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Pants Donkey
Nov 13, 2011

by Gilganixon

Previous Threads: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007-2008

Welcome to the Political Cartoons Thread! This is where we post, discuss, and mock, political cartoons and the cartoonists that made them. Although we mostly mock them, and there are few better ways to take the piss out of a bad political cartoon than by sharing your edits. So edits are always welcome in this den of hacks.

Weekends tend to be slower since most cartoonist take weekends off, making it a good opportunity to share any older cartoons you've dug up. Check out your local library for older archives and don't be afraid to share.

This is stuff that comes from our ever-suffering and hardworking thread babysitter, Xylo, so cut the mods some slack and pay attention to the following:
  • Do not mention goon political cartoonist Deep Hurting in any way. This means posting his cartoons, discussing his work, or even bringing up his name is strictly forbidden. There is a thread for you to discuss Deep Hurting's work, so take it there. :siren:This rule is severely enforced.:siren: This rule been lifted, and I'll post what Xylo's decree:


    Basically, Deep Hurting is/was a goon cartoonist. He used to post in here all the time, like 5 years ago or whatever. But having a cartoonist who can actually see your criticisms makes this thread go insane: see any time Allie or Muir or Bors references us, we get 3 pages of "hey Eric/Chris/Matt, while you're reading this, let me just enumerate your every flaw as a human being". Then you'd have people defending his cartoons, and people telling everyone else to shut up. This would happen every time he posted a cartoon. Eventually, he was told to make his own thread and not to post in this thread anymore, and posting his cartoons became bannable.

    Apparently he's stopped posting in his thread (or on SA at all I guess?) a few months ago, so hopefully if people don't act like massive shitheads, it can be okay to post his cartoons.

    Caveat: If it starts to annoy me though, I will reinstate the rule.
    So, you can post his cartoons, but don't be a shithead.
  • Do not touch the poop without extremely careful consideration. "Touching the poop" means interacting with a cartoonist for the sake of getting some chuckles out of it. This can be funny, but some of the cartoonists discussed in this thread have legitimate mental illnesses, and we don't need to send these people over the edge. If you think you have a stellar idea, then check in with the thread first before going through with it.

The following is not necessarily against the rules, but maybe avoid doing it because it can be annoying.
  • Don't make declarations about which cartoonist is "best" or "worst." It's fine to dissect why a cartoonist is awesome or a hack, but trying to rank cartoonists will always end in a train-wreck of a conversation.
  • Sometimes events happen that every cartoonist will comment on simultaneously. Posts that consist of "The next few days are going to be X!" is more or less white noise and it looks really bad on us when something like a shooting occurs and we're gathered around eagerly anticipating the first cartoonist to be a shithead.
  • Requesting that people stop posting a particular cartoonist is an exercise in futility. There are tons of artists posted here, and there are going to be a few you can't even take pleasure in mocking. Your best option is to just...ignore those cartoons.
  • When posting a large number of cartoons, don't just post a bunch of links. As a courtesy to people reading, it's helpful to put a unique number next to each cartoon so people can easily pick out certain cartoons out when quoting your post.
  • Kelly from the Onion is parody, and encouraging new readers to think that he's sincere has long stopped being funny.
  • While mocking cartoonists for being shitheads is always cool, don't hit below the belt. While you can mock Dees for being an antisemitic piece of poo poo, there's nothing to be gained by making fun of him for being mentally ill.
  • Watch the derails. Of all the things in this thread, this is probably what gets people probated the most.

Q: This guy got paid for this?
A: Maybe! Political Cartoonists are generally paid in two ways--as a staff position or on a per-cartoon basis by a syndicate.

If a cartoonist is a staff cartoonist, they'll list their employer by their name. These cartoonists are paid a living wage and just about all of their cartoons are actually approved by an editor, printed, and seen by human beings.

If a cartoonist is a member of a syndicate, they'll list their syndicate by their name, usually Cagle or U-Click. These syndicates act as a market for editors. We have no idea whether a particular cartoon posted by a syndicate is actually sold. Reportedly, they are sold for around $10 a cartoon, which is then split by the cartoonist and the syndicate. As you can imagine, this means a cartoonist can make very little or very much in syndication.

There's also the rare exception, such as Bill Day, Chris Muir, and Lance Rengel, who are paid by donation.

Q: How obscure is this guy? Is anyone ever actually going to see this?
A: For most, there's no way to tell. Unless they're a staff cartoonist (check the Index), the cartoon may never be printed or seen by anyone. Unless you want to check with the 200,000 daily newspapers in the US, just assume everything posted here is seen by the public at large.

Q: Is everyone posted here an evil, stupid, conservative rear end in a top hat?
A: No, we post all kinds. Sometimes a cartoon will present an evil idea sarcastically, sometimes they're just evil. If you can't tell just by looking at it, check the Index for a better idea on a particular cartoonist. colonel_korn also made a helpful chart.

Q: Is this just for American/Canadian cartoonists, or...?
A: We allow cartoons of all stripes, and we adore stuff from foreign cartoonists as a break from the usual suspects. However, for you UK people, there is a thread for UK cartoonists, so you should post UK cartoons over there, but don't hesitate to share a particularly good/bad cartoon with us!

Q: What about funny page cartoons?
A: Some cartoons like Mallard Fillmore and Doonesbury, are not traditional political cartoons but rather stuff with a political theme that gets printed alongside Garfield. These are fair game for this thread, but the apolitical cartoons should go in the Comic Strip Megathread. Also, while you can certainly share Doonesbury in here, it has its own thread for further discussion.

