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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007


It is the year 781 of the 31st Millenium, 775 years since the Drop Site Massacre at Istvaan V that brought the Horus Heresy into full swing, a conflict that lasted 7 years and left the Imperium shattered. 760 years since the end of Great Scouring after Horus's defeat that seen the Traitor Legions driven into the Eye of Terror. Once inside, the various Legions splintered apart due to various causes. The Emperor's Children and the World Eaters because of the Slave Wars and Skalathrax, The Alpha Legion so it could better carry out its work of insurrection and deception, the Night Lords so they could better bring the terrors of the night to the people of the Imperium before being driven back into the Eye themselves. The Iron Warriors into "Great Companies" lead by their captains, their Warsmiths each having their own ambition, whilst the Thousand Sons turned to dust, the surviving Sorcerors going forth on their own to seek knowledge and power by their own means. The Death Guard, so they could better spread the loving embrace of Nurgle's plagues and death whilst the Word Bearers, though an exception as they remained mostly a unified legion, still had to split apart to spread the gospel of Chaos. Even the Sons of Horus, lost without the warmaster devolved into infighting. All of these warriors, split into warbands that fight for their own purposes and their own reasons, even amongst themselves. Until now.


The Current Cast
Dachshundofdoom: Lysander (Nurglite Apostate)
Werix: Dulsatae (Death Guard Plague Marine)
Waci: Julian (Thousands Sons Sorcerer)
Xun: Chloe Sigismund (Tzeentchian Renegade)
MaliciousOnion: The Clawman (Idolitrex Magos of Forge Polix)
Ronwayne: Kayleen (Unaligned Transhumanist Heretek)
Lord Koth: Corypheus (Q'Sal Magister Immaterial)


Order of Battle
Squad Bonecrusher (10 Man Squad of Black Legion Chosen under Champion Bonecrusher)
Squad Julian (PCs+Minions, detachment of Squad Bonecrusher)
Squad Rachmann (20 Chaos Space Marine Chosen and Havocs)
Squad Ripper (20 Chaos Space Marine Raptors and Chosen)

Raiders of the Black Fleet
You have all been riding inside this disgusting, twisted, and mutated daemonic boarding torpedo for the past 12 hours. No light besides the cherry of a lho, a lamp pack. The shock of being launched out of the Infant Annihilator's Torpedo tubes in a broadside spread was certainly rough, even a bit painful but as the torpedos seem to have run out of fuel, you drift to your objective in total darkness. If the Stations gunners picked you up you'd die in a flash or be vented to space to suffocate to death. And then that whole thing with getting your soul chewed up by the gods and warp daemons. Yeah this sucks rear end. Did we mention yet how wretched the Screamers farts are whose bound to this torpedo and guiding you to its target. Anyway whatever warp magics were included in its creation has saved you all as suddenly you feel a sudden rush of inertia like you were launched. 15 minutes later you've slammed into the station and hearing the screech of twisted metal and the screams of the daemon. The maw of the boarding torpedo opens and you see light for the first time in what seemed like ages. The red lights of the station that signify "Night" for the crew are on as all of you pour out. Kayleen deploys a signal jammer she was issued to block communications across the station whilst keeping Black Legion comms clear. All the squads check in as they clear into the station. Your section is quiet but as the rest of the squads vox in you hear bolter fire and blood curdling screams combined with the rev of chainsword cutting into flesh. You hear it all clearly as if these guys were right next to you.

Initial Vox Traffic posted:

+++Ripper on deck, we breached on one of the gun decks, moving to secure this deck.+++
+++Rachmann here, clean breach. Bullseye in this hallway puts us at 50-120-80-L. We're heading up from here to the flight decks.+++
+++This is Bonecrusher, there should be about 2 million souls on this station. Kill them, kill them all!+++

Off the side to the right as you all fan out in the passage way you see a plate with some numbers that look alot like what Rachmann called out.
The red panel says 24-14-88-C. Kothurchu, and Corypheus have some clue to what it means whilst everyone else is clueless having not spent much time aboard voidships to notice things like this. Dulsatae, Kayleen, and Chloe in Particular are loving clueless and just can't even remember what that poo poo means. To your left and right are void doors that are automatically closing to seal the rest of that section off from the void and stop the loss of air. The daemonic torpedo here writhes and twists like a snake even though its stuck and has driven you through multiple layers of the ships passageway, chewed through it even. Across to the right you think you spied some sort of maintenance door but you gotta think fast. One of you can get past the closing void doors and hold it open for the rest of the party, you can blast it open, or however you wish. Your team has no need to fear the void either through gifts of the gods or environmentally sealed armor. How do you wish to proceed from here?

If you require a map I will post one but tl;dr Behind you is the daemon engine, to your left and right are passageways with doors starting to seal shut on you. They will close within the next 5 seconds but you can probably blow them away easily you have lascutters friends. Left passageway seems to lead down to more hallway and you spy an intesection there, right hallway is just a straight shot so far.

Amirault: You recognize the first part of the number as what deck you are on. You know you are below the "main deck" (Deck 1) 49 levels. Additionally, from your time in the Legions you know that on ships or stations that have a significant flight complement, the main deck is the Hanger Level. You think the second number is like a mile marker or something to help you figure up how far to the front or back of the ship/station you are. Also you hear voices down to the right and see the door to one of the compartments on station. From your angle you can't read the plate above the door because the void door is blocking your line of sight as it comes down.

Chloe: You too hear voices down the right and hear people speaking low gothic. You hear a chair or something knocked over and what you swear are a few people scrambling around.

Clawman: You hear voices down to the right and see the door to one of the compartments on station. From your angle you can't read the plate above the door because the void door is blocking your line of sight as it comes down.

Corypheus: C=Ship control and fire control compartments. Also you know what deck you are on.

Julian: Being the one who bound these daemons to the torpedos you know how to release them. You also know screamers are basically animals without much intelligence. It will probably view you initially as hostile but can be dominated and directed where to go run amok in the ship.


Ok this is what you know.
You know that you are on Deck 24, Frame 14 so that means you are close to the "Front" of the station, you are 88 compartments starboard from the center of the station and the compartment to the right is either Ship Control or Fire Control related. Because thats what the C in 24-14-88-C stands for. In the list linked above do the following.

Delete G replace with P
P will be Plasma Storage where plasma is kept in storage to fuel the Plasma Reactors
R will be Fusion Reactors
I'll adjust that list as needed.

Kothurchu: You recognize that the first part of the number on the plate, a bullseye is what you remember it being called, is the deck number you are on. You also know you are on the starboard side of the station from the centerline, 88 compartments away from the center of the station infact.

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Kayleen Larraman

::ERADICATE. ERADICATE. ERA-:: Haha, well wasn't that a fun little ride? Okay boys and girls and girls that used to be boys, If there are no objections, I'm going to try to pop that door over there, if one of you will be so good as to cover me."

(Tech use to reverse/keep the door open. TN Techuse+90,m.enggineseer+10,p.armor gloves-10,hugbug+10,combitool+10= TN 120+1dos if succeeds) 12, 11 DoS :Psypop:

Archtype: Heretek
Pride: Craftsmanship
Disgrace: Wrath
Motivation: Perfection
Alignment: Manmode Unaligned (int aligned)

WS:  28=34-6
BS:  45=38-3+10
STR: 35(45)(+10 L.P.A.)
TOU: 40
AGI: 45=37+3+5
INT: 70=42+3ino+5perf+5htek+15
PER: 52=37+5+10op +20 vision base tests
WIL: 36=41-5
FEL: 67=42+15capture space station+10 kill+10space station crew enmass

Infamy Points: 5/5
Armor: 21 (7l.powerarmor+12machine+2Armormonger)
Init: 1d10+12

Awareness (+20vs sight)
Common Lore (All, Adeptus Mechanicus+10, Tech+10)(+20g.q.c.i.)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Adeptus Astartus)(+20g.q.c.i.)
Logic (+20g.q.c.i.)
Medicae+10(+20 Narth)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry,All)(+20g.q.c.i.)
Speak (L.Gothic,H.Gothic)
Tech Use+20(+10 M.Enginseer)
Trade (Armorer)


