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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

It was all in the blink of an eye. Three days ago, Stamford had been all but levelled by the rogue mutant Nitro, and in the wake of the public outcry, all eyes in the world had turned to America. Pundits were comparing it to 9/11, frothing at the mouth both for the American ideal of the super hero and against the costumed terrorists that held no accountability on a nation that stood for justice, but despite all of the defense against it, Nitro was still at large. None of the teams could find him, the American government had no means to track him or his safe houses, and it all looked bad to the voting public, and to the industralist Tony Stark.

But that took time to build. You watched part of it, and then you blinked. And what happened in the blink of an eye is something you're dealing with right now. One blink, and the world gave from beneath you, and then..

This is a true story of seven strangers, picked to live in an alternate dimension, work together, and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite..

... and start getting REAL.

Featuring the talents of..

Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme!

John Jonah Jameson, owner of the Daily Bugle!

Franklin Castle!

Herman Schultz, the Quiltman!

Doreen Green the Squirrel Girl!

Lucas Bishop!

And the Mojoverse's favorite guest star,

Waaaaade Wilson!


When the static fades away, seven strangers find themselves standing in the middle of what looks to be an open-air, three-walled recording studio, exposed to a harsh red sun. Doctor Strange is quick to recover, and immediately recognizes the magic that had brought them there. He can feel a sinister force of chaos and death watching over them, and as the others begin to regain their senses, a monitor on the wall flickers to life.

A horrifying, obese visage lined with wires and filth appears on the screen, grinning a hideous grin. The figure pauses for dramatic effect, before speaking. "Welcome, welcome, Doctor Strange and his mundane friends! Welcome.. TO MY MOJOVERSE!"

The figure moves back from his camera, revealing his sallow torso, and throws his arms up into the air. Above the heroes, lights flare into life, starkly illuminating the studio and turning it into what appears to be a Burbank living room. "All of our viewers at home LOVED the New Warrior's little stunt, and they want more, more, MORE! And you, my friends, will give it to them." He lowers his arms, wiping drool from his mouth. "They want to know what make you TICK, and they want to see you destroy more. So, the show must go on, kiddies!!"

Welcome to Marvel Heroic! You're in the Mojoverse for now, putting on a sick little show for the fat shitlord, Mojo, and also suffering the horrible TUTORIAL MISSION. So let's get acquainted! What were you doing before Mojo nabbed you? What do you think of what's going on? Let's get to it, true believers!

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?


Reserved for doompool, XP, and PP tallies, along with scene distinctions, stress, complications, milestones, and trauma. Be sure to pick TWO milestones, either from your data sheet or from the event one listed below! You can mix and match, or just use both datasheet ones or two event ones!

DOOM POOL: 1d12, 2d10, 4d8, 1d6

PP and XP
Doc Strange - 5 PP, 6 XP
Shocker - 4 PP, 5 XP
Punisher - 5 PP, 6 XP
Iron Jonah - 4 PP, 5 XP
Bishop - 1 PP, 5 XP
Deadpool - 2 PP, 6 XP
Squirrel Girl - 3 PP, 7 XP

Sturdy Dumpster - d8
The Ley Lines Are Strong Here - d8
No Chance for Collateral, No Chance for a Lawsuit - d8
Open Mic Night - d8
Ferrous Fortress - d8

Good Ratings! - d8 (The audience is enjoying it!)
Body Armor - d8 (Punisher's body armor)
Laplace's Demon - d8 (Helpful spirit)

Punisher - d6 stress

Lights, Camera... RATINGS!

1 XP when you use the Mojovisions Production Studio scene distinction
3 XP when you either impress the audience and give Mojo a 'Good Ratings' asset, or when you bore or offend the audience and give Mojo a 'Bad Ratings' complication
10 XP when you finally become the best rated TV show in all of the cosmos, or force the show off of the air for abysmal ratings

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Mojo laughs heartily as the Punisher and Bishop prove true to character, leering at something off screen. "Stephen, Stephen, Stephen.. you know all that I do is not for my OWN enjoyment. I'm a sucker for good showmanship, and so... are they!" The corpulent being motions beyond the gathered super humans, to an array of floating camera drones. "Everything you do, everything you see, is to be CONSUMED by a legion of fans! People who simply want to be ENTERTAINED."

Glancing up from his console, Mojo simply stares blankly at Jonah before laughing uproariously. "Lawyers?! Lawsuits?! You truly are out of your element, Mr. Jameson! The very fact that you are not on earth should tell you plenty! You have no power here! I hold the power here!" With a snap of his fingers, there is a sudden ripple in the air near Frank, and after a moment there is a thud and the squall of car suspension as the Punisher's battle van is dropped unceremoniously into the studio. "Mr. Castle keeps such a wonderful and amusing array of equipment. It would be a shame if he had lost access to it for our show. Come now! Don't be shy! Show the audience how you REALLY feel about each other!"

Refunding Astus' PP; it was a good idea, but there's no legal system here beyond Mojo. However, for the clever use of his masteries, I'm adding a d8 Combat Van resource accessible to all players.

Also, since neither Frank nor Herman are mutants, Bishop gets no XP.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Since people are doing dice pools, here's the cheat sheet that everyone should use; makes it easy to build your dice!

Also, since you are all together, you will count as TEAM.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Gonna hold off on reacting to the spell until Randall and Alien Rope Burn get a chance to post. I can tell we're all super excited to play. Feel free to post otherwise but I think it'd be unfair to them to just knock this until full gear without them.

Just a note for anyone wanting to directly harm the cameras; they are an 8d8 horde, so area affect attacks are good for them. If you got a rules question, don't hesitate to ask.

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Mojo continues laughing right up until his camera feed starts to cut off. The fat mogul screeches in frustration and slams his fists into his chair, but after a moment catches wind of exactly what is going on. "Clever, Stephen! Clever! But you forget my OWN power!"

Strange feels something resisting his spell, and on the screen, arcs of red energy lance from Mojo's hands and out the monitor, striking the blue field that shimmers around the heroes. But in spite of it all, Mojo is incapable of bringing the shield down, and in fact only weakens it; the seven still appear on the cameras and TVs of countless viewers, but the screen is distorted and fuzzy. Mojo is visibly furious, and appears drained from his magical exertions.

"You HAD to go off script, DIDN'T YOU?!" Mojo slams his fist into an intercomm button on his walker, and screams into it. "If I can't counter a spell, I simply destroy the source! TELEPORT ALL ACTIVE MINIONS TO THE MOJOVERSE STUDIO! ALL CAMERAS ON THEM! Make sure to get the good side of Dr. Strange's CORPSE." With a cackle, the monitor winks off, and there is a still silence to the air.

Mojo attempts to counter Strange.
4d10 Solo
1d8 Interdimensional Television CEO
1d10 Master Sorcerer
1d8 Mystic Expert

Result: 9+7+7 = 23, d10 effect die

I have spent a doom die to add another die to the total, and since it beats Strange's roll by 5, the effect die is stepped back to d12 from d12+d6; since Strange's effect die of d12 is STILL larger than my d10, it merely gets stepped back again to d10, leaving a d10 'Wilm's Warding' Asset.

