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Storm One
Jan 12, 2011

Nap Ghost

Bad Seafood posted:

Weird. That's where it should show up.

Try downloading and installing it again. The prologues popped up for me with minimal fuss so I'm not sure what you might'v done wrong.

AmiYumi posted:

Yeah, they popped up for me before I could even play them (Limited Edition and all that). Probably just a broken install.

Thanks but I already tried re-downloading and re-installing prior to posting here. However, I think I figured out what the issue is: I'm playing with a US disc (no physical release in Europe) but bought EU DLC


Feb 17, 2011

Nowe's and/or Inuart's return would be pretty shocking, as I doubt anyone would look forward for it. Their stories are also ended, which would add even more shock factor.

Feb 16, 2008

Some say that his politics are terrifying, and that he once punched a horse to the ground...

Storm One posted:

Thanks but I already tried re-downloading and re-installing prior to posting here. However, I think I figured out what the issue is: I'm playing with a US disc (no physical release in Europe) but bought EU DLC

Yeah that's exactly it. Dlc is region locked.

Go buy it on the US psn store.

Josuke Higashikata
Mar 7, 2013

No need to apologise when I am right, like usual.

Crossposted from TDI's LP

Aurain posted:

Drakengard 3 is only 20 on EU PSN until July 1.

Other deals and source for that here:

Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

I'm going to try to do these in verses now:
Same thing, there may be errors.

Note: If you feel the tenses start to shift, I may have realized too late that most of the action is happening in present tense but I ended up changing it to past tense. If there are any temporal discrepancies, feel free to let me know.


Decisive Battle with the Empire
Author: Kikuchi Hana
Draft: Yoko Taro

-Verse 1-

This is not a war. This is a slaughter.

In a wide field abundant with greenery, the wind gently brushes the rustling grasses. Clashing against this peaceful scene is a sky filled with the blood-curdling screams of soldiers.

Caim cuts down dozens of armored soldier as if he were mowing mere grass. A normal sword should not even be able to pierce these armored soldiers, but as far as Caim is concerned, these soldiers are the same as a bundle of straw. The amount of soldiers he has killed cannot be counted in units of individuals but whole battalions. However, these corpses were not forming into a neat pile of bodies. No, Caim has smashed and blown away the scattered bits and pieces of these once proud soldiers.

Magical energy resides in this sword that gleams with a faint blue light. No matter how much it is used, not a single nick is made on the blade. No matter how much it tastes the fat and flesh of people, it does not dull. This blade, bathed in the blood of a dragon, brings with it a power many times over that of a normal human.

Flapping high above in the sky, a red dragon narrows her eyes. This is too much. Even after he has been running, even when he is crossing swords, Caim's speed doesn't drop even a little. With his sword, with his shoulder, with his arm, with his knees, even with his feet. Anything he touches is completely torn apart as he continues to run at full speed. The soldiers are blown away as if they were had been caught in an explosion, and torn apart to the point that they cease to resemble humans. A whirlwind of blood and gore roars across the battlefield.

The dragon confirms that Caim continues to rush ahead. Ahead of her gaze, she saw over one hundred heavily armored soldiers alert in a diamond formation. From a gap within her fangs, she let out a cautionary roar.

However, the number of soldiers is of no concern, it's their armor that has been dyed blood red that is the problem. A dye made from the blood of elves, blood that halves the effectiveness of magic. A cursed karmic retribution obtained from the slaughter of numerous races. However, this is the most effective tactic to use against an enemy who is able to use magic as freely as he wishes.

In order to support Caim, the dragon descends into the battlefield. Dealing with that amount of people alone is already enough of a burden, but with the blood soaked armor of the soldiers, she couldn't even use her flames from up high, lest the armor reflect those flames right back at her. Indeed, it was much more prudent to descend from the sky and smash down the enemy with her claws instead.

As she was planning to descend, however, a strong thought coming from the battlefield caused her wings to slacken.

"Stay back!"
"This prey!!"

But, by the time the dragon was getting ready to talk, Caim had already dove into the red army. This had been the fifth time Caim rejected any sort of support. His reckless battle style was one that looked as if he was trying to rush to his death.

