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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

It is the year 781 of the 31st Millenium, 775 years since the Drop Site Massacre at Istvaan V that brought the Horus Heresy into full swing, a conflict that lasted 7 years and left the Imperium shattered. 760 years since the end of Great Scouring after Horus's defeat that seen the Traitor Legions driven into the Eye of Terror. Once inside, the various Legions splintered apart due to various causes. The Emperor's Children and the World Eaters because of the Slave Wars and Skalathrax, The Alpha Legion so it could better carry out its work of insurrection and deception, the Night Lords so they could better bring the terrors of the night to the people of the Imperium before being driven back into the Eye themselves. The Iron Warriors into "Great Companies" lead by their captains, their Warsmiths each having their own ambition, whilst the Thousand Sons turned to dust, the surviving Sorcerors going forth on their own to seek knowledge and power by their own means. The Death Guard, so they could better spread the loving embrace of Nurgle's plagues and death whilst the Word Bearers, though an exception as they remained mostly a unified legion, still had to split apart to spread the gospel of Chaos. Even the Sons of Horus, lost without the warmaster devolved into infighting. All of these warriors, split into warbands that fight for their own purposes and their own reasons, even amongst themselves. Until now.

Ezekyle Abaddon, the greatest captain of the Sons of Horus, united the Legion by force. Eliminating the unworthy whose weakness caused the Sons to stagnate and fall upon eachother, he united his brethren. Solidifying his power by attacking the Emperor's Children who stole the body of Horus and destroying it and all its clones. With all traces of weakness destroyed, even their former Primarch, Abbadon ordered his warriors to paint their armor Black for their shame and in memory of their lost father. The Sons of Horus, united now under Abbadon as the Black Legion, with a host of warbands that joined his banner from all of the Traitor Legions and his daemonic allies, burst forward from the Eye of Terror and took the Imperium by surprise. Worlds fell quickly to the forces of Chaos, cities and towns burned, populations sacrificed to the Gods, the usual course of things. Only one world resists this new advance. Cadia.

You are members of Squad Bonecrusher, a composite squad of Chosen Chaos Space Marines renegades/Black Legionnaires and Humans who have proven their right to exist side by side with the members of the Black Legion and its allies. You've just come out of warp and dodged getting felt up by a Daemonette, farted on by a Nurgling, or being gutted by a Bloodletter or World Eater Berzerker as you make your way to the armory to grab your wargear and rush aboard the Stormbirds and Drop Pods. Your mission: drop behind lines and guide your brethren in to the weakest points of the Imperial Guards line, cut the throats of their defenders, convert the weak to your cause, and assassinate the strong before they become a factor. The invasion cannot be stopped or delayed for any reason. That is your mission and other squads missions, but the others don't concern you. You are the Chosen, you cannot fail. Failure means death and an eternity of your Soul being tortured by unfeeling and laughing Gods. Success means glory everlasting and immortality. Prepare to drop Marine.

Regular Stats: 10#2d10 drop the lowest, roll it twice using Orokos/Invisible Castle (I prefer Orokos) and pick whichever set of stats you favor. If you feel shitted on, contact me later. An example using orokos is below.
CHARACTERISTICS (CHAOS SPACE MARINE): 10#2d10+30 44 36 41 41 48 37 41 48 39 43

Infamy Stat: 60

Wounds: Max

Corruption: 30
Note: I will roll your mutations, twice for aligned, 3 times for unaligned dudes since you already get a second chance on your table by default.
If for some reason you feel like the selection even after being adjusted 6 up or down cause of base infamy isn't enough to make you happy or really fucks with the background you have written up we can work something out NBD.

Experience: 9,400 for Chaos Space Marines/10,900 for Humans (includes unspent starting exp). This might be a bit much but gently caress it live a little.
Note: Chaos Space Marine Advanced Classes cost 3,600 XP and Human Advanced Classes cost 4,600 XP, this figure includes starting exp from Core. If for some reason you cannot possibly figure out a way to spend this much experience please tell me so I can knock that number down for you and get it off your chest like breast reduction. No big deal.

MANMODE: Sort of an #acolyte tradition by now, I'm gonna keep it going here. You may dedicate yourself right at the start to one of the Chaos Gods. This has the downside of making some poo poo really expensive XP-wise right from the start because of how skills/talents work that are associated with opposing gods. This only applies to classes from the core rulebook. You will be hooked up though. You gain the mark of your chosen god for free and maybe some other poo poo I think of. I'm not sure if I'm gonna do the whole daemon weapon freebie thing like other #acolyte spawned games have in the past. Get back to me on this though.

Ancient Warrior: Start with it, 250 exp Rebate if a archetype gives it to you.

MANMODE Black Legionnaire: Trait 10 on the PA Customization applies to you automatically for obvious reasons. Roll for a second armor trait.
You may make 2 of your starting acquistions at -20.

Power Armor Customization: You may adjust the roll by 1 up or down.

Weapon Upgrades: For the expenditure of one acquisition slot, you may upgrade one weapon you start with or acquire twice. Or take an upgrade/remove a downgrade to a weapon. This should be for what you intend to be your primary weapon. If you have other weapons that need upgrades (Why the gently caress), You get them either incorporated into the total acquisition or spend an acquisition slot 1 for 1. The 2 for 1 special is for your primary weapon whatever that may be. Choose wisely.

Starting Gear Trade-ins: Case by Casis base for straight equipment swaps, alternatively trading in an item thats rare or lower will add a bonus to a starting acquisition of your choice. Rare +10/Very Rare +20/Extremely Rare +30/Near Unique +50 is the scale I'm using. Anything of a more common availability then rare, forget about it unless you own enough of the item that it would be a -10 acquisition if you were to try to acquire aka equivalent to a Rare Item's value.

Legacy Weapons: You may start with one for a compelling reason.

Notes about the Campaign
Infighting: You might have to fight your own forces if social interactions between them go awry and there is no immediate threat to deal with. Yes a Chaos Space Marine squad of 3 or so guys might take offense if you bulldoze a position in front of them and their aspiring champion is some prideful Emperor's Children type of poo poo that thinks you stole their glory/honour/kills/whatever. Do not get upset, I'm not out to gently caress you I'm just trying to throw in some drama/keep things interesting. The potential for betrayal is a fact of life in a Chaos warband, protect your neck. Pro tip: Chaos NPC dudes tend to respond well to the application of Prison Rules aka drop the gently caress out of the biggest dude/their leader and make the rest your bitch. Likewise, if you really want that suit of terminator armour and those three loudmouths in the suits been pushing their weight around a bit too much, feel free to kill them all if you think you can get away with it. But if you fail, prepare to get rekt. Thats what we got infamy points for right?

This is my first game: Any comments/concerns/advice/wisdom/etc. is appreciated and encouraged. I want this to be fun for me and you guys. Speaking of which.

This is Chaos: That means, there are no rules but what you make. The story is what you make of it, I'm just setting the scene for the story to take form and you guys take it wherever the gently caress you wanna go.

Perks: If you are not a lazy poo poo in your backstory, if its interesting and compelling, etc. Basically if you put in effort to make something interesting and cool I'll recognize it and hook you up. Ex: What Ronwayne's character is getting.

House Rules by Category
Gifts of The Gods: Mechanoid gift granted Machine (4) instead of (1) as listed.
Psy Rating: Tzeentch Aligned psykers count the advance as true (cheap as gently caress), all other (except Khorne) count as unaligned. Khorne cannot acquire (heh).
Special Ammo/Upgrades by splatbook

Current Custom Weapons in play (By Players for Players)
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Prototype Plasma Sniper Rifle Basic 150m S/-/– 2d10+12E Pen: 12 Clip: 5 Rld: 3 Full Wt. 24kg Special: Accurate, Recharge, Overheats, Special Ammo (Purified Plasma) Availability Near Unique

Current Cast posted:

Dachshundofdoom: Lysander (Nurglite Apostate)
Werix: Dulsatae (Death Guard Plague Marine)
Waci: Julian (Thousands Sons Sorcerer)
Xun: Chloe Sigismund (Tzeentchian Renegade)
MaliciousOnion: The Clawman (Idolitrex Magos of Forge Polix)
Ronwayne: Kayleen (Unaligned Transhumanist Heretek)
Lord Koth: Corypheus (Q'Sal Magister Immaterial)

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May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.

I will be in on this like some kind of a thing that gets in things would be in whatever thing they get in.

Nov 8, 2011

I say, hey, listen to me!
Stay sane inside insanity!!!

Flesh Shaper statsheet: All lore to come.
WS 36
BS 27
S 30
T 32
AG 46 +
INT 60 ++
PER 42
WP 37
FEL 66 +++

CP: 35
Wounds: 15

Charm +10
Common Lore (Melancholia, Imperial Guard, Tech)
Deceive +10
Dodge +20
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology, Mutants, The Warp)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Medicae +30
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry)
Tech Use
Trade (Chymist)

Berserk Charge
Die Hard
Heightened Senses (Touch, Sight)
Lesser Minion of Chaos (Sculpulyte)
Master Chirugeon
Resistance (Poison)
Iron Jaw
Sure Strike
Weapon Training (Las, Primary, SP, Chain, Shock)

Pride: Grace
Disgrace: Regret
Perfection Fel+ Str- Agi-

Starting Trait: The Quick and The Dead
Mutations: Slayer Limb/Tail
0 xp left

+5 Fel
+10 Fel
+15 Fel
+5 Int
+10 Int
Dodge +10
Dodge +20
+5 Ag
Medicae +20, +30
Master Chirugeon
Tech Use

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

heretek incoming

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Line Up thus far looks like this from what I understand
Waci: Thousand Sons Sorceror?
Ronwayne: Heretek
Schizotek: Fleshshaper
Malikial: Khorne Berzerker/Skull Champion (Gonna have to houserule something for you)
MaliciousOnion: Dark Apostle

Keep em coming guys.

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Jul 24, 2013

Grimey Drawer

Once I have a bit more time I will make a Renegade of some sorts. Also are space marines supposed to get only 900 exp? I assume thats a typo of some sorts as human characters having 9,100 more exp to play with seems a bit much.

Jan 26, 2013

I would like to make a character for this!

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Hunt11 posted:

Once I have a bit more time I will make a Renegade of some sorts. Also are space marines supposed to get only 900 exp? I assume thats a typo of some sorts as human characters having 9,100 more exp to play with seems a bit much.