Now, since Strange used a stunt, Mojo should get a d6 'Good Ratings' die, but because of the asset messing with the camera horde's ability to record, it steps back that die and gets rid of it.

I'll give a bit of time to react, and then we move to an action scene!

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?


We're going to use this as a short tutorial on RESOURCES and ASSETS.

Assets are made and based upon your effect die in combat scenes. Resources are based on your specialties, and made during transition scenes. Resources don't require a roll against the doom pool, but assets DO.

Since the mini-gun could be more of a temporary asset (due to ammo limitations, etc) I am going to use Frajaq as an example of building your pool to make this asset, and to explain what is used in EVERY action in the game. To start, Punisher spends 1 PP to start the asset creation, to make sure the gun lasts until the end of the NEXT action scene; assets only last a single action scene, but Punisher wants to make sure he has enough ammo to handle a second wave of goons. NOTE: You normally do not have to spend PP to get an asset, I'm just doing this in the example to have everything even out at the end.

1d6 - Team (Affiliation Die)
1d4 - Former Marine (Distinction Die) <- Frajaq chose to use the lesser die and gains 1 PP
1d10 - Weapon (Power Die)
1d10 - Combat Master (Specialty Die)
1d8 - Combat Van (Scene Resource)

Now, he has the SFX Battle Van, which lets me add a d6 to my doom pool to step up the die on his resources and assets related to weaponry and vehicles; this is to show that what he's packing is dangerous and likely to cause a LOT of collateral damage. Since this is a tutorial I'll make frajaq do this.

So to make this, he rolls all of these dice, and then I roll my doom pool to prevent him from doing so; my victory would entail something like the gun is jammed or out of ammo, and in the heat of the moment is useless to him.

And so we roll, and:
The results: 5 and 5, with the highest effect die being a d10. He can spend PP to add more dice to his roll, or to add another effect die, which could be special ammo for the gun.

I follow up and roll my doom dice, which is 3d8 and 1d6
The results: 5 and 6, with a d8 effect die; I beat him, and his asset is negated. I then spend my d6 to arbitrarily add another die for the sake of being zero sum.

Which neatly puts us back at square one!

If this had been for a RESOURCE, he would simply create the gun at one step back from his specialty die; in this case, he would make a d8 Minigun resource. Which he does, since resources can be made in transition scenes and assets can not. I will let him decide if he wants to make it a d10 by using the Battle Van SFX.

So to summarize: if you're fighting or in competition with someone, you make an asset and roll versus the doom pool.

If you are not fighting and are in a transition phase, you simply make the resource at a step back from your specialty die. Again, with his SFX, he can step it up by once to match his specialty, but he will have to add a d6 to the doom pool to do so.

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

With Bishop laying out plans and Strange trying to enact a sense of camaraderie within the team, Squirrel Girl is the first to take action. She sends her horde of squirrels up along the walls and onto the cameras, where the critters do some actual damage; four of the cameras clunk to the ground, sparking, as sharp little teeth sever cords and plastic. Mojo went cheap on the place.

Herman watches in horror as Frank threads a belt of ammunition into his chaingun, and does the only smart thing he can think to do: the Shocker collapses to the ground in a faint*. No one seems to really look his way, instead bracing for the inevitable impact of Mojo's attack.

A moment passes before three of the walls of the studio break down, revealing a mess of towering humanoid robots bristling with weaponry. They have already begun firing wildly into the air, though oddly none of the shots even seem to go NEAR the heroes. They strut forward and stop, their bodies turning with their energy rifles leveled, making an odd buzzing and beeping noise.

Together, the droids begin to beep and buzz loudly. ~*KZZT*~ ERROR, UNABLE TO LOCATE TARGETS: RATINGS FODDER ONE THROUGH SEVEN. ~*KZZT*~ ENTERING GENERAL SUPPRESSION MODE. It seems that Strange's spell also works on the optic sensors of the robots, making them difficult if not impossible to see. Somewhere, Strange feels rage directed solely at him across the aether.

Camera horde is down from 8d8 to 4d8. You now face three 12d8 robotic hordes; they currently have a d10 Wilm's Warding complication that makes it difficult to see you.

I have put Shocker into 'oh god please don't send stray bullets my way' mode while Randall is currently unable to post.

Deadpool is up first; he has Enhanced Reflexes and has not acted yet; I am not counting Squirrel Girl's action against her though, so she can be chosen for initiative.

The way initiative works in this game is each person picks who goes next after them, INCLUDING bad guys.

Squirrel Girl
Iron Jonah
Doctor Strange
Mob 1

Mob 2

I'll strike people off as they're picked. If you're last picked, you CAN pick yourself as first to go in the next round.

If Randall is able to post, he can take his action as an interrupt and doesn't have to worry about being prone. Don't wannna leave him out if he can act!

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

When the engine on the van starts and Deadpool starts yelling quips and shooing out the window, the robots snap to attention and draw a bead on the van itself. The machines are intelligent, and realizing that their target is invisible to them, they run through their thoughts quickly and realize, in order:

1. Someone is driving the van
2. The driver is invisible to their scanners.
3. The only beings in the area are other robots, or their target.
4. One of their targets is driving the van.
5. There is someone in the driver seat.

The windshield and front of the van is blown out by the laser fire of the robots, and Deadpool feels the usual pain of laser fire tearing through his torso and face; the merc with a mouth finds part of his mask blown away, and the van clunks to a stop as the engine gives out to the assault. The robots slowly clunk forward, moving in as they begin to cycle from laser rifles to missiles.

I roll a bit better than Epi. 8 and 8 for 16, d10 steps up to d12 from being five over; spending a d6 doom die to counter attack and inflict d12 stress on Deadpool forgot 6 of the d8's, two opportunities

Giving Epi two PP to add 2d6 to my doompool.

Frajaq is up now, and anyone can use those opportunities to activate SFX.

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

The robots are ill-prepared for the sudden appearance of The Punisher and his mini-gun. Frank aims as best he can with a weapon meant to be mounted to a helicopter, knowing that indiscriminately firing may further damage his van (and kill Deadpool, though it's unclear if Frank weighted that option in his head) and pulls the trigger. With a whir, the minigun spins to life, and begins to spit lead out in a steady stream.

Frank's aim is true, and one of the robots staggers and jerks backwards, its metal hide shredded by bullets. It beeps slowly and forlornly as it begins to slump, and its head is blown clean off. Punisher lets the gun spin down and glances around. One down, thirty-five to go. 7 and 8 for 15, d10 effect die; Punisher beats it, and one of the horde drops to 11d8.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

The Sorcerer Supreme shows why he is titled as such, his cape billowing as he draws a tremendous amount of arcane energy to him. He channels the power through the very ground, and quickly the earth beneath the robots turns into a mire. The robots all sink and very quickly, unable to move out of the way in time; five of the robots sink all the way up to their necks before the ground solidifies around them. The others merely have their feet stuck in the ground, though it's likely they could easily get free.