Q: Can I share this crazy email from my mom? How about this image macro I saw on Facebook?
A: This thread is strictly for political cartoons. Check out this thread for sharing political emails from your family, and this thread for political pictures. If you wish to further go down the rabbit hole, check out the Right Wing Media and Freep threads.

The thread has developed a few inside jokes and terms:

AGC: Shorthand for "A Good Cartoon." Basically, you intentionally interpret a comic with a fairly obvious bad message as having a good message. The original point of this was to poke fun at some of the really poor metaphors that some cartoonists were crafting, but the concept of AGC has been run into the ground. If you want to see some quality ones, Saint Sputnik has a blog dedicated to these.
Benghazi: While I think everyone is familiar with the Benghazi attacks, newer users might be unaware that one of the victims was Sean "vilerat" Smith, who was a long-time member and moderator of D&D. Seeing cartoonists use the death of a sincerely missed member of the community as a desperate attempt to smear Obama has made Benghazi a rather sore issue for everyone in this thread.
DASGC: Stands for "Dumb and so Goddamn Crazy." A cartoon that portrays the opposing side as spastic, ignorant children, and their own side as patient, knowledgeable adults. Based on a Shmorky cartoon.
Don't Be Willfully Dense: A line from cartoonist Eric Allie when someone pointed out how stupid his cartoon was. Has become a thread motto of sorts to not be an idiot when interpreting the message of any given cartoon.
Nonsense...This Is An Election Year: This phrase comes from a cartoon that was the subject of an Onion article mocking nonsensical political cartoons. Sometimes a person may post this phrase in response to a political cartoon, and that's basically a way of saying "this makes no loving sense."
Pants Donkey: The nickname for a donkey from an old Mike Luckovich cartoon, and is essentially the mascot of the thread at this point. We have no idea why.
PBF: The Perry Bible Fellowship was a webcomic that people frequently over-analyzed, so much to the point that to "PBF" something is to dig way deeper than you were supposed to for a cartoon's meaning.
Zionism: Okay, not really unique to this thread, but enough of us have asked about it to merit being in here. Zionism, in a very simple definition, is just far-right nationalism for Israel. However, if you are hearing Zionism used in the same context as the Rothschilds or the Illuminati or basically any Dees cartoon, then you're just dealing with antisemitic conspiracy stuff.

Some cartoons and edits remain very popular, and the following is a collection of such. While it's perfectly fine to request an old cartoon or edit, check this list first! I'll try to keep it updated.
















16 (by change my name)





21 (for those that don't know: this is the judge that handled Tinsley's DUI)



(by Mister Beeg)

The Roosevelts, an infamous Day by Day story arc. :nms: WARNING: Link takes you to Muir's website :nms:
Roosevelts Story, in a safer location, but requires archives.

A Good Cartoon: Saint Spudnik collects the best AGCs here.
Day by Day Randomizer: Takes panels from random Day by Day cartoons and makes a new cartoon out of them. These are frequently difficult to tell apart from the real thing.
Iran Will Have Nukes Any Day Now: I have collected cartoons that predict the imminent threat of a nuclear Iran. Some of these cartoons are over a decade old. Accepting submissions, and the older the better!
If Global Warming Is Real, Then Why Is It Cold: A depressing collection of cartoons that display people's complete lack of climate education.
Muircity: I replace the text of a Day by Day cartoon with the dialogue from a Jerkcity strip. The result is something at least better than the original Day by Day strip.
Political PBF: Some unknown genius is taking old PBF strips and turning them into political cartoons. It's a lot better than it sounds.

Pants Donkey fucked around with this message at 04:04 on Nov 7, 2014


Pants Donkey
Nov 13, 2011

The majority of this index was written by Xylo, and I’ve updated a few profiles and added a new cartoonist or two. It’s not meant to cover everything, but it’ll give you a good list of the usual suspects.

Animal Nuz - Animal puns and Democratic talking points galore. After the 2012 election, it has become even more of an obnoxious cheerleader for Obama. Also, for some god-awful reason, each panel is posted individually in massive resolution. Ugh.

Eric Allie - Amazing art and skill used to depict lovely right-wing drivel. Young compared to his peers, and talented with visual metaphors. Willfully dense.

Pat Bagley - Very liberal former-mormon who is merciless in his criticism of the Church of Latter Day Saints, the GOP, and conservatives in general. Local Hero.
Salt Lake Tribune

Nate Beeler - Conservative, heavily influenced by Mike Ramirez. Every great once in a while has Correct Opinions, mostly on social issues. As of recent, he has been very critical of the GOP and its extremism.
Columbus Dispatch

Clay Bennett - Probably the most well-respected, decorated, and acclaimed liberal political cartoonist currently publishing. He has won just about every award a political cartoonist can win. He has an amazing talent for simple, clear visual metaphors.
Chattanooga Times Free Press

Lisa Benson - Bland conservative opinions. Largely uninteresting.

Paul Berge – Works for a syndicate focused on LGBT issues, and therefore his cartoons tend to have a narrow but pretty left-leaning focus. Sometimes Berge will not explain the joke fully, and a cartoon may look like it has a lovely message, but the reality is that Berge’s audience (along with himself) is gay and therefore he doesn’t feel compelled to meticulously spell out the joke for other people.
Q Syndicate

Randy Bish - Bland conservative, unremarkable except for his incredibly racist Obama caricature.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Erin Bonsteel - Young, crazy, and conservative, her artwork indicates a seething hatred for the whole world.

Chip BoK - Conservative, ranging from moderate to extreme.
Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal and the Tampa Bay Times.