That was an obvious typo, whoops. They get 8.5k where humans get 10k. This figure includes all starting experience. The quoted values for advanced archetypes also include the starting experience in the figure to take those archetype. That way if you do a Advanced Archetype CSM or Human you have 4,400(4,650 with the Ancient Warrior rebate)/4,400 exp to spend if you take Advanced Archetypes. Thats a drop of 500 exp to my original figure of 9k but I redid the math. This keeps it relatively even with advanced classes taken into account. Otherwise Advanced Chaos Space Marine archetypes would have had 750 exp over an advanced human archetype, a bit unfair.

Also funfact for Waci. 500 exp a pop to have rubricae as minions. You can take as many as you want up till you hit your cap which is your fellowship bonus.

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Sep 23, 2009

Ignorance, the root of all evil

One Dork Apostle coming right up.

Jan 26, 2013

Name: Korvan Thaine
Race: Choas Space Marine
Careeer: Champion of Khorne
Pride: Martial Prowess
Disgrace: Wrath
Motivation: Perfection
Alignment: Khorne

Wounds: 20 21-1 

WS	74	49+5+5+15
BS	35	38-3
S       63	48+15
T       50	45+5
Ag      52	42+10
Int	31   	39-5-3
Per	45      40+5
WP	38      40-2
Fel     43
Infamy 	50

Commone Lore(War)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes)
Forbidden Lore (The Horus Heresy)
Forbidden Lore (The Long War)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Aero)+20
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)

Air of Authority
Battle Rage
Berserk Charge
Blade Master
Bulging Biceps
Counter Attack
Combat Master
Crushing Blow
Flesh Render
Killing Strike
Legion Weapon Training
Hammer Blow
Heightened Senses (Hearing)
Heightened Senses (Sight)
Iron Discipline
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance(PSychic Powers)
Sound Constitution(1)
Step Aside
Sure Strike
Unarmed Warrior

Special Abilities:
Inspiring Presence

Mark Of Khorne

Brutal Charge(4)
Unnatural Strength(4)
Unnatural Toughness(4)


XP (spent): 8,500/8,500

WS (Simple) 		250
WS (Intermediate)	500
WS (Trained)		750
STR (Simple)		100
STR (Intermediate)	250
STR (Trained)		500
TGH (Simple)		250
Command+10		200
Command+20		400
Berserk Charge		200
Flesh Render		200
Frenzy			200
Battle Rage		300
Combat Master		300
Crushing Blow		400
Hammer Blow		400
Killing Strike		300
Parry+10		200
Operate Aeronatica	200
Operate Aero+10		350
Raptor			250
Counter attack		500
Sound Constitution	250
Step Aside		750
AGI (Simple)		250
AGI (Intermediate)	500
Nothing in Gear yet, will do backstory and stuff later! Just got in the MOOD TO BUILD!

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Malikial if you are picked you will have the following for mutations/rewards. When you complete your background you may get more things so stay tuned.
Infamy Test for Rewards from Khorne Try #1: 1d100 67
Luckily you get a second shot like everyone else.
Infamy Test for Rewards from Khorne Try #2: 1d100 16
You got a REWARD what do you get now
Rewards of Khorne: 1d100 72
Rewards of Khorne Option 2: 1d100 40

For your first Mutation/Reward: Take either Hand of Khorne, or Face of Khorne.

Mutation/Reward Number 2.
Infamy Test for Rewards from Khorne Pt 2 Try #1: 1d100 65
Infamy Test for Rewards from Khorne Pt 2 Try #2: 1d100 29
Rewards of Khorne Pt 1 Try 1: 1d100 89
Rewards of Khorne Pt 1 Try 2: 1d100 43
Rewards of Khorne Pt 3 Reroll incase Face of Khorne was chosen: 1d100 29

Choose from Purity of Aggression, Face of Khorne, or if you took Face of Khorne for reward one, a Daemon Weapon is an option.
The weapon will be bound with the essence of a bloodletter.

Irish Legend
Aug 12, 2011

I really want to make a character for this. It will take me a couple days, but I will figure it out. 40k universe is the shiz.

Feb 14, 2013


I'd love to play in this, I'm thinking an Apostate of Nurgle, I'll post stats and backstory soon.

May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.


When the Space Wolves invaded Prospero, Julian was fortunate enough to be within Tizca and thus avoid being annihilated from orbit. When the land assault began, the defenders could barely believe what they saw. With the rest of Ahriman's cabal, Julian fought to defend the Corvidae cult pyramid. None of them spoke of the feeling of personal failure caused by having been unable to predict the attack. The cult's decline in power had been clear for years, and exactly what had been obfuscating their precognitive abilities would not be clear to the surviving members of the cult until much later. Despite the Space Wolves advantage and eventual victory, the battle was not entirely one-sided, at least within Tizca. Julian still fondly remembered the howls of the Space Wolves terminator squad made when he annihilated the Spartan assault tank carrying them, channelling his will through one of the raven-shaped psychic conduit turrets wrought for the Corvidae by their brothers in the Pyrae cult.

Julian was one of the small portion of the Thousand Sons legion who made it out alive. After that, things started happening fast. Big things. The legion switched allegiances from the Emperor and his Imperium to one of the dark gods. Like many of his brothers, Julian wasn't a big fan of this change, but he saw the necessity. The Emperor's lapdogs had murdered their people and burned their home. There was no other appropriate response. At this stage, Julian still harboured hope that one day a peace might be made, and the legion might return to their father, to a well deserved apology. The wolves could be punished, Prospero could be rebuilt. Then the Horus Heresy picked up speed, the Emperor was crippled, and traitor legions were driven into the Eye of Terror. That crushed those hopes.

He cherished the opportunity to strike back at the Space Wolves as much as the rest of Prospero's survivors when the retaliatory campaigns against the worlds around Fenris started, and slaughtered his way through the defenders and populations of the cities they attacked with the same merciless glee the Space Wolves had shown on Prospero. Centuries had passed, and they were aware that with the exception of some of the astartes, none of the people they killed had even been born at the time the attack on Prospero happened. Few cared. Julian certainly didn't. These were the Space Wolves' people, and that made them less than human.

During these attacks, he developed a good working relationship with one of the few human survivors to make it out of Prospero alive. Julian had always acknowledged their usefulness, but now, after centuries of warfare and exposure to the warp had taught everyone a few new tricks, he saw them as equals in battle. Covering each other during the battles, they became friends. When Julian later joined squad Bonecrusher to become a part of the black crusade, he was glad his human friend was there too, since it meant there was at least one person in the squad other than himself he could trust.

For their not entirely voluntary role in the heresy, the legion was granted a planet by one of the dark gods. This was good, for they needed a new home. Mutation started running rampant among the brothers of the 15th legion. This was not good. Ahriman and his inner circle of allies, Julian amongst them, devised a ritual of incredible power to cleanse the legion of the mutation ravaging them. From a very particular perspective, it worked. Most of the mutation was destroyed. From another, it was an utter failure, since every brother without psychic talent was destroyed with the mutations they were trying to cure them of.

Ahriman and his circle were banished from the legion, sent on a personal crusade until such a time that they found a way to correct the great mistake they had made. Some thought the rubric as a whole had been a mistake. Some thought the rubric had worked perfectly, except for one single flaw in restricting its effects to mutated tissue rather than whole legionnaires. Julian held the second opinion. After their exile form the Planet of the Sorcerers, Ahriman split his inner circle of sorcerers, dispatching them in their own directions in the galaxy in search for a solution to their shared problem. This was when Julian finally saw the truth of the Lord of Lies.

His travels brought him to contact with the remnants of the Sons of Horus just as they were reforming into the Black Legion under a charismatic fellow named Abaddon. Seeing the favour of Tzeentch as the only source of the power necessary to fix the mistake that had turned so many of their brothers into suits of armour filled with nothing but haunted dust, Julian joined up with the Black Crusade early in its infancy. He brought with himself nothing but his own power and one of the poor unfortunate souls that had been doomed by the rubric into an existence as piles of dust in empty ceramite boots, but Abaddon was welcoming. Julian's talents could be use,d and there was nothing he wouldn't do to earn the favour of the dark gods if it could help him restore his beloved legion to their rightful glory and correct The Mistake.

Archtype: Thousand Sons Sorcerer
Pride: Wealth
Disgrace: Gluttony
Motivation: Perfection



Common Lore (War, Imperium)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes +10, The Horus Heresy and the Long War, Psykers +10, Warp +10, Daemonology)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Scholastic Lore (Occult +10, Legend)
Psyniscience +10
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)

Psy Rating 4
Bulging Biceps
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poison, Psychic Powers)
Unarmed Warrior
Ancient Warrior
Strong Minded
Warp Sense
Infused Knowledge 
Favoured by the Warp 
Warp Lock 
Peer (Mortal Followers of Tzeentch)
Minion of chaos (Rubric Marine)
Hatred (Space Wolves)

Unnatural Strength +4 
Unnatural Toughness +4
Unnatural Willpower +2
Rubric of Ahriman
Fear 2

Gifts and Rewards:
Face of Tzeentch
Daemon Weapon

Boon of Tzeentch
Wind of Chaos
Labyrinthine Conundrum
Blade of Baleful Might

Best Craftsmanship Legion Power Armour
-Scavenged Reconstruction
-Vox Link
-Recoil Suppression
-Careful Maintenance
-Sustainable Power Source
-Warp Charms
--Counts as psy focus
--Armour counts against Warp Weapons
-Aetheric Wave Spars
Legion Bolter
-Fire Selector
-Red-dot Laser Sight
-2 clips Tzeentchian inferno bolts
-3 Clips Kraken Rounds
Legion Combat Knife
Legion Bolt Pistol
Aconitum (daemon legacy force sword)
-Binding Strength 1
-Willpower 60/WPB 8
-Sorcerous Force
-Living Magic
-Warp Flame
-Legacy of Change
-Artful pattern
Talisman of Tzeentch
Psychic Hood
Ritual Kit
Prosperan Channeling Crystal (refluffed Q'Sal Crystal Spire, embedded in power armour)
Golden Eye of Tzeentch

Advances: (8700/8750)
Thousand Sons Sorcerer archtype -4100
Simple Willpower -100
Intermediate Willpower -250
Infused Knowledge -400
Favoured by the Warp -400
Warp Lock -400
Foresight -300
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) +10 -200
Psyniscience +10 -200
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes) +10 -200
Scholastic Lore (Occult) +10 -350
Psy Rating 4 -750
Wind of chaos -300
Blade of Baleful Might -300
Minions of chaos (Rubric Marine) -500
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) -100
Forbidden Lore (Warp +10) -200

Wealth: Psychic Hood
1st: 3x Kraken Rounds
2nd: Aetheric Wave Spars upgrade for armour
3rd: Fire Selector and Red-dot Laser Sight for Legion bolter
4th: Prosperan Channeling Crystal (refluffed Q'Sal Crystal Spire)
5th: Golden Eye of Tzeentch

PA mod:
Daemon Weapon Ability 1:
Daemon Weapon Ability 2:

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Feb 29, 2004

Edit: Withdrawn

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Feb 14, 2013


Lysander once ruled an entire world. The might of his armies was unparalleled, and while his rule was harsh and unfair, his sheer charisma kept him in control for centuries. His happiest memory was convincing nearly 20 noble families to give up their entire fortunes "for the good of the crown and the people," then spending it on advanced rejuvenat treatments. Then the Imperial fleet arrived on its Great Crusade. At last, Lysander had met a foe he could not defeat with words. Lysander refused to cede to Imperial rule; he then watched, aghast, as the Imperial Army and Space Marines utterly crushed his vastly more numerous army within days of making planetfall. He surrendered at bolter-point and was led in irons through the capital as an example. The new Imperial ruler decreed that he be locked in his own dungeons until he died.

