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  • Locked thread
Jul 8, 2010


Wow that was fast.

Sunny, 14.0


Apr 27, 2008

Can't have Kurumi without Elly. 12.0

Golden Battler
Sep 6, 2010

~Perfect and Elegant~

Sakuya for 10.5

e: as an aside, I found myself bringing along Aya a fair bit since I always brought along Momiji (because she's amazing) and Sanae (because she's cool and become amazing) because it felt right, but she is definitely not particularly amazing.

Dec 20, 2013

Yes! Marisa's route has Kurumi and the Three Fairies. Perfect. But bring Komachi anyway. Leaving 7.

Also, I second what you said. Youmu's boss theme rocks.

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Luna leaving 5.5

Dec 26, 2013

Well...with the other two fairies may as well suggest Star for 4.0.

Dec 27, 2011

It looks like you might be able to squeeze two 2.0's in there so I'll vote Meiling leaving you at 1.5

You're welcome!

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

I tested out an in-progress UI patch with this update, so some stuff is in english.


Sakuya's finally saved up enough PP to get Predict. Normally I'd be more focused on getting certain characters certain skills, but with all this voting I'm spreading the PP pretty thin.



Animal Trail
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


Let's go check out this creepy-looking cave!


Mysterious Cave

Full Text


There's a good chance this place is dangerous.

Well what are we waiting for?



Fantasy Cave

Some Nobody posted:

I smell a wee bit of the surface from over that way.

The winds from the surface sure are staying cold this year.


Hey, someone's coming!

Marisa posted:

Wow, this place's huge. It's so dark, I can't see up ahead.

And there's a chilly breeze. It's hard to believe this is a cave.

Lady Patchouli, could this really be the Underworld?

I don't know. Had I known we'd be doing this, I would have studied up more.

Well, let's try going just a little further. If we turned back now, our whole trip would be wasted.

Yamame and a bunch of enemies spawn in.

Yamame, over here!

Whoa, they really are humans. What a rare find, Kisume. Nice work.

Oh, someone's here!

Youmu? Nope, doesn't look like it.

Do you two live in this cave? We're looking for someone. Have you seen a girl with a bobbed haircut and a pair of swords?

A girl with swords? That's a strange question for a visitor to ask. I don't even know how long it's been since the last time we had visitors from the surface.

Wait, from the surface? Does that mean what I think it means?

Oh, did you come here not knowing where this is? This is the entrance to the Underworld. I'm Yamame Kurodani. Come on in, I won't stop you.

Oh, dear. This place is truly connected to the Underworld?

Oh, geez... Look at her.

What's your problem?

Here she is! It's a spider, an earth spider!

Yah, an earth spider! We'll tear you to pieces!

Whoa there, Nitori. What's gotten into you?!

Nothing's gotten into me! That's an earth spider! They're rotten, despicable Underworld youkai that pollute rivers!

Oh hoh. I was curious why you came here. Was it for a fight? Interesting. I like it. If you wanna go, I'll go!

You heard her, everybody! You can do it!

Nitori, you are just...

Hey, whatever floats her boat. An enemy of Nitori is an enemy of ours.

Excuse me, didn't we agree before that we couldn't stay here long?

It's too late to back down now. Let's defeat them and get out of here, quickly.

Yamame, I don't like the way they're talking...

Hmph, act big while you can. I'll show you the strength of the youkai banished below the surface!


Victory: Defeat Yamame.
Defeat: Marisa is defeated.
Bonus: Clear the chapter in five turns.

Huh, thought I fixed the Chapter # Chapter thing.

Welcome to Subterranean Animism stage 1. Notice anything fishy on the bottom right?

If Yamame's fighting, then count me in!

Kisume zooms ahead on the first enemy phase.

Whoa! A bucket just flew at us!

From these tactics, this is undoubtedly a tsurube-otoshi.

You know something, Patchouli?!

Yes, I've read about them. They're dangerous and highly aggressive youkai. They supposedly drop down from overhead when people are walking down dark roads at night.

That doesn't sound dangerous to me. That just sounds pesky.

I am not! I'll scare you good!

Kisume's a little shy, but she gets things done when she has to. Don't take her too lightly, or you'll end up with a nasty bump on your head.

Annoyingly enough, that doesn't count as Kisume's move for the turn. So she immediately goes for my weakest character.

I've been wondering... is it fun being in a bucket?

Huh? I've never thought about that.

Well if it is, I'd like to try too!

Sorry, but this bucket only seats one!

Music: Living in the Capital's Bucket

Luna, taking one for the team.

Yamame has a spellcard, so to get the bonus I really do have to jet through the stage as fast as possible. So the main duo (and Elly, so Marisa doesn't die) will skip to Yamame while everyone else deals with Kisume and the enemies.

This bonus would be much easier if I had Aya, but she's trapped on the other route. Just like Komachi back in MoF. :sigh:

Also, there's a quick conversation if you attack one of the hell ravens.

What's with these things? They're not like regular youkai crows.

Of course not. These ravens were raised in a very harsh environment. Know what their favorite food is? I'll give you all one guess.

Ooh, what is it? What do you mean?

That raven's got the look of someone who craves dead flesh. Be careful, everyone!

Kisume's field makes her slightly more annoying to swat. At the same time, not having Shield Defense yet makes her much more bearable.

Tsurube-otoshi make me think of bad memories. One time when we were playing behind the shrine, an apple fell on my head all of a sudden...

That's got nothing to do with me.

Guess I should have cast Guard instead of Focus. :geno:

I heard that in the Underworld, there are awful and dangerous youkai. Which one are you?

Well I guess the latter. But anyway, if I went to the surface would I meet even more strangers...?

