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Nov 18, 2008

Just want to thank Libertad! for Spears of the Dawn- it looks really nice, and I'll get a copy as soon as I can! :)


Nov 18, 2008

Or Dark Heresy. Seriously, pkfan said it best:

pkfan2004 posted:

Is it perfect? Hell no. It's got a formulaic set-up and it can go off the rails pretty fast if the guy running it has no ideas (and that happened a lot). Can it end up creepy? Sure. Can it end up way too wacky? Sure. Is the book super clunky? Oh yeah, yeah it is. But I like the system, on a mechanical "run with it, run with it!" level. I like the randomized characters and I like having to run with what you rolled, and it's not perfect by any means at all. And I've stolen the mechanics (sans Affection and doing stuff for the master) because it's a fast simple system even if it gets bogged down by all the optional stuff you can roll. And I like "if you can explain why you should use this stat for this problem, go for it".

It just depends on your tolerance for :japan: stuff, and I personally rank it as one of my favourite systems. Hell, it's the only system where I managed to GM a campaign to its conclusion, and if I have time (and if you guys want to hear about it), I might go into more detail about it.

Nov 18, 2008

The Deleter posted:

like if you think the system is good mechanically then sure, it's possible, but I hope whoever said they have a soft spot for a creepy anime maid RPG realises what they just typed.

Like I said, it depends on how much :japan: you're willing to endure, and honestly, if you excise the romance chapters, it's no different than a regular anime-themed campaign. That's what I think, and I'm sticking with it :colbert:

Ratpick posted:

Speaking of Maid, since I have some free time on my hands in the coming weeks due to the holidays, I'll be getting started on my writeup of Golden Sky Stories, also by Ryo Kamiya, pretty soon.

Awesome :neckbeard: GSS is definitely one RPG that deserves its day in the sun,

Nov 18, 2008

So, uh, moving away from bad furry RPGs and onto good ones, where do I get the Albedo stuff, preferably a digital version? I can't seem to find it for purchase, but that may just be because I am not Googling things right.

Nov 18, 2008

Night10194 posted:

I'm...actually not sure. I bought the game ages ago in physical format, as did the friend who suggested trying it. It might be out of print, for all I know. I hadn't thought of that. Checking, it's available from Amazon for like 17 bucks, and that's all I can find.

Like, I bought my copy 9 years ago. Also, would people like me to do Ironclaw 1e next or Albedo: Structural Integrity? I'll probably end up doing both just because I like the company's design philosophy and I had a really goddamn great time running a campaign about a normal company of mercs with normal concerns like wanting to retire to own an inn or get enough spare pay together to get hammered when I ran it.

Structural Integrity, I'd think. And can you tell us more about that campaign? It sounds absolutely :allears:

Nov 18, 2008

So I've decided to look more into Sanguine's other products, and it seems the new Ironclaw isn't half bad at all! Hell, as it turns out I actually have a copy of the main manual and completely forgot about it :shobon: After a reread, I have to say it's really good stuff, so maybe I'll do something about it during the week.

Nov 18, 2008

Character Creation: Species

Experience the furry Renaissance in IRONCLAW: SQUARING THE CIRCLE

A fantasy game by Sanguine Productions, Ironclaw's first edition came out in 1999. A while later in 2010, it came out with its second edition, called Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle. Later on, it came out with an expansion to its magic system called Ironclaw: Book of Mysteries. After a further Kickstarter, a China-themed supplement called the Book of Jade was released, itself a counterpart to a similar 1e supplement. This first part will be a bit short, as it covers the first part of character creation (the crunchy stats), and leaves out the second Specis bit because that section is huge and deserves a writeup of its own.

Anyway, the game itself is like Sanguine's other game Albedo- while it does have anthropomorphic animals, these are less for fetishistic purposes, and more for both thematics and mechanics. Different races get different bonuses to their stats and skills (more on that later). From what Night10194 presented, Albedo seems to be mechanically sound, and so is Ironclaw. That said, while Albedo places more emphasis on combat and its realistic consequences, Ironclaw is a little more heroic. That being said, combat is quick and brutal in Ironclaw, and you will need to be properly tough and armoured to save your tail.

Of course, you would never notice it from the initial art:

Sorry about the watermarked pictures, by the way. For some reason, my pdf to jpg converter is moving like molasses, and c/p'ing from the pdf itself looked messy. Me am ungood Photoshopper.

