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Sea Lily
Aug 5, 2007

Everything changes, Pit.
Even gods.

Nova is now available for preorder!
Richard Rider is the default, Sam Alexander will be available as an Enhanced costume.

Advance Pack 2 is also available for pre-purchase. Buying before October 10th gets you X-23 as a bonus character.

Game Features

Since reading paragraphs is hard, here's a list of cool things about this game.

- Every Hero (and Villain!) is their own, unique, fully fleshed out class, complete with three skill trees.
- Team-Ups, which allow you to have AI-controlled heroes fight alongside you or buff you passively.
- Tons of costumes from across every era of Marvel's comics, movies, and cartoons.
- Great co-op gameplay for teams of up to 5 players, and Raids for teams of 10.
- Fantastic voice acting from established Marvel voice actors(except for Storm and Rogue, they are bad).
- New characters and content added monthly, and sometimes even more frequently than that! (We get new costumes almost weekly!)

This game is available on Steam! And it's recommended you play it through that. The non-steam version of the game is exactly the same and there's no server split or anything, but it doesn't update automatically.

If you prefer the non-steam downloader, you can get it here.

Okay, I'm interested, what is Marvel Heroes?

Marvel Heroes is a Free To Play Action-RPG set in the Marvel universe, designed by David Brevik (who you might know better as the lead designer on Diablo 1 and 2). It blends traditional ARPG gameplay with a superheroic flair, and has an in-game shop reminiscent of something like League of Legends. The key difference between this and other ARPGs like Diablo or Torchlight is it takes place in an MMO style, massively multiplayer environment. You're going to see dozens of players helping you clean the streets of New York, fight dinosaurs in the Savage Lands, face down the forces of AIM and Hydra, and venture to Asgard as you make your way through the Marvel universe to stop the likes of Doctor Doom, Loki, and more. And the story's growing all the time!

What's with the original game's Metascore? What's with the 2015 rebranding?

At launch, Marvel Heroes was a bad game. That's changed in a lot of big ways, and now it's turned into something really solid and really fun. It's gotten new content, new characters, and totally revamped almost all the original launch characters and content into something new and fun, based on player feedback. If you played the game near launch and liked the idea but hated the execution, you should try it out again.

The rebranding is basically just an attempt to escape the launch-window Metascore, since it no longer represents the game very well. They're planning on doing a rebranding every year.

So How Do I Get Started?

Choose a starter Hero:

Starter Heroes come in 2 tiers: 200 Eternity Splinters and 400 Eternity Splinters. These are not indications of power or ability, merely the cost to purchase a Hero later.

Eternity Splinters are a game currency primarily used to purchase new Heroes and are obtained at a fairly fixed rate during play (~1 Splinter every 8-10 minutes of gameplay). New Heroes cost 200-600 Splinters or a Random Hero box can be purchased for 175 Splinters. For an entire playthrough of the Story Mode on Normal Difficulty, you also receive a total of 200 bonus Splinters so you can purchase your first additional Hero.

It's not a bad idea to pick 400 Splinter Hero as your starter, since they would cost more to purchase later.

200 Splinter Starter Heroes:

- Black Widow: A mix of guns, explosives, martial arts, and knifing dudes in the face.
- Hawkeye: Ranged single target and AoE damage and with an assortment crowd control powers in the form of trick arrows.
- Storm: Ranged and AoE damage with a lot of different stuns and slows, by way of lightning, wind, and weather.
- Daredevil: A melee hero with a few ranged attacks. Daredevil's combo system is cool, his attacks are effective, but he's kind of boring to watch.

400 Splinter Starter Heroes:

- Rocket Raccoon: A pet-based hero, Rocket is capable of dealing out good damage on his own and better damage alongside his turrets. And Groot, your permanent buddy.
- Colossus: A hefty melee tank with high defensive capabilities and incredible damage. Can summon both Wolverine (via Fastball Special, natch) and his sister Magik to fight alongside him.
- Human Torch: Do you want everything to be on fire? All the time? Of course you do. He's fast, he's AoE-based, and he's flashy as hell.
- Black Panther: High single-target melee damage and lots of stealth gameplay.
- Captain America: Oh, I just love America. Don't you? Strong defenses, solid melee attacks, and some super fun shield-throwing powers.
- Luke Cage: A tanky melee bruiser with a cadre of Heroes For Hire fighting alongside you. Also, throwing cars at an enemy over and over until they die.
- Punisher: Toting tons of guns, Punisher is a ranged combat specialist, but he's not quite as durable as some other heroes. One of his Uniques lets him shoot a nuclear bomb at his enemies.

Even if you don't like the choice you've started with, the Normal Mode story is fairly short and you'll be able to buy an entirely new Hero by the end of it. (either pick a 200 splinter hero you really like, Taskmaster, or a random hero box. don't sit on it for later.)

Ok, I finished the Story Mode. Now What?

Here's a rundown of major game content:

Story Mode: There are two additional difficulty levels of story mode to be completed at your leisure. Identical to the first run through but with bigger numbers. You'll want to do them eventually for the rewards (Power Points, Permanent HP/SP bonuses, some items).

Terminals: Each dungeon in the game can be found, scaled to your level, as an on-demand Terminal for your farmming pleasure. Most useful for farming boss-specific drops. Can be completed solo or in groups. There are also these new things called 'One-Shots' that are stand-alone story chapters built to be more challenging than the normal story mode.

Group Challenges: X-Defense is a 5 player wave-based mode where you defend the Xavier Institute from supervillains, and you lose if all students are captured. SHIELD Holo-Sim is a 2 player 'endurance mode' where you tackle a variety of situations dreamt up by Nick Fury and co, and lose if you run out of lives.

Raids: At the level cap, groups of 10 players can tackle the realm of Surtur and his fire giants. Big difficulty, big rewards, and a higher level of coordination necessary than most other content in the game. Don't be intimidated though, if you can follow instructions you can complete a raid.

Legendary Quests: Starting at level 20, you'll start getting assigned Legendary Quests. These vary from defeating certain enemies to completing specific dungeons- it can take you anywhere in the game. They reward massive amounts of Experience and Credits, but the real prize is the Marks of Odin, redeemable for Legendary gear and artifact Blessings.

Fire VS Ice PvP: Sill in a bit of a beta state. Inspired by mobas like DotA or League of Legends, this mode has two teams of five players each escort frost giants or fire giants towards the enemy base, destroying defensive towers, and ultimately the enemy base itself. PvP has your powers behave very differently from PvE and is currently not a very popular mode.

The Omega System: Every bit of XP you earn on any character feeds into the 'Omega System', an alternate progression that lets you spend points on improving your heroes permanently in a variety of ways. Some of this stuff is really strong, some of it is kind of terrible, feel free to ask what you should be looking at on any particular character. It really varies.

You can also Prestige your character if you want to level them from 1 to 60 again. This only gives you cosmetic benefits, nothing that affects gameplay.

Ok, this all sounds good, but F2P with micro-transactions sounds like a cash sink.

The game's free. ZERO content is paywalled. ZERO mechanics or gameplay items are paywalled.

Here's what spending money will get you:

Costumes: Cosmetic only. Also, while extremely rare, almost all costumes are available as drops in-game.

Heroes: All heroes are also available with in-game currency (Eternity Splinters) which drop at a solid rate. Playing rather frequently, you'd expect to get a new Hero with Splinters every week or two.

Team-Ups: All Team-Ups are also available with in-game currency, just like heroes, and can be earned at roughly the same rate as a new hero.

Cybernetic Pets: Pets were originally purely cosmetic things, but now you can feed them loot to unlock different tiers of stat and power bonuses on them. While you can buy them for cash, they also have a rare chance to drop in the world and are frequently unlockable via special events.

S.T.A.S.H. Space: While your inventory isn't terribly small, the base amount of 'bank' space is pretty limited. This is, unsurprisingly, where the developers make a lot of their money. They have to get a profit somewhere.

Temporary XP/Credit/Item Find boosts: These also show up as drops in-game(via Fortune Cards) and are frequently given out for free.

Here's what spending money will not get you:

Gear: Every piece of gear you want for every slot and every one of the enchantments/runes/etc. for them are drop only. (pets are the exception) Get to killing.

Combat buffs: Some small, short-term buffs are available randomly via Fortune Cards, but nothing permanent and nothing worth paying money for.

Content: No story chapters, terminals, or group challenges are paywalled. It's all free.


Q: Who's in the game? Who can I play as? What Team-Ups can I unlock?

A: Check the second post for an up to date roster of playables and what Enhanced costumes they have available! As well as all currently available Team-Ups.

Q: So I didn't read the rest of the OP, is the game good yet?

A: Yes, the game is great right now. Developers are adding new stuff all the time and fixing things that are broken. Though stuff can frequently be buggy, it's usually fixed pretty quickly. Try it again!

Q: There's a lot of types of loot in this game, how do I know what's good and what isn't?

A: You can find out more about the game's loot over here, thanks to SA user Cease To Hope.

Q: There's so many classes, won't it be hard to get gear for the one I'm playing?

A: Loot drops are weighted to your currently played character. You'll find loot for other heroes, but 90% of what you find is going to be for who you're playing as. This goes for special items, too! Sometimes you'll find something very rare for another character, like a Unique or a Costume. That's... just bad luck, unfortunately. But maybe you'll end up interested in getting the character that item belongs to. Maybe they're someone really good! You never know.

Q: How often does this game update?

A: Frequently. It's rare to go more than a week without at least some sort of minor patch, and we're seeing new heroes get added to the game at a rate of about one a month. The developers have told us to expect this pace to stay constant throughout the life of the game, which is kind of exciting.

Q: What's the conversion rate for cash into Gs?

A: $1 = 100G. Pretty simple. If buying through Steam, you can even use your Steam Wallet funds. And this game has Steam Cards, too, if you like to resell those and use the money to buy stuff. Gift Cards you can purchase with cash and redeem online should be available at your local Gamestop or Target, if you need those.

Q: I want to play as villains! Heroes are lame. Can I be Juggernaut or Mephisto or Lady Stiltman or whoever?

A: We've got Loki and Taskmaster already, and upcoming releases include Magneto, Juggernaut, Venom, Doctor Doom, and plenty more. However, they're sticking to hero-centric content, so don't expect to be robbing banks or murdering civilians.

Q: It's annoying to run around so much, especially since my inventory is so small! How can I sell things and get back to where I left off faster?

A: Your B key is for 'Bodyslide', or basically the town portal button. It's a two-way thing, not only taking you back to the level-appropriate hub area, but also letting you teleport back to exactly where you left off, if used a second time. You can do this from anywhere, in the middle of Midtown or dungeons or terminals or even the Classified Bovine Sector. Sell your loot and sell it often. This does have a cooldown on it, but it's a short enough one that you shouldn't be too worried about conserving it or anything like that.

Q: Is there any sort of Auction House, secure trading, or player economy functionality in the game?

A: Trading is in at long last, and there's a thriving trade economy in the game and on it's official boards. There is not, and never will be an auction house. Especially not a real money one. Don't be silly.

Q: My characters don't talk enough! I want to annoy everyone all the time with wacky Deadpool quotes, on-demand. How can I be more obnoxious?

A: The numpad! There's character voice commands bound to it, and everyone has unique dialogue. A lot of it, actually. There's a handy chart I stole from the official forums that tells you what button makes them say what kind of lines:

And Enhanced costumes have their own full sets of lines for this, too! Try it out. Constantly. Everywhere.

What's coming to the game next?

Well, lots of things. As I mentioned in the opening, there's plans for this game to get new content on basically a monthly basis for something like 5 years, minimum. There are over two year's worth of additional heroes currently in development, a series of new story chapters and one-shots being released on a regular basis, and a bunch of stuff we don't even know about yet. New gear and loot types, new challenge modes, new mechanics, new costumes, new artifacts and uniques. So much stuff.

But what playable characters do we know are coming?

We don't have a full list, but these characters have been confirmed as in the works:

- Nova (September?)
- Magneto (October)
- Juggernaut (November)
- Venom (December)
- X-23 (2014)
- Iceman (2015)
- Kitty Pryde and Lockheed (2015)
- War Machine (2015)
- Black Cat (2015)
- Blade (October? 2015)
- Doctor Doom (2015)
- Iron Fist (2015)
- She-Hulk (2015)
- Vision (2015)
- Winter Soldier (2015)
- Nick Fury
- Havok
- Jubilee
- Angel
- Beast
- Tons and tons more

And the developers are listening very closely to what we, as players, want to see. So if there's someone you'd love to see added to the game, make a lot of noise and get a lot of support and it might happen. This got us Moon Knight, among other heroes, and it can happen to your weird obscure favorite hero too.

How do I play with other goons?

In-game, our supergroup is named Groot Force.

To get in the group, either contact us in the Mumble channel(text is fine, you don't need a mic!), or send a message in-game to one of our officers.

Groot Force Officers include:

- KelpPlankton
- NotALizardman
- Eckertmania
- Davebo
- Aarontagg
- AfraidofAudio
- Ajjax
- Ansob
- clgibcount
- DifferoBiga
- Frukthero
- Gboon
- Gwalidir
- Jubelio
- khrits
- Mazreal
- MikeSA
- moderndayknight
- nickhimself
- NotoriousBIZ
- Phyresis
- Preliquary
- PyronicEX
- renojin
- Ryllynyth
- And probably more?

If you have a friend in the guild, ask them to ask someone to invite you in SG chat and you'll usually get in quick. Alternately you can pop into the Mumble server mentioned below, there's usually someone online with invite powers.

We can't invite you unless you're online and we're online, so try to catch one of those folks in-game. Don't ask for an invite in the thread. We can't help you unless you help yourself.

There's a Steam group if you're into that kind of thing. We use it to announce a lot of stuff like hero preorders/releases, major patches, server downtime/uptime stuff, and lots of cool Groot Force specific player-run events. Join it and be cool.

Additionally, Groot Force uses the Camping The Stairs Mumble Server, and details on joining us are here:

The Mumble channel is typically pretty active during the evenings (US time) and all day on the weekends. We've got a few European, Australian, and other international-type players too, who are on at their own appropriate prime times. There's almost always someone there, and we're all very helpful, whether you want to know how to build a character or whether Juggernaut canonically boinked She-Hulk. We highly recommend you join!

There's also an IRC channel, #marvelheroes on synIRC. I don't personally use it but it could be pretty good too!

In summary,

Sea Lily fucked around with this message at 08:25 on Oct 4, 2014


Sea Lily
Aug 5, 2007

Everything changes, Pit.
Even gods.

The Current Roster

Costumes vary wildly in pricing, and there's so many at this point that keeping the OP updated with what's available for who would just be completely maddening. So I ain't gonna do it.

Black Panther (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee hero, both energy and physical damage. Uses his claws, daggers, and traps. Has a stealth power.

Black Widow (450G or 200 Splinters): Melee and Ranged options, a mixture of energy and physical damage. Cool spy gadgets, stealth tech, and calls in a SHIELD squad for her Ultimate.

Cable (900G or 400 Splinters) : Fully ranged. Energy damage for weapons, mental damage for psionic stuff. Focus on psionics right now, guns need some buffs, might want to wait for a rework.

Captain America (1200G or 400 Splinters) : Melee with some ranged, all physical damage. Good team support hero, but very strong in his own right. Summons The Avengers for his Ultimate.

