you would prefer to explore the area a bit and find a location with features more amenable to your tastes.

Although you were warned of the possibility of pirates, at present there do not appear to be any ships visible in the bay or in the surrounding waters. As the last of your comrades step through the gate, the massive shimmering portal winks away. Given that you can’t see any ships in the distance, you are hopeful that nobody saw you enter the area. It is possible that someone in the elevated rocky area that you can see a ways away from here might have had a vantage point that would have made a massive blue-and-white gateway relatively easy to spot, but given that it was only open for twenty minutes at best you are at least moderately comfortable assuming that your migration has gone undetected for now.

With the rising sun comes a thousand new hopes and dreams, and your people are looking to you for answers and guidance, as always. They have the following questions of you:

Community inquiries:
All:  Should we set up camp here?
All:  Is this area safe?
Skeletons:  What do you want us to do?
Dryads:  The trees should be planted, but we shouldn’t uproot them again.  Where should we do this?
Orcs:  Where are the pirates?  Also, we’re kind of hungry.
Fetchlings:  This rocky outcropping makes us feel exposed.  It isn’t wise to remain in the open for long, is it?
Unicorns:  We are not yet attuned to the forest.  We wish to do this as soon as possible.  A proper glade must be found to conduct the ritual.
Professor Kraken looks to the group of people with newfound hope in their eyes, and seems to be wistfully taking in the situation. Approaching the group of leaders, he tells you, “If you wanted to explore the area a bit, I’d be happy to watch over your flock while you do so. You lot are likely to have a fair deal on your plate for the next few days, so let me know if there’s anything I can help with.”

Overall, your options appear to have widened considerably. You have a vast and unexplored new land at your fingertips, filled with countless opportunities and likely more than a few dangers. It occurs to you, looking at the remnants of your respective civilizations, just how precious each and every one of their lives has just become.

As leaders, you must now decide what priorities should be pursued by your community, and which tasks should be taken on by the leaders themselves. The sun is rising on the first day in your new home, and you must decide what to do with your time.

Jun 3, 2010

It really is a lovely hat


"We're going to need our people to get down from here and setup a temporary camp at least. Then we can look for water. The fastest way to find it will be to go along the shore seeking rivers emptying into the sea and follow them inland, but that has it's own considerations. Once my people have planted their trees, they will be considerably less mobile, so we'll want a defensible and hopefully permanent glen when we do that. For now, I will ask them to keep the great trees in their pots." She winces, and continues. " As for what that spot might be, Ideally something with a good windbreak, up into the middle of the island? Professor, you said there were storms here, as I recall?"

She waits, and at his nod continues.

"So we'll all want to be up off the beach by the time the storms come. The entire prospect of moving the trees through a hurricane does not enthrall. Similarly, I doubt we'll want to meet the pirates right away, so being away from any potential coves and harbors has some appeal. That suggests that what we are looking for is a delta or reefed river entrance. Something that would prohibit boat traffic, but still have enough water at it's source for all of our needs. Which brings up a special point: My people's dietary requirements are quite tame, good sun, soil, and water will do most of what our trees need, and we ourselves can persist happily on either plants or livestock, but I do not know the requirements for you, our companions as well. Are there any special needs we should keep in mind? I imagine Szandra's people have limited dietary requirements, but still cleanliness of self and garments are pleasant things, and I would not be surprised to find your people need special calcium supplements or some other trace. Is there a type of glen we should hope for for your 'corn bretheren, Uru'vi? A particular type of soil you'll need for your farming Skullguy? An aversion to too much sun from your fellows Zoka?"

"These are the sorts of things we all take for granted, but must all know if we are to provide a peaceful coexistence and mutual gain. We can talk as we hunt for this river, if we are agreed it needs doing together, and hopefully in the time we are gone our people can see about establishing a temporary shelter among the jungle for the night. We can simply walk west along the shore, and see what there is to see for half a day, and return here by nightfall. While it is not the most efficient way to see all that we might see, it will give us a place to start."

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


"We do not have dietary requirements. I recall once sitting completely motionless for a period of several years without any change in sensation or feeling of hunger."
The skeleton moves its gaze over their landing area.
"Unless there are some sort of passive energies we draw on, in which case I would be at a loss to identify them or remedy a lack."