Whirling around to face the Punisher and Strange, the robots make a quick tactical assessment; whoever in the van is likely dead, and so they decide to instead concentrate fire on the two heroes that have already inflicted harm upon them. Raising their laser rifles they hose the area around both Frank and Stephen with their laser blasts.

Buying up Strange's opportunities; taking 6 to make 2d10 and one to make a d4 into a d6, giving him 3 PP since I bought them in groups. 8 and 7, d10 die, for 15; not good enough to beat Strange. 11d8 drops to 6d8, and adds a d8 'Stuck in the Ground' complication. 5, 6, and 7 for 18; d10 effect die for Strange and d8 for Punisher, and one opportunity. Spent my new d6 to keep an extra die. Using 'Cast of Thousands' SFX to attack multiple targets, gaining 1d6 per target and keeping an extra effect die. I am inflicting physical stress. (Dropping the last 3 and 6 from the d8 roll due to Strange having knocked out more than I thought.)

After Punisher and Strange defend, Iron Jonah is up.

NOTE: You can add the d8 complications on Mob 1 on your rolls! Also, if you roll a 1 on any die, you cannot use that die as an effect die, or even count it in your total.

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Strange and Punisher are now at d10 physical stress. I'm buying Strange's 2 opportunities to boost my d4 to a d8; he gains his PP back.

Astus as Iron Jonah is up next.

e: Initiative Roster
Squirrel Girl
Iron Jonah

Bishop <--- UP NEXT
Doctor Strange
Mob 1 6d8
Mob 2 8d8

e: And since I can't help but hear Friar John's posts in Dr. Orpheus from Venture Brother's voice, just imagine the Mojo bots all look like HELPeR.

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Jonah, a man without much knowledge in the fields of science or technology, barely understands what he is doing with a suit created by the most brilliant mind in the fields of both robotics and weapon development. A rudimentary understanding of electricity, metal, and magnetism gives way to the head of the Daily Bugle to decide that magnetizing his suit is quite possibly the best idea he can come up with for defending himself against the robots.

Unfortunately, magnetizing a suit does not work in the way Jonah thinks it does. He succeeds in creating a powerful magnetic field on the suit, and for a moment all seems right. Then he hears the faint tinkling of metal on metal, and notices that the Punisher's spent shell casings are flying through the air and adhering to his suit.

Not exactly the outcome you'd like against super strong metallic robots. 8, 8, and 5 with a d10 effect die; the asset is instead turned into a d10 'Magnetically Attractive Suit' complication

Spent a d8 from the doom pool to keep an extra die.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Without a chance to track one of the targets escaping the van, the robots merely look up in confusion at the sudden noises above them, before the light riggings above them crash down, instantly taking one of them out. In the confusion, Squirrel Girl is able to move with great agility between the robots, driving spurs into their thin necks while her squirrels gnaw at very important exposed wires. When all is said and done and she and her mass of fur collect themselves, only eight of the robots remain. 7 + 7 with d8 effect die, I tie and so Squirrel girl wins; she destroys 4 robots, bringing it down to 8d8. I also gave her two opportunities, and I am buying her two for 2d6 and giving her 2 PP.

Also, I am considering everyone to have activated the 3 XP milestone since they've affected the ratings. Right now it's a d8 Good Ratings, since there's a LOT of collateral damage but it's hard to see. I've changed the XP totals to reflect this.

Alien Rope Burn, you need to name either Bishop or Mob 2 as acting next.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

It takes a moment for the Mojodroids to recover from Doreen's assault, reasserting themselves as a unit. They turn on Squirrel Girl, their rifles raised, but the robots pause. ~*KZZT*~ RISK ANALYSIS UNDERWAY, POTENTIAL FOR CROSSFIRE AND FRIENDLY FIRE INCIDENT, ~*KZZT* SWITCHING TO MODE: KOREA ULTRA NIGERIA GRAND FOX ULTRA. ~*KZZT~*

The robots lower their lasers as one, raising their metallic hands and moving towards the Squirrel Girl, their limbs a'flailing. It's obvious the robots weren't specifically programmed to excel in melee combat, but when one strikes a fallen girder to demonstrate its strength and places a nice divot in it, they show that their lack of skill is overly compensated in their enhanced strength. 6 and 6 for 12, with d8 effect die; Squirrel Girl has two opportunities she can use.

Bishop is up next! Werix, since you're the last in line, you can even name yourself to act FIRST in the next round, giving you two attacks.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

As the smaller group of robots marches towards Strange and Punisher to finish them off, Bishop takes aim and fires a single, masterful shot, completely destroying the head of one of the Mojodroids in a gout of flame. It continues to walk for a moment before simply falling forward, sparking and shuddering.

In spite of their metal colleague falling, the five remaining robots raise their weapons and open fire on the wounded Punisher. Risk assessment placed the heavily armed vigilante as number one on the list, with Strange trailing behind. This signal is sent to the second group of robots who turn and join their others in a chorus of laser fire against Stephen Strange and Frank Castle.

Naming Mob 2 to go next after Mob 1, and then Punisher after Mob 2. 8 and 8 for 16 with d10 effect die, Bishop drops the mob to 5d8. I also rolled an opportunity. 8 and 7 for 15, d10 effect die; rolled an opportunity Punisher can use. 8 and 8 for 16, d10 effect die; rolled an opportunity for Strange to use.

Initiative Roster
Squirrel Girl
Iron Jonah
Doctor Strange
Punisher <--- UP NEXT
Mob 1 5d8
Mob 2 8d8

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

The robots wither horribly under the sustained fire of the Punisher's minigun, and the single grenade is icing on the cake; four of the Mojodroids are blown apart in a fashion that would be grisly were they alive, and the area is showered in molten, fragmented chunks of metal.

With so much chaos flying around, Mojo's face reappears along one of the walls, cackling manically. "You're doing wonderfully, WONDERFULLY! But I don't think you know EXACTLY what you're getting into here! I am Mojo! Master Entertainer, my very whims are made manifest to the thrill of MILLIONS!" The camera on Mojo draws back, and he presses a button on the side of his chair. Even as Strange begins channeling his magic, the robots below begin shaking violently, and after a moment, detonate pitifully in tiny little foomps.

"Cut to commercial! We need something.. NASTIER.. for this show to be perfect." With that, Mojo's camera turns off once more.

Bought the three opportunities to boost a d8 and a d10 to d12, giving Frank 2 PP. 8 and 7 for 15, d10 die, not enough to beat Punisher.