Colossus (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee hero with physical damage. Very sturdy, has some summons but people don't use them, hits really hard. Has the yell from the X-Men arcade game, it's great.

Cyclops (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged hero that has melee attacks for some reason? Lasers are Energy damage, punches are Physical. Please don't be a Punchclops. Not the worst but needs a rework to be really good.

Daredevil (450G or 200 Splinters): Melee hero, physical damage. Has a 'Combo System' mechanic which works pretty well. Kind of bland, but a good hero.

Deadpool (1350G or 600 Splinters): Melee/Ranged hybrid hero, deals physical damage. Right now his Melee is good and his Ranged is bad, stick to the melee and his AoEs. Needs a rework.

Doctor Strange (1350G or 600 Splinters): Ranged hero, Mental damage. Super flashy, some of the coolest looking powers in the game, and very strong.

Emma Frost (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged/Melee hybrid hero. Ranged attacks are Mental, Melee attacks are Physical. Shifts in and out of Diamond Form depending on what attacks you use. Can 'Enslave' a single enemy at a time to fight alongside her, then detonate them whenever she's done with them.

Gambit (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged/Melee hybrid hero. Bo staff is physical, kinetic cards are energy. Most people go full ranged on Gambit.

Ghost Rider (1350G or 600 Splinters): Ranged/Melee hybrid hero. Hellfire is Mental damage, Chains are Physical. Ghost Rider is not good right now, wait for a rework.

Hawkeye (450G or 200 Splinters): Ranged hero. Physical damage. Good mix of single-target and AoE attacks, deals strong damage, a little flimsy. Seriously, he's good.

Hulk (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee hero. Physical damage. HULK SMASH! Ultimate is his meteor super from the Marvel VS Capcom series.

Human Torch (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged hero. Energy damage. Lights everything on fire, lots of DoTs and AoE. Very strong damage.

Invisible Woman (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged hero. Energy damage. Tons of AoEs, lots of defensive team support, and a passive that suffocates your foes. Oh and invisibility.

Iron Man (1350G or 600 Splinters): Ranged hero. Energy damage for most attacks, some Physical on missiles. Actually has a potential Melee build too. Good at basically everything, great character.

Jean Grey (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged hero. Mental damage as Jean, Energy damage as Phoenix. AoE heavy. Form-based hero. Needs a rework to not be boring, but is playable right now.

Loki (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged hero. Mental damage. Can summon illusionary Loki pets, tons of AoE, and has a teleport that makes him invisible at lv1. Versatile and strong.

Luke Cage (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee hero. Physical damage. Has some useful summons, but most people favor Iron Fist because he heals you. Throws an infinite number of cars.

Moon Knight (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee/Ranged hybrid hero. Physical damage. Very strong character, has what's currently the most powerful move in the game (Gruesome Frenzy).

Mr. Fantastic (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee hero that pretends he's ranged because he punches really far. Physical damage. Tons of very strong AoE, lots of survivability, and great animations.

Ms. Marvel (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged/Melee hybrid hero. Punches are physical damage, beams are energy damage. Very strong, hard to kill, and can be built for melee or ranged if you prefer one over the other. Ranged build recommended.

Nightcrawler (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee hero. Physical damage. Lots of AoEs, tons of teleporting, very quick hero. Little frail, but you have lots of tools to evade damage, including a stealth that heals you.

Psylocke (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee/Ranged hybrid hero. Mostly mental damage, but does some physical ninja stuff. Melee build is recommended over physical, but do what you want.

Punisher (900G or 400 Splinters) Ranged hero (surprise?). Physical damage. Lots of AoEs and chances to Fear enemies on kill. Needs a rework.

Rocket Raccoon (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged hero. Energy damage. Summons Groot to fight alongside him, who is very strong. Can specialize in either space guns or turret pets.

Rogue (1350G or 600 Splinters): Whatever you want. Ranged, melee, energy, physical, mental. All of it at once if you'd like. Rogue is extremely unique because while she has one tree of 'normal' powers, her other two trees are 'Steal From Friends' and 'Steal from Foes', meaning you get to steal abilities from other players, bosses, and team-ups to build Rogue into whatever you want her to be. She's unique, not just amongst this game's roster, but for the ARPG genre itself.

Scarlet Witch (450G or 200 Splinters) : Ranged hero. Mental damage. Lots of AoEs and DoTs, tons of abilities that weaken or slow enemies.

Silver Surfer (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged hero. Energy damage. Uses 'Power Cosmic' instead of Spirit, which has much larger values but works the same way. Strong damage all around, AoE or single target, and very durable. Powers look cool too. Highly recommended character.

Spider-Man (1350G or 600 Splinters): Melee/Ranged hybrid hero. Physical damage. Uses his webbing to buff his melee attacks, and has better damage avoidance and dodge than anyone else. Little flimsy, but very strong.

Star-Lord (900G or 400 Splinters): Ranged hero. Energy damage. Has an elemental ammo mechanic that changes what his attacks do on the fly, and a single strong melee attack. Cool ship-related powers too.

Storm (450G or 200 Splinters): Ranged hero. Energy damage. Lots of AoEs and DoTs. More control ability than many heroes.

Squirrel Girl (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee/Ranged hybrid hero. But that's a lie, she's actually pet-based. Physical damage. Dozens of squirrels murder everything for you while giant acorns rain from the sky.

Taskmaster (450G or 200 Splinters): Melee/Ranged hybrid hero. Physical damage. A mixture of powers from Captain America, Hawkeye, Daredevil, and Spider-Man but a few of his own as well. Great character, very cheap, and highly recommended as the first hero you buy with Eternity Splinters.

Thing (450G or 200 Splinters): Melee hero. Physical damage. Insane amounts of HP and defense. Has a power called 'Clobbering Time' that makes him yell "It's Clobbering Time!" and then you clobber enemies for a time.

Thor (900G or 400 Splinters): Melee/Ranged hybrid hero. Hammer is Physical damage, Lightning is Energy. A few hammer attacks also use the lightning and are Energy instead, just to be confusing. Not a terrible character but in heavy need of a rework.

Wolverine (900G or 400 Splinters) : Melee hero. Physical damage. Uses 'Fury' instead of Spirit, which he builds by dealing or taking damage. Insanely high Critical chance and Brutal chance, lots of bleeds, and the ability to bypass the damage speed cap to double your attack rate. Oh, and he never dies, thanks regen.

What happened to Nova?

Nova's been delayed indefinitely, pending some lore decisions that need to be made on Marvel's end of things. Upon his release, he will cost 400 Splinters or 900 Gs.

That's a lot of characters! Who's the best? Who should I play?

When in doubt, play whoever you like from comics/cartoons/movies. You'll enjoy characters more if you already like them. That said, if you want to know who's the most effective right at this very moment, ask the thread. This changes constantly, sometimes without the game even patching, as people discover new gear setups and new builds for characters. With over 20 different classes in the game, 'the best character' is changing all the time.


We're still pretty low on Team-Up options right now, but they're supposed to be adding them at roughly the same rate as characters, so hopefully we see more soon.

Currently Available:

- Spider-Man
- The Falcon (Captain America: The Winter Soldier version)
- Firestar
- Magik
- Black Suit Spider-Man (Fortune Card exclusive reward)
- Domino
- Gamora
- Drax The Destroyer
- She-Hulk
- Old Man Thor (event reward)

Future confirmed team-ups:

- Doctor Doom (Future Foundation)
- Wasp
- Beta Ray Bill
- Clea
- Havok
- Deadpool 'The Kid' (hes a cowboy)
- Spider-Woman
- Kitty Pryde
- Lockjaw
- Wolverine
- Havok
- Wonder Man
- Iceman
- Bob, Agent of Hydra

A character being playable or being a team-up makes it more likely we'll see them added as the other thing, not less, so don't freak out if your favorite character is added as one of these before they're made into someone playable later on.

So this is a loot game right? Tell me about the loot!

At the start of the game, your Hero has 5 Gear slots (Traditionally: Weapon, Armor, Belt, Boots, Head. But they vary by Hero), a Medal slot, and 2 Artifact slots.

Gear: Your Gear 1-5 slots will fill with slot-appropriate Hero-specific items ranging from White->Green->Blue(Rare)->Purple(Epic)->Cosmic(Yellow)->Unique(Brown). For instance, Spiderman gets Web Shooters as his Slot 1 Gear, Cyclops has a visor, Rogue has gloves, Captain America has a shield, etc. Cosmics, while slightly rarer at early levels become relatively common in level 60 content and provide +1 to all Powers in addition to having affixes like Epic Gear. Uniques are untradeable, many can be used by multiple characters, and tend to be stronger than many other items. However, a good Cosmic is better than a bad Unique (and sometimes better than good Uniques).

Rings: Rings unlock at level 25 and serve as an effective 6th Gear slot. Rings are not Hero-Specific and follow the same rarity system as Gear, while being a much more infrequent drop. Cosmic Rings are some of the the rarest and most valuable tradable items in the game.

Insignias: Insignias unlock at level 35 and come in Green/Blue/Purple versions. They are usable only by Heroes that are affiliated with the appropriate teams (which you can see in your character's bio) and provide a fixed group-wide benefit in addition to having stat affixes like Gear. Multiple 'auras' of the same character-effect don't stack. You won't benefit from having two people in your group with Valkyrie auras, so making 'odd' choices can be beneficial sometimes for things like Raids.

Medallions: Dropped from bosses, these come in 3 versions: Medal (below level 24), Medallion (level 24+, +1 to all powers), and Cosmic(any level, additional +1 to all powers).

Artifacts: You start the game with 2 artifact slots and acquire a 3rd and 4th at level 45 and 55 respectively. Artifacts are fixed level gear with an assortment of affixes that can be quite unique. They are usable by any Hero and are tradable. Artifacts can be 'Blessed' for the cost of 100 Odin Marks, gaining additional special affixes that can add a lot of oomph to your character.

Legendary: Your legendary slot is available at level 1, but you'll need to collect 300 Odin Marks to buy one. They are incredibly strong items and frequently have unique procs. They're usable by any Hero and aren't tradable- but you can turn them back into Odin Marks if you're unhappy with them for whatever reason.

Relic: Relic slot unlocks at 20. Relics are items with small individual stat bonuses that stack in your Relic slot up to 1000 Relics. The more you stack, the stronger the bonus.

Uru-Forged: Uru Forged items come in 2 tiers: Level 25 and 50. Each gives a small fixed stat bonus. Their value lies in their ability to be enchanted by powerful runewords. The runewords scale to the tier of the item.

Costume: You control what costume you want to wear and what stats you want it to grant. The crafter will let you add a Core to your costume, as well as a number of affixes to buff it further. This is why you want to level up your crafter.

Cybernetic Pets: Equippable on any hero and don't bind. You feed your pets loot to make them grant stats, either by dragging it onto them or by mashing the loot vacuum key (J by default). The affixes are randomly determined and can be reset for a cost, but you have to fill the meter up all over again once it's reset.

Team-Ups: While not technically gear, Team-Ups are AI-controlled characters that you can unlock via Eternity Splinters or by purchasing them with Gs (real money) in the in-game store. They have their own gear slots, their own gear types, their own skills, and their own inventory space.
Team-Ups can function in three modes: Active, in which they follow you around to help fight crime. Passive, in which you gain passive benefits based on the character but they never actually appear. And Assist, in which characters are only present for 30 seconds but deal double their normal damage. If you want to know more about Team-Ups(including pricing), check out the FAQ that a developer posted on the official forums.

How about this Crafting thing?

You've got 2 basic categories of crafting: Your Enchanter and Crafter.

Your Enchanter crafts Runes, Runewords, and Blessings:
Runes: Adds a rune to one of your Gears in slots 1-5. Gives a small stat buff. Scales to item level. Cannot be removed or moved, only replaced.

Runewords: Powerful combinations of stats that can be added to your Uru-Forged item. Scales to Uru-Forged level. Cannot be removed or moved, only replaced.

Blessings: Provide a significant set of buffs and effects. Attaches to an artifact. Can be moved cheaply to another artifact. Often used as a currnency in player trading as unbound artifacts are tradable.

Your Crafter has a large amount of items and effects available to craft. Some highlights:

Unique Upgrade: Upgrade any unique Gear to level 40, 50, or 60 (scaling up all the stats). Somewhat costly and the level 50 isn't really worth it.

Unique Exchange: Trade in 3, 4, or 5 of the same Unique for something else. You can turn them into other Uniques, into credits, into Relics, all sorts of stuff. The only cost is the Uniques themselves, so it's really nice for avoiding clutter in your stash.

Add Affixes To Costume: Each costume has 4 Affix slots that you can roll on. This is the main credit sink in the game. These affixes scale up to the level of Core added to the costume.

Costume Blender: Destroy 3 Costumes to get a new random costume. Used largely with duplicate costumes received from Prestiging.



You can also reach that post with this nice little link:

While Sion tries to keep that post updated as frequently as he can, if a build seems particularly outdated you should ask about it in the thread. There are a LOT of characters in this game, many who have multiple possible builds, and people only tend to make build posts when other players ask about the characters... so sometimes stuff is a little outdated.


Feel free to suggest more useful links for me.

Cease To Hope's Loot Megapost, go there if you have questions about anything loot-related. He tries to keep it up to date.

How to add more hotkeys than are available on your hotbar. Useful for a number of heroes.

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The game's free. ZERO content is paywalled. ZERO mechanics or gameplay items are paywalled.

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This isn't entirely done, but might as well get this reposted.


This is a general overview for what gear to use and on who, what gear to keep, and what gear to trash. Most of this stuff has been pretty continuously true since the big 2.1 patch where DPS was completely overhauled, and I imagine most of it will remain true until the next big overhaul of DPS or survivability. Not all of this advice will apply to all characters at all times, and all of it is subject to change if Gaz decides to gently caress with things, but most of this should be mostly true in most cases.

Marvel Heroes Compendium is an exhaustive database of items. Go there if you want to see how good your roll on an artifact is, or to remember the specific stats of an item. I cannot be bothered to list that poo poo here.


Marvel Heroes has a bunch of different stats, and while the tooltips for your stat screen aren't bad, it still isn't always clear which are most useful to you in any given situation.


tl;dr: +X to all skills or all skills in a tree are always very good. +X to a specific skill is very good for attacks, mediocre for other skills you actually have, and useless for skills you don't. Grants X in a skill is situational, and doesn't stack with anything else.

Gear can increase your skills, or even grant you skills you haven't put any points into. As long as those skills are relevant to your particular build, this is one of the most effective stats you can get on gear.

Skill boosts come in three sorts: "+X to current rank of [whatever]", "+X to current rank of all [character]'s '[skill tree]' powers", and "+X to current rank of all powers". These only apply to skills you already have at least one point invested in. All-skill boosts are always useful, and skill tree boosts are almost always useful; these boosts are increasing your attacks and your damage passives and your defense passives, all at once.

Specific skill boosts are a bit more situational: they're only useful on attacks, where each rank increases your base damage. (It's a 4.75% increase, but this doesn't work the same way an item that gives you "+X% damage" does.) Specific skill boosts to defensive or passive powers are much less useful, just because the benefits tend to be fairly small.

