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Oct 6, 2012

This is why my tablet's lock screen displays LA, NY, London & Tokyo times in addition to my local timezone!


Oct 6, 2012

Last time I wrote fiction (excluding exam answers) was maybe 13 years ago. Thought about the worst thing which could happen, and that's winning and having to figure out a new prompt.

I'm in. I heard fresh meat is tender.

Oct 6, 2012

Thunderdome LXXV

Last light of the day
(1237 immortal words.)

“I doubt they take immortality well,” Lucifer said.

He reached out from his couch and picked a dark grape from a crystal bowl. It sat atop a small quartz table dividing the space between him and God. The seeds crushed between Lucifer’s teeth, bringing a welcome taste into his mouth.

“Although I expect a lot from them. Faith. Piety. Definitely vigor. Giving up easily is unlike them.”

Planet Earth stood before him and God, floating against the backdrop of countless stars. The two adversaries sat in judgment, discussing what to do in this regrettable day.

“In my image I created them, in paradise I let them live and prosper.

“And I instructed them like a mother: To do as I said, not as I did. I gave them more chances than anyone deserves.

“For every evil I did, they repeated it thousandfold. For every sin I made, in unison they sinned relentlessly.

“Nevertheless I think of humankind as my children. To cast them into everlasting agony…”

“Hell on Earth; or in Hell, is but a technical difference”, said Lucifer and took another grape from the bowl. God, deep in thought, lay unmoving for a time.

Finality echoing in God’s voice, she said: “It is time to solve the eternal disputes between us. It is time for humankind to repent their sins the last time, or be cast out of Earth.”

And then came seven angels bearing seven silver plates, each holding a seal of ages. In succession God took the offered seals, crumbled them into dust in her hand, and cast the remains out into the Earth.


Cursed was the day humankind achieved immortality. Mortality and death — once checks against such afflictions as diseases, overpopulation and cancer — were one moment no more. Instead of a blessing, immortality was the one last problem on top of the mountain of problems which pushed civilization over the edge.

In the end, it did not matter who launched the first missile. The Earth burned, filling the skies with soot and bringing night over the land. People screamed until they could not, their consciousnesses echoing the voices their bodies were not capable of anymore.

The day of the reckoning was at hand. Thousands of years in waiting, it was finally time to weigh the value of every living soul.


First a tiny blemish, the stones in the center of the city started to revolve and twist against the day. The spiral widened, eating buildings and people, sucking them into the bottom of the deepening maelstrom. It ever more rapidly engulfed the city, reaching so deep down one could not discern the bottom anymore.

The eye turned crimson in a violent eruption of blood. From the stream miles wide spike pushed forward, spanning towards the sky and piercing the firmament, connecting Earth to Hell and Heaven. In total seven of the largest cities met the same fate, invasion of Hell’s forces.

Such was the curse of eternal life, fragile bodies blackened in the nuclear fire, held together by immortal souls, in agony forced to witness the end of the time.

The armies of Hell marched unchecked upon the earth, facing little resistance from the remains of even the most powerful nations’ troops. As the last remnant of pity God had left for humankind, she let her angels descend from Heaven, and as allies struggle against Hell.


At dawn, Lucifer, the Lord of Light, and God, the Lady of Darkness, met on the battlefield. Under their heels lay remains of the troops of once mighty forces. From a distance one could see shapes of foundations of a city, parts of lone concrete walls and reinforcing steel dotting the landscape.

A tenuous rain matted the ground. The adversaries drew forth their longswords and stood a moment in honor of the fallen. A cluster of thunderbolts froze the scene. Swords clashed together the first time.

“Pride,” said Lucifer, his mouth widening into a thin smile.

“The most deadly of the seven sins”, God said, failing to avoid Lucifer’s attack. The sword glanced away from her left shoulder plate, giving a chance to drop her sword and grapple his knees. A hard pull up, and accompanied by a mighty crunch, Lucifer fell to the mass of bodies. God picked up his sword and leant on the star-shaped pommel.

And thus, every living creature on land she had made, the man made in her own image, released from their suffering.

“Avarice”, said Lucifer, taking a hold of his sword and rising up.

“Humankind’s desire was insatiable. Power and money, nothing was enough, for they thought they were above me. They dug out the remains of the past and unleashed them into the air, and into the seas. The more wealth you owned, the higher others regarded you. They condemned their eternal souls for the sake of fleeting materialism.”

The birds of the skies and the multitude of creatures living under waters, undone.


“They filled the earth with waste, piling it to great mounds, as monuments of their revel in consumption. Half of the food they produced spoiled or was thrown away, while hundreds of millions starved. They invented innumerable excesses, and for each they invented a thousand new needs.”

The sun and the moon and the stars, littering the firmament of heaven, undone.

“Sloth,” said Lucifer, “is probably the most dangerous of the sins. They twisted your words to fit their own needs and used the words to discriminate against others. The great cathedrals were used as marketplaces, for wealth the priests traded empty promises they could not keep.”

The very earth the combatants stood on, and all the forms which still desperately clung to life, undone.

Skimming over the surface of the endless seas, for the fifth day, the combatants were locked in the duel of the fates.

“Lust.” A pause in the rhythm allowed Lucifer to step back and take a look at his opponent. His armor was probably in as bad shape as hers. Dented and scratched, her helmet rendered useless and thrown away after he had smashed the visor in.

“Lust for knowledge’s final frontiers, for power fit for no man.” God raised her sword and attacked, arms crossed.

Heaven and Hell, undone. Only the waters covered the surface of the Earth.


“You can never be like me. I created the universe and the stars and the planets circling them. You, too, as I created all things in Heaven and on Earth. And as I have the power to create, I wield the power to destroy.”

God banished the light back to darkness. Time lost meaning in the featureless black, and all that was left was their struggle to the end.

“Wrath,” said God, and thrust her sword past Lucifer’s defenses, piercing his breastplate, “is a sin not in need of further definition.” The sword crushed the sternum, struck through the heart and lodged firmly between Lucifer’s vertebrae.

As his final words he said, “all things considering, it was worth the shot. There is only hope left now. Hope that the next time will last for all eternity.”

God held the bloodied sword in her hands as the last light of the day slowly faded away. God saw every thing that she had made, undone.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

Oct 6, 2012

The Mountain of Madness
(100 words of glory)

Air retreated in terror before the shape of the war hammer. The mountain had split the day before, driving the dwellers to edge of madness.

They had nowhere to go.

Red painted every surface. Streams of blood and sweat filled the reality.

We had nowhere to go.

Hunger slowed his muscles, while the harpies feasted on the trail of corpses left behind.

On this field no one wins.

Iron ravaged the bone time and time again. The frenzy of feathers gained ground till he took the final blow, leaving a crushed man as the parting gift.

Ash veiled the earth.



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