Because the magical properties of that blade of his no longer had any effect, he was forced to take up a strategy of "crush them just using physical power." Nevertheless, Despite being strengthened by dragon's blood, Caim would still have a tough battle ahead of him against these heavily armored troops.

Through sheer force alone, Caim crushed eight of those armormed soldiers, but sure enough, the warriors clad in steel slow down the speed of his charge.

The enemies weren't going let this opportunity pass by. Numerous armored bodies hurl themselves at Caim, and swing down their giant crimson-dyed swords. Somehow, Caim avoids these strikes, due in part to him placing maneuverability as the most important aspect of his armor. However, he doesn't see that attitude as dangerous. Usually, the magic guard encompassing his body deflects any normal attack, however, that's a different story now that the enemy is using weapons that negate magic.

One body, two...and now, the enemies that survived his initial assualt were attacking back to an insane degree. In the instant that Caim's foothold staggered, the soldiers aim for his body, and were finally able to pierce through. Blood gushes out of the places Caim was stabbed as he begins to contort his face.

"I thought you said you were 'hunting after prey'."
"Shut up"

An enemy that pierced Caim saw an opportunity and attempted to finally cut him down. However, in the place that was pierced, there was no sensation of ripping through flesh. Instead, Caim's flesh, reinforced by magic, holds back the sword by force alone.

Caim's expression turns to that of a demon as he grabs hold of that sword and pushes it back towards the enemy, drilling it into his armor. Caim shakes the blade out of innards of the enemy, and crushes the skull of the soldier next to him, and one by one, screams echo throughout the sky. Even the dragon grimaces at the sight of this oppressive battle.

Breaking the body, cutting down the enemy, chopping off the head, removing the armor, and once again, chopping the body into pieces. Though the enemy was dead the moment he was struck in the heart, Caim puts both of his fingers through the eyesockets of the skull and rips off the face.

A Demon God

There are no words to express the ghastliness of his actions.

This marked the first time that the dragon regretted giving its blood to Caim.

Jan 4, 2007

"...And then there was Bitcoin."

Well... drat. Its been a while since I played Drakengard 1, I forgot just how terrible Caim is. I am glad we explore a world where Caim is even more effective at mass murder than before. Angelus did a bad thing here.


The amount of soldiers he has killed cannot be counted in units of individuals but whole battalions.

I hope when the drakengard 3 LP thread finishes the game (end is finally in sight) they can see these. People keep talking as though ending A leads to Drakengard 1, and I can't very well correct them. No, appearently ending A leads to something somehow worse. If by the grace of god satan, a Drakengard remake happens, it would actually be cool to have it follow 1.3

Golden Goat
Aug 2, 2012

It would be kind of cool to have a crazy battle with Furae in air and on the ground.

Man it would actually loving rock if Platinum signed up to make Drakengard 1.3.

Jul 22, 2007

I thought I was going insane for a second.

Wait, what happens in 1.3?

Jan 4, 2007

"...And then there was Bitcoin."

Superstring posted:

Wait, what happens in 1.3?

Drakengard 1.3 is what Postal Parcel is translating right now. Its a series of short what-if stories where we look at what the lives of drakengard 1 characters look like following the timeline from Drakengard 3's Branch A end.

Feb 6, 2008

Have you figured it out yet?

MrAptronym posted:

Drakengard 1.3 is what Postal Parcel is translating right now. Its a series of short what-if stories where we look at what the lives of drakengard 1 characters look like following the timeline from Drakengard 3's Branch A end.

I thought Branch A was the canonical ending anyway, or am I missing something? I mean, ...I suppose all of them (save for C?) could eventually lead to the events of the first game.

Apr 30, 2013

BlackFrost posted:

I thought Branch A was the canonical ending anyway, or am I missing something? I mean, ...I suppose all of them (save for C?) could eventually lead to the events of the first game.

Drakengard 3 is...odd. It's less of a direct prequel and more of a THING. It exists in the same world but chronologically off to the side, I think. If any of them are directly canon it's the one where Zero invents Pacts or the last one.

Ending A leads to a world where the Flower has greater influence and changes a lot of things. For one, Leonard becomes a pedo-spider.