Lysander rotted in chains in utter darkness for years. The whispering was the worst part; there was a prisoner down there, one only he could hear, with a deep, fatherly voice. The guards stopped coming soon after it started talking. Lysander could not remember when he last ate. The dark danced with maddening images. It whispered terrible truths to him in the dark, and showed him terrible things. It showed him how his downfall and decay was inevitable. It showed how he had been a fool to think himself beyond the touch of death. But it also told him of a way beyond his present pain. A way to pay back the Imperium for what they had done. When the time came, he made the oath to Grandfather without hesitation, and smiled in the dark as he felt the writhing begin within him.

Lysander the Terrible burst forth from the forgotten and walled over dungeons on a tide of daemons, whispering awful truths in a hoarse and echoing voice. Within days, the supernatural charisma granted to him by Nurgle set off a full-scale heresy in the capital, and it spread with a speed and ferocity to rival any of Nurgle's plagues. Upon learning of Horus's stand against the Emperor who stole Lysander's kingdom in the first place, he departed his world with a small army of cultists and joined the war effort against the Imperium. He and his army fled to the Eye alongside the rest of Chaos when Horus fell.

Unfortunately for his ambitions of creating a "Rotten Empire" within the Eye, a small army of human cultists and plague mutants was hardly equipped to do battle with Chaos Space Marines, and once the forces of Chaos fell to infighting his army rapidly dwindled down to only a few of the most competent warriors. Their numbers, in turn, were worn down by the centuries, until only Lysander's Ogryn bodyguard Naff remained. Lysander has spent the past few centuries drifting between various Chaos warbands, studying blasphemous texts, preaching the message of Nurgle to the lost and damned, and preparing for the day they would return to the Imperium; with his selection for Bone Crusher squad, that day has finally arrived.

Name: Lysander Oberst
Race: Human
Career: Apostate
Pride: Charm
Disgrace: Gluttony
Motivation: Arcane
Alignment: Nurgle (pre-aligned manmode)

Wounds: 28	(14+2+2+10)
IP: 4/6
Characteristics: 10#2d10+25 38 35 38 39 36 44 32 31 44 31

WS:	41	(36+5)
BS:	49	(39+5+5)
S:	65	(38+5+5-3+20)
T:	54	(44+5+5+5-5) + Unnatural Toughness (4)
Ag:	31	(31+5-5)
Int:	45	(38+2+5)
Per:	32	(32)
WP:	40	(35+5)
Fel:	64	(44+5+5+5+5)

Infamy: 72
Corruption: 42

Charm +10
Common Lore: (Imperial Guard, Imperium, War)
Deceive +10
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry, Occult, Tactica Imperialis)
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology, Heresy, The Warp)
Linguistics: Low Gothic
Inquiry +10
Intimidate +10
Medicae +10
Survival +10
Trade: Chymist

Air of Authority
Ancient Warrior
Disturbing Voice (+10 Intimidate, -10 Fellowship w/ non-heretics)
Greater Minion of Chaos
Hatred: Adeptus Astartes
Inspire Wrath 
Iron Discipline 
Master Chirurgeon 
Mighty Shot 
Nerves of Steel 
Peer: Mortal Followers of Nurgle
Peer: Traitor Legions 
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Sound Constitution (2)
Total Recall
True Grit
Unshakeable Will
Weapons Training: Las, Primary, Plasma, Power

Unnatural Toughness (+4)

Stuff of Nightmares (Immune to poison, bleeding, stunning, disease, breathing,
most environmental hazards, and crit effects except those that destroy him outright 
or come from psychic powers, force weapons, or sanctified weapons)

Fear (2)

Quick and the Dead (+2 Initiative)

(Power Armor)
-Size (Hulking) 
-Dark Sight
-Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound)
Special Abilities/Gifts of the Gods: 

Serpent’s Tongue (Test Charm/Decieve to get Peer (2))

Mark of Nurgle

Eye of Chaos (gives Psyniscience and +10 Charm, already incorporated)

Nurgling Infestation(from errata: Each Nurgling makes a Melee
Attack at WS 30 at an enemy within 3 metres, dealing 1d10+1 R,
Pen 0 Damage with the Toxic (1) Quality, then dissipates back into
the Warp in a cloud of foul smelling mist.)

Face of Nurgle: Fear (2) and Peer (Mortal Followers of Nurgle)

Power Armor: 8 All 1d10 8 
-Devotional Iconography (Nurgle)
-Sustainable Power Source
-Magboots (Mission Equipment)

Good Plasma Gun (Basic 90m S/2/– 1d10+8E, 10 Pen, 25 Clip, 5 Full, Maximal, Overheats)
-Red-Dot Laser Sight
-Extended Magazine


Good Power Sword (Melee 1d10+5E, 5 Pen, Power Field, Balanced)
-Cursed Metal

Trophy Rack (-5 to WS tests for enemies in melee who feel fear, +10 Intimidate, -10 Stealth)

Aetheme Blade (+10 to rituals involving sacrifice)

Good Laspistol (Pistol 30m S/2/– 1d10+2E, 0 Pen, 30 Clip, Half, Reliable)

12 Blight Grenades

2 Haywire Grenades

GQ Infernal Star

BQ Bolt Pistol

Unholy Tomes
Chaos Symbol Pendant
Power Armor (Very Rare Acquisition 1)
Good Plasma Gun (Very Rare Acquisition 2)
Extended Mag and RDLS (2 for 1 upgrade)
Good Powersword w/Cursed Metal downgrade
Trophy Rack (traded power blade)
Aetheme Blade (traded mesh armor)
12 Blight Grenades
2 Haywire Grenades
XP: 10900/10900

Fel (Simple)	                500
Fel (Intermediate)	        750
Toughness (Simple)	        100
Toughness (Intermediate)	250
Toughness (Trained)	        500
Strength (Simple)	        250
Strength (Intermediate)	        500
AG (Simple)	                250
BS (Simple)	                250
BS (Intermediate)	        500
WS (Simple)	                250
WP (Simple)	                500
Intimidate +10                  200
Nerves of Steel 	        300
Jaded	                        200
Sound Constitution (2)	        400
Hardy	                        300
Medicae	                        100
Medicae +10	                200
Master Chirurgeon	        400
Quick Draw	                250
Resistance (psychic powers)     200
Greater Minion of Chaos	        750
Inspire Wrath	                750
Parry	                        200
Tech-Use                        200
Weapon Training (Plasma)     	250
Mighty Shot	                400
Survival	                100
Survival +10	                200
Weapon Training (Power)         250
True Grit                       400
Int +5 (Simple)                 250

Advances Taken:
Nurgle: 17
Khorne: 3
Slaanesh: 2
Tzeentch: 1

WS    BS    S      T    Agi    Int    Per    WP    Fel
41    49  65(45) 94(54)  31    45      32     40    64

Wounds: 28/28       IP: 6/6
Armour: 8 All
Force Field (GQ Infernal Star): 50, Overload 01-05
Initiative: +5

Weapon                  Range  Fire    Damage    Pen   Ammo  Clips  Reload  Special

Plasma Gun               90m   S/2/–   1d10+8E    10    25    --    5 Full   Maximal(+10m range, +1d10 Dam, +2 Pen, 3x ammo consumption, Recharge) 
-GQ (Reliable), Overheats (91+ roll=hit to arm, Agi test or drop, next round cooldown), RDLS (+10 BS Single Shot), Extended Mag

Power Sword                            1d10+5E    5                          Power Field, Balanced (+10 Parry)
-GQ (+5 hit/parry), Cursed Metal (Test toughness after battle if ever used, fail=1 wound taken ignoring all armor and toughness)

Good Laspistol           30m   S/2/–   1d10+2E,   0     30    --    Half     Reliable

Blight Grenades          18m   S/-/-   2d10E      0      1     12            Toxic (2), Blast (6)(cloud remains for 1d10 rounds, deals 1d10E Toxic damage to anyone entering it) 
-(All damage ignores armor that isn't sealed)

Haywire Grenades         18m   S/-/-   0          0      1     2             Haywire (3)

BQ Bolt Pistol (untrained)
Notable Abilities:

-Awareness 32
-Dodge 31
-Parry 41
-Unnatural Toughness (+4)

-Vomit Toughness Bonus worth of Nurglings as free action once per battle (Each makes a Melee Attack at WS 30 at an enemy within 3 metres, 
dealing 1d10+1R Pen 0 Damage with the Toxic (1) Quality, then dissipates back into the Warp in a cloud of foul smelling mist)

-Stuff of Nightmares
-Unshakeable Will
-Quick Draw
-Nerves of Steel
-Mighty Shot +2 damage to all BS weapons, incorporated
-Master Chirurgeon
-Iron Discipline
-Inspire Wrath
-Hatred: Adeptus Astartes
-Disturbing Voice
-(Power Armor)
--Size (Hulking) 
--Dark Sight
--Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound)
-Trophy Rack (-5 WS to enemies in melee)
-True Grit


-Psychic Power Resistance (+10 to tests against)
-SoN: Immune to poison, bleeding, stunning, disease, breathing, most environmental hazards, 
and crit effects except those that destroy me outright or come from psychic powers, force weapons, or sanctified weapons
After his Plague Ogryn was vaporized in a tragic Space Marine accident, Lysander recruited one of Bonecrusher's Chosen as his new bodyguard.