Combat Formation
Die Hard
Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Excessive Wealth
Greater Minion
Infused Knowledge
Master Enginseer
Master Chiruigen
Mechadendrite Training (Utility)
Greater Minion
Step Aside
Technical Knock
Total Recall
WT Las, Primary, Shock, Power

Binary Chatter: (+10 Loyalty to robominions)
Abbadon's favor: Unlock Ancient Warrior when dealing 
with Black Legion champions/captains.
Hellooo Nurse!: +10 bonus to acquiring medical 
related items+gain 1 narthecium 
Quick and the Dead: +2 Ini
Mechnicus Implants
Machine (12)
Take one, Leave one: When performing either first aid, surgery, 
or similar on a character, you may take enough biological samples 
to gain +10 on the next craft roll to make an appropriate substance
or item

Gifts and Rewards:
Flight (2xAB)
Mechanoid (+4)

Light Power Armour
-Power Source
-Vox Link
-Remnants of Mutation (Flyer)

M29 Prototype Assault Laser
-Multilas+Ammo Glutton+Suspensors
Demokit (instead of l.carapace)
Best-Craftsmanship Lascarbine
Common-Craftsmanship Power Axe 

G.Q. Cerebral Cortex
G.Q. Flesh Replenishment+10 to test
Luminin Capacitors
Optical Mechadendrite
Black Blood (Autosanguine)
Mech Assimilation (8)

Ligature Oils, 
Hug-Bug, Combat Hover-drone

WS  31=36-5
BS  49=44+5
STR 40 (+20,Powerarmor)
TOU 43 (4untou)
AGI 48=43+5
INT 42
PER 43
WIL 37
FEL 35= 40-5

Wounds: 16 
Armor: 16 (8 p.armor, 6 machine+2 armormonger)
Size: 5 (hulking)

Lascannon w/cursed metal
Ghibelline Hyperwave Clarion Cannon

medicae, techuse, dodge+20, awareness, concealment
speak L.Gothic, intimidate, trade (armor)


combat formation , hardy, jaded, marksman, 
storm of iron, step aside, armormonger, sprint,
hipshooting, wt: clarion canno, las

sycophant, fanatic, phase, flyer 6, machine 6, autostabilized,
unnatural toughness 4

Advances: (10000/10900)
Int+5  -100
Int+10 -250
Int+15 -500
Agi+5  -250
BS +5  -250
BS +10 -500
Fel+5  -250
Fel+10 -500


Athletics  200
Awareness  200
Charm      200
Commerce   100
Deceive    200
Dodge+10   350
F.l Spess  100
Inquiry    100
Medicae    100
Medicae+10 200
Op (Surf)  200
Security   100
Tech-Use   500

CombatFor  200
Ex.Wealth  250
Foresight  300
InfKnowl   400
Jaded      250
greatemin  500  (upgrade from lesser minion)
M.Engseer  400
M.Chirugen 400
Step-aside 750
T.Knock    200

-God Alignment:
Slaanesh: 6
Tzeench:  3
Nurgle:   3
Khorne:   1

1st: L.Power Armor
2nd: Mechanicus Assimilation x4 
3rd: Mechanicus Assimilation x4 (Total: 8)
4th: Black Blood/Autosanguine
5th: Multilas

P.A. Mod:
Minion stats

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Feb 29, 2004



That is the first thing that flows through Korthurchu's mind as he gazes upon the empty corridor. He had spent most of the flight over in the closest anyone could get to quiet contemplation of the Red God, preparing himself to fall on his enemies like a terrible tempest and trying very hard to not think about the irony that a psyker's toy was the only way he would get to them without being blown into tiny pieces. Then he heard the sound of shearing metal and daemon screams and knew the time for battle was now. First out of the torpedo powersowrd and bolt pistol drawn he looked around for enemies.

And found none.

The minute he stepped out of that damned sorcerer's toy to relative peace was enough to make him hit one his companions, so primed for battle he was. He listened closely to the sweet music of chaos and bloodshed the other squads had encountered to calm himself. It helps just enough to make him focus on getting to a battle with his enemies rather then starting one with his "allies." As the mechanical women attempts to keep the doors open he speaks for the first time, a low voice rumbling with barely suppressed homicidal rage.

"Focus on the left passageway, we need to use that intersection. We must move towards the center and rip the heart out of this station. There will be the heaviest resistance and the best fighting."

Name: Kothurchu
Race: Human
Archetype: Renegade
Pride: Fortitude
Disgrace: Destruction
Motivation: Vegenace
Alligence: Khorne MANMODE

WS 61=44+3+15
BS  48=40+3+5
S   50 (60)=40+10(+10 in Power Armor)
T   50=40+5+5
Ag 42=40-3+5
Int 29=32-3
Per 31=36-5
Fel 29=33-4
Wp  38
Wounds: 18=15+2+1
Infamy: 54=50+2+2
Corruption: 30

Parry +10
Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialis)
Common Lore(Imperial Guard, Tech, War)
Operate(Aeronautica +10, Surface)
Dodge +10
Tech Use

Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Weapons Training (Chain, Flame, Las, Primary, SP, Bolt, Power)
Sure Strike
Ancient Warrior
Berserk Charge
Pity the Weak
Counter Attack
Two Weapon Wielder Ranged
Two Weapon Wielder Melee
Furious Assault
Battle Rage
Combat Master
Swift Attack
Step Aside
Crushing Blow
Lightning Attack
Sound Constitution
Resistance (Psychic Powers)

The Quick and the Dead
Mark of Khorne 
Brutal Charge(4)
Unnatural Strength (4)

Special Ability
Adroit (Weapons Skill)

Gift of Khorne (Brass Collar)
Gift of Khorne(Daemonic Name)
-2 Infamy (
-Generation Roll(

Light Power Armor (Common)
-Sustainable Power Source
-Vox Link
-Auto Senses
Refractor Field (Common)
Brass Collar of Khorne
Plasma Gun (Common)
-2x mags
Bolt Pistol (Common)
-2x mags
Inferno Pistol (Common)
-2x mags
Power Sword (Good)
-Duelist Hilt
-Storm Field
Jump Pack (Good)
Data slate w/ annotated version of Tactica Imperialis
12 Legion Frag Grenades
3 Legion Krak Grenades


Trade in one to upgrade Power Sword twice

Trade Power Mace for Inferno Pistol (IRC approved)

Light Power Armor
-Very Rare -20
-Single +10
-Common-Quality +0

Power Sword
-Very Rare -20
-Single +10
-Good-Quality -10
-Trade Carapace Armor(Rare) for an additional +10

Refractor Field
-Very Rare -20
-Single +10
-Common-Quality +0

Jump Pack
-Rare -10
-Single +10
-Good-Quality -10

<MandozerTheGreat> so how about a +10 for G.C. Jump Pack
*** hukhukhuk [] has joined #acolyte
<MandozerTheGreat> and 90 minutes of constant flight time
Exp to spend 99950/10000
Trained WS 1500
Simple T 250
Simple BS 250
Intermediate S 350
Simple Ag 500
Weapon Training (Power) 250
Pity the Weak 200
Counter Attack 500
Parry +10 200
Two Weapon Wielder Ranged 500
Two Weapon Wielder Melee 500
Furious Assault 300
Battle Rage 300
Combat Master 300
Swift Attack 300
Step Aside 750
Crushing Blow 400
Lightning Attack 400
Blademaster 400
Sidearm 750
Sound Consitution 250
Raptor 250
Operate (Aeronautica) +10 550
WS     BS     S     T     Ag     Int     Per     WP     Fel
61     48     50(60)    50    42     29     31     29     38
Wounds: 18/18      IP: 5/5
Armour: 7 All  Force Field: 1-30, overload 1-10
Initiative: +6

Weapon                  Range  Fire    Damage    Pen   Ammo  Clips  Reload  Special

Bolt Pistol          30m  S/2/-   1d10+5 X  4     8/8   -     2 Full   Tearing
Inferno Pistol      10m  S/-/-   2d10+10 E  12     3/3   2     Full    Melta   
Power Sword        20m  -/-/-   1d10+17 E  7     -/-   -     -     Power Field,
-Balanced (+10 Parry) GQ (+5 Hit and Parry) Duelist Grip (+5 Parry) Storm Field*