Nov 5, 2011

"I should really learn to fucking read"

I was under the impression that Branch A contains events necessary for the Cult of the Watchers, B contains events necessary for the concept of pacts, C was sealed, and D was necessary for the flower to not wreck the world any further in between the events of Drakengard 3 and 1.

Nov 11, 2012

Flytrap posted:

For one, Leonard becomes a pedo-spider.


Feb 14, 2008

"His abdomen is a cage for children" is one of my favourite out of context quotes.

Jan 4, 2007

"...And then there was Bitcoin."

BlackFrost posted:

I thought Branch A was the canonical ending anyway, or am I missing something? I mean, ...I suppose all of them (save for C?) could eventually lead to the events of the first game.

There is a novelization of the game that has an ending that is sort of a mix . I believe it's mostly A and B , but I have not read it because... Japanese. That is the ending that leads to drakengard. Being a drakengard game though, all endings are technically canon and just separate. I think in the novel ending, Zero invents pacts and then is murdered by Brone? I cannot remember exactly.

Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

Verse 2


It has been one month since the man met the dragon.

Through the manipulation of magic and the use of monsters and demons, the rulers of the lands have suffered defeat after defeat by the hands of the imperial army made up of the zealots from the Church of the Watchers. The remaining countries that still have the will to fight formed an alliance called the "Union Army" to oppose the Empire. However, there still remained tensions from past grievances between the countries in the alliance. This fragile alliance made by a loose agreement could not stop the overwhelming force of the empire, and 75% of the countries in the Union were destroyed.

The battle style of the imperial army differs from the typical invasion format. The soldiers kill everyone, even down to the women and children. They have no interest in land, people, or even resources, they only continue to advance their assault further. A complete and utter annihilation.

The Union's internal affairs are in disarray. The one who has risen up through the ranks amidst this turmoil is the one who has enjoyed the fruits of contact with the dragon, the man who has risen to the seat of High Priest, Verdelet. He has become the effective supreme commander of the Union Army and now has set his sights on acquiring the blood of the red dragon that Caim brought with him.

Caim's power could be said to be greater than even a thousand, and if the army had that kind of strength in all of its members, they could easily overpower the Empire. Verdelet's goal was a battalion made up of dragon knights, or rather, knights strengthened by the blood of the dragon. The red dragon refused at first, however, after getting fed up with the numerous missions, and after Verdelet begged Caim over and over, the dragon acquiesced and gave up a large amount of blood.

However, Verdelet's tests ended in failure.

Up to ten of the strongest warriors from each of the Union countries were selected and given the blood to drink, but not a single one obtained success through this method. Instead, they wailed until they died, took their own lives, or they went insane. Even after this failure produced problems within the army, Verdelet continued his human experimentation in secret, utilizing criminals and sinners. However, after sacrificing more than 100 people in this manner and running dry of "supplies", he was finally forced to give up his experiments.

As for why the blood worked on no one else but Caim, even the red dragon did not know. Perhaps the blood only worked on the first person who received it. Or perhaps there is something special that only Caim has.

After the abject failure of his test, Verdelet, burning with desire, changed his battle tactics and announced the decisive battle with the Empire. While the advancing enemy forces were guided away by a diversionary force, the enemy vanguard would be destroyed separately. Furthermore, every country would send its main forces out into a pincer formation against the core of the invading imperial army. After wiping out the enemy army, they would launch an immediate counter-offensive towards the nest of the Church of the Watchers, the Cathedral city. However, taking a single glance at this plan and taking into account the remaining forces of the Union, this was a strategy that went far beyond reckless. However, there was no other way for victory.

Caim was more than just central to the plan, he was basically forced take over fighting for over half of the locations in the strategy. Using the dragon as transportation, his advance speed would be such that the average soldier would simply not be able to keep up with him. As a result of this, most of the places he visits will have neither food nor medical support. In other words, he will face a harsh, cruel battle all alone. Drinking water from the river, plundering food from the citizens houses, and repeating this again and again. Even so, the dragon and human continue to fight. You probably couldn't call them government forces at this point, but Caim cares nothing about this, and threw himself into days of fighting.

The empire had gathered its large scale forces in the expansive plains. Finally in this place, Caim joined forces with the Union army, and would undertake a do-or-die battle to bring about an instant comeback for Union forces.

