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  • Locked thread
Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

Kurumi, leaving 23.0


Jul 21, 2002

Soiled Meat

I vote Sanae, leaving 20.5.

Nov 1, 2010

Sunny, gotta have the faries.
19.0 left

Apr 27, 2008

Gonna have Lily White take her spring back. 17.0

May 29, 2013

No, that's Magic!

Letty, the real boss of PCB needs to arrive. 15.0 left.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

I ended up getting everything done way sooner than expected so here's an early update.

Also this used to be on the last page but I figured it was huge enough already.



Music: Dark Clouds

Full Text


Let's go beat Youmu up.


Brink of Death on the White Jade Belvedere's Staircase

Music: Confusion in the Moonlight

I guess this is pretty much just the Stage 5 boss map theme now?

Patchouli posted:

These stairs are too long! Far too long!

Hang in there, Lady Patchouli! It's just a bit further!

But it's kinda funny to have nothing but stairs in front and behind.

Enough is enough! I just wanna sit down somewhere...

??????????????? posted:

So you made it this far.


I thought I told you that the next time we met, I would show no mercy.

Didn't we fight together last summer, Youmu?! Why are you starting an incident?!

Everything I've done has been under Lady Yuyuko's orders. Leave behind the spring you've collected and go home peacefully. I promise it will be returned shortly.

It's no good, she's not listening!

We were ready for this. We'll never hand over spring!

Very well, you leave me no choice!

Insert a bunch of enemies.

Looks like this won't be that easy.

You talk big, but isn't this kind of cowardly?

It's common sense to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal. Offer up your meager spring for the sake of the mistress!


Victory: Defeat Youmu.
Defeat: Reimu or Marisa are defeated.
Bonus: Have half of your units reach the map's midway point within four turns.

See the white line there? That's the midway point.

Also this map is huuuuuuuuge. Youmu moves as well so it's not actually that bad though.

I was given a fairly slow team, so this bonus is going to be tricky. Reimu (who I gave a Tengu's Feather) will be running around clearing out these large spirits and their gigantic danmaku fields (which are only -0.10 move a tile, but every bit counts),

while Marisa is going to jam on Accel so she can clear out the sunflower fairies camping on the midpoint. As my units approach, those jerks will throw up their own danmaku fields (-0.5 move a tile, much more worrisome) to screw me out of the bonus.

Since this strategy puts Marisa right in the line of fire, I had Alice weaken a spirit so Marisa could kill it for a quick Power boost. Marisa also has an Alert on because you never know.

The Three Fairies count as three units even while joined, by the way. Getting Unfocused Movement on Sunny (or the spare Tengu Clogs Youmu could have dropped back in 27) makes things a lot easier.

In general, everyone should be moving as far as they possibly can each turn. I only need to get half of my units across, so slower units like Patchouli or Letty should focus on clearing the way for faster people.

You'd think that'd make Kurumi (one of the two units with Accel) useful, but hahaha nope. She missed a 97% kill on a spirit, which slowed down Mokou and Koa. :argh:

Patchouli's Hit and Away PS is actually pretty useful this chapter. Speaking of useful personal skills, you know who would be really great here? Aya.

Here's the situation at the end of turn 2, the midway point. I'm making good time!

Marisa had to dodge two attacks at critical health, but she successfully killed one of the sunflower fairies.

I was on the edge of my seat hoping Marisa would dodge two 5%s on the enemy phase of turn 3, and then Reimu got hit by a 1%.

Well, at least she's activated Instinct Dodge now.

Youmu reaches the midpoint by turn 3. If I were running my normal setup of tanks, tanks, and more tanks, this would be really useful. As is it's going to take some shuffling to get things to work out.

Let's start the fireworks!

The last one standing can claim the rest of the spring as their own. Prepare yourselves!

Now that we're at endgame, we're going to start seeing a lot of conversations that change slightly depending on who the protagonist is. Reimu route players get:


All right, let's get this started!

The last one standing can claim the rest of the spring as their own. Prepare yourselves!

Music: As Decisive as a Battlefield

She still has her Melee damage buffing field, so Youmu hits hard right now. Though I didn't think it'd be that much, that's weird.

Also by some miracle Kurumi landed her counter.




six (yes, being on the line counts),

and seven.


And now I have to start setting up my formation. With Alice's 15% friendship boost Marisa is now completely safe from enemies so I only need to worry about Reimu now. And, uh, yeah. She's Reimu.

Aieee! I'm being assaulted with a knife!

Assaulted? You don't like swords, do you?

No, I can't use kitchen cutlery at all. The best I can do is use scissors. That means all I can do for cooking is throwing veggies in a pot.

So you're kind of a one-trick pony...

Aaaaaah why don't I have a dedicated healer.

I'm honestly not sure if Keine can take another hit, even with Berserk, so I have her cast her first Trust. Three left.

My goal is to keep Youmu distracted at the center of the screen while everyone else forms up on the right. It's not as secure as surrounding her with tanks, but it should work as long as there aren't... low HP... targets.

Two Trusts left.

Wow, Youmu really has something against Kurumi.

I decided to split up the Three Fairies to pin Youmu in. With Mokou and her extra life, the fairies and their endless Alerts/Grits, and Reimu and Keine just being themselves I can kind of trap her. I'm really just relying on her AI targeting low HP units though.