Minion: Chaos Space Marine
Name: Iocanthos
Wounds: 18
New Minion Characteristics: 9#2d10+30 38 38 37 41 38 46 44 50 43
Minion Power Armor
New Minion Mutation: 17
New Minion Mutation Reroll: 37
WS:  38
BS:  55 (50+5)
S:   73[43]
T:   91[51] (46+5)
Ag:  44
Int: 33 (38-5)
Per: 45
WP:  38
Fel: 32 (37-5)

Loyalty 84 (64 Fel +10 Air of Authority +10 Ancient Warrior)
Awareness +10
Dodge +20
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Bolter Drill
Hip Shooting
Legion Weapon Training
Mighty Shot
Nerves of Steel
Rapid Reload
Step Aside
Target Selection
Technical Knock
True Grit
Mutant (1) (Eyestalks, +4 Perception)
Unnatural Strength (1)
Unnatural Toughness (4)
Legion Power Armor (8 All)
-Chain Bandolier
-Sustainable Power Source
Starting Acquisitions:
Legion Power Armor
-Chain Bandolier
-Sustainable Power Source
Legion Combi-Bolter (Drop one acquisition for Extremely Rare)
Legion Power Sword (Drop one acquisition for Extremely Rare)
WS    BS      S       T      Agi    Int    Per    WP    Fel
38    55    73 (43)  91 [51]   44     33     45    38    32

Wounds: 18/18
Armour: 8 All
Loyalty 74
Initiative: +4

Weapon                  Range  Fire    Damage    Pen   Ammo  Clips  Reload  Special

Legion Combi-Bolter     80     S/4/-   1d10+12X    4     32    --    Full    Tearing, Twin-Linked  

Legion Power Sword      --      --     1d10+6E    6     --     --     --    Power Field, Balanced

Notable Abilities:
-Awareness 55
-Dodge 64
-Parry 38
-Bolter Drill
-Hip Shooting
-Legion Weapon Training
-Mighty Shot +3 damage to BS weapons, incorporated.
-Nerves of Steel
-Rapid Reload
-Step Aside
-Target Selection
-Technical Knock
-True Grit
-Unnatural Toughness (+4)
-Unnatural Strength (+1)

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Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012

Sounds interesting, so I'll try and put up something. Not sure what yet.

Currently thinking Night Lords infiltrator/terror-sower, who then proceeds to stab people in the face when it's time for actual combat.

Stats: 47, 44, 42, 37, 37, 42, 45, 41, 47, 40
Armor: 8 - reroll since Devotional Iconography would be really odd on him: 10

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Apr 25, 2010

Help I can't get up I'm Gay

Chloe Sigismund

It was a sight to see. The once regal library burnt and battered, its shattered windows bristling with guns. And for seven hours they held. Although they were no match for the Space Wolves, the Spireguard fought till their last breath. Their screams echoed through the halls, getting ever closer, until there was only silence. Trapped in the highest room of the library with no ammo and a squad of space marines on their way, Chloe's only choice was to flee. She climbed out the window, escaping through the hellish nightmare that had become the many alleys and secret paths of her childhood.

Like many others, Chloe turned her back on the Emperor that day, fully embracing the powers of chaos. For years she joined the remnants of the Spireguard and the Thousand Sons in raiding the planets surrounding Fenris, hoping for some appeasement of their vengeance. For once, Chloe embraced her psychic abilities and quickly rose to prominence as one of the best snipers they had. She never could summon up the same vicious hatred for the Space Wolves as her comrades, some part of her always knew that no matter what they do they'll restore their home. The only thing left for her was her powers, her gun, and the enemies of Tzneench.

Class: Renegade 
Alignment: Tzneetch 

WS   34: 25 + 9 + 3 - 3
BS   66: 25 + 18 + 3 + 5 + 15
S    29: 25 + 7 - 3 
T    33: 25 + 8 
Ag   42: 25 + 17  
Int  35: 25 + 10
Per  59: 25 + 19 + 5 + 10	
WP   42: 25 + 14 - 2 + 5 
Fel  45: 25 + 15 + 5
Inf  52: 50 + 2 

Wounds: 15/15
IP 5/5

PRIDE: Beauty
Motivation: Perfection

Mutations: Ecstatic Duplication, Tail

Awareness + 10
Dodge + 10
Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialis)
Common Lore(WAR,Tech,Imperial Guard)
Stealth +10
Tech Use
Linguistics(Low Gothic)

Quick Draw
Rapid reload
Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Primary, SP, Flame, Bolt, Plasma)
Combat Sense
Mighty Shot
Two Weapon Wielder 
Deadeye Shot
Eye of Vengeance
Unnatural WP(4)
Psy rating(5)
Favored of the Warp

Precognitive Dodge
Precognitive Strike

PRUCHASES (10000/10000)
Deadeye shot (200)
Awareness +10 (350)
Eye of Vengeance(-400)
Radiant Presence(200) 
Target Selection(750)
psy rating (400)
Precog Dodge(200)
Precog strike(300)
Psynecience (100)
Favored of the Warp(400)
Stealth +10 (350)
Mighty Shot(1000)
Sound constitution (500)

Best Lasgun
Common Plasma Pistol
Common Bolt Pistol
Good Hand Flamer
Carapace Armor
Dataslate with annotated Tactica Imperialis 

Common Synskin
Good Camo Cloak
Purified Plasma
Sick sniper (i lost the stats)
Common Preysense Goggles (sick sunglasses)

The Renegade is a skilful and talented individual who
substitutes raw power for honed ability. The Renegade
must select one Characteristic at Character Creation.
Throughout the game, he adds one additional Degree of
Success to successful Tests involving that Characteristic
(this includes Skill and Characteristic Tests).

To survive in the Vortex, particularly as a human, one
must be quick, both in wits and action. Sometimes fast
refl exes can compensate for ceramite armour. All Heretics
with this Trait add a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls.

Heretics with the Mark of Tzeentch are marked by the Master
of Fate, either as a physical mark emblazoned on a prominent
part of their body, or a more secretive but no less permanent
mark upon one’s soul. The emblem constantly glimmers with a
distracting sparkle that flickers at the corner of the eye, almost
like a gateway to the warp. These characters are constantly
compelled to discover hidden secrets, to share with their Dark
Benefits: The character gains the Unnatural Willpower (+1)
Trait and the Psy Rating (+1) Talent. If he does not already
have it, he also gains the Psyker Trait. In addition to these
Talents, the Mark may grant further bonuses as determined
by the GM and may be a prerequisite when performing rituals
and interacting with various beings of the warp.

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Oct 24, 2012

I'm in the business of...

Either unaligned or slaaneshi Corebook psyker here.

Unaligned manmode is just always being unaligned, regardless of advances, right? Just curious in case I go that route.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jolinaxas posted:

Either unaligned or slaaneshi Corebook psyker here.

Unaligned manmode is just always being unaligned, regardless of advances, right? Just curious in case I go that route.

Unaligned manmode only applies to Black Legion CSMs at this time under Manmode Black Legionnaire. If there's demand for an unaligned manmode seperate from that get at me on #acolyte or propose some stuff here. If it sounds good to me I'll run with it.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Infamy Test for Rewards from Tzeentch Try #2: 1d100 18
Rewards of Tzeentch: 1d100 49
Rewards of Tzeentch 2: 1d100 40
Choose from Ecstatic Duplication or Face of Tzeentch

Infamy Test for Rewards from Tzeentch Pt 2 Try #1: 1d100 22
Rewards of Tzeentch Pt 2: 1d100 9
Rewards of Tzeentch Pt 2: 1d100 26
Rewards of Tzeentch Reroll: 1d100 60

Choose from Daemon Weapon or Flaming Arm.

Gifts of the Gods: 3#1d100 82 43 65
Adjusted 5 up and down. Pick one from the following sets
First Option: Additional Limb/Strange Walk/Tail/Strange Voice/Slayer Limb/Grossly Fat
Second Option: Illusion of Normalcy/Flaming Skull/Headless/Featureless Face/Centauroid
Third Option: Magnificent Horns/Warped Appearance/Mechanoid/Limb Loss/Warp-Eater

Gifts of the Gods 2nd Mutation: 3#1d100 35 74 39
Same as before
First Option: Eye of Chaos/Eye Stalks/Centauroid/Featureless Face/Emaciated/Dimensional Instability/Dark Soul
Second Option: Projectile Attack/Grossly Fat/Slayer Limb/Strange Voice/Pervasive Miasma/Nerveless Ennui/Mechanoid/Warped Appearance
Third Option: Centauroid/Eye-stalks/Eye of Chaos/Featureless Face/Illusion of Normalcy

Infamy Test for Rewards from Nurgle: 2#1d100 64 85
Whiff on the Rewards from Nurgle
Gifts of the Gods: 2#1d100 3 29
Pick One from the following sets
First Option: Animal Hybrid, Addiction/Wreathed in Chaos/Warp Sight/Bestial
Second Option: Dark Soul/Cyclops/Chaos Organ/Dimensional Instability/Emaciated/Eye of Chaos

Infamy Test for Rewards from Nurgle Try #2: 2#1d100 46 76
You got it.
Rewards of Nurgle: 2#1d100 24 26
Rewards of Nurgle Reroll: 1d100 91
Choose from the following
Daemonic Name/Nurgling Infestation.

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Nov 28, 2004

I unironically like Anders as a character.

Stalker Ciro Peizerat - Relic Hunter, Navy Voidsman, Hero of Khorne

In another life, he may have been a Rogue Trader.

CEO, Treasurer, Secretary, Founder and otherwise sole employee of the Peizerat Archeology Company, Ciro mainly focuses his efforts on recovery of archeotech for conspicuous buyers and associations who'd rather not do the work themselves. There's generally no shortage of patrons in the Screaming Vortex who have heard a rumor of some gadget or another that will no doubt be the key to their ascendency, and Ciro enthusiastically charges out the nose for his retrieval services. Most contracts end in massive amounts of bloodshed, as the hotly contested relics are generally pursued by any other number of treasure hunters.