Although he himself had not yet realized it, Caim's brutality was gradually increasing. Though the dragon's blood was not stealing even his life, the magic was steadily devouring his body and mind. Through the days consisting of nothing but battle, he had lost the smile from a face full of determination, replaced instead by a twisted smile full of rage. The dragon gazed at the swordsman with mixed feelings, remembering his initial goal of revenge, to his current self, drowning in the intoxicating whirlpool of slaughter.

The crimson dragon had certainly not planned to stick around with Caim for this long. Rather, from her perspective, there was no reason for her to care about the fights between humans. She knew that humans were foolish creatures; no matter which side won, it would not bother her one bit.

However, she could not separate herself from the mysterious presence of Caim.

Even she did not fully understand this reason.

She had not had feelings like this before.

Perhaps she wanted to see the outcome of the die she threw, the end of the life extended by her blood. Or maybe, she was beginning to give up that answer. Maybe she was looking for her own raison d'etre and if she could realize its meaning. Maybe that is what she was hoping for throughout this journey.

Postal Parcel fucked around with this message at Jul 5, 2015 around 02:15

Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

Hi, just to answer a few question and answer a few concerns people may have:
1) Caim and Red weren't really friends in the beginning of D1 so give it time.

2) D1.3 is something like...a rewrite of D1 to allow for the changes from D3 to come through. The epilogue of D1.3 actually explains this in a sense, but my own personal belief is that it as Accord said at the beginning of Branch B and at the end of the game. That is -Spoiler-time doesn't flow in one direction and the events brought about by D3 changed the timeline to such an amount that D1 has been wiped out of existence-Spoiler-. Or, it is as someone said in the D3:LP, namely, by sending demonic energy(maso) through to a separate dimension, the androids from Nier caused the massive explosion in the Iberian peninsula that brought dragons, watchers, and the flower into the world

3) Verdelet is somehow a bigger dick. I guess hair really does make people evil See: Trump

4) Dragons are sexless but will present whatever gender they feel like. Since we all know that red is basically a woman, I'm going to drop the pretense of "it" because that's tiring to think of and write.

e: If anyone is wondering where I'm translating from, see here for raws and included illustrations. All thanks to PeskySplinter for the images

Postal Parcel fucked around with this message at Jul 5, 2015 around 02:05

Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

Verse 3
Almost done with this chapter. Plan to finish it before DFO comes out of maintenance


The sound of thunder rings out in the distance.

The voices of running soldiers, the neighing of horses, and the screams of of soldiers who are cut down. All these sounds from the chaotic battlefield cover the plains in a cacophonous chorus, replete with the stench of death. Thirty minutes have passed since the Union and Imperial armies started clashing. And while this battlefield was quickly reaching a stalemate, that sound echoed across the field.


A low noise, like a deep, rumbling roar from afar. Everyone on the battlefield just assumed that noise was from the thunder. On this cruel battlefield of mutual slaughter, no one had the time to spare to give that noise a second though. But, as the sound grew louder and clearer, the soldiers started to become suspicious about the sound's true nature. It was something more enormous than the sound of, rather, it was because the sound had been undulating. Fear and worry begins to blossom among the soldiers of the Union.

The undulation was gradually changing into a violent shaking with an intensity such that no one could remain standing.

"What the hell is that!?"

The aftershock brought by the sound rushes down, affecting even the dragon who was unfazed by the rocking of the earth. Her wings grasp at the air and she flees the field, as she let out a roar of uneasiness.


All of the battalion commanders ordered around their soldiers as to calm down their anxiety. Outside of the knights' horses who ran in shock from the sound, there wasn't a single soldier that ran away. That was not because the soldiers were calming down, however, but rather from not knowing the location of the source of the sound that was rocking heaven and earth. Without knowing that, running away in the wrong direction might put them in deeper danger.

The fear was not from something that was seen, but from the mind. The possibility that this crashing sound came from the impact of an unseen shelling threw the soldiers into a state of panic. Even so, there was nowhere to run. There was only space to freak-out, scream, and throw down your weapons and cower in the earth.