Oh I see, you're just shy.

Huh, so the name listed in the status window is separate from the one in conversation boxes. Interesting.

That bucket certainly looks tough. I wonder if I can break it?

Please don't do anything weird!

Kisume is less of a speedbump on Lunatic, but really this whole chapter is kind of annoying there. Once again, there's a reason I chose Reimu route to be the Lunatic one.

Might as well give Sunny more levels.

I'm new to this place, but are there any of my friends in the Underworld too?

Yeah, the zombies are fun to play with.


The only fairies in SA are zombies. :eng101:

Sunny picked up Grit. Because I guess she needed another way to stay alive.

Kisume drops an E-Shooter (Hit rates +10%) and a bomb.


Ack, Kisume! Is your bucket okay?

Um, yeah. I'm okay, it just kinda hurts. Sorry, Yamame. I'd better go.

Kisume withdraws.

I knew you guys were nothing to sniff at, but I never thought you'd beat Kisume. If I backed down now, I'd shame the whole Underworld.

Yamame automatically casts Strike when Kisume dies.

But since I beat Kisume so fast, my frontline units aren't close enough for this to be a problem. :v:

The remaining grunts have aggressive AI, so I don't need to send people down to clean them up. I can just head straight for Yamame.

Who, predictably, headed straight for Marisa.

I've been in the youkai exterminating business for a long time now, but this is my first time meeting one of you Underworld folks.

Well for me, it's been a long time since I've fought a human from the surface. Before you all, all kinds of humans used to come here.

Huh, so I'll be going further than anyone before me? That's pretty cool. I'll show off as much as I can here, and spread the name of the magician Marisa Kirisame much wider than Reimu's!

Music: Upbeat Spider

No need to set up for Master Spark + Shanghai Doll here, Yamame's pretty flimsy. Danmaku Power 2 and Valor wil-

why did i cast alert i was saving up for valor :downs:

Ugh, whatever, I'll just Support Attack her into the ground.

Sickness, huh. That reminds me, earlier I caught a cold.

Oh, so even youkai can get sick.

Even though I take pride in my health, I ended up making Yuuka worried... but then again, I got to be nursed back to health. It makes me happy just thinking about it.

Elly grabs the kill and levels up. She gets a free level of Support Defense at 23, which is pretty handy.

Yamame also drops a bomb, because why not I guess. I'm pretty sure one of the changes Lunatic makes is cutting out Kisume's bomb drop.

Not too shabby. I can see that surface-dwellers don't slack off.

Hmph. For someone so hated and despised, she sure isn't that great.

I bet living so long without the light of the sun took away all her energy.

No, this isn't what earth spiders are all about. Their power is spreading disease. That's how they pollute rivers!

I see. Disease, the power to eat one's life from the inside out.

With a power like that, no wonder others loathe her.

Wow, I can see how much you hate me. We hardly ever use our powers. But it wouldn't do to let surface-dwellers make a mockery of me. I haven't hit any humans with disease in years, but I won't let that stop me!


Miasma Sign "Filled Miasma"

Filled Miasma doesn't have a very interesting animation, it's just some random tiles forming in a spiral. Its effect (all stats -25) would theoretically be an issue if Yamame could hit anyone.

Sunny and Star drop both of my bombs to add insult to injury.

Okay, come at me! With my power, it doesn't matter if they're a human or a youkai, I can make them sick.

What a troublesome opponent. I'll have to stay at a distance and fight with my dolls.

Sorry, Shanghai. I'll clean you up later.


One of the cooler things about Proto Malice Cannon is that Alice and Marisa can probably use it even if they've been spamming finishers.


It's actually pretty important you beat Yamame here since she drops another Firefly Gem. It won't be very useful in this game, but in FMW3...

There! We did it, everybody!

No one could take that many nasty attacks and keep on kicking!

Whew, that was fun. You guys know how to keep things flashy!

There's slightly different dialogue if Yamame was timed out or defeated before Kisume.

So, how about another round? Just kidding, my work here is done.

What? We can go all day if you want.

Sorry, but I'm pretty sure it's time we stop. There's no way you could come this close to the Underworld without her noticing.


Yeah, someone super scary. Not gonna lie, I'd start running if I were you.

Yamame leaves.

What's she talking about? Is this a bluff?

Look, we can't overstay our welcome here. If we do, we're in for trouble.

She's right, Marisa. We need to go back to the surface now.

Everyone starts slooooooowly leaving.

Man, you guys are no fun. We could at least find ourselves a souveni- hm?

What's that thing? There's something huge buried here.

You're right. It's shaped like a ship.

Hold on, I'm gonna go check this out.

Koakuma posted:

Sheesh, Marisa. Hurry up or we'll leave you behind.

C'mon, a quick check won't hurt anything. Woah, it really is a ship. What's it doing buried in the ground?

She's not listening to us. Maybe we should drag her out.

All right. I'll do the honors-

! No, don't. We're surrounded!


Music: Reinforcements - Theme of the Detestable Youkai

Satori, Orin, Utsuho, and a whole bunch of hell ravens arrive. Incidentally, the bird closest to Satori is actually just a regular youkai crow.

More Underworld ravens! A bunch of them!

You were right. There really are intruders.


No, of course I didn't doubt you. You did a good job reporting to me.

Wow, real humans. I haven't seen live ones in ages!

Bwah? But I thought surface people weren't allowed down here.

Hello. I am Satori Komeiji, ruler of the Palace of Earth Spirits. The last thing I was expecting was to find a group of surface youkai barging into the Underworld.

Um, about that! We didn't mean to intrude. We wandered here by accident!

So she claims. What do we do, Lady Satori?

