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big boi
Jun 11, 2007

The B_36 posted:

Does your overwhelming body of evidence include "numbers"?

What proportion of top 5 picks have gone on to be top 5 players?

Or, if we want to go for your more backpedally argument, how many top 5 players have been on more than one all-star team?

Edit: The link just posted tells the story.

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big boi
Jun 11, 2007

How do people know that Exum is good?

big boi
Jun 11, 2007

MourningView posted:

No one knows with any of them, but the reason people think he might be is that he has a good combination of size and quickness for the position and has dominated other prospects his age in international competitions and camps.

Yeah, I meant "good" in the sense of "good draft prospect". Thanks though, I now understand.

big boi
Jun 11, 2007

Declan MacManus posted:

I feel like this happens every draft thread (and it's not you specifically or anything)

There's a reason why prospects are projected where they are, and if it doesn't seem like they have much going for them, it's either that they have those skills in abundance (i.e. Exum is really, really, really athletic) or GMs and scouts aren't weighing skillsets the same way that you personally (or collectively) are (i.e. Exum can't shoot but GMs figure they can teach that). It's impractical to figure out who will bust and who won't bust (except for Jan Vesely) and this is doubly hard in a loaded draft class. Just because you don't have a lot of tape on a guy doesn't mean he's a bad prospect, just like the inverse wouldn't be true.

My question was more about how he got to be regarded as a good prospect in the first place. All I ever hear about Exum is that there's no tape on him. When you wrote that he's really athletic, that was the first time I'd read that. That's an answer to my question.

V V V Cool. Thanks everyone who answered. V V V

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