Spent 2d12 to end the scene; you all gain 2 XP. You are in a transition phase, and all stress is stepped back by one die; you can roll to recover more. All assets and resources have been spent, and you are able to spend XP.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Bishop does what he can with the detritus and debris that scatters the area, but unfortunately does little more than create a wall that comes up to his knees which, after a test kick, falls apart and would have offered no tactical advantage whatsoever. Strange, meanwhile, tends to his own wounds, a trivial matter for a man who once was a gifted and brilliant surgeon; not far away, Frank does the same, yet refuses any assistance from strange, relying solely on his medical training from Vietnam. The work he does helps, but if he had accepted a more gifted hand, he may have felt even better. Oh well.

Doreen takes to the walls with her squirrels, clambering over and peering into what lay beyond the walls; for as far as she can see, there is nothing but a great expanse of rock, with nothing decorating it except an odd, squat little building far, far in the distance.

As Squirrel Girl looks into the distance, Mojo's face once again re-appears in the studio below. "Well! Good to see you're all still with me, because I think our viewers at home could use a little more excitement!" Doreen looks down after a brilliant flash of light appears behind her and finds, to her shock, that all of the others have simply vanished, leaving only thin curls of smoke where they once stood.

Streets of New York? - Punisher

One blink, and it happens again. But this time, Frank stands on familiar territory. He recognizes the street; somewhere south of Main, an alley where he's left a few small timers to be found by their crew or the cops; the dumpster's seen a copkiller or two in its time since Frank started trying to take back the streets.

"Well, well, well, looks like some idiot has ended up stumbling into the wrong part of town, eh, boys?" From behind Frank, further in the alleyway, comes an oddly familiar voice, one that Frank is used to hearing flee from him. Turning, he spies aman with a goofy hat and a gun leading to a bucket of thick, white goop leering at him from a doorway. "Get a load of this Wilbur!"

A heavy, metal foot lands near Frank, and looking up he sees a man in a stupid, silver costume with extendable legs also leering at him. "What the hell is this guy's deal? You trying to get in on our turf, punk? HEY! BIG WHEEL! We got a live one!"

Looking to the end of the alley, Frank watches as a man in a giant hamster wheel blocks off the alley. "You're gonna wish you'd never messed with Big Wheel, Paste Pot Pete, and Stilt-Man, chump!"

Somewhere, an angel sings for this perfect, beautiful moment for Frank Castle.

The dumpster is a d8 Scene Distinction.

The Astral Plane - Dr. Strange

There is an odd feeling of impossibility as Stephen Strange is dumped physically into the astral plane. He gathers himself carefully, feeling, the leering gaze of Mojo upon his back. Looking up, he finds he does not recognize any of the lines of magic within this plane, and deduces that he is not in the astral plane of HIS reality. The face of Mojo materializes, laughing at the Sorcerer Supreme.

"Sorcerer Supreme of the Plane of Earth! Welcome to Mojo's Astral Plane! The viewers just aren't thrilled by your antics against simple robots, and long to see you match yourself against a being of equal magical might! So, scouring the universe, I have found a most aptly named villain for you. Behold, Stephen Strange... THE WIZARD!"

With a brilliant flash of light, a scrawny man in purple armor materializes, grunting as he lands and staggers. He seems bewildered by his new surroundings, and looks up in horror at the face of Mojo. "Sorcerer and Wizard, dueling to the death! This will be delightful, indeed!" The face of Mojo fades as it cackles, leaving the man to look around in horror.

"Holy s%&* I'm not that kind of wizard! I'm a technical genius OH JEEZ, ARE YOU A F#$%ING DRACULA?!"

The Ley Lines Are Strong Here is a d8 Scene Distinction here.

The Raft - Iron Jonah

Jameson stumbles slightly as he and his armor are dumped unceremoniously onto what seems to be the landing pad for the great superhero prison, The Raft. He'd been here before, and he wasn't surprised to be there again. What did surprise him, however, was the man in green power armor with the prehensile, barbed tail glaring daggers at him. Mac Gargan, the Scorpion, a man whose hatred of Jonah ran deep. And now he and Jonah were on equal footing, a fact that the Scorpion ignores as he begins to charge Iron Jonah. "JAMESON! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME!"

No Chance for Collateral, No Chance for a Lawsuit is a d8 Scene Distinction.

Laff Hut - Deadpool

Wade Wilson does not remember the last time he was at the Laff Hut and wasn't kicked out. He also doesn't remember the last time he was teleported across nine dimensions without feeling like he was going to barf into his mask. He also doesn't remember the last time he was willingly approached by a woman, let alone a six armed woman with silver hair.

Of course they were usually trying to kill him when they did that. And this one seemed like she wanted to kill him. Oh, well; there'll be a first time sometime.

Open Mic Night is a d8 Scene Distinction Here.

Asteroid M - Shocker and Bishop

Herman always wanted to be a hero. And being a hero meant facing the big challenges, and overcoming the greatest odds. But that was for the guys with more supervillain fights under their belts, and for the love of God, Herman had JUST STARTED TODAY. He had not expected to be staring down MAG-loving-NETO not TWO HOURS after leaving his apartment after deciding he was going to fight crime!

For what it was worth, he and Bishop seemed to have gained the element of surprise. Magnus sat there in his command throne, his eyes closed, seemingly completely unaware of the two newcomers. Bishop glanced around, recognizing the main room of Asteroid M, Magneto's orbiting space station; he'd read about it and how it had crashed, destroying a massive part of Geneosha in his time line. He had never seen it in person, and he had only heard myths of the man that had ultimately caused most of his suffering. He had yet to meet him in person, and here he was, with his guard down.

Odd that the criminal was there, though; why wouldn't the other mutant be here?

Ferrous Fortress is a d8 Scene Distinction.

Mojovision Productions Studio - Squirrel Girl

They were all gone, leaving Doreen alone. One of her squirrels chitters, warning her that the wall is beginning to shake, and within moments she finds herself back on the ground, with the studio all but gone. Very strange. A quick look around shows that the squat building from before is no longer far, far in the distance, and is now only a hundred yards away. She watches a moment, noticing movement; it looks like more of the Mojodroids are patrolling the building. 7 + 6, d12 effect die, beats Bishop's roll; asset not made 10 + 5, d10 effect, Strange's stress is gone 9 + 9, d8 effect, one opportunity; Punisher's stress is stepped back to d6

Spent d10 to split everyone! You've all been moved to your STRONGEST affiliation die, except Squirrel Girl, who was AT her strongest and is now on her weakest

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

The Mojostral Plane - Dr. Strange

The Wizard winces as Strange moves, but looks perplexed when the man simply bows and speaks to him. The air of sophistication and calm from Stephen seems to calm the man in the weird suit, and he visibly relaxes. "Oh, hell, you're Dr. Strange. I didn't recognize you. Er, you may call me Bently, sir." The Wizard bows slightly, before looking around in confusion.

"Lord, I hate magic. Did you zap us here into one of your mystical realms? Or is this something where I can help with an application of raw science?" Bently scratches his beard absent mindedly as he scans the surrounding unending cosmos, looking fairly amused.