This is not to say the book's art is terrible, not by any means, but the book certainly does not give a good first impression. Don't get me wrong, it's good cartoon art- but as I said above, Ironclaw's less Disney toon and more period drama. The species pictures get the book's atmosphere across a lot better, so in the meantime you'll have to bear with the art a little longer.

Anyway, past the usual "What's a Role-Playing Game?" section, the game goes straight into the basics of character creation, which I appreciate. While I'd definitely place Ironclaw's fluff as the highlight of the game, it's nice to see what you're getting into right off the bat.

First, you have your stats:
Body: Your general health, strength and stamina.
Speed: How fast you move and general agility.
Mind: Your general intelligence and mental ability.
Will: Your determination and resistance to mental effects.
Species: How close you are to your animal nature.
Career: How good you are at your career.

You have a single d4, three d6s and two d8s to distribute among these stats. Honestly, I like the RP potential in making your Career a separate choice, though since your Career is something you'd probably spend a lot of time doing, you'll want a d8 in it as the book suggests, unless you have some specific build in mind.

But even so, there is plenty of versatility in how you can build a single concept. If I may use the book's own example, take a Cat mercenary:

This crazy dude obviously has his d8s in Body and Species! This guy's an obvious powerhouse, and with his Cat species score so high, he's going to be amazing at climbing, jumping and stealth. His Career skills might suffer, depending on where the d4 is, but if you want a stealthy, durable assassin, he's your man.

This hard-looking bastard's pumped up his Career and Mind, obviously. His player's obviously got some 'grizzled tactician' in mind. Careers often come with their own set of associated skills, so he's not missing any advantage the feral guy above has, but he will have a different playstyle, focused more on conventional merc stuff, though he will always have his Species die if needed.

Anyway, after assigning your stats, you pick a Career (detailed later) as well as a one or two-word Personality. IIRC, you can get bonuses for playing to your personality type, which can include positive virtues and negative traits.

Next, you get 13 Skill Marks to be spent among 26 Skills (max 3 at character creation). Improving a skill does not add more dice, but improves the die. 1 Mark gives you a 1d4, 2 Marks gives you 1d6 etc, all the way to 1d12 at 5 Marks. Only after that do you get more dice (Rank 6 gets you 1d12+1d4, Rank 7 1d12+1d6 etc).

After that, you pick 3 Gifts that will help shape your character, but some have requirements (e.g. To take the White Magic Gift, you need the 'Literacy' Gift and 'Cleric's Trappings' Equipment). Some Gifts also have advantages and disadvantages- Overconfident, for example, lets you take an extra d12 on a roll if you also let your opponent roll an extra d12. That said, the game does provide some genuinely handy tips for Gifts, if you feel overwhelmed, such as Increased Trait (boosts up one of your Trait Dice one step) and Literacy (Reading's important, kids!). Gifts giving a Skill Mark are the only way to go past 3 in a Skill at character creation.

Finally, you pick a name. For verisimilitude, I'd suggest reading the fluff section at the back first, then come back with a name and character concept. This is followed by a personal motto, which also provides RP chances. Since Ironclaw doesn't give you XP based on the critters you kill, following your motto and personality (basically, playing your character as something other than a murderhobo) is very important.

Next time, my second most-favourite part of the game, Species! This might take a while, though- there are a lot of species and and don't think I'll have a lot of time this week. But have some of my favourite pics to whet your appetite. The Wolf might be a little :nws: thanks to a glimpse of sideboob, but that's what you get when the picture is of Celtic-themed WOAD-WEARING BERSERKERS :black101:

Look at them, they're so happy! :3:

Now THIS is Chivalry :v: The word 'chivalry' comes from the French word for horse, 'cheval'.

Awww yeah, some unsuspecting continent is going to have the poo poo explored out of it by this dapper Don.

Woad. Wearing. Barbarians. Fuuuck yesss.

P/S: I will not apologise for any animal-themed puns I may or may not have intentionally made/will make.