Ruben Bolling - Well-respected liberal, publishes "Tom the Dancing Bug" and "Lucky Ducky."

Matt Bors - A protégé of Ted Rall who has come into his own in the last few years. Very liberal. Opinions of him vary in the thread, from "Bland Rall-wannabe" to "One of the Best." 2012 Herblock Prize winner.

AF Branco - Hateful, stupid conservative. Draws people with one-tooth/Hitler-mustaches. and

Clovis Brown - Bright, talented Jamaican cartoonist [brought to us by forums poster KillerJunglist]. His opinions closely follow those of Jamaica at large--generally liberal, with the exception of some stomach-churning homophobia.
Jamaica Observer

Chris Britt - Hit-or-miss liberal.
Illinois State Journal-Register (Laid off in 2012)

Daryl Cagle - Owner of one of the largest cartooning syndicates. Liberal, given to truth-in-the-middle bullshit, vulgar imagery, simple caricatures, and copy/pasting.

Cam Cardow - Canadian, very moderate. Doesn’t seem to have done any work since Fall 2013
Ottawa Citizen

Ken Catalino - Conservative who hasn't actually drawn anything new in 10 years.

Patrick Chappatte - Internationally focused, vaguely liberal.
International Herald Tribune, Le Temps, and Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

John Cole - Liberal, with the occasional outlier bad opinion. Talented, bold, and dirty, if his art is any indication.
Scranton Times-Tribune

JD Crowe - Conservative Democrat with very little to say.
Mobile Register

Jeff Danziger - Liberal, occasionally bold and to-the-point.
Los Angeles Times

Dale - Extremely conservative, total nutbag. Paints over GIS'd images and accompanies each post with an insane rant full of puns. In spite of declaring a hiatus in late 2012, he continues to plague us with cartoons.

John Darkow - Liberal, only works in black-and-white.
Columbia Daily Tribune

Bill Day – A liberal who lost his job in 2009, which has resulted in him recycling both his work and jokes ever since. He was hired in 2013 by Daryl Cagle after a successful Indiegogo campaign raised over $35,000 to pay Day’s salary. In spite of this, Day barely improved, continuing to copy-paste a lot of art and recycle a lot joke. Most galling was when Day actually plagiarized someone’s art right before the successful Indiegogo campaign finished. While he fixed the comic, his “apologize” was half-assed and defensive. Unsurprisingly, Cagle didn’t bother running another Indiegogo to fund Day in 2014.
His Local Bike Shop

Day by Day (See: Chris Muir)

David Dees - Certifiably paranoid and delusional Photoshop artist, he believes every conspiracy ever (except angels or that Al Qaeda conspired to take down WTC). He moved to Sweden after he became convinced Mossad was trying to steal his bicycle. Loves his cats; hates the Jews.
Sesame Street and Disney. Formerly. For some reason, Sesame Street and Walt Disney decided to sever their relationship with him.

Derf (See: John Backderf)

Toby Dials - Immature conservative who doesn't know how bongs work.

Dry Bones (See: Yaakov Kirschen)

Tim Eagan - Liberal with a talent for fun visuals. Only does one cartoon a week.

Bob Englehart - Old, moderate liberal.
Hartford Courant

Randal Enos - Stylish liberal, often works with woodcuts.

David Fitzsimmons - Smug-as-gently caress liberal with a scratchy, messy style. Occasionally has a bad or poorly thought-out opinion.
Arizona Star

Glenn Foden (7Oden) - A stupid conservative, occasionally going above-and-beyond with his idiocy.

Galatianman (see: Lance Rengel)

Ed Gamble - Conservative with perhaps the worst color palette ever.

Bob Gorrell - Conservative infamous for copy/pasting GIS results. Draws everyone droopy-eyed.

Ross Gosse - Undisputed champion of the huge unnecessary label. Obsessed with the minutia of small-town North Carolina politics, despite not being employed by a local paper. :confused: Vaguely conservative when he actually bothers to comment on national politics.

Dave Granlund - "A Thing Happened" dot cartoonist. Skin-deep, milquetoast liberal. If you're offended, you're probably reading way too much into it.

Steve Greenberg - California Democrat. Jewish, fiercely supports Israel.

Tommy Grooms - Conservative Brony, author of "Ralph and Chuck," and immature manchild. Started in high school, published for Indiana University and a number of other college papers. Output slowed significantly after graduating college, somehow getting married, and starting at his (low tier) law school.
Indiana Daily Student

Tim Hartman - Milquetoast conservative, indulges in DASGDC. Apparently an actor as well.

Joe Heller - Moderate liberal.
Green Bay Press-Gazette

Henri (see: Henrique Monteiro)

Jerry Holbert - A pretty bland conservative that only has only really gained any attention on account of how easy it is to edit his donkeys into terrifying skull creatures. It's also worth noting that this is a very tired meme and you'll have to do more than just edit the donkey head if you want a positive response out of people.
Boston Herald

David Horsey - Extremely talented and very left-wing, he nonetheless unrepentantly hates Arabs and Muslims and has a tendency to sexualize women (although he seems to be getting better about that last part).
Los Angeles Times

Isaiah: - Draws the nonsensical "the world today just nuts" comics, which might look like something an eight-year-old exposed to excessive amounts of Freep would draw, but is actually from an adult human being. Overly relishes in calling Obama gay and having him in suggestive positions.
A Pack of Crayolas and Fierce Desire to Never Grow Up

Taylor Jones - Primarily a caricature artist, he occasionally dips his toes in commentary, generally with a liberal bent. His caricatures often run alongside a story chosen by his paper, in place of photos, so commentary is not often required. Has a strange cicada fetish.
El Nuevo Dia

Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) - Economically libertarian-leaning, liberal on most other topics. As the cartoonist for the Economist his opinions track closely with the British magazine's editorial stance.