Arrogant Scientist d8
Solo d4
Mind Control d8
Science Master d10 10 + 8, d8 effect die; loses by 5, d12 complication stepped up and Wizard is complicated out of the fight.

The Streets of New York? - The Punisher

"OH MY GOD HE'S GOT A REAL GUN WH-" Paste Pot Pete panics as he sees the Punisher draw a real, actual, bullet firing gun rather than some sort of funny weapon that shoots pixie dust, and turns, slamming his shoulder into the door behind him. It doesn't budge, and as he slams again, Frank opens fire.

Pete spasms and jerks forward as he is riddled with bullets throughout his torso by Frank's weaponry, fragments of wood splintering and flying up as the bullets pass through and hit the door. Pete slumps forward through the door frame and lies still, a pool of red forming beneath him. There is a moment of silence as smoke trails from Castle's pistols, before there is a shrill, horrific screech from the end of the alley.

"He killed Pete! STILT, HE KILLED PETE!" "I know, dammit, I can see that! Have a taste of this, Gunman!" Frank looks up as Stilt-Man raises his foot, leveling it at the former marine. In an instant, it pistons out with great force like a battering ram, obviously intent on crushing Frank like a bug.

From down the alley way, the man in the giant hamster wheel panics, moving his hands frantically between consoles in his odd looking vehicle. Two mechanical arms with guns on them extend from the side, and begin firing rubber bullets towards the man who had just killed his friend and ally.

Often Defeated d4+1d6 to doom pool
Team d8
Doom Pool d6 6 + 3, d8 effect die, d10 is stepped up four times jesus christ Frank, Pete is DEAD

Stubborn but Stupid d8
Team d8
Stretching d6 (Stepped back from d8)
Enhanced Strength d6
Battering Ram SFX d6
Combat Adept d6 4 + 6 + 4, d8 effect die, stepped up to d10 by SFX

Easily Angered d8
Team d8
Ranged Armaments 2d8
Vehicle Expert d8 8 + 4 + 2, d8 effect die, discarded other 8

The Laff Hut - Deadpool

With Deadpool airborn and his blades drawing near, the six-armed woman brings her weapons about in a flash, parrying and deflecting the mercenary's attack and ending up with his blade locked between two of hers. "Aw, Wade, I'm insulted. You don't remember your dear, beloved Rita? You can call me Spiral, though, you pig." Her foot lashes out, catching Wade in the gut and separating the two.

"Mojo told me he'd be sending you back my way, and you know the audience loves us. The tension, the fighting, the quips.. we drive them WILD." She motions to the audience off stage, who are oohing and aahing and reacting the right way at just the right moment. "It's a good thing you're so resilient, they LOVE watching someone bleed, and it helps if your patsy can just seal it back up."

Spiral takes a step forward, and then, in a puff of smoke, is gone. She reappears in an instant, directly in front of Deadpool, and she has already begun swinging. However, Wade can see the beads of sweat on her forehead; it looks like the teleport took more out of Spiral than she had expected. Still, there were those pesky swords he had to do something about.

Six Armed Dervish d8
Solo d10
Multiple Arms d8
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Acrobatic Master d10 7 + 7 + 2, d10 effect die

Six Armed Dervish d8
Solo d8 (Stepped back by SFX from d10)
Multiple Arms d8
Enhanced Strength d8
Whirling Blades SFX d6
Teleport d10
Acrobatic Master d10 9 + 7 + 5, d10 effect die, one opportunity

Spiral DOES have an exhausted limit that will let you shut down a power of hers with an opportunity:
Enhanced Strength d8, Enhanced Durability d8, Enhanced Stamina d8, Psychic Resistance d12, Enhanced Speed d8, Superhuman Reflexes d10

Waiting on the rest of you!

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Asteroid M - Shocker and Bishop

The figure in the throne does not stir even as Bishop leans in, pointing out his mark. When both men stop talking, silence once again fills the room. Before Bishop can open his mouth to speak again, he notices the ragged hole in Magneto's shirt, and the burns radiating out from it. Through the hole he can see only the white of exposed bone.

While Bishop investigates the skeletal remains of what may have once been Magneto, Herman finally gets a chance to look around. Behind him is a massive, polarized window, which he can't see through normally. However, the Shocker trips some hidden sensor that causes the polarization to fade from the window, revealing a terrible sight: Earth, cracked and smoldering. Only a single part of the planet seems to have survived, even if just barely, and Herman recognizes it for home: North America.

Even as Shocker absorbs this scene, the station begins to thrum to life. The lights flare on much brighter and ancient machinery begins to churn to life, circulating a dry, stale air into the room. A computerized voice, crackling through speakers of unknown age, speaks. "Welcome back, Erik Magnus. It has been 3,478 days since I have been last online. What can I do for you, sir?"

The Raft - Iron Jonah

Jonah gets to see the sudden flash of surprise on Gargan's face as he realizes that he is, for once, able to fight back on a similar scale. The humongous blast of energy from the MK2 suit engulfs Mac, choking out a cry of pain and surprise as the green armored freak is hurled backwards by the force of the blow, slamming bodily into the squat concrete guard hut and crashing through it. Rubble falls and dust is kicked up by the sudden landing, giving Jonah a moment to feel proud of himself.

However, the moment is short lived as a chunk of concrete is hurled from the dust cloud, cracking against the cement by Jameson. A massive black hand grips the side of the building and yanks it down as something clearly more than Scorpion crawls from the wreckage. Jonah would recognize the black suit anywhere, but when it speaks, the voice is not Brock's.

"We could've handled you without its help, Jonah, if you hadn't gotten help against us. Look what they did to us, Jameson!" The gargantuan Venom motions to itself, tongue lolling as it grins. "They gave us a taste of true power, the taste Spiderman had. We know who he is now, Jonah. And it's so, so funny to us. He's been right under your nose all this time, but now you'll be too DEAD TO CARE!"

Moving surprisingly agile for a creature his size, Venom leaps across the tarmac and lands before Jonah in a crouch, bringing both fists laced together around for a home run swing on the Bugle's owner. 7 and 6 with a D8 effect die, steps up the damage to d12.

Spending d10 to activate Rapid Healing SFX from the Venom symbiote to clear off the physical stress. 9 and 7 with d8 effect die, physical stress

Two opportunities for Jonah to use.

The Mojostral Plane - Dr. Strange

"Hey now, magic's only science that isn't understood completely, mac. So that makes me and my advanced science magical, and thus me a Wizard. Jeez. y-" With another brilliant flash, the Wizard is gone, leaving Strange alone once more. An eerie wind blows through the realm, and Mojo's voice echoes once more.

"An amusing mistake, I'm sure, but I've learned from this one, Strange! Let's fight fire with WATER for once, eh? I present to you, my magical friend, the ultimate sorcerer squasher: A TRUE. WARRIOR!" Mojo cackles, and once more a figure appears before Strange, but this time it is already running towards him, screaming.