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Nov 18, 2008

Night10194 posted:

I mentioned earlier, but bears are really big in Albedo. The average soldier is 7-8 Body. Bears are a base of 12 and with the right Gifts, can start with something like 16. A Bear with sufficient body and the right Gifts can require something like a 17+ to even wound with a standard LAKW assault rifle if he's wearing armor. So Bears are huge. A unit of heavy infantry Bears decided, at one point, to start modifying anti-tank rifles to use as semi-automatic battle rifles. They were originally not allowed to do this, until they reminded the supply officers that bears are huge, and were allowed to do as they wished. This lead to an official modification for particularly large species like Bears and Rhinos, used for shooting through cover and destroying light vehicles at close range. Also note, a properly specced Bear can deal 3 Awe Damage with a single melee attack and potentially rip a rabbit in half with his bear-hands.

I'm trying to get at the fact that Bears are basically supersoldiers.

So bears are Albedo Space Marines? Good to know :unsmigghh:

Robindaybird posted:

Which is wasted when they got the Lackadaisy Artist, who is probably one of the most talented artists around who does funny animal stuff.

Honestly, they should've got her back for the new edition- it actually shows some production values, and some obvious care went into it. The section on the No-French horse kingdom, for example, has woodcut-styled art.

Kurieg posted:

There's apparently just one guy who loving loves Slayfurs, and that legacy somehow made it into the "actually start paying for art" edition.

I actually think Lina Infurse is kind of the game's in-joke, these days. If they release a third edition, she'll still be in it, I'm willing to bet.

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Nov 18, 2008

Alien Rope Burn posted:

What I don't get is that so many furry RPGs are so... drat... serious. I mean, Furry Pirates, Ironclaw, Albedo, and Hc Svnt Dracones are certainly of wildly varying quality, but there's not much room to play Disney's Robin Hood or anything that's even slightly "funny animal". I have to wonder if this is just a general tendency of nerd-dom to try and drag anything they loved from their youth into "maturity" or something specific to furs I'm just not aware of. :raise:

Maybe it's because stuff like Toon already exists? I don't know, I'm just happy Ironclaw has turned out well. Seriously, outside the furry trappings, it's a good fantasy-Renaissance game.

Nov 18, 2008

PantsOptional posted:

poo poo, and here I thought the guy who brought a replica gun to ours was bad. This one takes the cake.

How DID WoD get so many crazies? I don't recall anything like those stories coming from DnD, or even Exalted.

Nov 18, 2008

Character Creation: Species

Ha-hey, guess what, folks! That's right, it's time for more

Character Creation Part 2: Species

In Ironclaw, your species plays quite an important role in how you should play your character. Even details like whether they're diurnal/nocturnal, or their diet can have an impact in how you play; after all, being stuck in a cabbage field isn't going to help a hungry lion.Certain abilities also only recharge once your character has gone through their natural cycle (so nocturnal PCs recharge their powers at night, diurnal ones in the day etc.) Each species has the following stats:

Species: The name of your base species; in some cases, you can play variants.
Description: A short description of that species' stereotypes.
Diet: What they eat.
Gifts: Apart from your three starting Gifts, you get an additional 3 Gifts from your Species.
Habitat: In certain cases, you can roll your Species die as a bonus die when you're in your preferred Habitat.
Include [Species] Dice: Three Skills where you can add your Species die to a roll.
Senses: When trying to Observe something with these senses, you can roll your Species die.
Weapons: Your natural weapons.

One thing you might notice reading the descriptions is that how the races are portrayed often don't have any relation to what their Skills and Gifts are. On one hand, this can be annoying, and immersion-breaking at first; why say shrews are easily-influenced mobs when they have a Will bonus, after all?

But then again, wouldn't it actually be more realistic this way? Sure, they're actual different species, unlike humans, but the game takes place in an age where what you are isn't as important as what you do. Besides, it would be boring if every bat was a scary-rear end motherfucker, and mice were all shrinking cowards. It also helps cut down on special snowflakes- a truly noble-hearted weasel would be unusual, yes, but not Drizzt-level.

Anyway, enough of that- time to find your spirit animals! This art, by the way, is what sold me on the game.

It's amazing how studying some beans could herald greater changes than sticking swords in kings. I actually like this one- sure there are plenty of asskicking pictures to come, but Ironclaw chose to open with aardvark Gregor Mendel.

Of course, you can say that they wanted to stay true to the aardvark's fluff, but considering that there are races with the 'Coward' Gift shown doing badass things, I can't help but feel this was intentional.

Find a job you like, and you'll never work a day in your life. And these two aren't working.

Seriously, look at them! So happy! :3:

She will break you.