Mike Keefe - Milquetoast liberal, fairly unremarkable.
Denver Post

Steve Kelley - Conservative, occasionally agreeable, but more often a jerk. Old-fashioned. He writes the conservative comic strip "Dustin" which is illustrated by liberal Jeff Parker. See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.
Creators Syndicate

Stan Kelly (See: Ward Sutton)

Yaakov Kirschen - Extremely old, extremely hateful American-born Israeli. He has been steadily employed for over 40 years, doing Dry Bones for the Jerusalem Post. His art has never progressed beyond the 1st-grade level. Incredibly incompetent xenophobe who honestly thinks Arabs/Muslims/Palestinians all deserve nothing but death. Never fills in the holes paint-bucket leaves in his letters, breaks his speech bubbles up unnaturally, and doesn't appear to understand how panels, layers, or computers work. Obsessed with freeing the spy Johnathan Pollard from American prison.
Jerusalem Post

Carlos Latuff - Polarizing, extremely left-wing. His cartoons are short, to-the-point, and powerful. Sometimes this makes them hamhanded, tactless, or inelegant, but this also makes them perfect to print onto a poster at a protest. Beloved in third-world oppressed hellholes the world over, he despises America, Israel, and other imperialist nations. Drew a comic series glorifying an Iraqi sniper. Drew SSJ Goku assfucking Chilean president Sebastián Pińera.

Mike Lester - Racist, conservative, stupid, hateful old man. Was arrested several years ago for domestic abuse, although his wife now denies that he assaulted her, contrary to the police report. Drew the "Be Cool about Fire Safety" lightning bug from the 90's.
Rome News-Tribune (Sort of fired in 2012 for the comic below. In truth, they still run him on a daily basis.)

Joe Liccar - Hideously bad art, moderately conservative. Father of Goombama.
Examiner (Independence, Missouri)

Loujie - Official political cartoonist for China Daily, an English-language newspaper run by the Communist Party of China. Presents the official Chinese government's opinion on a range of issues. Very talented, for a state propagandist.
China Daily

Yogi Love - A right-wing shill that draws for a conservative magazine. Nonetheless, he’s a competent artist that can draw some attractive cartoons even if their message is ugly.
The American Spectator

Mike Luckovich - Liberal, responsible for the pants-on-the-ground donkey.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

RJ Matson - Prodigious liberal, with a tendency towards overlabeling.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (laid off in 2012) and Roll Call

Gary McCoy - Idiotic, no-talent knuckle-dragging conservative. Misogynistic, racist, homophobic liar, given to physically threatening his critics, fan of giant pickles and lottery tickets. He and his younger brother Glenn often work together on greeting cards, their syndicated comic strip "The Duplex," and miscellaneous other art projects. Glenn and Gary have both done character design and storyboards for major animated features such as "Despicable Me."

Glenn McCoy - Every bit as evil as his older brother Gary, except Glenn also possesses talent, tact, and a sense of humor and timing. Unlike his brother, he has numerous awards to his name. Much more private than Gary, he does not give out his address and invite people to go one-on-one with him. He and his older brother Gary often work together on greeting cards, their syndicated comic strip "The Duplex," and miscellaneous other art projects. Glenn and Gary have both done character design and storyboards for major animated features such as "Despicable Me."

JJ McCullough - Young, gay, conservative Canadian centrist. Often presents one idea in a comic, which is accompanied by a blog post that will immediately make the exact opposite argument. This makes every position of his a mealy mushmouthed mumble of smug condescension. On the plus side, his art can be downright adorable at times.

Rick McKee - Conservative with some talent. Previously fairly unremarkable, he has actually been growing more right-wing and offensive over the last year. Unlike just about every other cartoonist in this thread, I cannot think of one cartoon of his that was agreeable.
Augusta Chronicle

Henrique Monteiro - Portuguese cartoonist. Lovingly translated, photoshopped into English, and explained by forums user KoldPT.

Chris Muir - Formerly of the St. Petersburg Times, now publishes Day by Day, a serial comic of stupefying absurdities. His only source of income is $12,000 he receives yearly in donations. Vectorizes/traces/draws near pornographic characters living out his fantasy life. His characters are rich, bold, famous, witty sex stallions of every race and nationality. Muir is a Men's Rights Advocate, and uses his female characters (who he admits are based on himself) to reinforce his misogynistic beliefs. Muir is a racist, and uses his black character (who he admits is based on himself) to reinforce his racist beliefs. Muir is a war cheerleader, and made his main character (who literally is himself) into a battle-scarred world-famous sniper. See a pattern? Muir has an uncanny ability to write dialogue in English that is virtually incomprehensible.
White, Sexually-Frustrated Men

Pat Oliphant – Veteran cartoonist whose work spans for half a century, and it shows with his strong artwork. Generally liberal, but in a very white old man sort of way, producing some incredibly racist and homophobic work during his career.
Andrew McMeel Universal

Jack Ohman - The youngest cartoonist to be syndicated at the tender age of 19, and one of the older active cartoonists here with his career beginning in the early 80s. Has a variety of awards and seems like a generally nice guy that likes giving money to charity. A liberal dude with solid artwork that shows decades of experience. Somehow manages to make fairly expressive faces despite despite working with smaller heads than someone like Allie or Kreider who tend to draw people's heads larger.
The Sacramento Bee & Tribune Media Services

Henry Payne - Talented, stylish conservative jerk. Possesses an unhealthy obsession with rear bumpers.
Detroit News

Jeff Parker - Liberal. Illustrates Steve Kelley's conservative comic strip "Dustin." See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.
Florida Today and Fort Myers News-Press

Mike Peters - Milquetoast liberal. Also draws the syndicated comic strip Mother Goose & Grimm. See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.
Dayton Daily News

Pigman - Men's Rights Advocate, extremely misogynistic, liberal atheist. Bizarre and horrible webcomic, the Pigman beats people with a rubber chicken. He believes the Patriarchy is the best way to defeat the Plutocracy. Was so obnoxious that he actually got kicked off an MRA subreddit in 2013.