A muscular man in a black breastplate lunges for Strange, grinning maniacally. "No mere magician can stand before TRUE strength, you doddering old poo poo! Let's see if your magic can protect your brittle, mortal bones!" The man slams his fist forward towards Strange's face, his grin never faltering. 7, 9, and 7 with a d12 effect die; spending a doom die to add an extra die.

Posting three at a time right now, more to come! Father in law's birthday so that's why I'm splitting it up.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Definitely Not The Streets of New York - The Punisher

Stilt-Man stumbles as he misses the hydraulic kick, trying his best to keep his balance. He looks down at Frank, standing beneath him with his guns drawn, and something snaps in the man. "I'm the fraggin' Stilt-Man! I run this town! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I RUN THIS T-"

The tirade is ended abruptly with the report of a .45 pistol going off, and the slug catches the man square between the eyes, sending him reeling backwards. His suit goes out of control, the legs extending and shrinking rapidly before dumping the crook unceremoniously into the dumpster.

As Frank turns to face his final foe, he is not surprised to see a dust trail as the last hood makes a break for it. With smoke trailing from his pistols, Frank takes a moment to enjoy the fruits of two well earned kills. This might not be his New York, but he was certainly going to clean up well if no one knew to run from Frank Castle.

From behind him, Frank hears a sudden exclamation that he knows should be profanity, but sounds garbled to his ears. Turning around, he sees Pete staggering out of the doorway, a good chunk of his chest missing. "AWWW CRIPES! $&^@(! Dude, what in the name of the Lord are you DOING?! What are those things?! Jeeez!" He hisses as he touches the wound, looking down at it then back up at the Punisher, an incredulous look on his face. He then finally seems to get a good look at Frank and suddenly turns indignant.

"What is with that get-up? Black? A skull on it? And you aren't using a Fun Gun?" Pete rolls his eyes, his hands on his hips. "Hey! Mikey! Man, what did you to do Mike?" Paste Pot saunters over to the dumpster and lifts the lid, where more supposed cursing erupts from within. "He stung me right between the eyes, Petey! Aw, cripes, it stings!"

Stilt-Man clambers out of the dumpster, his head turned at a completely wrong angle from the force of the shot. He shakes his head, reaching up and patting around his shoulders before finally grasping his noggin and giving it a firm twist, setting it right with a look of exaggerated pain on his face. "Jeeeeeez LOUISE!"

"Mikey! Language!"

Buying d10 and d8, 2 PP 4 and 3, d10 stepped up beyond d12

The Laff Hut - Deadpool

Spiral looks momentarily confused as Deadpool keeps hold of the mic to deliver his punch lines, and is caught off guard as his two blades dig into her sides. She cries out in pain and knocks the mercenary away, sliding her blades against each other. "Do you never shut up, Wade? Is this all you know how to do?"

Clashing her blades together, Rita takes one step forward and freezes in place. Deadpool, with his innate connection to the fabric that makes the weave of the universe, can feel that something is being done to the time line, and Rita is about to do something that he would feel is 'way past cool.' The world seems to skip, and Rita flickers in and out of the time stream. One second, she is directly in front of Wade, and the next she is four steps to the left. Three different time lines converge at once as three Spirals strike with eighteen blades for Wade, putting the merc heavily on the defensive. Once her strike is made Rita stumbles slightly, winded and wounded, and likely worse for the wear. 8 + 8 + 9 + 10, SFX steps up the effect die to d12. Bought one opportunity from Deadpool, and he gains 2 PP for the opportunities from this (due to Spiral's 'Time Dancer' SFX)

The Mojoverse Proper - Squirrel Girl

Doreen follows her squirrels at a short distance and watches with a great deal of pride swelling in her chest as the vast majority actually stick to the plan. The handful of droids watch the squirrels running about their feet, trying to get a bead on them for a threat scan, and don't see the Squirrel Girl herself coming. Unfortunately, due to the fact Mojo does not suspect anyone has been left behind, no cameras capture the fearsome and terrific battle that ensues, where Doreen presses herself beyond her limits and thoroughly destroys the robots. Even the robots are unsure of what happens, but they are in no position to be impressed when all is said and done.

And indeed, when all is said and done, only Squirrel Girls remains standing, with her trusty squirrels, and none would be the wiser to her thrilling battle. A quick glance around shows that the droids were, in fact, guarding a door that leads into the squat little building, and after a moment of fiddling with it and trying to figure out how to crack the code, Burk simply squeezes under the door and flips the latch.

Stepping inside the building, Doreen is first hit by an INCREDIBLE stink, and a few of her squirrels mimic barfing or pinching their noses shut. The building apparently is much larger on the inside than would be imagined, and with a few steps forward, she finds herself on a walkway over a massive pit lined with video monitors and control panels. She recognizes the room immediately: this is Mojo's control room, but Mojo is nowhere to be seen.

Wally Wimbleton tugs at Doreen's blouse and points her in the direction of a pair of doors in the pit, both depicting some massive creature on spindly spider-like legs, though one seems to be wearing a skirt. Obviously, Mojo is in one of the two rooms down below, but what sinister plot could he be up to?

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Mojo's Headquarter - Squirrel Girl

After a quick glance around determines things are still clear, Doreen checks one of the control stations, peering at the monitor quizzically. She recognizes the man in the red suit of armor as J. Jonah Jameson, and so far she's watched him blast a man in green clear across the tarmac. However, the green man comes out as a black man and then the red man reconstructs another part of the prison, ending up in the prison yard..

Prison Yard - Iron Jonah

The speakers deploy almost flawlessly, but Jonah does not account for one simple thing: although loud, the technology in the suit does not allow it to be used simply as sonic weaponry. The noise drowns out everything else and leaves a ringing in Jonah's ears as he curses, trying to retract the damned things.

Because of this, Jonah does not hear the small splatter of a thick, viscous substance on his armor. The suit bleeps a vague 'CONTAMINANT' warning before Jameson finds himself yanked clean off his feet. Venom yanks hard on his webline, using all of his inhuman might, and brings the owner of the Bugle hurtling towards him. At the last second, Mac releases the line and slams his open hand against the 'throat' of the armor, holding Jameson aloft.

"The suit gets hungry, Jay Jay. And you're lookin' a might bit like a crab right now to us!" Gargan cackles as he slams the suit down, causing alarms to blare within about system malfunctions and shut downs and other things that make Jonah realize he is in deep, deep trouble. Mac rips the helmet clean off of Jonah and leans in, his tongue lolling and drool flowing from his razor sharp teeth. "It ain't 'we' that's gonna enjoy this, Jonah. It's purely ME."

Mojo's Headquarters - Squirrel Girl

Doreen, not knowing exactly what is going to come next but knowing it will be bad, begins pressing buttons at random on the console in front of her. SOMETHING had to do something, and her squirrels join her in button presses. She hears a howl from the monitor and looks up tentatively, watching as the big black brute starts smashing through the prison, away from the camera. From behind her, she hears a faint 'blorp', and when she turns, she sees Jonah sprawled out on the floor behind her, staring up at the ceiling in shock and disbelief. His helmet lay not far from him, and despite some nasty dents and scratches on the armor and a bit of drool on his face, he seems none the worse for wear.