When not on contract, Ciro pursues his own leads for profit and to feed his never ending curiosity, staking claim on various areas for investigation and digs to unearth anything of value. These pursuits also tend to end in massive amounts of bloodshed as Ciro takes a very stern dim view of claim jumping, going to far as considering those who may have already been located on site as intruders.

As a result of all his efforts and not being as intelligent as maybe he thinks he is, Ciro has garnered more of a reputation for skill at arms and asskicking than an archeologist of note. He earned his Mark from a misinterpretation of coordinates given to him on contract, sending him into Imperium space and onto a occupied planet. The ensuing rage upon finding that someone had carelessly built an Imperial Guard outpost on what he thought to be his claim found him sneaking on site during the night and systematically murdering the entire force, destroying all equipment of worth, and detonating a device which has still left the area irradiated and uninhabitable. He was a bit embarassed upon discovering his mistake, but you can't recover old beeping whirlygigs of past empires without breaking a few eggs.

After one particularly profitable venture in which he found, as his client exclaimed, hints to the location of something called the Black Library or some other bullshit, word got to Ciro of the ultimate of all contracts being offered to those of particular talent in the heart of, who guessed it, the Eye of Terror. Passage was somewhat of a tricky prospect, what with the annoying everpresent patrols of the Imperium Navy, but as Ciro enjoys relating, 'Nothing worthwhile is ever easy', as told to him by his drunk Pops just before he was devoured by some unspeakable chaos beast that was sitting on the keys to their jeep.

Using the old noodle, Ciro reasoned that, if the issue of getting into the Eye of Chaos was Imperium naval patrols, the best way to enter would be to simply join the Navy! Voidsman Ciro Peizerat was assigned to duty on the Imperium Frigate Indefatigable, assigned to patrol within the Scarus sector. It was just a simple matter of organizing a mutiny, the task made easier by a particular stuffy Navy Captain. The fight went on for weeks aboard the massive vessel, the aspiring Voidsman abandoning his recently acquired proud Naval Tradition, and after the suicide of the command crew, the unfortunate voiding of half of the frigate, and some unfortunate episodes of cannibalism by his newly turned chaos warband, the Frigate was soon entering warpspace and the Eye of Terror.

Most of the rest of the crew was unfortunately devoured by demons and whatever else happened to cling to and board the ship, but Ciro successfully disembarked as just another blank face among the hordes of those responding to the call of a Crusade by some jerk named Abaddon.

Nothing ever being simple, Ciro was of course forced to prove himself, and his skill at arms and general knowledge of piloting came into handy as he joined a series of competitions, the greatest of them being held in a massive Colosseum. The right people must have been watching, because the honors he acquired for himself that day, in addition to his reputation, found him with a position in squad Bonecrusher, which sounded very prestigious and something he was informed was in his best interest to agree to.

Ciro Peizerat - Master of the Grand Melee, Hero of Khorne

In retrospect, the invasion of Cadia was an instant sign-on for him, not so much for the glory of the Crusade or whatever the hell Abaddon is on about, but for a shot at all of the looting to follow, including whatever Mechanicus tech might be squirreled away on the planet, untouched and unstudied. Even if he would never be able to make heads or tails of any of it, he can probably find SOMEONE somewhere to sell things to.

At any rate, Ciro is sure to have an expectedly bloody future ahead of him.

WS 70 - 42+3+5+5+5+5+5 Adroit
BS 33 - 33+3-3
S 52 - 37+5+5+5
T 47 - 37+5+5
AG 50 - 40+5+5
Int 29
Per 37
WP 31 - 34-3
Fel 29 - 32-3

Pride: Wealthy (-3 WP)
Disgrace: Greed (+4 Cor, -10 commerce)
Motivation: Perfection (+5 WS, -3 BS, -3 Fel)
Aligned: MANMODE Khorne

Wounds: 16
Infamy: 50
Corruption: 39

Athletics+10, Awareness, Dodge+10, Parry+20, Lore (Tactica Imperialis),
Common Lore (War), Op(Surface)+10, Command, Stealth+10, Tech Use

Jaded, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Weapon Training (Chain, Flame, Las, Primary, SP, Bolt, Power),
Catfall,Sure Strike, Double Team, Ambidextrous, Swift/Lightning attack,
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee), Blade Dancer, Blademaster, Counter attack,
Hotshot Pilot, Crushing Blow, Berserk Charge Resistance (Psychic Powers), Frenzy

Collar of Khorne (resist psy powers)
Face of Khorne (Fear 2, Peer (Mortal Followers of Khorne)
Mark of Khorne
Unnatural Str (4)
Brutal Charge (4)

Gear: Heavy Flamer, Bolt Pistol, Best Chainsword, Cameleoline cloak, medikit, Best Harness of Rage,
Poor Conversion Field (Rating 50, Overload 15%), Best Polix Heavy Khopesh, Good Polix Heavy Khopesh

Advances: 9850/10,000:
Swift Attack - 300
Lightning Attack - 400
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee)- 500
Blade Dancer - 750
Blademaster - 400
Counter Attack - 500
WS Simple - 250
WS Inter - 500
WS Trained - 750
Agi Simple - 250
Agi Inter - 500
Parry +10 - 200
Parry +20 - 400
T Simple - 250
S Simple - 100
S Inter - 250
S Trained - 500
Stealth +10 - 350
Hotshot Pilot - 500
Op Surface+10 - 350
Training (Power) - 250
Crushing Blow (400)
T Inter (500)
S Expert (750)
Sound Constitution (250)
Athletics +10 - 200

K 7
T 3

(Wealthy) Best Harness of Rage (Embedded Soul Goggles - spot threats and Khorne's influence...TO KILL)
Poor Conversion Field (Rating 50, Overload 15%)
Best Polix Heavy Khopesh (1 acq traded for +2 quality
Good Polix Heavy Khopesh (1 acq trade)

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Amirault the Black

Centuries ago, Amirault stood aboard the Vengeful Spirit as he and his brothers laid siege to the Gate of Eternity, bringing the holy planet of Terra to its knees. There, he watched a primarch fall to his Warmaster, and bore witness to a fleeting moment of the battle between good and evil, where evil narrowly won. Amirault bore himself as a pallbearer to the mighty form of Horus, and took the primarch's fall deep to heart. He had seen the power of the four gods of Chaos when they worked in unison, and how if they ever faltered, they would allow them all to be overpowered.

Now, he stands amongst his brothers, survivors of the Horus Heresy, clad in armor as black as night. Horus stood as their champion and martyr, a being of Chaos Undivided, and for his death, the Imperium would pay.

With the first crusade coming under swing, Amirault has given his allegiance to the Bone Crushers, a group who may yet bring change to the galaxy. The marine knows he has but one life to serve, and with it, he intends to bring the newly birthed and pathetically mewling Imperium to its knees.

more words

Name: Amirault the Black
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Archetype: Champion of the Black Legion
Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Regret
Motivation: Nihilism
Alignment: Chaos Undivided

WS 45+10
BS 46
S 38+10
T 44+10
Ag 42
Int 48
Per 38+5
WP 38-3
Fel 49-5
Inf: 50

Wounds: 20
Corruption: 40

Common Lore (War)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, The Horus Heresy and the Long War)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Command +20
Scholastc Lore (Philosophy)
Intimidate +5

Bulging Biceps
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold,Heat, Poisons)
Unarmed Warrior
Ancient Warrior
Iron Discipline
Disturbing Voice
Lesser Minion of Chaos
Peer (Unaligned Heretics and Lesser Daemons/Aligned Heretics and Lesser Daemons)

Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4).
Inspiring Presence
Mark of Chaos Undivided
Dark Soul (Khorne)
Dimensional Instability (Nurgle)

Legionnaire Bolter
Legionnaire Power Sword
2x Lightning Claws
Power Fist
Melta Gun
Best Craftsmanship Legionnaire Artificer Armour
18 AP, ALL (13 AP + +2 AP Ceramite + 1 AP Black Legion + 1 AP Craftsmanship + 2 AP Armor Monger)
Best Craftsmanship Conversion Field

XP – 8500/8500
Tech-Use +10 550
Weapon Tech 250
WS +10 750
S +10 750
T +10 750
Trade (Armourer) 200
Sure Strike 250
Armour Monger 500
Swift Attack 500
Counter-Attack 500
Furious Assault 500
Wisdom of the Ancients 500
Crippling Strike 500
Precise Blow 500
Crushing Blow 750
Lightning Attack 750

Artificer Armor
Lightning Clawx2
Power Fist
Melta Gun Stats Power armor

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Infamy Test for Rewards from Slaanesh: 2#1d100 88 97
Get hosed
Gifts of the Gods: 2#1d100 64 93
Pick one
First Option: Magnificent Horns/Warped Appearance/Limb Loss/Warp Eater/Intelligent Cyst
Second Option: Tentacle/Vampiric Addiction/Warp Touched/Warp Sight/Tail

I'm not looking those mutations up right now but this looks like some anime hentai poo poo right here. Lets see what round two gets you.

Infamy Test for Rewards from Slaanesh: 2#1d100 71 95
Get hosed twice
Gift of The Gods: 2#1d100 79 100
Pick One
First Option: Strange Voice/Additional Limb/Slayer Limb/Grossly Fat/Projectile Attack
Second Option: Wreathed in Chaos/Addiction/Animal Hybrid/Warp Sight/Warp-touched/Vampiric Addiction

Gift of The Gods: 3#1d100 34 70 8
Pick One
First Option: Eye of Chaos/Emaciated/Dimensional Instability/Darksoul/Eye-Stalks/Centauroid
Second Option: Mechanoid/Warped Appearance/Magnificent Horns/Nerveless Ennui/Pervasive Miasma/Projectile Attack
Third Option: Bestial/Animal Hybrid/Blood Subsitution/Blasted Senses

Gift of The Gods: 3#1d100 39 10 29
Pick One
First Option: Centauroid/Eye-Stalks/Eye of Chaos/Featureless Face/Illusion of Normalcy
Second Option: Blood Substitution/Bestial/Animal Hybrid/Blasted Senses/Winged
Third Option: Dark Soul/Dimensional Instability/Emaciated/Eye of Chaos/Cyclops/Chaos Organ

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

I'm out 2: electric boogaloo

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Just in case I make something. I'm thinking Khorne aligned heretek,but I also want a small squad of battle servitors, and well, gently caress that fellowship requirement on normal and greater minions of chaos for any non-slaanesh.