Bruce Plante - Goofy Democratic cheerleader. His elephants are pink, for some reason. Enjoys putting his opponents in tiny hats.
Tulsa World

Milt Priggee - Far left and intentionally offensive. Very hit-or-miss, he is nonetheless unafraid of cutting straight to the heart of an issue. Takes pride in having cartoons rejected by editors.

Ted Rall - Far left shithead. Utterly incompetent artist and writer. Desperately needs to be the center of attention, he envisions himself as the leader of a socialist revolution. Ruthlessly and pointlessly criticizes every actual revolution since he's not involved. He draws everyone as Homer Simpson or Dr. Hibbert. Obama is purple and stubbly. He once threatened to sue an Australian artist for infringing on his intellectual property of Obama liking Hello Kitty. He has a seething hatred for Maus author Art Spiegelman. He is misogynistic, offensive, and insulting, while trying to be irreverent and witty. Has no idea how the internet works and has raged against his fans for being "too loving stupid to know what's important" (ie, funding his Kickstarter vacation). Sells dates with himself on eBay with the caveat that you pay for everything and he is under no obligation to make eye-contact with you. Wrote an autobiographical graphic novel that he had someone else illustrate, all about how he dropped out of college and might have had HIV and had sex with hundreds of rich, beautiful women in exchange for food and shelter. He depicts anyone and everyone, including himself, as Literally Hitler. Despite all that, his fling-poo poo-at-the-wall nature occasionally makes a good point, even if he does so incompetently. Got kicked off Daily KOS because his terrible Obama caricature was interpreted as racist.
Sacramaneto Bee and the Los Angeles Times

Ralph and Chuck (See: Tommy Grooms)

Michael Ramirez - Republican to the bone. Obsessed with drawing and endlessly crosshatching gigantic inanimate objects and labeling them "DEBT." Extremely successful, he is the quintessential political cartoonist. He is a two-time Pulizter Prize winner, to just about everyone's amazement. Draws Obama as a disgusting worm. Petty, trivial, and dumb, he will never respond with anything but GOP platitudes.
Investor's Business Daily

Ratland (See: Terry Wise)

Lance Rengel - Evangelical pastor and creator of Galatianman. It’s a political, religiously-charged comic with a plot that moves at a glacial pace (current arc started with the Giffords shooting). We are pretty much his entire audience, to the point where he even did a few touching comics about vilerat’s death. Regardless, his comic continues to be an ugly, little piece of work.

Rob Rogers - Pittsburgh-based liberal with a distinctive style.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

JRRose! - Lovable conservative, he spells out every pun two or three times per joke. He frequently comments on Virginia local women's basketball and draws puzzles and cartoons for children. He is also the creator of the syndicated comic strip Snuffy Smith.
Byrd Newspapers of Virginia and Daily News-Record

Ben Sargent - Liberal, with the occasional outstanding comic.
Austin American-Statesman

Rob Smith, Jr. - Cartoonist for and that really ought to tell you everything you need to know about him.

Snafu Cartoons - (See Bill Trantham)

Scott Stantis - Conservative, although left-leaning on issues such as torture and spying (even during Bush). Creator of the syndicated comic strip Prickly City, he has contracted Eric Allie to draw it for him for the last several years. See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.
Chicago Tribune

Mark Streeter - "WHIL= He HΔS a GooD STYLE and oPINIONS, STR==T=R's LETERiNG iS ΔNNoYiNG To a FE\/\/ oF the REGULΔRS HER=." Xylo has personally asked him to write neater and he has refused. Seriously, Streeter, an "A" is not a triangle. Jesus. He also does some of the most accurate caricatures of any political cartoonist.
Savannah Morning News

Ward Sutton - Witty creator of the parody political cartoons of the Onion. His persona is a grumpy, petty old conservative political cartoonist named Stan Kelly.

Bruce Tinsley - Conservative alcoholic author of Mallard Fillmore. He is alone among those featured here in that his political cartoon is syndicated on the funny pages in almost every newspaper in America, between Garfield and Wizard of Id. Because of this, he has to submit his cartoons two weeks in advance and is always very late to comment on an issue. Attacks and viciously libels his personal enemies with his comics, such as Jon Stewart and the judge who gave Tinsley a DUI.

Tom Toles - Talented and witty liberal that possesses an inhuman loathing for the DC Metro.
Washington Post

Rob Tornoe - Bland artistically, he is the cartoonist for Media Matters and thus quite liberal. Initially defended Joe Paterno, but when evidence came to light, he admitted his error and corrected it. Admirable.