Legion Frag      30m  S/-/-   2d10+2 X  0     1/1   -     12 -   Blast(4)
Legion Krak      30m  S/-/-   2d10+8 X  6     1/1   -     3 -  

*Storm Field: +2 Damage and Pen/Auto-destroys non-power/force/natural/warp weapons that are involved in a parry
On unmodified 91-00 take hit that cannot be evaded w/o strength bonus (1d10+7)

Notable Abilities:
- Attacks during a charge cannot be parried by enemies
- Awareness 31
- Dodge 52
- Parry 71 Base
       -w/ Power Sword 91
- Jaded
- Unnatural Strength (4)
- Brutal Charge (4) 
- Quick Draw
- Rapid Reload
- Disarm
- Counter Attack
- Furious Assault
- Battle Rage
- Frenzy
- Combat Master
- Swift Attack
- Step Aside
- Crushing Blow
- Lightning Attack
- Blademaster
- Raptor

Immunities and Resistances:
- Resistant Psychic Powers
- Nullify all direct and AOE psychic powers against me (Brass Collar of Khorne)

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Apr 10, 2010

College Slice


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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Ronwayne posted:


Override Door: 1d100 12 11 DoS :Psypop:

You quickly crack open a security panel next to the right door with your combitool and start messing with wires. Within 3 seconds you have overridden the security lock on the door. Pressing the green rune on the keypad rewards you with the door opening immedietely with a hiss. You feel a light breeze as air is being sucked out from the gaps around where your daemon torpedo made its entrance. If not for its presence clogging up the hole, air would be rushing out quite violently and rapidly. You repeat the same steps to the other door and for good measure you restore both panels so that they do not appear to have been tampered with in the least.

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


After a few moments the trivial task is completed and Kayleen gives the thumbs up to the rest of the team. "Ready to proceed when you all are."

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Oh yeah, get your combat blocks made now please.

Feb 14, 2013



Lysander nods his readiness and waves to the mass of tumors and armor behind him. "Naff, ready your cannon. We have work to do."

Name: Lysander Oberst
Race: Human
Career: Apostate
Pride: Charm
Disgrace: Gluttony
Motivation: Arcane
Alignment: Nurgle (pre-aligned manmode)

Wounds: 28	(14+2+2+10)
IP: 4/6
Characteristics: 10#2d10+25 38 35 38 39 36 44 32 31 44 31

WS:	41	(36+5)
BS:	49	(39+5+5)
S:	65	(38+5+5-3+20)
T:	54	(44+5+5+5-5) + Unnatural Toughness (4)
Ag:	31	(31+5-5)
Int:	45	(38+2+5)
Per:	32	(32)
WP:	40	(35+5)
Fel:	64	(44+5+5+5+5)

Infamy: 72
Corruption: 42

Charm +10
Common Lore: (Imperial Guard, Imperium, War)
Deceive +10
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry, Occult, Tactica Imperialis)
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology, Heresy, The Warp)
Linguistics: Low Gothic
Inquiry +10
Intimidate +10
Medicae +10
Survival +10
Trade: Chymist

Air of Authority
Ancient Warrior
Disturbing Voice (+10 Intimidate, -10 Fellowship w/ non-heretics)
Greater Minion of Chaos
Hatred: Adeptus Astartes
Inspire Wrath 
Iron Discipline 
Master Chirurgeon 
Mighty Shot 
Nerves of Steel 
Peer: Mortal Followers of Nurgle
Peer: Traitor Legions 
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Sound Constitution (2)
Total Recall
True Grit
Unshakeable Will
Weapons Training: Las, Primary, Plasma, Power

Unnatural Toughness (+4)

Stuff of Nightmares (Immune to poison, bleeding, stunning, disease, breathing,
most environmental hazards, and crit effects except those that destroy him outright 
or come from psychic powers, force weapons, or sanctified weapons)

Fear (2)

Quick and the Dead (+2 Initiative)

(Power Armor)
-Size (Hulking) 
-Dark Sight
-Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound)
Special Abilities/Gifts of the Gods: 

Serpents Tongue (Test Charm/Decieve to get Peer (2))

Mark of Nurgle

Eye of Chaos (gives Psyniscience and +10 Charm, already incorporated)

Nurgling Infestation(from errata: Each Nurgling makes a Melee
Attack at WS 30 at an enemy within 3 metres, dealing 1d10+1 R,
Pen 0 Damage with the Toxic (1) Quality, then dissipates back into
the Warp in a cloud of foul smelling mist.)

Face of Nurgle: Fear (2) and Peer (Mortal Followers of Nurgle)

Power Armor: 8 All 1d10 8 
-Devotional Iconography (Nurgle)
-Sustainable Power Source
-Magboots (Mission Equipment)

Good Plasma Gun (Basic 90m S/2/ 1d10+8E, 10 Pen, 25 Clip, 5 Full, Maximal, Overheats)
-Red-Dot Laser Sight
-Extended Magazine


Good Power Sword (Melee 1d10+5E, 5 Pen, Power Field, Balanced)
-Cursed Metal

Trophy Rack (-5 to WS tests for enemies in melee who feel fear, +10 Intimidate, -10 Stealth)

Aetheme Blade (+10 to rituals involving sacrifice)

Good Laspistol (Pistol 30m S/2/ 1d10+2E, 0 Pen, 30 Clip, Half, Reliable)

12 Blight Grenades

2 Haywire Grenades

GQ Infernal Star

BQ Bolt Pistol

Unholy Tomes
Chaos Symbol Pendant
Power Armor (Very Rare Acquisition 1)
Good Plasma Gun (Very Rare Acquisition 2)
Extended Mag and RDLS (2 for 1 upgrade)
Good Powersword w/Cursed Metal downgrade
Trophy Rack (traded power blade)
Aetheme Blade (traded mesh armor)
12 Blight Grenades
2 Haywire Grenades
XP: 10900/10900

Fel (Simple)	                500
Fel (Intermediate)	        750
Toughness (Simple)	        100
Toughness (Intermediate)	250
Toughness (Trained)	        500
Strength (Simple)	        250
Strength (Intermediate)	        500
AG (Simple)	                250
BS (Simple)	                250
BS (Intermediate)	        500
WS (Simple)	                250
WP (Simple)	                500
Intimidate +10                  200
Nerves of Steel 	        300
Jaded	                        200
Sound Constitution (2)	        400
Hardy	                        300
Medicae	                        100
Medicae +10	                200
Master Chirurgeon	        400
Quick Draw	                250
Resistance (psychic powers)     200
Greater Minion of Chaos	        750
Inspire Wrath	                750
Parry	                        200
Tech-Use                        200
Weapon Training (Plasma)     	250
Mighty Shot	                400
Survival	                100
Survival +10	                200
Weapon Training (Power)         250
True Grit                       400
Int +5 (Simple)                 250

Advances Taken:
Nurgle: 17
Khorne: 3
Slaanesh: 2
Tzeentch: 1

WS    BS    S      T    Agi    Int    Per    WP    Fel
41    49  65(45) 94(54)  31    45      32     40    64

Wounds: 28/28       IP: 6/6
Armour: 8 All
Force Field (GQ Infernal Star): 50, Overload 01-05
Initiative: +5

Weapon                  Range  Fire    Damage    Pen   Ammo  Clips  Reload  Special

Plasma Gun               90m   S/2/   1d10+8E    10    25    --    5 Full   Maximal(+10m range, +1d10 Dam, +2 Pen, 3x ammo consumption, Recharge) 
-GQ (Reliable), Overheats (91+ roll=hit to arm, Agi test or drop, next round cooldown), RDLS (+10 BS Single Shot), Extended Mag

Power Sword                            1d10+5E    5                          Power Field, Balanced (+10 Parry)
-GQ (+5 hit/parry), Cursed Metal (Test toughness after battle if ever used, fail=1 wound taken ignoring all armor and toughness)

Good Laspistol           30m   S/2/   1d10+2E,   0     30    --    Half     Reliable

