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Jun 28, 2011

There's also github pages + jekyll. You write markdown, put it in the right place, select a theme - there it all is. For free.

Definitely more technically challenging than base wordpress but I know lots of people that do it that don't know coding.

You can even use your own domain.

I'd be happy to help you navigate that via PM, as well.


Jun 28, 2011

Breath Ray posted:

this is really kind of you edwardly. what are the advantages of github + jekyll over wordpress? sounds like it might be a bridge too far for me technically...

If you know markdown (see: reddit post formatting) you can write posts. No servers to mess with, no wordpress hosting woes, and $0 cost. If you decide to switch to wordpress, they have plugins to import markdown.

You put files in a directory, and they turn into webpages. That's about it. Github has a web UI that is very straightforward as well.


just to keep this on topic, ive noticed dictating (in Apple Pages) is a great way to hit your 1000 words a day target. it takes a few minutes and unlike writing i feel less like editing as i go or getting bogged down crafting the perfect sentence. but im not sure what the end result will be like and if i'll need to rewrite everything at the end. have any of you tried dictating and how did you find it?

That sounds like a dystopian nightmare. It feels like you'd get a similar effect by forcing yourself not to edit as you go. ..That would drive me mad..

Edwardly fucked around with this message at 15:31 on Mar 31, 2021

Jun 28, 2011

Classifying it as YA is a tough sell from the description, and it makes sense that you'd have those troubles with publishers.

More adult themes in books can work for the YA audience... But it depends on the content and reception, doesn't it? Watership Down wasn't intended for YA but found a good place there, for example. Doesn't mean you'd suggest it be advertised as YA if it were being released today.

This definitely sounds more like Blacksad than Watership Down, if we're talking animal protagonist stories.

(I'd read it, though!)

Leng posted:

And also why cats? I mean, I love cats and I am a real cat person, but why cats in a YA book? :confused:

It's about cats.

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