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James Totes
Feb 17, 2011


Beating that campaign unlocks tinkers into the main game, and from that point the world kinda snaps since Tinkers are the most abusable thing under the sun. Especially their classes.

Speaking of...

To continue my previous posts, I reached the height of High Peak 11 on Madness and, after a month of battling, I've come to the unfortunae conclusion that I cannot win this battle.

Not only can I not win, I cannot even scratch them.

As a Psyshot, damage revolves around high fire damage and, as the game goes on, Inner Demons.

Argoniel and Elandar have too high of a mental save to ever fall for Inner Demons, or have such a low chance that I've never landed it with my 85 Mental Power. Without Inner Demons, fights are difficult but not impossible. I beat Gorbat without it, and with my survivability (70~ resists, 50~ resist all, 100~ armor and hardiness and flat 50 damage reduction) I could have whittled.

Bu Elandar hits so hard, and so fast. Argoniel isn't even a factor in this fight, though his statline is ferocious:

No, it's Elandar carrying it all.

Not only is he essentially impervious to damage without 50+ penetration in the element, which is whatever, he hits so hard and so fast.

Let's run some math.

A single action takes 100% time. To act 2 times a turn, you need 200% Global Speed (actions take 1/2 as much time).

He has 400%~. He gets 4 actions per turn.

Rounding still, he casts at 150% speed. Which means, he can get three spells off for every two turns.

How many spells can he cast per turn then?

Six. Six spells to my one action.

And he can cast a lot of spells.

With the 'Hunter!' debuff, he always knows where I am. There is no escaping him, he'll be on me in moments. I tried making a small buffer of dragons, but he shoots through them without any regard. It's death for taking even a single step, even as I desperately rewind the time of the game save to before it happens.

It cannot be done. I went through this game invulnerable to 80% of the enemies I fought, and never have I been so humbled by anything else in this game beyond the explicit end bosses.

I can only vaguely understand how an Archmage can fight. 100% Fire Pen? Unleash wildfire hell, spam Stone Prison? Tick them down to AoE slowly between Teleport casts?

This fight has genuinely opened my eyes to why some classes just aren't Madness Viable.

You cannot beat them unless you have very specific cheesing. Even if I had higher and higher resists (which, for the record, is INCREDIBLY difficult to do) I don't know if it would have even mattered with the raw firepower he can launch.

And this is all without even factoring in Argoniel!

Goodbye, Psyshot. You had a few bad skill decisions, mostly in the Generic trees, but you did well.

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violent sex idiot
Mar 24, 2007

O Muhammad, I seek your intercession with my Lord for the return of my eyesight


i feel like forced gestalt could have helped with that. giving yourself more mind power would have made it maybe possible to hit inner demons

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