Blight Grenades          18m   S/-/-   2d10E      0      1     12            Toxic (2), Blast (6)(cloud remains for 1d10 rounds, deals 1d10E Toxic damage to anyone entering it) 
-(All damage ignores armor that isn't sealed)

Haywire Grenades         18m   S/-/-   0          0      1     2             Haywire (3)

BQ Bolt Pistol (untrained)
Notable Abilities:

-Awareness 32
-Dodge 31
-Parry 41
-Unnatural Toughness (+4)

-Vomit Toughness Bonus worth of Nurglings as free action once per battle (Each makes a Melee Attack at WS 30 at an enemy within 3 metres, 
dealing 1d10+1R Pen 0 Damage with the Toxic (1) Quality, then dissipates back into the Warp in a cloud of foul smelling mist)

-Stuff of Nightmares
-Unshakeable Will
-Quick Draw
-Nerves of Steel
-Mighty Shot +2 damage to all BS weapons, incorporated
-Master Chirurgeon
-Iron Discipline
-Inspire Wrath
-Hatred: Adeptus Astartes
-Disturbing Voice
-(Power Armor)
--Size (Hulking) 
--Dark Sight
--Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound)
-Trophy Rack (-5 WS to enemies in melee)
-True Grit


-Psychic Power Resistance (+10 to tests against)
-SoN: Immune to poison, bleeding, stunning, disease, breathing, most environmental hazards, 
and crit effects except those that destroy me outright or come from psychic powers, force weapons, or sanctified weapons

Minion: Chaos Space Marine
Name: Iocanthos
Wounds: 18
New Minion Characteristics: 9#2d10+30 38 38 37 41 38 46 44 50 43
Minion Power Armor
New Minion Mutation: 17
New Minion Mutation Reroll: 37
WS:  38
BS:  55 (50+5)
S:   73[43]
T:   91[51] (46+5)
Ag:  44
Int: 33 (38-5)
Per: 45
WP:  38
Fel: 32 (37-5)

Loyalty 84 (64 Fel +10 Air of Authority +10 Ancient Warrior)
Awareness +10
Dodge +20
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Bolter Drill
Hip Shooting
Legion Weapon Training
Mighty Shot
Nerves of Steel
Rapid Reload
Step Aside
Target Selection
Technical Knock
True Grit
Mutant (1) (Eyestalks, +4 Perception)
Unnatural Strength (1)
Unnatural Toughness (4)
Legion Power Armor (8 All)
-Chain Bandolier
-Sustainable Power Source
Starting Acquisitions:
Legion Power Armor
-Chain Bandolier
-Sustainable Power Source
Legion Combi-Bolter (Drop one acquisition for Extremely Rare)
Legion Power Sword (Drop one acquisition for Extremely Rare)
WS    BS      S       T      Agi    Int    Per    WP    Fel
38    55    73 (43)  91 [51]   44     33     45    38    32

Wounds: 18/18
Armour: 8 All
Loyalty 74
Initiative: +4

Weapon                  Range  Fire    Damage    Pen   Ammo  Clips  Reload  Special

Legion Combi-Bolter     80     S/4/-   1d10+12X    4     32    --    Full    Tearing, Twin-Linked  

Legion Power Sword      --      --     1d10+6E    6     --     --     --    Power Field, Balanced

Notable Abilities:
-Awareness 55
-Dodge 64
-Parry 38
-Bolter Drill
-Hip Shooting
-Legion Weapon Training
-Mighty Shot +3 damage to BS weapons, incorporated.
-Nerves of Steel
-Rapid Reload
-Step Aside
-Target Selection
-Technical Knock
-True Grit
-Unnatural Toughness (+4)
-Unnatural Strength (+1)

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Feb 29, 2004


With the mechanical women having stopped the doors from closing, Korthurchu promptly takes to the vanguard of the group. He moves towards the left hallway and the intersection, figuring that if they just went towards the center they would find the important parts of the station that we not supposed to get hit in the immediate beginning of a fight in space. He addresses the group again.

"This way. The heaviest fighting and greatest glories to the Red God shall follow. Unless," he looks towards the maintenance door, "the group wishes to take the way of the weak and the craven. I can understand if your worship of Him is imperfect.

He can understand but he does not respect it of course.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Light Blue Rectangles: Doors
Grey Lines: Bulkheads
Grey Rectangles attached to Grey Lines: Signs
Red Lightning Bolt: Group Location

The doors in the hallway are airtight ones that can seal off an air from the void. The one to the right is just a regular compartment door though it too can become airtight if need be. It just requires manual operation to be sealed in such a manner.

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Debarking from the torpedo, the first thing Corypheus heard was one of their Khornate followers whining about not killing anybody yet. Having already spent 12 hours listening to this inanity, he was thoroughly fed up with it. Still..."Perhaps Kothurchu here has a point. They are surely forming up to resist our incursion, and would not be expecting a quick assault. He can form a spearpoint to disrupt local resistance, along with anyone else who wants to, while the rest of us hunt down an appropriate place for prisoner collection, and other uses, and get a fix on where exactly we are currently."

As he finishes his statement, and even as the thralls he brought with him disembark from the back of the torpedo, he reaches for the Warp. Drawing it in, his shape seems to waver and distort, and those paying attention notice he no longer seems to be touching the deck. While waiting for the others to form up, he takes a look at the corridors above and below them, as well as peering into the room adjacent to the hallway they're in.

Manifesting Flicker at Unfettered Level.

107 = 62[WP] +45[PR(9)] + 10[Psy-Focus] - 10[Difficult Test]
Orokos: 25

Name: Corypheus
Career: Q'Sal Magister Immaterial
Pride: Devotion(+5 Will, -5 Str)
Disgrace: Betrayal(+5 Corruption, -10 Charm attempts)
Motivation: Perfection(+5 to one, -3 to two)
Alignment: Tzeentch

Khorne: 0
Nurgle: 0
Slaanesh: 0
Tzeentch: 12 

Stats: 13 8 17 13 11 15 11 15 12 13

WS:  33       25 +11 -3[Motivation]
BS:  34       25 +12 -3[Motivation]
S:  31[41]    25 +11 -5[Pride] +10[Armor]
T:   38       25 +13
AGI: 43       25 +13 +5[Advances]
INT: 50       30 +15 +5[Advances]
PER: 43       25 +13 +5[Advances]
WIL: 62       30 +17 +5[Pride] +10[Advances]
FEL: 50       30 +15 +5[Motivation]
INF: 62       50     +7[Space Station Stuff] +5[Citadel Sigilite]

Wounds: 13(8+1d5(5))
IP: 5
Corruption:46(35 +1[Cold Hearted] +7[Space Station Stuff] +3[Citadel Sigilite])

Common Lore(Imperium)[INT]
Common Lore(Imperial Creed)[INT]
Common Lore(Q'Sal)[INT]
Deceive +10[FEL]
Forbidden Lore(Daemonology) +20[INT]
Forbidden Lore(Psykers)[INT]
Forbidden Lore(Warp)[INT]
Linguistics(Chaos Marks)[INT]
Linguistics(Low Gothic)[INT]
Psyniscience +10[PER]
Scholastic Lore(Occult) +10[INT]

Cold Hearted
Favoured by the Warp
Minion of Chaos(Thrall Wizard x 3)
Psy Rating(x8)
Strong Minded
Total Recall
Warp Lock
Warp Sense
Weapon Training(Exotic[Q'Sal], Las, Primary)

Fear 4
Multiple Arms 3
Unnatural Willpower(+4)
Warp Instability

The Quick and the Dead: +2 bonus on Initiative rolls
Magus Supremus: Rolls on the Psychic Phenomena table do not affect the Magister Immaterial, 
 although those around him may still be affected, unless the roll causes Perils of the Warp.
 The Magister Immaterial may also spend an Infamy point to either reroll the result on the
 Psychic Phenomena Table, accepting the new result as final, or decide who(allies, NPCs, 
 and/or enemies) are affected by the result. The Magister Immaterial must be able to see an
 individual to affect them in this manner.

