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Jun 3, 2004

Remember the days of VHS cameras when you would just go on a family trip, grab some video on a tape, take some photos with a camera and then you were done? Yeah, you had to develop those photos, but that wasn't that big of a hassle, and putting together a photo album was a bit of fun. Video was super easy. You'd just take the video and it was done. Just watch it as is on your buddy's vcr. No one bothered editing their family videos. If you had a family get together, you would just throw on the tape watch it once, ffw the boring bits and then probably never watch it again ... until a bout 20 years passed and you wanted to reminisce.

Now capturing video and photos is easier than ever, and pretty much everyone has a smart phone that can do Hi Def. But what the hell do you do with these videos and photos? I used to sit there editing my videos together nicely after each trip and upload some of my favorite photos to facebook albums. I'd print some out. Some videos would go up on youtube to be shared privately with family. It was neat, but putting it all together seemed to take way longer. First of all, I, like most people, don't have a computer that's built to edit loads of hi def video, so putting together a video would be very slow and tedious, with my computer frequently crashing as windows movie maker, or imovie (if I'm using my macbook) is pushed to its limits. I hated it so much that I just gave up. Now I just dump my videos onto a hard drive and no one sees them. Maybe in 10 years, when I have a much more powerful computer, I can make something of them more quickly and won't have to wait hours for my videos to encode. But for now, I'd rather just take the videos and forget about them.

But I still can't escape it, because I'm the goto computer guy in my family. Everyone gives me THEIR videos and asks me to edit them and get them off their phone. Some people don't even have a computer so my desktop has become their video/photo repository. "Make a DVD so that your grandfather can watch it" they always say, not realizing how many hours and processing power it takes to convert a series of short hi def videos into 1 two hour DVD. My parents recently got done with a cross country trip and asked me to "make a dvd slideshow" that combines the hi def video with all the photos they took so that they can show it as a presentation at our next family get together. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and would do just about anything for them, but as my computer overheats while processing six hours of pictures and videos, I'm longing for the days of VHS. I can't help but wonder that there must be a better way. What do you guys do?

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Nov 11, 2011

Won't somebody think of the starving hamsters in China?

Gianthogweed posted:

I can't help but wonder that there must be a better way. What do you guys do?
We learn to say no to things we don't want to do for one.

e. That may be super snarky, but I'm dead serious that that is how I solved that problem for myself.

And then it turned out nobody cared enough to find someone they could pay for this.

And then people started to carry around phones and tablets and they show each other the pictures and 30 second videos on that and stopped recording feature length holiday movies. And they learn to upload clips to youtube and pictures to facebook because that has become easy enough for idiots.

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Sep 9, 2001

Oooh yeah...

If you are still living with your parents and not paying rent (whether you are in high school / college / whatever) and they ask you to put together some slideshows / basic family movies a couple of times a year, just do it for them. If your grandparents are anything like most, they will greatly appreciate your efforts. Don't feel like you need to do anything more than the most basic of editing (maybe simple titles and stitching together some clips?).

Now, if you're a grown man living on his own and you've come in here posting this: there is no magic solution. You should focus on treating the problem. Have the grandparents buy an iPad / Nexus 7 / whatever. Are they really -that- computer illiterate? I mean, I know some people don't care to use technology, but even my 96 year old grandmother regularly checks facebook on her iPad.

This way, you can tell the rest of the (hopefully younger and more computer literate) family to post poo poo to your content sharing platform of choice. Now, your family no longer needs to wait for family gatherings to share special moments! Welcome to the cloud!

Michael Scott
Jan 3, 2010

by zen death robot

I slap mine on Google Plus Photos and make them visible only to me, and share them with family as needed. The interface is kind of annoying and makes photos much smaller than their actual resolution by default, but I use it because it's a fast, easy, and free way to store photos and videos indefinitely.

Google offers unlimited storage for photos under a certain size, 2048 pixels on the longest side, and for videos of any size. The resolution limit for photos kind of sucks, but 2048 looks quite decent printed on a 4x6 if you need in the future.

You can always access it at or

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Apr 11, 2006

...into the far North we shall take you.

I'm looking for a decent online storage option for our family's pictures and videos. Bitcasa is $10/month (or $99 a year) for 1TB, and it doesn't seem to have file size limits, although it does seem a bit wonky when uploading from 2 computers. I just want to use it like a hard drive and drag things onto it.

Will it work fine for that, even with two computers using it? I want to put stuff there and leave it, basically. I don't really want it to attempt to mirror a given directory on two different computers, which is probably how things can get confusing. I would like to be able to delete things off of my HD after backing up to Bitcasa and burning to a DVD or something. I'm not looking for something that synchronizes.

Flickr seemed like a decent idea, but it has a 1GB limit on videos, and most of ours are somewhat above that.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Feb 10, 2013

Amazon has a service for storage that is pretty cheap.

It is not to be used like other cloud storage offerings though. If you need to keep a good back up that will be there for a long time this is probably the right price.

Oct 18, 2005

I know you know how to do this.
Get up.

NinetySevenA posted:

Amazon has a service for storage that is pretty cheap.

It is not to be used like other cloud storage offerings though. If you need to keep a good back up that will be there for a long time this is probably the right price.
If you do use glacier, which is great just for "it's there in case everything goes to poo poo", use a front end like this

Sep 21, 2000

Bread Liar

The free SimpleGlacier front end is pretty decent

Jun 28, 2014


this is actually all true and I sympathize

my computer is in fact perfectly suited for this and I dont ever do it


Oct 8, 2008

And with strange aeons, even death may eat a burrito with goons.

Lipstick Apathy

On a completely related note, I just came in to sh/sc to look for some info on a portion of the OP's dilemma. Namely, Windows DVD maker eats it hard as an actual DVD authoring software, and my issues come with a side of "DVD Flick hasn't updated in ~5 years."

I'm trying to put a simple .avi video that I just edited from an mp4 on to a dvd ready to play on computers or a stand-alone player with a nice menu splash screen. The video file is fine; audio and video are in harmony with h264 encoding. In the preview stage of Windows DVD maker, everything works including sound, but the finished product after encoding and burning is completely without sound. What other freeware or preview software exists out there for this sort of dvd authoring that is actually worth trying? Dvd flick can't come up with a thumbnail image and has menu screen options straight out of c. 2003 gaming culture which would be inappropriate for this project. Could I be missing a codec somewhere?

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