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Feb 16, 2011

So i'm doing the campaign, and the rail tutorial mission. It took me like two hours to get a convoluted enough system to mass produce green research and red research and funnel it to labs in quantities fast enough to research quickly, and then I just run out of iron as I get to the next objective : collect 3000 iron plate, 1500 steel plate, 3000 copper plate, 1500 piercing rounds magazine. . There's some pre-made copper/iron mines faaaaaaar away on the railway but a SINGLE SEGMENT of rail costs 1 steel bar! Steel takes five iron plates each and takes eons to cook, too! And i'm out of iron! And I have this giant.. abomination that i'd have to completely retool to produce steel, iron bars, and stone to make railway segments, while still somehow amassing 1500 excess steel and 3000 excess iron. .

It's so good, but the sheer scale of what you have to build is just.. overwhelming.


Feb 16, 2011

Morphix posted:

I'm in the drilling/rifenery mode as I got bored of optimizing the factory so now I'm optimizing a different type of factory...


What do Small Pumps do? The flow-rate of the pipes doesn't seem to be affected with mine, so is my setup simply too small for them to be of any use?

Also, I'm dying to see someones fully automated setup, like from coal/iron-ore/copper to the next step of bars to wheels and all other poo poo and at the end pumping out Research beakers things.

I think it'd be kind of impossible but maybe that's what some of the smart chests/inserters are for.

Here is an example of my simple assembly setup, it's 2 rows of 5 factories being fed by a boxes at one end. I have two of these so in total I have 20 factories that can be pumping out stuff.

I end up switching the factories production quite a lot but it's nice to be able to pump out couple thousand in simple precursors like iron wheels and green electric circuits relatively fast.

I've always fully automated my red + green beakers from raw ore to both on the same conveyor belt running past like 6-10 labs running side by side, which produces technology monstrously fast. I don't even know where to start with blue beakers though. Even going from red to green is ridiculously complicated and usually takes me like an hour. And part of the problem is once you automate all that poo poo all your iron plates and copper and stuff are tied up but it's difficult to pull them out for other things. Also it's really easy to get to products in the same line it's almost impossible to separate them if you try the crane will grab that randomly one of the two objects and place it on the other conveyor - and if the wrong object runs into a machine the whole thing will just stop until you remove it manually.

Feb 16, 2011

American Dad posted:

Your labs appear to be working. They will only insert a few bottles and replace them as they get used, they wont just keep cramming them in there.

Yeah - the way to deal with excess (and not just excess bottles, excess anything) is instead of placing the bottles directly onto a conveyor leading to your lab, have your conveyor use a blue fast inserter to place your excess items directly into an iron chest, and have another inserter pulling it straight out and placing it on the conveyor belt that leads to where it will be used. If you're using them as quickly as you make them, the blue inserters will pass them just as quickly as any conveyor belt. If you generate them faster than they are used, eventually the conveyor belt on the other side of the box will start to clog up, and when it's completely full, the inserter pulling things out of the box will stop. From then on, the box will start filling up and will store up to several thousand excess of that item for you - meaning that if your demand ever increases, you have a huge reservoir to pull from immediately, with the additional option of snagging stacks from the box for personal use, or to manually fill up whichever machine with a full stack instead of just 3-4 (which I sometimes do as it does speed things up slightly in some situations).

Otherwise, whichever machine is producing the object that has supply outstripping demand is sitting there, wasted - I can almost guarantee that at some point you'll wish you had a lot more of an object that's been sitting unproduced because of a conveyor belt clog - like those copper plates sitting on a conveyor belt dead end on that screenshot could probably use a fast inserter with a box at the end even more than the beakers could, considering just HOW MUCH freaking copper you need in higher tier technology, like tens of thousands at least. Plus, the iron plate belt is clogged up too for the same reason, which means the smelters are clogged up, which means the miners are clogged up, and so on.

The campaign taught me the hard way that letting machines sit idle never pays off when you suddenly need another couple thousand iron or copper.

Feb 16, 2011

Evilreaver posted:

Even better, each time you are a poo poo driver (like me) and plow over one of your power poles, that counts as a kill!
And when you gently caress up enough poles and ruin your car (I'm a bad driver) that counts as a 'car' kill.

Cars are WAY too fragile for the finnicky controls considering how expensive they are to make and how they try to encourage them to be some sort of gigantic mega chest. On the mission where you need like 2500-3000 of five different resources, I had the vast majority of that in the car, and accidentally blew it up. I didn't realize what had happened for a moment, as every single tile on the screen (and a distance around it!) was covered in iron plates, copper plates, steel bars, and ammo spontaneously.

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