Gear can also grant you skills you haven't invested into at all. If a piece of gear "grants [skill name] at rank [x]", then you can use that skill at rank X effectiveness, even if you have zero points in that skill. This is useful for testing out a new skill at low levels without needing to respec, or allowing you to drop all of your points in a skill entirely in order to invest them elsewhere. Grants-skill items can even give you a preview of abilities you aren't high enough level to spec into yet. The downside of this stat is that it doesn't stack with points invested on your power sheet or +X ranks to that skill or all skills; an item that grants you rank 20 of a skill that already has 20 invested ranks and +10 skills from gear isn't very useful (unless you respec).


tl;dr: Damage rating is always very good, as long as it applies to most of your attacks. Crit rating, brut rating, and critical damage rating are also good, and you want a mix of them. Attack speed is good until you get 15-20%ish, then it's bad. Brut damage rating is bad.

The king of damage stats is damage rating (DR), and it comes in many types. Damage rating is a flat increase to the base damage dealt by your attack, with 40 rating turning into 1% damage at level 60. Damage rating has no diminishing returns, so you're never really going wrong by stacking more damage rating on your character. Your slot 1 item will always have damage rating on it, and, many characters get damage rating on their slot 3 or 5 item in lieu of defense. Many unique items also have additional damage rating, on top of or in lieu of defense.

Most damage rating you'll find on gear doesn't apply to every single possible attack. Melee, ranged, and area damage rating only apply to attacks with the corresponding tag. (Look at the attack on your powers screen to see what tags it has.) Physical, energy, and mental damage rating only apply to attacks that do that type of damage. (Look at the damage line for the attack on your powers screen. Obviously, these stats are only useful to characters who use relevant attacks.

Many artifacts, unique items, and other items have damage rating with more-specific triggers. (Taunted enemies, burning enemies, webbed enemies, etc.) One of the most common is damage rating against enemies that are or are not targeting you. Damage rating vs. targets that are attacking you is an excellent soloing stat for most characters (basically anyone who doesn't benefit from the opposite type of DR, below), but it's less useful in group situations. In particular, it's marginal in X-Defense, where killing the blue-colored elites before they defeat the students is important.

The opposite also exists, damage rating rating vs. targets that are not attacking you. It's moderately useful for characters who can spend a significant amount of time stealthed or invisible, like Black Widow, Black Panther, Invisible Woman, and Nightcrawler. It's also helpful for characters who have pets who tank enemies' attacks, like Loki, Emma Frost, and Rocket Raccoon. Lastly, it's useful on characters with distracting decoy powers, like Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Deadpool, and Hawkeye. Due to nerfs on pet/target-dummy taunts, however, it's no longer a stat you'd want to stack on this last sort of character.

Occasionally, you'll find items that grant +X% base damage, usually under certain circumstances. These items work exactly the same as damage rating. Each 1% is worth 40 DR at level 60, and proportionally less at lower levels. Attributes, discussed in greater detail below, are either +4% to specific types of damage (Strength and Energy) or +3% to all attacks (Fighting).

Critical rating (CR or crit) increases your chance to turn a normal hit into a critical hit, dealing 150% of total damage. Brutal strike rating (BSR, BR, or brut) increases your chance to turn a critical hit into a brutal strike, dealing 300% of total damage. It's a two-roll system: first, every hit is checked to see if it becomes a crit, then the crits are checked to see if they become a brut. As a result, CR is generally more useful than BR. Both of these stats are attractive to hybrid characters, because they (almost always) apply to all attack types equally. (A hybrid has either a mix of both ranged and melee powers, like Captain America and Taskmaster, or a mix of different damage types, like Psylocke and Thor.) They're also attractive to pet classes, since (along with attack speed) they're the only general-purpose DPS stats that also apply to pets.

Both CR and BR are affected by diminishing returns: CR starts diminishing harshly after about 35%, and BR starts diminishing harshly around 14-15%. The diminishing returns aren't a big deal because of the amounts of each stat you can practically get on items, though. In general, you won't have to worry about the diminishing returns on either stat in the vast majority of situations.

Critical damage rating (CDR) and brutal damage rating (BDR) increase the damage multiplier of critical hits and brutal strikes, respectively. Critical damage rating applies to both critical hits and brutal strikes. Neither of these stats have diminishing returns, and CDR becomes especially attractive as your crit chance increases. BDR is never a good stat, because you'd have to stack both a great deal of crit and a great deal of brut to make it meaningful. Again, CDR is attractive to hybrid characters.

Attack speed (AS, ASpd) increases the speed of your attacks. It does a lot to increase your damage, but it has some pretty severe limitations. It only applies to attacks with an "attack speed" or "rate of fire" line in their description, increasing their attack speed or rate of fire. It also applies attacks with a charge-up time, reducing the time to charge up. This is most attacks, but everyone has at least a few attacks it doesn't apply to. Attack speed does not reduce the cooldown of powers with a "cooldown" line. Attack speed does not make damage-over-time ("damage: [x] twice per second") effects tick any faster. Attack speed also has some odd, buggy interactions with channeled effects like Chaos Warp and 52 Card Pickup, and sometimes this can result in a DPS loss on those abilities. Attack speed also has harsh diminishing returns: 20% is a good soft cap, or 15%ish for characters with temporary ASpd boosts from powers or gear.

I'm not going to go fully into the breakpoints for different DPS stats, but you can fiddle with them using Psylocke's rating calculator, or approximate your DPS on your own using HarryTasker's ABCPVP formula.


tl;dr: Health is very good. Projectile deflect is very good on the few characters who can stack significant amounts of it, and still good on everyone else. Defense is good, as long as it's untyped. Health regen, health-on-kill, and health-on-orb are marginal but useful for maintenence. Dodge and typed defense are marginal. Tenacity is useless.

Health is just more hit points. If you are dying, you want more health.


tl;dr: Cost reduction is good. Spirit-on-kill and spirit-on-orb are good but situational. Spirit is marginal except for Iron Man. Spirit regeneration is only useful for reducing downtime.


tl;dr: Procs that give you useful stats or invulnerability are always good. Procs that give you health or spirit are usually bad, but there are significant exceptions. Procs that create pets are amusing but situational at best. Procs that do damage are worthless poo poo.


Rare item find (RIF) helps you find better normal items (white < green < blue < purple < cosmic), better rings and insignia, and more uniques and artifacts. Special item find (SIF) helps you find more runes, crafting items (including both the boring crafting items and Unstable Molecule and Matrix of Unbinding), costume cores, healthkits, Retcon Devices, Mk I Fortune Cards, costumes (an astronomically rare drop), and pets (same). While Eternity Splinter drops are apparently based on an (approximately) eight-minute timer, SIF also increases the chance to get Eternity Splinter "fountains", where more than one splinter drops at a time. Hero tokens are no longer a random drop from enemies. Nobody knows for certain what stat increases your chance to get relics, cosmic rings, or cosmic medallions.


Most of these do exactly what it says on the tin.

Move speed makes you move faster. Shocking, I know. Move speed caps at around 30%; after that, additional move speed only offsets slowing effects. I don't know if move speed has diminishing returns or not, but there's so little reason to stack it that you'll never have to worry about that.

Power duration increases the duration of effects with a duration, even if that effect comes from gear instead of a power. This includes temporary buffs from powers and procs, attacks that continue pulsing for a duration, temporary debuffs applied to enemies by powers or procs, damage or debuff fields applied on the ground instead of being targeted at an enemy, and damage-over-time debuffs (like bleeds and burns) applied to enemies. It does not affect pets in any way. In general, the more affected powers you have, the better these are.

Area radius increases the area of area-tagged effects. It also occasonally affects untagged powers that affect an area. (cl_gibcount has observed that applies to the AOE pulse at the end of Hulk's non-area-tagged dash, for example.) Obviously, this is something you'd only pursue on AOE-focused characters.

Pets have special stats that only apply to them: pet damage, pet duration, and pet health. They do exactly what you'd think. Pet duration and pet health are mostly useless: pet duration rarely matters at all, and pet health is based on your health, a much more useful stat to stack. Pet damage varies wildly depending on the character: Squirrel Girl loves it, Rocket Raccoon uses it for lack of anything else to gear for, and anyone else gets negligible benefit from it.


tl;dr: Strength, Energy, and Fighting are useful chunks of damage rating. Durability makes tanky characters even tankier but isn't very attractive otherwise. Speed and Intelligence are filler.

The attributes (also called basic stats or hero stats) are Durability, Strength, Fighting, Speed, Energy and Intelligence. These attributes increase naturally as you level up, on a character-specific schedule. You can see what boost your character gets and when by looking on Marvelbase, since they aren't available in-game any more. Attributes used to have specific breakpoints where they were very good or not good at all, but now each rank is the same, a pre-packaged, easily-understood lump of benefits.

In general, you won't get many boosts to attributes from gear. The only common ways to boost them beyond what you get from leveling up are costume cores, but they also occasionally appear on other gear.

Durability increases your defense rating, by a percentage of the physical and energy defense rating you have on your gear, and your health (by 180 per rank at level 60). It also gives a neglible amount of health regen and stun duration reduction. More durability is a nice side-benefit on the uniques that have it, but it's never an important stat to stack.

Strength and Energy are a 4% increase in base damage (equivalent to 160 DR at level 60) for attacks which do physical damage or attacks which do energy or mental damage, respectively. They also decrease spirit costs on these stats by 1% per point. Note that these stats increase damage even if it makes no sense at all: Punisher shoots people even harder if he's stronger, and increasing Black Panther's energy improves the power of his mines and traps.

Fighting is a 3% increase in base damage (equivalent to 120 DR at level 60) for all attacks, as well as negligible amount of brutal rating and brutal damage rating. Attacks previously needed a "fighting" tag to benefit from this stat, but that tag has been removed from the game, and the Fighting attribute now simply benefits all attacks.

Speed increases attack and movement speed by 1% per rank, grants a negligible amount of dodge and tenacity rating, and has various minor benefits for movement powers. Speed is basically useless, since it gives a tiny amount of stats which aren't very good in the first place.

Intelligence is another grab-bag of miscellaneous benefits. It increases mental defense, crit rating and crit damage rating (both more or less negligibly), XP gained (down to +1% per rank), spirit (120 per rank at level 60), and pet damage (+4% per rank). Intelligence is not a stat worth seeking out or stacking, and it is no longer a must-have stat for leveling.


When people talk about gear slots, they are referring to the main five pieces of gear that every character uses from level 1. They are numbered from left to right, and while each character has different items in each slot, each slot always has the same sorts of random stats on non-unique items. Slot 1 is weapons, or wristbands or gloves for characters who don't use weapons. Slot 2 is almost always suits, bodysuits, armor, or clothing. Slot 3 is belts, gloves, or capes, although occasionally it's a catchall for gadgets or weapons or whatnot. Slot 4 is boots. Slot 5 is headgear or overclothes, or sometimes another miscellaneous gadget/weapon slot.


Artifacts have fixed stats with variable values, and have fixed levels. All Marks of Odinborn will have spirit and spirit-on-orb-pickup, with varying amounts of each, and all of them require level 32 to equip. You can only equip one of each artifact. Some artifacts come in multiple versions, either both normal and higher-level Advanced versions, or one version for each difficulty mode (for certain boss-dropped or storyline-awarded artifacts). Either way artifacts with multiple versions count as different artifacts; you can equip both a normal Metasensory Array and an Advanced Metasensory Array.

Artifacts do one of three basic things for you: improve your DPS, improve your survivability, or fix up your spirit issues. Some of them do more than one of these, or are just useless toys that do nothing. It's up to you and your particular character, build, and luck with drops to decide which of these three you want at any given time.

The list below assumes you're using artifacts with at least decent rolls. While each artifact of a given name will have the same sorts of stats, they won't always have the same amount. For example, a Metasensory Array can have as much as 5% attack speed and 190 damage rating, or as little as 1% attack speed and 100 damage rating. Depending on the luck of rolls, a merely middling artifact with good rolls may outperform a "good" artifact with poor rolls. You can check the quality of your rolls at MHCompendium, which shows the best-known rolls for each artifact. If you do end up with a poorly-rolled artifact that is otherwise rare and desirable, you can always reroll it at your crafter for 200,000 credits.

In general, if an artifact isn't listed below, it's usually either useful only for leveling, or just entirely useless. Feel free to use whatever, but unlisted stuff that isn't new is probably just random junk you're using to fill the slot.

Unless stated otherwise below, all artifacts have a chance to drop from any level-appropriate enemy in any game mode. Artifacts that only drop from particular cosmic terminal bosses are exceedingly rare drops, and most of them are used as trade currency.


In general, the cutoff for a "good" DPS artifact is one that can roll 550 or more DR, or the equivalent in other stats. Anything that caps out in the 500-550 range is marginal; it might be best in slot for some characters, but only because of a shortage of other options or because of beastly secondary effects. Artifacts that have a max damage of less than this might be useful, but you're either using them for their other effects, or just hanging onto them until you get something better.

There are very few artifacts that are this good and can be used on every single character: Advanced Metasensory Array (AMA, AMSA, Adv Meta), Gem of the Kursed (GOK, GOTK, drops from level 60 red/cosmic terminal Kurse,) and Hulkbuster Munitions. Danger's A.I Chip (Danger AI) only applies to one type of damage, but there are three identically-named versions of the artifact, one for each type of damage. A Danger chip with a high roll (300+ typed DR) is best in slot for almost every character in the game, since it can have as much as 700 typed damage rating total.

There are lots of runner-up artifacts that you can use on anyone and are almost as good: Advanced HAMMER Ordnance, Brevik's Cowbell (drops from Brevik in Bovenheim), Hand of Doom (HOD, drops from level 60 green/red/cosmic terminal Dr. Doom), normal Metasensory Array (MSA, Meta), Taskmaster's Fighting For Losers Guide (drops from level 60 red/cosmic terminal Taskmaster), Xerogen Crystal, and Ziggurat of Kargul. Any of these is a good filler artifact until you can get something better, but none of them are best-in-slot for anyone. Random's Protoplasm can also serve a decent all-purpose runner-up artifact, if it gets high rolls (250+) on brutal rating and crit damage.

Advanced Kree Hyper-Optics is a special case. It is a large chunk of DR and crit for any character that can maintain a good uptime on slows. This works even on bosses, even if the slowing effect does not actually slow down the boss's attacks or movement speed. As a result, this is a great artifact on nearly all of the cast. (Note that I wrote a bunch of about how Adv. Kree only worked with certain slowing powers. I was 100% wrong about this; they work with any slowing power, even if the slow does not apply.)

Most DPS artifacts have typed or conditional damage.

Physical damage characters have three great DPS artifacts. Advanced Circlet of Cytorrak (ACOC), a rare drop from level 60 red/cosmic terminal Juggernaut, can have 600+ physical damage rating. Advanced Crimson Crystal of Cytorrak (ACCC) can have 550+ damage rating for physical attacks, in addition to its significant defensive benefits. Advanced AIM Robot Dispenser can have 500+ energy damage rating and 175+ critical rating. All of these are as good or better than the best generic damage artifacts. Advanced Bannertech Accelerator (crafted; the recipe is a rare drop from Ghost Boxes) are also-rans, capping out at just over 500 physical damage rating, with some other minor benefits.