Capture them. We'll make them tell us everything.

Looks like she's not in the mood for negotiating! Marisa, come on, we're getting outta here!

Got it! I'll just swoop right on out of here...

Marisa makes a break for it.

Whoa, she's fast!

You're not supposed to stand there admiring her! We have to capture her!

Orin. Okuu. That human will fly straight ahead. Block her path from the front.

On it, Lady Satori!

Marisa posted:

Ack! They came right out in front of my face!

In that case, this time, I'll...

Her movement is a feint. Corner her from the opposite side.

Aye-aye, ma'am!

Marisa posted:

What's with these two?!

She will attempt to slip between you. Trap her in a pincer attack.

Utsuho posted:

I caught a human!

Argh, lemme go! Let go of me!

Ahh! They caught Marisa!

Lady Satori, do we capture the rest of them?

No, one will be enough. You can do what you like with the rest. Don't squabble with each other. Remember, sharing is caring.

Pfft, it's not fair letting the ravens have all the fun. Leave some for us, okay?


Yikes! Those ravens wanna eat us!

And with this many of them, we can't go to Marisa's rescue!

Now then, I'll be taking you to the Palace of Earth Spirits. I'll take as long as I need to find out why you came to the Underworld.

Stop it! I wasn't even...!

Marisa is dragged away.



And just for fun, here's the game over dialogue:




They must be trying to eat us!

They're gonna trap us in a web and eat us!

Calm down! We won't let that happen. We're inedible!

Argh, the web... the web, it's... GAAAH!

Hmhm, mwahahahaha!

Die, die! Let my web wrap around you and die! Ahahahahahaha!



Palace of Earth Spirits

Music: Bizarre Smile

Full Text


So are you going to let me go?



Palace of Earth Spirits
Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


Whew, I was worried they came because of Koish-

Woah, shut it!

It's fine. I'm sure Koishi's doing... fine.


Kisume and Yamame Kurodani
All Attacks
Kisume battle theme: Living in the Capital's Bucket (The Dark Blowhole)
Yamame battle theme: Upbeat Spider (The Sealed-Away Youkai)


Okay, I'll be borrowing some grimoires today too.

My, if it isn't Marisa. You're just on time, have some tea with me.

Well that's suspicious. I've got business in the library, so gimme a sec.

Aaaah, it's Marisaaaa! Hey, hey, play with me!

Stop it. I don't know why, but I want to drink tea with Marisa.

Eeeeh? But don't you want to play with me, Marisa?

Hey, wai- gah, you're pulling me from both si- ow, quit it! You're tearing me apaaaaart!

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

For some godforsaken reason, Aya starts with P-Damage of all things. She's not even supposed to be getting hit, so why?

Aya doesn't even have a S in Air. Seriously, I think somebody on the team just despised her.



Animal Trail
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


Somebody's nearby.


Misty Lake
Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


It's not spring.



Seasonal Transition

Lunasa posted:

Well, this place will do nicely.

The chapter starts with Lunasa playing a quick tune. It's at the beginning of the OST version of her song, so I'm not going to record it separately.

The air is calm, so the sound won't be distorted. I can practice here.


Lily White posted:

*pant* *pant*

There really are flower petals over here. Where's spring then?

A pure white fairy on a pure white landscape. This would make a good painting.

Oh, I didn't see you there. Um, have you seen any spring around here? I'm looking for spring.

Is that really something you can see?

Cirno posted:

There she is, over there!

She's faster than she looks. There's someone else too.

Wow, they just keep coming one after another. I thought this place was supposed to be out of the way.

Well, what about you? Why would you be practicing your music here?

There's nothing but snow here. It looks so cold.

My my, it's been a while, hasn't it? Lunasa of the Phantom Ensemble.

Correto. Thanks for the article back then.

You know her, Aya?

Yeah, I did a report on them a while ago. She's the leader of the famous Phantom Ensemble, Lunasa Prismriver. See page 4 for details.

Prismriver? Where have I heard that name before...?

Well, we did distribute fliers for our concert. The Phantom Ensemble's Third Live Performance: "The Rainbow Concert". Tickets are selling fast.

Wow, so there are concerts in Gensokyo too?

It's not just any concert, it's a live concert. It's important for us to feel alive.

So, this is changing the subject, but do you happen to know anything about this incident? We're here to investigate how to stop this long winter.

Ah, that makes sense, that fairy over there was saying something about winter or spring too.

Yeah. So does the phrase "gathering spring" ring any bells?

Actually, it does.


I just thought it couldn't hurt to ask, but she really knows something?

That said, I can't exactly tell you what I know. As the leader of a band, I can't go around spilling my client's secrets.

It seems she knows who's behind all this.

Then let's get the answer by force, like we always do!


Don't just space out there. Doesn't this concern you too?

It does?

That's right. This is a lead on the spring you've been searching for.

I understand. I may not be very useful, but I want to do everything I can to help you out.

In that case, I guess I can stay and practice my chords a bit longer.


Victory: Lunasa is defeated or forced to retreat.
Defeat: Lily White is defeated.
Bonus: Clear the chapter in five turns.

So you want to know the easiest way to do this chapter?

Have Reimu solo it.

Turn 1.

Turn 2.

Once I've ensured Reimu's caught the attention of everyone else, I can move the rest of the party to the kappa to the north.

Yowch! So this is the power of a tengu?

A kappa? Why are you here?

Funny story, the river is frozen over on the surface, so I had to come all the way out here to find a way out. And since there weren't any humans around, I thought it was a good chance to go for a stroll.

Is that so? I thought we asked you all to build a new levee though?

Ayaya, is she skipping work? That's no good. Now that we've seen you though, we can't very well let you go unpunished.