The ground rises from the the gigantic crash, soldiers and their horses shoot up several meters in the air, and everywhere around, gigantic cracks form in the earth. A cloud of dust, dozens of meters wide, blows up from the bottom of the earth and the ground shakes so strongly that it seems as if the world is ending. While the ground is being muddled by screams and thundering sounds, Caim, who was the first to notice that something was wrong and took to the air to avoid the shockwave, looks down from the sky.

"What...What the hell is that thing!?"

From the distant mountain covered in a haze, a shadow slowly begins to grow larger and larger.

It was the shadow of a giant, no,, gargantuan "person". Through the haze and fog above the mountain, he could see "that", something tremendous and impossible. It was as if he was looking at a dream, pulled into a fantastic hallucination. The body of that thing was shaped like that of a fat human, but it didn't have anything that could be called a head. Instead, it looked as if some sort of giant tumor-shaped clod was just hanging onto the neck.

While the Union soldiers look up dumbfoundedly, the center of the giant's tumescent head slowly begins to open. A blood-like liquid came flowing out from the opening slit, but because it came from such a height, it turned into a blood red mist as it fell. The slit continues to rapidly open, and from the center, a giant eye appears. The singular eye shone with a golden light and looked ominously into the sky.

The distance from the battlefield to the giant is vast and not a single sound can be heard from here. The figure hidden in the mist doesn't even seem to look like a solid being. The soldiers don't even so much as scream while they continue looking up. The only thing that can be heard on the battlefield now is the sound of the wind and, occasionally, the neighing of the horses.

The giant's golden eye slowly moves downward, and it is looking straight at the warzone. A cold sweat runs down Caim's back. No matter how much he tries to pump himself up with anger, he is overcome by an irrepressible, deep, true fear.


A single, thin stream of light from the giant's eye reaches the earth. A stream of light many times brighter than the sun's rays. The soldiers quickly shut their eyes and the light grows ever stronger. The soldiers attempt to scream from the heat, but before they can even form the sounds, they begin to turn into steam and evaporate away.

"Just what is that light...!?"

The golden eye opens even wider and, in an instant, the pupil dramatically widens and then the light beam grows tens of times wider immediately. In a split second, Caim and the red dragon are exposed to an absurdly ferocious heat.


The dragon quickly rolls over as if to shield Caim. The light mercilessly shines down and burns away the skin with a boom. While she takes a nosedive to escape the immense heat, an unfathomable scene appeared before her eyes.


From the center of the area where the light met the ground, a pure orb is springing forth and, looking closely, it was a gigantic explosion. All of the forests in the surrounding are ripped out of the land and ground into dust. From the extent of where she was staring, all of the union soldiers and the field that they fought upon, was being swallowed up by the light.

The dragon dives into the fissure in the earth. As if being attacked by a massive earthquake, she dodges the falling, crumbling boulders, all the while leaving scratches in the earth, getting as far away from the blast zone as possible.

"This is no time to be running..."

Before Caim could finish speaking, a tremendous shockwave ripples through the earth. The pressure violently pulls the two out of the fissure and wraps them in a violent gale, blowing them back up into the sky.

"Don't let go!"

Deftly using her wings, she straightens herself out. Without even a moment to steady her breathing, she turns back and sees the widening hellscape before her. As far as the eye can see, the land is gouged apart and even the rocks are burning away. As if attacking a fleeing enemy, a fierce heat wave assualts the two. Unable to withstand the heat, she soars up into the sky and becomes able to see the entire situation from a bird's eye view.

At the center of the blast site, the ground has caved in and the air is burning. A bright red flame whirls, reaching to the ends of the sky. This is the first time that the dragon has seen a destructive phenomenon of this magnitude and this much impact on the world. While still in her state of astonishment, she hears a groaning voice coming from her back.

"What the gently caress are you doing!?"

Looking over her shoulder, with his skin burned off from the blaze, looking as if he was dyed bright red, was Caim. Though he was continuing to recover, thanks to the dragons blood, the severity of the wounds was much too horrible. If left as is, his life would be in danger. But even so, from his seemed as if he was smiling.

"...Let's go"

"Don't be daft! With that kind of injury, there's no way you can fight with all your strength..."

Ignoring the dragon as she was at a loss for words, Caim opens his mouth.

"So what? Just fly! Aren't dragons supposed to be a goddamm 'high and mighty' race. Do you want to be known as a pansy rear end dragon who ran away with her tail between her legs for the rest of your loving life!?"