It looks towards the huddle of skeletons, then back to Sieversii.
"Perhaps we could function as sentinels? Boredom can become an issue, but initially I do not think my fellows would consider it onerous. We are not particularly adept at combat, but we do not mind the darkness and could raise the alarm, which would allow your groups to rest. Yes? Also, are we not going to move further inland? I would think avoiding river mouths would be a good plan, as those would likely attract pirates seeking to restore their water supplies."

Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


At the survey point of the bay...
Professor Kraken confirms telepathically to the leaders, "oh my yes, dreadful storms maraud through this area once or twice a year. Incredibly dangerous stuff, you really don't want to get caught up in one. As I understand it you can normally tell they are coming a few days in advance, but that doesn't leave much time to uproot your life - no pun intended - if you have settled directly in its path." He provides a mental image to each of you of the potential danger, at that point.

He continues, "there is, of course, various powerful magic that could establish a safe zone around your home in the long-term, but you would need to either develop the skill to invoke such effects, or find an enchanted device to do the work for you. The wind-caller compass that I have in my stock can reduce the strength of local wind effects by a small degree, but only for about twelve hours per day. The effect it can produce also only covers a relatively small area, which would be suitable to guarding the entrance to a cave or something similar, but hardly enough to extend a safe zone over an entire encampment, let alone a burgeoning city." He shrugged apologetically, adding, "an orb of storms is what you really want, I suppose, but I haven't the faintest clue where you could find one of those."

Jun 3, 2010

It really is a lovely hat


"I think we should move inland, yes, but the easiest water to be found is rivers. Finding a natural spring or lake that doesn't flow to the sea on an island is difficult. The key thing will be to look for an unnavigable entrance. A marshy delta, a wide shallowing that is unsuitable for boats, or a heavy reaf that would deter them. If we set off directly into the center of the landmass, we will be climbing, and naturally running parallel to most waterways. We might find something, but it would only be on the other side of a rise or in a canyon of some sort. Even if we do not find a suitable river or stream to follow inland, finding an unsuitable one tells us where not to go. Lastly, I think we will become well attuned to the ocean in our new home, and so this outcropping may be quite important in the future for observing the weather at sea. Having some idea of what the shoreline looks like around it will make it easier to return to should we need to do that."

She smiles at the Kraken's comment a moment, then as the image percolates her face turns a slightly dubious shade of mauve.

"That, is a truly unfortunate thunderstorm. We will want significant shelter before the summer season, and all the more reason to hasten our efforts today that we might be further on the way to a settlement tomorrow. Lacking any better direction, and barring any further ideas, I suggest we proceed Diurnally along the shore. Excuse me, this direction." She gestures counterclockwise, turning her face to the sky a moment.

"Inaction is our bane here, for summer is coming. We appear to have avoided one watery danger, but face significant future concerns, and the sooner we can begin to address them, the better. Right now, we need knowledge of this new land desperately.

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


"Ah. That all makes a great deal of sense. You understanding of nature is great, though I should not be surprised."
The skeleton is silent, then tilts its skull.
"Although, that storm... would that not damage your trees, particularly in a more open area? Unless you are willing to uproot them again once a save nook can be found further inland?"

Jun 3, 2010

It really is a lovely hat


"Ah, I was not suggesting that we make a permanent home here, merely a camp for the night while we explore with what daylight we have. The trees will remain in their wagons for now, none of my folk would plant them at the beach in any case, much less with the threat of monsoons. I would love to find a suitable glen or valley for them, something with good signs of being above the flood line, but that will be well inland. First we will need to find a way into the interior that has some prospect of having water along the way."

El Fappo
Dec 26, 2012


"My people don't have any special diet. We just eat normal food. Except for Larry; he's got a problem with gluten, whatever that is." He says, motioning to one of his tribe.

"As much as I hate relying on the weak and frail races, I believe the dryad has the right idea. We need to find a reliable source of fresh water so we can establish a proper base before we run into any pirates. I'd prefer that we have a few tricks up our sleeves before attempting any diplomacy or starting a small war."

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Looking at the image of the type of storms the island occasionally received, Zoka's expression didn't particularly change, but his flat tone certainly hinted at his displeasure. "Lovely, just a little rain to deal with. And no Sieversii, my group has no real problem with daylight. By nature we prefer the shadows, but working under the sun isn't a hindrance. The orcs on the other hand..." Trailing off, and with a look at their king to elaborate, he turned to the other immediate matters. "As for where to set up permanent residence, I'd agree that this is a terrible place. Perhaps somewhere to keep lookouts in the future, but much too exposed to any number of things to actually live here. Preferentially we want a high area of the island significantly inland with decent cover, though whether that cover is caves or a heavily forested area can be considered later based on what we find while exploring. I'd suggest a secluded valley, but given the amount of rain that picture implies, that's just asking for a flash flood."