Melee characters can use all of the physical damage options above, and have a number of items specific to melee attacks as well. Yukio's Charm (Superheroic), a reward from finishing a story mode quest, can each have as much as 600 damage rating for melee attacks. White Suit Jacket (a rare drop from level 60 red/cosmic terminal Kingpin) and Advanced Kung Fu Training Sequence are typically used for their defensive benefits, but they do also come with as much as 350-400 melee damage rating.

Mental damage attackers have several good options. Mental Focus Headband only drops from level 60 red/cosmic MODOK, and is a best-in-slot for mental-damage-based characters. On top of nearly 600 mental damage rating, it also has extra radius for AOE powers, which is both useful to the typically-AOE-focused mental characters and a rare stat to find on gear. Advanced Amulet of Agamotto, with its mix of attack speed, mental damage rating, and +1 to all skills, is a mental-only version of AMA. Advanced Wicked Wand of Watoomb has been nerfed, and now only offers up to ~500 mental damage rating. It's an option, but most mental-damage characters can get more damage from other alternatives.

For energy damage, Black Tom's Shillelagh (a rare drop from level 60 red/cosmic Juggernaut Terminal) can roll 650+ energy damage rating, and Advanced AIM Robot Dispenser can have 500+ energy damage rating and 175+ critical rating. The newly-buffed Advanced Phoenix Feather rolls only slightly over 500, but this is offset somewhat by the self-rez proc.

There are a number of ranged-attack-boosting artifacts that affect nearby or far-away enemies. At close range, Talisman of K'un Lun (Kun Lun, Kunlun) and both normal and Advanced Netharanium Jewel, and all three are useful. At long range, SHIELD Motion Tracker comes from a storyline mission and boosts attacks at max range. All three of these multiply base damage, not base damage plus damage rating, so a perfectly rolled K'un Lun, Neth, or Motion Tracker (they all cap at 15%, except for Advanced Neth, which caps at 21%) adds the equivalent of about 600 (840 in the case of Adv Neth) damage rating at level 60. However, all of these are buggy as poo poo, and may or may not apply to whatever particular attack your build uses. In particular, K'un Lun and Neth do not apply to cone or point-blank AOE ranged attacks, but SHIELD Motion Tracker does apply to cones (I don't know about PBAOEs). Before using them, test whether these work for your build or not before committing to them. Unequipping them is still cheap.

Area damage rating artifacts are attractive on any character who uses AOE attacks even in single-target situations, such as Iron Man or Punisher. Magneto Was Right T-Shirt (drops from level 60 red/cosmic terminal Magneto) is a sizable chunk of damage rating, 650+ total. Power Prism Shard (PPS) is area-only crit with increased AOE radius (a rare stat) and decreased spirit usage, and is interesting on characters who can turn additional area radius into additional damage (e.g. Iron Man and Storm). Pluvian Superconductor can roll just over 525 area damage rating, which makes it good but not a best in slot for anyone any more.

Arnim Zola's ESP Box (drops from level 60 red/cosmic terminal Mandarin) is a possibility on any character who gets most of their damage from damage-over-time effects (300+ DOT-only DR, 275+ crit). You can identify DOT attacks by their "[Type] Damage: X twice per second" line in the power description. This includes Storm, Human Torch, Cable, Emma Frost, and Scarlet Witch.

Idol of Khonshu (IOK) increases damage on a melee attack made immediately after a ranged hit. You would think that this would encourage alternating melee and ranged powers, but that's awkward and rarely used outside of e-peening single huge attacks to show off. Instead, Khonshu is used on characters with ranged attacks that can continuously generate procs while you spam melee attacks.

There are three ways to do this. The best way is with ranged-tagged continuous damage fields, which will proc Khonshu on every tick, twice a second. Deadpool (Foot Gougers), Ghost Rider (Inferno), Squirrel Girl (Death from the Trees), Taskmaster (Nerve Gas Arrow), and Thor (Bring the Thunder) have damage field attacks that work. (Hulk and Nightcrawler used to, due to mistagged attack effects, but they no longer get any significant benefit from IOK.) Rebounding ranged attacks will proc Khonshu on every bounce. Captain America (Shield Bounce), Daredevil (Rebounding Club), Moon Knight (Truncheon Ricochet), and Taskmaster (Rebounding Shield) can all take advantage of this. There are a couple other unusual corner cases: Thor can simply spam Storm Strike, and get the Khonshu benefit on the melee part on every hit after the first, as the lightning part activates it. Black Panther can technically activate Khonshu with his Mobile Mine Field, but the way the mines are triggered will lead to lots of downtime.

Blinding Brazier of Balthakk (BBB) and Bacon-Wrapped Hot Pepper give a large amount of damage rating against enemies who are currently burning. Regardless of what a power looks like, only four characters have powers that can activate this: Human Torch, with almost everything, Scarlet Witch, with Combustion Hex, Punisher, with Flamethrower, and Iron Man, with Jericho Bombardment. (This is an exhaustive list. Contrary to how they may appear, Ghost Rider's and Jean Grey's Phoenix Form attacks do not burn, and IM's Wrist Rocket does not count as a burn.) Almost all HT and SW builds can use them effectively, and as long as you can get good uptime on your specific burn, they can also work for Punisher and IM.

A few artifacts boost pet-specific stats, like pet damage, duration, and health. Raptor's Stone is the only one you'd want to use, most of the time. It has a large amount of attack speed and pet damage, as well as a proc that summons a raptor, but it's an exceedingly rare drop. Latverian Regalia has pet damage and a pet proc, and is much easier to get. It comes in both normal and advanced versions, and the advanced version is only slightly better than the regular. Wundagore Clay (normal and advanced) is the also-ran pet artifact. It doesn't actually add any pet damage itself, other than a clickable raptor summon. Instead, it makes pets last longer and survive more damage.

Note that Flames of the Faltine and Edge of Infinity used to be powerful and highly-in-demand items, but are no longer. FOF was rendered obsolete by changes to proc damage, and is now garbage. EOI (which is still a vanishingly rare drop) is still decent for leveling, but has since been outclassed. It's now a fair-to-middling curiousity.

Advanced Skrull Targeting Computer and Shi'ar Cloaking Device (Shiar) both have a large chunk of damage rating, but only against enemies who aren't attacking you. This only works if the enemy is confused, targeting someone other than you, or if you are stealthed/invisible. Gaz has nerfed most of the ways to do this reliably, so these artifacts are now only attractive in group environments where important enemies spend a significant amount of time not targeting you. On top of this, while these artifacts give a significant amount of damage (as much as 800 DR or equivalent), they still aren't useful 100% of the time, even in a group environment. As a result, unless you can figure out a way to be stealthed/invisible or keep enemies taunted ~75% or more of the time, they're at best an also-ran filler you use until you can get a best-in-slot artifact.

Darkhold Scroll and Ryolnir's Beard both look good on paper, but they just suck. Due to how bosses deal with debuffs, no matter what you do, you'll only have them taunted or feared a uselessly small amount of the time. Darkhold Scroll used to be useful on certain characters who could get pulsing AOE taunts (from their pet or from a special target dummy), but those powers are now nerfed and can't maintain any significant uptime. If you're still using these items, get rid of them.


Most survivability items do something else, too. If it's not listed here and it doesn't have health or some sort of survivability proc, it's probably garbage. Defense rating is only moderately useful, and dodge is almost entirely worthless.

There are three big survivability artifacts everyone can use. Advanced Starstone Tooth is a general-purpose survivability item, with lots of health and a powerful health-restoring proc, especially for characters who can generate many hits quickly. Serum of the Seraphim is a huge survivability boost for ranged characters. It's useful for everyone, but melee characters won't usually be at long range from ranged enemies. Advanced Super Soldier Serum (ASSS) is a large amount of health and a moderate amount of health regen. The "super soldier" proc is a small amount of attack speed and movespeed, and isn't very useful or important. It also has a decent amount of spirit and spirit regen, but remember that spirit-regen-per-minute only works when you are not currently using a spirit-consuming attack. As a result, this spirit regen is mainly useful for reducing downtime, not improving spirit sustainability during an ongoing fight.

Crimson Crystal of Cytorrak (ACCC) is a chunk of physical damage rating and health, plus an invulnerability proc. It's an amazing artifact; it's a competive pure survivability item, as well as a competitive pure DPS item. If you do physical damage at all, you should probably have an ACCC.

Advanced Kung Fu Training Sequence (AKFS, AKFTS) and White Suit Jacket (WSJ, drops from level 60 red/cosmic terminal Kingpin) are a mix of melee damage rating, health, defense, and miscellaneous survivability effects. They aren't as good as ACCC, but they're still very good and attractive to any melee character.

Repulsor Field and Graviton Generator are goofy situational survivability artifacts based on projectile reflect chance. Projectile reflect is very strong, but only against enemies who use ranged attacks, and only on characters who can stack a significant amount of projectile reflect. That's just Storm and Captain America. Still, if you want to laugh at Hood, Wizard, and phase 3 Dr. Doom, there you are.


If you're constantly running out of spirit, there are artifacts that can help fix that. Good spirit artifacts generally don't give just flat spirit or spirit regen. Flat spirit doesn't make a lot of difference in the long run, and spirit-regen-per-minute only works when you are not currently using a spirit-consuming attack. I haven't listed artifacts with spirit-regen-per-minute, because they just won't help very much with spirit issues.

Pym Shrinking Serum (PSS, Pym's, Shrink) and Atlantean Jewel (normal/advanced) are both exceedingly rare drops; you can easily play hundreds of hours without seeing them. They can fix spirit problems almost single-handedly, though, as they both restore spirit continuously as long as you're under attack. (PSS doubles as an excellent survivability artifact, as it can roll over 1K health, while Adv. Atlantean Jewel can have as much as 350 damage rating against enemies that are targeting you.) This does mean that they are much less useful on characters who tank with pets, like Rocket Raccoon and Loki, or have powers that distract enemies, like Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, and non-diamond Emma Frost. It's probably easier to use something like the River of the Soul runeword to fix your spirit if you need something this drastic, but they are an option. Do not confuse Pym Shrinking Serum with Pym Growth Serum, a mediocre health/DR artifact.

Hand of Nimrod and Advanced Crystal of Kadavus (Kavadus) have about half the benefit of a normal (ranged or mental, respectively) DPS artifact, but they also have a spirit-restoring proc. They won't solve your spirit issues single-handedly, but they can help somewhat. Nimrod is useful on any ranged build, while Kadavus is only useful on mental damage builds that use basics (like Cable or some Emma and Scarlet Witch builds).

Maht's Arrowhead is the poor man's all-purpose spirit fix. You get it from a storyline mission in chapter 4, so there's one version for each difficulty. Assuming you have a fast-attacking, DOT-based, or bleed-based character, you can count on 5-7 spirit every two seconds. Don't use it for its pitiful damage, though.

Advanced Scrolls of Pama and Mark of the Odinborn both have a large amount of spirit-on-orb-pickup, which is useful for reducing downtime and in continuous fights (such as in X-Defense, Midtown, and Holosim). Pama has some health with a health-restoring proc, and Odinborn has flat spirit.

Man, this is a lot of words. Is anyone really reading it? If you are, here's RHXM-PRS2 a key for a free hero -ADVY-OU95. Assuming someone else hasn't claimed it already.


Zigguraut of Kargul is a nice chunk of crit and crit damage, plus it has an instant, short-cooldown teleport, similar to Loki's or Scarlet Witch's. This teleport costs a small amount of health, so you'll usually want some sort of passive regen or lifesteal to go with it, but it also doesn't interrupt spirit regen, which is handy for reducing downtime between fights. This is a great artifact for anyone who doesn't have a native teleport.

Nutso the Squirrel can have quite a lot of attack speed and move speed, up to 11% of each. It also comes with a squirrel pet that will spam your screen with acorn pickups you can sell or donate. I haven't yet found a use for either function, but, hey, it's a squirrel.

Many of the Bloodstone artifacts have the potential to be really, really good if you don't die. You're going to die, a lot, because this is a buggy and wonky game at the best of times, so you probably don't want to even bother.


No artifact is limited to one single character, but many of them might as well be.

Extremis Serum B was used on low-health Punisher builds using Pain Tolerance. Ever since it was nerfed, it isn't much used on anyone, but if Punisher, Ghost Rider, or Moon Knight ever have a working build based on staying at low health, this will be back. For now, not so much.

Beta Particle Reactor is useful for Iron Man, since he can turn flat spirit into survivability, regen, and damage. Asgardian Runestone (sold by the vendor you rescue at the door in Lower Asgard), Ringed Ruby of Raggador, Moonstone Shard, Mark of the Odinborn, and Infinity Formula also have smaller amounts of flat spirit, and are useful while leveling.


Medals and Medallions drop from supervillain bosses. They always drop from the boss if they are the last boss of a storyline area, or if you are fighting that boss in a terminal. They sometimes drop from bosses in Midtown or X-Defense, but this is specific to certain bosses, with no particular rhyme or reason. They work similarly to artifacts, in that they have fixed stat types but variable amounts. They differ from artifacts in that they can drop at any level the boss appears, and can't be rerolled.

Medals are blue-quality, weakest, and only drop in normal-mode storyline missions and low-level Midtown/X-Defense. There's no real need to min-max at these levels, so just remember that these have different, weaker stats than the higher-level medals, and the advice below about Medallions doesn't apply to the lesser Medals. Rarely, a purple-quality Medallion will drop from low-level bosses as an extremely rare drop. There is no reason to farm these ever; it's just interesting to know.

In all other content, bosses drop Medallions. Medallions have fixed stats with variable values, but always have +1 to all skills. Very rarely, cosmic Medallions will drop, with +2 to all skills. As far as anyone can tell, the only way to improve your chance of getting cosmic Medallions is to run cosmic terminals, where they are supposedly a more-common drop. In general, medallions are picked for maximum DPS, because you can get a significant amount of extra survivability on a DPS-oriented medallion if that's what you want. Unless otherwise noted, the best way to farm a medallion is to just do the boss's terminal.

Mole Man Medallion is a special case. It can drop as soon as level 32 (in heroic Upper East Side in chaper 4), and can have as much as +12% XP gain. That is a huge boon to leveling. It's not something you'd want to use at level 60, but it's great on nearly everyone to get there.

If you don't know what to get, get Madame HYDRA Medallion. It's not the indisputable best in slot for anyone any more, but neither is it a bad choice on anyone. You can get it at level 60 by going to superheroic HYDRA Island in chapter 8. It's a large chunk of general-purpose damage rating, with a (long-cooldown) invulnerability proc. Plus, the only variable stat is the chance for the proc to fire, which hardly matters. While both the DR and the proc are shared with any friendly heroes nearby, multiple medals don't stack and share a cooldown, so the second and later users get basically no benefit.

Blob Medallion is another generalist medallion. It's a bit harder to farm: you can only get it at level 60 if Blob appears as one of several possible random bosses in Castle Doom terminal, or if he appears in X-Defense or Midtown. Blob is great when soloing for anyone who doesn't confuse enemies or use a pet or special effect to tank, since it has a large amount of health and as much as 700+ damage against enemies who are targeting you. It's terrible in X-Defense, though, since that DR won't apply to the blue enemies attacking the students. Blob Medallion is so good that it eclipses many inferior survivability-heavy medallions, like Lady Deathstrike, Mega-Sentinel, Venom, etc.

