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Balloon Time Hooray!
Apr 18, 2007
Maybe you're not an ugly human being but a good looking ape... with exceptional verbal skills.

Old Laptop: Beast
Gaming PC: Beast_jr
Netbook: Minibeast
Ipad: ibeast

Network: Honeybadger


Dec 15, 2012

Mostly Harmless.

Workstation desktop: Saber
Gaming desktop/HTPC: Arcueid
File server: Rin
Laptop: Shiki
SSID: Nasuverse24 / Nasuverse5

Yes, I'm a Type-Moon fan.

Aug 9, 2009
Can't post for 3 days!

SSID is AirDead
but other than than that custom built PCs go by processor:
and laptops by their model:
as do other devices like phones or tablets

Jul 11, 2005

You're right. I'm not a real cop. Those are imaginary handcuffs. And in a minute, we'll be going to the make-believe jail.

My computers are all boring: <user>-PC.

As is my SSID: Dave

My mobile hotspot on my cell is TEH_INTARWEBS

angry armadillo
Jul 26, 2010

All my hardware is just named after make/model

I called my wifi "Ger orf ma LAN" though

Aug 12, 2004
Its cold outside

insert_funny posted:

Why not "DS9" or "Terok Nor" for the Media Server?

Well the theme is Federation ships - and technically DS9 doesn't qualify as a ship. Yes I'm a dork.

Jan 20, 2008

Get Better Lowtax

Best Dead Gay Forums
on the whole Internet!

My main Wifi is "Infinite Improbability Drive" and the guest wifi is "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster".

I wonder if any of the neighbors get that these are Douglas Adams references, or do they just think it's random strangeness.

I change it to "Marvin the Paranoid Android" sometimes, too.

Aug 23, 2012

You looked, JUNKER!

I use the extremely original never-before-done "Greek gods" theme.

Desktop: Zeus
Laptop: Hermes
Printer: Hephaestus
File Server: Apollo

Also my wireless SSID is Icarus. I also have an old PC running pfSense but that's named pfChangs for shits and giggles.

Feb 2, 2007

The name of my router in my college apartment was "Father O'Mally's Pornocopia". Cue about 5 months worth of awkward smoke break conversations with neighbors wondering who was demented enough to come up with such a terrible router name and some dumb girls legitimately wondering if a possible child molesting priest was living in the complex.

I miss that fucker of a router. It was fun as gently caress to listen to one of our rear end in a top hat roomates scream in nerd-goon rage when his connection to Eve Online would die because one of us would be banning/unbanning his MAC address, or just randomly resetting the thing.

Irritated Goat
Mar 12, 2005

I'm the tag team champion!

GokieKS posted:

Workstation desktop: Saber
Gaming desktop/HTPC: Arcueid
File server: Rin
Laptop: Shiki
SSID: Nasuverse24 / Nasuverse5

Yes, I'm a Type-Moon fan.

That's tempting. I love Type-Moon. I need to get my fileserver and such first though

Dec 25, 2010

Long may yer big jib draw

PC: Flux Capacitor

Apr 4, 2010

You mean we still have another game to go through?!

Fallen Rib

Desktop: Sandy Barts
Laptop: Ivy
I'm pretty uncreative, so I named them after their CPU and GPU architecture names. As best I could tell, there wasn't a name for the IVB IGP.

Britt Burns
Nov 24, 2007

Biscuit Hider

I used to have really neat computer names, but these days I've been naming things after gem stones (iPad is Opal, desktop is Sapphire, laptop is Obsidian). My wifi network is named "NAME's Evil Botnet"

Dec 30, 2008

Wonder if my neighbors got a chuckle out of that.

Nov 18, 2000

For years I've been able to see a wireless network named "TracyNet", but none of my neighbors for at least three houses in any direction is named "Tracy". WHO ARE YOU, TRACY??

Sep 27, 2004

College Slice

My SSID used to be "Black Magic" because it would work (or not) for any given room of the house depending on a set of circumstances I never understood. Then I upgraded the router and now it consistently works everywhere, so it's "WIFIght the inevitable?"

I created an extra SSID "Surveillance van 7" and I enable it and disable it every so often, sometimes changing the number. It hosed with my friend for a bit, but he's a weirdo.

Elector_Nerdlingen fucked around with this message at Nov 11, 2013 around 08:48

Sep 4, 2009

ssid: ~IT_hertz_WAN_IP
desktop: myowngrave
laptop: ilike火車

Jan 10, 2005

He's a complicated man,
but no one understands
him but his woman.

Our desktops have boring names, but our WDS Wifi network is called "The Forbidden Balcony". So named after one of our balcony's that has a rusted support beam...

Jasper Tin Neck
Nov 13, 2008

"Scientifically proven, rich and creamy."

Laptop: Mir
Router: Proton-K
WiFi: Kosmos
NAS: Baikonur

I haven't gotten around to rooting my phone but once I do, it's going to be called Sputnik.

Endymion FRS MK1
Oct 28, 2011

Computer: Alyssa's PC
Network: SHODAN

I'm boring

Aug 25, 2004

2015 NFL MVP

Computer: Toxie
Network: Poultrygeist

Apr 26, 2008

Show them the Wasteland

Laptop: Trajan
Desktop: Hadrian
wifi: damnatio memoriae


salisbury shake
Dec 27, 2011

Laptop: Im_going_to_kill_myself
Desktop: right_here_in_shsc
Wifi Network: with a gun and a webcam and you 're all going to watch me suggestively point the gun at myself while sobbing and everyone tells me not to do it -- NO Wrong you Know nothing about my life-- and maybe the cops get called. I'll swear up and down that it wasn't for attention and then do it again two weeks later when my baby feelings can't handle being forgotten. Also, I probably blog, and certainly will after this.