Pausing for a moment, he continues. "As for water, this place likely has enough small streams that water should not be too much of a concern. While a river is certainly good, they also have a tendency to be significantly more traveled, both by any native predators and any visitors. Doesn't mean we shouldn't consider the sources, of course, but I don't think it's the number one priority in this type of terrain.

As for direction, I'd say we move everyone off this hill for the moment, and then take a party and go exploring somewhat directly inland." Pausing, he's suddenly struck with another, horrifying, thought. Turning to Kraken, he brings it up casually. "By the way, I've heard of islands like these being created by volcanism. I don't suppose you know if this was created by that process or, if it was, if it's still active?"

What higher elevations can we see from where we currently are? Like can we tell where the tallest point on the island and/or its surrounding pinnacles are.

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Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


At the survey point of the bay...
The Professor responds to Zoka's query with a shrug, apparently not knowing one way or the other. "As I think I may have mentioned, most of my knowledge of this area is second-hand, drawn from the genetic memory of my ancestors. I've never actually visited the island personally before. There aren't any recollections of volcanic activity in that pool of knowledge, but my people aren't exactly weekend mountain climbers, so the mountainous parts aren't an area that would have been surveyed in great detail." Apologetically, he shrugs again, and adds, "Being able to shift from plane to plane at will tends to cause my people to take a bit less notice of natural hazards, I'm afraid."

Visible from the survey point is an area of escalating hills and low-elevation mountains to what you believe to be the north.
They are about two or three miles away, and would require non-trivial climbing skill to ascend to the higher areas.
Some of the peaks are well above the jungle canopy, however, so would provide a much better vantage point than your current location.

There also seems to be a similar mountainous area due east, although its escalation is significantly more shear.

El Fappo
Dec 26, 2012


"I vote we head east along this coast until we find a river? Who's with me?"

He turns towards his tribe, "Men! Set up the tents while I'm gone!"

Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


Health and Fitness Update, Week 1!
It has been about half an hour since you first set foot upon Banshee's Rock. After the initial turbulence of the planar transition wears off, both you and your tribal comrades have had a chance to take stock of your new surroundings, and for the most part everyone seems rather pleased. The fetchlings and dryads are acclimating well, as the area brings back fond memories of their forest homes, which they had been missing dearly in the recent weeks and months. The orcs are somewhat disappointed at the immediate lack of pirates, but appear to be coping with that letdown reasonably well, focusing on more important tasks such as assembling tents and collecting dry brush for firewood. The unicorns are the most sullen, owing to their inability to make use of their teleportation ability, as they have not yet attuned themselves to the surrounding forested area. Significant effort will need to be invested to attune each unicorn to the forest, and they know it may take some time before this task can be accomplished: they accept this reality, but do not like it very much. They don't feel 'whole' with such an integral component of their persona inaccessible. Although they readily admit they've felt this way for several weeks since leaving the forest, so it's not really a new thing.

It's hard to tell how the skeletons are feeling.

While you consider your options from this point forward, please keep in mind how you are currently feeling:

Hit Points
Szandra:     35 / 35 HP
Zoka:        21 / 21 HP
Skullguy:    25 / 25 HP
Uru'vi:      41 / 41 HP
Sieversii:   41 / 41 HP

Skeletons:   100% (highly resistant to morale penalties)
Fetchlings:   71%
Orcs:         69%
Unicorns:     62%
Dryads:       74%
The map has also been updated for the inclusion of hexes.
Each side of each hex is 1 mile in length, and it is a 1.5-mile journey from one side to another of any given hex.

With regard to traveling, the following data is relevant:
Trackless jungle enables you to move at 1/4 movement.
If you end up building (or finding) roads and trails, this can be improved to 3/4 movement.

Base overland movement for a 30' land speed creature is 24 miles per day (being 8 hours of walking).
Given the jungle penalty, this will enable you to travel at about 6 miles per day, or 4 hexes.

However, the area of each hex is just under 3 square miles.
It should take you about 4d6 hours to explore any given hex.
Doing so will enable you to make a relevant skill check (Perception, Survival, Knowledge(nature), etc.) to find points of interest.