"What did you just...!?"

The red dragon bares her fangs like an animal and growls.

"I have never been spoken to by a lowly human like that before! You insolent fool!!"

"All right, then. Let's do this!"

Caim gazes at the giant.

"Don't you get hit by the next shot!!"

The dragon turned her neck an saw that the giant's eye was quickly closing shut. Caim shouts

"That bastard can't endlessly fire his damned beam!"

"Let's assume that is so. Even if right now is a good chance to strike, we still don't have any guarantee that it won't fire again!"

This was the first time she had ever seen such a being; a monster with an unknown biological composition and method of attack.

"If we get hit again then we're dead anyway. We've got no other choice!"

They make their resolve. The dragon makes a sharp turn and changes direction to face the giant head on.

"I understand. Don't get thrown off!"

Because it was so giant, the two felt that they were closer than they actually were. However, looking at the giant's feet, they knew that they were about two mountain lengths apart from the giant. Just flapping her wings would not get them to the dragon in time. No, instead, she gathers magical energy in her wings, and folds them in half. The amassed magic flows onto the wingtips and a screech rings in the air. Straining her magic to its utmost, she let it all out in a single instant. Bursting forth along with the soundwave, the dragon turns her self into a sharp arrow and heads straight for the giant.


Caim holds onto the dragon for dear life. This astonishing acceleration causes him to lose blood and his vision goes dark. In this violent air pressure, water droplets and dust become sharp needles ripping apart the skin. A normal human would be smashed to pieces by this speed. The reason why he can stand this is because of the dragon's blood and his own tenacity.

"Ten more seconds!"

The dragon shouts and Caim, clenching his teeth, opens his eyes and sees them rapidly approaching the giant.

"Seven seconds!"

The giant, as if realizing something was coming, begins to open its eyes once more, while the dragon continues to accelerate.

"Five-no, four seconds!"

They giant golden eye comes closer. It is impossible for them to get a grasp on the distance in this unfamiliar territory. The pupil, for example, is at least the size of a small village, and within that village, light once again begins to manifest. A high-pitched screech rings out, and the temperature of the dragon's surroundings dramatically heats up.


The dragon changes the trajectory of her magic, beginning to turn it upwards.

"You've got to go above his head!!"

So as to avoid the giant's line of sight, she heads toward the top of his head. She knows that behind her, the air grows ever hotter and the mere presence of that beam is burning the air.


While the dragon flies with all her might, the giant turns upwards and aims right under her. And in the moment it confirmed her form, the dragon is forcibly pulled up into the sky. The dragon realizes what happened in that chaotic moment when she looked downwards.

It was Caim. He used her body as a platform, and rushed straight below.

"Are you insane!?"

Caim puts all of his magic into his blade and descends towards the top of the giant's head. He could no longer open his eyes, but that was unnecessary anyway. With a body this giant, he wouldn't need to see to hit it. His mouth opens in a bizarre shape and his voice spills out.


Laughing, Caim has turned into an accelerating magical bullet and lands a direct hit on the giant's skull.

Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

Okay, final 2 verses.

Verse 4:


The dragon is dumbstruck.

A giant that cut through mountains and rended apart the earth. That thing was done in by a mere human!?

Of course dragon's blood empowered him, but for some one that small to take down something that big!?

Still, that giant took countless piercing strikes there....After thinking up to that point, the impact point where Caim landed burst out into a magnificent gush of blood and a gigantic shockwave arouse. The dragon returns to her senses.


She makes a sharp turn and heads toward the place Caim landed. Passing through the billowing blood spurt, she spots a giant hole opening from the top of the giant's head. It was the bombing scar left by Caim and, without any hesitation, the dragon charges into it. She thought she would be quickly hindered by the flesh, but instead, an unexpected sensation comes over her., warm water. The dragon quickly realizes what this was. This liquid right below the giant's skull, she was in its eyeball.

"Caim! Where are you!"

As she digs deeper she continues to search for any sort of presence. The water was quickly growing hotter and turning into a boil. She desperately searches for him, but she still can't find him. She shivers at the thought of the meaning of why the temperature was rising.

"Hurry and come out! You fool!"