Eek! Well, I've got nothing to lose now, might as well fight back!


Oh yeah, here's the full map. It's a winter version of chapter 6/7.

Dotted all over are little snowmen daruma made of snow. Each of these are bonus conversation spots, but unfortunately thanks to the bonus I'm too much in a rush to grab them for all of my characters. :shobon:

Also, Lily. Despite clearly smiling in her sprite,

her portrait has her incredibly depressed. Her stats are just as low, and all she can do is a short range tackle. She even has a depressed battle theme.

I've seen a sound like yours before. There's no noise, it's a very honest sound to play.

Oh? I guess that just goes to show that I'm a first class shrine maiden.

...I feel I should add that being clear doesn't mean it's a good sound.

Music: Luna crescente

Lunasa is a joke. She drops a N-Shooter though, so it's kind of worth it trying to beat her.

Lunasa's gimmick is depressing music, and her danmaku reflects that.

Also she spams Daunt like an rear end in a top hat.

Thankfully this means she doesn't have enough SP to cast Sense, so she ends up just wasting her time. Killing everything maxed out Reimu's Power pretty quickly, and since she's at WP level 5 that's 175. Lunasa would need like six Daunts to get somewhere.

And nearby enemies are only too happy to jack Reimu's Power back up again.

On turn 4 I started moving everyone closer and had Reimu give Lunasa a love tap.

Unfortunately, Reimu doesn't have Support Attack and all of my long range finishers are on the other route split. So everyone else is actually kind of useless!

I guess Aya can snag a bonus conversation at least.

Oho, I didn't think I'd find such a lovely daruma in a place like this.

Me and Dai made it. But if you're going to write something about it, then do our winter home first!

I can do that. I'd have to do it before it melts though... unless I let it melt, then write a horror story about it!

That's a bad hobby.

Reimu can actually do enough damage to kill Lunasa by herself,

but I'd need to save scum a critical so :effort:.


That should be enough for a warm-up.

You're all bark and no bite. I'm not impressed.

That was just me getting into the groove. Wait until you hear our main performance.

But there's just one of you.

The Phantom Ensemble is a three piece band. The show doesn't start until we're all assembled.


You're too fast, sis.

Merlin and Lyrica Two strangers jump in.

You're always running off ahead by yourself.

Yeah, like you always enter the dressing room first.

Well, speak of the devil, here are her friends.

Yep, Lyrica and Merlin Prismriver, of the Phantom Ensemble.

Lunasa, who are these people? Were you putting on a street performance?

I just attracted a crowd while practicing. As you can see, they haven't tipped me at all.

She's kinda mean to her audience, isn't she?

C'mon, we don't have time for this. We'll be late for our show.

We managed to book that sweet gig at the flower viewing, so I am hyped!

Clarste posted:

What the hell kind of voice am I giving her?!

*sigh* More noisy people showing up.

Wait, did you just saying flower viewing?

Oops, you spilled it.

Huh? Was today's concert supposed to be a secret or something?

What do you mean you're going to a flower viewing? In this weather?

So you do have some connection to the one gathering spring!

Hehehe, that's a trade secret.

And there you have it. Anyway, we don't have any reason to stick around.

Hold on a minute, we need to ask you some-

Later everyone! Ciao!

The trio leaves.

Ugh, did they get away?

Who would hold a flower viewing at a time like this?

But they ran away in the same direction that I already thought was suspicious. So all we need to do is keep at it-


No, please wait.

Lily flies to the right side of the screen.

Cirno posted:

What's with you? It's like you suddenly got all cheerful.

It's faint, but I can feel a trace of spring. Underneath the snow over here.

Are you sure?

Absolutely. Everyone, please come over here.



Misty Lake
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


I know she's kind of... herself, but could you please be friends with Cirno anyway?



So you've decided on your transformation stick, a mascot, and a transformation chant. Good job Kurumi, you're a magical girl now!

Okay, Elly!

Alright then, use that dustpan you picked up and and change!

Ooooh, Ero Ero Enzyme! Devil Yanbara Mayakon! Magical Girl Kurumi, Devil Up!

...The enemy is a haniwa!


This is what I wanted, but I didn't think it'd be like this...

Yeah, I guess...

BlitzBlast fucked around with this message at 15:26 on Jul 16, 2015

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

...I suppose I should have seen this coming. Thanks to her rashness, a disaster has happened and Marisa has been captured by Satori. Still, even now that girl is coming to save her. I don't know who though.

I'll pray for their successful escape.

In any case, let's meet again in Chapter 29 of Fantasy Maiden Wars P: "Closed Runaway".


Shou and Nazrin. The two have a strange atmosphere about them. And meeting those girls are Ran Yakumo, a nine tailed fox, and her servant Chen, a bakeneko.

A quarrel among beasts... is what I want to say, but I suppose I shouldn't.

Now then, please have fun playing Chapter 29 of Fantasy Maiden Wars P: "Encounter"!


Available cost: 15.0

Available units:
FA Nitori
(Alice is forced.)



Oh wow, no LPer-forced units for once. You have the entire 15.0.

BlitzBlast fucked around with this message at 00:16 on Apr 21, 2015

Apr 27, 2008

Can't go wrong with the walnut full-on magical girl. Kurumi 13.0

Nov 1, 2010

Guess what? Star, so we're down to 11.5

Also, you say the there is no LP-forced characters, whele also mentioning that Alice is forced. I assume that means that Alice is game forced, and thus doesn't count towards the limit.

Jul 8, 2010


Sunny, 10.

I mean, if you don't choose Alice in the upcoming choice you're being dumb.

Also, poor Lily. Lookit her all depressed and confused.