Buying Astus' opportunity for d6 6 + 7 + 4, d10 effect die; Jonah has a D10 complication, 'Loaded with Speakers'

Solo d8
Unrelentingly Savage d8
Swingline d8
Claws d6 (Stress die stepped up, highest die stepped back)
Suprehuman Strength d8 (from d10)
Menace Expert d8 8 + 8 + 6, d12 emotional effect

Astus linked me a roll and the effect is stepped up twice, giving Astus d6 Emotional Trauma.

The Mojostral Plane - Dr. Strange

Ares grins cruelly as he sees the flames coming towards him and throws his arms out, as if to welcome them. He staggers from the blow but laughs, his skin only slightly singed and a faint bit of smoke wafting from his armor. "Is that all you have, magician? Petty magic in the face of the God of War?! I have faced all weapons and all foes, Strange! I have faced magic and the mundane, the archaic and the technologically advanced! I've battled the HULK and won!"

The God of War sprints towards Strange again, bringing his fists together as he brings them upwards in a reverse axehandle. "Are you even a worthy challenge, Strange?! I don't think your magic can stop a god!"

Buying the four opportunities as a d8 and 2d6, 3 PP to Strange

Godlike Durabilty d12
Solo d10
God of War d8
Petty Magic! SFX d6 (Steps back Mystic Expert; if defense fails, magical sources have their effect die stepped back; if succeeds, Godlike Durability is stepped back)
Mystic Expert d6 6,5, and 4, d12 effect die; spending a d6 to keep an extra die

e: poo poo used a d6 instead of a d8 for God of War, oops

Godlike Strength 2d12 (Boundless Strength SFX doubles Strength)
Combat Grandmaster d12
Solo d10
God of War d8 7 + 5, d12 effect die

Asteroid M - Bishop and Shocker

Ignoring Shocker, Bishop lets himself be taken up in the mystery of the scene. The hole in Magneto's chest is directly opposite where he presumes the man's heart would be, barring any genetic mutation leading to otherwise. No organic tissue remains on the body putting the incident well in the past, and judging the hole's size puts it at about two to three inches across, with scorch marks radiating out another inch or so. It was obviously an energy attack of some sort, as the bone shows faint signs of scorching as well.

Carefully moving the body, he sees a much smaller exit wound, and for a moment he ponders this, until he realizes that the wound in FRONT was the exit wound, putting the attacker coming from behind Magneto. But why put him in his throne? What was important about the throne? Turning slightly, he sees the throne commands a great view of the far window, and the scene of earth below. That.. would explain it; whoever attacked Magneto wanted him to watch whatever was going on earth below, and if the shot had NOT gone through his heart and merely collapsed a lung, death would have been relatively slower.

Upon Shocker asking his question, there is a faint beep. "Voice pattern unrecognized. Searching for protocol.. found. Performing bioscan upon Master Magneto." A small orb appears from the ceiling above Magneto, and after a moment of spinning, sprays a red cone of light over the body of the former Master of Magnetism. There is a ping and the sphere retracts. "Life signs of Erik Magnus have ceased. Beginning playback."

With a faint click, a recording begins to play, one both men recognize s the voice of the mutant terrorist whose tapes and speeches would occasionally be played on air. The voice is weak, and wheezy. "I am Magneto, of the species homo superior, and I control the force of magnetism within the planet below us, called Earth. You stand now aboard Asteroid M, my home, my fortress, and my one place of solace away from the horrors of the world below me."

"I do not know who, or what you are, and I pray you will understand these words or find a way to understand them. My world, the planet Earth, the one you see below you now, is gone. Destroyed by a man whose sole and ironic mission is to save his planet; in my old age, I foolishly tried to stop him, but he is relentless."
Magneto coughs violently, groaning and breathing heavily.

"He does not age; before, I have met him, when I was much younger, and he was the same man but filled with a deeper hatred and rage against humanity. I knew I could not defeat him, but still I tried; I lured him here with the promise that I had what he sought, and when he realized my lie, he attacked. Left me here, in my throne, to watch as he destroys my world. To think it was a mere hour ago that he left.." There is a long string of silence, before another groan.

"Please. If what he seeks leaves Earth, he will hunt it. He will not stop until the threat is gone. You m-" "Recording ended; file corrupt. Please check central file server for damage, Master Magnus." The robotic voice stutters and whines as it speaks, obviously damaged.

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Mojo Central Processing - Iron Jonah, Squirrel Girl

As Jonah gathers himself up off of the floor (with the unexpected and possibly unwanted aid of Doreen's squirrels), Squirrel Girl herself goes back to the console, trying to figure out how to change the screen. When she questions the location of the Quilt-Man, a monitor next to her lights up, blinking her words at her in red text.


The screen showing Venom blinks out, replaced with an image of the Shocker.

New York - The Punisher

Pete looks up at his buddy before looking back at Frank, raising his glue gun. "This is a fun gun, buddy. It shoots a sticky glue that, if you get stuck, means I've won and you eventually gotta chase me back down. Y'know, keeps us from getting hurt too much." He rubs his head, where it seems the wound is slowly going away. "We don't get hurt too much around here, y'know? Usually it's nothing like what you did but we all know, if we go down, we stay down, and we gotta wait till another day. Them's the rules."

Before Frank can react, he hears the screech of tires behind him and turns, seeing Big Wheel has returned with a familiar face: the Shocker. But this one isn't wetting his pants like the other.. and before the Punisher can react, this Shocker has already slammed his fists together, sending a visible wave of energy towards him. Too slow, Frank. Too slow. As the rays hit him, he flinches, thinking how much this was going to hurt..

.. and it didn't. Instead, he felt like a hundred feathers were being run along his side. He was being loving tickled, and he sure didn't look it. The Shocker lowers his hands, his eyes wide.

"Tickle Cannon's not work on this one, Herman. He's not from here, and uh.. yeah, he's a bit mean." Herman looks confused and panicked, and after a moment the Punisher feels something crack him in the back of the head as a brick falls square onto him. It hurts, but not enough to put him down, and at this, all of the assembled villains gasp in horror.

"He took a brick! And he's still standing! Oh my Golly, what ARE YOU?!"

Mojo Central - Iron Jonah, Squirrel Girl

The scene in front of Doreen is nonsensical and mildly amusing; Frank has turned the color of a beet with frustration. He seems to have things mostly under control, though, and isn't in need of help like poor Jonah was. Still, if she hit the right buttons, he'd be back here, wouldn't he?

You can bring Punisher back if you like, or he can elect to stay.

Laff Hut - Deadpool

Despite his best efforts, Deadpool can't quite keep Spiral at bay, and ultimately loses an arm and has both kidneys hacked into for his efforts, and it's all topped off with a wonderful punch straight to the face. Oh, he's gonna have red out of every orifice for a little while after this, and he staggers, drunkenly reattaching his arm.