<Werix> 10#2d10
<Hashutbot> Werix, 10#2d10: 16 [2d10=10,6], 13 [2d10=3,10], 12 [2d10=8,4], 12 [2d10=10,2], 9 [2d10=7,2], 10 [2d10=6,4], 8 [2d10=1,7], 11 [2d10=7,4], 6 [2d10=1,5], 14 [2d10=7,7]

<Werix> 1d5 wounds
<Hashutbot> Werix, wounds: 3 [1d5=3]

Jan 26, 2004

You ever do the chicken dance at a wake? That really bothers people.

Went with a Raptor instead.

Name: Zarapheth
Career: Night Lord Chaos Space Marine
Aptitudes: Unaligned
Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Perfection

WS:  53 (30 + 18) [+5 Motivation]
BS:  44 (30 + 17) [-3 Motivation]
S:   64 (30 +  9) [+5 Class] [+20 Equipment]
T:   48 (30 + 18)
Ag:  42 (30 + 12)
Int: 37 (30 + 11) [-4 Disgrace]
Per: 43 (30 +  8) [+5 Pride]
WP:  45 (30 + 10) [+5 Class]
Fel: 30 (30 +  8) [-5 Pride] [-3 Motivation]

Wounds 20/20
Infamy: 52
IP: 5/5
CP: 30

Awareness +10
Common Lore (Administratum)
Common Lore (War) +10
Forbidden Lore (Astartes)
Forbidden Lore (Horus Heresy/Long War)
Forbidden Lore (Pirates)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Survace)
Operate (Auronautica)
Operate (Surface)
Parry +10

Ancient Warrior
Bulging Biceps
Cold Hearted
Heightened Senses (Hearing)
Heightened Senses (Sight)
Legion Weapon Training
Lightning Reflexes
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold)
Resistance (Heat)
Resistance (Poison)
Sure Strike
Unarmed Warrior

Dark Sight
Spectral Haunter
Terror Tactics
Unnatural Strength +4
Unnatural Toughness +4

 - Eye of Chaos
 - Infernal Will

Legion Power Armor w/ Chain Bandoliers
 - Sustainable Power Source
 - Auto Senses
 - Vox Link
Legion Bolt Pistol w/ 4 Mags
Legion Combat Knife
Legion Power Sword
2 Legion Frag
2 Legion Krak

0/4400 XP Spent

Stats: 10#2d10+30 42 45 36 38 47 40 39 38 48 41

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

There is that talent that lets you base your fel for minions based on infamy instead of fel.

May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.

That talent does not in any way modify the pre-requisites of getting minions, it just lets you use infamy in place of fellowship to ensure the loyalty of the ones you already have.

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Oh, huh. I guess i was just mentally filing it under arguments for "yeah, i know what it says, but for gently caress'S SAKE, lets try to read the spirit of it instead of :FFG:"

I know Rule 0 is bullshit most of the time, but systems like Exalted and 40krpgs are really not possible without extensive use of it. Even BC throws its hands up in the air a lot of the time and goes "Welp, you and the GM figure that one out."

Sep 23, 2009

Ignorance, the root of all evil

Heosphoros, Apostle of Lorgar, Bringer of Dawn

To Teodor Laflamme, a communiqué
Carried by Guild Astropathica (Gothic) via meme-wave 22~c.816
triple intra Path detail:
Origin: Port Maw, Port Maw Sub 13785 origin date:
(relayed: divergent M-12/Ither VII)
Received: Zielinski's End, Cadian Sub 29608 reception date: 144.766.M31
Transcript carried and logged as per header
(redundant copy filed buffer 1403 key 11)

Author: Admiral Micah Aurelio Baptiste of Strike Group Mizere, Battlefleet Gothic, Gothic Sector


In the name of the God-Emperor, greetings.

I hope that your posting in the Cadian Sector is keeping you busy. No doubt there is plenty of work there. I am sure you
are doing well in keeping the foul heretics at bay.

I write to you regarding the movements and actions of one of our infernal enemies - a fallen Astartes. His name is
Heosphoros, a Word Bearer. A Dark Apostle. We have found evidence of his passing through the Gothic Sector, and he has
left a string of ravaged worlds in his wake. Thirteen worlds in Port Maw Sub alone have fallen to heresy at his instigation.
I've attached a recording of the heretic holding some sort of public oration on one of the worlds.

It is disturbing that Heosphoros is making his way toward the Cadian Sector, as we have received reports of other
heretics heading along similar vectors, though none as dangerous as the Dark Apostle. Watch the void, Teodor. I feel
nothing good can come of this.

The Emperor protects!



"On this day, I declare that all persons held as slaves by the unjust Imperium, shall henceforth be in rebellion against
the Imperium, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and by my supreme authority as Apostle of the true
Gods, shall obtain and maintain their freedom by any means necessary.

"And I hereby call upon the people so declared to be free to enjoin in violence against their oppressors, who have
until now gone unpunished for their misdeeds; and I recommend to them that, in all cases, to not cease in their
unswerving battle for freedom until the hated Imperium is a smoking ruin.

"And upon this act, an act of justice, warranted by my authority as Apostle of the true Gods, I invoke the gracious
favor of the Almighty True Gods, may they guide our sword and gun to defeat the false God-Emperor.

"Now, brothers, take up your knives. Take up your guns. Take your freedom from those who have so jealously kept it
from you!"

[Message ends]


Name: Heosphoros, Apostle of Lorgar, Bringer of Dawn
Race: Chaos Space Marine
Archetype: Dark Apostle
Pride: Devotion
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Ascendancy

Experience: 50/4600

Alignment: Unaligned

Khorne   1
Nurgle   2
Slaanesh 4
Tzeentch 2

Ag +5                    250
Fel +5                   250  S
Inquiry                  200
Deceive                  200  S
Intimidate               200
Jaded                    250  N
Polyglot                 250  T
Radiant Presence         250  S
Hardy                    500  N
Crushing Blow            750  K
Infused Knowledge        750  T
Into the Jaws of Hell    750  S

WS    45   (15 + 30)
BS    44   (14 + 30)
S     45   (15 + 30 - 5 (Pride))
T     41   (11 + 30)
Ag    43   (8 + 30 + 5 (Advances))
Int   41   (15 + 30 - 4 (Disgrace))
Per   44   (14 + 30)
WP    61   (16 + 30 + 5 (Archetype) + 5 (Pride) + 5 (Motivation))
Fel   57   (17 + 30 + 5 (Archetype) + 5 (Advances))
Inf   52   (50 + 2 (Disgrace))

Wounds: 16
Infamy Points: 5
Corruption: 30

Charm +10
Command +10
Common Lore(Ecclesiarchy, War)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, The Book of Lorgar, Daemonology, The Horus Heresy and the Long War, The Warp)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Occult)

Air of Authority
Ancient Warrior
Bulging Biceps
Crushing Blow
Enemy (Ecclesiarchy)
Infused Knowledge
Inspire Wrath
Into the Jaws of Hell
Iron Discipline
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Radiant Presence
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons)
Unarmed Warrior
Unshakeable Will

Dark Devotion - Spend an Infamy Point to construct a monument to a Chaos God of choice. The size of the monument and the time required to complete its construction is subject to the Dark Apostle’s
ambitions and the resources available to him, and additional Skill Tests might also be required as GM sees fit. If GM decides the resulting preparations are sufficient, the Dark Apostle may grant two
Degrees of Success to a single Skill Test involved in a Rite or Ritual performed at the site. In addition, any Rites or Rituals that share an alignment with the monument gain a +30 Ritual Modifier, while
those aligned to another God gain a –30 Ritual Modifier. Altars can qualify as Glorifying Acts at GM’s discretion.
Harbinger of Heresy - When attempting to use any Interaction Skill to affect multiple targets, may affect 10x the number of targets normally allowed. May spend an Infamy point to re-roll an Interaction
Test and add 1 DoS to the result. May attempt to convert any NPC target(s), including minions, with a Disposition Modifier of +20 or greater through an Opposed Charm Test. The Dark Apostle gains +10 on
the attempt, and, if successful, he can spend an Infamy Point to mark the target(s) as Faithful. Faithful followers gain +10 to Opposed Willpower Tests to resist hostile Interaction Skills.
Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)

Magnificent Horns
Wreathed in Chaos

Legionnaire Power Armour
  Enhanced Ceramite
  Auto Senses
  Vox Link
Legionnaire Boltgun and 4 magazines
Legionnaire Combat Knife
Accursed Crozius (non-possessed),
Legionnaire bolt pistol with 2 magazines
Unholy Icon
2 Legion frag grenades
Unholy Rosarius (Refractor Field)  Acquisition
Good Craftsmanship AEtheme Blade  Acquisition
Book of Lorgar (Best Craftsmanship Blasphemous Text)  Acquisition
Best Craftsmanship Ritual Kit  Acquisition
Best Craftsmanship Bionic Arm  Acquisition

Characteristics 1
Characteristics 2

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Feb 29, 2004

Kothurchu, The Crimson Storm, Waker of The Red God

Kothurchu was weak once.

He went by the name Johan once. Once during an age he has trouble remembering he fought in the Imperial Guard. The unit had been weak and badly trained, soft and frail like the Imperium they served. His unit’s first engagement was facing a slaver warband. They were ground down and defeated in combat, doomed to be the next slaves taken. Johan prayed for a miracle. He prayed to the new Emperor on the Golden Throne for salvation from his fate. But nothing came, the Corpse Pretender as silent and useless as a grave.

When the battle ended, he found himself among the enemy, the latest toy for the fighting slave pits. A weak man would have perished. A weak man like Johan. But Johan prayed, prayed to the old god of his world. The one the Imperium had stomped out through bribery and force. To the Red God, the one of battle, strike, slaughter, and blood. The Red God whispered to him in return.

The pits ran red with blood as Johan fought for his life. Johan sought the Red God's favor and he blessed him, unleashing the strength that had been held back by the weakness of his past life. He fought man, beast, and alien, all for the amusement of the crowd. He fought with a vicious and brutal style that entertained his captors. They elevated him, first among slaves, giving him the title of Kothurchu, roughly translated as “He Who Makes The Blood Of His Enemies Flow.” They gave him food, women, and comfort, thinking that a slave treated so well would never rebel. They kept his chains tight and their guardians numerous, thinking that a single slave could never touch them.