Bill Trantham - Draws Snafu Cartoons, which are just political cartoons drawn terribly. The gimmick is that Trantham allows people to pay him to draw a cartoon, so you get a lot of crazy right-wing talking points.
People With Too Much Money

Marty Two Bulls - Native American cartoonist that, unsurprisingly, covers a lot of Native American issues. Universally praised in this thread, he has excellent artwork that's notable for properly using crosshatching to shade and add depth his cartoons rather than draw messy boats and trains. No other cartoonist in this thread really touches on the problems that natives face in the USA, and Two Bulls shoots unapologetic criticism at both parties (and the nation as a whole) for ignoring them. On other issues, he is pretty left-leaning.
Indian Country Today Media Network

Arend Van Dam - Dutch cartoonist, his opinions are as childlike as his artistic skill.

Gary Varvel - Bland conservative.
Indianapolis Star

Terry Wise - Very conservative. Very strange art style, very strange business model, very strange man. Author of Ratland. Every great once in a while has a not-poo poo opinion, but most of the time, you're probably safe calling him a shithead.

Monte Wolverton - Liberal and son of famous cartoonist Basil Wolverton.
MAD Magazine

the world today just nuts - (See Isaiah)

Matt Wuerker - 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner and liberal cartoonist for

Adam Zyglis - Talented liberal cartoonist who has recently expanded into color. There's something refreshingly honest to his cartoons, in my opinion.
Buffalo News

The Boneyard
These are cartoonists have that either retired, died at the drawing board, or just vanished without a trace. They are kept here for posterity's sake.

Chuck Asay - Evil old man who has a hard time adjusting to modern life. Known for a soft style that even makes his opponents look kind. Hated gays, trans people, and just about everyone that wasn't a white fundamentalist protestant. In 2013, he finally stopped political cartooning for good, much to the relief of everyone that doesn't think poor people are wild animals.

John Backderf - Liberal and all-around nice guy. His comic, The City, generally focused on slice-of-life issues, with the occasional political foray. Grew up with Jeffrey Dahmer and wrote a neat book about it. Ended his comic because he "was sick of it and wanted to make books full time."

Joel Barbee - A cartoonist whose work haunted the earliest iterations of this thread. From the looks of it, he was a racist right-wing rear end in a top hat who rode the birther movement pretty hard. Perhaps best known for his signature, which split his surname into two words for some reason. In 2010, he did the world a solid and died.

Barry - A peculiar man to say the least, he drew a series of right-wing cartoons that would be fairly run-of-the-mill were it not for the bizarre artwork. At first blush the art might seem alright, but that feeling last for about a few seconds before descending into the madness that is a Barry cartoon. This is where the line of action goes to die, and everything has a butt. He did a few cartoons in 2013, but his main website has been down for a while, and the only evidence I have left of him is a 2013 entry from his blog that posted a cartoon from three years ago. Hopefully he's gone for good.

Sean Delonas - Conservative, infamous for drawing anyone he disagrees with as morbidly obese. He got a lot of flak in 2009 for drawing Obama as a chimp, but his employer, a Murdoch-owned tabloid, loved it. In spite of this, in 2013 said tabloid (New York Post) bought him out, which basically means he was paid to quit his job early. While he said he was going to continue drawing cartoons on his own, he abruptly stopped after only a few months on his own. As of this writing (August 2014) he has still not produced a single new cartoon.

Brian Fairrington - Wildly unpredictable opinions. Probably deeply conservative and Mormon, but also a massive liar who hates everyone and everything, even other conservatives. Directly contradicts himself as a matter of course. Utterly erased from Cagle's syndicate in mid-2012, his work is now hard to find online. While he may still be out there, nobody posted anything from him in all of 2013.

Tim Kreider - One of the most respected cartoonists here, known for drawing absolutely fantastic facial expressions that displayed so much emotion and humor. Very liberal, to the point where he had to give up political cartooning due to how much the Bush years were depressing and angering him. One of his best known cartoons is a eulogy cartoon for Reagan, which was accompanied with a scathing write-up about how much of an evil old bastard Reagan was. A lot of his cartoons are still available in book collections.

R.P. Overmyer - Another cartoonist from threads past, and best known for the character Hollywood Dog. Liberal, but in the dirty old man misogynistic sort of way. Was neither a fan or Bush nor terrorists (and arguably Muslims in general). Artwork was kinda bleh, almost like a poor man's Gary Larson. Died in 2010, presumably to challenge Joel Barbee to a competition at who was the worst at fitting a whole word on one line. Kinda looked like the son of Duke Nukem and Colonel Sanders.

Zack Rawsthorne - The jackass behind Diversity Lane, a cartoon that stars a girl named Diversity in a family full of ridiculous liberal caricatures. Despite being like six or seven, Diversity somehow knows enough about politics to loudly piss and moan about her family's liberal leanings. I guess it's supposed to be a scathing commentary on how liberalism is so stupid that even a child can understand it, but the result is a storm of racism, misogyny, and hateful ignorance. The art is okay, but I have no idea how the scowling, unpleasant Diversity is supposed to be a likable character given that she acts more like a woman ten times her age than a little girl. In 2012, however, the free market determined that Diversity Lane was poo poo, and Rawsthorne couldn't justify the time spent working on it. I have no idea what he's doing now. Frankly, it's better that way.

Pants Donkey fucked around with this message at 22:37 on Aug 26, 2014

Jan 14, 2010

There is so much to love about this image. :allears: You're doing the Lord's work, Rorus Raz.

Oct 9, 2012


Suggested additions to the glossary:

"Nonsense, this is an election year!" - Comes from this Onion article. Used to indicate a cartoon where the intended message is confusing and difficult to identify.

"Those fuckers! Our poo poo!" - Comes from this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal cartoon. Used to indicate a cartoon that uses a witless, generic template with labels added to indicate the topic of the day.

