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Nov 11, 2008

J. Jonah Jameson, a.k.a. Iron Jonah
No Stress, 1(now zero) PP, 0 XP

A moment ago, J. Jonah Jameson was at the Daily Bugle, getting into yet another rant about Spider-Man and how he would soon unmask the menace, only to be teleported away to...wherever this place is. Alongside him are Dr. Strange (self-claimed Sorcerer Supreme, whatever that meant), the Punisher (like anyone in New York hadn't heard of him or his killing sprees), the Shocker (who would invite this bozo?), two people he didn't know about, and Deadpool. Great, just great.

Shortly after the monitor comes to life and an obese man with some sort of skin disease starts ranting about a reality show or something. Pulling a cigar from a hidden compartment of the Mk. II Armor and lighting it with the installed lighter in the armor's left index finger, J. Jonah Jameson makes sure this "Mojo" character knew who was actually in charge. "Look here, pal, I'm sure you've heard of me. I own the Daily Bugle, and I was even mayor of New York for a while. And I have some drat good lawyers, so you better not think you can just pull me out of my office and that I'll just put on a show for you. That might fly with that idiot Deadpool or that loser Shocker, but not with J. Jonah Jameson!"

Spending my 1 PP to create a "I know my rights!" d8 business resource, to try and limit what Mojo can get me to do for his show.

Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6

	Loud and In Charge
	Not a Fan of Masked Vigilantes

MK. II Power Armor
Enhanced Senses d8
Superhuman Durability d10
Superhuman Strength d10
Supersonic Flight d10

SFX: "Give Me More Juice!": Spend a PP to step up or double a MK. II Power Armor power for an action,
then add your effect die to the Doom Pool.
SFX: Multipower: Use two or more MK. II Power Armor powers in your dice pool, at -1 step for each
additional power.

Limit: Weakness: Power Lines. After hit by an electrical attack, gain 1 PP and turn highest-rated
MK. II Power Armor power into a Complication. Remove Complication or participate in a Transition
Scene to recover.

Grab Bag of Gadgets
Gadgets d8
Repulsors d8

SFX: A Gadget for Everything: When using Gadgets to create an asset, add a d6 and step up the effect
die by +1.
SFX: Magnets!: When using Gadgets in an attack action against a tech-related target, add d6 and step
up effect die by +1.
SFX: Proton Beam: Step up or double Repulsors on your next roll, then shutdown Repulsors. Recover power
by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

Limit: Wrong Button. If you use Gadgets in an action and fail by 5 or more, use your own effect die to
create a gadget-based complication on yourself.

Business Master
Crime Expert
Menace Expert

Leap Before You Look
1 XP when you use a taunt-based complication affecting you in your action.
3 XP when you activate your Weakness: Power Lines or Wrong Button limits for the first time in a scene.
10 XP when you single-handedly lose a major fight for you and your allies, or put your pride aside and help
another ally win the fight.

"Masked Vigilantes Are A Menace!"
1 XP when you yell about the masked vigilante menace.
3 XP when you go out of your way to start a fight with a masked hero.
10 XP when you either unmask a hero through force, or allow masked heroes to decide whether to unmask or not.


Nov 11, 2008

J. Jonah Jameson
Team d6, No Stress, 1 PP, 0 XP

Still fuming at being teleported away from his office and forced to share the same room as Deadpool, JJJ listens to Bishop's plan. "So, you want us to just do what we would have done, right? Are you an actual cop?" Still, Strange's explanation on how to get out of here seems as sane as any plan they could come up with, so might as well go along with it for now. Dropping the cigar back into the hidden compartment, JJJ looks around at the group he'll be forced to work with. "Well, you should all know who I am, so let's skip that part. Where, exactly, would this machine of 'Mojo's' be, and how do we get to it? And I thought you advertised yourself as the Sorcerer Whatever, why can't you just magic up a solution?"

Nov 11, 2008

J. Jonah Jameson
Team d6, No Stress, 1 PP, 0 XP

Well, that's one idiot down. Doesn't look like the Punisher or Dr. Strange are having a good time either. And like hell J. Jonah Jameson is going to pay for medical bills. Which means he needs a way to deflect those lasers. Magnets deflect lasers, right? Sure, let's go with that.

While the bots are focusing on Punisher and Strange, and while that spell makes it almost impossible for the bots to see what JJJ is doing, Iron Jonah pumps energy through out his suit, creating a magnetic field. Hopefully, anyway, he hasn't read the User's Manual yet.