Unfortunately, the fairies couldn't move far enough, so I need to delay for one more turn.

Or to be exact, I need to wait one more turn before triggering the spellcard.

I told you earlier, Reimu. I won't hold back, even if you're my opponent!

Yeah? Well no complaints here, especially now that we're this near the end.

No matter who they are, if someone gets in my way, I'll beat them up and move on!

I understand. In that case, I'll have to treat you just as seriously!

Nothing wrong with whacking her to critical.

And as usual, this turned into a fight.

You are all my enemies. Please do not even think about trying to persuade me.

Well of course I thought about it, but you're far too straightforward. I knew this battle was inevitable.

Since Marisa is low on SP from all of that legwork earlier, Proto Malice Cannon surges back into usefulness.

Youmu broke her streak of Kurumi hatred to go after Star. Since this would necessitate another two turns of movement, I decided to just blow a bomb.

The stage is set on turn 8.

Knowing you, I figured you'd never leave the mansion.

I can't relax with my books when it's so cold.

When I try to turn on the heat, Sakuya gripes about how we should be conserving fuel. She doesn't complain when Remi does it for her own room...

Just keep conserving and waiting, and I'll return spring soon.

Let me tell you two words I hate: noise, and forbearance.

I start off with Silent Selene.

Kind of thought it would do more damage!

Kurumi blows her last Alert to trigger Letty's Support Atta- oh wow, looks like there was a second formatting mistake.

What do I mean by a second? You'll see.

Letty just barely doesn't seal the deal with her Support Attack,

You fueled this incident without so much as a thought. How foolish can you be?

This cold wave...! Why would a youkai who controls the cold ally with them?

The winter knows why. You've twisted and distorted it. If you can't see that for yourself, then I'll fight to make you see it.

but she still has her own turn.

How about that?

Rgh, I see my usual methods aren't working. We're so close to granting Lady Yuyuko's wish...

You mean making the unblooming Saigyo Ayakashi bloom, correct?

Wow, you figured it out? I'm impressed!

With just a bit more, the Saigyo Ayakashi will be in full bloom. If I take the spring you carry, that should be enough for the final push.

You're already that close to reviving it?!

If you succeed, the power of death will be unleashed. That isn't a trivial matter!

Wait, reviving? The power of death? What kind of nonsense are you talking about?

No way...

Do you not know what the Saigyo Ayakashi really is?!

My blade will not falter before your petty tricks!

This sword will cut through two hundred yojana in an instant!


Hell Realm Sword "200 Yojana in 1 Slash"

200 Yojana in 1 Slash is a particularly annoying MAP, because Youmu will move after using it. I have to kill her before she can use it or else she wrecks my entire formation.

I pegged you as pretty straight-laced last summer. Never thought you had it in you to steal spring.

If Lady Yuyuko wills it, I would turn my blade on even you, Marisa.

As the gardener of the White Jade Belvedere, I'd like a fair match!

No problem here!

This is not particularly hard.

Cirno landed Freeze on a Support Attack, which will make things even easier.

Again, you aid Reimu's group.

Well, duh. I'm the strongest! They'd be a mess without me around!

Having people like you on their team must be very reassuring. But this is no place for fairies!

Sakuya is at such low health that I didn't plan on her doing more than Support Attacking.

But then I forgot Youmu had six levels of Berserk and messed up giving Reimu a Gained kill.

In the summer, you were one of the invaders. But now our positions have switched.

You were very fierce back then, but you seem composed now.

If you ask me, I've changed ever so slightly for the better since back then.

Perhaps you could also use some time flat on the ground. It might even cool your head.

Try it if you can!

So what the hell, why not.


What's wrong, Youmu? This can't be all you've got.

Our engine's just gotten warmed up! Or something like that.

You're strong... I can't underestimate you.

Course you can't! Take us lightly and you'll get an ice burn!

Low temperature burns don't actually have anything to do with ice or freezing, you know.

These frivolous mid-battle conversations... it's just like back in summer.

However, that all ends here. I will not yield!

Youmu casts Spirit, cause you know clearly she wasn't already at max Power.

Her aura's growing?! But we're clearly pushing her back!

She refuses to see reason. You weren't kidding about the horse blinders.

My resolve is unwavering. Now, let's have a fair match!


Deva Realm Sword "Five Signs of the Dying Deva"

Five Signs of the Dying Deva does two things: make Youmu hit harder, and totally mess with my sniping formation with its massive maximum range (9 spaces). Youmu doesn't have Ignore Distance, though, so it's not a major problem.

Y'know, this is the first time we've fought you, Youmu.

That's true, actually. When was the last time we met?

I think it was when Kurumi was scavenging for food.

No, it was when we went off on an adventure to Alice's house.

I don't remember either of those things. Was I even there?

She wasn't; those were 12 and 2M respectively.

Star ran out of SP Cheering Reimu, so I had the Three Fairies combine again.

And then Reimu made up for her previous mistake by going full bore with Fantasy Seal.

Marisa tried to follow suit and got hit by a 13%. :what:

I had Keine cast Strike earlier, so this is my last Trust.

Meanwhile Patchouli technically dodges a 47%. Who's supposed to be the athletic one again?