But one day Johan knew he was finally strong. Strong enough to break the puny chains that held him. Strong enough to tear through the pathetic guardians his masters hid behind. Strong enough to batter down their doors of iron and see his masters whimpering with fear. And strong enough to sacrifice them to the Red God en masse.

The Red God awoke and made himself known to the man who was once the weakling Johan. As he gazed upon visions of the fields of blood, an eternity of slaughter, and a massive throne made of skulls, a small voice rang in his head. It begged him to turn back, to take his freedom and live a life of peace like he once did.

Korthurchu shut it out of his mind entirely and dedicated himself to the Lord of Skulls.

Discarding the name of the Johan and taking up his new title in service to Khorne, he cut a swath through the Screaming Vortex. There is no shortage of need for killers and Korthurchu became one of the most in-demand, not caring who he fought for as long as the blood flowed. He eventually came into warband Bone Crusher and this “Black Crusade.” His goal is not wealth, power, knowledge or any petty trifle like that. He only seeks to continue the march of slaughter and the fall of Cadia shall turn the galaxy into a field of carnage unimaginable, the ultimate tribute for the Red God.

A small voice sometimes echos in Korthurchu's mind at times, begging him to end this madness. With every drop of blood split, with every skull offered, with every friend or foe slain, it grows softer. It is very soft now. Soon Korthurchu will silence it forever.

Name: Kothurchu
Race: Human
Archetype: Renegade
Pride: Fortitude
Disgrace: Destruction
Motivation: Vegenace
Alligence: Khorne MANMODE

WS 61=44+3+15
BS  48=40+3+5
S   50 (60)=40+10(+10 in Power Armor)
T   50=40+5+5
Ag 42=40-3+5
Int 29=32-3
Per 31=36-5
Fel 29=33-4
Wp  38
Wounds: 18=15+2+1
Infamy: 54=50+2+2
Corruption: 30

Parry +10
Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialis)
Common Lore(Imperial Guard, Tech, War)
Operate(Aeronautica +10, Surface)
Dodge +10
Tech Use

Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Weapons Training (Chain, Flame, Las, Primary, SP, Bolt, Power)
Sure Strike
Ancient Warrior
Berserk Charge
Pity the Weak
Counter Attack
Two Weapon Wielder Ranged
Two Weapon Wielder Melee
Furious Assault
Battle Rage
Combat Master
Swift Attack
Step Aside
Crushing Blow
Lightning Attack
Sound Constitution
Resistance (Psychic Powers)

The Quick and the Dead
Mark of Khorne 
Brutal Charge(4)
Unnatural Strength (4)

Special Ability
Adroit (Weapons Skill)

Gift of Khorne (Brass Collar)
Gift of Khorne(Daemonic Name)
-2 Infamy (
-Generation Roll(

Light Power Armor (Common)
-Sustainable Power Source
-Vox Link
-Auto Senses
Refractor Field (Common)
Brass Collar of Khorne
Plasma Gun (Common)
2x mags
Bolt Pistol (Common)
2x mags
Inferno Pistol (Common)
2x mags
Power Sword (Good)
-Duelist Hilt
-Storm Field
Jump Pack (Good)
Data slate w/ annotated version of Tactica Imperialis
12 Legion Frag Grenades
3 Legion Krak Grenades


Trade in one to upgrade Power Sword twice

Trade Power Mace for Inferno Pistol (IRC approved)

Light Power Armor
-Very Rare -20
-Single +10
-Common-Quality +0

Power Sword
-Very Rare -20
-Single +10
-Good-Quality -10
-Trade Carapace Armor(Rare) for an additional +10

Refractor Field
-Very Rare -20
-Single +10
-Common-Quality +0

Jump Pack
-Rare -10
-Single +10
-Good-Quality -10

<MandozerTheGreat> so how about a +10 for G.C. Jump Pack
*** hukhukhuk [] has joined #acolyte
<MandozerTheGreat> and 90 minutes of constant flight time
Exp to spend 99950/10000
Trained WS 1500
Simple T 250
Simple BS 250
Intermediate S 350
Simple Ag 500
Weapon Training (Power) 250
Pity the Weak 200
Counter Attack 500
Parry +10 200
Two Weapon Wielder Ranged 500
Two Weapon Wielder Melee 500
Furious Assault 300
Battle Rage 300
Combat Master 300
Swift Attack 300
Step Aside 750
Crushing Blow 400
Lightning Attack 400
Blademaster 400
Sidearm 750
Sound Consitution 250
Raptor 250
Operate (Aeronautica) +10 550
Power Amor:

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

We're still using the tome of excess rules
Bump the characteristics as such though
2d10+15 for lesser 2d10+20 for normal 2d10+30 for Greater.
Certain type of minions like Traitor Marines or Ogryn/etc that the tome of fate system doesn't seem to do justice will get gm fiat'd till there are at where they should be.
Max Wounds for them too.

Dachsund make your Ogryn comrade like you would make an ogryn PC from only war. I don't feel the normal minion rules are suitable for what you are trying to do, not that I'm super familiar. So do it like this. IGNORE the +5/+5/-5/-5 thing it tells you. Apply what I've posted here and sort it out between the minion gen system or whatever. If in doubt, whats posted below are freebies.

Also this is why I bitched about the lightning claws. Grab me on IRC and we can discuss some lowertech gear and I don't mean primitive poo poo. I mean at least chain weaponry because how hard is it to train an ogryn to hold down a button right?


Ogryn’s hands are not only much larger than those of a normal human, but also far stronger, and most Ogryn have a
hard time using them to perform delicate, or even normal, tasks. Because of this, Ogryn cannot use most weapons made
for humans, as they tend to break them when they try. Any weapon which doesn’t have the Ogryn-Proof Trait cannot
be used by a character with the Clumsy Trait.


Characteristic Bonus: +10 Strength, +10 Toughness,
–15 Intelligence, and –10 Agility.
Starting Skills: Intimidate or Survival.
Starting Talents: Die Hard or Iron Jaw, Weapon
Training (Heavy, Solid Projectile).
Starting Traits: Auto-Stabilised,
Clumsy, Size (Hulking), Sturdy, Unnatural Strength
(+2), Unnatural Toughness (+2).
Specialist Equipment: Common Craftsmanship
ripper gun, 1d5 frag grenades.
Wounds: 25 + 1d5

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Zikan Khorne Dude
Infamy Test for Rewards from Khorne Try #1: 2#1d100 47 95
Got it
Rewards of Khorne: 2#1d100 22 9

Choose from Collar of Khorne or Daemonic Name
Infamy Test for Rewards from Khorne Try #2: 2#1d100 28 72
Got it
Rewards of Khorne: 2#1d100 22 7
Daemonic Name or Collar of Khorne Flesh-Fused Weapon

Whichever one you pick let me know so I can reroll the duplicate. ahahahahaahahahaha
Rewards of Khorne Reroll CoK: 1d100 52

Malicious Onion
Gift of The Gods: 3#1d100 47 3 63
Pick One
First Option: Headless/Flaming Skull/Illusion of Normalcy/Featureless Face/Icon of Blasphemy/Infernal Will
Second Option: Animal Hybrid/Addiction/Wreathed in Chaos/Warpsight/Bestial
Third Option: Limb Loss/Warp-Eater/Intelligent Cyst/Maginificent Horns/Warped Appearance

Gift of The Gods: 3#1d100 76 27 97
Pick One
First Option: Grossly Fat/Projectile Attack/Pervasive Miasma/Nerveless Ennui/Slayer Limb/Strange Voice/Additional Limb
Second Option: Cyclops/Chaos Organ/Burning Body/Darksoul/Dimensional Instability/Emaciated
Third Option: Warp-touched/Vampiric Addiction/Tentacle/Warpsight/Wreathed in Chaos/Addiction

Gift of The Gods: 3#1d100 98 54 57
Pick One
First Option: Warp-touched/Vampiric Addiction/Tentacle/Warpsight/Wreathed in Chaos/Addiction/Animal Hybrid
Second Option: Inside Out/Pseudo-Daemonhood/Intelligent Cyst/Infernal Will/Icon of Blasphemy
Third Option: Intelligent Cyst/Pseudo-Daemonhood/Inside Out/Infernal Will/Warp-Eater/Limb Loss

Gift of The Gods: 3#1d100 84 37 69
First Option: Additional Limb/Strange Voice/Stange Walk/Tail
Second Option: Eye-Stalks/Eye of Chaos/Emaciated/Centauroid/Featureless Face
Third Option: Warped Appearance/Mechanoid/Nerveless Ennui/Pervasive Miasma/Projectile Attack/Warped Appearance

Infamy Test for Rewards from Tzeentch Try #1: 2#1d100 7 39
The first guy to get it twice so you know what lets give you THREE CHANCES ON THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE
Rewards of Tzeentch DOUBLES: 3#1d100 69 11 6
Rewards of Tzeentc Reroll: 1d100 97
Rewards of Tzeentch Reroll moT: 1d100 56
Changing of the Ways (rerolled incase you don't get mutations later)/Daemonic Name/Flaming Arm/Warpsmith (Changing of Ways Reroll)

Infamy Test for Rewards from Tzeentch Try #2: 2#1d100 39 91
No doubles
Rewards of Tzeentch Pt 2: 2#1d100 81 88
Rewards of Tzeentch Reroll: 1d100 96
Massive Intellect or Warpsmith

Infamy Test for Rewards from Tzeentch: 2#1d100 12 81
No doubles
Rewards of Tzeentch: 2#1d100 56 26
Flaming Arm or Daemon Weapon

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Infamy Test for Rewards from Khorne Try #1: 2#1d100 37 46
Second Guy to Get Doubles so lets give you three spins on the WHEEL OF FORTUNE
Rewards of Khorne: 3#1d100 88 53 82
Rewards of Khorne Reroll MoK: 2#1d100 83 62
Rewards of Khorne Reroll: 1d100 49
Rewards of Khorne Reroll: 1d100 3
Pick One
Flesh-Fused Weapon/Hand of Khorne/Collar of Khorne

Infamy Test for Rewards from Khorne Try #2: 2#1d100 24 41
First guy to get Doubles TWICE so lets give you four spins on the WHEEL OF FORTUNE
Rewards of Khorne: 4#1d100 61 14 94 73
Rewards of Khorne Reroll MoK: 1d100 39
Pick One
Hand of Khorne/Daemonic Name/Purity of Aggression/Face of Khorne

Infamy Test for Rewards from Tzeentch Try #1: 2#1d100 9 84
Rewards of Tzeentch: 2#1d100 8 17
Rewards of Tzeentch Reroll CotW: 1d100 43
Pick One
Daemonic Name/Ecstatic Duplication

Infamy Test for Rewards from Tzeentch Try #2: 2#1d100 53 84
Gift of The Gods: 2#1d100 38 88
Pick One
First Option: Centauroid/Eye-stalks/Eye of Chaos/Emaciated/Featureless Face/Illusion of Normalcy
Second Option: Tail/Strang Walk/Additional Limb/Tentacle

Oct 24, 2012

I'm in the business of...

