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Jun 7, 2013

Blue Star posted:

It's just "PC Brigade" but with a different name. People don't like being called out on their racism, sexism, etc., so they resort to calling people "Social Justice Warriors" whenever people confront them.

There are definitely ridiculous people on tumblr, but to be honest many of the more outrageous examples of SJWs are probably trolls. Either way, the backlash against them has resulted in a lot of stupid people thinking that bigotry is okay after all, and that the proper response to anyone who says to them "Whoa, that's kinda racist/sexist/homophobic/transphoboic/etc." is to go "LOL tumblr otherkin transfat"

khwarezm posted:

Its because whinging about Political Correctness gone mad makes you sound like you sound like a fifty something daily mail reader in this day and age so you say 'SJW/tumblr whiners' instead.

People who think this have honestly no loving clue what they are talking about.


I mean, isn't being a crusader for social justice a good thing?

99.99% of the time this "crusade" is solely limited to making posts on the internet about how "problematic" a word is.

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Jun 7, 2013

LividLiquid posted:

I understand the desire to laugh it all off and make one dickhead the representation of the other side's argument, but you're even thinking of SJW's as a "they," and everybody else as a "we." People who fight systemic inequality and bigotry shouldn't be given dismissive labels.

I mean, it's tempting to rage back when all I feel is blowback when I bring things like this up, and I'm repeatedly stereotyped as an angry killjoy because I think inequality is pretty hosed up. When you can say things so dismissive of me, it's tiring to always have to keep the level head, because if I get angry about it, I'm just another uppity fag.

Haha yes, they are totally "fighting systemic inequality" by posting angry words on the internet. Social crusaders they are

Luckily most will grow out of it in a couple years when they actually get a job and don't have the time or energy to be outraged about stuff 24/7.

Jun 7, 2013

PT6A posted:

It does make one wonder why they care more about Hispanic origin than, say, French, German, Portuguese or Dutch origin.

Because there are a significant number of people who identify this way vs. those other groups. That makes it interesting and worth tracking. Also you are incorrect to think that they don't look at different origins. However, those other groups % of the total population is too small to care about in most instances. There's really no point in caring about the "german vote" for an election but there is a big reason to care about the "hispanic vote".

Jun 7, 2013

Dusseldorf posted:

I've always assumed the people who get huffy about SJWs are the people who are grumpy they can't use "fag" ironically without someone thinking less of them and everyone else can filter them out.

Nah, sjw tend to be incredibly dumb and wrong about a lot things- luckily most grow up and get a real job instead of having time to 24-7 on the internet.

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