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Tony Montana
Aug 6, 2005

by FactsAreUseless

So you've saved up, read all the reviews, pulled the trigger and dropped a stack of money on your ideal lounge room setup. You use it and love it, decide that your choices were smart and you'd happily use this kit until it dies or there is some huge shift technologically.

Then you decide you want to do some other stuff with your life besides hang out in your lounge room.

I'd like any ideas or input on how to pack, store and generally care for your AV equipment when not in use. The intention is that you want to use it again, not sell it or have it trashed but hopefully pull it out of storage or shipping some point down the line and set up your dream lounge room once again.

My specifics:
I have a 5.1 setup that I love, floor standing fronts, bookshelf rears with stands I made, a huge beefy center and a digital amp. For visual I have my 50" Viera Plasma that was before the 3D craze, so it's refresh rate is still great for gaming and motion while other friends that have bought newer ones claim theirs aren't as good. Colour reproduction is also still only what a high end plasma can offer. I don't want a debate on what the best TV is.. the point is I want to keep this one.

I may have some of the original boxes but I think I a missing quite a few.

- How would you go about packing this stuff for storage?
- How would you go about packing this stuff for shipping or air-freight?
- Would you ship this stuff? I know they can be brutal with checked luggage on a plane. Perhaps hard cases are a must for moving it around when you're not there to ensure it's not being literally thrown around?
- Anyone know any good cases that can be bought? You can pay literally thousands for pro-level AV hard cases for transport.. but my stuff isn't good enough to warrant dropping a few grand on cases alone.


Jul 8, 2003

What is the real-world scenario where you're routinely moving home AV equipment? I moved twice in three months and just hooking everything up gets really old. If I was going to do that again I would get a projector (for which they make nice travel cases) and a set of 2.1 PC speakers.

Tony Montana
Aug 6, 2005

by FactsAreUseless

I'm not routinely moving it. I'm moving to London, from Australia. My poo poo is staying in Australia for the moment, but I'd like to pack it in such a way that if I wanted it I could get a courier company to pick it up, put it in a shipping container along with some of my other stuff and send it to me.

Even if they just stay in a shed in Australia for when I get back.

It seems getting some big cardboard box, like a fridge box and then wrapping the speakers in a shitload of bubble wrap and putting them all in there would work. Not the TV though, I'll keep trying to find an actual TV box.. someone must sell them..

Jan 2, 2005

Shipping this all is going to cost a lot of money, probably more than it would cost to sell the system before you leave and buy it all again after you've moved.

If you decide to move it all, you're going to need to have the TV crated and ship it with something like TiltWatch stickers on it (tilting it unevenly is likely to break the glass.) For the speakers, I'd box them individually or in pairs with Instapak rather than bubble wrap, or make a DIY equivalent with spray foam and plastic bags if they're too big for that. Insure it all for full replacement value.

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