Sep 5, 2013

Not the strongest, but the cutest.

Meiling and now we are left with 7.5.
Chiming in to say thank you for LP'ing this game Blitz Blast, you're a trooper.

May 29, 2013

No, that's Magic!

FA Nitori, down to 5.0. Thanks for continuing the LP Blitz, it's really cool to see all the Touhou stories connecting to each other.

Mar 13, 2010

by exmarx

Sakuya. putting you down to 2.5

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Luna leaving you 1 and done.

Oct 27, 2010

Could at least flip one or two, maybe.

BlitzBlast posted:

The only fairies in SA are zombies. :eng101:

Who are only dressed up as zombies. :eng101:

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

I'm surprised no one's commenting on the fact that Marisa is suddenly in a different game. I know it took me off guard the first time I played this. Although I guess it's just expected that FMW will be filled with foreshadowing future plot points, now that Sanae's role has been fulfilled.

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Clarste posted:

I'm surprised no one's commenting on the fact that Marisa is suddenly in a different game. I know it took me off guard the first time I played this. Although I guess it's just expected that FMW will be filled with foreshadowing future plot points, now that Sanae's role has been fulfilled.

Clearly this is so that Marisa can recruit an oni and an incredibly annoying to fight against raven of her own.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

GodofDiscord posted:

Chiming in to say thank you for LP'ing this game Blitz Blast, you're a trooper.

Eeepies posted:

Thanks for continuing the LP Blitz, it's really cool to see all the Touhou stories connecting to each other.

Thanks, but the people you guys should really be thanking are Hokuto and Clarste. They are translating at the speed of light.

Dec 20, 2013

Huh. So Marisa's route takes a sudden turn into SA. I can't imagine we'll be in the Underground long though, there's a plot they need to catch up to. I'm a bit sad I didn't get here quick enough to vote in Patchouli, because since this is SA it'd make sense for all of Marisa's partners to show up. Especially if they're planning a jail break. It was nice to see SA-style rear end in a top hat Nitori show up as well, she's way more fun like that.

Also, i'm a little disappointed that Lily joins in Reimu's route because then they can't recycle the Three Fairies opinion's of Lily from the manga, which were pretty amusing. Speaking of Lily I know we don't vote for who gets used in Lunatic, but I say you should bring her along every map anyway. For the challenge, and because she's the only fairy who even tries to do her job, so she should get a chance to do so. And although Reimu's path does seem to just be going through the motions of PCB, the conversations between the embodiments of the Seasons have been pretty good. It's weird that the Aki's, Letty and even Lily are getting stuff to do, even if it is appropriate for the story.

I'm pretty shocked to see another update up so soon though. I guess having triple the translators really speeds up the process. So Thanks for all the hard work everyone's been doing. I'm really enjoying the LP.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Incidentally, some things I've learned from looking at the .dats:

1) There is a hidden Revenge mechanic. Take two units who have a Friendship. If one of them dies, the remaining unit will get an extremely slight boost to their attack power.

2) Nitori actually gets a level 2 friendship with Marisa if you had Marisa talk to her. Otherwise it's just level 1.

3) Friendship boosts drop to 3% past level 4. So it goes 5% (1), 10% (2), 15% (3), 18% (4), 21% (5), 24% (6), 27% (7), 30% (8), and then 33% (9). The highest anyone in this game can get is level 7, and that's only if you carried over Marisa route data where you convinced Alice, convinced Nitori, and picked Patchy next chapter. You can hit level 9 in the next game much easier though.

4) There are a lot of dummied out Personal Skills and Spirits. Some of them showed up in FMW3, but other stuff like Dai's Teleport or Rumia's "Is that So?" (any enemy Rumia hits loses a certain amount of Power, basically that one GM's FUB from SRW Impact) are still unused.

5) Speaking of spirits, while one-off characters have random junk for their spirits past the ones that they have in-game, all player characters already have all six spirits decided. If you're interested, here are the full sets for the characters I have so far:

Reimu: Sense, Focus, Luck, Fury, Zeal, Soul (x2 damage)
Marisa: Gain, Accel, Alert, Valor, Strike, Courage (Accel, Valor, Grit, Strike, Spirit, and Fury all at once)
Keine: Faith, Strike, Guard, Rouse, Valor, Love (fully heal all units on the field)
Alice: Mercy, Focus, Alert, Snipe, Wrath (do x1.25 damage for a turn, no criticals), Love
Cirno: Grit, Guts, Assail, Valor, Faith, Courage
Minoriko: Guts, Strike, Grit, Spirit, Bless, Valor
Shizuha: Alert, Trust, Focus, Attune, Mercy, Rouse
Sakuya: Devote, Focus, Assail, Strike, Wrath, Zeal
Meiling: Guts, Guard, Strike, Spirit, Fury, Valor
Komachi: Strike, Fury, Trust, Guard, Daunt, Wrath
Elly: Vigor, Strike, Accel, Grit, Fury, Ambush
Kurumi: Cheer, Accel, Alert, Luck, Strike, Hope (restore 50 SP to one unit)
Daiyousei: Trust, Cheer, Alert, Bless, Faith, Enable
Rumia: Vigor, Strike, Fury, Gain, Cloak (enemies can not target unit), Zeal
Mokou: Focus, Fury, Strike, Valor, Drive, Risk (ignore generic danmaku penalties for one turn)
Nitori: Scan, Guard, Focus, Faith, Snipe, Renew
Sunny: Vigor, Guts, Alert, Grit, Spirit, Valor
Luna: Focus, Guard, Strike, Gain, Trust, Accel
Star: Scan, Cheer, Alert, Focus, Luck, Snipe
Hina: Sense, Devote, Assail, Fury, Focus, Enable
Momiji: Scan, Vigor, Guard, Strike, Snipe, Valor
Aya: Scan, Accel, Alert, Sense, Valor, Confuse (halve all enemy hit rates)
Patchouli: Focus, Snipe, Strike, Guard, Faith, Valor
Koakuma: Devote, Gain, Focus, Alert, Rouse, Renew
Sanae: Miracle, Focus, Gain, Alert, Fury, Zeal
Letty: Focus, Guard, Strike, Alert, Valor, Rouse
Lily White: Bless, Sense, Luck, Snipe, Fury, Hope

FMW3 changed a lot of this (Alice lost Snipe and Wrath for Fury and Precision [next attack is a critical hit] for example) so none of this is set in stone yet, but it's still interesting.