Doctor Doom Medallion is another generalist, with health and 350+ generic damage rating. Its main appeal is Power Duration, for characters who want to keep up a personal buff, like Captain America. It's a pain in the rear end to farm, though, since Castle Doom is long and it has four different variable stats that you care about.

For melee damage characters, Hulk Medallion (only obtainable in a rare Holosim wave) is the new gold standard. It is insanely hard to farm, however. Tombstone Medallion is the next best, with health, defense, and a good pile of melee damage and crit. It's only slightly easier to farm, as he rarely appears in Doom terminal, X-Defense, and Midtown. for farmable options, Kurse Medallion is the best DPS, although Kingpin Medallion trades a small amount of DPS for always-welcome credit find and health.

Physical damage characters who aren't strictly melee have a number of options. For physical damage characters who melee often enough to keep the stacking buff up, Hulk Medallion is still the best. For everyone else, Green Goblin Medallion (Doom terminal, X-Defense, and Midtown) is a clear leader, with a large amount of physical damage rating and health. It's also the obvious best choice for any physical/energy hybrid. Grim Reaper Medallion (Doom terminal, X-Defense) trades off the health for a large amount of spirit-on-kill, helping with spirit-hungry builds. (Grim Reaper outclasses Magneto for the particular mix of physical damage and spirit support, but Magneto is much easier to acquire.) Shocker Medallion is more farmable than Green Goblin or Grim Reaper and has slightly more damage, but not so much that it's significantly more attractive than either of the rarer medallions. Sabretooth Medallion (farmable in chap 7: Mutate Marsh) is an alternative to Green Goblin for hybrid characters who can easily inflict bleed debuffs, like Deadpool and Taskmaster.

Energy-damage characters now have a number of new, attractive options. Sauron Medallion (farmable in SH chapter 7: Dinosaur Jungle) is the top DPS for most characters. DOT-heavy characters, like Human Torch and Storm, may get more DPS out of Electro Medallion (Doom terminal, X-Defense, and Midtown). Green Goblin Medallion (Doom terminal, X-Defense, and Midtown) gives up some DPS for a large chunk of health, and is again the obvious best for any energy/physical hybrid. The previous leader, Pyro Medallion (Magneto terminal) is outclassed on every point, except that it's the only energy-damage medallion that can be farmed in a cosmic terminal.

Wizard Medallion (MODOK terminal) is still the go-to choice for mental-damage characters. It's hard to beat 1000 damage rating.

Doctor Octopus Medallion is for AOE-focused characters. It has rather anemic damage, but it can have as much as 20% increased AOE radius. It's great if you want to fill the screen with a character like Storm or Iron Man, but it's less attractive lately, with all of the new options with 500+ damage rating.

Elektra Medallion (Midtown or X-Def) is for characters who spam movement abilities, with respectable damage and a terrific spirit-restoring proc. You only want to use it if you're spamming a movement ability as your main attack: Hulk, Jean Grey, and Ms. Marvel can currently run builds like this. It's rather difficult to get at level 60; the most farmable place to get it is superheroic Hand Tower, in chapter 4, but that won't be level 60. Elektra rarely appears in Midtown and X-Defense, but good luck farming it there. Rhino Medallion is a damage-focused alternative that trades the spirit regen for some more damage. It's one of those looks-good-on-paper-but-isn't-super-attractive options, but maybe someone will make it work someday.

Mr. Sinister Medallion is a large amount of pet damage and pet duration. This is mostly only attractive to Squirrel Girl, although it's a reasonable choice for Rocket Raccoon as well. It outperforms Man-Ape Medallion on all pet users.

Venom Medallion and Malekith Medallion currently aren't very good for anything. Like Extremis Serum B, they used to be staples of Punisher using a special low-health build. If a low-health build ever comes back, they'll be useful, but they're not very useful right now. Venom has more survivability, Malekith more DPS.

I am not a big fan of pure defensive medallions, but some people do like them. Juggernaut (Doom terminal, X-Defense, MM) is the largest amount of pure defense by a longshot, but has no DPS stats whatsoever.

Taskmaster Medallion is garbage. Yes, I know it has lots of different stats. That's nice. It's still crap. Same goes for Mandarin Medallion with its many varied procs; it used to be good on a couple characters, but it sucks now.


Blessings are special additional effects applied to artifacts, but work more like four additional hidden gear slots. They cost 100 Odin Marks each, and are applied at the Enchanter in each story hub. Blessings are easily transfered from artifact to artifact, at the crafter, and are the baseline trade currency. (To trade one, just shift it to a unbound garbage artifact, and trade that.)

Hela is the go-to blessing, and the top DPS choice (or very close to) for every character in the game. The Hand of Glory proc won't fire significantly more often if you have four Hela blessings, but the main appeal of Hela is the brutal strike rating anyway.

Fandral, Odin, and Frigga are the only other blessings that see any significant use. Fandrals are used for a mix of survivability and DPS, especially on low-dodge or low-crit characters because of diminishing returns. A single Odin is useful on characters with spirit issues, since Odins are competitive with Helas for DPS. (Multiple aren't useful because the spirit-on-kill doesn't stack.) Friggas are useful on characters who get most of their DPS from pets, like all Squirrel Girl builds and pet-focused Loki builds.

Other blessings just suck! They offer small amounts of marginal stats, and often suffer from problems with diminishing returns. Hoguns, Lokis, Sifs, and Volstaggs all suffer from offering tiny amounts of stats, and Balders and Heimdalls offer nothing of value at all.

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Relics are weak little items with a fixed amount of health and a fixed amount of another stat. They drop constantly, but they stack, getting stronger with relic added to the stack. There are diminishing returns that kick in around 100 stacks, but they stack all the way up to 1000.

Use Lemuria. Lifeleech is just plain better than everything else relics do.

If you really don't need the lifeleech, it's a step down to the moderately useful relics. Snakeroot Clan has movespeed for slower characters. Gibborim has spirit for spirit-hungry characters (especially Iron Man). Subterranea adds a noticable amount of survivability to high-health characters.

The next step down is a big one, to marginal relics. Atlantis is a respectable amount of DPS for any character with high crit. Wakanda is okay on anyone who does mostly DOT damage, like Cable, Emma Frost, Storm, or Scarlet Witch. Attilan is usable on AOE-heavy characters like Punisher. Cyclops can use Kakaranathara; nobody else spends enough time spamming basics.

The next step down is to relics that are barely better than nothing. Chandilar is a tiny amount of health; it might get up to marginal if you can stack it hundreds-deep, since it doesn't have diminishing returns. Asgard and Xandar add negligible amounts of melee and ranged damage, respectively.

Can you believe there's a tier below that? Cthon and Skrullos are absolutely worthless garbage. They aren't even worth picking up.


You buy legendaries in Asgard for 300 Odin Marks, which you get from Legendary Quests. They don't have any effect at first; you have to grind them up with XP to unlock their super-powerful affixes. (Prestiging retains any earned XP on the legendary.) They bind to characters when you equip them, which is dumb. At the crafter, you can unbind legendaries, which resets their level to 0, or trade them in (along with a Retcon Device) to get a refund on the Odin Marks.

Gungnir is still the all-purpose go-to legendary. If you have zero desire to do any research, it's always good. It's still best-in-slot for most of the cast, especially characters who do multiple different types of damage. Recent buffs and changes to attributes have made a few other legendaries more attractive, however.

Savage Axe of Ares outperforms Gungnir for physical damage characters once you get to 25-30% crit before equipping a legendary. (It's a fairly small benefit; there's little benefit to switching if you already have Gungnir.) Excalibur is an option for melee characters instead of Axe or Gung: it's less DPS than either, but the defense and LOH are significant.

Through a combination of buffs to pets and its own stats, Neptune's Trident is an attractive option for characters who get most of their DPS from pets. Currently, this is all Squirrel Girl builds and pet-focused Loki builds.

Warlock's Eye and Cosmic Control Rod are fairly close to Gungnir, and may be situationally on par or marginally better with some gearsets for characters who do exclusively mental or energy damage.

Pot of Gold of Cassidy Keep is a special legendary from the St. Patrick's Day event. It is generally less useful than a proper legendary, even while leveling, unless you have a devoted treasure farming character. However, it doesn't cost Odin Marks, which makes it a good filler for characters who don't have a proper legendary yet.

The rest of the legendaries are mostly forgettable junk. Casket of Ancient Winters is about on par with CCR on paper, but the only effective users (Emma Frost, Storm, SW) can only use it with specific builds and have other legendary options that work with all of their builds. M'kraan Crystal is worse than Gungnir on Iron Man and nobody else has any reason to bother with it. Golden Bow of Apollo, Norn Stones, and Ultimate Nullifier are all overshadowed by better options. Shield of Perseus is a ton of survivability, but no character is so squishy that you can't keep them alive with a survivability-oriented costume or artifacts.


Costumes have two different customizable aspects: affixes, where you can add random stats to one of four "slots" on the costume, and cores, which set the level requirement of the costume and can add unique bonuses. You add these effects to your costume at the crafter. Affixes take nothing but generic crafting materials (genomes, astrals, etc.) and credits, while costume cores are actual items that randomly drop in the world and are attached to costumes through crafting.

Costumes also have a third aspect with no stats. You can consume an artifact with a cosmetic effect at your crafter to add that cosmetic effect permanently to the costume. (Note that you can do this even with an artifact that is bound to another character!) Many normal artifacts have special cosmetic effects attached to them, like a halo of lightning for Mark of the Odinborn or a size increase from Pym Growth Serum. There are also special artifacts that do nothing but have a cosmetic effect, but you can normally only get these artifacts as a rare random drop from Fortune Cards. Regardless of where you get the artifact, you can only have one cosmetic effect attached to your costume at any time.


Costume affixes come in four grades. Grade 1 affixes are smallest and cheapest to craft, and grade 4 are the largest and most expensive. You can choose whether you want an offensive or defensive affix when crafting, and you'll end up with a random stat in a random amount. If you get the wrong stat or get too little of the stat you want, your only option is to just craft the affix again to reroll. You'll burn through a lot of credits if you're looking to mixmax your stats here, so this is one of the main credit dumps in MH. MHCompendium has a list of all of the affixes, as well as their maximum known values at both level 1 and level 60. Most of the time, the stat you want from costume affixes is health (from the defensive pool) or critical damage rating (offensive pool).

You can just add affixes whenever you feel like, as long as you've unlocked that particular grade at the crafter. Some people swear by only adding affixes to level 1 costumes, but they are 100% wrong. The only reason to roll costumes at level 1 is because the level 1 minimums and maximums are well-known. MHC has the rundown. In general, if you're not shooting for an optimal, perfectly-min-maxed costume, you'll never have to worry about it.

Health is useful on almost every character, especially as you're looking to the endgame and trying to avoid instant death to a mistake in cosmic terminals or high-rank X-Defense, and costumes can have a lot of it, with 4000+ HP at level 60. If you don't know what else to get, get health. If you are dying too often, the first change you should make is putting health on your costume. This cannot be overstated. Health is the best defensive stat in the game right now, and any other level 60 item with a lot of health might have as much as 1200-1300.

If you are 100% happy with your survivability (maybe you're playing Jean Grey or Colossus or something), then you can get damage stats instead. The go-to choice is now Damage Rating, since DR costume affixes were buffed in the anniversary patch. DR affixes are now better than CDR affixes. Suck it up and reroll if you want the damage boost. Damage rating is useful in all situations, for almost every character, and will generally outperform critical damage rating since the buff. Goons will happily argue at length about when you should switch from health to DR, but it's purely a matter of taste.


Costume cores are items that drop in the world, starting around level 30. They're sorted into six types, with each hero only able to use costume cores that suit their particular origin. Mutants use Activated X-Gene cores, characters who got their powers from being irradiated use Radiactive Isotopes, and so on. You can find lists of who uses what all over the place. Costume cores set the level of a costume, and come with their own special affixes. Attaching them requires a few crafting ingredients and a modest amount of credits based on the level of the costume core, and attaching a new core to a costume erases any old cores.

First, costume cores set the level of the costume. If you attach a level 33 core to a costume, you can no longer equip that costume unless you're at least level 33. The restriction is usually only an issue if you're prestiging that character. The costume's crafted affixes also scale up to that level. While a high roll will stay a high roll and a low roll will stay a low roll, going from no costume core at all to a level 60 core increases the values of those affixes just under six-fold. This isn't so large a boost that you'll much worry about it while leveling; most people attach a leveling core as soon as they get one that doesn't suck, then attach a level 60 core once they get a good one.

Costume cores also have three special affixes of their own: one treasure find affix, then either one or two random affixes from a special pool. The treasure find affix is always 25% rare item find, 25% special item find, or +10 credit find. Most people prefer RIF (for more uniques) or credit find, but it's a matter of taste.

The other costume core affixes mostly contribute a significant amount to survivability, or a small amount of DPS for characters who have no survivability issues whatsoever. In roughly descending order of usefulness:

  • Healthkit procs. A number of costume core affixes grant a special effect whenever you use a healthkit. You can have multiples of these on one core, but two of them are mostly redundant.
    • regain 25% of your health and spirit. This is (IMO) the best, with both a significant survivability boost paired with a powerful spirit regen effect to help spirit-hungry characters. You can't use your healthkit to boost your spirit if you haven't taken any damage, however.
    • become invulnerable for two seconds and become invisible for three seconds. These are both nice survivability boosts. Invulnerable is generally more effective for keeping you alive right now. Invisible can't protect you from AOE effects or shots already in the air, but it can dump enemies onto a less-distressed teammate, or briefly activate damage rating against enemies that aren't targeting you effects, and it does last that little bit longer.
    • gain 35% movement speed. This is worthless. When people talk about healthkit procs, they don't include this junk.
  • Gain X health when you deal damage (lifeleech, life-on-hit, LOH). This is a new affix, replacing the old % damage dealt lifeleech. This is a fixed amount of lifegain, based on the core's level (400 at level 60). It's still a large survivability upgrade, but it's no longer the be-all and end-all it once was. Old lifeleech cores were converted to LOH cores, but also come with a bonus +1 Durability.
  • +X [ranged or melee] damage rating and +X to [two of physical/energy/mental] damage rating. This caps at 200 damage rating, so it's rarely attractive compared to healthkit procs or life-on-hit. The DR for typed damage always affects two different damage types, but only counts as one affix.
  • +1 to [an attribute]. The attributes are Durability, Strength, Fighting, Speed, Energy or Intelligence, and you can get two affixes with boosts to different attributes.
    • Strength, Energy, and Fighting are (in most cases) a flat increase in damage. Strength and Energy are equivalent to 160 DR (at level 60) for physical or energy/mental attacks, respectively, and Fighting is 120 DR, 60 BR, and 180 BDR at level 60. All of these stats are less attractive than raw damage rating affixes, which can roll higher amounts of damage.
    • Durability increases your defense and health. Durability is much-improved since the stat revamp, but it still contributes less than a healthkit proc or life-on-hit.
    • Intelligence increases the XP you get by 1%, plus a host of other minor benefits, like small amounts of crit rating, crit damage rating, spirit, and pet damage. This is no longer the boon to leveling it once was, and is no longer an attractive stat for anyone, pet characters included.
    • Speed increases your move speed, attack speed, and damage on movement powers, but not by very much at all. Nobody particularly wants speed on a costume core.
  • Health, in a variable, level-based amount. This is about as much health as you'd find in one affix on any other item. It will probably contribute less to your survivability overall than a good healthkit proc or +1 Durability.
  • Spirit, in a variable, level-based amount. Flat spirit does very little to help with spirit-sustainability issues for most characters. The only character who wants spirit on his costume core is Iron Man, because of Shield Overload and Arc Reactor Enhancement.
  • Defense. Again, this is a variable, level-based amount. It's also garbage, because it's such a small amount of defense. This used to be typed defense, but all of the old typed defense affixes have been converted to generic defense.
  • Health regeneration, in a variable, level-based amount. This is always such a small amount that you'll never notice any benefit.