Feb 25, 2013

Bear Witness

Send in the frowns :allears:

Feb 13, 2012

Bringing you Barry from the sordid depths of the Internet

Despite over two months passing since someone posted Galatianman, we've only missed three updates.

Also, you forgot Barry.

Apr 17, 2012

This is excellent.

I can't wait to see what horrors the new year brings! I will suffer it with the rest of you or die trying.

May 12, 2010

Pro is an amazing name!

Hobert probably deserves an entry in our rogue's gallery, for skull donkey, if nothing else.

Apr 23, 2012

psst you wanna do a communism?

Someone should also update the colonel_korn chart, since its missing some people and also maybe some positions need to be shifted?

Mister Beeg
Sep 7, 2012

I drew some parody editorial cartoons last year. Here they are:

Nov 10, 2007

I was terrified at first, but I think I'm okay with it.

Getting in on the ground floor of this poo poo.

Hard to believe that another year of lovely cartoons has passed. Wonder what infuriating things this next year will bring.

Oct 28, 2005

I got this title for free due to my proximity to an idiot who wanted to save $5 on an avatar by having someone else spend $9.95 instead.

Rall's little bio should include the fact that despite that he comes off as a contrarian 20-30something, he's 50 years old.

Adventure Pigeon
Nov 8, 2005

I am a master storyteller.

Which cartoonist will come out with the first horribly racist cartoon for the year? Which will make the first AGC? Who will be the first in 2014 take a horrible human tragedy and somehow twist it to be about Benghazi or abortions? Find out in the coming day.

twerking on the railroad
Jun 23, 2007

Get on my level

I think you have the wrong Mike Lester cartoon posted as the one you posted was from 2013. Either that or you mean he was quasi-fired in 2013.

Jan 14, 2010

Found a tidbit when I was going through the OP:


Mark Streeter - "WHIL= He HΔS a GooD STYLE and oPINIONS, STR==T=R's LETERiNG iS ΔNNoYiNG To a FE\/\/ oF the REGULΔRS HER=." Xylo has personally asked him to write neater and he has refused.

Can I get the story on this? Xylo touched the poop to ask Streeter to write more clearly and he said "Nope!"? That's hysterical.

Space Bat
Apr 17, 2009

hold it now hold it now hold it right there
you wouldn't drop, couldn't drop diddy, you wouldn't dare

Mister Beeg posted:

I drew some parody editorial cartoons last year. Here they are:

I'll never not laugh at the :shobon: Hitler in the background.

I look forward to seeing what this year has to offer. 2013 has been fun in the world of cartoons, here's hoping it gets even worse!

Pants Donkey
Nov 13, 2011

There's bound to be a lot of little inconsistencies in that post. I think Lester has a wholly new employer, but I dunno. The bottom line is that someone is still paying him to give people rainbow ties.

Mar 16, 2009

Just because Liquor's dead, doesn't mean you can just roll this bitch all over town with "The Freedoms."


Bill Day – A liberal who lost in job in 2009, which resulted in him recycling both his work and jokes for year.

Minor complaint, but this sentence could use some fixing.

I'm hoping 2014 turns out to be as terrible as 2013 was. Actually got a folder now for cartoons that stand out so I'll have something to submit to the 2014 Gay Abortion awards.

NoEyedSquareGuy fucked around with this message at 22:08 on Dec 31, 2013

Go RV!
Jun 19, 2008

Uglier on the inside.

I missed the last few months of the previous thread, and there's only one burning question in my mind. What ever happened with the DBD spermjacking plotline?

Apr 28, 2008

For some reason it seems like the commonly requested cartoons is missing a few really obvious ones but I can't actually think of what they are.

I don't think I have ever seen anyone use DASGC.

Go RV! posted:

I missed the last few months of the previous thread, and there's only one burning question in my mind. What ever happened with the DBD spermjacking plotline?
More interesting plot lines came up so nothing really yet. It turns out she didn't actually spermjack(shocking I know), the russian was near Chernobyl for reasons so it couldn't be his, it hasn't been mentioned much more than in passing since then.

CampingCarl fucked around with this message at 22:12 on Dec 31, 2013

Apr 7, 2009

Patron of the Pants

Looking forward to another great (mind and soul destroying) year of politoons! Wonderful OP, Raz. I love the header image.

It's hard to believe I've been reading this thread for five years, now. Not really sure I can take much more.

Mister Beeg posted:

I drew some parody editorial cartoons last year. Here they are:

We should make a resolution to do more goon created cartoons, because these are great, especially the Rall parody.

Jan 25, 2013

The original "Dumb and so goddamn crazy" cartoon should probably go in the OP but other than that good work!

made of bees
May 21, 2013

I feel like Shmorky's guide for making an Obama caricature should be there too, but that could just be because I liked it a lot.

That Old Tree
Jun 23, 2012


majormonotone posted:

The original "Dumb and so goddamn crazy" cartoon should probably go in the OP but other than that good work!

It's already linked in the DASGC definition.

twerking on the railroad
Jun 23, 2007

Get on my level

Probably should also be linked in the description of Ted Rall's cartooning style: "Obama? Don't you mean the new hitler?"


twerking on the railroad fucked around with this message at 22:45 on Dec 31, 2013

Nikaer Drekin
Oct 11, 2012


Go RV! posted:

I missed the last few months of the previous thread, and there's only one burning question in my mind. What ever happened with the DBD spermjacking plotline?

It basically petered (heh) out because Muir can't focus on a storyline for more than five strips.

Anyways, fellow goons, here's to another year of awful terrible crap with the occasional gold nugget thrown in. You know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.


