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Dec 30, 2010

Another 1? Aww man...

The Shocker
Solo (d6), 1 PP, 1 XP, No Stress or Conditions
Marking 1 XP for Triple J calling me out as exactly someone who would get pressured into something.

It had been three days since Stamford, and Herman had finally worked up the nerve to leave his apartment.


Sitting in his broken recliner in full costume, Shocker tried once more to reassure himself his decision was the right one. He'd always thought of himself as a professional supervillain, doing it for the money, and a step above those psychos who were just out to satisfy their bloodlust. Sure, he'd killed some people. He'd never made a habit of just blowing civilians away, though. He was a professional. But now, after Stamford...

He'd been watching the coverage of the clean-up, and all the Avengers were there, helping however they could. The news about the blast had scared him, which wasn't a difficult thing to do, but this was a different kind of scared from the usual. 'Am I capable of something like that?', he had wondered. If that was what supervillains did now, maybe... Maybe this whole dressing up to commit crimes wasn't his racket any more. But then what else could he do?

It was then, watching some C-list hero haul rubble alongside Captain America, that the second thought came to Shocker. 'I could... help? Maybe?' It was a strange thought, but as it stuck with him, Herman grew more comfortable with it. He had his gauntlets. He had his costume. It's not like there wasn't a precedent for villains switching sides. Why not him? And of course, heroes had to get paid something, right? 'Yes,' he thought, as he put on his costume. 'I, Herman Schultz A.K.A. The Shocker, will be... a superhero!'

Three days later, he still had not managed to leave his apartment. But this time he'd do it. Because it was the right thing to do! Yes! And also because after wearing it for three days straight, his suit was starting to smell.

Standing from his chair, Shocker strode confidently to his apartment door. He grabbed the knob, turned it, pulled the door open, and...


The Shocker has no idea what is going on, but he is certain of one thing: He never should have left his apartment. His apartment was safe. His apartment had a roof. His apartment didn't have a red sun, or a floating TV screen that yelled things at him. And his apartment wasn't full of people. Scanning the crowd, Shocker recognizes the man with the big cape as that Sorcerer Supreme guy, Doctor... something. Deadpool is, of course, easy enough to recognize. The dreadlocked man was a stranger, but his guns looked threatening enough to convince Shocker to not stare at him too long. J. Jonah Jameson in an Iron Man suit? And-

Shocker's stomach drops all the way past his feet.

It's The Punisher.

From the moment he recognizes the man who is almost certainly going to kill him, everything is a blur for Herman. Jameson says something about him, but he can't really tell what, and then suddenly dreadlock man has his gun pointed at Shocker and is yelling about crimes and for him to raise his hands and all Herman can think to do is raise his hands and almost mumble something about how okay yes he did all those things but he's not going to be doing them any more, he promises. Then suddenly there's a van, and dreadlock guy is introducing himself as Bishop, and Dr. Strange is making magic, and Squirrel Girl is popping out of the van and...

Standing still in the middle of all the insanity surrounding him, hands still raised, Shocker mumbles to himself. "I want to go home now." The one good thing he can think of is at least The Punisher seems not to have noticed him.


The Shocker
Herman Schultz (Secret)

Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8

(Recovering) Professional Supervillain
Crippled With Self-Doubt
Self-Taught Engineer

Vibro-Shock Gear
Vibro-Shock Blast - d8
Shock-Absorbing Suit - d8
Leaping - d6
SFX: Kinetic Overload. Step-up one Vibro-Shock Gear power for one action, then take d6 Physical Stress.
SFX: Widened Blasts. For every additional target of Vibro-Shock Blast, add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Focused Blasts. Step-up or double Vibro-Shock Blast when targeting one opponent. Discard the highest rolling die, and add three dice for your total.
Limit: Gear. Shutdown a Vibro-Shock Gear power and gain 1PP. Take an action vs. Doom Pool to regain.
Limit: Uncontrollable. Turn any Vibro-Shock Gear power into a complication and gain 1PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to regain.

Crime Expert - d8
Tech Expert - d8

I've Beaten Spider-Man!
1XP - When you suffer a bout of self-doubt and cowardice, or are ridiculed for being, well, The Shocker.
3XP - When you regain a power during the same scene that the Uncontrollable or Gear Limit on Vibro-Shock Gear was activated.
10XP - When you accomplish a truly impressive feat and finally gain the respect you deserve, or fail at something so embarrassingly that no one will ever take you seriously again.

Going Straight...ish
1XP - When you use underhanded tactics that would be unbecoming of a proper hero.
3XP - When you use your Crime Expert Specialty to create an asset towards heroic ends.
10XP - When you convince another villain to join you in trying out this heroism thing, or fall back into your old supervillain ways.

Edit: Joining the Event Milestone bandwagon and I've Beaten Spider-Man!

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Dec 30, 2010

Another 1? Aww man...

The Shocker
Buddy d10, 4PP, 5XP, No Stress/Complications

As Herman finally starts to regain consciousness, he notices the ceiling has changed from before he fainted. The most obvious difference is the simple fact that it is there. That's a big shift. It's also sleek and metal, which isn't too strange. Plenty of places are metal. Unfortunately, that detail eliminates the possibility of it being his apartment, and with it the hope that he might just wake up from this bad dream. This is all real, actually happening, and not the product of him tripping on his rug and knocking himself unconscious (again).