Runes drop randomly from enemies based on your SIF, take up a ton of goddamned space in your stash, and are used at the Enchanter to add runewords to Uru-Forged items or little enchants to your gear. Mostly, you're using them to make Runewords. Just to make poo poo confusing, there are several uniques with Uru in the name, and they are completely unrelated to the rune system. Uru-Enhanced Shield is just a Captain America unique, and Uru-Forged Armor is just an Iron Man unique.

Pubbie forum resources:


Uru-Forged items go in the Uru slot, and just give you a pile of typed damage rating (or defense). They drop at level 25, granting 100 typed DR, or 50, granting 200 typed DR. They're a nice boost, but their main function is to be enchanted with Runewords. They get the unique noise and sound and glow and screen pointer, but they aren't all that rare. If you need an Uru item, just ask in supergroup chat (if you're in Groot Force and not some tiny lovely supergroup).

Uru-Forged items can only be unbound from a character by applying a runeword to them; more on this below.
  • Axe: Melee damage - You can almost always throw this away. Almost all melee characters can use Gauntlets instead, and the exceptions still don't want an Axe.
  • Ballista: Ranged damage
  • Belt: Energy damage
  • Gauntlets: Physical damage
  • Helmet: Mental damage
  • Plate: Defense (400 at L25, 800 at L50). This is a decent choice for a survivability boost, especially on hybrid characters.


Runewords are unlocked for use by donating junk to your Enchanter, and are applied to Uru-Forged items. Applying a runeword permanently consumes the runes for the word and binds the item to your account, so you can't trade or drop it, but it also unbinds the item from any character. So, if you want to reuse a L25 Ballista you used for leveling Cyclops to level Storm, you can just apply a new runeword to it. This wastes the old runeword, though.

Runewords have started popping up in other places, as well. If you're wondering how to get a runeword mentioned here, check this thread. Pubbies being pubbies, they haven't yet added the recipes for the runewords bought with Day Runes. Allfather's Fury is Odin, Estate, Day, Earth, Thorn. Lady of the Sword is Sif, Spear, Estate, Gift, Bind. Hammer of the Gods (which is junk) is Thor, Day, Hail, Earth.

tl;dr: Cheap runewords: Seer's Brilliance for leveling, River of the Soul for spirit, Ancient Grove for survivability, many different choices for DPS. If you're gearing for best in slot, either just get God of Mischief or read the words below because there are too many good choices to summarize.

If you're putting a runeword on a level 25 Uru, make it Seer's Brilliance. This isn't the ironclad only smart choice for leveling any more, but it's still versatile and cheap, covering all of the typical weaknesses of leveling characters.

Once you've moved up to level 50 items, the strongest thing runewords can do for your character is fix your spirit consumption. River of the Soul (ROS, ROTS) is still one of the single most powerful spirit-fixing effects you can get from a single item, and it's cheap enough that it's worth slapping on low-level Urus to help with leveling. Few characters will need anything but ROS to fix their spirit issues. In fact, it's so powerful that you can often drop basic attacks entirely, increasing your overall damage in an indirect way.

Lunar Eclipse is a great all-purpose runeword for characters who don't need spirit-fixing. Lunar has a decent amount of defense and a great defensive invisibility proc that will save your life, time and again. The spirit-on-crit isn't nearly as powerful as ROS, but is still helpful. The crit proc on dodge isn't anything special, but it is, again, helpful. If it weren't for the scarcity of Moon and Sun runes, you could easily put Lunar Eclipse on every single character you own without any regrets.

If spirit and survivability are somehow no problem (or you just don't have Moon runes for Lunar), a DPS runeword is the way to go. Runewords break roughly into ranged and melee camps. If you really can't figure out what to use, Valkyrie's Legacy and Brigand's Fortune are both cheap and better than nothing.

For ranged and (most) hybrid ranged/melee characters, Bowazon is the DPS king, by a wide margin. The only runeword that even comes close is Storm Giant Magi for mental-damage characters, and even then it could go either way. Bowazon and Storm Giant are hard to assemble, though, as Saturn, Tyr, Ymir, and Serpent runes are all rare drops. If you're not willing or able to use rare runes, Fire Barrage is a good, cheap alternative for energy-based ranged characters, and Bone Breaker is cheap and passable for physical ranged characters.

For melee, Allfather's Fury and Viking Gladiator are the best-in-slot options, with more DPS on Allfather and more survivability on Gladiator. Hybrid melee/ranged characters can often get more out of Bowazon or Storm Giant Magi, depending on how much of their damage comes from ranged or mental attacks. Lady of the Sword is an also-ran for pure physical-damage hybrid characters; it's a cheaper alternative to Bowazon for hybrid melee/ranged physical characters who get a lot of their damage from ranged physical (e.g. Captain America, Deadpool, Taskmaster). Again, all of those require rare runes. The budget choice for melee characters is Bone Breaker; it's about on par for DPS with Allfather or Gladiator, but lacks the additional survivability stats.

Characters who use movement powers to DPS have a special runeword, Unstoppable Force. It isn't an attractive option unless you dash things to death, but it's very cheap and very powerful on characters who do.

Characters who get most of their DPS from pets should get Beast Master. It's expensive because of the Serpent rune, though. In the meantime, Seer's Brilliance is 4% pet damage, or you can just get a runeword that boosts your non-pet damage.

God of Mischief is a wildcard. It isn't quite as good as Bowazon, Storm Giant Magi, or the high-price melee runewords, and it isn't cheap, since it needs five Lokis, a rare rune. However, that rune isn't useful for anything else, and Mischief is a well-rounded runeword that outperforms all of the cheap options. (Note that old screenshots show it as having 100 mental damage rating; that has been changed to 100 generic damage rating.) It's also a large amount of power duration, for edge-case builds that exploit that.

Lunar Eclipse isn't the only defensive runeword, just the best one. Ancient Grove is a cheap chunk of health and defense. Viking's Vitality even more health, but it's debatable whether it's worth a Sun rune for the marginal benefits over Grove. Courage of Asgard is a pretty great defensive boost, on paper, but you will never, ever assemble all of the runes to make it, and it isn't worth the effort anyway.

Most runewords are obviously bad. Anything not listed above is just plain garbage. There are a lot of cheap defensive options that are clearly worse than Seer's Brilliance, a lot of expensive defensive options that are worse than Viking's Vitality, and a few supposed DPS words that provide less DPS than a cheap 400DR word. Three deserve special mention as traps: Blood Barrage, Heartbreaker, and Hammer of the Gods. Do not use these runewords! Blood Barrage looks like a cheapo 400DR word, but it isn't. It requires a (very rare!) Serpent rune, while providing significantly less performance than Bowazon on pure ranged characters. Heartbreaker looks like a runeword version of Gem of the Kursed, but it provides too little of each stat to be worth using. Save those Tyrs for Bowazons. Hammer of the Gods is an expensive runeword that, again, underperforms Bowazon for DPS, even on hybrid melee/ranged characters, and has no ancilliary benefits. Voice of the Spirit Walker is another decent-looking word you probably shouldn't use: it isn't awful or anything, but Saturns are used in Bowazon, which is far better for any energy-damage character. Vice and Cow King's Gift are gimmick runewords. They aren't particularly attractive on any character.


Runes can also be used to add enchants to your gear in the main five slots. They cost one rune per item, are permanent and can't be transferred from item to item. They're not a significant boost, so there's no need to constantly enchant and re-enchant your gear as you replace it, but neither is there any need to agonize over waiting to enchant until you get that perfect BIS item. Personally, I slap enchants on level 60 uniques, when I can be bothered.

Enchants come in two different types: slot 1 and 5 enchants, which add damage, and slot 2 and 3 and 4 enchants, which add survivability or miscellaneous effects. You almost certianly want appropriately-typed damage rating on your slot 1 and 5 items, while 2/3/4 is more of a matter of taste.

Slot 1 and 5:
  • Bow, Fire, Hail, Spear, Stone, and Torch - Ranged, energy, melee, physical, and mental damage rating, respectively. Pick the one that applies to the bulk of your damage.
  • Tyr - Critical strike rating. In theory, a reasonable option for characters with mixed damage types and low crit. In practice, you use Tyrs for Bowazons, not enchants.
Slot 2, 3, and 4:
  • Cattle - Health. The default 2/3/4 enchant if you don't want anything else. Cattle is fairly common and not used for many runewords.
  • Sun - Spirit. Sun runes are rare and used for good runewords, but this is the only way to get more DPS (indirectly, for everyone but Iron Man) on slots 2/3/4.
  • Wealth - Credit find. This is a loving lot of credit find, and wealth runes aren't used for much else. You can only unlock this enchant as a rare appearance on a level 15 or higher Gear Vendor, however.
  • Joy - Rare item find. Joy runes aren't used for anything else, but this can only be unlocked the same way as the Wealth enchant.
  • There are other slot 2/3/4 enchants, but they suck and often use good runes. Don't use those crappy enchants.


Runes don't do anything on their own, but are consumed to put runewords and enchants on your gear. That said, they take up a lot of space, so it's good to know what each rune is useful for. Some aren't useful for anything right now. Unless you want to hang on to them until Gaz gets around to adding more runewords, you can just ditch them to save stash space. This was last updated on March 9, 2014. If there have been patches screwing around with runewords since then, this advice may have gone stale.

Bottleneck runes are runes that are the rarest or hardest to acquire for a particular runeword; you're not going to get stuck trying to make Bowazon because you're out of Ash runes.

Runes are sorted roughly into tiers of rarity, based on how much they are worth to a vendor. Near as anyone can tell, vendor prices are approximations of rarity. These rarity tiers are just names I made up.

??? (Can't be sold)
  • Day - Allfather's Fury. Used to buy some runewords from Clea.
Common: (270)
  • Ash - Ancient Grove, Bowazon
  • Binding - Lady of the Sword, Storm Giant Magi
  • Birch - Ancient Grove
  • Bow - Bowazon (obviously), Fire Barrage, ranged damage to 1/5
  • Chalice - Brigand's Fortune, River of the Soul
  • Game - Beast Master
  • Joy - Rare item find to 2/3/4. Basically trash
  • Lake - River of the Soul, Seer's Brilliance, Viking's Vitality
  • Man - River of the Soul, Viking Gladiator, Viking's Vitality
  • Need - Vice. Basically trash
  • Oak - Ancient Grove. Used for defense to 2/3/4, but health is almost always better
  • Wealth - Brigand's Fortune, credit find to 2/3/4
  • Yew - Bowazon
Uncommon: (337)
  • Cattle - Moo? Beast Master, Brigand's Fortune, health to 2/3/4
  • Elk - Beast Master
  • Gift - Lady of the Sword
  • Hail - area damage to 1/5
  • Ride - Bone Breaker, Brigand's Fortune
  • Spear - Bone Breaker (needs two), Lady of the Sword (both to buy and craft), Viking Gladiator, melee damage to 1/5
  • Year - Lunar Eclipse, Seer's Brilliance
Rare: (405)
  • Earth - Allfather's Fury, Lunar Eclipse, Ultimate Guardian (lol), Viking's Vitality
  • Horse - Beast Master
  • Mouth - trash
  • Stone - physical damage to 1/5
  • Thorn - Allfather's Fury
  • Torch - Fire Barrage, mental damage to 1/5
Epic: (675)
  • Estate - Allfather's Fury (both to purchase and craft), Lady of the Sword
  • Fire - Fire Barrage, energy damage to 1/5
  • Ice - Storm Giant Magi
  • Moon - Drops more often on Monday. Lunar Eclipse. One of two bottlenecks for Lunar Eclipse
  • Saturn - Drops more often on Saturday. Bowazon. One of the two bottleneck runes for Bowazon
  • Sun - Drops more often on Sunday. Lunar Eclipse, Viking's Vitality, spirit to 2/3/4. A bottleneck rune for both runewords
Cosmic: (810)
  • Frigga - Drops more often on Friday. Only used in Courage of Asgard. Basically trash unless you want to shoot for making that runeword. Good luck.
  • Sif - Lady of the Sword, Viking Gladiator. Also Courage of Asgard, lol.
  • Tyr - Drops more often on Tuesday. Bowazon and crit to 1/5. One of the two bottlenecks for Bowazon; you will never have enough of these to use them for enchants
  • Ymir - Storm Giant Magi
Unique: (1350)
  • Loki - God of Mischief (x5). May drop more often from the Loki bossfight.
  • Odin - Drops more often on Wednesday. Allfather's Fury, and gimmicks like Ultimate Guardian and Courage of Asgard
  • Serpent - Beast Master, Storm Giant Magi. The bottleneck rune for both. Do not waste this on dodge enchants.
  • Thor - Drops more often on Thursday. Viking Gladiator, and gimmicks like Ultimate Guardian, Hammer of the Gods, and Courage of Asgard
gently caress You: (10000)
  • Zod - Courage of Asgard. The reason you will never make a Courage of Asgard.

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Cease to Hope
Dec 12, 2011
the forum where people post about insurance in case they have to kill someone is mad at this guy again lol

Reposting and updating my build guides. I dropped Colossus; someone who actually plays him should do that one.


Still don't use Chaotic Hex. Another patch, another nerf, but Chaos Warp is still crazy overpowered.

As soon as you zone into an area, turn on Ruinous Flux, Warding Veil, and Ominous Veil (you can have both of them on now) and leave them on almost all the time. They are going to increase your survivability and damage, while requiring no actual attention during a fight. Seriously, turn on Flux and your Veils every time you zone or you will die a lot.

In a fight, Scarlet Witch drops Combusting Hex (the fire AOE field), Bewildering Hex (the confusion AOE field), Reality Implosion to stack the jerks, then goes for a smoke. If you need a heal or need to hold enemies in place, you can add Ravenous Binding (the AOE snare with lifedrain). Chaos Warp Scarlet Witch doesn't even need to do that much for most AOE groups: just drop maybe one AOE power then spam Chaos Warp.

For hard enemies, you do all of those and also add Corrosive Hex and Binding Hex, then spam your single-target DPS power. Don't bother with Bewildering Hex on bosses, because it doesn't affect them.