When he speaks, Rita just smirks, flicking the blood from her blades. "Deadpool, you know why you are fighting me. I'm a six armed blonde in a halter top, and you make crass remarks and are impossible to kill. We appeal to all male demographics, and Mojo knows it." She makes a gesture with one of her blades and grins. "Keep it coming. We're not done yet." Time seems to warp once more, and Spiral stands there, looking fresh for the fight; the previous cut seems to have vanished.

Mojo's Astral Plane - Strange

Ares once again prepares himself for impact, but either underestimates the power that Strange wields or overestimates his own durability, as the very God of War is thrown from his feet by the attack and sent tumbling backwards; it seems magic works in its own weird little way in this plane, and Ares slams his head into the ground with a curse.

The God of War goes over the nearest ledge and digs his fingers into the stone, scrabbling for purchase. He continues to curse in a multitude of languages, showing that Ares is not only versed in all forms of the art of physical combat, but also in the art of profanity. Below him is the simple expanse of eternity, and he grits his teeth as he digs his fingers into the rock, digging up small rivulets as his weight and the pull of magic begin to yank him down. "Sorcerer! Grant me succor! I yield to you, but do not let me suffer this impending fate!"

I'm allowing you to use the PP to clear your trauma; buying Deadpool's opportunity and stepping up a d4 to d6, and spending it to activate her SFX to roll time back and heal her.

Gonna Bishop/Shocker with the next update. Sorry for the delay, busy with work and the holiday and being ill.

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

So sorry for the delay on this! First I was busy from work, but I had the update written and lost it when the forums went in the crapper earlier this week, and then I had oral surgery and was on my rear end for three or four days. Yikes.

Let's get this rolling again! I apologize in advance for the crap quality of this, I'm still on pain meds and powerful antibiotics and I don't want to have killed this game off.

New York City - The Punisher

As Frank searches for an immediate exit out of the bizarre transdimensional hell that he has found himself in, a massive and familiar figure fills the alleyway. The Punisher recognizes the Russian easily just by silhouette, but as the gargantuan idiot moves closer, Frank realizes that even Dragovsky couldn't escape the stupidity of the dimension.

The Russian that Frank knows towers over him, eight feet tall and half again wide. Ivan is nearly impervious to bullets just from sheer strength and muscle mass, and the man in front of him is no different.

Save for a multi-colored clown wig on his head and over-sized floppy shoes. The Russian Clown raises a bike horn and honks it once, sharply, and the other villains around him shiver in fear. He glares down at the Punisher and slowly pulls a rubber chicken from inside his finely pressed suit, and without warning, whallops Frank across the face with it, eliciting an electronic 'BU-KAW' from the device.

Mojo's Control Console - Squirrel Girl, The Punisher, and Iron Jonah

Doreen watches the screen in front of her a moment, her finger hovering over the button. The Punisher had just been hit by a rubber chicken, wielded by a man who likely bench pressed cars just for fun. It certainly fit the bill for the world he had been dropped in, and it's likely the shade of red Mr. Castle was turning would ultimately be bad for his health.

Squirrel Girl presses the button, and within moments, there is a crackling noise behind her The Punisher rematerializes next to Jonah. Fortunately, he is in much better shape then the owner of the Bugle, at least physically.

Mojo Astral Plane - Dr. Strange

Ares grasps the wrist offered to him by Strange and, with the sorcerer's help, hauls himself back up onto the hovering rock. He moves away from the edge, dragging Strange with him, before stopping and turning on his heel to face the good doctor. The god of war's face is painted with raw anger, but after a moment he grins mischievously. "Mojo has made himself no friend of mine, Strange. I would have bested you, had it not been for him, and I do not take my losses graciously."

The god of war grasps Strange's hand in a vice-grip, shaking his hand a little too firmly. "He will take me away when he sees we are not fighting, and if he is stupid enough to allow me near him, I will crush him. You will figure your own way out, I am sure of it." Releasing the Supreme Sorcerer's hand, Ares seems to bristle for a moment before turning his head. Strange follows his gaze, only to find Mojo's face once again taking over much of the skyline, and the spineless creep does not look happy.

"No no NO! NO! Shatter his fragile little skull, you buffoon! You have him on the ropes, he has bested you with MAGIC of all things!" Ares glances to Strange as Mojo rants and rolls his eyes, before simply giving Mojo a very rude gesture. The interdimensional television executive blanches at this and visibly quakes with anger, and after a moment, vanishes. Strange feels the world beneath him buckle and start to give way as the magical energies of the plane begin to surge, and after a moment, everything turns purple.

Mojo's Control Room - Strange, Squirrel Girl, Punisher, Iron Jonah, Deadpool, and Ares

The ceiling gives way to a terrible purple sky, which rips itself apart and deposits, with a distinct lack of ceremony, both Strange and Ares into the midst of the Punisher and Iron Jonah. A moment passes before Wade appears as well, though by his deft landing it seems his entrance was much better planned.

Update for Bishop and Shocker coming later since they require better writing than I can dredge up right now.


John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Asteroid M - Shocker and Bishop

The unlikely duo, with no other leads, begin to head deeper into the late Magneto's complex; there is but one exit from the room they stand in, and along the way they find many of the doors sealed and rusted shut. Through their walk, they hear the rumble of ancient machinery and the hiss of recycled air. Deep gashes run in the wall and massive cracks in the stone floor radiate from points of impact long since struck. One of the metal shutter doors is dented upwards at the bottom, with three fist sized holes in the metal, which dip down as if someone had used them as grips; beneath it lie a tattered blue uniform with a lightning bolt across the chest; Bishop recognizes it as the uniform of Pietro Maximoff, better known as Quicksilver. Kneeling down, he finds the uniform was ripped off in a hurry, and spies dried blood on the back of the uniform, where it has been torn, as well as on the underside of the door.

Peering into the room beyond with the help of his flashlight, Bishop sees that it's simply Pietro's sleeping quarters. The room looks trashed; the future cop sets his flashlight down and gives the door an experimental tug, but the rusted metal whines and refuses to move. He stands, trying the holes further up to see if he can get a better view, but something red and black hangs in the way. Stepping back, Bishop motions for Shocker to step aside, and unleashes a blast of energy at the top of the door, bringing it down with a clatter into the hallway. Attached to the back of the door is a mask that makes Shocker's stomach fall, as he looks into the cracked lenses of Spider-Man. The mask is tattered and dirty, and seems to have been glued on; other scraps of uniform are stuck as well, and giving them a tug reveals stringy strands of old webbing.

Inside, the room is an absolute mess. The wall crawler seems to have perfected his web formula, as strands of it hang from the ceiling and walls, some flecked with the rusty red of old blood. It seems that Pietro and Spider-Man had gotten into a fight in the room somehow, and by the looks of it, Spider-Man had won. But why would he be up here?

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