Youmu had barely any HP left after a second Silent Selene, so I had Mokou finish her off.

I'm not all sappy like the others here. I'll make you settle down, one way or another.

Keep talking. Your posture is sloppy and full of openings!

It won't matter if I beat you up first.
Remember Mokou's conversation with Momiji? :v:

Or at least that was the plan.

Youmu posted:

are few in number!
Turns out that if you don't put a space before a new line in the battle dialog files, it won't load. So the last part of Youmu's one-liner was lost.

At this point I looked around the battlefield to see who needed the most levels,

and :wtc: Keine is level 21? No wonder she was getting wrecked!

Youmu decided to attack Reimu on enemy phase though, and Reimu needs XP just as much as Keine does. Eh, Keine gets automatically boosted to like level 35 in FMW3, she'll be fine.

I thought Reimu got Shrine Maiden 5 at level 29, but nope, 31. Oh well, at least she's all caught up now.

Ugh...! So you've even beaten that technique...!

You've improved too. Your skill is incomparable to what it was before.

But this time we're better.

Youmu, can we stop fighting already? If you just stopped to listen to us, I'm sure you'd understand where we're coming from.

Sanae still has no idea what series she's in.

No. I cannot back down, not even a single step. We stand before the gate of the White Jade Belvedere. On my life, you shall not pass!

Sanae, she's not really the type to listen to reason.

Yeah, we can save that for after we settle this!

There is nothing else. Everything I am is in this single moment, this single thought.

And I'm entrusting it all to my sword!


Six Realms Sword "A Single Thought and the Infinite Kalpas"

Wait, what? Shoot, I made a mistake copying in field effects or something. A Single Thought and the Infinite Kalpas prevents anyone in the field from using Support Attack or Support Defend, which would be a problem if I wasn't just going to bomb right through it.

Like so. This allows me to...

suicide Kurumi!

Watch the video!

Sheesh, this is annoying!

I'm just going to be sacrificing Kurumi for all of the SRW jokes I have in mind from now on. Deal with it, Ryza. :colbert:

A bunch of attacks later, Youmu is near death. She'd be at critical if Patchouli hadn't screwed up and missed a 90%, but she made another miraculous dodge again so I guess I can't complain.

I was expecting I'd have to suicide someone else, but then it turned out Mokou still had all of her SP. So she just casted Focus then moved out of Infinite Kalpas range.

I'd ask you to hear me out, but I suppose it would be useless.

My duty requires that I must fight you all. I will show no mercy, Keine. Not even to you.

I'm ready for that. I'll stop that sword of yours in its tracks!

Music: Theme of a Punishing Love

Youmu drops another set of Tengu's Clogs.


So, have you calmed down yet?

We can get past now, right?

Ugh, I'm at my limit...

But, I can't afford to fall here!

Momiji posted:

Wha-?! She's going to stand up again in that condition?!

Why would she go so far for this...?

Shou is the wimpiest stage 5 boss.


At this point, Youmu slashes (I think) who ever is closest. There's a lot of possible different conversations (and in the case of Marisa's, they change depending on her friendship situation), but I got Keine's so:



She's going to keep fighting?!

What do we do, Marisa? At this rate, it'll be a battle of attrition!

I guess it's kind of cool she's so tenacious? This is going too far though!

Marisa posted:

Hey, Reimu, let's get her together!

A combo attack with you?

Yeah. C'mon, there's no time to think about it! I'll go first, you cover me and try to match my movements!

Hmph. Cover you? Who do you think you're talking to?

I'll do whatever I want, and you can try to keep up!

Youmu posted:

Reimu, Marisa!

Youmu, we're going to end this right now!

You can't stop us here! We're going ahead, even if we have to go straight through you!

Watch the video!

The attack is based on Rampage Ghost, but that attack doesn't actually have a theme so we had to choose something else.

Music: Trichromatic Danmaku Träumerei

This is the attack's actual theme.


Was that a teamup attack between a shrine maiden and a magician?!

What did you two do just now?

Well, it was sink or swim there, but we pulled it off.

We don't really match up, but whatever.

Trichromatic Lotus Butterfly actually is probably the worst combination attack in the game. It's solely because you have to be point blank to use it; it does a lot of damage (third highest base damage, I think?), but unless you're using it to finish a boss off it's just not worth leaving Marisa out of her effective range and in the line of danger.

If you are using it to finish a boss off though, you can take advantage of the fact it has two ammo to slam a boss twice really hard. Or, you know, you could use a Shotgunned Fantasy Seal and a Master Spark + Shanghai Doll and do more damage.

Also in the early versions of the game the animation was bugged and the dynamic kill never showed up. This made the finale of 32 a lot less impressive.

So is Youmu really down this time?

Youmu is forced to land.

I'm sorry, Lady Yuyuko...

That settles it, we won!

No regrets.


The initial stage portion is much more frustrating on Lunatic (to the point I would seriously not recommend trying for the bonus), but that's about it as far as differences go. Youmu casts Focus and Strike, neither of which are particularly problematic.


Tonight's moon is beautiful as well, Yuyuko.

Indeed, it's making me quite hungry.

(...It's just the two of us on a moonlit night, and there's only one dish of snacks. The situation is perfect.)