That poor tiger doesn't know what's going to happen to him- nor will he remember. Boars also make up the majority of House Doloreaux, one of the setting's major noble families/nations.

I sense a hilarious romatic comedy-adventure incoming!

"Hard work is its own reward," they say. Wonder if they believe it.

It's hard to do Chaotic Neutral without being Chaotic Randumb, but artwise at least, I think this carries it off well.

You'd think that animals with keen eyes would be able to see through this trick better, but nooo.

See? This is what I meant by stats not matching up with the pictures. Deer have 'Coward' as a gift, yet this dude will hold that wall 'til Doomsday.

Joking aside, Coward can actually be a very good trait, even for a fighter. I'll get to that when the relevant section comes up.

Aw, don't bully the poor little Dhole. Ah well, at least it isn't as bad as the donkey's.

Where some poor man is taken by a bitch and a sonovabitch :v:

Man, that poor donkey. Every other race is at least doing something in their art, sometimes even something badass cool. This dude gets the gallows :smith: Ironically, their stat spread makes for some excellent warriors.

Grey foxes are the majority members of House Rinaldi, a once-major noble family that has since fallen into ruin.

Well, someone's having a grand old time. These guys are usually minor Rinaldi nobles.

No more fucks left to give. Goats form the Chevernaise, barbarian tribes who are constantly warrign with the Doloreaux.

And here we see one of the few depictions of interspecies attraction; Ironclaw doesn't go into detail about that sort of thing, thank God, but it's nice to see that species ain't a barrier. Should've been in this case though :smith:

gently caress yeah, Horses! I firmly believe the reason horses were made the main faction of House Avoirdupois was because of the 'Chivalry' pun, and I will not have anything said against ot :colbert:

Seems innocent enough- until you realize that the slogan behind him means "Let them hate, so long as they fear." :stare:

Yeah, this picture's pretty much the perfect one for the lions. Lionesses also seem to be quite empowered ladies- just like real life!

Most notable thing about this entry is the mention of Atavists; this refers to a mechanic which I'll get to later.

With their prehensile limbs and tail, Monkeys can be surprisingly versatile. Also, are monkeys full-blown herbivores? I thought primates in general were omnivorous.

Look at that mouse crusader on the right. Some poor dude's going to get smote before the day's done, I think.

Depending on your game, I can see the Otter as being very useful, or somewhat gimped. True, there isn't a lot of min-maxing when it comes to species, but the Otter's Gifts are somewhat situational.

Yeah, look at this smug bastard. The world's his to conquer, it just doesn't know it yet. The globe also seems to show a continent very much like the Americas...

I need to know- how do they get armour on?

Some editing problems with the text here, unfortunately. But who cares when we got a badass bunny over here?

Because if you look the part, might as well play it, right?

Go on, look me in the eye and tell me this isn't awesome, go on. Yeah, I know it's awesome.

Ravens are seen as creepy, and they like, or at least don't mind that. To be honest, it's kind of sad if you ask me.

Aw, come on guys, let the poor rhino enjoy his drink!

Ironically, their Increased Will trait means that shrews should actually be less likely to turn rioters. Also, shrews have poisonous bites? :psyduck: Learn something new every day, I suppose.

Man, I wonder how those pies smell like. Must be good, if the kids in the back are any indication.

Some birds build nests. Other birds have vision.

Man, better hope you've got a good reason for being there. Dude looks arcane- no, eldritch, belike!

drat, that's one ice-cold cat. Dude's raising his hat, and she's just all "Talk to the stripes, peasant."

Aw, come on marm, the bear's not the only one at fault!

Oh my, I do believe I have the vapours! *flutters scarf*

I don't know why I bothered with the other races (except maybe the horses), because odds are you're all set on playing these :black101:-as hell guys. Those woad-painted wolves are part of the barbarian Phelan tribes- but wolves also form the majority of House Bisclavaret, the most technologically advanced faction in Calabria. Those guys are also famous for their kilts, and between being woad-clad Celts as well as musket-toting Scotsmen, it is obvious that wolves are objectively Ironclaw's best species, no arguments :colbert:

Thoughts on Species:
This is definitely my favourite section of the book, thanks to the very evocative art. Not only do they give a good impression of the time period, but they also let you see that a PC can be more than just their species. Cowards like deer and mice can actually be mighty warriors (and the mechanics do support this), while big muscly dudes like cattle and donkeys don't have to be beefy warriors. I can just imagine that in a lesser game, wolves and foxes would of course be the warrior types, while rats and mice would be thieves etc. Ironclaw though? Nope! Again, what you do is far more important than what you are, though the latter does help.