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Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

Marisa doesn't get Love?

Game failed. :colbert:

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

So fairies and youkai are both aligned to the four seasons? Or is that just coincidental for some fairies?

Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

In Touhou Fairies are the personification of aspects of Nature.

So, for instance, Lilly White can said to be "The Start of Spring" manifested into a magical form.

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

Incidentally, I think this is why Letty was so dismissive of Cirno. Fairies are just aspects of nature, so the best they can do is bend it a little, while youkai have no such limits. Fairies are also totally immortal and don't really seem to understand what death is.

But the fact that we have gods of autumn, a youkai of winter, and a fairy of spring is just sort of a coincidence. There could very well be winter fairies and spring gods and autumn youkai, we just never meet them.

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Dec 20, 2013

Clarste posted:

Incidentally, I think this is why Letty was so dismissive of Cirno. Fairies are just aspects of nature, so the best they can do is bend it a little, while youkai have no such limits. Fairies are also totally immortal and don't really seem to understand what death is.

But the fact that we have gods of autumn, a youkai of winter, and a fairy of spring is just sort of a coincidence. There could very well be winter fairies and spring gods and autumn youkai, we just never meet them.

Also, outside of Lily most fairies don't even seem to care about being embodiment's of nature. They just goof off and prank people. I think it's even mentioned that Cirno's actually kind of bad for nature because she's way stronger than any fairy should be and her power over ice affects the natural world on a far higher level than it should.

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

Nature is pretty stupid, yeah.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Ryza reminded me that I totally forgot about Yamame and Kisume's attack videos. They've been added to the previous update. As for Lily and Lunasa, well we haven't seen what they can really do yet.

This chapter is pretty much the best part of the game, so I kind of rushed to get here. Updates will be slower from here onwards because Ryza and I can't actually keep up with Hokuto and Clarste. :negative:


The chapter starts in Marisa's dreams.

Full Text


Reimu was on the right track, go to the Netherworld.

Uh, okay.

I'm in charge of rescuing Marisa.


Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


I'll help you out of here.



Closed Runaway

Music: Fantasy Maidens Appear!


Alice posted:

Thank you for the reconnaissance, Shanghai. It must have been frightening.


It doesn't look like there are up youkai up ahead. Let's proceed a bit further, everyone.

Komachi posted:

Well we've managed to sneak in up to where we were before, at least.

This is where it gets tough, though. Try to breathe quietly.

Marisa posted:

Great, we've gotten pretty far from the palace. Mind leading the way a bit longer?

Sure. I come this way a lot.

Alice, look over there!


Oh, Alice! You came to save me?

Thank goodness you're okay. I was worried for a while there.

Sorry about that. But I knew you'd come back for me, Alice.

Someone's a little arrogant. You couldn't have known that for sure.

Huh? Marisa, that girl next to you is-

This is a bit late, but I managed to escape thanks to her. Her name's Koishi. She lives in the Underworld, but she's not our enemy.

Oh? Nice to meet you, Koishi.

So you're all youkai from the surface? Nice to meet you!

She seems pretty friendly, for an Underworlder.

A bit weird, though. It's hard to get a handle on her.

Anyway, we should thank you for saving Marisa.

Now we just have to get out of here before they find us, and-

A whole bunch of enemies spawn in and throw up danmaku.

The jerks just had to show up before you could even finish your sentence!

We don't have time to fight them all. Let's just retreat as soon as possible.

Listen carefully, we're escaping from that point over there.

Some tiles on the bottom right corner of the screen light up.

Anyone who ends their turn there will be able to get to the surface. Try to move quickly. We only have seven turns to escape.

Normally SRW games translate turns into minutes, but I guess there's no reason why Alice would know exactly how much time they have left.

Got it. Are you coming with us, Koishi?

No, but maybe I can hang out with you a bit longer.


Victory: Marisa escapes within seven turns.
Defeat: The eighth turn starts, or Marisa is defeated.
Bonus: All units escape before Marisa.

This is a pretty neat map that a lot of people probably just blew past.

Hidden in the bottom left corridor is a Cartridge (fully restores ammo when used). I'll have Kurumi pick it up before she escapes.

Meanwhile Meiling and Sakuya will be heading for that completely harmless looking room.

One of the gimmicks of this map is that you essentially have Koishi ferry Marisa over to the goal. She'll move forward every time it's her turn, and as you might recall while Marisa's in Koishi's field she can't be hit.

That takes too long though, so I'll just have Marisa and Alice blow everything up.

Music: A Sworn Friend's Bond

Hey look, somebody voted Nitori in.

And the Three Fairies will be spending these seven turns trying to defeat these spirits that literally everyone else could blow up with ease.

Oh yeah, by the powers invested in me as a translator these things are officially called Doofy Ghosts now. Deal with it. :colbert:

Two scenes play at the beginning of phases 2 and 3.