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Dec 30, 2012

Jam Buddies


The unicorn, having stayed with her people post teleportation to aid those who were sickened by it, finally speaks to the rest of the group, "My people need to know this place and to be able to feel the lines of life beneath the land, before they will be used to this land. As such, I would think the a full exploration of the jungled areas would be prudent - our people have the ability to take themselves and others into our forests instantly. This would prove useful for both when we explore and for if our people are ever in danger."

The unicorn doesn't insult the orcs or the skeletons at all, "The dryads would be most useful in aiding us in our attuning to the nature of the land, if they would be willing to help, but we cannot commune with the land before we know it. It is also likely that in a jungle as dense as this, water sources will be found within. No plant can survive without water."

Sorry guys, I've been feeling under the weather lately. Got a bad stomach bug.

Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


"It seems like the plan is to move across the coast, perhaps northwest, until we arrive at a river, and then to go upstream until we reach a more secluded part of the jungle. Correct? We would be able to retain our bearings, hopefully move over more level ground initially, and only venture into the jungle when we had found reliable water."
The skeleton's skull pivots slowly between the leaders, then back to the huddled mass of other skeletons, nods to one of them, then returns to the leaders.
"We are fine with whatever is most convenient for the rest of you. However, we would prefer to remain as a group, and are not willing to scatter or scout very far ahead on our own."

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Pausing, he considered Szandra's suggestion for a moment before nodding. "That sounds acceptable. Though I'd somewhat prefer to move directly inland to get away from the shore quickly, it does admittedly make sense to find a geographical landmark we can follow. As long as we move inland and away from the coast in the next few days, that should be fine."

Jun 3, 2010

It really is a lovely hat


"We are agreed then. For now we will setup a temporary camp, and explore the immediate area for a good way to head inland, ideally a non-navigable river."

So saying, she then set off to inform her people. Reassuring them that while the trees would be planted in time, for now it was critically important to keep them mobile. This coast was far too dangerous with the threat of the summer storms.

(I mentioned in the ooc thread that I think what we actually want to do here is roll the 4d6 exploration option, but would like some clarification from our dm about how to do that.)

Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


At the survey point of the bay...
Your respective tribes seem to generally approve of the idea of setting up a temporary encampment somewhere less visible than the cliff face upon which you are currently situated. They don't want to expend significant resources to fortify a location until you can confirm whether it should be a permanent settlement, but they think they can make do with the tents and other resources they have to create a relatively comfortable area to rest.

The dryads are confident that with a little help from the fetchlings that they should be able to effectively camouflage the tents and other signs of life, using their ability to cause plants to entangle large areas to effectively close the jungle canopy, preventing anything from spotting you from the nearby mountains overlooking your general area. Sieversii and Zoka have been asked for permission for the two groups to work together to accomplish this goal, once a suitable encampment location is found.

The orcs are of the opinion that erecting a fence will be an important thing to do at the temporary encampment. They are asking their king, Skullguy, for permission to chop down "a few" trees in order to create the posts that will be necessary to build a proper fence. This will be very important in order to properly rein in the hundred chickens, twenty cows, ten goats, ten pigs, and four oxen that you have brought with you from the Old World. If you do not have a proper containment area, several orcs will need to stay on guard and tend to the livestock at all times to ensure they do not wander off.

The orcs have also offered to build a similar pen for the livestock of the dryads, who have brought with them an additional twenty cows, twenty oxen, and twenty sheep. Larry, the orc with the gluten allergy, has made this offer this to a dryad, who has passed along the request to Sieversii.

The skeletons believe excavation of the land and construction to be unwise at this juncture, and have interjected into the conversation to point out that they have no need for sleep or rest, and so could easily tend to the entire collection of livestock until a suitable location is found. One of the skeletons has noticed that the animals appear to be unsettled by the skeletal beings, generally keeping away from them and huddling together when one of their kind ventures near. He has informed Szandra of this, and has posited that a ring of skeletons facing inwards could be 'constructed' to pen in the livestock rather easily.

At present you appear to have decided on two things, being:
 - A temporary camp should be set up somewhere; and
 - The tribal leaders should explore the nearby area, with the specific direction not yet determined.

If you could confirm the direction and the plan for the camp those tasks will proceed accordingly.

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Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.


"Nehertrin has suggested a ring of our kind to keep the animals penned. I have no objections myself, although I think it would be unwise to rely only on a ring of skeletons... perhaps a semicircle? A defensible structure facing the ocean might be desirable in any circumstance, and we could use ourselves to keep the animals gathered against it, while also serving as sentries on the far approach."

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