Another thing I like? All the animals look quite realistic, even if sometimes their head hair might seem a little humanesque. There aren't any sparkledogs, no rainbow-coloured foxes, no winged wolves and poo poo. These animal dudes actually do look like animal dudes, and it's sad that HSD has to resort to that kind of Mary Sue bullshit when Ironclaw shows that no, you don't need to have six wings and twelve dongs on your centaur-dragon hybrid to be badass. I mean, just look at that weasel! He's fabulous, he's cool, he's obviously doing something awesome, and he doesn't need to look like furry Sephiroth to do it.

So yeah, that's the species art of Ironclaw. Next up, classes and skills. I think I might want to skip over to the fluff sections after that before getting into magic and stuff, though. First, because the fluff is really good, and also because some sections do either introduce or reference stuff that is related to the fluff. No use talking about the light spells of S'Allumer if you don't know what that is.

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Nov 18, 2008

One thing I forgot to write, was that wolves come from two major factions- both the noble House Bisclavaret as well as the savage Phelan tribes, which is where those awesome barbarian dudes come from.

Nov 18, 2008

Dulkor posted:

I think I might actually have a copy of Jadeclaw (Ironclaw's not-China themed cousin) sitting in storage somewhere. I don't have nearly enough time to do a write up myself, but if anyone's interested I may be able to ship it.

I'd need to confirm I still have it and it hasn't gotten damaged by the passage of time or anything first, though.

I actually have it, and once I'm done with Ironclaw proper I plan to do Jadeclaw, no worries.

Cooked Auto posted:

Bisclavaret legend

This is really nice! Being a cultural wasteland, the only place I knew Bisclavaret was from Exalted :suicide:

ThisIsNoZaku posted:

Ironclaw is really bizzare. Those pictures have furry characters in them, but they don't make me want to roll my eyes, or feel uncomfortable at all.

Siivola posted:

I never realized how much I missed funny animals doing cool things.

There's your answer, Zaku. The reason that furries have such a toxic reputation is that more often than not, they present anthros as simply sexual fantasies and/or garish Mary Sue fantasies. Iornclaw on the other hand, harkens back to stuff like Disney's Robin Hood; change the characters to humans, and it wouldn't change the story at all. In fact, it goes one better- by making each species distinct, yet with fluff that doesn't necessarily match those stats, Ironclaw ensures that being an anthropomorphic animal means something but doesn't actually restrict you.

Nov 18, 2008

PurpleXVI posted:

I'm noting that all the animals in Ironclaw seem to be birds and mammals. What about aquatic animals, insects, reptiles, etc.? Are those added in another supplement, reserved for villains, etc.? Or are they just not in the game as anything except normal animals.

One of the neat things about Ironclaw is that with a few exceptions, reptiles and insects take the place of 'regular' animals, so Avoirdupois knights ride on bipedal lizards, pseudo-dinosaurs are yoked to till the soil etc.

PurpleXVI posted:

I think it's just that it's obvious that whoever was drawing this wasn't jerking off to it, they just thought that a badass rhino warrior would be a cool thing. The setting also doesn't look to take itself too seriously so far, like, serious things happen, but there's still room for humor and the fact that we've gotten to character creation without any ranty screeds from the creators about the superiority of furries or libertarianism means that, gasp, maybe someone just made a fun game to do fun things in.

You should see the fluff section. That whole thing puts poo poo like HSD to shame, I tell you. Hell, it puts the fluff sections of most other RPGs to shame too.

Prison Warden posted:

In this situation I like to imagine that all the shark and stingray people and whatever are busy chilling in furry not-atlantis, so hopefully that's it.

If they did, the otters would've found out about it :tinfoil:

Nov 18, 2008

PurpleXVI posted:

Yeah, note that even with maxed(at chargen, at least) Mindbeauty and Bodybeauty, when getting one of these implants, you still have a 1 in 10 chance of it having a minimum Cuil of 4 and hence being suicide to ever use, and even if you got one of the implants where the tier 4 isn't guaranteed or highly likely suicide(I think there's maybe one of those), then you have a 25% chance of getting one of the others instead, no matter what your stats are, just because gently caress you!