(To think I'd do something like share a single plate... the White Jade Belvedere is quite romantic at night.)

Whew, I ate so much. Thanks for the food.

Wait just a second, why are you here?! And where did the snacks I had go?!

Oh, you only had one plate? You must not have very much.

That was pretty delicious, I should have sis make some for me later.

Koishi leaves.

Wh-what was that girl? She cut in so suddenly.

The moon is beautiful, Yukari.

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


Music: Determination in the Chest

Full Text


If the Ayakashi blooms, everyone will die. Probably your mistress too.

Then let me join. I need to fix my mistake.

Of course.

On to stage 6!


Youmu Konpaku
Personality: Strong-willed (Hit: +1, Kill: +4, Get Hit: +1, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +1)
Character Skill: Parry
Personal Skills: Sword Arm (+50% to Parry activation rate at 130+ Power), Ghostly Wheel of Pain (gain the ability Ghost Half, basically just Double Image), Lotus Stance Cut (Focused Move -1, Damage +10%)
Spirits: Accel, Spirit, Focus, Strike

Youmu is finally back, and she's gotten way better. She's still essentially a physical, close range Marisa, but she's more survivable now thanks to starting with Berserk 6 and some tweaked personal skills. Her movelist has expanded to the size of the other protagonists, so now she has much better post-movement attacks, an actually long-ranged move, and (for now) a MAP. A Single Thought and the Infinite Kalpas is also by default the single strongest attack in the game, though Marisa will still do more damage because of Valor. MP Save and more plentiful upgrades help her just as much they helped Marisa, too. Her main problem now is that she still has to close in to really be effective, and while she's more durable now she's still not a tank. Thankfully, FMW3 fixed that with the perfect partner... 80% of the way through the game.
Hilariously, you can't actually hear Youmu's new player theme without messing around with the music settings. Chapters 33 and 34 have unique map themes that override everything else, and of course there are boss themes.

All Attacks
FMW E battle theme: Lightsword Flash (Ancient Temple)
Boss theme: As Decisive as a Battlefield (Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird)
FMW P battle theme: Lightsword Flash [ver.P] (Ancient Temple)


...They've gone past the light. Waiting for them among a sea of cherry blossoms is the lady of the White Jade Belvedere, Yuyuko Saigyouji. Her dearest wish is to invite death. When she clashes with the strong wills of Reimu and the others, a decisive battle with Gensokyo's spring at stake begins.

What could be her reason for gathering spring and attempting to revive the Saigyo Ayakashi?

Now then, please have fun playing Chapter 33 of Fantasy Maiden Wars P: "Perfect Blackened Cherry Blossom"!


Available cost: 30.0

Available units:
FA Nitori
(Youmu is forced.)

Lily White


I'm forcing Marisa and Alice as always. You have 25.0.
I'm kind of hoping I get Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya for the PCB finale. :ohdear:

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Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder

Meiling, leaving 12.5(?)

So is Kurumi's gimmick that she's Boss Borot and costs next to nothing to repair?

Jul 8, 2010


Luna for 11

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

I'll give you Reimu, 8.5

Dec 28, 2006
Am I your god?

Aya leaving 6.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Mors Rattus posted:

Meiling, leaving 12.5(?)

So is Kurumi's gimmick that she's Boss Borot and costs next to nothing to repair?

FMW2 doesn't have repair costs. Kurumi just sucks.

...She actually has an incredible PS (Devil's Contract [Kurumi]) that is literally just Attune, but it's unused in both this game and the next.

Sep 5, 2013

Not the strongest, but the cutest.

Momiji leaving 3.5.

Dec 26, 2013

I was going to suggest Daiyosei but since you're hoping for it I'm going to suggest Sakuya for I think 1.0
Possibly 11.0, the post says 25 cost but the votes suggest 15 cost.

8_Escape fucked around with this message at 08:51 on May 8, 2015

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

Some of the votes are above the post, since he moved it.

Anyway, we missed Star. What the hell?

Apr 27, 2008

Clarste posted:

Some of the votes are above the post, since he moved it.

Anyway, we missed Star. What the hell?

Just use Lily White instead, no one will know the difference. :ssh:

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

Sunny can't combine with Lily, they're mortal enemies.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Oh neat, I actually got all three PCB player characters. Thanks guys.

Also I think is the first time Sanae, Momiji, and Aya have been voted in.

Dec 28, 2006
Am I your god?

Yeah, looks like the first voter charged 12.5 for Meiling instead of just 2.5.

Golden Battler
Sep 6, 2010

~Perfect and Elegant~

People may or may not be interested, but I'm going to be streaming Genius of Sappheiros here in about an hour. It's based off of the SaGa RPGs, and is pretty good, but I'm too lazy to SSLP it hence the stream. We're on the 4th level (the Palace of Earth Spirits) which is where the game gets serious.

Dec 20, 2013

Man, no-one voted in Komachi? But this is probably the point where she'd get serious and show she's got the best one-liners in Gensokyo. :(

I don't know why I was expecting more discussion about Youmu fighting her friends. This is Gensokyo after all, attacking and shooting lasers at your close friends is a daily occurrence. Also, that thing about how you get a different scene depending on who finishes off Youmu is pretty interesting. Do the characters who have friendships with the protagonist get more of a scene than what Keine got or is it mostly just 'person gets cut, shocked reaction from someone else'?