I'm impressed you two made it as far as you did by yourselves. You said that girl was the reason?

Yeah. Her power got us out without anyone noticing us. I guess you could say we're being ignored? It feels weird though, like I don't really exist.

Oh yeah, so that's how Koishi suddenly appeared and disappeared the other day.

Feeling like you don't exist though? That sounds scary.

*insert everyone doing what they were doing last turn*

I already knew this, but fighting so much trash is just irritating. Hey, Patchouli, can't you just clean 'em all up at once with that spell you used before?

You mean the sun and moon magic I used in the summer?

Yeah, those. These guys would be no problem if you were using those.

That's impossible. I have to be in excellent physical condition to use those spells. Of course, it would be a different story if I had some support...


Lady Patchouli, I could lend you a hand if you like.

I didn't know you knew anything about magic.

I've been studying for a while now, in case you needed my help. I should be able to boost your magical power for a moment.

Channeling this much magic can be dangerous. Are you prepared for the risks?、

I'm sure I can be of use!

Very well then, I'll take your word for it.

Beginning super long range enemy annihilation. Direct all power to me.

And now Patchy and Koa can use Silent Selene. Too bad you guys didn't vote for them!
I didn't force them because I couldn't make a joke about the attack.

Oh, check it out. Hah, it's kind of like we're treasure hunti-

Some enemies spawn in after you pick up the Cartridge.

Agh, it was a trap!

Oh for heaven's sake, this is what your greed gets you.

There may be other traps. We'll have to be careful as we advance.

If you chose Alice, a special conversation plays if you use Proto Malice Cannon.

Okay, let's do the usual combo.


Something wrong?

Nothing. I was just thinking how getting captured hasn't changed you at all.

It's not like moping about it all the time would help anything. Plus, I always knew you'd come save me.

Say what you will. Just never let this happen again.

Welp, there goes Kurumi.

Sheesh, this is awful!

Hilariously, this doesn't cost me the bonus. :v:

Just gonna walk in here and

Meiling posted:

It's a trap! The enemy was waiting for us!

oh no

So this is what they call a "Monster House"... wait, that's a different game.

Neither the shrine maiden nor the tengu are here, you know.

I'm not sure if this line's referring to AQUASTYLE's mystery dungeon games or just how Reimu and Aya were breaking the fourth wall like crazy back in 5R.

Meiling just stands in the middle and tanks everything.

It's about time everyone starts to leave.

Oh, whew, I made it to safety. Everyone, I'll be going ahead.

I've made it to safety. Well then everyone, I'll be stepping out.

If you ask me, running away like this makes it feel like we lost...

The main threat of the monster house is the grimoire at the top's -2 Move field. A bomb is all I need to get around that though.

I made it to the escape point! I'll see you all later!

I've escaped from the mystery dungeon! ...Er, I guess this isn't the time to joke around. I'll be going ahead.

Well, I'll be leaving here.

We should be able to get out from here. I'll go on ahead.


Okay, now I just have Marisa cast Accel one more time an-

and I used too much SP again. :negative:

Oh man, I took too long!

...And nobody knows where Marisa and the others are now.

Right, so that's everything this map has to offer. Let me actually beat it now.

Main things to note are to send a second person down to grab the Cartridge to grab the reinforcement's attention,

and to not even bother with monster house.

Marisa posted:

Now that we've made it this far, I guess we can relax.

If you say so. I don't really get stuff like that...

Koishi runs off while Alice comes back. And it's always Alice, no matter who you picked.

Marisa, stop dawdling and escape already.

C'mon, can't I at least say goodbye to Koishi? This won't take long, just wait right there.

Fine. Keep it quick though.

Huh? Do you still need something?

Yeah so, I really owe you, huh? Thanks for everything Koishi. Without you, I might've never seen my friends again.

I had fun too. I got to see a human's danmaku battle up close again.

If that's all you want, I can show you one anytime. If you ever feel like stopping by again, we'll all welcome you.

Really? You'll really welcome me?

I mean, you saved me today, and I kinda like you. You understand, right?

...I don't understand, and I don't want to understand. It's better when I don't understand anything.


hmmmmmm posted:

We won't let you escape.

Satori and co. appear.

Music: Girls, Surpass the Carnage

It's those Underworld youkai again!

Gah! Why now?!

Oh, Satori. And even Orin and Okuu. What are you doing here?

What kinda question is that? Right, Lady Satori?

Koishi, what do you think you're doing? Why are you helping the intruder escape?

Because humans are hard to house train. We don't need more pets.

But we need her as valuable evidence.

...You two take Koishi home. I'll deal with the human.

Yes, right away!

Koishi posted:

Huh? What are you doing?

Sorry Lady Koishi, that human is dangerous.

Lady Satori, let's make sure she never runs away again. We won't even need to tie her up anymore, once we tear her limbs off.

Yes, I suppose that might save some trouble in the long run.

Some spirits surround Marisa.

Please stop this! We left, didn't we?

Alice charges in, but...

Orin posted:

Let's shut you up.

Alice posted:


Satori, do you really have to catch Marisa?

It's necessary for the peace of the Underworld. The agreement with the surface must be upheld. As the representatives of the Palace of Earth Spirits, we cannot overlook this incident.

I see. So you've really thought about this.

drat it!

Is this where it all ends? I was supposed to become a great magician someday... and then...


I see, so you thought you could meet her again by polishing your skills. And now you've realized it'll never happen.

So how does it feel? Although I can tell even if you keep quiet.

Shut up!

Very well. In deference to your feelings, allow me to put you to sleep with a technique from your own heart.

Now, remember! Have a taste of the magic you've yearned for!

Click to watch the video!