For gear:

  • Artifacts: Mental Headband, mental Danger AI Chip, Blinding Brazier of Balthakk, and Bacon-Wrapped Hot Pepper are her best in slot. Adv. Metasensory Array, and Optics are clear bests in slot. Magneto Was Right T-Shirt and Adv. Kree Hyper Optics are acceptable alternate for the AMA or Hot Pepper for a Chaos-Warp-based build. Hulkbuster Munitions or Gem of the Kursed are also comparable, and work any SW build. Other alternates include the usual Adv. Starstone Tooth/Serum of the Seraphim/Adv. Super Soldier Serum for survivability, Ziggurat of Kargul for mobility and some DPS, or DPS filler like Pluvian Superconductor or Power Prism Shard. If you are still using Shi'ar Cloaking Device or Adv. Skrull Targeting Computer, get rid of them, because she no longer benefits from them.
  • Blessings: Her best blessings are Helas. You can use a Loki to help with survivability if you're having issues, or an Odin to help with spirit issues in a Chaos Warp build.
  • Medal: Wizard Medallion is best for DPS. Nothing is even in the ballpark except maybe Blob for solo survivability.
  • Relic: As always, Lemuria or Subterranea are best. Most of her DPS is AOE and DOT, so Attilan and Wakanda are passable.
  • Uru/Runeword: Use a mental or defense uru. Bowazon, Storm Giant Magi, and God of Mischief are all very close to each other, for expensive endgame runewords. Seer's Brilliance is the go-to cheap runeword. River of the Soul can help with spirit issues in a Chaos Warp build, although you probably shouldn't be doing that badly for spirit.
  • Legendary: Gungnir outperforms Wizard's Eye and Casket of Ancient Winters in most cases.
  • Gear: Her uniques are almost all good. Her slot 2 is really mediocre; you can replace it with Eidolon Warwear to gain a lot of survivability at the cost of a little DPS, or use Mechanical Arms of Doc Octopus for a big DPS boost in a Chaos Warp build. You can just use the rest of her uniques as-is, although a high-rolled Darkhold (1200+ DR) can outperform her slot 1 unique, and Cerebro Remote Interface is better than her slot 5.
  • Costume: Health if you're at risk of dying, Damage Rating if not. Scarlet Witch doesn't get much health from her uniques, so you'll usually want Health here. For a costume core, look for one of invulnerability-on-health-kit, invisbility-on-health-kit, or 25%-health/spirit-on-health-kit. I like two of those affixes, but +1 Energy, +1 Durability, a good ranged DR roll, or good mental DR roll is an acceptable second choice.
  • Insignia: Eric O'Grady, Valkyrie, and Wolverine are her best options.

Build time!

gently caress you Cease, I'm not reading all that poo poo below: This is the level 60 Chaos Warp build. (It has been a long time since Marvelbase has been updated. The point in Withering Hex, a now-defunct power, should be a point in Rewind Reality.) It's the one everyone runs at 60 and it works just fine.

There are two basic Scarlet Witch builds, but they all use the same core set of utility powers.

  • Maxed:
    • Chaos Magic - This is a spirit management power, DPS power, and survivability power all in one. It's a core part of what makes SW work.
    • Ravenous Binding - Does anyone else in the game get a straight vampiric power like this? It's a huge healing power as well as a useful tool for making packs stand in your AOE fields. Plus, it does a non-negligible amount of damage on its own.
    • Hex Binding - This is your second-best DPS DOT, although you have so many powers to click that it's usually the first thing you'll leave off when crunched for spirit or time. Maxing it out also increases the healing you get from Ravenous Binding.
    • Combusting Hex - It's a large AOE field that does a ton of damage. Plus, it's one of the few powers that counts as burning fire, so you can use Blinding Brazier of Balthakk.
    • Ruinous Flux - Toggled damage fields are always great. It's a non-negligible amount of damage for hard single-target fights, and it means you can just ignore weak melee enemies. Make sure you double-check that it's turned on every time you zone.
    • Obfuscation - This is a good but boring defensive ability. Flat defense and projectile reflect are middle-of-the-road defensive abilities.
  • Dump your extra points in:
    • Omnious Veil - This is more projectile reflect to stack with Obfuscation, plus it procs a fear on enemies who attack you. It requires no attention other than turning it on every time you change zones, and it decreases incoming damage by a ton. This power is seriously underrated, and remains one of SW's best powers. It just doesn't scale super well with additional points, so it's just a dump power.
  • One-point wonders: These are all more or less optional.
    • Reality Implosion - This stacks up enemies in your AOE fields. It does just godawful damage, so you're using it for the utility.
    • Corrosive Hex - This applies Weakness and Vulnerability. It's so spirit-heavy that you'll probably only use it on hard targets, like bosses and high X-Defense waves.
    • Entropic Warding - This puts up a field that slows melee enemies and deflects enemy shots. It used to be good, but it's kind of crap now that the projectile deflection isn't 100% any more. Some people still swear by it, but I don't use it at all.
    • Cthonic Gloom - This is a useless and stupid power that you're one-pointing in order to take Ominous Veil.
    • Warding Veil - This finally got nerfed, and now it's just one-point-wonder healing aura. Points in it are just a really ineffcient way to get extra spirit. Make sure you double-check that this is turned on every time you change zones, too.
    • Bewildering Hex - Once one of the most powerful powers in the game, this no longer works on bosses. It's still useful, however, since any non-boss enemy standing in the confusion field on the ground will immediately attempt to attack another enemy.

Now, DPS powers. You have two options: maxed Hex Bolt or maxed Chaos Warp (with one point in Bewitching Hex).

Chaos Warp does twice as much damage on paper as Hex Bolt, but it has a major disadvantage. It has a full second of wind-up before you actually start attacking, with a five-second channeled attack afterwards. For all six seconds, you're floating around and incapable of moving (admittedly with a 50% flat damage reduction to help you not die). If enemies move out of the radius or a cosmic orb runs you over or you want to refresh one of your hex fields, you'll have to move and do the wind-up to resume attacking.

Hex Bolt does almost exactly half the DPS of perfectly-efficient Chaos Warp play, but it requires no spirit to do so. In fact, because it's a basic, it allows you to use simple spirit-regen-per-minute items to recover spirit. (Those items stop working while you are using spirit-consuming powers.) Also, unlike Chaos Warp, it benefits from attack speed. Most builds will only have 15-20% tooltip attack speed at most, so this still doesn't bring it above Chaos Warp, but it does close the gap somewhat. It is simple, reliable, and effective. This is a Hex Bolt build. (Again, Rewind Reality instead of the now-removed Withering Hex.)

Chaotic Hex is technically a third option, but not a good one. It does the single-target DPS of Chaos Warp, but requires even more spirit, and doesn't provide the AOE DPS of Chaos Warp. It is just too spirit-hungry to practically use any more, now that its bugged interaction with Crystal of Kavadus has been nerfed. The tiny amount of extra DPS you get from using Chaotic Hex gets flushed straight to hell by the need to manage its excessive need for spirit. Don't use a Chaotic Hex build right now.

In practice, Hex Bolt requires the least amount of effort while still producing excellent results, Chaos Warp dominates X-Defense but is a huge pain in the butt otherwise, and Chaotic Hex is garbage unless we get another broken source of spirit regen. They're all in the same ballpark for TTK targets: here's some testing from the 2.1 test which is still mostly valid. (This was before the Crystal of Kavadus nerf, but little else has changed since then.)



Emma DOTs up everything with Psychic Blast and Telepathic Torments, uses Inspire Minion and Kneel Before Me on cooldown to kill things and interrupt annoying enemy abilities, spams her (boring) single-target DPS powers when there's a single-target worth spamming them on, and lets her dominated pet do the rest of the work. She has almost nothing for passive defenses, but five or six different buttons to get out of a bad situation, so if you die, it really is your fault.

What pet to dominate is a big part of getting the most out of Emma Frost. Make sure your pet is a blue or yellow and is at least somewhat close to your level, or it will die all the time. You also want to get a pet with the Haste Aura affix if at all possible, because it's +15% movespeed and attack speed. The easiest way to find a level-appropriate pet is to hop into a red or cosmic terminal and look for packs of blue elites.

If you have your choice of pets, nice pets are melee and/or AOE attackers. Sentry Smolders, the giant lava-man miniboss from the new Surtur raid, always spawns with Haste Aura and is a fantastic attacker. (He has two different attacks that regularly hit for a half million. He's so overpowered that he's sure to be nerfed.) Some of my other favorites include HYDRA walkers, HYDRA or AIM powerfist soldiers, Purifier spear-men or axe-men, T-rexes (with or without a rider), raptors, and the Kronan sergeants with their deflection bubble. There's also a special Purifier beast with a deflection bubble in chapter 6. (Remember that you can't dominate most robots.) Secondary affixes are less important: Slow Aura and Invulnerability are the best of the rest, but they're not essential at all.

For gear:

Emma doesn't benefit very much from pet-boosting items. There are lots of theories why this is, but whatever.

  • Artifacts: Mental Headband, mental Danger AI Chip, Adv. Metasensory Array, and Adv. Kree Hyper Optics are clear bests in slot. Magneto Was Right T-Shirt is an acceptable alternate for the AMA or Adv Kree for a Psi-Bolt-based build. Hulkbuster Munitions or Gem of the Kursed are comparable to the T-Shirt, and work in either build. Other alternates include the usual Adv. Starstone Tooth/Serum of the Seraphim/Adv. Super Soldier Serum for survivability, Ziggurat of Kargul for mobility and some DPS, or DPS filler like Pluvian Superconductor or Power Prism Shard.
  • Blessings: Her best blessings are Helas. You can use a Loki to help with survivability if you're having issues, or an Odin to help with spirit issues in a Drain Psyche build.
  • Medal: Wizard Medallion is best for DPS, although Doom Medallion is really tempting because of the power duration.
  • Relic: As always, Lemuria or Subterranea are best. Gibborim is an option for Drain Psyche-based builds. Most of her DPS is AOE and DOT, so Attilan and Wakanda are passable.
  • Uru/Runeword: Use a mental or defense uru. Bowazon, Storm Giant Magi, and God of Mischief are all very close to each other, for expensive endgame runewords. Seer's Brilliance is the go-to cheap runeword, and River of the Soul can help with spirit issues in a Drain Psyche build.
  • Legendary: Gungnir outperforms Wizard's Eye and Casket of Ancient Winters in most cases.
  • Gear: Her uniques are all good, as long as you're using the ones intended for mental builds and not diamond builds. It's pretty obvious which are which. A high-rolled Darkhold (1200+ DR) can outperform her slot 1 unique, and Cerebro Remote Interface is better than her slot 5. Nisanti Cloak of Invisibility is approximately as good as her slot 3; it's a little less DPS and a little more surivability.
  • Costume: Health if you're at risk of dying, Damage Rating if not. Emma doesn't have much for passive survivability powers, so you'll usually want Health here. For a costume core, look for one of invulnerability-on-health-kit, invisbility-on-health-kit, or 25%-health/spirit-on-health-kit. I like two of those affixes, but +1 Energy, +1 Durability, a good ranged DR roll, or good mental DR roll is an acceptable second choice.
  • Insignia: Eric O'Grady and Kitty Pryde are best. Mockingbird, Piotr Rasputin, and Dum Dum Dugan are useful in a group. X-Men/SHIELD is one of the worst insignia pools, so look for a blue or purple insignia with good bonuses and don't worry too much about the group benefit.

Build time!

gently caress you Cease, I'm not reading all that poo poo below: I run this. (i use Unlock Potential as a point dump.) There are lots of good one-point wonders but I am too lazy to put all of them on my bars.

Emma Frost only has two trees to pick from, so most builds end up the same. Your main options are which utility one-pointers you take and which single-target DPS power you use.

  • Pick a single-target plan:
    • Psi Bolt - It's super boring, but it's reasonable DPS, especially if you have her slot 1 unique and/or a significant investment in AOE-boosting items. This is something like double the DPS of spamming Psychic Blast on single targets, and even more if you have any attack speed.
    • Drain Psyche - This is her best single-target DPS option (especially if you have a Darkhold), but Drain Psyche roots her in place while you channel it. The heal will often not be enough to make up for the extra damage you'll take. If you do go Drain Psyche, more spirit is more DPS. Consider Gibborim relic, River of Souls runeword, and/or a health/spirit-on-medkit costume core.
  • Max out the rest of her core DPS tools:
    • Psychic Blast - Your main AOE spam tool. Waggle this over enemies to apply the DOT effect.
    • Telepathic Torment - A sizable DOT and two useful debuffs. Keep this up always on everyone.
    • Telepathic Mastery - A bunch of DR and your only passive defensive effect.
    • Kneel Before Me - A tenacity-ignoring stun and a hard-hitting AOE. Use this not only to kill things, but interrupt annoying boss abilities, like Juggernaut's charge.
    • Inspire Minion - Another large AOE DOT. This both heals your pet and turns it into a taunt beacon. The taunt has been nerfed, and is no longer reliable against bosses, but it's still helpful.
  • Pick one badly-scaling power to max, and use the other one as a point dump
    • Psychic Domination - This doesn't contribute very much DPS, but it is an always-on, no-brainer source of damage. You can also use the channeled active ability as a DPS ability against Missile Reflection bosses, if you don't use Drain Psyche.
    • Unlock Potential - This is a very strong one-pointer, but more points only increase the amount of DR you get when you activate it. It's more DPS, just not a lot of DPS. The invisibility on this also doubles as a survivability cooldown. However, the invisbility does apply to your pet, so it can cause enemies to switch off of your pet back to you if you're not careful
  • Fill the rest of your bar with one-point wonders: - Most of these are more or less optional.
    • Lustrous Lunge - Your mobility power. This doubles as a defensive ability, since it puts you into diamond form until you use another power and switch back.
    • Mental Cloaking - Your CC escape. This doubles as an escape from bad situations, since it causes enemies to stop targeting you and interrupts many boss abilities. Be careful; any attack causes this stealth to break, including utility powers that double as an attack, like hitting enemies with Lustrous Lunge.
    • Perfection - If you're using Lustrous Lunge and getting hit while in diamond form, your diamond armor will inevitably bottom out. For one point, this will passively refill your diamond meter and also give you an occasional DR boost.
    • Astral Bolt - If you're not using Psi Bolt, this can help with your inevitable spirit issues. Skip it if you're maxing out Psi Bolt.
    • Frenzied Confusion - A moderately useful ability for dealing with packs of hard-hitting trash, like in cosmic terminals or high waves of X-Defense or Holosim. This no longer works on bosses at all, so it's pretty skippable.
    • Sudden Dread - Yet another CC ability, with a bit of damage on it. This is so hopelessly spirit-intensive and low-damage that it's useless for DPS, however. Very skippable.

HELP HOW DO I SQUIRREL GIRL (in this bewildering post 10-week world)

This doesn't include "pure pet" builds using Squirrel Saboteurs. I'll rewrite this for the anniversary update, and include those builds then.

edit: DON'T PANIC. This build is still perfectly viable, post-Omega-system patch. It still needs to be tuned and cleaned up, to have the rest of the points allocated, and to add Omega spec recommendations, but for the meantime you can still use it.

Lay down Squirrel Friends, DFTT, Squirrel Special Forces, and Hulkbuster Squirrels. Use your AOE, spirit-spender, or basic as appropriate, make sure to use your squirrel summons on cooldown and keep DFTT up. Against single hard targets, make sure you also use Squirrelpocalypse occasionally to keep up vulnerability (unless you have Betty Ross's Big-rear end Sword or a maxed Neptune's Trident).