Major INTERSpess
Apr 18, 2013

Call Apogee
Say Aardwolf

Network: Outer Heaven N313
Primary: TX-55
Laptop: GANDAR
Secondary: Madnar

Oh god why do I like Metal Gear so much.

Jun 16, 2006

Toilet Rascal

server: server2 (replaced server1...never did come up with a good name)
freenas server: freenas (i'm sensing a trend here)
htpc: xbmc
desktop: battlestar
laptop: viper
linux laptop: g570 (after model number...wasn't feeling creative this time)
tablet: tablor
wifi network: FBI Surveillance Van 4

A c E
Jun 18, 2007

Is this weird? Is this too weird? Do you need to sit down?

Desktop: Alice (based on Resident Evil movie, since it runs at least a part of several other systems)
Phone: Saphira
Raspberry Pi (256mb): JewBerry
Raspberry Pi (512MB): Wheatley (Portal 2)
FreeNAS (VM on Alice): FreeNAS
PBX (VM on Alice): PBX
Debian (VM On Alice): Slash
Windows 7 (VM on Alice): Absolum

Remote Server 1: Sam
Remote Server 2: Taz
Remote Server 3: Eve

I name my SSIDs like or based on movie titles:
- AceServ: Boogie Nights
- AceServ 2: The legacy
- AceServ 3: The Infected (used for computers I'm repairing)
- AceServ 4: The Uninvited (open but throttled guest network)
- AceServ 5: Cellphone Telephone (when my cellphone is turned into an AP)
- AceServ 6: Nintendo Power! (special network for DS Lite, since it can't do anything but WEP.)

Old AP had the main SSID as AceServ: Pepperoni Farts.

One of our neighbours has the SSID GrandmasAssBacon.

Tiny Tubesteak Tom
Dec 16, 2011

My PC is a boring "Zack-PC", but my network SSID is none other than......I ate the bones.

Named it that under the influence and it was too enjoyable the next day to change.

Nov 16, 2006


Network: Magical Fairyland
PCs etc: Octopus (not really on theme but it was the first win 8 install), Cupid, Butterfly, Rainbow, Sparkle, Munchkin, Revo-Pc (I really need to change this one)
Old PCs: Princess, Moonbeam, Sunbeam, and probably some others.

Aug 17, 2004

I'm pretty boring in general but my ssid at home is "that-network" ; my fiance stopped me from using "gently caress-off".

One demo I setup we went with a wu-tang naming scheme:

* the firewall was the gza -- it forms like voltron and he is the head
* one WAP / SSID was method-man because there are mad methods to the way we do our poo poo
* the backup WAP / SSID was ghostface because he is on some now you see me now you don't poo poo

There were some others I've since forgotten.

Oct 4, 2003

I'll choose the truth I like.

My PC/Laptops are all ExCruceLeo(1,2,3, etc).
Wifi: Little Gitmo (previously Creamed Corn Factory).

Nov 19, 2013

PC: Mine
Wi-Fi- Here be virus's
Pen Drive- to the Thief, I hosed your mother last night

Apr 4, 2010

You mean we still have another game to go through?!

Fallen Rib

Not mine, but at a friend's apartment, there's a wifi network: Pretty fly for a wifi

Dec 21, 2010

Network is "nest" and various computers are owl, raven, magpie and heron. I think I have two still on the old naming scheme of ladies from Beatles songs.

Nov 26, 2007

Fun Shoe

My WiFi SSID is OpenWrt3, really boring. And for the devices that don't support WPA2-Ent, The Tower of Babel. My previous router was called Tina.

2001ish desktop - Locke
2004 desktop - Shadow
2009 desktop - Sabin
2010 ASUS U52F-BBL5 laptop - Setzer
2012 build - Umaro

Parents and brother never named their PCs, and I don't know if that changed for brother after he moved out.

Jizzle Drizzle
Feb 7, 2005


Network: RIAA Honeypot

May 12, 2006

I thought I was a nice jester

standardtoaster posted:

My network is FBI Surveillance Van.

Mine is NSA Surveillance Van.

It used to be poop smells funny, but one of my NIMBY neighbors got pissy and figured out who owned it.

STR fucked around with this message at Feb 10, 2014 around 00:36

Nov 22, 2010

I'm gonna punch you with my eye, bitch!

Network: Puzzle Dungeon
Laptop: "MyName"-PC kinda boring

Jul 11, 2004

some texas redneck posted:

Mine is NSA Surveillance Van.

Mine is just FBI Surveillance. Was considering changing it to NSA in light of Snowden's valiant efforts.

Nov 9, 2009

My laptop: TheKraken
My wife's laptop: WeePhoenix
The computer that's hooked up to the TV: LilJon
The network: Helios

I usually name my computers after mythical creatures with the exception of the ones that are permanently hooked up to the TV, which I name after ridiculous entertainers. The last one was FlavaFlav.


Apr 1, 2010

Progress over Protocol

Buckaroo Banazi was an awesome movie.

Game rig -> Perfecttommy
Head *nix Server -> Hikita
Head windows Server -> Buckaroo
ESXI box -> Overthruster
Wifi -> WorldWatch
VM guests --> John* (*=can be anything, the more ridiculous the better)

There are more, many more...

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