Music: On Top of the Möbius Strip

It's you... way, why are you here?

I just get back from a short business trip, and look what I find. What, did you want me to sit back and watch this play out?

No, that's not what I meant to say...

But... where? Where were you all this time?! Lady Mima!

Mima? Who's that?

That's the magician I saw in her mind. This isn't the illusion I made. So the real thing really showed up?

But sheesh, I can't believe you made an enemy of a satori. And you even dragged your friends into it! This really has become troublesome.

Hmph. Who do you think you are, waltzing in out of nowhere and acting smug? I've still got my trump card! Get to work, guys!

So many vengeful spirits... Lady Mima, you're surrounded!

Just leave this to me. You girls go on ahead. You know the way back the surface, right Alice?

Yes, but we can't just run away like this...

She's right! We'll fight too!

Don't. You're no match for a satori as you are now. Don't you have something else you need to do anyway?

Oh, right...

End this long winter, and bring spring back to the surface. Always finish what you start, Marisa.


I will! But will I ever see you again? Are you just going to quietly disappear again?!

Ah, that. I promise you we'll meet again!

Marisa heads over to Alice.

Lady Satori, they're getting away!

You're persisent. If you think you can get away from u-

I think just that, in fact. Sorry, but you'll have to deal with me first.

Is this really okay, Marisa?

Lady Mima told us to, so let's just leave it to her and get out of here.

Mima! Think of me when you see the cherry blossoms fluttering on the surface!

Marisa and Alice leave.

What a weird thing to say. Was that a joke?

So should we get started then?

I see you're resolved. You have a strong will. Orin, Okuu, don't let your guards down.

Yes ma'am! Everyone, charge!


Hey Yuyuko, how about you try?

It does look fun. I'll do my best~.

Excuse me, what are you two talking about?

Merlin here has just invited me into an idol group.

It's called TH48! I'm gonna be the producer of forty-eight happy and gorgeous idols!

I, I see. Well the name is certainly appropriate. So what do you do in an idol group?

Well, first you put on this uniform!

Oh, I se- wait, what?! Not only is there a miniskirt, but the shirt is so small...!

It's adorable~. I think I'll try it ou-

N-no, absolutely not! Lady Yuyuko, I don't want you wearing something so revealing!

...? Is that so~?

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


Animal Trail
Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


Okay, off to stage 4!


Sorry for the wait, everybody! Here's the Living Goddess, Sanae, in her second appearance... and her opponent is the longtime protagonist, Reimu Hakurei! Against this overwhelming talent, even god is in a pinch!

But Sanae's impatience has vanished at mach speed, and she's seizing a miracle with a mighty roar!

Fantasy Maiden Wars P: "A New Finishing Move! Preparations [Summon Takeminakata]"!

Readyyyy, gooooo!


I'll save the vote for after 29R.

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Dec 20, 2013

So you say you're moving to a weekly schedule then you go ahead and pull out 3 chapters in 3 days? I don't know what to believe.

Turns out planning a prison break isn't too necessary with Koishi around though, the other guys barely had to do anything. But on the other hand, a free friendship boost sounds pretty drat nice. What's Alice and Marisa's friendship bonus at now, a flat 15% boost? Also, mysterious dream voice was surprisingly coherent this time and actually managed to hold a decent conversation. Still didn't really shed any ideas on who it could be, other than that they were legitimately concerned with the incident and in helping Gensokyo, which is actually surprisingly rare considering the personality of most of Gensokyo's inhabitants.

Oh yeah, and Mima showed up. No big deal. I like the title of her theme, the music itself is alright as well but it has a cool title. More seriously, I wonder how she's going to fit into the rest of the Windows games, she's a pretty important character from the early days to just drop in. So I imagine Sanbondo has some big plans for her, hopefully a little more than just facilitating Marisa's character development. Although, i'm guessing she's done for this game since the route split seems to be ending after only two chapters and all that's left is PCB. Which is apparently adapted relatively straightforwardly.

SyntheticPolygon fucked around with this message at 23:41 on Apr 29, 2015

Jul 8, 2010


I would've thought Marisa would've gone for the old 'Oh, so you can tell that I'm going to fire a 2 meter wide deathray at you. Now what are you going to do about it?' plan.

Nov 4, 2011

You can tell that this game is a faithful adaptation of Touhou canon because a good method for dealing with magic book danmaku fields is to use a bomb.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

SyntheticPolygon posted:

So you say you're moving to a weekly schedule then you go ahead and pull out 3 chapters in 3 days? I don't know what to believe.

To be precise, I said


so the update schedule is getting bumped to once a week at the least.

I wasn't actually expecting that to come into play, but then Clarste and Hokuto basically called my bluff and translated 27-29 practically overnight. :v: 29R is actually already done in fact, I just haven't had the time to even play the chapter.

I wanted to get to 29M as fast as possible so I decided just to go with it, but yeah don't expect any more daily updates.

Pureauthor posted:

I would've thought Marisa would've gone for the old 'Oh, so you can tell that I'm going to fire a 2 meter wide deathray at you. Now what are you going to do about it?' plan.

Satori auto-casts Alert. :ssh:

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Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

I was going to post something about it being too bad about Patchy and Koa's attack, but MIMA:swoon:

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

And this is where the game goes completely unrealistic. We all know Mima doesn't exist anymore :colbert:

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

Whatever could someone who shouldn't exist be doing in the underworld?

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

I like how Satori is basically a supervillain who's more threatening than Remilia, Flandre, Kanako, or Yuyuko.


Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

KnoxZone posted:

And this is where the game goes completely unrealistic. We all know Mima doesn't exist anymore :colbert:

Mima is powerful in many ways and it is unwise to disrespect her.

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