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

It's all just two lines. The most complicated thing about it is Marisa's situation, since it's a two way street. So if Marisa finished off Youmu on Reimu's route, where she didn't pick anyone in 29M (...somehow), Reimu would comment. But on this playthrough, Alice would comment. Same goes for if Alice was hit, Marisa would comment on this playthrough and... I think her dolls comment on Reimu? I don't even remember.

Also I'm kind of considering streaming lunatic chapters but I'm not even sure how I would make that work without Game Maker going insane.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Just a little longer.

Yuyuko posted:

A little longer and the Saigyo Ayakashi will be in full bloom...


Perfect Blackened Cherry Blossom

:siren: :siren: Music: Above the Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms :siren: :siren:

Hey you better click that link because it's the best song in the game!

Youmu posted:

Lady Yuyuko!

Oh, Youmu. Are you done with work for the day?

So that's Youmu's master. I guess that means the tree behind her is...

The Saigyo Ayakashi. Luckily it doesn't look like it's blooming yet.

Look, everyone, this is where all of Gensokyo's spring has been gathered.

It's a sea of cherry blossoms... it's almost like it doesn't belong in this world.

The rotten stench of corpses is making me gag though. What a depressing spring.

It's full of dead spirits too, how annoying.

So what business do you have here? Isn't it a bit rude to barge into someone else's garden with nothing but complaints?

Isn't it obvious? We're here to take back the spring you've stolen.

Both humans and youkai are suffering from the long winter! We can't let this situation go on any longer!

Oh. That's a rather rude thing to ask, when we have so many cherry blossoms here.

...Youmu, knowing what they were planning, you still led them to me?

Please listen, Lady Yuyuko! That cherry tree is actually a fiendish youkai! If the seal breaks, then even you won't be safe from it!

I believe I said I wanted to make this tree bloom. Did I ask anything else of you?

But, Lady Yuyuko!

She's not listening at all. I suppose telling her how dangerous it is won't work.

Hmph, maybe she'll listen to a blast of magic.

Winter ends today! I'm taking back spring!

And if you were on Reimu's route:


If she's not gonna listen, then we just have to settle this the old fashioned way.

I will end this incident, and take back Gensokyo's spring!

No, I'm the one who will reach her goal today.

Once I partake of your meager spring, this tree shall finally bloom.


Victory: Take back spring.
Defeat: All allies are defeated.
Bonus: Capture all spell cards.

The final map of the game. Landing on any of the trees gives a 10% buff to Defense and Evasion.


Youmu, you don't have the luxury to hesitate!

My apologies. However, I still can't believe I'm really fighting Lady Yuyuko...

Do you want to try persuading her again? She might listen to you.

It's no use. As you just saw, she'd never listen to me. There's only one path left to me.

Don't tell me you plan to take up arms against your master?!

There is no other way.

If I must fight her to stop her, then so be it! This is how I'll protect you, Lady Yuyuko!

Also you get a cool background for the battle animations.

Yuyuko is on the ground herself, so for the moment I'll be grounding everyone but Aya (since she has a B on the ground).

I switched out Lily's Breath of Life PS for Spring Breeze. This lets me use her MAP post-movement. And funny thing about It's Spring: it doesn't hurt allies.

One of the annoying things about Youmu is having to constantly switch from Five Signs of the Dying Deva to Half Ghost every time an enemy attacks from far away.

Having Aya (and Tailwind) around really expands what Lily can do with her MAP. It's not actually that good of an idea, mind you, since Sanae and Aya would appreciate the experience much more. But see if I care.

Everyone is pretty scattered by the time I finish cleaning up the enemies, so I take a few turns to form up.

Music: A Butterfly Amidst Scattering Petals

Yuyuko wasn't feeling very patient though.

I'm taking back spring.

How direct.

I'm not here to make small talk. I want to resolve this incident, and that tree's seal looks like it's about to break.

But thanks to the spring you've brought me, we'll soon be covered by a sea of cherry blossoms.

Sorry, but no one wants that.

Return beneath the flowers, ghost of spring!

Yuyuko actually hits pretty hard, but it's a moot point with Meiling on the scene.

Just like Kanako, Yuyuko is built to tank so everyone in the party can easily hit her. Unlike Kanako, she has Shield Defense.

And vaguely defensive stats. Normal defanged her as well, but not as much as it did with the Moriya gods.

It took me a couple of turns to make a decent formation, but I'm all set now. Still really wish I had gotten Support Defend on Letty though!

To be honest, I'm sort of interested in what you're doing.

Oh, then why don't you help me gather spring?

Nah. It sounds dangerous. And anyway, I made her a promise.

With my magic, I'll take back my depressing spring!

The PCB translation's "boring spring" was straight up wrong, unfortunately.

Marisa and Alice start off strong.

Return the spring you've stolen!

A fairy of spring... you must have come here here looking for spring. You needn't worry, it will be returned once I'm done with it.

That's unacceptable. I can hear the life whispering, it doesn't want to be here...

Spring will never come to you!

Lily blows the rest of her MP on one last It's Spring!,

and Momiji tries to go for the kill in a Support Attack but runs into Shield Defense. The irony.