Gifts of the Gods:
Mark of Tzeentch
Additional Limb[Tzeentch]

Psyker Powers:
-Mind Link
-Mind Probe
-Thought Sending
-Mind Over Matter
-Precision Telekinesis
-Telekinetic Shield
-Precognitive Dodge
-Gholam Curse
-Storm of Change
-Crimson Fire of Tzeentch(Bolt of Change)
-Violet Fire of Transition(Flicker)
-Blue Fire of Tzeentch(Wind of Chaos)

Light Power Armor
 -Careful Maintenance
 -Subsystems Active:
  *Osmotic Gill Life-Sustainer
  *Magnetized Boot Soles
  *Sustainable Power Source
 -Aetheric Wave Spars(+1 Psy Rating)
Force Staff
Shimmering Robes(Psy Rating 8, so currently Protection 72, Overload 01-08)
Good-Quality Psychic Hood
Q'Sal Crystal Spire
Grimoire containing acquired lore
Ritual Kit

Experience Spent: 10850/10900(+800 Psychic Powers)
-Advanced Archetype(4600[1000 Cheaper than book])

-Willpower +5(100)[T]
-Willpower +10(250)[T]
-Agility +5(250)
-Intelligence +5(250)
-Perception +5(250)

-Forbidden Lore(Warp)(100)[T]
-Forbidden Lore(Daemonology)+20(400)[T]

-Favoured by the Warp(400)[T]
-Psy Rating(x2)(800)[T]
-Total Recall(200)[T]
-Minion of Chaos(500)
-Cold Hearted(250)
-Warp Lock(400)[T]

-Mind Over Matter(100)
-Telekinetic Shield(200)
-Thought Sending(100)
-Gholam Curse(300)[T]

-Storm of Change(500)[T]
-Bolt of Change(500)[T]
-Wind of Chaos(300)
-Precognitive Dodge(200)

Minions: Thrall Wizard x3

WS  15
BS  10
S   20
T   20
Ag  20
Int 30
Per 10
WP  25
Fel 10

Movement: 2/4/6/12
Wounds: 3
Armor: None
TB: 2

Forbidden Lore(Daemonology)
Forbidden Lore(Heresy)
Forbidden Lore(The Warp)
Linguistics(Chaos Marks)
Linguistics(Low Gothic)

Talents: Soul Tap
Traits: Psyker
Weapon: Binding Rod(1d5+2 I; Pen 0; Primitive(6))

Soul Tap: As a free action before making a Focus Power Test, the Heretic that commands the Thrall Wizard
 may choose to make a Challenging(+0) Willpower Test. If failed, no effect; if successful, the Heretic
 may Push his next Psychic Power without suffering the normal effects of Pushing such as possible Fatigue
 or Psychic Phenomena. Regardless of the outcome of the Test, the Thrall Wizard must pass a Challenging(+0)
 Toughness Test or be slain. Treat him as a minion that has been killed.

Binding Rod: Whenever the Heretic that commands the Thrall Wizard suffers a result on either the Warp 
 Phenomena or Perils of the Warp Table, he may choose to have the result affect the Thrall Wizard instead.
 The Thrall Wizard suffers the rolled result, and then dies horribly. Treat the Thrall Wizard as a minion
 that has been killed.

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Oh hey in non combat situations like this or even in some combat situations I allow for you to make your own rolls on orokos. Campaign is MANDOZERS BLACK CRUSADE. The roll don't count if I can't see it by clicking on that. I will also periodically, when I feel appropriate, test for you and not tell you poo poo about it unless something happens that you should know about.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Lord Koth posted:


Manifesting Flicker at Unfettered Level.
Manifesting Flicker: 1d100 25
Hey first off just use the bbcode function thats right there after the roll, make things easier. Now the update.

As you go through the opened blast door and pass through the walls to the door on the right you catch the eye of a panel on the door in red with white lettering, it reads Damage Control. As you enter the room and circle it you see the following things. You see 4 imperial navy sailors in a bit of a panic. The one closest to the door is on his face, the chair at his station knocked down as he reaches for a drawer and tries to grab a las pistol. The 2nd man has his las pistol and is moving to the door. 3rd is at his station where there is a map of the entire station, though the computer display is currently focused on this deck and the various frames, compartments, and doors. He slams his vox piece down in frustration as he tries to report to the bridge. The 4th man is making his way to a red telephone, putting the receiver close to his face and begins talking. "DC Deck 24 to DC Central come in DC Central. DC Deck 24 to DC Central is anyone on this line." The vox is jammed but this has to be a backup form of communication. What do you do?

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Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Gliding through the wall into the next room, Corypheus smirks to himself as he sees what room he now finds himself in. Allowing himself to drift back into reality, he proceeds to rip a tear in the Warp above the heads of the hapeless ratings.

Manifesting Storm of Change on top of the 4 sailors at Fettered level.

97 = 62[WP] + 25[PR(5)] + 10[Psy-focus]
Manifesting Storm of Change: 1d100 81

Traits: Dark Sight, Unnatural Willpower(+4), Heightened Senses(Sight & Sound). Immune to Photon Flash and Stun grenades.

     WS   BS   S      T     Ag   Int  Per   WP    Fel  Inf
     33   24   41(4) 38(3)  43   45   38  62(10)  50    50

Wounds: 13/13   IP: 5/5  Armour: 7 All    Toughness Bonus: 3
Dodge: 43      Corruption: 35  Field Save: 72(Overload 01-08)

Psy Rating: 8(9 from Aetheric Wave Spars)

Psyker Powers:
-Mind Link
-Mind Probe
-Thought Sending
-Mind Over Matter
-Precision Telekinesis
-Telekinetic Shield
-Gholam Curse
-Storm of Change
-Bolt of Change

Force Staff    Melee  -;   1d10+13(4 STR + 9 PR)I   Pen 9  Balanced, Force, Acts as Psy-Focus

Relevant Traits/Talents/Equipment
-Strong Minded: May reroll failed Willpower Tests to resist powers that affect his mind.
-Favoured by the Warp: Roll twice when rolling Psychic Phenomena and pick which result you want.
-Magister Immaterial: Immune to my own created Psychic Phenomena, and may expend an IP to make all those in one or more subgroups(enemy, ally, NPC) also immune.

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Nov 28, 2004

I unironically like Anders as a character.

Ciro Peizerat

Ciro steps off of the torpedo, humming something to himself as he looks both ways along the corridor.

Wounds: 16/16
Damage Mitigation: 7 armor All, TB = 4, conversion field 50 protection, malfunctions 15%
Skills: Dodge@60, Parry@100
Traits: Fear 2, WS Adroit, Collar of Khorne, Crushing Blow
Init: +7

WS     BS     S     T     Ag     Int     Per     WP     Fel
70     33     52    47    50     29      37      31     29

Name            Range  Fire     Damage     Pen  Ammo  Reload   Qualities  
2 (best and good) Heavy Polix Khopesh 1d10+20 E, Pen 8  Power, Balanced, Concussive(1) (two handed)
Heavy Flamer    30m     S       1d10+8      5    10    2 Full   Flame,Spray
Best Chainsword                 1d10+14                 Tearing, Balanced

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Lord Koth posted:

97 = 62[WP] + 25[PR(5)] + 10[Psy-focus]
Manifesting Storm of Change: 1d100 81[/i]
Storm of Change Damage (Radius 4m/Pen 9/Felling 4): 2d10+7 18
Elapsed Mission Time: 10 seconds.
You reappear into the material world, everyone in the room oblivious to your presence. From your hands fly ethereal fire, controlled but no less deadly in all directions. The sailors in this compartment scream as they are horribly mutated whilst their souls and minds are burned from within. Within 5 seconds, the flames die down, everyone inside the compartment except Corypheus is dead, a look of pure horror etched onto each of their faces. Damage Control for Deck 24 is secure and the red telephone is hanging from the wall. None of the electronics seem to be damaged either.

Feb 29, 2004


As one of the foul sorcerers disappear into nothingness, Kothurchu stops himself from flying down the hallway, not eager to run into a burst of Warp majiks that might hurt him even with his gift from the Red God. One never knew what those schemers were up to. He decides to wait for the rest of the group to get off their asses and out of boarding torpedo and the sorcerer to return from his ethereal jaunt.