Using Gadgets to create a Magnetic Shield asset.
Team d6 +Short-Tempered d4 (+1 PP)+Gadgets d8+Wilm's Warding d10+A Gadget for Everything d6+Stunt d8(-1 PP)
Total is 15, Effect is d10 because of A Gadget for Everything. Gonna keep my last PP, just in case.

if this action fails by 5 or more, I will create a d10 complication on myself because of the Wrong Button limit. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Squirrel Girl, Save Us!

Nov 11, 2008

Iron Jonah
Team d6, No Stress, 4 PP, 5 XP

Turns out magnet-armor isn't such a good idea when there is so much leftover scrap from the destroyed robots. Thankfully, JJJ finds a way to turn it off before he is buried under a pile of scrap. Pretending like that never happened, Iron Jonah gives his thoughts on Deadpool's 'tactics'. "It's not like we were going to drive than van around in here anyways, and as much as I hate myself for saying this, Deadpool is right: we didn't get shot at while the robots were blasting him with lasers. So, new plan: let Deadpool charge in first, so he takes all the punishment while we blow up robots. We don't get hurt, and we get to laugh as Deadpool is shot repeatedly. Win-win for everyone."

And then Dr. Strange did...something or other. He did something like this at the last social get-together JJJ and Strange had attended, too. Guess it's the sorcerer's version of a party trick. "So, anyone here know just what the hell this Mojo guy can throw at us? If it's just robots, this is gonna be easy. But since fate has decided to place me in the same room as all of you guys, I'm not counting on any good luck anytime soon."

Forgot to mention, using Leap Before You Look and the Lights, Camera... RATINGS! milestones for now.

Nov 11, 2008

Iron Jonah
Solo d10, No Stress, 4(-3) PP, 5 XP

Good news: those other idiots are gone, as well as Mojo. Bad news: going through this poo poo yet again. "Come on, Gargan, are you still holding a grudge?! Do you even know how far technology has come since you got stuck in that suit? I'm sure we could get Stark to get you out if you want-ah, hell with it." Not much use trying to explain anything to the Scorpion gets like this, might as well just get it over with. As the Mk. II's Proton Beam charges up, JJJ reflects that at least this time he doesn't have to worry about Spider-Man saving his hide.

Using Proton Beam to blast Scoprion, because Jonah has enough experience with these attacks to know that Scorpion is just gonna charge blindly.
Solo d10+Short-Tempered d8+Senses d10("Give Me More Juice!")+Repulsores 2d8(Proton Beam)+Crime Expert d8
Spending 3 PP's to make my Total 19, Effect is d10. Repulsors shutdown, and a d10 is added to the doom pool.

Nov 11, 2008

Iron Jonah
Solo d10, d10 Physical Stress, 1(-1) PP, 5 XP

Well that was new. Wonder whose bright idea was it to combine a completely insane alien suit with another completely insane man. Did they think something good was going to happen, or-oh wait time to move. Iron Jonah tries to block the massive arms of Venom, but apparently this early suit is not capable of going toe-to-toe with the symbiote, and JJJ is flung backwards through a wall.

Picking himself up from the rubble, Jonah figures it's time to break out the big guns. And by "guns" he means speaker. Lots of 'em. '80's-style speakers spring up from hidden compartments all over the suit, ready to blast some noise into the sensitive symbiote's ears (or whatever Venom has that count as ears). "Gargan, you really should learn to say 'no' to strange people who want to experiment on you."

Going to be an idiot and try to just block Venom's swing:
Solo d10+Short-Tempered d4 (+1 PP)+Strength 2d8("Give Me More Juice!")+Durability d8
Total is 10, d8 Effect. So, I take d10 physical stress. One opportunity, and a d8 is added to the Doom Pool.

For my action, going to create a "Loaded with Speakers" asset.
Solo d10+Loud and In Charge d8+Gadgets d8+Crime Expert d8+A Gadget for Everything d6+Stunt d8
Total is 11, d10 Effect. If Dyne gives me a PP for my previous opportunity, going to use it here to increase my total to 15. Again, Wrong Button limit is in effect, so if my roll fails by 5 or more, I create a d10 complication on myself.


Nov 11, 2008

Iron Jonah
Solo d10, d8 Physical Stress, d6 Emotional trauma, 1 PP, 8 XP

After teleporting to (relative) safety for whatever reason, JJJ remains perfectly still on the floor for a while. This is not good for his heart. After recovering somewhat, he reaches for the slightly-damaged visor and puts it back on. *Systems Reactivated; Continuing Playback* "What? Oh god drat it, don't-" It takes a few seconds for Jameson to finally turn off the drat speakers, so hopefully stealth wasn't a big issue.

"So, where the hell are we now? Where's Mojo? I've got some words I need to say to him."

Forgot that I get 3 xp for activating the Wrong Button limit during that fight.

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