From his vantage point on the floor, Shocker takes some small happiness in the fact that The Punisher seems, along with almost everyone else, to have been lost in the move to this... room. The Shocker escapes death once again! Maybe, he thinks, things might turn out to be okay.

Noticing his companion, Shocker reflexively starts to raise his hands in surrender, before realizing Bishop's attention is very angrily focused elsewhere. Turning to follow the mutant cop's gaze, he wonders who or what could get that under his skin. Maybe it's another criminal, and he can help take them down and prove that he's a hero too! Assisting with a super-arrest would be a great way to convince everyone he's really doing this good guy thing.

Herman's enthusiasm disappears when he see that the target of Bishop's ire is absolutely out of his league. First he gets tossed into a room with The Punisher, and now Magneto?! MAG-loving-NETO! Why?! Why is life playing this joke on him?! Herman was finally trying to do something good, and this is what he gets for that? It just isn't fair! Lying on the floor, he considers the options for escaping here alive. Coming up with very few options besides perhaps just playing dead, he considers asking Bishop what his plan is.

This plan is cut off by the cop's shouting. Shouting which will absolutely draw Magneto's attention to them both. Magneto's insane, powerful, crush-your-hands-in-your-metal-vibro-gloves attention. "This is it," he realizes. "I'm going to die here. I'm going to be killed by Magneto and I'm going to die. Maybe- Maybe I can at least try to die on my feet. That's slightly heroic, isn't it?"

Stumbling to stand as Bishop finishes his speech, Shocker adds his support to the argument: "Y-yeah! W-wh-what he said!"

Rolling for Shocker's utterly hopeless addition to the attempt to make Magneto feel bad: Buddy d10, Crippled with Self-Doubt d4 (+1 PP) and that is it! Assuming we're allowed to even make two-die rolls: 12 with a default d4 effect. Jeezus Herman, don't waste your luck on this!

Dec 30, 2010

Another 1? Aww man...

The Shocker
Buddy d10, 4PP, 5XP, No Stress/Complications

The jolt of discovering that he's in space is lost on Herman in the wake of the more devastating sight of a ravaged Earth. Everything had been fine when he had been home earlier. How could something this bad happen that quickly? This first outing as a superhero was certainly not going anything that could be called well. So many people must be dead. And he couldn't save any of them. Guilt and shame overwhelm Shocker. He tries to convince himself that it isn't his fault, that he couldn't have done anything anyway, teleported away like he was, but the feelings remain. His sight stays locked on the planet as The Shocker thinks to notify his impromptu partner who, he considers, might be the only other human left. "O-Officer Bishop? You should- You should come and see this, I think."

The sudden clunk of air circulation and flare of lights breaks his terrible rapture. Listening to the computer's voice, Herman is dumbstruck by what he hears. 3,400 days was almost... Ten years? How could he have been gone for ten years? And that still didn't explain anything about the Earth's devastation.

"What happened here?" The Shocker wonders aloud.

Dec 30, 2010

Another 1? Aww man...

The Quilt-Master Shocker
Buddy d10, 4 PP, 5 XP, No Stress/Complications

Shocker is surprised by Bishop's question, and jumps a tiny bit at hearing the cop's voice. "I- I know a couple folks who could build something, maybe, if they really put their minds to it," he replies, "but doing it on their own? I don't know anyone like that. Or anyone who'd-" Shocker stops, then continues in a slight whisper. "Anyone who'd want to." He pauses a moment and thinks, before pointing over his shoulder at Magneto. "But he did. I-if we could find that file server thing, I could maybe fix it up. I'm, uh, I'm kind of good with technology. And if we did that, we could hear the rest of his message, and maybe that'd tell us who did this!" Herman stands slightly straighter, excited to have come up with a plan, and looks over to his partner.

Dec 30, 2010

Another 1? Aww man...

The Shocker
Buddy d10, 4 PP, 5 XP, No Stress/Complications

Spider-Man's shattered mask simultaneously fills Shocker with many conflicting emotions. The webslinger's broken mask had always been a dream of his; finally proving, once and for all that he wasn't a laughingstock. But now, Herman doesn't know how to feel. Even if he might still resent (and fear) Spider-Man for all the beatings over the years, they were both heroes now. Or had been, at least. It didn't seem likely that Spider-Man was still around. The thought of that makes Herman sad, for reasons he can't fully figure out. There's one thing he can make out through the many confusing thoughts and feelings; he can't stay here any longer.

"Let's- Let's keep moving. It doesn't look like there's anyone... anything left here we can use."

As he turns to go, some stray thought bubbles to the surface and stops Shocker for a moment. He turns back to the door.

"Uh, wait one moment. I, uh..."

Shocker lets the thought trail off, unable to find the right words. He stoops down over the door and picks up Spider-Man's mask.

Carefully folding the mask before slipping it into a pocket, Shocker stands and turns back to Bishop.

"Okay. We can go now."

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