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Jun 20, 2008

My personal favorite furnace setup (a bit backed up at the moment):

New powerplant, note the roboports so I can just slap down a blueprint and hook up the water:

Possibly my favorite feature, right click on a power pole

for a complete power breakdown for that power network or press "P"

now to see how many blue science packs goons can produce every 5 seconds.


Jun 20, 2008

Wolpertinger posted:

Cars are WAY too fragile for the finnicky controls considering how expensive they are to make and how they try to encourage them to be some sort of gigantic mega chest. On the mission where you need like 2500-3000 of five different resources, I had the vast majority of that in the car, and accidentally blew it up. I didn't realize what had happened for a moment, as every single tile on the screen (and a distance around it!) was covered in iron plates, copper plates, steel bars, and ammo spontaneously.
On the flip side, cars 1: are faster then any biter. 2: allow you to shoot and use items while driving. Set up a grenade production facility and use them to blow roads through forests then do drive-bys on biter nests.

Jun 20, 2008

necrotic posted:

I've been working on a "Great Wall" design for expanding to a far away site. Really happy with the design so far.

The artillery stations are enabled when I set a signal to their number, which automatically increments from the previous station when I place the blueprint. My artillery train also comes with the required rails and station bits. Once the expansion is completed I'll have a 2-4-2 artillery train rotating through the stations for upkeep.

The supply train includes everything else. Its station is enabled if any item falls under the desired buffer amount and comes by to refill it.

So far the quad uranium turret with flamethrower in the middle has kept up with everything. I've lost maybe 2 turrets when destroying bases directly ahead as the flamethrowers don't reach the middle. When I know that's going to happen I'm generally there in a tank to assist with any behemoth spitters, but the turrets still do most of the work.

There's some automation I can still do with this, but I can place several of these an hour with minimal effort at this point.

edit: I have a variation with concrete but have decided to apply that later. I'm already overloading the bot construction queue by doing this and a huge solar array at the same time.

Have you tried mixing in some land mines? Bots can auto-replace them. Yeah you will be losing some bots when they go to rebuild exploded mines in the middle of a swarm, but the fact mines insta-kill 3/4 of the bug types and apply a 3 second stun to anything that lives make them handy.

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