Surely you don't seriously intend to stand against me.

Lady Yuyuko..!

You've never had a scary face like that during fencing practice.

In any case, you're shaking. What do you expect to cut with that wobbling sword of yours?

(...This is bad. Even after managing to point my sword at her, I still hesitate...)

(But, I can't lose my way here!)

So Youmu seals the deal.

What? Did the Saigyo Ayakashi just bloom a little?!

It's spring! The power of spring is being gathered in that tree!

Oh? Thanks to you people, it's finally started budding.

So we brought the last bit of spring she needed ourselves?

Why do you want to bloom the Saigyo Ayakashi anyway?

Let's see, I suppose I might as well tell you. You've gone through all the trouble of helping me, after all.

It was just a short while ago. In summer perhaps? I was doing some reading and happened to come across an old record. According to that record, beneath the Saigyo Ayakashi there rests the corpse of "the Fujimi girl".

"The Fujimi girl"?

The wiki translated "Fujimi" as "bears witness to death", but as far as either Hokuto or Clarste can tell that was just someone being overwrought. It's a name.

Almost everything in the Netherworld is spiritual, so the idea of a corpse being buried here intrigued me. I have no doubt that if I make the Saigyo Ayakashi bloom and break its seal, she will be revived along with it.

So that's your aim? To resurrect the dead?

As the administrator of the Netherworld, you, of all people, should know not to disrupt the circle of transmigration...

So you're saying you stole all of our spring just to revive this one person?

Just how many lives do you think you've endangered?!

Oh, but isn't it interesting to be a step behind the seasons?

Of course it isn't! Don't mess with the seasons!

Disrupting the flow of the four seasons is unforgivable.

Unfortunately for you, I've already gathered enough spring.

Now, wandering soul, return to your place beneath the cherry blossoms!


Dying Village "Village of Self-Loss"

Village of Self-loss spawns in some extra spirits every turn, and also flips direction. I guess it cuts Move too, but not like I'm moving.

It's random which direction it starts with, but I got lucky and had the spirits spawn on the left first. One of the spirits in that wave has a bomb.

What you're doing is definitely wrong!

What an outspoken youkai. Why would you think that?

Everyone has people who care about them... Treating anyone's life so lightly is the same as trampling on those people!

I'm sure it is. But doesn't that apply to the Fujimi girl too? She threw away her own life... why would she waste it like that?

I feel like the final bosses got most of the animation budget this game. Definitely check out the attack video.

So you're the culprit behind this long winter. I've finally found you.

A youkai of winter has come to the place where I've been making cherry blossoms bloom? How out of place.

I wonder, which of us is out of place? I would think the one who stole spring is the bigger distortion of the seasons.

I'll make you realize that, here and now.

How ridiculous, a youkai of winter dancing about for the return of spring.

I won't deny that. But once I beat you and eliminate the distortion, I should be able to get some sleep too.

Also I kind of wonder if Yuyuko's default laser is supposed to be the Unicorn's beam magnum. Or maybe just a regular beam rifle.

Have you, too, brought some spring for the Saigyo Ayakashi?

Huh? What are you talking about?

Can you see it? That tree is slowly but steadily being covered with flowers. With just a bit more spring, we'd be able to see it in full bloom.

...What's with her? It's like she's not even looking at me.

Also I have been getting surprisingly lucky with Shield Defense.

And of course as soon as I think that she triggers it on Fantasy Seal. :argh:

Most of the spirits on the left all went for Sanae, who got a level of Shrine Maiden out of it.

Another shot of Master Spark + Shanghai Doll finished off the first spell.

I see, so this is the color of its blossoms.

What do we do?! Her plan is proceeding smoothly!

What's so fun about bringing back the dead, anyway?

Oh, but don't you want to know too? What feelings could have led her to die beneath a cherry tree?

You want to revive someone just so you can ask how they felt when they died?! Show some respect for the dead! Think of all the people who are suffering for your hubris!

Well, I've never died before. I can invite both people and youkai to their deaths for fun.

Perhaps you would like to try it out yourself?


This is bad, is she going to use her power over death?!

What do we do?!


Invisible Mokou valiantly... moves away from Yuyuko?

This scene works better if you actually deploy Mokou and Keine. Kind of weird they weren't forced.

To get to Keine, you'll have to go through me!


You fool! Whatever the circumstances may be, stepping out voluntarily is a terrible idea.


I see, so you're one of the Hourai. That startled me. To think my power wouldn't work on you.

Huh? Why didn't it work?!

...I don't die. Her power won't work on me.

I see, so that's the secret behind your invisible lifespan.

But, Mokou, that was supposed to be-

It's fine, Keine. Who cares about that dumb secret, anyway?

Well, you all heard that too, right? If you value your lives, stay behind me.

No way. I'm not leaving this to you just because you can't die.

Since we're not immortal, all we have to do is not get hit, right?

Says the one who's been getting hit all chapter.

Both of you, what are you-

You all love shooting off at the mouth, don't you? However, once death's butterflies begin to guide you, escaping is no easy task.


Deadly Dance "Law of Mortality"

Law of Mortality is where you'll first see Yuyuko's main gimmick: limiting HP restoration. My only healer at the moment is Lily though, and she's out of MP. So I didn't have any healing anyway!