For gear: Give her Neptune's Trident, Mr. Sinister Medallion, and your choice of relic. (Lemuria is best, although Subterranea is just fine.) For Uru, use a physical or defense uru. Bonebreaker is her go-to cheap runeword, and Beast Master is her best-in-slot expensive option. Put health on her costume, and get health/spirit-, invulnerability-, or invisibility-on-healthkit for her costume core. Friggas are her best blessings for all builds, although you can use an Odin to help with spirit or a Loki to help with survivability. You can switch the Friggas with Fandrals if you're really dying, but it's not a very efficient place to pick up survivability.

Her uniques are a mixed bag. Dorreen's Dangerous Claws are fine for a melee build, but Dragonfang or Betty Ross's Big-rear end Sword are more attractive the more ranged attacks you use. Her slot 2 and 5, Great Lakes Avengers T-Shirt and Full Set of "Iron Man Vs. Series" Cards, are both pretty mediocre but slated to be improved in an upcoming patch. In the meantime, any-hero uniques are better. In slot 2, Nate Grey's Psionic Armor and Amulet of Right are superior for DPS, while Eidolon Warwear and Symbiote Infestation give comparable DPS with better survivability. For slot 5, Trask Commander Helm is superior until the patch. Her other uniques, Squirrel Systems Utility Belt and Tippy Toe's Itty-Bitty Bow (but not Squirrel-A-Gig) are just fine.

For artifacts, you definitely want something like Raptor Egg, Adv. Latverian Regalia, Adv. Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak, and Idol of Khonshu (if you have any melee attacks at all). These aren't the only artifacts you could use, though. Normal Latverian Regalia is another pure DPS alternative. Adv. Starstone Tooth is a ton of survivability. White Suit Jacket or Adv. Kung Fu Training Sequence are survivability and melee DPS. Ziggurat of Kargul helps her mobility. Gem of the Kursed is always an option, if you have one.

Any old advice to use items with slow procs on Squirrel Girl can now be ignored. She no longer has any powers which are more effective against slowed enemies.

You can also go basic-less, using items like Maht's Arrowhead (superheroic), Pym's Shrinking Serum, and River of Souls. You'll probably only need two of these in order to cut down to one point in your basic of choice (which should probably be Squirrel!, even in an otherwise all-melee build.)

Build time!

gently caress you Cease, I'm not reading all that poo poo below: Read it anyway. Marvelbase isn't up to date.

You can mix ranged options and melee options more or less interchangeably in a Squirrel Girl build. The only important difference is whether or not you've invested heavily in ranged- or melee-only gear.

  • Max a basic:
    • Squirrel! - Ricocheting, spirit-building ranged squirrels. The ranged option, and the best option for leveling. If you're going to go basic-less with spirit-boosting items, this is the basic you should use when forced to use a basic.
    • Savage Swipe - Melee attack, boosted by more squirrels. Better DPS than Squirrel!, but only useful in a pure melee build that doesn't go basic-less.
  • Max a spirit spender:
    • Nutcracker - Squirrel Girl's best ST spirit dump. On paper, AFA and NC are well-balanced, but this benefits from both Squirrel Distraction's survivability boost and Idol of Khonshu.
    • Autofire Acorns - The ST spirit dump for pure ranged builds. The ramp-up on this has a little bit of leeway; you can refresh DFTT or dodge an attack with a roll without losing your speed buff.
  • Max an AOE attack:
    • Squirrelpocalypse - This is your only spammable AOE, and you'll want it on your bar anyway for the vulnerability. The bleed on this can trigger Maht's Arrowhead.
    • Dive Bomb - Crashdown Squirrelstrike. This can hop obstacles, and is a melee attack.
    • Acorn Artillery - Much improved over its old version. This has the largest area and biggest burst, but leaves you with relatively limited AOE output due to its cooldown.
    • Squirrel Presents - This is an absolutely ridiculous burst and is boosted by summon-boosting gear, but it eats all of your squirrels and is difficult to aim. It's mostly useful for situations where DFTT is keeping your squirrel meter maxed constantly, like X-Defense. THIS IS REPORTEDLY CURRENTLY BROKEN. DO NOT USE.
  • Max your squirrels:
    • Squirrel Friends - More squirrel DPS, more survivability.
    • Squirrel Special Forces - Her personal steroid. Press it early, press it often.
    • Squirrel Cunning - Her DPS passive. Max it.
  • One point wonders:
    • Hulkbuster Squirrels - This is a lot of damage, but it's a lot of damage with just one point, too. This is a decent place to dump excess points.
    • Death From The Trees - This is poo poo for damage, but dropping it on a group of enemies immediately maxes out your squirrels, plus it is a huge, powerful snare field. If you have any melee attacks at all, you should use this and an Idol of Khonshu, since each tick of DFTT will activate Idol.
    • Squirrel Distraction - It's a survivability passive.
    • Squirrel Heart - Your CC break, and a boring one.
    • Forestwalk - Your mobility power. You can't not take this, anyway. This no longer has its undocumented CC-breaking effect.
    • Squirrelpocalypse - If you didn't already max this, take a point in it to apply vulnerability to hard targets.
    • Sic 'Em - This lets you retarget your squirrels, and does a trivial amount of extra damage. Take this if you're looking to explode cosmic bosses with maximum efficiency, but it's fairly skippable.

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Jun 30, 2012

Shapes and colours the likes of which I've never seen!

Had a feeling this thread title would win.

Are the 356 presents due tomorrow? I'm curious how the new system would affect Punisher and Moon Knight.

Too Shy Guy
Jun 14, 2003

I have destroyed more of your kind than I can count.

Reposting previews of Monsieur Fabolous:


Not Mister Good, not Mister Decent
Look, this son of a bitch has like 8 PhDs

Cease to Hope
Dec 12, 2011
the forum where people post about insurance in case they have to kill someone is mad at this guy again lol

Anyway, math sperg carried over from the old thread.

Lemon Curdistan posted:

Yes. The ~250 DR estimate is based on 1 skill point = +5% damage (because 200 DR = +5% damage). Since one skill point is now worth +10% damage, the value of +1 skill has doubled 400 DR.

This is wrong. Skill points and DR are multiplied by each other, so +X% damage from skill points is not the same +X% damage from damage rating.

The value of skill ranks, DR, and crit stats are all relative. Having lots of one makes the other stats more relatively desirable. If you start picking up lots of skill ranks and ditching DR, then one skill rank will be worth less. Alternately, if you start getting lots of DR (or things that count as DR, like extra damage from attributes), then skill ranks become more attractive.

Also, the baseline damage from one skill rank is decreasing, so skill points will not give twice as much damage as they used to. In practice, a skill rank will give you ~20% more damage than it did before. Assuming your gearing doesn't change at all after the patch, one skill point will be worth ~300-350 DR. Actually, this might be retarded.

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a cock shaped fruit
Aug 23, 2010

The true enemy of humanity is disorder.

New thread smell. New thread images.

Playable She-Hulk first quarter 2015, Hear me Doomsaw!

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Oct 25, 2007

The right to bear arms


Tier list for new players:

Characters you like - Garbage

Characters you don't like - Good

Oct 1, 2008


Everyone needs to play Groot and his buddy/lackey Rocket.

My Gimmick Name
Sep 11, 2004

You picked the best title, good work kelp.

I feel like I'm starting to spend League of Legends sized money on this game, but at least I get yelled at here significantly less.

But with raids in soon

Jun 11, 2006

Pyronic posted:

Everyone needs to play Groot and his buddy/lackey Rocket.

Rocket becomes a starter hero tomorrow. Skills got moved around in his trees as well so you get stuff like Suppression Turret a few levels earlier.

Sep 25, 2009

maybe for one second you can pause; try to step into another person's perspective, and understand that a watermelon is cursing me

Sneak peek at Silver Surfer's alternate costume

Jul 20, 2013

by zen death robot


Pyronic posted:

Everyone needs to play Groot and his buddy/lackey Rocket.

When you play Groot you summon Rocket Raccoon.

Dec 31, 2008

Well here is the latest cosmic list. Welcome Kalli and Lvxx to their journeys. And cams, who I forgot to mention.

Last cosmic prestige week, we grew by 11 characters. I think we can hit 15 this coming week. ))))))

Lord Yellowmans Worthy Sacrifices

Black Panther - 2(Buhbuhj, DiferroBiga)
Black Widow - 1 (FSJC)
Cable - 2 (Rugio, Lvxx)
Captain America - 0
Colossus - 1 (SirBloody)
Cyclops - 4 (Bladeleader, stupidsexyflanders, Lozareth, ICR)
Daredevil - 1 (bizmarkiedesade)
Deadpool - 1 (davebo)
Dr. Strange - 2 (Lozareth, cised)
Emma - 1 (penguinsin)
Gambit - 1 (Frukthero)
Ghost Rider - 2 (Lozareth, Kowak)
Hawkeye - 1 (ICR)
Hulk - 2 (clgibcount, robotsinmyhead)
Human Torch - 2 (Lozareth, Hogama)
Invisible Mom - 1 (aarontagg)
Ironing Man - 6 (KaizerPrime, ateatree, davebo, Ougher, Spevling, Bladeleader)
Jean Grey - 2 (oxidized, KarrdeThunn)
Loki - 2 (byzantiumfrost, GreyjoyBastard)
Luke Cage - 3 (ICR, nickhimself, Touzo)
Moon Knight - 4 (Tengama, Joruk, Ogreface, Mortizzle)
Mr. Fantastic - 1 (MrWhale)
Ms. Marvel - 2 (Quoc, Audish)
Nightcrawler - 1 (Shabaladoo)
Nova - 0
Psylocke - 1 (Eskiee)
Punisher - 4 (Kryopsis, Distelt, Kowak, Billydeeforlyf)
Rocket Raccoon - 3 (Digitalpants, Lozareth, Kallisphere)
Rouge - 5 (soothingvapors, deathplague, Burgthock, TheBamba, camsteh)
Scarlet Witch - 2 (Buttes, RedHeaded)
Silver Surfer - 2 (Ajjax, clgibcount)
Spider-Man - 3 (GrandPiano, Kheldarn, ICR)
Squirrel Girl - 2 (Atwes, Spudsly)
Star-Lord - 4 (Elucidarius, ProtonDecay, Rugio, chelatek)
Storm - 2 (Travelbywar, DiferroBiga)
Taskmaster - 2 (heyitsshino, abigfatbunny)
Thing - 1 (crowbb)
Thor - 2 (Thor aka bearforce, Lozareth)
Wolferine - 2 (davebo, ICR)

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Oct 31, 2011

Raids tomorrow?

Aug 23, 2012

Must be fuckin' nice!

Dark_Swordmaster posted:

Raids tomorrow?

7pm EST, assuming patch doesn't turn the servers into slagheaps.

Oct 31, 2011

Aw butts that's when I'm clocking off work. I will be late to party like it's 2015.

Oct 2, 2011

I posted my food for USPOL Thanksgiving!

I can not wait to take Hawkeye in the raid tomorrow. All ya'll who have been hating lately will see that I'm right! Hawkeye is a middle tier hero!

Too Shy Guy
Jun 14, 2003

I have destroyed more of your kind than I can count.

I really hope Groot Force is big enough that we don't have to schedule raids. God help us if someone spergs out a calendar.

Oct 2, 2011

I posted my food for USPOL Thanksgiving!

Zombie Samurai posted:

I really hope Groot Force is big enough that we don't have to schedule raids. God help us if someone spergs out a calendar.

No raid groups means no goofy raid group names though!

a cock shaped fruit
Aug 23, 2010

The true enemy of humanity is disorder.

Can the cool people doing Fantastical Foursome teams have team names?

Too Shy Guy
Jun 14, 2003

I have destroyed more of your kind than I can count.

a cock shaped fruit posted:

Can the cool people doing Fantastical Foursome teams have team names?

I think it should be a requirement.

Oct 23, 2010

I would cry but I don't think I can spare the moisture.


I'm going to have to level Thing to 60 for this now. This is such a great challenge, I was looking forward to some F4 action once Reed hit live and this certainly fits the bill.

Assuming Reed launches with his FF costume, perhaps consider also allowing teams that replace HT with Spidey as long as they're all wearing FF costumes?

Jan 4, 2014

...and Furiously as The Beagle.

So, what things do I need to do before the big patch?

1. Clean out inventory space
2. Buy costume affixes?
3. Sleep
4. What else?

Mar 13, 2012

Where there is power
There is resistance

a cock shaped fruit posted:

Can the cool people doing Fantastical Foursome teams have team names?


Excellent thread title by the way. Cease to Hope, your posts have been amazing by the way.

What are people's thoughts on team-ups to aim for?

Chernobyl Peace Prize
May 7, 2007

Or later, later's fine.
But now would be good.

A good alternate FF challenge would've been either the standard line-up OR Spider-Man+Hulk+Ghost Rider+Wolverine, really.

fookolt posted:

What are people's thoughts on team-ups to aim for?
Falcon's got a passive +crit and Magik has a heal attack (and +summoned ally damage), Spider-Man has +dodge and Firestar, I dunno, sets stuff on fire a lot. Everyone has a +DR passive except for Spider-Man.

Oct 23, 2010

I would cry but I don't think I can spare the moisture.


Chernobyl Peace Prize posted:

A good alternate FF challenge would've been either the standard line-up OR Spider-Man+Hulk+Ghost Rider+Wolverine, really.

They don't have in-game F4 costumes though, other than Ghost Rider...

FF is Future Foundation, not Fantastic Four.

Chernobyl Peace Prize
May 7, 2007

Or later, later's fine.
But now would be good.

bonds0097 posted:

They don't have in-game F4 costumes though, other than Ghost Rider...

FF is Future Foundation, not Fantastic Four.
Spider-Man's got Bag Man, doesn't he? But yeah, granted on the other points. RIP, what if team.

Jul 31, 2013

What is this consensus on the Omega System on Test?

Too Shy Guy
Jun 14, 2003

I have destroyed more of your kind than I can count.

Chernobyl Peace Prize posted:

Falcon's got a passive +crit and Magik has a heal attack (and +summoned ally damage), Spider-Man has +dodge and Firestar, I dunno, sets stuff on fire a lot. Everyone has a +DR passive except for Spider-Man.

That reminds me, what's Beta Ray Bill's passive? Actually, someone write some words about BRB, I can't wait until tomorrow.

Feb 6, 2003

I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!

Please to reserve a spot in raid group tomorrow, thx

Sep 25, 2009

maybe for one second you can pause; try to step into another person's perspective, and understand that a watermelon is cursing me

bonds0097 posted:

They don't have in-game F4 costumes though, other than Ghost Rider...
The costumes they actually wore while filling in for the FF are in game though.

Mar 16, 2004

Aunt Petunia's Girdle!
What's happening?

I need a Human Torch, a Mr. Fantastic and a Garbage Woman to join "Ben Grimm's Grims"

Jul 20, 2013

by zen death robot


Furiously posted:

So, what things do I need to do before the big patch?

1. Clean out inventory space
2. Buy costume affixes?
3. Sleep
4. What else?

Eat, eating is important.


Sep 25, 2009

maybe for one second you can pause; try to step into another person's perspective, and understand that a watermelon is cursing me

I have an Invisible Mom and will be getting a Stretch Dad, but I'm in NZ so I can only really contribute to an Australian-based Fabulous Four team.

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