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012


Whistling as he brushes some sludge off the control panel Corypheus quickly finds the door control and presses it. Activating his vox-link, he proceeds to call their tech-specialist, though he doesn't bother to limit it to her. "Attention Kayleen, your presence is requested in Deck 24's Damage Control room. You can find the entrance to your right."

That finished, he proceeds to hang up the phone and begins inspecting the map of the station, looking for what they happen to be near at the moment, as well as where the nearest large open spaces are.

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Feb 29, 2004


A fragment of his Imperial Guard training comes back, as Kothurchu recognizes the importance of the words "Damage Control" on a space vessel. He moves into the room and notices that the damned soceror had gotten the first kills, infuriating him even more. They didn't even die properly, there was no blood to be seen anywhere! Frustrated beyond all belief, he looks at the map alongside Corypheus, attempting to divine where the most important target would be. There would be the heavy defenses. There would be the sacrifices for the Red God.

Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialis): 1d100 7 TN=29 so 2 DoS

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Feb 14, 2013



Lysander motions to Naff to stay in the corridor and to continue covering the left hallway with his Autocannon, then moves into the map room. After pausing for a moment to take in the corpses, he says, "You do good work, Corypheus. For a Tzeentchi." He then turns to the map and tries to apply his knowledge of Imperial tactics to it, hoping to see any places that would be ideal for the Imperials to attack them. Unfortunately, his cursory knowledge of the Imperium is insufficient to even hazard a guess.

Looking for places where the Imperium will try to attack us and trying to predict how they'll try to stop us.
Scholastic Lore Tacticae Imperialis= 40
Tacticae Imperialis to predict ambushes: 1d100 66

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Nov 28, 2004

I unironically like Anders as a character.

Ciro Peizerat

Ciro wanders into the damage control room with the others, lifting his mask and considering what the witch had wrought.

"Won't be long now until they show up," he predicts, fishing out his dataslate to note something down. "What's the best way to this stuff we need to blow up? Can you do anything about security, Kayleen? Shut stuff down or reroute or whatever?"

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


Appearing moments after the request, Kayleen gingerly hops overs the dissecated husks "Ohhh, nice work Corypheus, total dessication of the psycho-biological pattern. What do you require of me? Glancing around the DC room, she notes the controls and the map of the station's outlay. "Fan-tastic". Kayleen nods at Ciro. "Well, all sorts of things are possible. We can pick up that phone over there and try to bluff DC Central, we can play merry hell with this deck's security systems, and we can plot our best course to do maximum havoc from these mappings here." She pauses. "Really, the choices boil down to causing immediate, medium, or long term carnage on the station. None are mutually exclusive, but I need to know what order you want me to do them in."

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Apr 10, 2010

College Slice


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Apr 25, 2010

Help I can't get up I'm Gay

The sniper sneers, displeased that their operation is in a crowded space station in space. Did she mention how tiny all the hallways were? She hated fighting in small hallways. Whatever, it appears that the sorcerer already took out the imperials she heard so there's no need to worry about that. She turns on her preysense goggles, hoping to catch an ambush or a group of unaware losers.


Class: Renegade 
Alignment: Tzneetch 

WS   34: 25 + 9 + 3 - 3
BS   66: 25 + 18 + 3 + 5 + 15
S    29: 25 + 7 - 3 
T    33: 25 + 8 
Ag   52: 25 + 17 + 5 + 5 
Int  35: 25 + 10
Per  59: 25 + 19 + 5 + 10	
WP   42: 25 + 14 - 2 + 5 
Fel  45: 25 + 15 + 5
Inf  62: 50 + 2 + 5

Wounds: 15/15
IP 5/5

Corruption 38

PRIDE: Beauty
Motivation: Perfection

Mutations: Ecstatic Duplication, Tail
Exp - 350

Awareness + 10
Dodge + 10
Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialis)
Common Lore(WAR,Tech,Imperial Guard)
Stealth +10
Tech Use
Linguistics(Low Gothic)

Quick Draw
Rapid reload
Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Primary, SP, Flame, Bolt, Plasma)
Combat Sense
Mighty Shot
Two Weapon Wielder 
Deadeye Shot
Eye of Vengeance
Unnatural WP(4)
Psy rating(5)
Favored of the Warp
Radiant Presence 
Plasma Weapon Expertise 

Precognitive Dodge
Precognitive Strike
Preternatural Awareness
Warp-Flame Ward

Best Lasgun
Common Plasma Pistol
Common Bolt Pistol
Good Hand Flamer
Carapace Armor
Dataslate with annotated Tactica Imperialis 
2x Mastercrafted Bolt Pistols 1d10+10 Pen 5 Accurate, Reliable, Tearing
12 Kraken, 6 Dragonfire, 6 Metalstorm, 6 Vengeance, 15 standard bolter rounds

Common Synskin
Good Camo Cloak
Purified Plasma
Sick sniper (i lost the stats)
Common Preysense Goggles (sick sunglasses)

Adds one additional Degree of Success 

All Heretics with this Trait add a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls.

Magic Stuff

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Gonna pass out, I'll update the information on the map tommorow and hopefully everyone has checked in by then.

Nov 8, 2011

I say, hey, listen to me!
Stay sane inside insanity!!!

Khlan Ur-Dair

Khlan, stepping out of the daemonic boarding craft, turned to address the idiotic Astartes Apostle:"And what would a fancy, prayer muttering Astartes ponce like you know about Ghorghe? You ever even met the ugly bastard? I have, and I can assure you all that dogfaced stinkyhole likes is his blood. Ghorghe tolerates strategy, if it gets him his due. But more often than not poor strategy results in more blood, which suits him fine."
In the near millennium since her departure from Fenris, Khlan has still never lost her thick fenrisian accent, or her habit of calling things by their fenrisian name. She hated Astartes, but she hated their Apostles most of all. Deluded fools actually worshiped beings like Ghorghe, who neither wanted or needed their worthless prayers, and would slaughter their devoted worshipers and champions on a whim. Best to forget what they wanted, and focus on your own goals. Unless you were stuck with some godawful daemonic axe who wouldn't shut up the gently caress up about blood and skulls. But she was working on getting that little situation under control.

Turning away from the Astartes freak, she looks around her new surroundings. It'd been centuries since last she'd been on a station like this, but she remembered it like it was yesterday. She racked her mind for relevant details that might aid them.

Space Station Lore: 1d100 4

Archtype: Khonsort of Khorne
WS 63
BS 32
S 50
T 38
AG 36
INT 30
PER 38
WP 55
FEL 40

CP: 40
Wounds: 16 


Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Athletics +10
Command +10
Common Lore (War, Imperial Guard, Imperium)
Intimidate +10
Linguistics (Low Gothic, Xurish)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Aeronautics)
Parry +10
Scholastic Lore (Occult)
Survival +10
Trade (Scrimshaw)

Ancient Warrior
Air of Authority
Battle Rage
Berserk Charge
Combat Sense
Combat Master
Crushing Blow
Flesh Render
Furious Assault
Greater Minion of Chaos
Nerves of Steel
Sure Strike
Lightning Reflexes,
Peer (Xur)
Pity the Weak
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold, Fear)
Swift Attack
Weapon Training (Primary, SP, Chain).

Pride: Martial Prowess
Disgrace Betrayal -10 Charm
Motivation: Violence

Starting Trait: The Quick and The Dead
Gifts of Khorne: Daemonic Name X 3

150 xp left


Crushing Blow 400
Flesh Render 200
Chain Weapon Training 250
Fearless 750
Swift Attack 300


+10 WS

+5 STR
+10 WP

Wounds: 16/16
Damage Mitigation: 7 armor All, TB = 3
Traits: Brutal Charge (4) Unnatural Strength (4) Quick and the Dead

WS     BS     S     T     Ag     Int     Per     WP     Fel
63     32     50    38    36     30      38      55     40

3d10+5 R 3 Felling (6), Tearing, Unwieldy, Warp Weapon
+8 Crit Damage

Null (-20 on enemy psyker Focus Power Tests)
No penalty for Called Headshots, which are taken at half actions
Heal 1d10 on kills
Frenzy test on drawing (+0 WP test)

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Nov 28, 2004

I unironically like Anders as a character.