Screaming out, she feels something touch her open mouth. Still gripping his blade, covered in blood, was a floating Caim. Though she can't tell if he was dead or alive, she puts him in her mouth and turns around. Because of the boiling water, she can not make heads or tails of her direction, but from above her, she sees it becoming faintly brighter.


She releases the last bits of magic from her wings, and charges into the light with all her might.

Verse 5


The giant looks up at the sky while its gigantic pupil is directed straight down. Piercing through the center of that eyeball, something appears to be coming out. It was the red dragon, and in her mouth was an unconscious Caim. With its left hand, full of pain, the giant attempts to hold its eyeball and, at the same time, reaches out to the dragon who just flew out. The dragon avoids the arms as large as a castle and continues to soar, doing all she can to make her escape. However, while inside that eyeball, she used up the last of her magic reserves and finally loses the power to rise up.

She rapidly loses speed and begins to fall. With her hazy eyes, she looks at the opening made by Caim and sees that it has mostly sealed shut. Even the surface of the eyeball she just pierced through gradually begins to regenerate.


If she was even able to launch a counterattack against the eyeball, she may not even be able to destroy it. No, it was impossible. Not even mentioning her magic, she didn't even have any power left to move her wings. And the temperature around her begins to rise again.

She narrows her eyes and begins to think.
I wonder if this was good enough.
This will be the end of this long battle.
A feeling of relief begins to fill her body...


She hears something.


She tried to turn towards the source of the noise, but couldn't move her neck.
It's too troublesome. Just let it go and leave me alone.
However, the sound became a clear voice and flowed into the dragon's ears.

<....Leave the rest to us!!>

Those were dragon thoughts.

'Why would there be another dragon here...,'she thought, to tired and unable to put her thoughts in order. She felt her back gently hit something. Though she just crashed, it felt very tender. Straining her eyes, she could see that she was on the back of a gigantic dragon. What was going on?

<First wave! FIRE!!>

She finally realizes it. She is being surrounded by numerous dragon who were within the vicinity. There were probably dozens, no, hundreds of them. Enough of them to blot out the sky. It has been many a millenia since this many dragons have come together.

The dragons, possessing their own magic energy, give the giant no time to recover and launch volley after volley into the giant eye. The break apart its skull and blood gushes out. And from within the dragons' bodies, a bright light surges forth, and they blow out a torrent of flame, roasting the body of the giant. Once again, a thought echoes through the red dragon's mind.

<If we launch an all-out attack from within, not even a giant would be safe>

The thought reaches her, and somehow, she looks up infront of her.

There, a singular black dragon was flying.

<Ye hath shown us your battle. That power and a bond with a human...Thou hath worked hard enough to bring back the lost pride of we dragons. Thou wert magnificent.>

Perhaps because she was so exhausted, she couldn't understand the meaning of what the black dragon had said. However, she knew that the reinforcements were real. Many of her brethren were tearing apart the giant from within. They attack the remaining imperial soldiers, ripping them apart and tearing them to pieces with their fangs and claws.

Even though she searched far and wide, where were all of these dragons hiding. Furthermore, what possessed them to stand by the side of the Union and save its soldiers? From within her scarred and dimming consciousness, she begins to wonder what is happening.

And then, she remembers.

The target of Caim's revenge was that "Black Dragon".

While her brethren flutter around in the sky, the red dragon closes her eyes and gently drifts away into darkness.

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Aug 2, 2013



The world;Two years later

Author: Sawako Natori(Main Scenario D3)
Planning: Taro Yoko

I've met that red dragon once before.

I was hunting a wild rabbit deep in the heart of the forest, when I happened upon them.

The red dragon was travelling along with a human. When I saw his glossy black hair fluttering in the wind, I knew right then that he was the "Legendary Knight Captain", the black haired captain who drank the dragon's blood and survived the snowy mountain. Two years ago, at the decisive battle with the empire, he rode upon the red dragon and fought with the Union army. And it is said that thanks to that, he gained a large amount of dragon reinforcements and was able to annihilate the Imperial army, commanded by the Church of the Watchers. That heroic legend has been called "The miracle of the great plains" and, along with the victory of the Union, even someone like me who has never headed towards the battle field knows it.