To be fair, I can see why they'd want to make magic dangerous, and I can even say that the concept could be fun (see Dark heresy). But even in DH, set in the grimmest darkness that ever grimm'd darkly never went so far as to randomly change your powers (except for one specific prestige class, and that's obviously optional). And while I think harping on about Cuil levels at chargen is a bit silly, since you need to be in a corporation's pants before you can even think of space magic, the fact that you'd have to min-max ridiculously in order to remain playable is just being an rear end in a top hat. Not to mention the fact that you'd simply be outclassed by everyone else even if (or especially since) your powers work within safe levels. If magic is dangerous, make it awesome! DH (sorry, I'm a 40kid) made it so that being a psyker was a high risk, high reward deal- sure I could get eaten by daemons, but if I push my bio-lighting I can destroy an army!

Nov 18, 2008

Been reading the Genius bits, even downloaded the pdf, and while I have to agree with the posters who say it doesn't fit the nWoD, I have to say that it sounds absolutely smashing as a pulpy game with more modern bits added. Just one question- could websites be Wonders?

Nov 18, 2008

Cythereal posted:

I'd say if it's somehow intelligent it could be an Automata wonder, or a website could be a piece of mundane technology grafted onto a software wonder - and software wonders mostly mean AIs unless you're using The Grid.

I was thinking of something along the lines of the hypnosis Axiom, maybe combined with the Axiom that allows good fortune. It's like this: Visit for the secrets to good fortune, which actually happens. People go 'hey, this actually works' and come back, not knowing that each time they do they become subtly more and more into this cult the baddie/PC is setting up.

It even comes with its own antagonist/protagonist setup- someone could become Inspired after they're triggered by the site, or Geniuses find out about the sudden outbreak of Beholden (the site IS a Wonder, after all).

Nov 18, 2008

Also, if a Lemurian uses proper school-Latin, run. They're either really old or really obsessive, and that's not someone you want to spend a lot of time around (especially since they warp reality to match their twisted views).

Nov 18, 2008

Cythereal posted:

Genius: The Transgression, Bardos and Manes

You know, all this has made me want to run a massive nWoD crossover game, where the God-Machine is the BBEG, and a Lemurian invention. In order to fully realize their existence in our, well, reality, they created said God-Machine to stabilize ancient Earth. The GM did this by smushing together various alternate realities (so every creation myth, from Father Wolf and Friends to Atlantis and Irem are all true, just from different realities mashed into the WoD). It'd ironically be why Seers and Lemurians can't see each other; they're so attuned to their 'proper' realities they literally have to make an effort to see into other dimensions to perceive their rivals. It would also handily explain why bardos can survive on their own without fudging the numbers of geniuses around; they would only need Mania to interact with our reality- otherwise, they're fine on their own. The Hollow Earth would be another piece of Infrastructure- one designed to sustain bardos.

Just wish I had time to do all this poo poo though :negative:

Nov 18, 2008

Tasoth posted:

Playing the first generation of magical girls having grown into adults and still fighting for hope and love on the streets against people who have bent the big bads to their pursuits would be an interesting concept. Princess Streetfight wouldn't even have to be grimdark, just bare knuckle brawls in back alleys to protect your city and neighborhood.

DO loving WANT

One splat I was sad to never have seen realized was a potential nWoD Paladin fanmade supplement, inspired by this wall of text and this /tg/ thread. See, I kind of disagree with the thought that the World of Darkness has to remain that way, simply because it suffers from the Cthulutech problem- you have all these awesome powers where, even if the big players have them too, you can also create your own paradigm within the setting. Vampires can be like Angel instead of Dracula, Changelings less Joker and more Reynald the Fox etc. It's not like, say, 40K, where even the most badass Inquisitor can easily answer to his fellows, and the Chaos Gods watch over their followers jealously.Indeed, I'd say that WoD's baddies are more constrained than the heroes; Seers of the Throne are locked up in the Supernal, and they're constantly backstabbing their own underlings to remain in power, old vampires have torpor- only the True Fae have the potential to become a real threat, insofar as I've seen.