Ciro Peizerat

Ciro scratches his cheek with the tip of a khopesh, remembering to disable the power field first, thankfully. "Well..." he blows a long breath out of his nose, black smoke billowing from his Khorne-blessed visage. "How about immediate first? Give them some more poo poo to deal with so they can't respond as easily to us. Seem reasonable?"

He looks at Khlan, and more specifically, her weapon. "Hey. Nice axe."

Thumbs up.

Apr 10, 2010

College Slice


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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Dulsatae: Herald of Nurgle's Comforting Embrace

Dulsatae remains in the boarding torpedo making sure that all of his weapons are fully loaded and functional, and that his armor is secured. By the time he exits the torpedo apparently loyalists were already dead. He didn't understand the rush, it was not as if the enemies were going any where. Upon hearing the words "damage Control" uttered Dulsatae makes his way there, combi-bolter in his left hand, and Deliverer of Warmth in the other.

He enters damage control, his vox clicking on and his voice a deep whisper, "This is damage control. This should contain fire suppression controls. The primary way to fight fires in the void is to open compartments to space. So let us open them, all of them. Let them feel the coldness of space and the chilling fear of death wrap them when they breathe their last air."

Come on folks, let's just Valley of Darkness their asses from Battlestar Galactica.

Archtype: plague marine
Pride: Fortitude
Disgrace: Dread 
Motivation: Vengeance
Alignment: Manmode nurgle



Awareness +10
Common Lore (War, imperial navy)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, daemonology, The Horus Heresy and the Long War)
Intimidate +10
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Parry +10 
Tech Use
Trade (armorer)

Ancient warrior
Bulging  Biceps 
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold,Heat,Poisons)
Unarmed Warrior
Lightning Reflexes
Bolter Drill
Exotic weapon training (plague blades)
Iron Jaw
Hip shooting
Rapid reload
Deadeye shot
blind fighting
Mighty shot
Armor Monger 

Unnatural  Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+6)
Stuff of Nightmares

Special abilities:
Abominable phyisiology: does not suffer from diseases or toxic weapon effects
Hideous Resilience: As reaction make -10 toughness test. Reduce damage by one for each DoS.
If damage reduced to 0, get fear (1) to attacker
Infectious Miasma: Spend infamy point, for 1d5+1 rounds every one in 10 rounds suffers 1d10 damage with
 toxic, ignoring armor that is not environmentally sealed. 

Gifts and Rewards:
Mark of Nurgle(manmode)
Nurgle's Rot(gift 1)
Daemon weapon(gift 2)

Starting Gear:
Legionnaire  Power  Armour
-Careful maintenance
-sustainable power source
-Enhanced ceramite plating
-recoil suppression gloves
-auto senses
-Mag soles 
Legionnaire Bolter traded for combi-bolter
Legion Combi-bolter
-extended mag
-red dot sight
-four magazines for starting weapon.
Legionnaire Combat Knife
Legion bolt Pistol
Chainswordtraded in toward plague sword
Plague sword
Missile Launcher 
-telescopic sight

Deliverer of Warmth, proto-bile-sprayer
Legion Flamer
range 20m dam: 1d10+12 Pen:7 Specl: flame, spray, toxic (3), 
-Plague carrier:gains toxic 3, deals 2d10 toughness if fail, contagious next 7 rounds
-Voidchill: weapon does 1d10 toughness damage if it scores a wound.

Terminator armor:
+Good quality
-Black Legion armor
-Careful maintenance

+Activated sub-systems
-Osmotic gill life sustainer
-Auto senses
-sustainable power source
-Bio monitor (ha)
-Nutrient recycling (double ha)

Starting acquisitions: 
2-upgrades for combi-bolter
3-Legion Missile Launcher w/telescopic sight
4-plague sword 
5- Legion plasma gun

Advances: (8975/9050)
3600-Plague marine package
-simple 100
-Intermediate 250 
-Trained 500
-Expert 750
Sound Constitution (8) 700
Ballistics skill
-simple 250
-intermediate 500
-trained 750
Weapon Skill
-simple 250
-intermediate 500
mighty shot 400
tech use 200
Trade (Armorer) 200
Armor Monger 500

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


"Of course, voiding would be the immediate term carnage, lets give the medium one a shot. This is just a crapshoot, but lets see how bad security protocols have decayed since I left uh, a few hundred years ago."
Kayleen picks up the phone. "Elevatus override request, authorization code:" a torrent of static and squeaking in binary comes out of her mouth, indecipherable by anyone else other than the claw-man. Kayleen waits a moment, and gets nothing in return. "...yeah, I'm guessing they changed codes at least once in that time. Lets try just killing fuckers with void instead. She carefully stares at the control panel and smashes a set of buttons with a power armored fist.

(Hopefully I can do two different things here:

first roll vs TN57, failure:
second roll, also failure but only 1 DoF:

Techuse to void as much of this deck as possible:
vs TN 120 +1dos on sux:
Ten DoS)

Sep 23, 2009

Ignorance, the root of all evil

The Clawman

The Clawman clacks its way into the chamber, casting a discerning eye over the four corpses. "No signs of terror," it rasps. "What a waste." It bends down, claws snicking as it sets about decapitating the least of the disfigured bodies. "Just keep in mind our primary goal is to silence the station. We should make haste to perform that function first. Then we can have fun," it grins, its claws snipping one final time to sever the spinal cord.


Name: The Clawman
Race: Human
Archetype: Idolitrex Magos of Forge Polix
Pride: Devotion
Disgrace: Destruction
Motivation: Ascendancy

Experience: 750/4450

Alignment: Tzeentch

Khorne   0
Nurgle   1
Slaanesh 0
Tzeentch 8

WP +5                                250  T
WP +10                               500  T
WS +5                                250
Psyniscience                         200  T
Scrutiny                             200  T
Combat Formation                     250  T
Warp Sense                           250  T
Weapon-Tech                          250
Mechadendrite Use (Medicae/Torture)  500
Favoured by the Warp                 750  T
Resistance (Psychic)                 250  N
Strong Minded                        500  T
Int +5                               250
Int +10                              500

WS    45   (15 + 25 + 5 (Advances))
BS    37   (12 + 25)
S     40   (15 + 25 - 5 (Pride))
T     38   (13 + 25)
Ag    37   (12 + 25)
Int   60   (15 + 25 + 10 (Archetype) + 10 (Advances))
Per   39   (14 + 25)
WP    62   (17 + 25 + 5 (Archetype) + 5 (Pride) + 5 (Motivation) + 10 (Advances))
Fel   33   (12 + 25 - 4 (Disgrace))
Inf   72   (50 + 2 (Disgrace) + 5)

Wounds: 14
Infamy Points: 5
Corruption: 35

Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, The Hollows, Imperial Creed, Tech +10)
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology, Warp)
Linguistics (Low Gothic, Techna-Lingua)
Scholastic Lore (Occult)
Tech Use +10
Trade (Scrimshawer +10)

Ancient Warrior
Armour Monger
Blasphemous Incantation
Cold Hearted
Combat Formation
Die Hard
Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Favoured by the Warp
Mechadendrite Training (Medicae/Torture, Utility)
Psy Rating 3
Resistance (Psychic)
Strong Minded
Technical Knock
Warp Sense
Weapon Training (Las, Primary, Shock, Power)

Blasphemous Studies - Maximum Psy Rating is limited to Corruption Bonus. Psychic Strength counts as Bound.
Fear (1)
Machine (12)
Mechanicus Implants
The Quick and the Dead - +2 to Initiative.

Psychic Powers:
Mind Probe
Psychic Scream
Thought Sending

Darksoul - Gain Fear (+1) trait.
Mechanoid - Gain Machine (+4) trait.