The black-haired male looks at me, in my clothing that looks like ragged and tattered dish rags. While I was shaking with embarrassment, I told him that he was the caretaker of the dragon being kept by this territory and under his name.

<Caretaker? You think a dragon takes handouts from humans?>

The red dragon pierced me with its gaze and I froze up.

Humans didn't pass up the dragons who came to their side during the war. When the battle ended, the influential humans made contact with the dragons and, using the convenient excuse of "justice", took advantage of the dragon's nature and turned them into slaves. They became mere 'tools' to expand their own influence. Now, Dragons aren't even treated as living beings. They are just tools used for human desires, being made to help out with farm work and construction, forced into circus shows, being sold off as goods in foreign trade, and often used as military weapons designed to withstand cannon fire and drive out enemies. Dragons, who know not of deception, swallowed human lies and sacrrifice themselves for the purpose of "being useful to humanity".

Because dragons possess an unbelievable vitality and robust, strong bodies,they are worked day after day to the bone and are becoming cruder and weaker.

"People should treat dragons with more respect and with more value. They should coexist with them as good partners or even friends, like you do!"

When I decided to dare to say how I have always felt, the black-haired man simply made a sound like a snort. He couldn't have been laughing, right? There's no way...

The black-haired man stopped looking at me and climbed aboard the red dragon. As the man settled in, the dragon made a calm face,and looked towards the sky, and spread its wings. Shaking the trees and cutting down the grass, the red dragon and the black-haired man flew away.

Gallantly flapping its wings, slightly bending its back, and its red hair calmly swaying, I thought the red dragon looked as noble and heroic as what dragons originally were. Then, as the red dragon was leaving, it left a few parting words. Like an inauspicious premonition, those words will stick to my ears forever.

<Enslaving dragons...Humans are such foolish creatures>
If my wording for the last line didn't get through, she's saying the word "humans" with a lot of spite.

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Apr 15, 2013

The Gologle Posting Experience.


Wow this sounds dumber and dumber by the second, honestly. The majority of all dragons we've seen in Drakengard treat literally everything below them as inferior, stupid beings barely worth eating let alone not.

Aug 6, 2010

You see this post?

It's the Gosh Darn APOCALYPSE, baby!


Was Zero's Memory of the Intoner (Mikhail's diary) supposed to be continuing from the A ending or not?

Gologle posted:

Wow this sounds dumber and dumber by the second, honestly. The majority of all dragons we've seen in Drakengard treat literally everything below them as inferior, stupid beings barely worth eating let alone not.

Drakengard 1, 2 and 3 are of questionable quality, everything Drakengard related aside from them is real bad.

Nier is the exception which proves the rule.

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Dec 10, 2010

If you must blink, do it now.

Mikhail dies in Ending A (and C), so no.

Aug 6, 2010

You see this post?

It's the Gosh Darn APOCALYPSE, baby!


I meant D, the 'good' ending.

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Dec 10, 2010

If you must blink, do it now.


Probably, yeah.

Apr 15, 2013

The Gologle Posting Experience.


I like the idea that Mikhail goes on to become a good person, fighting the good fight, and also living so drat long into the future that he probably outlived all the bullshit in Drakengard 1 and 2, although it's implied that he came to a bloody end, although I would hope that he just died in a cave somewhere of old age.

Dec 27, 2011

Even with the timing video, the final song is kicking my rear end. When I first sit down I can get to the Two, One, or 'all six' segments but afterwards it is like I lose all my rhythm and I struggle to get past Five. I think I'm going to try giving this fiteen minutes a day or so because any more than that just frustrates me senselessly.

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Dec 10, 2010

If you must blink, do it now.

I found it helped tremendously to count the beats out loud.

Dec 25, 2009

It's fusion, I don't gotta explain shit.

Anatharon posted:

Was Zero's Memory of the Intoner (Mikhail's diary) supposed to be continuing from the A ending or not?

Drakengard 1, 2 and 3 are of questionable quality, everything Drakengard related aside from them is real bad.

Nier is the exception which proves the rule.

Taro Yoko said he considered Nier to be Drakengard 3 anyway (and wanted to name the actual 3 as 4), so this still holds up.

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Aug 27, 2012

gamers rise up

still stuck on final boss, over

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