So basically, a game like the aforementioned Paladin could be the ultimate answer to that, even more than Princess and Genius. Hell, you can even argue it's a better fit for the 'Darkness' part in 'World of Darkness', since the potential ideas all bandied about in the thread and pic seem to indicate that the moment you hear the Music, you're doomed to martyrdom- and you're perfectly okay with that.

Nov 18, 2008

Yeah but I want Exalted + Scion in my WoD :v:

Also in other news, it turns out the Ironclaw review that I for one was waiting for... was written my me, and muggins here just plain forgot about it :downs: I'll try to get the Skills chapter done once I get home from work.

Nov 18, 2008

Nessus posted:

And you know, it probably would be better.

At first.

I know, right? It's like that section in Mirrors where the supernaturals take over the world- what then? Will the wolves make everyone live in reservations? We'd have parents beating kids for not Awakening, or people having crazy Awakenings and going full Osama bin Laden. And don't get me started on how a world ruled by the Lucifuge or Malleus Maleficarum would look like. One ruled by Geniuses (or worse, Lemurians) would be even more terrifying.

The thing is, the Solars would seem like the perfect solution. Even if you didn't think so, they'd make you- and this time, there are no Siderals to say 'hang on a minute...'

Nov 18, 2008

Fsmhunk posted:

Where the hell did the 'orcs do lots of rape' thing come from anyway?

gradenko_2000 posted:

When your trope is that Orcs are always evil and never get along with humans, there's only so many ways you can justify the existence of half-Orcs.

Isn't this explicitly spelled out in some D&D sourcebook? I could swear I read that, but that may just be my memory being crappy (I haven't played D&D in almost 20 years).

Nov 18, 2008

Kavak posted:

There are like five different categories of beings running around in the new World of Darkness called Demons. This is why I don't think incorporating every single line into a single game world is a good idea.

It does make me want to think of how an Unmasqued World game would turn out though. Hell, let's add Geniuses, Leviathans and Princesses into the mix too. You wouldn't be able to walk down a street without running into a supernatural,, or maybe all the secretive members of a whole apartment block find out the only 'normal' humans is the Union hunter, who's also their landlord :v:

Dammit, now I want a World of Comedy game.

Nov 18, 2008

Count Chocula posted:

THAT's where they draw the line? Rape and murder and cannibalism are common, but letting some little spirit posses you so you can trip out is too far? In a 'neutral' version of Ashwood Abbey voluntary possession would be common, and some people would try and see what different spirits feel like when they're being ridden. You could even have snobs, like wine snobs but for spiritual highs.

Maybe it's an issue of control? If you're a rich psycho used to getting their own way, voluntarily giving up control to someone else might be anathema.

Nov 18, 2008

point of return posted:

Isn't that what being a porn star is like, though?

Depends really; from what the Ask a Pornographer thread in A/T says, some are like that- it's a joyless job, but for others, it's the greatest job ever. Depends on your mindset, I suppose.

Nov 18, 2008

Mors Rattus posted:

I picked up a pair of interesting games at Origins. Are folks more interested in learning about Through the Breach, the Malifaux RPG of steampunk card games, or Hellas, a game that seems to use a Talislanta-based system to do ancient Greek myth in space.

I've got a weakness for steampunk, so I'll vote for that.

Nov 18, 2008

Mors Rattus posted:

Through the Breach: The Fated Almanac

:stare: Holy crap, I need this game yesterday.

Nov 18, 2008

Man, Through the Breach is sounding cooler and cooler the more I read about it :allears: How's the parent game like? I used to play 40K, but the massively high prices and rules revisions (combined with the fact that I'm a rubbish painter) got me out of the hobby. I like playing with plastic mans though, and from what I hear the minis scene is kind of cooling down near me, so I'm thinking of literally bringing something new to the table.

EDIT: Hit 'Submit' a little too early.

Nov 18, 2008

Getting back to the Dark Eye, I think the Blackguards games are set in the world. The first game was a little meh, the second is very good, at least from where I'm standing.


Nov 18, 2008

ZorajitZorajit posted:

I remember playing Blackguards a couple years back. I wanna say that was based on this system. I really wanted to like the game, because some of my tertiary knowledge of TDE made it pretty appeal.

Get Cheat Engine, it makes the game much more tolerable when you and your friends are walking gods.

langurmonkey posted:

Blackguards 2 was much better though

:agreed: It helps that the MC of Blackguards 2 is loving cool as hell. Wish they'd got new characters instead of the old gang, though.

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