Well, I guess I have Vigor and Guts on a couple people.

The bigger issue is that Graze damage can add up fast, so unless you're Reimu and can't be hit you might run into trouble.

I've always been prepared to put my life in danger for the sake of another.

But putting someone else's life in danger for the sake of another? There's definitely something wrong with that!

That's not something I was really thinking about when I decided to gather spring.

There's just one thing I want to know. As long as I get my answer, nothing else matters.

Another pretty attack.

If the Saigyo Ayakashi is revived, many people will be put in danger. How you ever thought about the feelings of the people you're hurting?

Who knows? I've been in the Netherworld for as long as I can remember. I wonder... have I ever lost someone to death?

I just can't believe you'd start an incident over something like that.

I'll stop both your plan and this long winter!

I intended to have Sanae attack earlier, but then I accidentally casted Gain and decided I may as well go with it. So she got the boss kill, and three levels.

And another level of Living God!

What an attack... is everyone all right?

Yeah. Sheesh, what a pain.

Lady Yuyuko, please stop! Any more and you'll be in danger! Do you know what will really happen if you revive this tree?

My. First you refuse to listen to what I say, then you offer your opinion without my asking?

It's still not too late you know. We can watch the Saigyo Ayakashi bloom together.

...No. No matter what you say, I can't turn back now. You're more important to me than your orders!


Wow, you've got some spirit! I can respect that.

Yes, Youmu's resolve is certainly praiseworthy!

...Then show me what that resolve can possibly accomplish.


Flowery Soul "Swallowtail Butterfly"

Swallowtail Butterfly's a MAP.

Alice still has a shot of Shanghai Doll left, but Marisa is basically out of MP.

Good thing Proto Malice Cannon is so cheap!

Her HP was still a little too low, though, and I was worried Luna might die if she takes another hit for Marisa. Then I remembered Sunny had this.

Yuyuko was kind enough to trigger Shield Defense on Momiji's Support Attack instead of Reimu's main attack.

If I beat you, I'll finally be able to deliver spring for the mistress.

If you continue to stand in my way, the only thing you'll have to deliver is notice of your untimely demise. If you don't want to make your mistress cry, then go home peacefully.

I'm just a servant. I doubt she'd mourn me. But I might disappoint her by failing to complete my duty. That's what I'd really like to avoid.

Really nice of her to give Sakuya a safe chance to attack.

Just a bit more. Just a bit more until the Saigyo Ayakashi is in full bloom. When that happens, all my questions will be answered, and someone will be revived.

What, you're still saying that?!

She wants this so much that she's willing to spread the shadow of death over all of the ground below... Furthermore, this rotten stench of death. Is this really what it's like when someone's about to be resurrected?

That, too, will soon be made clear. This Fujimi girl, who gave up on life beneath this blooming cherry tree.

What was she thinking? What was she hoping for as she went to sleep beneath its branches?

Lady Yuyuko!

Now, my perfect cherry blossom, return her soul!

Yuyuko flies into the tree branches.


Cherry Blossom Sign "Perfect Blackened Cherry Blossom"

I messed up getting Perfect Blackened Cherry Blossom's animation the first time, so I got it from a later turn.

It's kind of funny how little healing restrictions matter in this game.

Everyone will also need to take off to fight Yuyuko, so I'll have to end my turn for now.

There we go. A quick way to tell if a unit is flying or not is to see if there's a little shadow below them.

There's one thing I have to do before finishing off Yuyuko, though.

Watch the video!

I'm gonna tell Yuukaaaa!

RIP Kurumi.

Perfect Blackened Cherry Blossom will kill basically anyone it hits.

But the key word there was "hits".

So the culprit really did end up being a big shot from the Netherworld. How shocking.

I haven't seen a tengu in a long while. It must be rather dull on the ground below.

Because of this long winter, there isn't a trace of excitement. There are some youkai who are taking it easy, but to the humans it's a major event.

I went through all this trouble of extending the winter, so I wish they'd at least try to enjoy it.

Part of me agrees with you, but if the smell of death gets too dangerous, I won't be able to write an article about it.

It's actually kind of sad how much of a speed bump Yuyuko is.

I mean a quick chain of Shotgunned Fantasy Seal + の Slash > Illusionary Dominance + Killing Doll > Master Spark + Shanghai Doll > Proto Malice Cannon and Yuyuko is at critical.

Youmu posted:

I have my own resolve...

Youmu posted:

So I won't hold back!

Youmu posted:


Youmu posted:

The death-stained cherry blossom...

Youmu posted:

will be slashed!

Yuyuko explodes into cherry blossom petals.

And the Saigyo Ayakashi on the battle screen finally blooms.

Because one time wasn't enough, Yuyuko explodes into petals on the map too. After a fade to white and a long pause...

Did we get her?

Not yet!

Music: Border of Life


Resurrection Butterfly

Cut to Yuyuko's item drop, the Swallowtail Butterfly Fan. It's a handy item that boosts the maximum Range of attacks and raises critical rate.

If you're wondering what's up with the japanese, on the first run through the game crashed at this point. I switched back to the pre-patched data files to see if they were what caused the game to crash, and the answer turned out to be kind of. The part we released, data5.dat, was fine, but the thing we were working on, data4.dat, was bugging things up.