Best Craftsmanship Lascarbine with Red-dot Laser Sight
Common Craftsmanship Fallen Magos Power Axe
Light Carapace Armour
Good Craftsmanship Cerebral Implant
Best Craftsmanship Blade Tines
Unholy Unguents
Utility Mechadendrite
Luminen Capacitors
2x Good Craftsmanship Bionic Arm
Medicae/Torture Mechadendrite
4x Mechanicus Assimilation
4x Mechanicus Assimilation
Bladehands, Mono, Cursed Metal

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Intruder Alert
Elapsed Mission Time: 2 minutes
Khlan Ur-Dair and Kothurchu
Its quite simple really how you are going to be responded to. First damage control will do their jobs and seal off damaged sections and attempt to find the source of the breach, especially in the case of a boarding party like what is happening now. They will lock down all doors except for certain ones to drive the enemy forces in a certain direction and have combat troops intercept you and pin you down. Once you are fixed they will deliver the killing blow from all angles. It will certainly allow for tons of bloodshed but with 20,000 able bodied men and women of the corpse emperor's Imperial Guard and Navy with lasguns, autoguns, shotguns, and grenades. Not to mention heavier weapons like flamers, bolters, and the odd plasma/melta weaponry. Eventually you will be overwhelmed. The key to boarding action is to move quickly and take control of engineering/propulsion. Control the doors, power, and air supply and you can control the station. You expect you have 5 to 10 minutes before the commanders realize whats happening and piece together the full picture. You also know that Squad Ripper, having drawn first blood, will receive the brunt of the initial response. Looking over to the damage control screen which shows the map of the whole ship you see the following things.

"Petty Officer Jones are you still there. Clear this line." Is what you hear as you pick up the red telephone. "DC 24 this is DC Central report!" is the last thing you hear before transmitting your code phrase. The response is decidedly negative but not as bad as it could be "What in the hell was that shrieking. Who are you? Where is jones?. Meanwhile as you look towards the computer display, access the map and pull up deck 24's schematics, you notice that from frames 88 to 100 are red in a straight line, assuming where you breached. The map also shows breaches on Deck 50 (Rachmann's Squad), Deck 36, and Deck 14. Similar Frame numbers from the centerline, all starboard of the center. You begin the procedures to vent the entirety of this Deck, opening all doors. Air is being rerouted to the other decks in this venting procedure and is being filtered out. The venting is more successful in the frames behind where the boarding torpedo punched through at aka the exterior compartments of the station. Those areas get vented to space completely in mere minutes.

You wanna vent this level and the interior in a reasonable timeframe you need to move the ride that got you in out the loving way back into space. Estimated time to vent this deck is 20 minutes at this speed but with a big gaping hole in the hull and no obstructions you can get it down to 5 with no atmosphere on this entire level. You'll have to open vents to cause further venting of atmosphere above and below you.

In regards to immediate results, this corridor and the passageway/intersection to the left have no atmosphere. You hear an alarm klaxon before it goes silent as the hallway is vented. "General Quarters, General Quarters, all hands man your bat" is all you catch before the air finally booshes itself out of the hallway. Your own room still has atmosphere until you open the door and the sound powered telephone is still going off demanding answers. What are you gonna tell them?

Also note from this station you can access schematics for every level of the ship, identify each compartment by its purpose via the standard numbering, and locate other damage control rooms on various decks. You can do everything DC Central can do but can be overriden by DC Central. I'm going to need another tech-use test at -30 difficulty to lock DC Central out of overriding this control rooms commands.

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


"Belay that DC Command, we've had a power surge down here. Jones has a few burns and..."
Kayleen slaps her forehead and rips the telephone off the hook, walks back over to the control panel and slams the power axe into the wall behind it, jams her fist into the hole and pulls it out with a handful of data cables. "There we go, I think they're tipped off, but they can't do poo poo about it." She scans the map layout with her eyes and makes a copy.

"Decision Time, team!

A)If we want this deck ventilated in a reasonable amount of time, we need to blow the torpedo, proceed, yes or no?

B)I can try to upload this map to the other squads so they can reach their objectives faster. I don't know if you want them to get the glory though, your call. Send map info to other squads, yes or no?"
Kayleen leans over the DC panel waiting for one of the more authoritative squad members to issue orders.

(Charm vs tn 57 1 DoF

Override vs tn 90 6 DoS)

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

GM reminder, Julian aka Waci can release the daemon inside and free it. Then dominate it.

Feb 29, 2004


Knowing the tactical situation, the decision from Kothurchu is instant.

"Blow the torpedo. Send the information. Then we move to the engineering and shut off all of the power, leaving the pathetic worshippers of the Corpse-Pretender in the dark and in the throes of terror for their inevitable sacrifice to the Red God.

Metla-bomb enough to dislodge torpedo y/n?

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007


Basic squad wargear allotted for mission
2 Lascutters
12 Meltabombs
2 Siege Auspex (Deathwatch Rites of Battle pg. 146)

First you need to unbind the daemon or its gonna soak quite a bit of that melta bomb damage. That said after that I'll allow a meltabomb to blow clean through the boarding torpedo. It won't be dislodged but it'll have a giant loving hole in it so that air will get sucked out of it super fast. I'd recommend you either make use of magnetic boots or be clear of the area after detonation because that light breeze I described in the OP is gonna become quite violent decompression if Kayleen does her thing to vent the deck in the most expedient manner. You will either moving slow as poo poo with magboots or you will get vented out to space unless you test agility to grab something and strength to hold on. That said if you want to take a space walk on purpose and breach elsewhere, you do have lascutters to get you back into the hull but it'll take time.

Also Govtcheese: 6 DoS is enough for me to say you lock out DC Central from overriding your changes. They have their own tech priests on station who will try to reverse what you've done but its not likely they'll be able to stop the venting of this deck and possibly more decks before they backhack you and regain control. Lets say 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted control if you were to walk away from this console now. If you jack in at any damage control room you can replicate the results as well as stymy any attempts to rehack the DC controls.

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.


"Roger that, I'm gonna put this melta on a personal vox detonate, everyone get into the DC room so we can shut the door before we vent so we won't be making a walk outside."
She quickly sends the other squads the map information for their immediate area and a path to vital sections of the ship. Kayleen then backs out and plots a course from the DC room to the Engineering bay. "Got the info!" Kayleen runs back to the torpedo, dodging past its dozens of creepy eyes spread across the hull, hefts the heavy metal dome onto the rear of the torpedo and punches in the activation code. "Its armed, repeat, torpedo is armed to blow, everyone get behind an airlock and close the door or you'll be sucked into the void!"

(Downloading map info for other squads current positions and sending them a route to the nearest targets of value. Then downloading a route for our squad to engineering. Wiring torpedo to blow, waiting until squad gets to cover before activating it. When the deck is vacuumed, slowly opening the DC room door so the air loss is gradual and no one gets sucked out.

Not sure how many actions this is, but 12 Degrees of success)

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Sep 23, 2009

Ignorance, the root of all evil

The Clawman

"Julian, tell me the True Name of the bound daemon and I will release it from its vessel. My ferric symbiosis with the ship's hull will me from being lost to the void," The Clawman says.

Forbidden lore (Daemonology) @ 50, +20 for being aligned to Tzeentch, +1
0 for having an artifact related to the daemon (the boarding torpedo), +30 if I can get its true name.

Assuming all goes well, I'll try to then bind it into my own axe.

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Nov 28, 2004

I unironically like Anders as a character.

Ciro Peizerat

It feels like a long time since Ciro was on a voided vessel. The experience wasn't all that pleasant the first time around. "Is this going to kill grav-control to the station? Let's keep that on," he suggests as he waits in the DC while the others make full use of their talents. He's sure his time to be useful will come soon enough, but for now...well, he can just reattach his mask and play Angry Astartes on his dataslate as he waits. He engages his magboots just to be cautious.

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Feb 14, 2013



After ordering Naff into a position in the Damage Control room where he is least likely to go flying into space in case of decompression, he turns and looks sadly at the ruined phone.

"I do wish I'd realized that line was still open BEFORE someone tore it off the wall; the fun we could have had with a few choice words... Well, it hardly matters. One way or the other, we're going to kill them all."

Lysander turns back to the map and begins to study it as quickly as he can, hoping to spot something like a medbay along their route; he wouldn't pass up a chance to gather chemical supplies for future poison-making, or at the least an opportunity to bring Nurgle's love to the wounded.

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