Aug 5, 2011

Rorus Raz posted:

Joe Liccar - Hideously bad art, moderately conservative. Father of Goombama.

Sep 14, 2007

My mind can only imagine the horrors Lester and McCoy will unleash on us this year.

Brute Squad
Dec 20, 2006

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human race

Thank you Rorus Raz for getting this set up. You are a gift that keeps on giving.

Rorus Raz posted:

I'm so very sorry, Xylo.

Still my favorite edit from last year. But I've got high hopes for a midterm election year.

Aug 26, 2007

Go on...

What's the story behind that cartoon, anyway? It keeps popping up.

Troy Queef
Jan 12, 2013
Glenn Greenwald is living rent-free in my head because I can't stop babbling incessantly about him.

Skeesix posted:

Probably should also be linked in the description of Ted Rall's cartooning style: "Obama? Don't you mean the new hitler?"


I just laughed so hard at this that I surprised my father...who it turns out kind of likes Ted Rall.

I won't hold it against him.

Mar 29, 2010

This post is hurting the economy!


What's the story behind that cartoon, anyway? It keeps popping up.

The original? It was a Ted Rall autobiography, but with a different artist covering the actual cartooning. It basically covers a period in Ted Rall's life after he dropped out of college (Rall maintains it was because of a wart that merged with his heart made him miss finals, but that's patently obvious bullshit) during which he was homeless and unemployed and supposedly subsisted for about a year or so by sleeping with a large number of women and bumming food, money and shelter off of them. The message is supposed to be about how he was a petulant little poo poo, but everything is framed in such a way that it still glorifies how cool he was and undercuts any kind of point the whole thing should have. Not to mention that it's riddled with moments that are pure, uncut 'poo poo that didn't happen'. It makes for and incredibly pathetic and incredibly hilarious reference into the mind of Ted Rall.

Fun bonus fact, in some versions of the general story Rall says he thought at the time that he must have gotten HIV from all the sleeping around, but was too afraid to get himself checked out. Since he doesn't mention limiting his sexual activity as a result of thing he was HIV positive, the take away is that Rall is an incredibly monstrous self absorbed human being to the point that he was putting other peoples lives into possible serious danger because he didn't want to work a job and felt a bit icky about getting tested.

Basically Ted Rall is the worst.

edit: To illustrate my point about the comic undercutting it's own message and being 'poo poo that didn't happen', there's the sad blowjob cartoon we love to trot out. Rall is on the phone with his mom asking for money, but has reached a point where his parents are cutting him off, to the extent that his mom hangs up on him. Then the camera pulls back to show that Rall was getting a blow job while on the phone with his mother, but didn't show any signs of it. Any point along the lines of 'I was an immature person, but I've grown', or whatever, are lost in the whole 'Look at me, I got so many blowjobs it just became the norm. Man I sexed so many women. (No dudes though)'. I've always felt that Rall is the biggest obstacle in Rall's path.

cafel fucked around with this message at 23:34 on Dec 31, 2013

Space Bat
Apr 17, 2009

hold it now hold it now hold it right there
you wouldn't drop, couldn't drop diddy, you wouldn't dare

:allears: Liccar is my favorite cartoonist. It boggles my mind a man that incompetent can get paid for his "art".

Mister Beeg
Sep 7, 2012

Space Bat posted:

I'll never not laugh at the :shobon: Hitler in the background.

I won't lie, I'm actually pretty proud of that cartoon.

I gave the original drawing to a fellow goon as a Christmas gift.

Jan 14, 2010

Mister Beeg posted:

I won't lie, I'm actually pretty proud of that cartoon.

I gave the original drawing to a fellow goon as a Christmas gift.

Hitler happily chatting away on his cell phone makes me laugh the hardest.

:hitler: :phone: "Oh, ya, I vas just about to go get a mani/pedi!"

It's the :shobon: expression, it's too adorable.

Feb 13, 2012

Bringing you Barry from the sordid depths of the Internet

I'm also super pumped that the black gay santa is in the op. I think that was definitely the best reaction to that whole talking point.

JT Jag
Aug 30, 2009

#1 Jaguars Sunk Cost Fallacy-Haver

Ground floor on this poo poo.

Yeah :shobon: Hitler in that edit is pretty adorable.

Jul 23, 2007

WampaLord posted:

Found a tidbit when I was going through the OP:

Can I get the story on this? Xylo touched the poop to ask Streeter to write more clearly and he said "Nope!"? That's hysterical.

Yeah basically. He said "thanks for the feedback" and kept writing with a pen clenched in his anus.

I'm phone posting so I'll just say Good Job, Rorus Raz!

change my name
Aug 27, 2007

Legends die but anime is forever.

RIP The Lost Otakus.

Reposting whatever the hell this was for:


axolotl farmer
May 17, 2007

Now I'm going to sing the Perry Mason theme

Skeesix posted:

Probably should also be linked in the description of Ted Rall's cartooning style: "Obama? Don't you mean the new hitler?"


This cartoon is by forums poster Neeksy.

Here are some other cartoons that more or less became catchphrases in old threads:

100 million dead
by Lang

That is treason Johnny!
by Richard Newton, 1798

Dying for Bush's oil profits
by Latuff

Hi and Lois hates the library
by Brian and Greg Walker and Chance Browne

Whiskey sours
by Kelly

A second judge has hit the towers
by Glenn McCoy

No survivors
by Glenn McCoy

Pee pee doo doo
by Married to the Sea

Karl Marx Father of Socialism
by Gary McCoy

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