Name: Visna D'Renthe
Age: 36

Class: Frost-Father (+5 Str/WS, +3 Wil/Fel)
Pride: Martial Prowess (+5 WS, -5 Int)
Failing: Hubris (+2 Inf, -4 Int)
Motivation: Vengeance (+2 Wnds, -5 Per)

Characteristics (
WeS: 57(42+05+10)
BaS: 33(33+00)
Str: 56(41+05+10) 
Tou: 45(40+05)
Agi: 39(39+00)
Int: 27(36-05-04)
Per: 31(36-05)
Wil: 40(37+03)
Fel: 40(37+03)

Inf: 52
Wnds: 20
Corr: 30

CL: Xurunt, Imperium, War
Lang: Low Gothic, Xurish
Nav: Surface
SL: Occult

Air of Authority
Battle Rage
Berserk Charge
Combat Master
Double Team
Furious Assault
Greater Minion of Chaos (Xurush)
Sure Strike
Nerves of Steel
Lightning Reflexes
Peer (Xur)
Pity the Weak
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold, Fear)
WT: Primary, SP, Chain
Hammer Blow
Crushing Blow
Unarmed Warrior
Sound Constitution
True Grit
Flesh Render

The Quick and the Dead: +2 Initiative
Great Boast - If certain hard tests are passed, +10 Command. If no IP used, gain a temporary one.
Visions of Death - May spend IP to Frenzy as free action with +5 to Bonuses. Kill high WS opponents often or go nuts.

BC Mono-Sword
GC Lance-Goad
GC Bow w/ 30 Mono-Arrows
BC Mono-Knife
Beast Fur Armor
Pile o' Trophy Skulls

Starting Acquisitions:
++BC Chain Hammer
+ Light Power Armor (Senses, Gill, Power, Devoted to Khorne)
+ Synthmuscle
+ Skeletal Petrifaction

XP: 4250/4400
350 - Str+10
750 - WS+10
400 - Blademaster
400 - Hammer Blow
400 - Crushing Blow
200 - Unarmed Warrior
500 - Sound Constitutionx2
250 - Weapon Training: Chain
750 - True Grit
250 - Flesh Render
Note: If you want to avoid mounted combat, maybe I can trade the Xurunsh for a horde minion of Xurish tribesmen?

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Am I able to take Warpsmith twice then, or am I going to have to diversify?

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

John Dyne posted:

Am I able to take Warpsmith twice then, or am I going to have to diversify?

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Jolinaxas posted:

Note: If you want to avoid mounted combat, maybe I can trade the Xurunsh for a horde minion of Xurish tribesmen?

I'd rather have the Xurunsh then the horde minions. I can see a beast or some dogs accompanying Chaos Space Marines on a Stormbird that can carry up to 100 of them.


Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Kayleen Larraman

Tell me where to hurt.

One of the foremost biotechs and engineers in the years of the Great Crusade, Dr. Kayleen Larraman contributed substantially to the understanding and development of the Astartes biological weapons program. Charged both with general research and monitoring of gene seed for purity, she occasionally found herself a bit too close to the front lines of the Great Crusade when observing Astartes augmentations in action. Originally a Terran-trained specialist, she was eventually routed to Mars to assist with the industrial facilities necessary for mass gene-seed production. Miffed by Mechanicus mysticism, she nevertheless paid lip service to it to gain access to their exceptional knowledge of personal augmentation. The space marine production continued onward, but Kayleen’s augmented cortex had already turned to thoughts of what would ultimately replace them.

It only hurts you when I laugh.

The shortfalls of the Astartes production process, especially the reliance of biological enhancements and extreme limitations on potential candidates, were in her mind challenges to be overcome, rather than taboos to be respected. However, the Horus Heresy, and its subsequent failure to take Terra, caused a schism in the Mechanicus. Kayleen, who was judged to have been way, way too far on the side of pure A.I. (with basically having turned herself into a iron (wo)man), was forced to make a run for it along with all the others who refused to bow to the will of the Omnissian zealots. Fleeing to the Eye, she and the others began to assemble what would eventually would be known as the Dark Mechanicus. Liberated from the absurd and arbitrary restraints placed on orthodox Martian researchers, Kayleen was able to advance the cause of the forces of Chaos, through both maintenance of highly finicky and now hard-to-acquire technology, and a thorough understanding of Astartes physiology and creation. Now that this little pow-wow of Abaddon’s seems to be getting off the ground, Kayleen has joined forces officially with the war-band to have first dibs on the copious amounts of high-value biologic material that will soon be up for dibs.

A spoonful of slaughter makes the medicine go down.

An indispensable member of the greater warband, (as killing one of the single-digit number of people who actually understand how all your bits work is a bit of a performance compromiser), Kayleen is ready to scoop up the rest of the team when they and their bleeping and booping gadgets inevitably get splattered all over the place. Knowing quite a bit on how to take things apart (explosively and otherwise) is another handy feature.

She’s still slightly angry about the whole ‘having to flee for your life’ thing. Whodathunk aligning with dark gods set against all mankind would get your license revoked?

Archtype: Heretek
Pride: Craftsmanship
Disgrace: Wrath
Motivation: Perfection
Alignment: Manmode Unaligned (int aligned)

WS:  28=34-6
BS:  45=38-3+10
STR: 35(45)(+10 L.P.A.)
TOU: 40
AGI: 45=37+3+5
INT: 70=42+3ino+5perf+5htek+15
PER: 52=37+5+10op +20 vision base tests
WIL: 36=41-5
FEL: 57=42+15

Infamy Points: 5/5
Armor: 21 (7l.powerarmor+12machine+2Armormonger)
Init: 1d10+12

Awareness (+20vs sight)
Common Lore (All, Adeptus Mechanicus+10, Tech+10)(+20g.q.c.i.)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Adeptus Astartus)(+20g.q.c.i.)
Logic (+20g.q.c.i.)
Medicae+10(+20 Narth)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry,All)(+20g.q.c.i.)
Speak (L.Gothic,H.Gothic)
Tech Use+20(+10 M.Enginseer)
Trade (Armorer)


Combat Formation
Die Hard
Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Excessive Wealth
Greater Minion
Infused Knowledge
Master Enginseer
Master Chiruigen
Mechadendrite Training (Utility)
Greater Minion
Step Aside
Technical Knock
Total Recall
WT Las, Primary, Shock, Power

Binary Chatter: (+10 Loyalty to robominions)
Abbadon's favor: Unlock Ancient Warrior when dealing 
with Black Legion champions/captains.
Hellooo Nurse!: +10 bonus to acquiring medical 
related items+gain 1 narthecium 
Quick and the Dead: +2 Ini
Mechnicus Implants
Machine (12)
Take one, Leave one: When performing either first aid, surgery, 
or similar on a character, you may take enough biological samples 
to gain +10 on the next craft roll to make an appropriate substance
or item

Gifts and Rewards:
Flight (2xAB)
Mechanoid (+4)

Light Power Armour
-Power Source
-Vox Link
-Remnants of Mutation (Flyer)

M29 Prototype Assault Laser
-Multilas+Ammo Glutton+Suspensors
Demokit (instead of l.carapace)
Best-Craftsmanship Lascarbine
Common-Craftsmanship Power Axe 

G.Q. Cerebral Cortex
G.Q. Flesh Replenishment+10 to test
Luminin Capacitors
Optical Mechadendrite
Black Blood (Autosanguine)
Mech Assimilation (8)

Ligature Oils, 
Hug-Bug, Combat Hover-drone

A weekend project into heretical pure A.I. and short warp-displacement travel, Kayleen has found its variety of deadly implements useful both for liquifying opposition, and for holding someone's spleen in position while she nailguns it back into place.
WS  31=36-5
BS  49=44+5
STR 40 (+20,Powerarmor)
TOU 43 (4untou)
AGI 48=43+5
INT 42
PER 43
WIL 37
FEL 35= 40-5

Wounds: 16 
Armor: 16 (8 p.armor, 6 machine+2 armormonger)
Size: 5 (hulking)

Lascannon w/cursed metal
Ghibelline Hyperwave Clarion Cannon

medicae, techuse, dodge+20, awareness, concealment
speak L.Gothic, intimidate, trade (armor)


combat formation , hardy, jaded, marksman, 
storm of iron, step aside, armormonger, sprint,
hipshooting, wt: clarion canno, las

sycophant, fanatic, phase, flyer 6, machine 6, autostabilized,
unnatural toughness 4

Advances: (10000/10000)
Int+5  -100
Int+10 -250
Int+15 -500
Agi+5  -250
BS +5  -250
BS +10 -500
Fel+5  -250
Fel+10 -500


Athletics  200
Awareness  200
Charm      200
Commerce   100
Deceive    200
Dodge+10   350
F.l Spess  100
Inquiry    100
Medicae    100
Medicae+10 200
Op (Surf)  200
Security   100
Tech-Use   500

CombatFor  200
Ex.Wealth  250
Foresight  300
InfKnowl   400
Jaded      250
greatemin  500  (upgrade from lesser minion)
M.Engseer  400
M.Chirugen 400
Step-aside 750
T.Knock    200

-God Alignment:
Slaanesh: 6
Tzeench:  3
Nurgle:   3
Khorne:   1

1st: L.Power Armor
2nd: Mechanicus Assimilation x4 
3rd: Mechanicus Assimilation x4 (Total: 8)
4th: Black Blood/Autosanguine
5th: Multilas

P.A. Mod:
Minion stats

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