Anyway Resurrection Butterfly inverts all HP restoration, which can be hilarious if somebody has HP Regen. Or if you cast Guts.

The idea is that I'm supposed to escape from the tree, hiding in safe spots along the way.

It's way easier to just blow all of those bombs I never used though.

And it's not like the attack is very accurate either: Reimu is just going to park on top of it, unfocused and with no spirits cast, and never get hit.

And anyone with Alert (or Guard) is fine too.


So did we get her this time?

Yes, though it's amazing it managed to gather that much spring.

Everybody stares at the tree.

Music: Mystic Prelude

It's quiet now.

So we managed to stop the Saigyo Ayakashi's resurrection?

Yes, it's releasing the stolen spring.

Mother Nature should take care of the rest, and gradually return it to Gensokyo.

That means the incident is resolved!

Good work, everyone. Spring is coming to Gensokyo.

She was tough, but I knew we could do it.

She was, I'm bushed.

I... did I do the right thing?


No matter how delusional she may have been, I raised my sword against Lady Yuyuko.

No, I know you did the right thing.


No matter how much it hurt, you never once looked away. You made me realize just how long I've been running away.


And with that heavy topic, I think it's about time for us to go.

I got tons of great pictures, so I'm ready for a vacation.

Everybody starts to leave.


What, was there something else you had to do?

Sorry, I was just fascinated by it.

It's called the cherry tree of death, but it's shedding its petals so peacefully.

Yes, it makes the fight we just had feel like a dream.

I hate to say this, but I kinda wanted to meet that girl she was trying to revive.

Good grief, how could you say that now?

Well, don't hold your breath for that. And get a good, long look at these cherry blossoms while you still can. Because once these petals are gone, it'll never bloom again.

One last WHO KNOWS for the road posted:

Indeed, the Saigyo Ayakashi will sleep with its sins forever more.

Yukari, Ran, Chen, Zenki, Goki, and some more ghosts spawn in.

It's those two from earlier, the youkai fox and the bakeneko. And-


What an unpleasant tree. I'd hoped to never see it again.

...You, too, have had the misfortune of encountering it. The sinful cherry tree that must never, and will never, bloom.

The second time around I only lost Sunny because I was dumb and forgot to have her cast one of her nine remaining Alerts/Grits.


There's really not that much different about 33 Lunatic. I guess Yuyuko can cast Guard and Sense now? The enemies are more of a threat too, but not that much.


Yuyuko Saigyoji
All Attacks


...The youkai sage, Yukari Yakumo. Her power is unimaginably profound, and her wisdom just as heavy. What ultimate truth has she seen? And what does it have to do with the current Gensokyo?

There is nothing more I can say. Reimu, Marisa, please come back victorious!

Fantasy Maiden Wars P's final chapter: "Offering to the Falling Flowers".

It's up to you to bring this battle to its end!


Available cost: 36.0

Available units:
FA Nitori

Lily White


Guess who I'm forcing? Yup, Marisa and Alice. You have 31.0.

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Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

Kurumu, leaving 29.0 for the last time.

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

Bring Reimu again the next stage is hard, 26.5

Mar 13, 2010

by exmarx

Bring along Sakuya cause she's the only one I've gotten close to beating Yukari with in PCB. 24.0

Dec 20, 2013

We just got her and it'd be a waste to only have her along for one chapter, so let's take Youmu. Bringing us to 21.5.

Yuyuko's attacks are all really well done and probably my favourites in the entire game. Their dynamic kills also all rock. Although, I am really disappointed they didn't give Yuyuko the same dialogue she had from PCB, she has my favourite Final Boss quotes across all the Touhou games and while Reimu and Marisa do give their final boasts in the boss-conversations it's not the same without Yuyuko's rebuttal. Remilia got to keep her cool Final Boss lines last game, and hers weren't as good. She doesn't even call Sakuya "The Dog of the Devil". :(

Sep 30, 2014

Sanae, because why not. 19.

The whole "undeployed characters are just on empty spaces" thing works a bit better in SRW where we're considering one square as at least the size of a giant robot, I guess.

Sep 5, 2013

Not the strongest, but the cutest.

Gonna bring Momiji along which leaves us with 16.5.

Dec 28, 2006
Am I your god?

FA Nitori for no reason whatsoever. 14

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

Sunny. 12.5

Jun 27, 2008

Still gonna use Letty for as long as we can. 10.5

Apr 27, 2008

Elly 8.5

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Luna for 7 points left.

Dec 26, 2013

Filling out the fairy trio with Star for 5.5 points left.

Jul 8, 2010


Lily White for 4.0

She should enjoy the fruits of finally bringing back her Spring!

Jul 21, 2002

Soiled Meat

Patchouli, for 1.5.

Nov 1, 2010

Let's round things up with Daiyousei, leaving null and nill

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Fun Fact: I've been keeping track of who's been voted in, and nobody has ever picked either of the Akis.

I'm not sure if it was on purpose.


Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

BlitzBlast posted:

Fun Fact: I've been keeping track of who's been voted in, and nobody has ever picked either of the Akis.

I'm not sure if it was on purpose.

Truly the most irrelevant Touhous.

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